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This page contains a selection of Teachings that Elizabeth Wang received from the Lord in prayer over many years. They are in chronological order. For other selections please see the main TEACHINGS page here.


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LARGE CAPITAL LETTERS are used for the titles which indicate where Christ is introducing or re-introducing a particular subject into His long programme of instruction, as different subjects are more and more deeply woven together.

Normal type is used for Christ’s clear but soundless prayer-time instructions, here ‘translated’ into my own words.

Italic type is used for words which were ‘given’ to my soul by God: by Father, Son or Holy Spirit, although the words were not spoken.

‘Italic type with speech marks’ is used for words which were spoken to me by God: by Father, Son, or Holy Spirit, yet which were spoken only within my soul, during prayer.

SMALL CAPITAL LETTERS are used for the silent yet powerful teachings which I have received from God our Father.  I have ‘clothed’ these vivid but soundless teachings in my own words - and have placed them at the centre of the page. Italic type has been inserted, wherever - in the same teaching - God’s own words have been received, either ‘given’ or spoken.  (See above).

Bold type is used for teachings which were delivered with especial emphasis or especial glory.




                           HELD UP ABOVE THE CLOUD.


T:1655               Leave your work in order to pray, whenever your Heavenly Father calls you. You are right to submit to His wishes, and to offer your life to Him once more, offering all your time and energy, for His Glory. He wishes to teach you further:


                                                                              DON’T BE AFRAID.     

                                             DON’T IMAGINE THAT YOU ARE STRUGGLING ALONE.

                                       JESUS YOUR SAVIOUR HAS REACHED HEAVEN BEFORE YOU,

                                 AND HE WHO SUFFERED FOR YOU IS TOUCHED BY YOUR WOUNDS,

                                                            AND BY THE PATIENCE IN SUFFERING

                                                              BY WHICH YOU PROVE YOUR LOVE.


                                                A LOVING HEART IS WHAT ‘COUNTS’, IN MY SIGHT:

                                      A HEART FULL OF LOVE FOR ME, YOUR LORD AND CREATOR.

                                                       SUCH A LOVE, WITHIN THE HUMAN HEART,


                                                                   AND PATIENCE IN SUFFERING:

                                         IN THE DAY-TO-DAY ILLS AND TRIALS OF ORDINARY LIFE

                                              OR IN THE ISOLATION, PERSECUTION AND MOCKERY

                                            WHICH A DEFENCE OF THE FAITH MIGHT DRAW DOWN

                                                                         UPON A FAITHFUL SOUL.


T:1656      #1                                        TREASURE THIS PRAYER-IN-UNION,


                                                                        WITH ME, YOUR FATHER.

                                                           IT IS CHRIST, MY SON, YOUR SAVIOUR,

                                    WHO HOLDS YOU UP HIGH, AS IF ON HIS OUTSTRETCHED HAND,

                                                      ABOVE THE CLOUD OF EARTHLY THOUGHT,

                                                    ALMOST LEVEL WITH THE BRINK OF HEAVEN.

                                                            HERE, YOU CAN GLIMPSE SOMETHING

                                                     OF THE GREAT OUT-POURING OF MY GRACES,

                                                               THOUGH NOT THE DIVINE SOURCE:

                                                                         MYSELF, YOUR FATHER.

                                                              TRULY, IT IS I WHO TEACH YOU, BUT

                                           MY FACE IS HIDDEN FROM ALL WHO LIVE UPON EARTH.


                                                                              DON’T BE AFRAID.

                                                                                      HERE I AM,

                                                HOLDING YOU,SHARING MY JOY AND MY WISDOM.


T:1656      #2                                                        RELISH THE TRUTH

                                                                  ABOUT YOUR LIFE IN MY CARE:

                                                          ABOUT OUR LOVING UNION IN PRAYER.

                                                                                I, YOUR FATHER,

                                                           CALL YOU TO PRAYER, AS I SHOW YOU,

                                                       THROUGH JESUS,  MY SON, YOUR SAVIOUR.

                                                                      I, YOUR FATHER, CALL YOU

                                             NOT ONLY TO FEED, TEACH, CONSOLE OR WARN YOU

                                                                  BUT ALSO TO DELIGHT IN YOU!


                                                                              YOU LIVE IN LOVE.

                                               YOU CAN BE SURE THAT YOUR LOVE DELIGHTS ME.

                                                             YOU CAN BE SURE THAT I LOVE YOU,

                                                                                      AND THAT

                                                                              Love loves to be loved!


                                              I DELIGHT IN A LOVING PERSON’S CLOSENESS TO ME,

                                                            AND IN A LOVING PERSON’S PRAYER.

                                                                    EVERYONE WHO RUNS TO ME

                                                      AND WHO PRAYS A SINCERE PRAYER TO ME

                                                                                    PLEASES ME.


                                                                  I GIVE MY JOY MOST LAVISHLY

                                                    TO THOSE WHO MAKE A SINCERE CONFESSION

                                                                       - NO MATTER HOW OFTEN -

                                                                       OF WEAKNESS AND NEED:

                                              SUCH IS MY LOVING AND COMPASSIONATE NATURE.

                                                              I CANNOT REMAIN ‘AT A DISTANCE’

                                                              FROM ONE WHO EMPTIES THE SOUL

                                                      OF DISOBEDIENCE AND SELF-SUFFICIENCY.

                                                                   IT IS AS THOUGH I, YOUR GOD,

                                                                  AM ‘OVERCOME’ BY HUMILITY,


T:1657                Rest assured that your fervent prayer during My Holy Sacrifice - the Sacrifice which I offer at the hands of My priest - unites you with My Divine praise of the Father; and My Divine Glory, offered from the altar, is equal to and worthy of the Father’s Glory which is hidden at present from your sight.

T:1658       #1     Persevere with your frequent intercessions, which draw My graces into other lives.  Such is My respect for the freedom which is My gift to everyone I have created that I ‘wait’ - so to speak - whilst you all make your free choices about whether you will accept or reject My Love and My blessings; and many people who have not yet made good choices are in need of the help which your prayer can usher towards them.

T:1658       #2     Reflect upon the choices which I place before you all.  I wait in patience for each one of you to decide what shall be your ‘attitude’ towards Me.  Of your free will, you can choose to repent and to serve Me; and some of you - of your own free will, and from charity - choose to make intercessions on behalf of others, and invite Me to help them.  You know that it is I Who prompt you to love and to help others, so you have no reason to be proud; however, your loving intercessions are extremely important.

T:1658       #3     Continue with your special efforts to help, through prayer, those who are in great need.

                                    Pray fervent prayers, and so

                                                help those who don’t believe in Me,

                                                help those who don’t love Me,

                                                help those who never pray,

                                                help those who don’t love their neighbours, and

                                                help those who are suffering in any way.

T:1659       #1     Turn to Me when you are suffering.  Enjoy My welcome, in Holy Communion.  ‘Don’t worry, Lizzie!’  You know Me, truly, and you know My ‘attitude’ towards you.  Here I am, loving you, in this Holy Communion. I love to be with you, and to hear all your prayers.


                           MY VIRTUES: YOURS TO OFFER.


T:1659      #2     Enlarge your understanding of our union, especially of our united prayer to the Father.  You are right to unite yourself, heart and soul,  to My Holy Sacrifice, which I offer - through the hands of My priest - for the Father’s Glory.  But you can offer everything good which is Mine to the Father!  Listen to your Father’s teaching:


                                                                      I WELCOME YOUR PRAYER,

                                                        AS YOU MAKE A SINCERE SELF-OFFERING

                                                IN UNION WITH THE SACRIFICE OF CHRIST MY SON.

                                            WHENEVER YOU RESPOND TO MY SPIRIT’S PROMPTING

                                             AND UNITE YOURSELF, IN YOUR PATIENT SUFFERING,

                                           TO CHRIST’S PATIENT SUFFERING DURING HIS PASSION,

                                          YOU ARE TRULY JOINING IN HIS SACRIFICIAL OFFERING,

                                                                   OFFERING IT WITH SINCERITY;

                                                                   YOU SURELY SEE, THEREFORE,



                                                           NOT JUST HIS PATIENCE IN SUFFERING; 

                                                       BY IMITATING EVERY ONE OF HIS VIRTUES

                                 YOU CAN UNITE YOURSELF TO HIM IN AN EVER-STRONGER BOND;


                                                   WHICH YOU CAN OFFER TO ME, YOUR FATHER!

T:1659      #3                  CONTINUE WITH YOUR USUAL PRAYER, BUT ‘ENLARGE’ IT.

                                                    AT EVERY OFFERING OF THE HOLY SACRIFICE


                                                AND YOU OFFER, AS YOUR OWN, HIS REPARATION.

                                          IN EVERY ACT OF OBEDIENCE, HOWEVER, IN DAILY LIFE,


                                          YOU CAN OFFER THIS OBEDIENCE TO ME, YOUR FATHER.


                                                                        WITH HIS PRAYER TO ME.


                                                                   WITH CHRIST’S LOVING ACTS.


                                                                       OF THOSE WHO HURT HIM.

                                         YOUR EVERY SILENT SACRIFICE - NO MATTER HOW TINY -

                                                          CAN BE UNITED TO HIS SACRIFICE, AND

                                                                YOUR EVERY MOMENT OF PRAISE

                                                     - SPRINGING UP FROM WITHIN YOUR HEART -

                                             CAN BE UNITED WITH HIS PERFECT, INFINITE PRAISE.


                                                            EVERY ONE OF HIS VIRTUES IS YOURS

                                                      TO OFFER TO ME, YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER,

                                                   SINCE YOU ARE HIS AND YOUR PRAYER IS ONE!


                                                              WITHIN EVERYDAY, EARTHLY LIFE,



                           SINCERE AND FERVENT INTERCESSION.


T:1660               Let there be no limits to your charity, when you think and speak about other people. Bear in mind that My Mercy is shown to you to the degree in which you show mercy to others.  If you protect and cherish the reputations of other people, from charity and pity, then I do the same for you.

T:1661      #1     Believe that your heart-felt prayer for this person in trouble was heard and granted.  Notice that it is when people have something in common that their prayers for one another are sincere and fervent.  For example,  you had great sympathy, just now, for someone who had sinned grievously and who had suffered torments of remorse, and so - although we cannot deny that your prayers are heard because of My merits - you can be sure that your prayer’s usual fervour and sincerity were ‘boosted’ by your identification with that person in need.

T:1661      #2     Think about the meaning of ‘mediation’, and understand that My fervent prayer from the Cross for sinful men and women was wholly sincere because I, the Son of God, had become man, and so I knew Myself to be wholly ‘involved’ with the plight of My human brothers and sisters.  No-one could have pleaded more fervently or more successfully to the Father, for Mercy to be shown towards you, than Myself: Jesus: God-man, and your Redeemer.  My prayer for sinners surpassed - in power, fervour, and effectiveness - all the prayers which had ever been offered from upon earth by other people; and this was because it held out to the Father My Divine Love combined with My human cry from the depths of the ‘pit’ which is human estrangement and human suffering.


T:1662       #1     Have no qualms about recording these teachings.  I am still teaching you, in prayer, because knowledge and love ‘go together’ whenever someone lives a life of true union with Me; and since I am an endlessly loving Person, I give My gifts unceasingly; and therefore My teaching of you is unceasing.

T:1662       #2     Don’t be frightened that I shall suddenly abandon you, or that I shall lead you back to the time when these teachings were infrequent.  For so long as you remain committed to a profound relationship with Me in prayer, by which I mean, so long as we are friends and you are faithful, there will be no prospect of your going ‘back’.   In this sort of union, I shall not cease to teach you, though as you know, you can only retain, record and share My teachings whilst you are well, and not over-busy.


                           THE POWER OF THE CROSS.


T:1663       #1     Share My joy on this feast-day, which celebrates the ‘Triumph of the Cross’. Let Me show you what I see, as I gaze from Heaven towards the earth below. It is as though a narrow doorway has been made in the ‘wall’ of Heaven, and the door is wedged open by a huge wooden Cross; and I am He Who thrust that Cross into the opening, so that My friends might find a way in.  Only through My Sacrifice of the Cross have I made a Way into Heaven, a Way through which you can hope to enter, to find everlasting joy and Light. (WC:1663)

T:1663       #2     Look back at your own life, and realise that, truly, the Cross opens the Door to Glory.  How marvellously has the Father rewarded your repentance! With what tremendous Love do I - Jesus Christ your Saviour - look upon one who loves the Cross, that is, one who imitates Me and who doesn’t run away from the Cross in her own life.

T:1664                Don’t be ashamed that you have to battle against your faults.  They are of no importance, when you are actively struggling against them and when you confess them to Me in prayer.  My Glory within your soul consumes them!

T:1665                Treasure My presence within your soul, especially My Real Presence in Holy Communion.  Notice how I guard you who ‘guard’ Me.  As you remain in church, praying quietly, when the Holy Mass has ended, two of My holy Angels are guarding you, and at the same time they are honouring My glorious and holy Presence within your soul. (WC:1665)


                           MY PRESENCE, AND OUR UNION.


T:1666      #1     Treasure not only My Presence in the tabernacle, but also My Presence within your soul in Holy Communion.  Treasure your faith in My Presence, a faith which was My gift to you, and a faith which leads you to adore Me and to delight in staying in My Presence.

T:1666      #2     Pity those who don’t benefit from My Presence in the tabernacle.  How happy are you who run to find Me in the Blessed Sacrament.  You can be sure - of My Real Presence in the Eucharist - that “It has changed the lives of all who know Me.”  However, some of those who love Me are very ignorant of the teaching of My Church in general, and live in such spiritual poverty that they are ignorant even of My Presence in this Holy Sacrament.  Even worse, some of My own people refuse to believe in My Presence, or refuse to pay towards the Blessed Sacrament - and thus towards Me - the reverence which is due to My Divinity.  Their careless acts and attitudes betray them.


                           MY COMPASSION.


T:1667       #1     Never imagine that I am annoyed by your distractions!

                                    Look towards the altar!

                                    I, Jesus, am here.

                                    I am Divine Love, now

                                    coming out to enfold you.


                                    I am Love, come down to earth, and

                                    this is what Love is like:

                                                I am grateful for your hard work on My behalf,

                                                I am touched by your sacrifices,

                                                I am delighted by your devotion,

                                                I am compassionate, and

                                                I am making every excuse

                                                            for your tiredness and inattention!

                                    I know that your heart is loving and grateful.


T:1667       #2              Think about the marvel of My Presence: that

                                    I am here, entirely yours, bringing peace and consolation.

                                    Realise, therefore, that one who surrenders to Love

                                    surrenders to joy,

                                    even though the Way to this joy and fulfilment

                                    has been difficult and dangerous.


                                    Put aside your thoughts about past trials and purifications.

                                    This is a new beginning, as I greet you

                                    and wrap you in My Consolation.

                                    You and I now walk together,

                                                constantly in Communion,

                                                sharing every thought and action,

                                                working as One

                                                            in heart-warming peace and simplicity.


                           BENEFITING FROM MY PRESENCE.


T:1668      #1     Penetrate even further into the Mystery which is your meeting with Me, during the Holy Mass.  You are right to marvel at this special means of contact between us: between a feeble human being and her Saviour; yet it has a far deeper significance than you have realised.  Certainly it is the Will of the Father that you should come here before the sanctuary  to meet Me and to join in the offering of My Holy Sacrifice; but you benefit in many other ways from My Presence. 

T:1668      #2     Look upwards, in prayer.  Open the eyes of your soul to the Light of Truth which appears before you now, like a small star in a night sky, as, here in prayer, I pierce the darkness of your earthly way of thinking.

T:1668      #3     Reach out to take Truth from its Source, in prayer: from Me, your God, Who teach you.  Let Me enlarge your understanding of the Holy Mass, which ‘contains’ within itself far greater riches than even My most fervent friends can imagine.  You already know that I plead on your behalf, as I offer My Sacrifice from the altar.  You know that I am the Source of spiritual nourishment in Holy Communion.  However, I want you to understand something further, something which I have mentioned only briefly, before now: that your contact with Me in these sacred ceremonies provides an astonishing opportunity for you to be touched and influenced not just by My Death and Resurrection, but by all of the Mysteries of My earthly life!  The Holy Mass should be seen as the normal means by which you who are now My children can ‘touch’ every event of My earthly existence, and can therefore ‘touch’ Me at each past moment of My joys or My sufferings; and the reason why this is possible is because when you meet Me, Who am not only human but also Divine, you can reach ‘through’ Me - so to speak - to touch other ages, places and people, since everything and everyone who exists is held within My Being.


                           EARTHLY LIMITATIONS.


T:1668       #4     Think about the limitations beneath which you yourself live and act.  This will help you to understand something significant about our meeting.  You who are earthly are bound by the stricture of time, in particular, and therefore you are moving through your life-time like someone who follows a trail; and this trail can be seen from afar as being like a thin, narrow ribbon; and you move forward inexorably, from one moment to the next, unable to move backwards.  Yet consider how different is My situation.  Though true man, I am a Divine Person and am therefore unhampered by time.  True God, I live in Glory, in Heaven now; I am outside time, and Master of it.  So you can see that My Life has a wondrous depth which yours lacks; you can picture the flat ribbon which represents your time-bound journey as stretching from left to right, in space, with a huge sphere seen behind it; and that sphere, which is slowly revolving, represents My Divine Life - a Life which does not suffer your limitations; unlike you, I am not forced to move from one point of time to another.  However, the reason for this detailed illustration is that I want to explain the extraordinary way in which - because of My great Love for you - I have chosen to bring My Life into contact with your life.  Notice how the flat ribbon and the sphere which I have described are touching one another at one single place; and that point of ‘contact’ represents the period in time when I enter your world at the Consecration. Through My Real Presence today I can bring anyone who believes in Me, and who comes here before Me, into contact with the whole of My earthly life; and through My Presence with you, thus, I make it possible for you to ‘touch’ even the very moment when I entered your world long ago, when I entered ‘enfleshed’ and fully human in My holy Incarnation. Such contact can change and help you all in an extraordinary way; yet how few of you realise the significance of the ‘depth and breadth’ of our union! (WC:1668A)

T:1668       #5     Ponder the image which is My gift to you.  At the intersection where the ‘flat ribbon’ which is your life in time briefly touches the huge sphere which represents My Divine Life, there is a little ‘window’ through which you can gaze upon Me; and if we ‘embroider’ this image of the sphere, you can see that the whole surface of the sphere is now covered with little pictures of Me as I appeared at different stages of My earthly life;  and by this illustration I am explaining that every aspect of My life - as once lived on earth - is present ‘within’ Me still, because I Who am man am also God; and I therefore ‘embrace’ in My Being, even now, everything that, incarnate, I have ever experienced; and the wonder of this is that everything I have ever done - all of which was wholly good and graceful - is ‘available’, now, to everyone who is willing to gaze at Me through the little ‘window’ which I have provided at a special point of intersection between your life and Mine.  I am speaking, as you know, of the Consecration; and whenever you meet Me through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass it is as though the revolving sphere which I have described is presenting to you - through that ‘window’ - every moment of My life, but most importantly, My Passion and Death.  This, you see, is why My Church proclaims with such confidence that at the Holy Mass you are present to the Sacrifice which redeemed you; and in the same way you are ‘touching’, also, My Resurrection and Ascension, which also have great significance as ‘parts’ of My great redemptive Work. (WC:1668B)


                           AS CLOSE AS MY APOSTLES.


T:1668       #6     See how astonishing is My Real Presence amongst you, when you know even more about its significance.  If you realise that none of you is far-distant from My earthly life just because you yourselves are captive, for the moment, in time, you can see, of course, that no-one need envy the Apostles their earthly friendship with Me, since even now you can be present - through My Presence - to My instruction of them.  You can be present - through Me - to the first miracle, and to the first Pentecost, and to every event of My Life which can stir you to greater devotion or to greater selflessness.  You who follow Me in your day are not remote from Me!  On the contrary, you can be sure that whenever I am here before you in the Blessed Sacrament - wherever I am Really Present - you are really as close to Me as were My Apostles and My other contemporaries.

T:1668       #7     Accept the reality of your nature, and therefore increase your understanding of the wonderful ways in which I help you.  Since you are not wholly spiritual beings, but are body and soul, you are involved - body and soul, and by My Will and design - in ‘touching’ My Sacred Body in the Blessed Sacrament and so in touching Me your God Who became man at My Incarnation.  It is true that you can achieve an extraordinary closeness to Me solely through faith in Me, yet that union is most perfectly fulfilled when your whole being - body and soul - is intertwined with My Life in a way which I am about to explain, at greater length.


                           THE FULLEST POSSIBLE CONTACT.


T:1668      #8     Consider the significance of the fact that I your God once united Myself intimately and powerfully with humanity by taking flesh from the Blessed Virgin, Mary; I lived on earth for a short space of time; and now I live, as you know, in the Glory of Heaven: true God and true man, your Redeemer.  Whenever you who love Me take part in the Holy Mass, you are uniting your humanity, powerfully and intimately, to the ‘sphere’ of Divine Life which is made present to you at the Consecration when I, the Divine Son and your Redeemer, am made Present.  It is only through the Holy Mass that your earthly life is ‘opened’, in a concrete way, to My entire life, in a way which I have illustrated by means of an image of a ribbon and a sphere.  At every celebration of the Holy Mass, through the action of My Spirit, and through the words of My priest at the Consecration, I am Really Present; and you, therefore, can ‘arrive’ - so to speak - at an ‘intersection’ where human life meets a Divine Person.  In meeting Me, your Divine Saviour, you ‘meet’, also, every moment and facet of My earthly life; it is through the Holy Mass that mankind can make the most certain and the fullest possible contact with its Redeemer!

T:1668      #9     Follow the ‘thread’ of My teaching to its whole length; understand what I am saying to you, through My Presence at every Consecration:

                                    Here I am, your Saviour:

                                    Divine Person, with a human nature:

                                    now glorified, and dwelling in Heaven, yet

                                    Present before you.


                                    Whenever you touch Me

                                                in the Eucharist,

                                    whenever you see Me

                                                in the Blessed Sacrament,

                                    whenever you greet Me

                                                at the altar,

                                    whenever we meet

                                                in Holy Communion,

                                    you touch a Divine Person

                                                Who once led an earthly life;

                                    you touch, therefore, ‘through’ Me,

                                                My entire earthly existence.


                                    Here before the altar

                                                you touch the Holy Child Who was born of Mary.

                                                You touch Me as I speak at the Last Supper.

                                                You touch the Christ of Calvary and the Cross:

                                                            Myself, as offer My life to the Father.

                                                You touch the Victim Whose Sacrifice

                                                            of total Self-giving and obedience

                                                            is the Act which redeems you.

                                                You touch the One Whose Sacrifice

                                                            - because of My Real Presence

                                                            and because of the words and actions

                                                            of My priest -

                                                            is re-presented here, today.


T:1668      #10                        Tell My People:

                                                            come to the Holy Mass.

                                                It is supremely important!

                                                It is the ‘intersection’

                                                            where you can be present

                                                            to My Passion and Death,

                                                It is the place, the time - the very moment -

                                                            at which you can be present

                                                            to the very Act which saves you

                                                            from Eternal damnation.


                           ‘TOUCHING’ CALVARY.


T:1668      #11   Encourage others to pray more fervently during the Holy Mass, and to attend more frequently.  None of you can fail to benefit from sincere participation.  Although it is true that the Father holds in existence everyone and everything which He has created, and that no-one lies outside His care, and although it is true that anyone who prays to Him in My Name enters a special relationship with Him, through the power of My Spirit, it is only through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that you can fully ‘enter’ My Life.  It is true, too, that those of My friends who visit the church in order to adore Me at the tabernacle, outside the time of Mass, are very close to Me; and I delight in their love.  It is true, as you know, that the sick who are unable to be present at the Holy Sacrifice can be united to Me, nevertheless, in our Holy Communion,  and can be wonderfully changed and helped. However, you who are able to attend and take part are especially privileged, and should be especially joyful, since the Holy Mass is the ‘intersection’ between your human life and My Divine Existence; and whenever you pray before Me - Who am the risen, radiant and living Christ, your Saviour - and also unite yourself, heart and soul, to My Holy Sacrifice as It is offered through My priest to the Father, you ‘touch’ and offer My Sacrifice of Calvary. 


                           MY SACRIFICE: FRUITFUL IN YOUR LIFE.


T:1668      #12   See what an astonishing privilege is yours: that you can be near Me as I pray to the Father on your behalf!  I mean that by your presence here, and by your sincere prayers, My Sacrifice of Calvary - My One, perfect Sacrifice - is made fruitful in your life.  You can make your own all of the prayers which I prayed on the Cross; you yourself can offer to the Father My One, redeeming Sacrifice through which sins are forgiven.  You yourself can offer to Him - through My total and obedient Self-Offering - perfect praise and thanks; and you can be sure that your own prayers and intercessions are heard, as you unite your personal concerns with the great plea which I make to the Father on behalf of mankind, as My Sacrifice is offered from the altar.

T:1668      #13   Go to the heart of this mystery, as you ponder My Holy Sacrifice; it is only because of My Real Presence amongst you, during the Holy Mass, that you can place yourself at the ‘intersection’ of My life and yours.  It is through the Holy Mass that I provide something like a ‘doorway’ for your salvation; I provide a ‘place’ where you can be present, “in” Me, to every event of My life, even to the Passion which redeemed you!

T:1668      #14   Understand that there is a mountainous difference between the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and certain devout remembrances of My ‘Last Supper’.  No comparison can be made, so vast is the difference between someone being present to an Event, and someone else’s prayerful thoughts about an Event, no matter how devout and loving be those thoughts.

T:1668      #15   Lead other people to the ‘heart’ of the Holy Mass, in understanding, by showing them that the whole value of the Mass stems from My Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar, and from My perfection, that is, from the infinite worth of a Divine Person - Myself - being offered in Sacrifice to the Father.  What a cause for gratitude!  The Act to which you are present at the Holy Mass - My Sacrifice - is of Divine worth; and, therefore, it is effective.

T:1668      #16   Consider the prayers and actions of good people who, perhaps knowing nothing about My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, nevertheless meet together to enact a plain memorial of My Passion.  The sincere prayers of these devout people delight Me, honour the Father, draw other souls to love Me more surely, and stir up gratitude at what I have done for sinners.  However, no such act of remembrance - however devout - is to be confused with the Holy Mass, at which My Sacrifice of Calvary is re-presented.  Wherever I offer My Holy Sacrifice - through My priest, My prayer, My Spirit, My Presence and My Offering - the infinite blessings of that redeeming Act flow outwards, upon you who take part and upon those for whom you pray, as you pray in union with Me, your Saviour.  Through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, sinners are forgiven, departed souls are purified, and - besides and beyond other marvels - My Father in Heaven receives perfect praise and thanks from upon earth, from Me, His Divine Son; and that praise is yours - since you ‘belong’ to Me - to offer as your own!


T:1669                Continue with your efforts to please Me.  I notice every little sacrifice you make, and every effort at self-restraint made out of love for Me.  Whenever you accept and offer to Me the pain of these moments of embarrassment or humiliation you please Me by your sincere imitation of My behaviour. You show a willingness to grow in patience and humility.  So now that you see how much joy you can give Me, perhaps you can begin to welcome humiliations or little embarrassments!  You can learn to treat them as precious jewels which can make marvellous presents for Me, your beloved Saviour, though these sufferings are precious not in themselves but because of their potential value in your purification.


                           EARTHLY LIFE, REVEALED.


T:1670      #1     Notice how easily you can recall, examine and draw lessons from various events and eras of your life, as you look at these things in prayerful reflection. Knowledge of yourself and knowledge of Me, your God, go hand-in-hand, and both increase in accordance with the degree of union between ourselves.  Only through My grace, therefore, and through  prayer, can you now understand so many of these things so clearly.

T:1670      #2     Consider the action of My grace within your life.  Recall the symbols which I showed you yesterday, when I was explaining how, through the Holy Mass, you can ‘touch’ My entire earthly life.   I want to show you how, by your close union with Me, you can be ‘in touch with’ the whole of your own earthly life, and can understand it, at last seeing it as clearly as I see it!  So picture, again, a narrow band of ribbon which stretches from left to right; this represents your earthly life.  Then  picture, too, the huge sphere which lay behind the ribbon, a sphere which represents My Divine Life.  But notice, today, that one end of the ribbon has been drawn into the sphere, and has been pulled through the depths of that sphere before emerging further round it; some of that ribbon, therefore, is still lying within the ‘sphere’ which is My Life; and by this illustration I am allowing you to understand that everyone whose life ‘enters’ Mine, or whose life, we can say, is ‘submerged’ in Mine - whether in a prayerful union on earth, or in a complete union after death - is enabled to see and understand his own life in a unique way.  He sees things clearly, but not by an intelligent yet earthly evaluation of whatever he happens to remember.  Rather it is by My grace and through his union with Me that - with extraordinary clarity - he is enabled to remember, see, analyse and evaluate all past things, situations, actions and people; and he does this within and by the power of My Divine Light and wisdom! (WC:1670)


                           SPIRITUAL BLINDNESS.


T:1670      #3     Consider the depths of blindness in which most human beings toil as they trudge across the earth - so to speak - in a life-time of spiritual darkness.  It is through the effects of sin, ignorance and selfishness that most people feel that I am hidden from them.  They don’t look clearly at the events, decisions and torments of their daily lives.  Indeed, they cannot see clearly.  Only in My Divine Light can anyone see his own  life clearly, either because of My purifying action - whenever he permits Me to act in his persevering prayer - or when he is brought through death into My Light.  All-at-once, after death, each one of you will be present to My Light, and so will see, all-at-once, every moment of past earthly life, brilliantly revealed.

T:1670      #4     Remind yourself - and others - that you need not worry about ‘seeing’, after death, those past sins of earthly life which have been confessed and forgiven, and which therefore I have “forgotten”.  I assure you that it is as if they had never happened, except for this fact: that I have brought great good out of those past sins, through the acts of humility into which they drove you, when you repented, and when you bravely confessed, and were reconciled, and then made reparation.

T:1670      #5     Encourage others to throw off the veils of ignorance and darkness, and to run frequently to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, where your human life and My Divine Life can ‘meet’, most perfectly.  A faithful person who prays sincerely at that ‘intersection’ of human and Divine Life will be helped there, more surely than in any other source of prayer, to see all things clearly, as if in My Divine Light; and so he will be helped to change, and to become more ‘Christ-like’.


T:1671                Imitate My Holy Angels, if you would serve Me well.  They worship with you, in the church.  You can see how solemn and dignified they are.  Their slim wings soaring above you, they bow their heads, as they adore Me. (WC:1671)

T:1672       #1     Be hopeful that you will see and adore Me ceaselessly, in Heaven.  It is true, as you know, that some of you are given an extremely clear ‘sight’ of Me, even during this life, through the gift of contemplation.  Yet for as long as you are on earth, you cannot see clearly either My real nature or the truths of faith.  You  can see and understand a great deal, yet things are somewhat ‘distorted’ by your sinful nature, by imperfect ways of thinking, and by the pressure of temptation.

T:1672       #2     Don’t let false modesty cause you to deny that you have become clear-sighted about many spiritual things.  We know that this is due to My grace and generosity; but it is also due to your courage in prayer.  Be simple; be grateful.

T:1672       #3     Think about the view of things which a swimmer has, when she is completely submerged in a pool.  Her view is worthwhile, since she can see where she is going; but her view is limited, nevertheless, and slightly distorted; so if you consider the life of prayer you can compare someone who is especially invited - by Me - to rise upwards into the state of contemplation with an experienced swimmer who can keep her head above the water.  Just as that swimmer’s view is undistorted, and clear, so the blessed sight of Me, your God, which is granted to you in contemplation, is comparatively ‘undistorted’ - if not yet perfect and unending.  (WC:1672)

T:1672       #4     Live in hope that the wonderful contact and union with Me your Saviour which you now enjoy through faith will be made clearer, and also made permanent, in Heaven. Truly, the union with Me which you already enjoy is a real and precious union.  But only in Heaven will it be made perpetual and unbreakable.


                           AS LOVING AS I.


T:1673       #1     Consider My bright and joyful arrival amongst you at the Consecration, and so learn more about how to be truly loving. You can say, of My Divine Action in the Holy Mass, and of My Divine Presence amongst you all, that “This is Love!” I, your God and Saviour am a living demonstration of love-in-action, since I am always the same.  The depth of My Love for you does not change according  to the circumstances.  Here I am, bright and joyful!

T:1673       #2     Think about the way in which I come to the altar, at every Consecration, when I ignore the fact that in various places and amongst many people I, your God, sometimes encounter muted greetings, careless celebrations, lack of interest or even disbelief.  Very few of My friends, in their loving acts and attitudes, are always fervent, reliable and constant, and also grateful for the least evidence of goodness.  Very few of you are willing to fulfil your duties at all costs, or to remain undisturbed when you receive little appreciation or thanks.  How many of you are striving to be as loving as I?

T:1674       #1     Consider the depth of My Love for you.  Not only did I die for you on the Cross; I unveil My Sacrifice before you, at every celebration of the Holy Mass.  You can be sure, whenever My priest consecrates the wine - when he says “This is the cup of My Blood” - that My Precious Blood appears upon the altar, in the chalice.  My death is revealed to the ‘eyes’ of faith; it is as though a veil parts before you, a veil which stretches from top to bottom of the sanctuary; and through that veil you can see Me hanging on the Cross, offering My life for your Salvation. (WC:1674)

T:1674       #2     Never doubt that, during the Holy Mass, My Sacrifice of Calvary is offered to the Father, in your presence.

T:1675       #1     Aim for perfection!

T:1675       #2     Let this be your aim: constantly to have a pure and perfect intention in everything you do, think or say.  This will please Me tremendously!  I am always willing to help you to be loving, even when you are experiencing pain or humiliation.

T:1675       #3     Hold onto the belief that every little sacrifice which you make out of love for Me and love for souls is worthwhile.  By your little acts of self-abnegation it is as though you make a ‘funnel’ into your life through which I can pour My Light and My graces, just as when fresh air can push through the earth’s thin top-soil if some of the hard, sandy sub-soil has been removed. (WC:1675)

T:1676A             Put your trust in Me once more.  Don’t worry about these ‘teachings’.  Truly, they are a gift from Me, and you should resist every temptation which would undermine your confidence in Me and in the work which I am doing through you.


                           A GLANCE AT THE CROSS.


T:1676B    #1     Remain ever-grateful for what I have done for you by My Passion and Death. You are right to venerate My Precious Blood, when it is held up in the chalice, above the altar.  Truly, you who are present at the Holy Mass are present, in a mysterious way, to the Sacrifice which I offered on  Calvary.

T:1676B    #2     Encourage others to be glad and grateful that I died to save you from the consequences of your sins.  Even within My holy Church, many people think that My sufferings were unnecessary. Encourage them to turn towards Me, as I urge each one of you:

                                    Gaze at the Cross,

                                    and at My wounded body.

                                    Believe in My Love!

                                    Believe that I died to save you.

                                    Think about your life on earth;

                                    is it devoted to My love and service?

                                    Will you accept death

                                    - death to self -

                                    in the hope of Resurrection?


                                    My Cross must be central to your lives.

                                    Take your place before the altar

                                    - as if at the foot of Calvary -

                                    as I offer My Holy Sacrifice.

                                    See things in their true perspective.

                                    Examine your life, in My presence,

                                    as I hang upon the Cross.

                                    How important are your earthly struggles,

                                    your foolish ideas or ambitions, or your worries

                                    about opposition and hardship?

T:1676B    #3              Glance at the Cross

                                    and at My wounded body

                                    to see your Incarnate God made helpless:

                                                in freely-chosen love and obedience,

                                                in faithfulness to the Father’s Will

                                                and to duty.

                                    Here is the place, therefore, to ponder

                                    your own attitudes, relationships, and duties.

                                    In every perplexing situation,

                                    you can glance at the Cross to be reminded

                                    of the lengths to which I went to save you,

                                    and to bring you, with Me,

                                    to your true home, in Heaven.


T:1676C             Continue with your reverent gestures, in prayer, whether at home or in church. Whenever you adore Us - the Holy Trinity - you can be sure that your Guardian Angel also worships Us.  Whenever you bow low in order to show reverence towards Us, he imitates your action; and whenever you make the Sign of the Cross devoutly, he does the same. (WC:1676C)


                           FEAR AND SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS.


T:1677                Let nothing prevent you from doing the work which I have entrusted to you: the work of sharing My ‘teachings’ with others.  As you know, it is important that you try to fulfil your ordinary duties.  But, whenever the opportunity arises for you to speak to people about My goodness and My gifts to you, you must be brave.  Leap over the last barriers of fear and self-consciousness which have hindered your progress.

T:1678       #1     Be even more determined to share your faith with others.  How important it is that you help others to receive My grace.  Some souls are so stubborn or helpless or weak that they need to receive not only My grace, but also vigorous assistance from their fellow-creatures.  You know that an oyster produces a beautiful pearl, which cannot be enjoyed, however, unless someone works hard to prise open the shell; if you reverse this metaphor, you can picture a grace-less soul as being like that oyster-shell; and the miracle of grace which - like a precious pearl - I wish to plant within that soul cannot be planted without your help.  Your words and actions serve as the levers which help or cause certain hearts to ‘open’ so that I can place My ‘pearl’ of faith within! (WC:1678)

T:1678       #2     Be prudent and patient, as you work to share your faith with others.  But remember: You must speak of faith so that others may receive it.

T:1678       #3     Leave all the results of your work in My hands.  Certain souls never freely open their hearts to Me; nor do they accept the help which I direct towards them through My friends.  Because of their own free decisions, therefore, they will be unable to enjoy My graces.

T:1679       #1     Keep in mind what is really important, during the Holy Mass. Rejoice in My Presence and in My Love, during the Holy Sacrifice, no matter how distressing might be the accompanying noise or irreverence.  “Am I not here with you, Lizzie?”  Turn your heart towards Me, and let Me help you to overcome your impatience.

T:1679       #2     Take care not to waste time on inessentials, in everyday life.  Leave behind your usual fears and hesitations.  Speak boldly and joyfully to  others about My goodness towards you, and about My ‘teachings-in-prayer’.


                           A SHRINE: A DOORWAY TO HEAVEN.


T:1680      #1     Shun the least scrap of uncharity.  Let your every thought be perfectly charitable.

T:1680      #2     Notice how frequently - whenever you fail, and you are contrite - I lift your heart to Heaven’s Glory!  As you kneel in the shadows, by St. Alban’s tomb, confessing your sins to your Heavenly Father, and seeking the help of your Saintly friend in Heaven, your Father hears the prayers which you offer in My Name.  Look upward in prayer, and see - high above the tomb - a doorway flung open.  Heaven’s Light is shining into the darkness of your world.

T:1680      #3     Listen to your Father’s teaching:


                                                                              DON’T BE AFRAID.


                                                                      I TREASURE YOUR PRAYER.

                                    I DELIGHT IN SHARING WITH YOU, AFTER YOUR LITTLE FAULT,

                                                       MY JOY AT YOUR TRUST AND CONTRITION.


                                                                 WELCOME TO THIS HOLY PLACE.


                                                           A SHRINE IS A DOORWAY TO HEAVEN.

                                                   TREASURE YOUR FRIENDSHIP WITH MY SAINTS.

                                                            YOU ARE RIGHT TO SEEK THEIR HELP.

                                                         HERE THEY ARE, WAITING TO HELP YOU.


                                           MANY HOLY FRIENDS LOOK JOYFULLY TOWARDS YOU.

                                                    THEY ARE LONGING TO HEAR YOUR PRAYERS.

                                                               THEY ARE PLEASED TO HELP YOU.

                                                                 IN THEIR MIDST IS SAINT ALBAN.



T:1680      #4                                               CHERISH MY HOLY PLACES.

                                                    WHEREVER MY CHURCH HAS MADE A SHRINE

                                                                  BECAUSE OF A CONSECRATION,

                                                      OR RELICS, OR A MARTYRDOM, OR CUSTOM,

                                            YOU CAN KNEEL, AND BE SURE OF A SPIRITUAL UNION

                                                                      WITH HEAVENLY FRIENDS.

                                     AT EVERY HOLY SHRINE WHERE I, YOUR GOD, AM HONOURED

                                    - HONOURED DIRECTLY, OR HONOURED THROUGH YOUR LOVE

                                                          FOR MY SAINTS AND MY HOLY ANGELS -


                                                OF HEARING AND GREETING AN EARTHLY FRIEND.

                                                            THE ‘DOORWAY’ TO HEAVEN IS OPEN.

                                                           RADIANT IN THE LIGHT OF MY GLORY,

                                        MY SAINTS USHER TO THE FRONT OF THE HOLY COMPANY

                                                           THE SAINT WHOSE NAME YOU INVOKE

                                                          AS YOU MAKE YOUR SPECIAL REQUEST.


T:1680      #5                                                      SHARE WITH OTHERS

                                   THE JOYFUL CONFIRMATION WHICH IS MY GIFT TO YOU TODAY:


                                           - BECAUSE OF FAITH, COURAGE AND DETERMINATION -

                                                             MAKES EVEN A LITTLE PILGRIMAGE,

                                                             IN ORDER TO SEEK MY SPECIAL HELP

                                                                        AND TO GIVE ME GLORY.



                           MANY PEOPLE BENEFIT.


T:1681                Let this knowledge encourage you to prepare even more fervently for contemplation: that whenever My Holy Spirit lifts up your soul in contemplation to bring you before the Invisible Father, He brings with you, therefore, the entire ‘collection’ of people, prayers and longings which is contained within your soul! Many people benefit from your prayers, besides yourself.

T:1682       #1     Don’t worry about the visit which you are about to make in response to My request. “Good will come out of your obedience,” even though you don’t understand the reason why I ask you to go.

T:1682       #2     Follow the promptings of My Spirit, as He leads you to ask questions of others, or to answer questions.  There’s no need for you to worry about the results of a course of action which you are following only because you want to be faithful to My wishes.


                           BEREAVED AND SUFFERING PEOPLE.


T:1683                Help Me to comfort these suffering people.  You are right to offer sincere prayers that I will help these bereaved people; but I want your fervent co-operation in this joint work.  See how marvellously we can work together if I fill your heart with My Love, and if “you be their comfort” at this funeral, by your bodily presence, your kind words and smiles, and by your silent listening - as well as by letter-writing, later on, and by long-term ‘keeping-in-touch’.

T:1684       #1     Never bewail your spiritual ‘poverty’; rather, be thankful that you were led to recognise your state.  It is true that, unless it contain My grace, every human soul exists in a state of desperate spiritual poverty.  Yet the heart and mind are entirely changed whenever someone has welcomed and accepted the influence of My Holy Spirit.  My Spirit’s presence is like a lamp which is constantly burning, or like a tireless Guide for the soul.  He is the Source of wisdom, within your heart, and a Person Whose Infinite power is the means of your offering confident prayers. (WC:1684)

T:1684       #2     Rejoice in and honour the presence of My Spirit within your soul.  It is “in” My Spirit that you are lifted, through prayer - as you pray in My Name, the Name of Jesus - into the embrace of your Heavenly Father.  Thus, in prayer, you have entered into a true and intimate communion with Us: with the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity.  You rest at the heart of Our Divine Life.


                           IN A SINGLE BODY.


T:1685       #1     Be assured that in your prayers before the altar you are lifting up your beloved friends and relations to your Heavenly Father; you are lifting them up through the  power of My Offering.

T:1685       #2     Realise how closely united you are with everyone else who offers the Holy Sacrifice with you, when My Sacred Body and Blood are Present on the altar, and when My Holy Sacrifice is offered to the Father at the hands of My priest.  It is as though I, your Saviour, am standing at the top of a high mountain; and you can see that as I hold out My right hand to My Heavenly Father - Who is reaching down towards Me - I am surrounded by those of My friends, you included, who are united in one effort to ‘touch’ Heaven, through My intercession; and this mountain is completely obscured by the crush of fervent people who are holding firmly onto one another and onto Me! So the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - you see - is offered through Me; yet it is a collective act of worship in which all sorts of benefits are rightly sought by the participants, and through which Glory is given to the Father. (WC + OIL:1685A)

T:1685       #3     Understand the reason why your participation in the Holy Mass benefits all of these  people whom you love so dearly.  Whenever you pray with your spiritual brothers and sisters, united in one intention - which is to offer prayer through Me, your Mediator, to the Father - it is as if you are ‘touching’ Heaven; it is as though you are all bound together, with Me, in a single Body; and your prayer is successful. Through the merits of My Sacrifice, you are truly in touch with the Father; and in this One great prayer, I am pleading in your midst for all that will make you most joyful eternally; and you can be sure that as you reach up to Heaven, united with Me in prayer, all the people in your heart - all your precious people - are lifted up too, as if held in our midst.  How can they fail to benefit, when you pray sincere prayers for them, in My Presence?! (WC:1685B)


                           COMFORT, IN GETHSEMANE.


T:1686       #1     Don’t be embarrassed by your failings.  Rather, you should be glad that you have learned how to confess your sins humbly to Me in prayer, no longer too proud to reveal your difficulties.  I give My greatest gifts to those who are contrite and trusting; and, as you know, I don’t ask you to bear anything which I have not borne in some way, whether it be humiliation, pain, loneliness or ridicule, or misunderstanding and great temptations - or all of these things.

T:1686       #2     Continue with your practice of uniting your willingly-accepted pain with My sufferings, and of offering that acceptance to the Father as a special prayer. However, develop a new ‘breadth’ in this type of prayer, and a greater empathy with Me, by uniting your heart to Mine in many more of the events of My earthly life.  For example:

                                    When you are in pain,

                                                you can unite that willingly-accepted pain

                                                to the willing Sacrifice which I offer

                                                in My Passion.

                                                You can keep Me company, by the Cross.

                                    When you live in fear,

                                                you can ‘touch’ Me in Gethsemane.

                                                We can comfort one another.

                                    When you are misunderstood,

                                                you can be with Me

                                                when even My family and friends

                                                misunderstand Me.

                                                You can listen to My teaching.

                                    When you are grieving,

                                                you can comfort Me

                                                as I stand beside Lazarus’ tomb.

                                                You can support Me in My sadness.

                                    When you are weeping,

                                                you can console Me

                                                as I watch My holy Mother

                                                who is weeping beside My Cross.

                                                You can wait by her side.

                                    When you live in fear of evil forces,

                                                you can be strong with Me

                                                as I undergo temptation.

                                                We can endure, and conquer.

T:1686       #3     Treasure your privileged place; what a marvel it is that you can find Me, amidst your pains and problems.  I assure you that your attendance here before the altar is supremely worthwhile. You who trust in Me and who attend the Holy Mass are present as I offer My Divine praise to the Father!  I stand before you in Glory, as My holy Angels form a ‘guard of honour’ all around Me.


                           THE PURPOSE OF YOUR LIFE.


T:1687       #1     Don’t be dissuaded from making little sacrifices.  They serve as acts of penance by which you are helping Me to purify your soul, and as penances which you can offer on behalf of other people; and you are right to unite these little offerings with My Holy Sacrifice of the altar.  Realise, further, that to make sacrifices is the very purpose of your life.  It is your vocation.  Through these sacrifices, you are doing My redemptive work during your life on earth, though only because your sacrifices are united to My holy and perfect Sacrifice.  We can say that you play a part in My redeeming work.  You have a real share in it.

T:1687       #2     Remember that suffering and pain, in themselves, are of no value to your soul.  You please Me above all when your heart is contrite, trusting and obedient.  However, it is My Will that you unite yourself with Me to be a living sacrifice upon earth.  By My grace at work in you, and by the  love with which you make sacrifices for My sake, it is as though you are building a mountain of grace; and a road runs up and across this mountain, a road on which other people can walk in order to reach Me; and the whole surface of the road is ‘paved’ only by your sacrifices.  Through these costly efforts - and by My grace - other people have been helped to climb higher and higher, and so to reach the Father, and Heaven.  (WC:1687)

T:1688A    #1     Notice how your attitude about your little faults is changing, and rejoice in it! You are right to repent after every failing, since contrition is the  key which - unfailingly - opens the ‘door’ of the soul so that I can pour My graces within.  But what a cause for joy, that you have come to see the true meaning of contrition!  When you express contrition towards Me, your loving Saviour, you can at last express a simple regret-that-you-have-sinned and that you have therefore failed to love Me as I deserve; and this simple and sincere regret, with a determination to love Me more surely, is far different from the self-pity, grovelling fear or hopeless self-accusation which - at some stage of your journey - many of you have thought was contrition.

T:1688A    #2     Be determined to be child-like in My presence, in this sense: realise, when you are contrite, that the ‘best’ contrition is contrition-with-trust; it is truthful, confident and peaceful, in one who is determined to love Me wholeheartedly and to do My Will, and who joyfully expects - and so receives - My instant forgiveness!


                           SPIRITUAL DEFICIENCIES.


T:1688B    #1     Open your eyes to truth: to the truths which I am unveiling for you about other souls.  I want you to understand why it is that many of your spiritual brothers and sisters  - certain other Christians who make great efforts to please Me - are in need of help, despite their evident charity and cheerfulness.  What a good example they set, in charity, hospitality, and in care of the sick.  Nevertheless, it is true that many of the people who have developed outside My visible and life-giving Catholic Church have not been wholly successful in developing as mature Christians, though some through no fault of their own.

T:1688B    #2     Think about the importance of knowing My Will, for one who wishes to please Me, to follow My instructions and to develop as he ought.  People need to know My Will so that they can do it; and only in My holy Church - through the Holy Father and My other faithful bishops - is My Will very clearly revealed and wisely encouraged, even if many people do reject it. It is true that, in numerous good souls, My grace is at work within human weakness; when people are misinformed, however, or are ignorant about how to love Me and how to do My Will, they find it hard to be as trusting and carefree as I should like them to be.  How likely is it that those of My children who are living without the firm, sure and purposeful spiritual teaching of My Church will be contrite and contented, and simple, trustful and good, to the degree which is possible?  For various reasons, many of them will be anxious or puzzled, because - lacking the sure guidance of My Church - they don’t have a thorough understanding of My Will; they can’t see a clear pathway towards Heaven.

T:1688B    #3     Never doubt My great Love for those of My children who struggle to lead good lives but who are not in Communion with My Church.  You know that, in the world, there are children who long to be strong and healthy, yet who - through no fault of their own - are hampered by deficiencies in diet, and by lack of opportunity for exercise, or uncorrected poor vision or untreated infections. These dear children might well grow up to be delightful people, full of good instincts and yearnings; nevertheless, many will be physically misshapen, weak, pallid or stooped: some peering half-blindly ahead.  So you can see how, in the spiritual life, certain sorts of deprivation cause various ills.  A good soul which has been deprived - even if through ignorance - of sound teaching, nourishing Food, vigorous instruction in the virtues, worthwhile aims, the correction of error, and help from an ‘army’  of  Heavenly  friends, risks being seriously deformed, even if that soul is progressing, full of goodwill, towards Heaven.

T:1688B    #4     Don’t be ashamed of wanting to bring greater spiritual nourishment and spiritual helps towards those who - as I have shown you - are in need of help.  I Who am Love cannot blame any of My sick or undernourished children for their souls’ ill-health, when they are not at fault, although those who have refused My nourishing Food just because it is unfamiliar bear some responsibility for their state.  But the main cause for sadness about their state is that a great deal of purifying work will be necessary after death, to prepare such beloved souls for the perfection of Heaven.


                           CONSEQUENCES: JOY OR DOOM.


T:1689       #1     Think about the numerous occasions on which I have opened the eyes of your soul to the state of departed souls, and to the rewards or sorrows which are now theirs.  You have seen confirmed, thus, how important it is that people are encouraged to love and obey Me, and to be obedient to My holy Church, and to persevere until death: which is the moment when, by My Will, souls leave behind their earthly existence and then - willingly or unwillingly - gaze towards Me, their Lord and Creator.

T:1689       #2     Let some of these stories be made known to other people, to serve as both an encouragement and a warning about the consequences of their thoughts, omissions or actions.  You have prayed for the departed; now speak about them, to help other people.

                                    Mention the parent who died young, described as

                                                ‘a good mother’ to her children, yet

                                                - you saw her -

                                                hating Me.  She is shouting out her hatred after death,

                                                though she concealed it in her earthly life.

                                                She rejects My Love.

                                                She spurns, therefore, both My joy and My Presence.


                           RESCUED FROM THE BRINK.


T:1689       #3              Mention your spiritual sister,             

                                                only saved through the ‘Last’ Sacrament,

                                                the Sacrament of the Sick.

                                    Mention someone who died young: a sudden death:

                                                someone who, earlier,  had left My holy Church.                                                   She was rescued only by prayer

                                                from the brink of the Abyss.

                                    Mention the ‘successful’ writer who frequently mocked

                                                the Holy Father, and My teachings,

                                                and who was rescued from the brink of Hell

                                                only by intercession.


                           THE NEED FOR FINAL PURIFICATION.


T:1689       #4              Mention the friend, now full of remorse for past ingratitude:

                                                now seeing My gifts,

                                                and understanding My goodness.

                                                How glad she is to be ‘safe’ in Purgatory,

                                                though undergoing extensive purification.

                                    Mention the ‘strong’ man, a pillar of the Church,

                                                now being emptied - painfully - of  pride

                                                and self-satisfaction.

                                    Mention the dear soul, wholly repentant of all sin,

                                                delivered from brief purifications, and

                                                carried by My holy Angel

                                                to Heaven.

                                    Mention the faithful soul whom I Myself

                                                carried to the Father, after a short preparation,

                                                which lasted only as long as a Requiem Mass.

                                    Mention the other strong man: cheerful and dutiful,

                                                but self-willed and self-righteous, now

                                                fallen to the lower depth of Purgatory:

                                                waiting for deliverance, and in need of prayers.

                                    Mention the friend who weeps, now, at past ignorance

                                                of My wishes.  Saved by prayer, and by

                                                a ‘mustard-seed’ of faith, he now endures -

                                                after sudden death - a long purification.

                                    Mention the proud soul who scorned those

                                                with fewer gifts or less intelligence.

                                                He now chooses to be purified.

                                                Full of remorse, he does not yet embrace Me,

                                                since to see Me, so soon, face-to-face,

                                                is unendurable.

                                    Mention the dutiful, truthful soul, baptised, and yet

                                                ignorant of My holy Church.

                                                How can I blame this friend?

                                                After a brief purification, he soared to Bliss,

                                                gleeful and delighted, rewarded

                                                for child-like trust, for patience,

                                                and for perseverance in duty.

                                                He is overjoyed to have entered My embrace.


                           THE BLISS OF HEAVEN.


T:1689       #5              Mention the faithful soul who, after long and patient suffering

                                                - in a life of no outward glory, no special gifts -

                                                soared up to Heaven, to eternal Bliss,

                                                all faults peeled away in an instant:

                                                her sin removed like a dirty garment.

                                    Mention your friend, a repentant sinner,

                                                humiliated on earth, yet suddenly soaring high,

                                                glorious yet child-like, lifted into Bliss,

                                                astonished by Heaven’s beauty.

                                    Mention the child who died young, her troubles

                                                bravely endured.  Heaven is now

                                                the true and delightful home

                                                for her baptised and prayerful soul.

                                                Heaven is far lovelier than anything once imagined!

                                    Mention your gentle friend, made child-like and patient

                                                through sickness, now greeted by My Mother, and

                                                helped up the stairway to Heaven.

T:1689       #6              Mention the friend who served Me tirelessly,

                                                who now sees Me, and sees

                                                the magnitude of her reward:

                                                            indescribable Bliss with Me,

                                                            the beauty of the Heavenly Company, and

                                                            the wonder of My Glory.

                                    How few will listen to these stories;

                                    How few will listen and change,

                                    so strong is private ambition,

                                    and the pleasure of sin. 

                                    Mercy and joy are shunned.

                                    Of their free-will, some choose to endure

                                    without Me, forever.

T:1690       #1     Put your trust in My goodness.  You are right to thank Me for My gifts; since I created you - your body and soul - I can scarcely do less for you than an earthly mother would do for her child.

T:1690       #2     Think how a good mother has certain aims and attitudes, and see, therefore, that I your God have the same aims and attitudes towards you.

                                    I, your God, created you, and I am good.

                                    You can be sure, therefore, that

                                                I am ceaselessly loving you,

                                                I am encouraging you, during difficulties,

                                                I am wishing the ‘best’ for My children,

                                                I am longing for your true welfare,

                                                I am constant in love, with or without a response,

                                                I am delighting in drawing you towards good,

                                                            and towards all things which work for your good.

T:1690       #3     Be happy that I am allowing you to suffer certain difficulties - with opposition, too - for My sake.  This is a privilege which should make you glad!


                           THE ROSARY.


T:1691                Persevere in prayer, which includes the reverent recitation of the Rosary.  Whenever you pray the Rosary in church, and when My priest is leading you in prayer - as today - in order to please Me and to honour My holy Mother, you can be sure that My holy Angels surround you, and keep watch, in reverent silence. (WC:1691)

T:1692       #1     Expose your heart and longings, ever more frequently and sincerely, to your Heavenly Father.  When the Father gazes into a soul which - through the soul’s union with Me, its Saviour -  lives entirely for Him and which offers sincere praise, and which has been purified, His gaze meets no ‘obstacle’.  His gaze penetrates straight through the purity of that soul to the very foundation which is Myself - Jesus.

T:1692       #2     Look upon your soul as being like a rock-pool by the sea-shore.  It is as though the Father gazes into that pool, to find the firm rock foundation - which is Myself, Jesus - on which rests the ‘water’ of each person’s share of grace.  But very often, as He gazes upon souls, the Father sees not the pure water of grace, but, rather, a pool of mud through which His gaze cannot penetrate joyfully; and this ‘mud’ represents those of the soul’s acts and intentions which have not been wholly dedicated to the Father’s Glory. (WC:1692)

T:1693       #1     Open your eyes further to the marvel which is My Work, at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  I am Present amongst you, to lead into the Father’s embrace all who are willing to come close to Me as I make My Sacrificial prayer.  It is as though I am standing at the prow of a great ‘ship’ which is My Holy Church; we are all peering into the darkness ahead, as we journey towards Heaven; and as you gather about Me, My arms are outstretched in prayer, on your behalf.  (WC:1693).

T:1693       #2     Remember the reason why the prayers of My Church on earth are heard, and why My holy Church is sustained on her journey to Heaven: it is only through the merits of Me, your Saviour, Who am Present amongst you. Here in the sanctuary, I Myself am praying My Divine prayer, making My infinitely worthy Offering to the Father on your behalf; and as I offer My infinite reparation for sin, My Sacrifice is accepted.

T:1693       #3     Don’t allow yourself to be pulled down, in sorrow for My sufferings on Calvary: sufferings through which you were redeemed.  The prayer and the Sacrifice which I now offer from the altar, during the Holy Mass, is offered in Glory.  Now risen and triumphant, I offer My Sacrificial prayer to the Father before the awed and adoring gaze of the whole court of Heaven.  My Saints and My holy Angels play their part, as these Holy Mysteries are celebrated.  The Glory of Heaven shines around this holy Company, as they gaze upon Me, their Lord and King, Who am now Present in your midst.

T:1694       #1     Listen to My holy Mother, as you seek advice about prayer: in this instance, about paying more attention as you pray the Rosary.  Don’t be anxious when you are tired.  Whenever you pray the Rosary, aim your soul’s gaze as if straight ahead towards My Mother, where she stands in Heaven, not far away.  If you say your prayers in this manner - quite simply and sincerely speaking ‘person-to-person’ - you won’t be anxious about how well you are meditating on the various incidents - the ‘Mysteries’ - of My life.

T:1694       #2     Never forget the reason for prayer, which is loving communion with and adoration of Me your God, with gratitude for all that ‘flows’ from My goodness: for all good things and events and people.  Realise that in prayer, therefore, Love counts for more than efficiency!


                           ‘EVERY PRAYER ASSISTS HER’.


T:1695      #1     Persevere in prayer, and especially in intercession for those who have died.

T:1695      #2     Turn to your Heavenly Father, and pray in My Name, pleading for help for your departed friend.

T:1695      #3     Open your heart to your Father in Heaven, Who is speaking of your prayer:


                                                       PERSEVERE IN PRAYER FOR YOUR FRIEND:

                                                                            FOR THIS HOLY SOUL

                                                           NOW DEPARTED FROM EARTHLY LIFE.

                                                                  “EVERY PRAYER ASSISTS HER.”


                                                             YOUR PRAYERS ARE ‘INTERTWINED’

                                                                               WITH MY ACTION:

                                                                        WITH MY LOVING WORK

                                                      IN THE SOULS OF THE FAITHFUL DEPARTED.

                                                                         I DRAW THEM UPWARDS

                                                                     FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT,

                                                                              DELIVERING THEM

                                                                     FROM THEIR PURIFICATION.


                                                                       AS A CHILD IS DELIVERED

                                                                               IN EARTHLY LIFE,

                                           SO EACH PRECIOUS AND FAITHFUL SOUL IS DELIVERED

                                                                                   INTO HEAVEN

                                                                          AFTER MUCH LABOUR;




                                                                                WHEN ASSISTED

                                                 BY THE POWERFUL PRAYERS WHICH YOU OFFER,

                                                          AS YOU PRAY IN THE NAME OF MY SON:

                                                                       AS YOU PRAY “IN CHRIST.”


 T:1696A   #1     Continue with yours efforts to draw more and more friends and acquaintances into your heart, and so into your frequent and fervent prayers. By yourself, as you know, you have no power; yet since all of your prayers are united with the prayer which I offer to the Father, at the altar, during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, you can be 222

T:1696A    #2     Follow My inspiration and turn with Me to your Heavenly Father.  Express your longing to serve Him better, to make Him known to others, and to shake off every trace of sin.

T:1696A    #3     Rejoice in our friendship.  With one who truly loves Me, I share far more than the gifts and graces with which you are familiar; I share My Mind!  In a prayer of intimate union, when - bravely - you open your heart to My gaze and therefore to My forgiveness, I ‘open’ My Mind to you and to your gaze!  I reveal My thoughts to you My creature - My friend and sister and daughter - in a gift of purest friendship!

T:1696B             Believe in the power of the prayers which you offer, united with My prayers, as I offer My Holy Sacrifice at the altar.  It is as though the whole church interior is glowing with the Light of My Presence.  It is as though you are pulling along in a net all of those people who are ‘within reach’ of your prayers through contact with you during daily life.  Everyone whom you hold in your heart, in prayer, before Me, is thereby drawn closer to Me. (WC:1696)


                           HARD-HEARTED PEOPLE.


T:1697       #1     Realise how tremendous is My joy at being greeted and welcomed in prayer by sincere and loving friends, and - conversely - how grievous for Me is deliberate sin, or indifference.  It is true, as you know, that I live in eternal Bliss.  I am unchangeable and unchanging.  However, I wish to show you that it seems as though people can bring Me either joy or sorrow, by their attitude.  For example, I rejoice, especially, at coming in Holy Communion “to those of goodwill.”  A sincere and good-hearted welcome delights Me.  However, it is quite different for Me when I visit in Holy Communion someone who cares nothing for Me, or for My wishes, or who lives in bitterness and resentment.

T:1697       #2     Understand the extent of My Love.  It is unending.  I am reaching out, all the time, to sinners, longing to give joy.  But deliberate sin and indifference leave My Heart wounded.  To be with such hard-hearted souls in Holy Communion is like being with the hostile and mocking crowd which surrounded Me during My Passion, before I was crucified.  What terrible grief I felt then, amidst the noise and the threatening faces, as a crown of thorns was pressed upon My head. (WC:1697)            


                           UNSELFCONSCIOUS WORSHIP.


T:1698A             Try to be unselfconscious whenever you are amongst other people, feeling exposed to their gaze - for example, when you are praying.  There’s no need to worry that your behaviour is singular, just because you pray for a while, before and after the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and pray amidst noisy conversations and reading-practices.   It  is  your  duty  to  pray  privately,  at  home,  and also to pray in public,

                           during the Liturgy; but you do well, also, to prepare for the Holy Mass, by  prayer in church, and to make a good thanksgiving here, after our Holy Communion.

T:1698B    #1     Pray as if ‘heart-to-Heart’ with Me.  You can pray frankly and well, and unselfconsciously, in a public place, unworried by others, if you look within your soul and gaze straight towards Me; or you can direct your soul’s gaze straight towards Me in the Blessed Sacrament - in the tabernacle - as if there were not a single person nearby.  You are right to leave prayer, to turn and help your neighbour, when someone is in need of help; but when you are free to pray, try to pray calmly and intently, ignoring all distractions and giving Me your whole attention!

T:1698B    #2     Accept with joy the various sorts of help I give you.  You have good reason to be grateful for the help of these particular people, since “They are doing My work.”  You are right to thank Me for  their help,  since I Myself inspired             them to assist you; and since they are faithful and generous people who are longing to serve Me, they have done My Will - to your benefit!

T:1699                Don’t grow agitated about your failure to serve Me as well as you would wish. I want you to be happy, not oppressed with “so much anxiety, Lizzie!” I am delighted with your efforts to please Me.  I am not like a discontented Master who is never satisfied with his servants; rather, I am your Friend and Brother.  I understand your little weaknesses.


                           MY HOLY SPIRIT: SOURCE OF SANCTITY.


T:1700      #1     Be glad that you can recognise the Source of the holy longings within your heart and mind.  Truly, it is My Holy Spirit who makes you yearn to be holy, and you are right to praise Him.  It is He Who has been at work in the lives of very many of My People - in many ages.

T:1700      #2     Look upwards, in prayer, to where many thousands of shining, saintly faces are joyfully gazing down towards this Celebration of the Holy Mass. You who are united with Me in daily life are already very close to the many thousands of My Saints - known to you, or unknown - who are happy with Me in Heaven; and My Saints are involved in your life. They are glad to see you praise Me for the virtues in which I have clothed them; and they are glad to see you longing to be holy.  (WC:1700A)

T:1700      #3     Think about My origin: about the Divine Life which is Mine in Heaven. I, the Son of God - Jesus Christ your Lord - am at work in human hearts, by My Spirit’s action.  He is the Divine Source of all sanctity.

T:1700      #4     Turn your mind to ponder the Source of My spiritual beauty.  You have welcomed Me, your Saviour, in Holy Communion, since you believe in Me and love Me; and you long to know Me better and to serve Me more faithfully; and you will be helped enormously if you remember - about the Holy Spirit Whom, also, you love and praise - that “This is My Spirit!”   Understand, therefore, that you who know so much about My Holy Spirit, through knowing about and recognising His virtues in the lives of the Saints, have a very clear ‘picture’ of what I, Jesus, am ‘like’; and one who recognises Me is able not only to love Me, and to grow in friendship with Me; he can hope to recognise the Father.

T:1700      #5     Consider, now, the weakness of all human beings; look towards the saintly figure before you: I want you to see that the glorious virtues of My Holy Spirit are pouring upon and through each weak and fragile person who invites Him to do His work.  These virtues pour like a stream of molten gold through the life of each one of My Saints;   every good thing which you notice in the lives of My Saints is an aspect of the beauty and goodness of My Holy Spirit. (WC:1700B)

T:1700      #6     Look at My Saints, if you wish to know more about Divine Life and Divine Love!  The more details you learn about the admirable aspects of the lives of My Saints, and about their true sanctity, then the more you will know about the Divine Person Who is My Holy Spirit - and about His wishes, and about His nature.

T:1700      #7     ‘Broaden’ your knowledge of My attributes; if you become acquainted with the holy lives of many more of My Saints, and notice their many and marvellous virtues, you can have a better knowledge of the Glorious Life and nature which is Mine: within the Glorious Life of the Godhead. Every good thing “seen” in the lives of My Saints - good things which are signs of the work of My Spirit and which therefore cause you to recognise My Spirit wherever He is at work - has been poured out of the fullness of My Divine Life.  My Spirit’s outpouring of gifts is an outpouring of the Divine Life which I, the Son of God, the Eternal Word, have possessed from all Eternity.

T:1700      #8     Recognise the work of the Undivided and Holy Trinity in the lives of Our Saints.  The Holy Spirit Whom you realise is at work in the hearts of holy people is at work with Me, Jesus Christ your Saviour, and also with the Father; you must turn towards Us, your Triune God, if you would find the Source of all perfection.  No Saint has been sanctified without the graces which stem from all Three Divine Persons of the Holy Trinity: from Us - One God - Who work “as One” in the hearts of those of yearn for sanctity and who submit to Our action.


                  PART SIX




                           SPEAKING ABOUT ME.


T:1701       #1     Speak to My  priest once more, about My work in your life; and since you are hoping for simplicity and true purity of intention, be simple.  Be single-minded. “Speak from the heart”.

T:1701       #2     Be sincere and simple, whenever you speak to others in obedience to My wishes. Trust in Me at every moment of your daily life.  Put your trust in Me, in everything, whether in great trials or in the little things which still make you nervous!

T:1701       #3     Follow this simple method of speaking, whenever you know that I want you to speak out, and when you are trying to do so with a right intention.  Glance ‘within’ your heart, and then speak the truth just as you find it ‘seen’ within yourself at the very moment of need.  This will be better than formulating within your mind all sorts of possible phrases and explanations.

T:1701       #4     Don’t be concerned about reactions or repercussions, when you have spoken in order to please Me.  In doing My Will, and in pleasing Me through such obedience, you please your God and Saviour; My ‘reaction’ or opinion is the only one which should concern you.

T:1701       #5     Believe in My great Love for you, and in the special delight with which I look upon you whenever, out of love for Me, you have done something difficult. I delight in your efforts to please Me, and in your sincere prayers before the tabernacle. “I am waiting here to greet you” whenever you need help or consolation, and whenever you come to confide in Me about things which you find painful.

T:1702                Come to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to find inspiration and hope. During the prayer for the Church which is offered by My priest, it is as though a crack appears in the sanctuary and splits the church from top to bottom; and in the darkness beyond, you can see My Cross, with Myself hanging upon it.  I Who died for you on Calvary can be your inspiration in every difficulty; cling to the knowledge that My Holy Sacrifice, which is offered from the altar, is both your prayer for help and your hope of victory. (WC:1702)

T:1703       #1     Understand something consoling about the life of grace.  One who is in a “state of grace” and who prays to Me is therefore - already - forgiven; and the reason for this stems not just from My loving nature. One whose life of grace is ‘active’, by which I mean not extinguished by serious sin, is therefore permitting himself to be purified - and of course forgiven - time and time again by all his moments of worship, or by his expressions of sorrow for faults, and by acts of charity.  I am at work in willing souls in ways of which you are unaware; and souls in which My grace is at work are vibrant with My Life, and active, even if such activity is hidden, as in prayer;  and they are joyful. (WC:1703)


                           MY INSTRUCTIONS.


T:1703       #2     Continue to record and to share My teachings-in-prayer.  This is My Will for you, so be confident.

T:1703       #3     Accept My invitation to begin another task, or, rather, to start yet another piece of work which will clarify and advance the whole task.  I want you to continue to record My teachings just as you have done so far, but I would like you also to record every ‘teaching’ in a different manner; write out each one in such a way that the reader will see clearly what he should do, if he wishes to please Me.  I shall be delighted if this revised version is presented as a series of instructions in the spiritual life: “Instructions from Christ”.

T:1703       #4     Begin as soon as you can to re-write My teachings.  But don’t be anxious. As you know by now, you and I will work together well if you do what you know you ought to do from moment to moment, trying never to neglect your normal duties, and leaving the results in My hands.


                           SHARING MY NATURE.


T:1704      #1     Open your heart to your Heavenly Father’s teaching; open the eyes of your soul, in prayer.  He is calling to you; He is inviting you to consider some of the fruits of your life-in-union:


                                                                                      HERE I AM,

                                                                                TEACHING YOU.

                                                       PONDER MY NATURE AND MY ATTRIBUTES.

                                                                   YOU CAN HOPE TO BE LIKE ME

                                                                              IN SEVERAL WAYS


                                                             YOU ARE LIVING AS MY TRUE CHILD.


                                                              BE CLEAR-SIGHTED, NOT BASHFUL.

                                                                                CHERISH TRUTH.

                                                                     HONOUR MY WILL FOR YOU.

                                                                       YOU, MY ADOPTED CHILD

                                                                   CAN EXPECT TO RESEMBLE ME

                                         IF YOU ARE PURIFIED, TRANSFORMED, AND UNITED TO ME

                                                             IN A MARVELLOUS ‘LIFE-IN-UNION’.

                                                                                YOU CAN ENJOY

                                                                  - EVEN DURING EARTHLY LIFE -

                                                                TRUE PARTICIPATION IN MY LIFE.

                                                      YOU HAVE A SHARE IN MY DIVINE NATURE,

                                                          THOUGH ONLY THROUGH MY FREE GIFT

                                                                              AND GENEROSITY.


T:1704      #2                                           NOTICE HOW EVERY GOOD GIFT

                                                                WITH WHICH I GRACE YOUR SOUL

                                           - THROUGH YOUR TRANSFORMATION AND OUR UNION -

                                                               ARISES FROM MY DIVINE NATURE

                                                                               AND ATTRIBUTES.


                                                                                  FOR EXAMPLE,

                                                               MY DIVINE AND PERPETUAL BLISS

                                             IS ALREADY TASTED IN THE PRAYER OF UNKNOWING

                                                      WHICH YOU ENTER WHENEVER I CALL YOU.


                                                                    MY KNOWLEDGE OF MYSELF

                                                                                IS EXPERIENCED

                                                                - AND SHARED TO SOME EXTENT -

                                                                IN THESE TEACHINGS-IN-PRAYER.


                                                               MY INFINITE MERCY AND JUSTICE

                                                                                 ARE UNVEILED

                                                WHEN I CALL SOMEONE TO LEAVE EARTHLY LIFE,

                                                                            AND WHEN I REVEAL

                                                TO YOU WHO PRAY FOR THAT SOUL’S SALVATION

                                                             HIS TRUE STATE AND DESTINATION:

                                                        DEATH AND DOOM, OR LIFE WITH GLORY.


                                                                          MY IMMENSE CHARITY

                                                                - CHARITY WHICH IS MY NATURE -

                                        IS REVEALED WHEN I ANSWER THE PRAYER OF YOURSELF,

                                                                           MY FRAIL CREATURE,

                                  WHEN YOU PRAY, IN THE NAME OF CHRIST, TO ME YOUR FATHER.


                                                                                MY GENEROSITY

                                                IS PROVED WHEN, FIRST, I EMBRACE THE BLESSED

                                                                                     IN HEAVEN,

                                                                  THEN WHEN I SHARE WITH YOU

                                                                     A GLIMPSE OF THEIR GLORY.


                                                                             MY ‘EYE’ OF TRUTH

                                                                               REVEALS TO YOU

                                                              - THROUGH OUR UNION IN PRAYER -

                                       THE NAKED SIGHT OF YOUR OWN SOUL’S TRUE YEARNINGS.

                                                         MY PURE AND PIERCING GAZE OF TRUTH

                                                  - UPON SOULS WHICH ARE ‘NAKED’ BEFORE ME -

                                                                             IS ‘SHARED’ BY YOU

                                                     WHEN I UNVEIL, TO YOUR OWN SOUL’S EYES,

                                                               EACH HEART’S TRUE INTENTIONS.


                                                                              MY INFINITE LOVE

                                                                            IS SHARED AND SEEN

                                                AS IT FLOWS THROUGH THE THOUGHTS AND ACTS

                                                                      AND WORDS AND PRAYERS

                                                                  OF ONE WHO TRULY LOVES ME.


                                                                           MY CREATIVE POWER

                                                       IS AT WORK IN ONE WHOSE LIFE-IN-UNION

                                                                                        WITH ME

                                                                 - PRODUCING ACTS OF CHARITY -

                                                                       IS IMMENSELY FRUITFUL.


                                                                      MY COMPASSIONATE LOVE

                                                  IS SHOWN ANEW IN THE LIFE, FREELY OFFERED,

                                                    OF ONE WHO SUFFERS ON BEHALF OF OTHERS,

                                         ONE WHOSE LIFE TRICKLES AWAY IN LITTLE  SACRIFICES:

                                     A LIFE WHOLLY UNITED TO CHRIST, MY SON, THE CRUCIFIED.


                           EARTHLY LIFE, AND IMPERFECTION.


T:1705       #1     Continue to make a good preparation for the Sacrament of Reconciliation; but don’t worry!  No-one alive on earth can entirely avoid imperfections, just as no beam of sunlight is ever seen without a mote of dust darkening its brightness. (WC:1705A)

T:1705       #2     Accept the trials and purifications which still arise in various disguises. I am at work in your life through all these events, and through My Presence here in our Holy Communion - and also through the prayers of My Saints, whose help you have sought.  By the labour and assistance of My Saints and Myself - by our ‘final preparations’ - we are making your soul ready for the moment when it will contain the concerns of thousands! You can picture us as being like those builders in other countries who beat the earth, and flatten it, so that a splendid building can be erected on the site! (WC:1705B)

T:1705       #3     Be confident that I have been at work in your life, even when you haven’t noticed any change.  I, your Saviour, once promised to change you.  I spoke about your longings to please Me and about your soul; I said that you were like a little hut, but that I would change you into a palace! I assure you that, despite appearances, I have almost completed My work. (WC:1705C)

T:1706                Never be afraid to ask Me questions about things which puzzle you about the natural world: for example, why do some creatures seem fearsome to you, even though they were created by My loving hand?  When life was new, long ago, many ‘strange’ creatures were made because of My Love and My lavish generosity, and also for mankind’s delight.  I formed these creatures as man’s playmates and playthings, intending that they be treated not with disdain or cruelty, but with delight and gratitude.  Picture a little child who crouches near the ground to watch a little beetle which is scurrying along.  The child delights in seeing this shiny and fascinating creature!  But where a natural object or creature now seems fearsome to you, or repulsive, this is due to disorder in the ‘natural’ world, and is due, also, to your own - mankind’s - imperfection. (WC:1706)




T:1707               Rejoice at hearing My truth spoken in the homily.  How urgently do some people need to be Reconciled with Me, and with My holy Church. You know that deep bodily wounds need treating not just with surface care, but with the removal of the debris which results from deep tissue-destruction and infection; those of My People who are suffering because of ‘deep’ and serious sins -  spiritual wounds - need to undergo both the removal of sin and the cleansing-of-the-soul which I make available in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.


T:1708                Let there be no limits to your longing to do good through Me.  By your belief in My Love for you all, and through your faith in My goodness, and by My grace, your intercessions can be tremendously powerful.  So “Cast your net wide!”  Try to draw up even more people into the ‘embrace’ of your usual intercessions.

T:1709       #1     Don’t worry about the work which you are doing for Me.  It was not your ‘worthiness’ - or lack of it - that caused Me to invite you  to do this task.

T:1709       #2     Begin again!

                                    Renew your efforts to serve Me well.

                                    Resemble Me.

                                    Consider the purest and simplest Way

                                                of pleasing your Heavenly Father:

                                    Act from pure motives, in everything.

                                    Think pure and holy thoughts.

                                    Long for the Father’s Glory.

                                    Long for the salvation of many souls.

                                                Thus, you can be like Me.


T:1709       #3              Open your heart, once more,

                                                to a true and perpetual union.

                                    Be One with Me,

                                                entirely the same as Me,

                                                in all your thoughts, aims and yearnings.

                                    But achieve this with, in and through Me:

                                                by your co-operation

                                                with My graces.


T:1710       #1     Leave in My hands every possible reaction to the ‘teachings’ which you are recording, and to all associated works.  Your simple duty is to continue with your work whilst remaining hopeful, trusting and light-hearted.  I am powerful enough to help you in every danger; and the outcome of this work - which is My work - is in My hands.


                           DIVINE POWER AT WORK.


T:1710      #2     Ponder the Eucharist, and see My Divine power at work.  You can be confident that I am powerfully at work not only in your soul, but also in the sanctuary.  What a cause for joy!

                                    I, your God,

                                                act, in the sanctuary!

                                    I, your God,

                                                act at the bidding of My priest.

                                    I, your God

                                                - by My power - change bread and wine:

                                                now become the Sacred Body and Precious Blood

                                                of Myself, your Saviour.

                                    I, your God

                                                - through My Spirit - work this marvel

                                                before you, on the altar.


                                    How fitting,

                                                that you approach Me your Holy Redeemer,

                                                with a heart worthy of your God.

                                    How fitting,

                                                that you approach this sacred altar,

                                                this Heavenly Food,

                                                with gratitude, humility and awe.


                                    Worship the Father Who sends His Spirit.

                                    Worship The Spirit Who makes Present your Saviour.

                                    Worship your Saviour: Myself, the Son of God, Jesus:

                                                now standing amongst you, though

                                                - in this Holy Sacrament -



T:1710      #3              Treasure this moment!

                                    Treasure every Holy Communion,

                                                but notice the change:

                                    here I am,

                                                ‘Jesus of Oxford Street’:

                                    here I am,

                                                plainly revealed;

                                    here I am,

                                                Present in Glory,

                                                beside you,

                                                dazzling your soul, yet

                                                - by My radiance -

                                                causing no pain!

                                    I am unchanging.

                                    Your soul has been changed.


T:1711       #1     Never slacken in your efforts to please Me.  One who truly wishes to submit wholly to My wishes will gladly allow Me to ‘use’ all of her time, work, energy and loving-concern, in loving service.

T:1711       #2     Think how wonderfully you could serve Me, were you to let Me work through your every thought and gesture!  With your permission, I can work through every movement you ever make: through every gesture, every choice and every decision.  You can allow Me to work through you so completely that it will be as if your every thought or act is My loving thought or act being made “in” you!  I can  work so thoroughly in the life of one who truly loves Me that it can be as if I, Jesus, am living on earth, in loving service of the Father and of earthly neighbours.


                           MY PRIESTS, SCORNED.


T:1712               Consider the cruelty which I endured, when I was tormented before My Crucifixion.  You are right to dwell on these things, as you pray the ‘Sorrowful Mysteries’ of the Rosary.  But the cruelties continue.  You can assure other people that whenever - for example -  someone speaks scornfully about My priests, it is as though that scornful person is pressing down a crown of thorns upon My Head. (WC:1712)


T:1713                Be simpler.  Learn to accept and to be grateful for the kindnesses which I direct towards you through other people.  You are right to be on your guard about becoming dependent on anyone or anything except Myself.  However, all good things come to you from Me; and when you have been working hard and have been enduring all sorts of trials, “I send friends along to help you!”  I Who am Love cannot fail to help you; and it is My wish that you receive not just practical help but loving-kindness!


                           THE VISITATION.


T:1714       #1     Don’t be afraid to ask for My guidance even in worldly matters.  Nothing is wholly ‘worldly’ if it involves you, who live united to Me.

T:1714       #2     Follow My prompting, and paint a picture for your spiritual brother, a picture of My holy Mother, at her meeting with Elizabeth.  But let Me help you; look at these women embracing, each overjoyed at the life of the child within her, and each woman gazing at the globe of the earth which - as you can see - lies before them, at their feet. (WC + OIL:1714)

T:1714       #3     Marvel at My Mother’s role; at Mary’s consent, I took flesh from her body and came amongst you.  At that Holy Incarnation, Light entered the world: the Light of Truth, a true Cause for rejoicing.

T:1714       #4     Realise how selfless, tender and loving is My Mother Mary.  Amidst her own difficulties, she stood beside Elizabeth, to encourage her; and Mary’s heart was full of praise for her Creator and for His Love: for His goodness to her people and to her country. Furthermore, her pure heart - which had been prepared by the Father - was already embracing the whole world which I, her son and the Son of the Father, had come to save.

T:1715                Enjoy this anniversary: now five years since My Mother’s special visit to you! Put your trust in Me once more.  I know it has seemed as though you have been plodding uphill, like a child who trudges through the snow pulling a heavy sledge; but your strenuous efforts to do My Will and My work during these past five years have been worthwhile.  Soon, the work will grow easier.  I am preparing to reveal My work in your life; it is as though your burden of work has been pulled to the top of a hill, and will now hurtle downwards of its own momentum.  That is how swiftly I shall ensure that My ‘teachings’ are carried to other people.  (WC:1715)

T:1716       #1     Share the joy of the Archbishop for whose soul you prayed, when you heard that he had died.  You can see how happy he is, now kneeling before My throne to receive My welcome.  I, your High Priest - now wearing dazzling garments, and a Mitre - lean forward to embrace this beloved friend, just as I greet with great delight and with a most tender welcome every priestly servant who has faithfully guarded and guided My flock upon earth. (WC:1716)




T:1716      #2     Realise the meaning of a priest’s exclusive and total dedication to Me when “He is Mine” - in a special way - by his  promise of celibacy.  He is a man set apart, like Myself, for the Father’s work.  Therefore no earthly friend or relative shall have a claim on his life that is greater than My claim on his life, and on his loyalty, on his heart’s devotion, his time or his bodily energy.

T:1716      #3     Consider the freedom which is purchased by the celibate priest’s exclusive dedication to Me.  He will have a two-fold freedom, first, the freedom to reach out, unhindered, to My People, and also the freedom to stand apart, as if behind a small fence, in order to preach, and also to avoid the danger of anything which would draw him away from total abandonment to My Will. (WC:1331B)

T:1716      #4     Revere the man whom I count as another self, since all of that man’s desires are immolated - if he is faithful - for the sake of Myself and My Kingdom; and therefore I cherish him not  only as My priest but also as a special friend.  May no-one offend Me, the pure and holy Redeemer - whether carelessly or deliberately - by endangering or besmirching the  purity of My dedicated servants.       


                           CREATOR AND CREATURE.


T:1717      #1     Delight in our union: our Holy Communion.  Truly, you are very close to Me; look carefully, however, at the image which I am  placing before you.  Through it, I want to prepare you further for the work to which I have called you.  You can see, in the distance, the foothills of a vast mountain-range; but on the plain in the foreground you can see a little figure, alone, who is standing in prayer.  What I want you to understand is that nothing is more certain than your insignificance, when set beside the grandeur and majesty of Me, your Divine and Holy Redeemer!  Yet I am saying this with enormous tenderness, in order to establish you in humility.  (WC:1717)

T:1717      #2     Ask yourself these questions, whenever you are tempted to be proud because of our friendship or My gifts: who can do favours for Me, your Lord and God?  Who is worthy to serve Me?  Which mere human being - though cherished - can be anything except “one-who-has-received-good” from her Creator?  What could be more foolish than for a creature to believe that she has given Me something more than was My ‘due’!


T:1718       #1     Be grateful that I have been teaching you to lean only on Me, your God, and to be patient in awaiting My Will.  Truly, one who lives “in” Me is blessed with all the blessings of My Life: the Life of the Holy Trinity.

T:1718       #2     Treasure humility.  When you have placed all your trust in Us and not in yourself, you are blessed with the Love of the Father, the wisdom of My Spirit, and with My sweetness: the sweetness of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, your Saviour.

T:1718       #3     Treasure humility.  One who lives in humility has more power than had Archimedes with his fulcrum and lever. Through humility, you increase the strength of our union, and therefore you come to share My power; and that is how you can work with Me to change the world.

T:1718       #4     Cling to the knowledge that My grace, at work in a weak person, is more powerful than any merely human effort!

T:1719                Persevere in prayer.  Just as when a dirty window-pane is cleaned with a scourer and so reveals a patch of gleaming glass, your vigorous and prayerful requests for the help of My Saints and Myself have greatly benefited your imperfect soul.  Sincere prayers and acts of humility are always effective, in the spiritual life.  When the ‘window’ which represents your soul has been made brighter, thus, your intimacy with Me is thereby increased; and the closer and stronger is our union, the more of My Glory do I enable you to pour ‘upwards’ in prayer, as an offering from within your own soul to your Heavenly Father. (WC:1719)


                           NEGLECTING THEIR GOD.


T:1720      #1     Be grateful for your faith, which causes you to bow your head at the “Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit” - as you pray your Rosary.  We, the Holy Trinity, hold the world in existence.  You are right to offer Us homage and thanks.  We, your God, are endlessly loving, united and patient. Picture the Godhead as being like a circle of Light which is hovering far above you; and We three loving and Divine Persons - One God - are gazing upon that small globe which is the world, and also upon its millions of busy people; We are asking: “How many are loving Us at this moment?”  How terrible it is, that so many human beings should neglect their God and Creator. (WC:1720)

T:1720      #2     Ponder the attitudes which characterise certain people.  How many of My People are following My wishes, by living as true disciples?

                                    One who is devoted to his Saviour is

                                                wholehearted in his love for Me,

                                                fervent in prayer,

                                                eager to learn from My teachers,

                                                grateful for My gifts,

                                                lavish with his time and his service,

                                                delighted by his Heavenly Food, and

                                                faithful in interceding for the Church: My People.

T:1720      #3     Do all you can to encourage My friends to be faithful.  How few are truly devoted.  Many members of My Church - many who, though disobedient, still call themselves members - are damaging My ‘family’, which is the Church; they are attempting to destroy her.


T:1721       #1     Don’t be upset by your innumerable faults.  Put your trust in Me.  Those faults were not deliberate; and “It is love that counts,” in My service.

T:1721       #2     Never imagine that I am critical of your feeble efforts to persevere in prayer when you are tired or ill.  I assure you that - with My holy Angels around Me - I am watching in admiration as you continue with your Rosary.  My Love for you all is tremendous.  Were you to see the extent of My Love for you, you would be unable to bear it!  So you must believe that although I hide the extent of My Love, in order to help and train you, I give you every grace you need, in your apparent blindness.  (WC:1721)


                           BECAUSE OF SIN.


T:1722      #1     Never give up the struggle against sin.  Flee temptations.  Ask Me to deliver you and to make you worthy to do My work.

T:1722      #2     Turn your mind to the night before I suffered, when I sat with My friends, the cup of wine before Me, and turned to My Heavenly Father.

                                    Think of the night when I prayed

                                    with My friends, at table.

                                    My Crucifixion lay ahead.

                                    Think of the reason

                                                for My Last Supper,

                                                for My fervent prayers,

                                                for My wonderful work: providing

                                                            Heavenly Food for your future,

                                                for My parting from My friends,

                                                for My dying, and My torment, and

                                                for My death;

                                    all of this

                                    was because of sin.


                                    Who can believe in Me,

                                    who can see what I suffered

                                                because of sin,

                                    without turning from temptation,

                                                avoiding it,

                                                ignoring it, or rather,

                                                running fiercely away from it,

                                    sooner than cause Me pain,

                                    or break My Heart?



                           SAVED FROM HELL.


T:1723                Help those who cannot help themselves. Continue to pray for the souls of those who have died.  Pray for the dying.  By the smallest prayer or by the tiniest act of charity, a soul nearly ‘dead’ from sin may be saved from Hell.  Just as someone who is falling into a chasm can hope to be rescued if he is held even by the tip of his finger, so a soul in danger of eternal loss can be saved by the briefest of sincere prayers.  (WC:1723)

T:1724                Look unflinchingly at your own  life - at every ‘area’ - in order to eradicate all bad patches.  One who hopes to please Me yet who tolerates real faults within herself has a soul which is as truly “spoiled” as a ‘good’ apple which has the smallest of bad patches.   A tiny bad patch within an apple makes it a ‘bad’ apple! (WC:1724)

T:1725       #1     Notice how I reward you for making this little pilgrimage to Aylesford, and for offering special prayers concerning your work of recording My teachings. Truly, I love to teach you, because I delight in sharing My wisdom with a willing soul, by which I mean not with one who is ‘good’ but with one who loves Me so much that she gives Me first place in her life: above health, ‘self-fulfilment’ or reputation.

T:1725       #2     Be simple and true in every word and gesture, if you would be worthy of My work.  For the sake of the work, too, resolve to abandon your fears, and to keep your eyes fixed on Me, longing only to please Me.

T:1726                Don’t be ashamed of your longing to be ‘released’ from earth so that you can join Me in Heaven.  That is what I longed for!  As you pray the Rosary, and as you meditate on My Ascension into Heaven, you can realise that I once longed for My triumphant return to the Father; I longed to do what I had not done before: to enter Heaven as ‘the-Divine-Word-united-with-humanity’. It is My Spirit, you see, Who is now urging you to hope for the experience of finally entering Heaven, and to hope for Heaven’s joy.


                           MY MOTHER’S PROTECTION.


T:1727       #1     Turn to your Heavenly Mother, in every need.  She whom you rightly call “Our Lady, Immaculate”, responds to your fervent prayers with immediate help against temptations.

T:1727       #2     Understand how a very simple prayer ‘succeeds’, because it is sincere.  Whenever you pray: ‘O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you’, your prayer is answered immediately.  You construct around you - by your prayers and with My Mother’s help - a stout palisade, beyond which stands Satan, powerless to harm you. (WC:1727)

T:1727       #3     Believe that the more frequent and sincere are your prayers to My holy Mother, then the higher is the fence which surrounds you, by which I mean: the greater is her protection for your heart and for your soul.


                           THE HELP OF MY SAINTS.


T:1728       #1     Notice how lavishly I am rewarding you for the trust which you have shown in turning to one of My friends - St. Thérèse of Lisieux - and in visiting her little shrine in this church of the Oratory, in order to pray.  Whenever you act thus, and whenever you make the Sign of the Cross in a sincere preparation for prayer, you give joy to My Saints.

T:1728       #2     Be confident, as you ask for help, when you turn to your Heavenly friends in prayer.  On seeing your devotion, the saint to whom you have turned helps you immediately.  It is as though, from her place in Heaven - just out of your reach - she lets down a large net in which to enfold you, the pilgrim, in order to draw you closer to Heaven; and she draws up, with you, all of the people for whom you are praying! (WC:1728)


                           THE EXTENT OF MY LOVE.


T:1729      #1     Believe that your acts of faith, hope and love are welcomed.  I delight in hearing you profess that you believe in My Love for you; I want you to realise that My Love for you can be compared to a vast body of water which is mostly hidden behind the wall of a great dam.  My Love is hidden to some extent only because I am caring for you so lovingly!  Were you to see the true extent of My Love - of Divine Love, for a created being - and were you to see it in your present frailty, you would be overwhelmed and crushed by it, unable to bear such delight and Glory! (WC:1729)


T:1729       #2     Accept My assurance that My Love for you is going to be more lavishly revealed in the not far distant future, partly through the kindness and gratitude which you will experience from those who love and appreciate My ‘teachings-in-prayer’.

T:1730       #1     Always listen carefully to the readings during the Holy Mass, and to the homily, just as you listened today.  You are grateful that you heard the passage in Holy Scripture about the gift of Wisdom being offered to the simple, so listen to your Heavenly Father, Who now assures you:


                                                                         “It is I Who encourage you.”


                           The good spiritual nourishment which you receive from My holy Church, through the readings from Holy Scripture and in the homilies, is directly Willed by the Father in Heaven.

T:1730       #2     Open your eyes to the plain meaning of Holy Scripture, and to the significance of your own work.  You have heard in Holy Scripture that the Father is ‘hiding’ things from ‘the wise’ and is revealing them to simple people; and, this is illustrated, even today, by the teachings which He has given to you in prayer.  I assure you that other people can receive His Wisdom, through these teachings: through the infused Wisdom which is now being given to your unworthy, ignorant and simple soul!


                           MY SACRED HEART.


T:1731       #`1    Believe that I hear you - that I listen carefully - whenever you turn to Me.  I am delighted when you put your trust in Me, and when you say: “Most Sacred Heart of Jesus”, as you begin your prayer.  My tender Heart is touched by your devotion; and how true it is that My gentle Heart longs to help you in your troubles and to grant your requests for the welfare of your friends and family.  As you  pray near this statue of ‘The Sacred Heart’, you can see that I am leaning towards you to catch your every word. (WC:1731)

T:1731       #2     Look upon the long-established devotion to My “Sacred Heart” as a valid prayer-route to the Godhead.  You who trust in the Father and reach out to Him by turning to Me, His Divine Son, under this title, are truly praying “in the Name of Christ”; and the faith and confidence of those who pray sincere prayers in My Name are always rewarded.

T:1732                Don’t give in to despondency, as you struggle to bear heartache amidst everyday chores and conversations.  “I am working in your weakness,” and this is proved by the way in which you make every effort to fulfil your simple duties, in order to please Me; you know how important it is  - if you love Me - to love My Holy Will at each moment.

T:1733       #1     Never give up!  Keep on with your efforts to please Me.

T:1733       #2              Put your trust in Me.

                                    Never surrender to doubt or to sin.

                                    Who can defeat Me

                                    - once dead, now Risen -

                                    or defeat you, if you are Mine?

                                    Trust in Me cannot lead to disappointment.


                                    Live your life “in” Me.”

                                    Live “in Christ” at every moment,

                                                loving your neighbour,

                                                struggling to forgive as you are forgiven,

                                                praying fervently for all people,

                                                praying for yourself, as well,

                                                believing in My help: always given, and

                                                waiting for deliverance: in patience.

                                    There is no better Way.




T:1734A   #1             Don’t be afraid.

                                    It is I, your Risen Saviour,

                                    dazzling your eyes with My radiant beauty,

                                    sharing My Glory on this feast day

                                    because of your prayer,

                                    when you thanked My holy Mother

                                    - the Immaculate Virgin -

                                    for willingly giving her whole life to My service:

                                    for giving the world its Saviour, Myself:

                                    flesh from her flesh.


                                    Don’t be afraid.

                                    Look bravely towards Me.

                                    As you can see

                                    - in astonishing Light and grace -

                                    I am

                                    the Divine Son Who took to Himself

                                    a human nature.

                                    Every cell of My Sacred Body, and

                                    every thought of My Heart and Mind

                                    is irradiated

                                    by Glory, Grace and Divine Light:

                                    this is what it is to be glorified

                                    and Risen.


T:1734A   #2              Consider how glorious,

                                    and how necessary for My own conception

                                    - and how simple for you to understand -

                                    was My Mother’s purity of soul and body.

                                    She whom you call “Our Lady”

                                    - the purest of all pure virgins,

                                    and rightly called “Immaculate” -

                                    was then

                                    and is now

                                    wholly pure, virginal, simple and holy.

                                    I too, your Saviour,

                                    was then

                                    - in youth and in maturity -

                                    and am now

                                    wholly pure, virginal, simple and holy;

                                    and the perfect purity of My human nature

                                    stemmed from the astonishing purity

                                    of My only human parent:

                                    the holy Virgin, Mary;

                                    and that is why

                                    - by My Divine Will and plan -

                                    she whom I chose to be My Mother

                                    was conceived “Immaculate”, with

                                    her soul pure and glorious,

                                    free from Original sin.





                           MY WILL FOR MY SINFUL CHILDREN.


T:1734A   #3              Don’t be afraid.

                                    My Will for you

                                    - even for you My sinful children -

                                    is also astonishing and glorious!

                                    This is My Will:

                                                - that you be like Me,

                                                - that you achieve, through My grace,

                                                            the same perfect sinlessness,

                                                            and so be fit for Heaven:

                                                - that by My Divine generosity

                                                  you resemble me, in radiance.


                           MY PURITY.


T:1734A   #4              Don’t be afraid.

                                    Look bravely towards My Glory.

                                    I, Jesus, am teaching you, further,

                                    about the splendour of My purity:

                                    it stemmed from My Divine nature

                                    and also from My Mother’s perfection.


                                    Here I am,

                                    shining with a Heavenly radiance and beauty.

                                    Here I am,

                                    shining with a Light more like clear moon-light

                                    than sun-light:

                                    glowing, not searing, and

                                    soothing, not scorching,

                                    for you who are unafraid

                                    to look upon Truth.


                                    How painful is My Light

                                    for those who shun not only Truth Itself

                                    but also half-truths, truths veiled,

                                    or even little glimpses.

                                    Gaze more surely upon My truth.

                                    Understand, now,

                                    something which eludes those

                                    who have no desire to be pure, simple and child-like:

                                    that My purity is as marvellous and as beautiful

                                    - and as astonishing, to you -

                                    as My Divine Glory.


                                    I, the Divine Son, Jesus,

                                    am wholly pure and perfect

                                    in every ‘movement’, every aspect:

                                    wholly ‘transparent’ in purity,

                                    with the quality of pure water

                                    or a perfect crystal.

                                    No shadow of imperfection

                                    obscures the depth of My Being.


T:1734A   #5              Don’t be afraid.

                                    Describe for others what you see before you:

                                    the figure of a man, in Glory: Myself, your Redeemer.

                                    Yet tell them what you see “in” Me:

                                    you see the clear, patient intelligence

                                    of the Divine Person Who knows all truth

                                    and Who Is Truth: One Who, therefore,

                                    - like a pure child, direct and simple -

                                    is unwilling, indeed unable

                                    to condone or to co-operate with

                                    half-truths, flattery, conversational ploys

                                    or wrong insinuations,

                                    in the conversations between men

                                    or when they address Me in prayer.

                                    I, Whom you approach in prayer,

                                    am Divine, perfect and holy,

                                    living in unsullied and glorious purity.

                                    Yet if My purity is infinite and perfect,

                                    so too is My compassion

                                    which pours out ceaselessly  upon My children.

                                    Through that compassion for sinners,

                                    I, Jesus Christ, the Son of God

                                    - son, also, of the pure and holy Virgin Mary -

                                    sacrificed Myself to save you:

                                    to offer salvation to mankind.


                           YOUR SINLESS SAVIOUR.


T:1734A   #6              Let Me lead you to the heart of a Mystery:

                                    to the cause of My Sacrifice for sin, the Sacrifice

                                    by which mankind was reconciled with the Father.

                                    Only through the holy Virgin Mary

                                    was I made Incarnate.

                                    Only through her special privilege

                                    - her Immaculate Conception

                                    which we celebrate today -

                                    was born a special child from her:

                                    the man-God, also Immaculate:

                                    Myself: pure, sinless and holy.


                                    I lived on earth, each day, each year,

                                    in utter sinlessness and purity,

                                    dedicated, wholly

                                    - by all the power of My  pure Heart -

                                    to loving and obeying My Heavenly Father;

                                    and through My sinlessness and purity

                                    I was wholly successful

                                    - despite temptations -

                                    is carrying out My intention.


                                    I gave My free, wholehearted and loving submission

                                    to the Will of the Father, in every detail;

                                    and out of Love for the Father

                                                I accepted all that I knew would happen.

                                                I made no complaint about His Will.

                                                I praised and thanked Him amidst My sufferings,

                                                            in total trust of His goodness.

                                                I forgave, and loved unceasingly

                                                            those who grieved Me by their cruelty, and

                                                            those who saddened Me by their desertion.

                                    By My obedience I bridged the gulf

                                    which kept mankind from the Father.

                                    I, the sinless, paid the ‘price’ of sin.

                                    I paid the ‘price’ throughout My life on earth,

                                    but I paid the whole ‘ransom’

                                    on Calvary.


                           THE PRICE OF SIN.


T:1734A   #7              Open your heart to this Mystery:

                                    What was the ‘price’ exacted

                                    from a sinless One, by sin,

                                    for man’s Redemption?

                                    This was the price: that

                                    the perfect man, The Innocent

                                    - Love Incarnate -

                                    should bear the suffering which is found,

                                    because of sin,

                                    in a sinful and imperfect world

                                    where all is toil, disharmony and imperfection.


                                    Think of the cost,

                                    for One who loves the Will of the Father,

                                    for One who seeks His Will,

                                                rejoices in it,

                                                does it:

                                                submits to the consequences,

                                                accepts both joy and sadness,

                                                shows gratitude for good gifts, and also

                                                shows trust when enduring

                                                            the effects of others’ evil actions.

                                    Had man never sinned,

                                    the doing of My Father’s Will

                                    would have been wholly delightful, for all.


T:1734A   #8              Realise, therefore, the significance

                                    of My purity, and of the purity of My holy Mother

                                    who conceived Me and so gave Me My human nature.

                                    I, the Incarnate Son of God

                                    deserved no suffering, yet I bore it.

                                    I willingly bore all the suffering

                                    which any man endures

                                    when he loves his Creator, and his neighbour,

                                    and submits to the Divine plan.

                                    Though pure and innocent, I suffered,

                                    and even accepted death

                                    - the result of other mens’ sins -

                                    even accepting an unjust death

                                    with no bitterness or rebellion.


                                    Don’t be afraid.

                                    I Who stand before you, in Glory,

                                    am the same Christ,

                                    the same tender, loving Redeemer

                                    Who suffered willingly, long ago,

                                    to save you.


                           AN OFFERING OF INFINITE WORTH.


T:1734A   #9              Think about My purity, love and patience!

                                    My innocence and purity, in man,

                                    were unrivalled.

                                    I, a Divine Person, made man

                                    - having a true human nature -

                                    ‘worked’ all thoughts and actions for the Father

                                    in Divine perfection.

                                    So you can see that before I lived on earth

                                    never had anyone

                                                loved as much as I, since I

                                                - though truly man -

                                                loved with Infinite compassion.

                                    Never had anyone

                                                expressed a humility as deep as mine;

                                                what Love I showed

                                                by My submission to the Father’s Will:

                                                the submission of One Who is truly man,

                                                yet is also a Divine Person.

                                                My humility was of Infinite worth.

                                    Through My infinitely worthy Offering of Myself

                                    in sacrifice and obedience

                                    - and through My perfection -

                                    mankind was re-united with the Father.

                                    This is the meaning of the marvellous phrase:

                                    that you were reconciled “in Christ”.


                                    By My self-offering on the Cross

                                    - by a profoundly loving Act,

                                    when I the Divine Son, Incarnate,

                                    endured death, to save you -

                                    it was as though I was speaking to My Father,

                                    holding out My hand, saying:

                                    “I, Your Divine Son, freely submit

                                    - wholeheartedly -

                                    to Your Holy and Sovereign Will,

                                    as It is shown in My ordinary life on earth.

                                    Hear My prayer!

                                    Help and forgive Your earthly children

                                    - flesh and blood, like Me -

                                    My brothers and sisters

                                    who do not submit, or

                                    who do not achieve

                                    My perfect trust and obedience!”


                           AN INNOCENT SPOKESMAN.


T:1734A   #10            Open your heart to this Mystery:

                                    your Redemption.

                                    Do you see the marvel

                                    which was the Father’s plan?

                                    How could mankind remain estranged

                                    from your Heavenly Father, when

                                    - from “within” the human race -

                                    a perfect and innocent spokesman

                                    was pleading, interceding:

                                    reaching out, with Divine Love, to the Father.

                                    I, the Son of God, during My life on earth,

                                    walked these roads bearing your human nature,

                                    possessing it as My own; you can see, therefore, that

                                    I, being the perfect man,

                                    reached out in a perfect prayer to the Father.


                                    Here on earth, in My dying,

                                    it was as though I said to My Heavenly Father:

                                    “Here is My suffering, and even My life itself,

                                    offered to You, for sinners.

                                    Accept, from Me your Son, the perfection

                                    - the perfect love, submission and self-offering -

                                    which they who are sinful

                                    are unable to give You.

                                    I Who am innocent take their part!”


T:1734A   #11            Consider this marvel: that your Heavenly Father,

                                    - All-Holy Creator -

                                    provided, out of Love,

                                    the Perfect Man Who would save you!


                                    Consider this marvel: that I, God and man

                                    - Jesus Christ, your Redeemer -

                                    showed such Love, on the Cross.

                                    Consider My Passion and Death, and ask:

                                    Could God refuse a plea from God?

                                    Could Perfect Love, in Heaven, refuse the Offering

                                                of Perfect Love from upon earth?

                                    Could the great dividing chasm

                                                between God and man

                                                fail to be bridged

                                                by the Redeeming Work of

                                                One who possesses both a Divine

                                                and a human nature?


T:1734A   #12            Understand what a cause for gratitude is

                                    the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

                                    Be ever-grateful for these marvels, at the altar: rejoice in

                                                My Glorious Presence, here, and

                                                My Redeeming Work:

                                                the Work of Calvary, re-presented!


                           “ALL DOCTRINE IS  ONE”.


T:1734B   #1              Understand the reason why

                                    - more than once -

                                    I have shared the joyful knowledge

                                    about My holy Mother

                                    - above all, about her spiritual beauty -

                                    saying, again, that the perfect purity

                                    of My human nature

                                    stemmed from the perfect purity

                                    of this Immaculate Virgin, Mary,

                                    whose sinlessness was a gift from the Father.

                                    Listen to your Heavenly Father,

                                    Who now speaks to you

                                    about His wisdom:

                                    about His plan of Salvation:


                                                                              “All doctrine is One”.


                                    Consider the image unfolding before you;

                                    a scroll is descending from Heaven, and

                                    one end falls towards the earth.

                                    You can imagine that

                                                everything ever taught by My Church and

                                                everything ever learned from Me, in prayer,

                                                is written on this scroll.

                                    This is My way of showing you that

                                    I Who am Truth

                                                - I, your God -

                                                            I am One.

                                    Truth does not consist of innumerable parts.

                                    That which I Myself have taught you, in prayer,

                                    is not ‘isolated’ doctrine, since

                                    all doctrine ‘hangs together’.


T:1734B   #2              Notice how each doctrine

                                    - in this scroll which you see unrolling -

                                    is ‘dependent’ on the truths

                                    which were ‘unrolled’ before it:

                                    ‘unrolled’ for your sake, in history.

                                    Every truth is connected to another truth.


                                    Just as My purity

                                    - in My human nature -

                                    derived from the purity of My holy Mother,

                                    so every doctrine is dependent on the truths

                                    which came ‘before’ it

                                    and on the Truth, Myself,

                                    from Whom it springs.

                                    The One doctrine, now

                                                revealed in My Church, and

                                                understood in prayer,

                                    was unveiled, long ago,

                                    when My plan of Salvation was enacted.

                                    Yet: there is a ‘procession’ of doctrine.

                                    Some truths are shown out

                                    because of other truths:

                                    such is My Divine Will.



                           TRUTHS UNVEILED, ONE BY ONE.


T:17343B #3              Consider the truths unveiled

                                    one by one, in My action:

                                    in My plan of Salvation

                                    enacted on earth, through the chosen;

                                    recall what I taught you, in various ways:

                                                - Your Creator exists.

                                                - He Willed to send Me, His Son, to save you.

                                                - He unveiled His plan,

                                                            revealing it through the prophets.

                                                - He prepared the Virgin Mary  to be My Mother.

                                                - By My Spirit’s power, I was made incarnate

                                                            of this holy Virgin.

                                                - Living on earth: the perfect man,

                                                            I, the pure Son of God

                                                             - Incarnate -

                                                            fulfilled the Father’s Will to perfection,

                                                            even accepting suffering and sacrifice.  Therefore,

                                                  I, Jesus Christ, was the Perfect Sacrifice for sin.


                           THE PERFECT SACRIFICE.


T:1734B   #4              Don’t be afraid.

                                    Be joyful.

                                    Open your heart to My Good News.

                                    Understand, about Me:

                                                My Sacrifice on Calvary

                                                surpassed all other sacrifices,

                                                first, through My perfect Self-Offering:

                                                My perfect submission to the Father’s Will

                                                during the whole of My life:

                                                a submission given even in advance,

                                                since I knew the purpose of My life on earth.

                                                I knew it long before My Passion.

                                    Understand, about Me:

                                                My Sacrifice of Calvary                                          

                                                surpassed all other sacrifices, secondly,

                                                because I, the Victim, was offered

                                                in astonishing purity and innocence:

                                                I was a perfect offering, surrendered

                                                - in Self-surrender -

                                                for so grievous an offence

                                                as mankind’s rebellion

                                                against its Creator.


                           MANKIND’S TRUE REPRESENTATIVE.


T:1734B   #5              Understand, about Me:

                                                My Offering surpassed, in holiness and perfection,

                                                all Temple sacrifices: surpassed them

                                                through the perfect and freely-willed surrender

                                                to God, for sin,

                                                of an infinitely holy Victim.

                                    Understand, about Me:

                                                By My Divinity, I your Saviour

                                                - Jesus Christ, the Son of God -

                                                was able to plead for the whole of mankind.

                                                I was a true representative, by My humanity,

                                                of the whole human race, which had erred,

                                                and to which I was bound, on earth

                                                and to which I am now bound, in Heaven.

                                                Yet because of My Divinity

                                                I was a worthy Sacrifice for your sins.

                                                So worthy a Sacrifice did I offer, that

                                                it more than sufficed for you all.


T:1734B   #6                          Understand, about Me:

                                                Because of My innocence, My Divine power,

                                                and My human nature,

                                                I was able to plead on behalf of

                                                every generation of My brothers and sisters: for

                                                            past ages,

                                                            earthly contemporaries, and

                                                            people yet unborn.

                                                Through My death, which I accepted,

                                                and by My innocence, purity and perfect obedience,

                                                mankind was reconciled with the Father.


                           A SYMBOL OF PURITY.


T:1734C   #1              Accept My thanks for your greeting

                                    on My Mother’s special feast-day.

                                    She stands beside Me today

                                    - as you can see -

                                    cloaked in white, and wrapped in beauty:

                                    a true Queen, in a hushed and snowy landscape.


                                    Understand, about My Mother:

                                    I delight in the beauty of her holiness.

                                    Her purity is astounding.

                                    The whiteness of a wintry snow-fall

                                    is a true and radiant symbol

                                    of the purity of My Virgin Mother.

                                    So great is My Love for her, and

                                    so tremendous  is My respect

                                    for her Motherhood, her sanctity,

                                    and her immaculate soul, that

                                    “I bring My Mother only to pure hearts.”


T:1734C   #2              Understand the reason for this teaching;

                                    share My joy;

                                    I delight in your struggles to be holy!

                                    It is the Will of My Father

                                    that all who receive Me in Holy Communion

                                    - men, women, and children too -

                                    should strive to be worthy of My Presence.

                                    We have come to encourage you,

                                    and, through you, others.  Tell them:

                                    it is the Will of the Father

                                    that all who are called the ‘children of God’

                                    be pure, which means:

                                                devoted to Me, entirely,

                                                loving My Will,

                                                determined to fulfil My wishes,

                                                contrite, faithful, chaste and obedient, and

                                                longing to give Me Glory.

                                    Thus, they can be worthy of their title.



                           SHARING MY LIFE.


T:1734D   #1              Consider My Work on the Cross, which, long ago,

                                    reconciled Mankind to the Father;

                                    that same Work, My Self-Offering

                                    - when offered to the Father

                                    through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass -

                                    reconciles you now!

                                    What a cause for hope!

                                    How wonderful are the gifts which I offer

                                    to My children.

                                    Share the good news;

                                    let Me remind My People

                                    - through you -

                                    what great peace and fulfilment are given

                                    to you who are incorporated “into” Me,

                                    and who share My Life, even here on earth.


T:1734D   #2              Consider the gifts which I long to share

                                    with you, My children,

                                    for your joy and transformation.

                                                I offer to you

                                                My own great purity and holiness!

                                    You can live in innocence,

                                                after the forgiveness of your sins.

                                    You can allow My pure Life and virtues

                                                to flow through you,

                                                because of our union.

                                    You can be ‘indwelt’ by My Spirit.

                                    You can ‘share’ Him.

                                    You can be One with Me, in the Holy Spirit

                                                Who already inspires

                                                all your prayers.

                                    You can pray to the Father

                                                - since you live “in” Me -

                                                just as I prayed from the Cross.


T:1734D   #3              Consider the work to which I invite

                                    My true brothers and sisters

                                    of every generation: those of you

                                    who have been Reconciled

                                    and so have been delivered from sin.

                                    This is the Work:

                                    it is to pray to the Father as I pray:

                                    praising, thanking, submitting,

                                    asking, and interceding, joyfully,

                                    with a pure heart,

                                    yet with that heart burning:                       

                                    devoured by a longing for the Father’s Glory.


                           THE PRAYER OF A ‘CHILD OF GOD’.


T:1734D   #4              Pray in “Christ-like” innocence,

                                                even in your imperfection;

                                                and pray as a true ‘child of God’:

                                                confident and trusting.

                                    Pray powerfully,

                                                in the grace and strength of Me your Saviour.

                                    Pray for others,

                                                pleading like Me for their welfare and Salvation.

                                    Pray by praising the Father

                                                in the most perfect possible way:

                                                through the offering of My Holy Sacrifice

                                                to which you unite yourselves

                                                            through the Holy Mass, and

                                                            through obedience to My Holy Will

                                                            amidst everyday joy and toil.


                                    Such is My invitation

                                    to My earthly brothers and sisters:

                                    free creatures, however; and

                                    one who thrusts aside My invitation that he

                                                join in My work,

                                                be liberated from sin, and

                                                achieve union and Salvation

                                    is foolish.

                                    He is refusing every sort of grace,

                                    whether knowingly or unknowingly,

                                    and is spurning the merits

                                    of the Sacrifice-for-sin which I offered,

                                    on Calvary, as a Victim:

                                    the ‘Lamb’ Whose death won Redemption.


                           COMFORTING THOUGHTS.


T:1735                Rejoice that My Glory blazes within your soul, in our Holy Communion. My Divine Life, within your soul, is burning like a flame. In the soul of one who allows Me to touch only a small area of his life only a small flame of praise burns before the Father.  However, in one whose whole life - every detail of it, and every ‘area’ - is totally dedicated to My Father, a great flame of My Divine praise is sent upwards to the Father in Heaven. (WC:1735)

T:1736                Remember the truth about My Divine nature, as you greet Me your Saviour, in Holy Communion, and as you open your heart, freely, to accept My teaching: whether guidance, rebuke or instruction.  Remember what I have told you about My Love for you:

                                    My Love is everlasting.

                                    My Heart is tender and unchanging.

                                    My wish remains the same,

                                                each time that I greet a friend.

                                    My delight is to say those things

                                                which are always in My Heart: so

                                                today, as always, I am close to you, saying:

                                                - Welcome!

                                                - Thankyou for your welcome!

                                                - Thankyou for doing My work.

                                                - I forgive your little faults.

                                                - I love you deeply.

                                                - I love to be with you, in our Communion.

                                                - Tell Me your true thoughts.


                                    - Let Me console you.

                                    Who is like Me, your beloved Saviour?

                                    Who could wish to serve another Master?

T:1737       #1     Set no limits to the hope in your heart, as you greet Me on this anniversary, and as you thank Me for My Love, and thank Me for the generosity with which I have shared My extraordinary joy with you, these past ten years.  Hope for even greater joy!

T:1737       #2     Turn your thoughts towards Heaven, which can rightly be seen as a place of beauty, radiance, peace and order, far above your earthly life.  If you picture a building which has a dark and airless basement, you can picture the globe of the world as being suspended in the gloom; and a staircase - you can see - leads upwards to a trapdoor; this provides access to the brightly-lit ground-floor, which is like Heaven.  I assure you that the Glory of Heaven astonishes everyone who emerges from the darkness of earthly life.  Even were you to spend your entire life on earth wholly enfolded in a life of ecstatic union with Me, your joy in that union would be as nothing, compared with the joy which awaits Holy Souls in the ‘palace’ or ‘bright place’ above, which is Heaven! (WC:1737)


                           TOWARDS LIGHT OR DARKNESS.


T:1738       #1     Understand more about the interdependence of human beings, and about the power which you all have to influence others.  You affect other people by everything you do: not only by your visible example but even by your secret thoughts.

T:1738       #2     Never doubt the significance even of tiny actions.  You can picture earthly life in the following way, to see how you can all influence other people dramatically even by small decisions or small changes of direction; imagine that dozens of people are standing on a huge flat surface - which represents life on earth.  To the right, lies a bright area, and to the left, only darkness. In this illustration, many people are unaware of the fact that this vast area on which they stand is balanced on a pivot; so when anyone walks towards the Light - by doing good things - he alters the incline of the surface on which he walks and makes it easier for other people to walk towards the Light.  Conversely, whoever walks towards darkness does the same: he tilts the ground, and causes others to fall into the darkness which represents evil influences, and damnation.  This is why My children should take great care to be faithful in little things, and to avoid the small doubts, evils, and moments of despondency which can make them march towards darkness, even causing other people to follow them downhill and to risk the loss of My Eternal Light. (WC:1738)


                           AN ENCOURAGING PRESENCE.


T:1739       #1     Be confident about the loving care which you receive from your guardian Angel.  His love, generosity and spiritual beauty are astonishing to you, but I assure you that every one of the Angels whom I love so dearly is unique, loving and holy.

T:1739       #2     Don’t imagine that your guardian Angel has human weaknesses.  He is never moody.  He harbours no grudges.  He resembles Me, the One Whom he serves, in that he has long ago forgiven and forgotten your long-ago repented sins.  He guards you with delight; and this is primarily because it is My Will that he guard you; but every guardian Angel rejoices at serving someone who makes sincere efforts to love and serve Me, your Lord and Creator.


                           CALVARY, AT THE HEART OF ENGLAND.


T:1740A   #1     Be thankful for your faith, which causes you to see things clearly: to see your need for repentance, and yet to see, also, what unfailing help you can receive from Me, and from My holy Mother.  I assure you, as you  pray before the altar, that there is no more fruitful way of praying than by offering My Holy Sacrifice.

T:1740A   #2     Understand how important is My Sacrifice - and your sincere prayer - not just for your own soul but for the whole country.  When I come to your midst to offer My Sacrifice to the Father, at the hands of My priest, it is as though Calvary has risen up from the heart of England.  You can see before you, now, numerous towns and villages, and great stretches of country-side spread out beneath My Cross.  Truly, the Sacrifice which I once offered on Calvary is being offered now - in England, in 1995 - from your altar.

T:1740A   #3     Realise how powerfully effective is the ‘work’ of prayer which you shoulder, daily.  This is because whenever I offer My Sacrificial Prayer in the sanctuary, you who are united to me by your hearts and wills and by your presence before the altar, are co-operating with My Work.  With Me, you draw upon the people of your own time and country all sorts of Heavenly graces - and forgiveness.  Your Heavenly Father lavishes His blessings upon your country, through the merits of My self-oblation: a Sacrifice once offered on Calvary and now re-presented on the altar.

T:1740A   #4     Never forget how powerful is My Sacrificial Prayer.  As My priest offers My Holy Sacrifice at the altar, he offers the same Sacrifice as that which I offered to the Father from the Cross; you can be sure, therefore, that the Sacrifice of the altar is of infinite worth, and is as fruitful as the Sacrifice of Calvary.  It makes possible - for sinners in this era - a forgiveness no less certain than that which was ‘won’ by the same Sacrifice when I offered My life on the Cross.

T:1740A   #5     Understand how great is your privilege to be able to attend the Holy Mass so frequently.  Its importance cannot be over-estimated.  It benefits not only your own soul, and the people for whom you pray - and the whole Church - but also many people in every town and village in this country.  In London, Birmingham and Manchester, and all over the country, all sorts of people owe the graces which they can receive - if they are willing to accept them - to the Merits of My Sacrifice, and to the fervent prayer which, on their behalf, I offer from the altar. (WC:1740A)


T:1740B             Treasure our union, in Holy Communion.  When you receive My Sacred Body, in Holy Communion, I Myself am received within your soul as surely as when I appeared to My Apostles, when I joined them after My Resurrection.  It is true that because of human weakness, or sin, or turbulent emotions, people are not always able to enjoy My gifts.  However, I come to each soul, in Holy Communion, with the same gifts as those which were experienced by My close companions on earth; I come with My gentleness, silence, peace and reassurance.  This is the meaning of ‘Holy Communion’: that I am Really Present with you, enfolding you in My Love.


                           THE ACT WHICH SAVES YOU.


T:1740C   #1     Rejoice in your faith, and in your new repentance.  You who unite yourself with Me as My Holy Sacrifice is offered to the Father from your altar are present to the very Act of Self-Offering once witnessed by My devoted friends on Calvary.  Look at the sight which I am unveiling before you, in prayer; here is your beloved country, as if seen from above; and at the heart of England, My Cross stands upright on Calvary.  A little group of devoted disciples is pictured close by; but hordes of passers-by hurry along  to pursue their own interests, unconcerned by the sight of My suffering.  This is what I see, and wish to share with you: how few of My children are concerned about the sufferings which I once bore for you on the Cross.

T:1740C   #2     Rejoice in your faith, which brings you to pray before the altar.  I assure you that - in this country and in this era - I am interceding for you with the Father. I, your Saviour, Who died on Calvary, am Present amongst you, My obedient brothers and sisters; and from your holy altar I offer the one, same Sacrifice of perfect Love that - on Calvary - I offered to the Father.  On Calvary, My perfect Love was expressed by My perfect obedience to the Father’s Will, in a total Self-Offering; no greater praise can be offered to the Father than a total gift of self; and it is this gift - this Sacrifice - which is offered in your presence today, as you cluster about Me, Who am truly Present.

T:1740C   #3     Open your heart to Me.  In prayer, I can lead you to the ‘heart’ of this Mystery which is the Mass.  The Holy Sacrifice which is offered from the altar before you is the very same Offering - or Sacrifice - as that which I offered, long ago, on the Cross; it is the same, although it is not being offered in pain and in fleshly blood-loss and dying.  It is the same, in that it ‘consists’ of the very Christ - Myself - Who surrendered Himself to the Father’s Will on Calvary, being Present here, now, and making that same perfect Act of Self-surrender to the Father. I, the Redeemer Who died for you on Calvary, am now glorious and unchanging, and therefore I remain, always, the spotless Victim and Priest through Whose perfect Offering you can be saved!

T:1740C   #4     Consider how great is My Love for you all, that I have gone to such lengths to reach out to you.  No-one is denied Redemption because he could not live in My earthly life-time, or because he could not stand on Calvary and associate himself with My Sacrifice, then.  See how marvellous it is that you who unite yourselves with Me and with My Sacrifice, at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - which is My ‘once-for-all’ Sacrifice - unite yourselves with a perfect Offering; since I, the Divine Son, am perfect, you can therefore rely on the prayers which I offer on your behalf.

T:1740C   #5     Understand how simple is My plan of Salvation, and how simple is your part in it; recall the invitation which I am making to you and to all people: be faithful to the Mass.  By My Holy Sacrifice, and by your union with Me - in a life of grace - as I plead for you before the Father, you can hope for salvation.  Since I, the Divine Son, am perfect, you who unite yourselves with My Perfect Offering are redeemed by It!

T:1740C   #6     Understand how crucial for My friends is a willing participation in the Holy Mysteries.  You who are present, through the Holy Mass, at the offering of My Sacrifice - at the hands of My priest - and who are devoted to Me, and repentant - are willingly uniting yourselves with Me in the Act which saves you from eternal Death.  A willing attendance at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is very important because faithfulness to the Tradition is important, as is Fellowship and hearing the Sacred Scriptures, with Instruction, too, and Remembrance of My Passion, and with praise of the Father, and Holy Communion.  But such willing attendance is supremely important for you because, through your association with the redeeming Act - My Sacrifice - by which I conquered sin and opened Heaven, you too can hope to enter Heaven, when the Father calls you.


                           SINFUL SOULS, IN NEED OF HELP.


T:1740C    #7     Understand what a terrible thing it is that many of My friends no longer come to the place of Sacrifice; they don’t come before the holy altar to be present with Me as I offer the Sacrifice which can save them!

                                    Consider how disastrous is the ignorance

                                    - or malice or carelessness -

                                    which keeps so many of My friends

                                    from My sanctuary and altar.

                                    How grievously sad:

                                    that sinful souls, in need of My help,

                                    reject Me, and My promises.


                                    They rarely come to the place of Sacrifice.

                                    They pass by, ignoring My sacred places.

                                    They refuse to attend the Holy Sacrifice, and so

                                                refuse to co-operate with the Work

                                                which could have saved them.

                                    They stay aloof from the Church: from

                                                the sacred place in which stands

                                                the altar of sacrifice.

                                    They turn from the Church

                                                which is My Body.

                                    They shun the Communion of faithful disciples

                                                all bound together in love:     

                                                gathered as a blessed and holy People

                                                with Myself and My holy Mother.

                                    They will not stand close to Me.

                                    They demonstrate the desire to do their own will

                                                rather than My Will:

                                                made plain by My Church, who is calling:

                                                ‘Be faithful to the Mass.

                                                Come to the Holy Sacrifice,

                                                            to save your souls, and

                                                            to reverence your Creator.’

                                    They will not plead, with Me, in prayer, for

                                                this generation, this era,

                                                or for the souls of the departed.

                                    They turn their backs on the Work

                                                which, here in your day,

                                                I am offering for their Salvation.

                                    They make plain their contempt of Me: showing

                                                their indifference to the sufferings

                                                which I bore, for their sake, on Calvary.

                                    They freely choose a different way from Mine,

                                                a way which leads only to darkness

                                                and to the loss which is Eternal doom.

T:1741                Make every effort to please Me by co-operating with My work.  You know that if a work-man isn’t sure that the ditch which he has just dug is deep enough to cope with the torrent of water which is going to run through it, he begins to excavate the trench further, to make it even deeper; and this is what you can do in the spiritual life.  The greater is the number of your penances and sacrifices, and the more sincerely do you offer them to the Father - offering them in union with My Sacrifice - then the deeper is made the ‘channel’ within your soul through which My graces can pour upon other people. (WC:1741)


                           THROUGH MY PRIEST, COMFORT.


T:1742               Accept My reassurance, today, that your trust in Me - and your confidence in My power to help you through prayer and through the Sacraments - is never unrewarded.  Here I am, in the sanctuary, kingly and glorious, radiant with Heaven’s Light, raising My hand in blessing above you all.  You can be sure that, today as every day,  I Myself am acting and speaking ‘through’ My priest, as he reaches out to you, My repentant and beloved People.  Through My priest, I bless you, with the blessing and the power of the Holy Trinity.  Through the work and the actions of My priest, I can help you in many ways. Through My graces - and through his willing heart, which led him to consent to share My priesthood - I can help you by absolving you from your sins, and by distributing My comfort, peace and guidance. (WC:1742)


T:1743       #1     Continue with your writing.  Convey My teachings to others in the new way which I have explained to you. You know how privileged you are to enjoy these conversations with Me, at particular moments of prayer; but although we communicate sometimes with words and at other times in a spiritual and wordless manner, the time has come for you to ‘translate’ most of My real but silent instructions into your own language; and if you obey Me by ‘clothing’ My wordless teachings in words, they can be shared more widely amongst other people.

T:1743       #2     Don’t be afraid to ‘translate’ My wordless and imageless offerings of Heavenly Truth into phrases drawn from your own earthly language; and don’t be afraid to write “in the first person.”  “This is how I taught you.”  This new version of My ‘teachings’, you see, will convey more clearly than before the manner in which I have been instructing you.  Something of My vigour, authority and clarity will be glimpsed by those who look at this work.  What you have written is direct, and simple; it will be of great benefit to others. (WC:1743)

T:1744       #1     Rejoice in the help which you receive from My holy Mother whenever you turn to her, trusting in her kindness.  See how delightedly she welcomes you today, in this Cathedral, as you make the Sign of the Cross and ask for her help under this ancient title: “Our Lady of Westminster.”  She delights in your confidence, and is bending down to listen to your requests. (WC:1744)

T:1744       #2     Remember, and remind others, that four things give special delight to My Mother.  She responds with great tenderness to all her children, but has an especial delight in those who are truly devoted to her - and to Me, her son.  Her heart is touched by those who unashamedly honour her.  She is glad when people trust in her, just as children trust in earthly mothers; and she has a great affection for those who possess simplicity of soul.


                           FAITH AND FERVOUR.


T:1745       #1     Believe that your every act of faith in Me is rewarded.  For example, when you spoke to Me today, within your heart, at the Consecration, saying: “I believe!” and plainly rejoicing at My Presence, your faith was rewarded.  Through the smallest act of faith in Me, the soul draws closer to Me and to Heaven.

T:1745       #2     See how appropriate are your reverent gestures and fervent prayers, during the Holy Mass.  Truly, I, your Lord and God, appear amongst you, at the Consecration; My holy Angels surround Me; they, too, greet Me with awe, and with reverent worship. (WC:1745)

T:1746       #1     Don’t be anxious about the extra work which I am inviting you to undertake.  Since it is I Who invite you to write about the Holy Trinity, and since you turn to Me in prayer because you are frightened of confusing people, you can count on My help.  I assure you, “Lizzie,” that “if you follow Me you cannot be confused.”  If you always rely on Me, and if you are always striving to do My Will, I cannot fail to help you.

T:1746       #2     Don’t be afraid of writing down My instructions.  It is true that you are almost overwhelmed at the sight of your ignorance and My holiness; but if your sole aim is to please Me, and if therefore you do what you believe I want, your way will always be simple and straightforward, if not always easy.

T:1746       #3     Be simple.  Put your trust in me.  You need not concern yourself with how your work might affect other people, when you are doing it for Me, and are doing it sincerely and conscientiously.  Others’ understanding of your work and My teachings is a matter for them and for Me to deal with.

T:1746       #4     Concentrate on your own task, and entrust the whole many-faceted project to My care.

T:1746       #5     Follow My wishes from moment to moment.  You can be sure that I will lead you in a way of truth and simplicity, since I am Truth; and with the Light of My truth it is as though I am opening up a pathway through your problems and anxieties.  If you keep your spiritual ‘eyes’ open, you shall always know what to do and what not to do, in your efforts to please Me more surely.


                           MY SPIRIT’S POWER.


T:1747      #1     Follow My inspiration and ask My Holy Spirit to fill your heart with His Love and to guide you in prayer, here at the Holy Mass.

T:1747      #2     Understand how powerfully is My Spirit at work, in the Liturgical prayer of My Church, and in the hearts of My People.  All who unite themselves to My Offering, in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, are ‘embraced’ by My Spirit.  It is He Who - by His Almighty power - draws you all closer to one another, draws each one of you closer to Me your Saviour, and draws you all nearer to Heaven.

T:1747      #3     Encourage My People to be faithful in attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, even if they make excuses for not attending, or even if they feel unworthy to attend.  Everyone who goes willingly to the Holy Sacrifice will benefit from being present, even if he or she is not perfect, is not reconciled to Me, or is not “in Communion”.  The reason for this is that I your God, by My Divine and redeeming Work -  by My Offering and through My Spirit’s power - can do for My People that which none of you can do unaided.  I can even draw people - sometimes as if inch by inch - from the mire of sin which has entrapped them. (WC:1747)

T:1747      #4     Let it be known that even determined sinners can benefit from attendance at the Holy Sacrifice.  Those of My grievously sinful people who carelessly stay away are not only grievously sinful but are also disloyal.  They add disobedience to their present offences against Me.


                           ONE TRUTH.


T:1748       #1     Don’t be anxious about your writing.  You are right to ask Me for help; but you need not fear that you stray from the Truth just because some of those ‘teachings’ provide unusual or unexpected insights into My Life, and into My work within souls.

T:1748       #2     Look upon these numerous teachings as comprising one huge ‘teaching’, or one body of work, although this work, as you know, serves only as a reminder of what I have already revealed.  But you can be sure that My Truth, wherever it is found, is all One Truth; this is so, even when It is revealed - by My Will - to someone’s heart and mind just a little at a time. You can understand what I mean if you picture a length of beautiful fabric which has been allowed to fall downwards so that some of it lies in folds upon the floor; and when you examine this fabric you notice two things about it.  First, it is - in one sense - the same throughout; it is satin fabric, and the basic colour is unchanging.  Yet, secondly, you can see within its folds little details which tell you even more about the nature of the fabric.  You see little slubs and marks within one fold which you don’t see in another; yet it is a characteristic of this rich fabric that it has unevenly-scattered slubs and marks!  Thus it is with My Truth. What I mean is that as I reveal My Truth to you, a little at a time, you can see within each ‘teaching’ - as within each fold of a length of satin fabric - an interesting and unexpected aspect of Truth.  Yet you can be sure that these ‘aspects’ are not ‘untruths’; rather, they are unusual glimpses which serve only to give an even fuller understanding of the great Truth, which is Myself, your God, in Whom is found everything that is beautiful, interesting or good. (WC:1748)


                           A CHILD, IN MY CARE.


T:1749       #1     Let this holy feast inspire you to put your trust in Me once more.  Resolve, on this Christmas night, to walk like a child in My care, and to imitate My simplicity.

T:1749       #2     Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by events, circumstances and opinions which ought not to concern you.

T:1749       #3     Give your consent to My work in your life.  At your consent, I can draw you steadily forward.

T:1749       #4     Imitate My simplicity.  Think about My Mother’s love for Me, and about My trust in her care, when I was a little child, long ago.  I toddled towards her, My hand in hers, as she drew me closer towards herself.  You can be like a trusting child in My care; you can make your way forward, looking neither to right nor to left, but only straight

                           ahead to Me, Jesus, Who with outstretched arms am waiting here in Heaven, eager to welcome and to embrace you.