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The Suffering of Jesus


Jesus, my God and Saviour,

I praise and thank you, with all my heart,

for what you have done for me:

for all that you endured, for my sake,

through your death on the Cross.

And because you always help me

when I turn to you in my loneliness,

I now reach out to you, in prayer,

to comfort you, and to be close to you

in that time of terrible sorrow

when you were deserted and in pain.

Jesus, praying in torment, in Gethsemane ,

            thank you for dying for me.

Jesus, on trial, but innocent,

            thank you for dying for me.

Jesus, beaten by the soldiers,

            thank you for dying for me.

Jesus, mocked, and crowned with thorns,

            thank you for dying for me.

Jesus, cruelly scourged at the pillar.

            thank you for dying for me.

Jesus, bruised by the weight of the Cross,

            thank you for dying for me.

Jesus, stripped of your garments,

            thank you for dying for me.

Jesus, nailed by your hands and feet,

            thank you for dying for me.

Jesus, heart-broken, hanging on the Cross,

            thank you for dying for me.

Jesus, my God, suffering bodily death,

            thank you for dying for me.

Jesus, pierced to the heart by a spear,

            thank you for dying for me.

Jesus, taken down into Mary’s arms,

            thank you for dying for me.

Jesus, carried away to your grave,

            thank you for dying for me.

Jesus, in your hasty burial,

            thank you for dying for me.

Mary, Mother of Sorrows,

thank you for what you bore

when Jesus your son died to save us.

Jesus, I put my trust in you.

Jesus, give me your graces, please,

in even greater measure:

- courage, to tell others about you,

- hope, to endure my Way of the Cross,

- charity, to love others as you love me,

- faith, to persevere until I die,

- joy: even now, and when at last I see you.

Bring me, with all who love you,

to rest in your presence forever.

Through the merits of your Passion,

and the power of your Resurrection,

bring us all to live with you eternally,

in the Father’s glory and the Spirit’s love,

with all the Saints and holy Angels,

in the bliss and beauty of Heaven.

This meditation is published as a four page laminated prayer card

with illustration, called A PRAYER TO JESUS IN HIS SUFFERING ,

Order Code RLCA04. ISBN 1-902960-42-4. 
See Publications for further details.



We are sorry to have to share the news that Elizabeth died on Saturday evening, 10th September. 2016 She died peacefully, in her own room at home, with all her immediate family around her bedside. Some of you will have heard that she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer only three months ago, so the end has come very quickly. It was only six weeks ago that she was on pilgrimage to Lourdes with her family and diocese. In many ways the swiftness has been a mercy, and it’s a consolation for all of us that her suffering is now at an end.

We are especially grateful for these last few days. We have had so much time together as a family – talking, listening, praying – and with the four grandchildren constantly running around. Elizabeth was surrounded by so much love, and she gave us so much love, even in her weakness and vulnerability. She has been looked after by many kind people with such tenderness. She received the last sacraments from Stephen, and we were able to celebrate Mass together in her room just a few hours before she died. She was at peace and longing to meet the Lord.

She will be missed so much, but we are full of such gratitude to God for the gift of her life, and for her faith. She had such a love for Christ, for his Church, and for his Blessed Mother Mary, and this has touched us all.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers during this illness. Please pray for her and for all those who mourn her now, especially our father Kin. Please pray for the continuing work and mission of Radiant Light, which was so close to her heart. With our best wishes and our prayers for you and your intentions.

Fr Stephen Wang, Chris Wang, Mary Figg



The main FUNERAL SERVICE (a Requiem Mass) is on Thursday 22 September at 11am at the Catholic Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, Rothamsted Avenue, Harpenden, Herts AL5 2BY, followed by the burial at Westfield Road Cemetery, Harpenden, Herts AL5 4JT, followed by a reception (venue to be confirmed). Everyone is welcome.

You are also welcome to join us the evening before (Wednesday 21 September) at 7pm at the same church for the RECEPTION OF THE BODY AND VIGIL MASS.

The church is a short walk (8 mins) from Harpenden rail station. For parking: note that after 10.30am you can park on the single yellow lines further up Rothamsted Ave and along Avenue St Nicholas nearby; and there is a public car park on Amenbury Lane 5 mins away.


  • Please bring an alb and a purple chasuble (or stole)


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