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This page contains a selection of Teachings that Elizabeth Wang received from the Lord in prayer over many years. They are in chronological order. For other selections please see the main TEACHINGS page here.



During the past forty years, Christ has been teaching me, usually during prayer, about Himself, and about the spiritual life.  At first, the teachings were infrequent and puzzling, and when I plucked up courage to record them, that “First Version” was hesitantly-written and poorly-arranged.  Not until 1995 did I write a “Second Version” which clarified not only the content of the “teachings” but also the way in which I was taught.  In recent years, I’ve also been busy painting the images with which Christ has illustrated certain of His parables and explanations.


The greatest of Christ’s ‘teachings-in-prayer’ have been implanted within my soul in a way which is both wordless and imageless; and so I’ll never be able to describe them adequately.  But Christ has gone to great lengths to explain to me that the shorter and simpler ‘teachings’ are to be recorded and offered to others; He wants to encourage His people to be ever more devoted to Him and to remain strong in faith, obedient to His holy Church.


I ask the reader to remember that despite the conversations recounted here, my routine prayers have been the sort of Catholic devotions which I describe in various writings; like many other people, I pray the “morning offering”, centred on the Holy Mass, with acts of faith, hope and charity, and with devotions to Our Blessed Lady and to all the Angels and Saints, as well as Scripture-meditation.  Thus, my prayer-life has been very ordinary, based upon vocal prayers and attendance at Holy Mass, whether or not ‘extraordinary’ experiences have also been given to me - for God’s own purposes; and I hope that I shall never think of discarding vocal prayer nor of shunning the safe, good and useful methods of expressing my love for God and my sorrow for sin.  Nevertheless, I have been astonished to find that, sometimes, God chooses to teach Me about Himself, although I want nothing more than to be able to keep on praying regularly, and trying - despite failures - to love God and my neighbour.  But if God Wills to teach me in this way, I have found, nothing but my ill-will or lack of love can stop Him; and when we have tried to keep to the usual paths in prayer, but have been thwarted, and are puzzled by our experiences, we ought to turn, I know, to our advisors in the Catholic Church; Christ guides it now as surely as in every century, through the Pope and the other Catholic Bishops, and through their priest-representatives who live amongst us, and who are qualified to give us either warning or encouragement, not only about prayer but about doctrine.


I would never wish to write or print anything which is not in accord with the teaching of the Catholic Church and therefore I have sought advice about my work.  But - having been reassured that it contains nothing unorthodox - I’ve compiled a number of booklets, which contain selections of ‘teachings’.  For the past four years I’ve been offering these to friends and acquaintances. However, this “THIRD VERSION” has been compiled solely because  - on November 3rd 1995 - Christ invited me to re-write His ‘teachings’ in a different manner.  My new task, I learned, was to list most of His plain instructions about what I must do if I sincerely wish to please Him and to become holy; and Christ invited me to write “in the first person”, so that others might receive His teachings in the sort of direct and simple way which it has been my privilege to experience.


It seems to me as though these teachings have been “squeezed” by Christ through the substance of my daily life as water is squeezed through a sponge.  Without the pressure of His urgings towards greater fervour and self-surrender, and without my at times agonised consent, the ‘water’ of His instruction about our spiritual journey could not have ‘poured out’ for so many years, through prayer, into my daily life and so into my notebooks.  I mention this because Christ has been producing - through my daily life and work - a sort of catechism of the spiritual life.  Of course, we know that He has already given us all that we need for salvation; but it is His wish that we be reminded of various truths about prayer, sacrifice and penance, for example; He desires, also, to remind us of His tremendous love for us.  He wants to offer a reminder - from within the life of someone fearful and sinful, whose days have been cluttered with problems and anxieties - that His is a constant and forgiving Love.  He admires our weak faith and our pitiful efforts to love and serve Him and our neighbour.


Throughout His instructions, Christ has scattered numerous compliments amongst His reprimands;  He has been encouraging me just as any good teacher encourages a child. I have omitted some of the compliments; I was tempted to omit even more, and also to omit my own name from the text, but I am loathe to remove this evidence of Christ’s kindness; it is so important that people believe in His Love as well as in His scorching purity and His infinite majesty; and we are reminded of this marvellous Love in Holy Scripture, where God says: ‘I have called you by your name; you are Mine!’


Christ’s Love for each one of us is personal and tender.


I ought to add that when Christ first began to offer me His ‘teachings’, He was addressing them - for His own good reasons - to someone who was already baptised.  He Himself taught me the importance of repentance, and so I made great efforts to serve Him, and - despite my failures - I kept turning to Him in regular prayer.  As the teachings continued, He was building, therefore, on a foundation which He Himself had placed within my soul.


Stage by stage, as this work has progressed, Christ has been revealing to me something more of His plan.  Many  people will be helped by these ‘teachings’ - Christ has shown me - and others will shun them.  My only concern, He says, is to produce them, obedient to Him, and to leave the results in His hands.  But those who are glad to read them can be assured that everything within these pages was taught to me - whether implicitly or explicitly - by Christ Himself, usually during prayer.


There is a wealth of detail, later in this book, not just about the One God Whom we worship, but about the Three Divine Persons within the One Godhead.  Whenever you read an instruction which mentions “Us” or “We”, Christ is explaining something about the Most Holy Trinity - in Whom we believe because Christ, when on earth, revealed more than had ever before been known about God’s Life and God’s nature, and Christ the Son of God spoke - as we Christians believe - “with authority”. Because of the revelation given through Christ and His Apostles, we believe in the Father Who created us, in Christ the Son Who redeemed us and in the Holy Spirit Who makes us holy: Three Divine Persons Who are a Trinity-in-unity.  They are One God, Whose Life we now share in a marvellous way, because of our baptism.


Jesus Christ, we believe, is the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity.  He is the Son of God; He ‘descended’ from the Father in Heaven; He came to earth to take flesh from Our Lady, so that as God-man He could live on earth amongst us, instruct His disciples, die for our sins on the Cross, rise from the dead and ascend to Heaven in glory.  Thus, Jesus the Saviour and Redeemer made a Way in which all who believe in Him can follow, and follow with confidence, despite our weak nature and life’s difficulties; so even in our own time, Christ is at work, as through His Spirit He guides the one Holy Catholic Church which He founded and of which we can seek membership.  Within it, we can follow the Way of the Saints and feed on the Sacred Scriptures.  Christ Himself is teaching us through the Holy Father, and also through the Bishops who are in Communion with him.  Successors to St. Peter and the Apostles, Our Pope and our other Bishops - as one - preach Christ, preach repentance and salvation, teach us truth, lead us in the Sacred Tradition, and give us Christ’s Divine Life and graces through the Sacraments.


As Christ’s Divine Love pours within our hearts and transforms us, it can lead us to an ever-deeper repentance of sin and a greater faith in God’s Goodness.  With longing hearts, we can make sincere efforts to avoid evil and to love and serve God and neighbour.  We can prepare for eternal life where we hope to enjoy, in the presence of the Holy Angels and in the Company of the Saints who have gone before us, the glorious and blissful sight of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - One God, Who is more holy, loving and beautiful than the most fervent heart could ever begin to imagine.



            [It might be helpful if I add a few points about the text itself:


      -     Until the later and very frequent ‘teachings’  there have sometimes been gaps of many days or weeks between teachings.  That is why the subject matter sometimes changes quite abruptly between one sentence and the next.  However, adding all the dates to this text seemed unnecessary.

      -     The number of each ‘teaching’ in this “Third Version” (the number found in the left-hand margin) corresponds with the number of each ‘teaching’ in any of the earlier versions, and with each number in my notebooks, and also with the number on any associated illustration in either water-colour or oil, (which can be seen elsewhere.)

      -     I have  recorded all the instructions, chronologically, as clearly and simply as possible, although using italic as well as normal type.  The reason for this is that Christ’s teachings have been given to me in various ways; and although teachings given in prayer, without words, are just as valuable as ‘verbal’ teachings - in fact are even more pure and precious - I have felt duty-bound to make a clear distinction between them.  Therefore Christ’s clear but wordless and soundless instructions - conveyed as a ‘gift-of-knowledge’ to my soul - are “made concrete” below, in my own choice of words, which are those reproduced in normal type.

      -     This ‘making concrete’ is more like a translation than a composition, since I have ‘translated’ real but inaudible teachings - given on specific occasions - into English, the language I know best; and you might see, therefore, that any grammatical errors or clumsy phrases - though regrettable - are like flaws in the work of a poor translator; and the ‘original text’ is Christ Himself, Who is the source of all Truth ever found in prayer.

      -     Most of the italicised words reproduce what I can only describe as Christ’s knowledge-clothed-in-‘given’-words; Christ has sometimes communicated His teachings in whole sentences - as if from Mind to mind, in prayer, and wholly beyond the realm of imagination - although He did not ‘speak’ them.  (A few pronouns have been ‘transposed’, for the sake of clarity.)

      -     Every word which you see in both italics and speech marks was once spoken to me by Christ in a real though interior conversation.

      -     Bold type is used in this booklet for the most significant of all the teachings - by which I mean those which Christ ‘delivered’ with the greatest emphasis or with the greatest glory.

      -     Headings such as ‘Consolations’, ‘The Holy Sacrifice’ or ‘The Sign of the Cross’ indicate the places where Christ - without neglecting the topics which He has been gradually explaining - has newly introduced another topic into the whole ‘sequence’ of instruction.

      -     You can see that the numbering system is peculiar; when the ‘Teachings’ commenced, I was very puzzled and extremely cautious, so I numbered a few incidents in prayer which were private, though I learned later on to record only things which were to be shared with others.  But this will explain the few dozen gaps in the first half of this book.

      -     The illustrations which I mentioned earlier reproduce in various ways most of the images which Christ has given to me in prayer, simple images which for a long time I tried to ignore, but which I now realise ought to be included one day in a book of these ‘teachings’.  That is why, at the end of certain teachings you will see (WC ...) which means Watercolour, or (WC + OIL ...) - when I have also completed an oil painting.  But any such label which also bears an asterisk - for example (WC:218*) - indicates that the image produced is my own composition, and is not an image-given-in-prayer.  This handful is included for historical reasons which I explain elsewhere.]









Words  in  capital  letters  indicate that  Christ  was introducing  or reintroducing a particular  subject. Words in italics are words which  - as clearly as I can recall them, and with a few pronouns altered for clarity - were chosen by Christ in order to emphasise certain things about the spiritual life or about our Catholic faith.  Words in both italics and speech marks are His exact words, spoken within the soul during  prayer. Bold  type  is  used  for  teachings  which  were  given with especial  emphasis  or especial glory.






                           [1958 - Fifteen years after infant baptism.]



T:7             #1     Recognise your importance, in My sight.  You have been made for great things.

T:7             #2     Don’t expect to feel entirely “at home” on earth.  You are like a stranger, on earth.  You are made for another home. (WC:7)

T:7             #3     Don’t depend for your complete happiness on anyone on earth.  Put your hope in Me alone.


                           [1964 -Practising the Christian faith, and praying with greater trust.]


                           FAITH IN ME, JESUS


T:10          #1     Look! Here I am: You are calling for help, believing in Me, and I am here to help you.  (WC:10A)

T:10          #2     Look at Me, Jesus, Who stand before you.  I am awesome and powerful, yet also beautiful and holy. 

T:10          #3     See how My Divine Radiance blazes upon you continuously, just as you are.

T:10          #4     Gaze upon My Glory and My pure Light.  It is because of your sincere prayer and My loving Will that I  now reveal Myself as being so close to you.

T:10          #5     Consider the sins which are revealed - starkly and undisguised - in the brilliance of My Light, in prayer.   I do not accuse you.  Yet - seeing your sins so clearly, and seeing them as large stains on the beautiful ‘garment’ which is your soul - you are repelled by the sight of them, and you turn away in torment. (WC:10B)

T:10          #6     Let this ‘turning-away-from-sin’ be a new beginning, a true conversion.

T:10          #7     Confess your sins to the priest.

T:10          #8     Be restored to Christian fellowship and worship Me as you ought.

T:10          #9     Believe in My nearness to you.  I am not distant, but close-by.

T:10          #10   Honour and serve Me, your God and Saviour.

T:10          #11   Seek My Will.

T:10          #12   Love and serve your neighbour, for My sake.

T:10          #13   Follow the example of My Saints, of past times and present.

T:10          #14   Listen to My Wisdom in the Holy Scriptures.

T:10          #15   Learn about faith in Me.

T:10          #16   Read and study, in order to find out how to please Me. (WC:12)


T:11+ 12            Follow My inspiration and speak with a priest of My Church.  Ask him to receive you into Communion so that I can teach, feed, sustain and comfort you in the best possible ways. (WC:11 + 12)



                           [1968 - After Reception into full Communion with the Holy Catholic Church.]


                           MARY, MY MOTHER.


T:13A                Believe in My Mother Mary.  She is a real “flesh and blood” person who is now alive and close-at-hand, not a mere myth or symbol. (WC:13A)


T:14                    Believe that I can achieve anything in you, if you will consent and will do My Will. (WC: 13B, 14 and 16)


                           [1968 - After Confirmation.]




T:15           #1     Turn to Me in trusting prayer.  Speak to Me when you wake, and before you go to sleep; but kneel and pray, at least once a day, in a quiet place, so that I can lead you into the immense depths of My Divine Life.

T:15           #2     Accept My invitation to you; I want you to enter into My very Being.   Every person who prays receives that invitation, and only in humble prayer do you hear it clearly.

T:15           #3     Ponder what you experience in prayer.  Until you prayed, you were quite ignorant of My true and mysterious grandeur and majesty.  I, Your holy and invisible God, am calling you to wholehearted abandonment to My Will.

T:15           #4     Don’t let fear keep you from ‘plunging’ within My Life, through prayer.

T:15           #5     Be prepared to lose your life through trusting in Me.

T:15           #6     Turn your heart and attention towards the deep darkness within yourself.

T:15           #7     Aim your soul’s attention towards Me, your Lord, Who am hidden within your soul’s darkness.  Only in Me will you find perfect joy and fulfilment.

T:15           #8     Pray with words or without, whatever seems best.  But if you use words - like tools or building blocks - at particular times of sorrow, praise, thanksgiving or petition, try to give your heart to Me in silent prayer at some other time each day.

T15            #9     Leap over the ‘precipice’ within your soul.  You can know Me and  please Me. Yet you must learn to live by faith, and to trust Me as I lead you into a strange new way of living. (WC:15)

T:15           #10   Launch yourself, within your soul, into ‘Nothingness’, in order to respond to My prompting, in prayer.


 T:15          #11   Abandon entirely, for periods of silent prayer, the security of thoughts, concepts and words.  But keep your heart’s intention or desire firmly ‘aimed’ towards Me, in your soul’s darkness.  “Aim” your heart by a simple, determined act of your unseeing but steadfast will.

T:15           #12   Look upon words as useful but clumsy tools with which you frequently construct good prayers to Me, prayers in which you express your praise, thanks and sorrow-for-sin, and in which you plead for help, for yourself and for others.

T:15           #13   Continue to pray in your usual, faithful way.  But if My Holy Spirit fills your heart, calling you to silent contemplation, leave behind all speech and speculation.

T:16, 17              (Private.)




                           TRUE REPENTANCE.


T:18          #1     Follow My inspiration.  In order to serve Me with a pure and honest heart you must renounce all human hopes and ambitions, no matter how valuable they seem to be.

T:18          #2     Consider your sinfulness and My tremendous holiness.  How deep is the ‘chasm’ which is inhabited by everyone who is estranged from Me, or who hopes to ignore My Will. (WC:18)

T:18          #3     Recognise the truth: that you have no hope but in Me, Jesus Christ, your Lord.

T:18          #4     Put your trust in Me.  I love you!  I Who am God-made-man am ‘waiting’ for you in every circumstance, waiting to touch you in any sort of grief, remorse or loneliness, whether you have brought them upon yourself or have suffered at the hands of others.

T:18          #5     Do your duty towards Me before anyone or anything else.  Love Me and love your neighbour, and keep My Commandments, no matter what the cost.

T:18          #6     Love your true neighbours; love those whom I call you to love and serve, close by, in daily activities, as you fulfil your ordinary duties.

T:18          #7     Don’t try to serve two ‘masters’.  Commitment to Me and to My holy Will comes first, even if this should bring you further humiliations and loneliness.

T:18          #8     Examine your heart’s true desires, which determine your behaviour. Don’t expect to serve Me and also to be a great success with others.  You cannot always follow Me, the “Crucified”, and enjoy a good reputation on earth.

T:18          #9     Abandon hopes of pleasure, respect or sympathy, if you wish to serve Me.  Accept whatever joys I choose to give to you, as I guide you from minute to minute.

T:18          #10   Thank Me for having loved, guided and sustained you throughout so many burdens, broken dreams and causes for shame.

T:18          #11   Turn to Me, with all your failings.  I will bring you towards perfection in the measure in which I become your only true desire and goal.

T:18          #12   Look into your heart to see whether or not you love Me.  You will know that you truly love Me when you see that your heart is no longer ‘divided’ by conflicting desires.

T:18          #13   Give Me your whole-hearted loyalty.


T:19           # 1    Turn to Me, whatever burdens or griefs you carry.  I know all your battles, and I see the trials and cruelties you suffer.  But I don’t ask you to bear more than I bore.

T:19           #2     Believe in My power.  Have faith in Me.  At the right moment, in an instant, I can lift you up and carry you on wings of faith, so making things easier than you had ever dared hope was possible. (WC:19)

T:20                    (Private.)

T:21           #1     Turn to Me promptly, in every struggle to be free from sins and failings.

T:21           #2     Trust in Me.  I can transform you.  All I want is your goodwill and your sincere if pitiful efforts.

T:21           #3     Admit  your weaknesses to Me.  When you have struggled against them for a while, and have therefore turned to Me wholeheartedly, I Myself - by My power - will complete your transformation.

T:21           #4     Give your wholehearted permission to Me, so that I can help you.  My respect for you - as for everyone - is too great to allow Me to ‘bully’ you.

T:21           #5     Confess your sins.  Be reconciled.  In this way you co-operate with Me and prove your devotion. (WC:21A)




T:21           #6     Think about My joy!  Forgiveness of your sins brings joy, light and peace not only to you, but to Me, your Saviour; I am made joyful by every repentance and conversion.

T:21           #7     See how I delight in your co-operation.   I am triumphant at the working of My grace in you, as you bravely follow My loving inspirations and do My Will.

T:21           #8     Look, upwards!  See what I see.  Your soul now shines like a bright banner, held aloft as if on a battlefield where Good struggles against evil.  I am triumphant that you have turned to Me and are letting Me reign in your daily life. (WC:22)




T:22           #1     Go to the Sacraments.  Keep all My Commandments and the Laws of My Church.

T:22           #2     Be faithful to private prayer.

T:22           #3     Do all your work for My sake. (WC:22)

T:22           #4     Take a short break each year, and thank Me for the leisure in which I enable you to

                           think and pray more deeply.

T:22           #5     Suffer whatever I permit, without complaints.

T:22           #6     Pray to Me in all your needs, however trivial or embarrassing.  Nothing is trivial to Me, if it concerns you.

T:22           #7     Remain completely trustful from day to day.

T:22           #8     Love others for My sake, with your whole heart, leaving all problems in My hands.

T:22           #9     Put all  of your problems into My hands.  Take reasonable steps to try to solve your problems, but leave the results to Me.

T:22           #10   Accept every possibility as part of My plan for your life - if I should permit it to occur. Strive to preserve life and health, obedient to My Will; but accept with equal calm either failure or success, health or sickness, or life or death.

T:22           #11   Love and serve others as well as you can.

T:22           #12   Bear patiently any complaints about you.

T:22           #13   Pray for people who criticise or annoy or ignore you. Love them. Don’t be perturbed by their judgements.

T:23           #1     Let your faith convince you that all occasions of humble, sorrowful prayer are worthwhile. (WC:23)

T:23           #2     Remember that I rejoice more in one poor, pitiful, small but holy desire to please Me, than in any number of grand projects which are set in motion by self-glorifying ambition.  This is true of both secular and ‘religious’ works.

T:24           #1     Learn to love Me, willingly, with your heart as well as with your mind and will.  You can do this by withdrawing your heart from all My ‘rivals’, by which I mean from everything and everyone who tempts you to steer your hope and your loyalty away from Me.  By such mortifications, you will prove your love for Me, strengthen your faith, and enjoy a more peaceful heart.

T:24           #2     Make your way towards true joy - the joy which comes from loving obedience to Me - by aiming to serve and please Me more than any other person.

T:24           #3     Give up all sin and foolishness.  Substitute loving friendship with Me for grim duty!




T: 25         #1     Be glad that your faithful preparation is showing results.  After many years of prayer, penance and reparation, you have removed the ‘junk’ and clutter and wrapping - as if layer by layer - from the interior of your soul, revealing, at last: a ‘door’.  In only a moment, I your Lord can remove whatever has been holding it tightly shut.

T:25          #2     Give me permission to enter your soul, in prayer. I can remove every remaining obstacle.  I can enable you to open the door of the soul, and you can invite Me to enter. (WC: 25)

T:25          #3     Recognise the gift which I have given to you.  Only after many years of faithfully reciting your words of praise and thanksgiving, sorrow and petition were you privileged to open the “door of the soul”, to let My Light shine through. By your obedience to My wishes in regular and dutiful prayer you were giving Me ‘permission’ to act within your life and soul.

T:25          #4     Don’t be upset by ‘bad’ feelings in prayer.  My Light is bound to reveal all sorts of ‘junk’ within your soul - junk which it is impossible for you to move alone.  Bear the pain which must accompany the beginnings of humility.

T:25          #5     Avoid all anxiety during the ‘scouring’ which I am doing, and which is your soul’s purification.

T:25          #6     Carry on in My way, for one minute at a time.

T:25          #7     Open the interior ‘door’ of your soul every time you pray, whatever the cost. It is opened by contrition and by a true longing for union with Me.


T:26           #1     Always love and comfort other persons, in every circumstance, whatever impression they might give by their words or actions.  If you who are so blind and weak have longed for understanding and leniency, you ought to be lenient with others.

T:26           #2     Don’t judge others.  Only I, your God, see, know and understand everything about each person’s heart and soul.

T:27                    (Private)

T:28           #1     Keep on praying.  It is through your prayer that I can change and strengthen you.

T:28           #2     Meet Me in the most secret ‘place’ within your soul.  Whenever you pray, turn your heart and mind towards your soul’s dark ‘centre’. (WC:28)

T:28           #3     Throw away your ‘armour’ in prayer - all your hesitations, excuses, and self-justifications.  Sit patiently with Me in what seems like both fire and darkness, as My purifying Light does its work within your soul.

T:28           #4     Again and again, in prayer, let Me burn away the clutter within your soul, so that My Light can shine here more brightly.

T:28           #5     Accept and endure all burning shame in prayer, since - with a desire to please Me - it serves as a penance for past sins.  It is a proof that I am at work in your soul.

T:29           #1     Ignore all fantasies and images in  prayer.  Peer deeper into your soul’s interior darkness as though reaching out your heart and mind to Me, within. (WC:29)

T:29           #2     Recognise idols, within your soul, when you come to prayer, whether they are constant or fluctuating, grotesque or attractive.  Ignore them.

T:29           #3     Permit Me, though I am invisible to you, to ‘steer’ you within your soul’s darkness.  Look beyond images, monster-Gods or  phantoms into My own universe in your heart, where I, Christ your God, reign.

T:29           #4     Look upon your soul as the Kingdom where We - the Holy Three, One God - reign in Light.




T:30           #1     Look upon others as if with My eyes.  Try to be loving, patient and sympathetic.  Each individual soul is known by Me.  Each heart suffers alone, bearing his own particular burdens.  (WC:30)

T:30           #2     Remember that it’s because of My humanity that you have a special obligation.  Each person demands your love, because of My humanity and My Holy Passion.  Each person created by Me is part of My flesh and blood.  Also - if I love each person so much that I suffered for him, how can you fail to recognise each one’s importance? How can you fail to love him for My sake?

T:30           #3     Never fail in charity.  To hurt another person is to hurt Me, and is therefore to hurt yourself too, since you and I now live united to one another by grace, as well as by our humanity.

T:31           #1     Learn to see your life so far as a long journey which you have made with Me. Though you couldn’t see Me, I was beside you all the time.

T:31           #2     Turn to Me in prayer, and - whilst you are kneeling here before me - consider the details of your daily life.  This is how you can see each day’s incidents and problems most clearly.

T:31           #3     Look back, as if to gaze upon a ‘wide plain’ below, to see all the events and trials of your life in a new light, which is My Light.  See the battles which you have fought for Me and the triumphs which you have won!  (WC + OIL:31)

T:31           #4     Don’t be afraid that I’m going to remind you of your sins and failures.  In My sight, nothing of them can be seen.  By confession and forgiveness they have been taken away for ever.

T:32A        #1     Be grateful for every good and loving quality which you see or experience or sense in the people you meet.  All goodness is from Me.  It is a gift.  Every aspect of goodness is a gift from me.  (WC:32A)

T:32A        #2     Ponder the marvel of it: that every good person’s good act, gesture, word or thought or expression reflects some aspect of My Almighty, extraordinary Goodness.


                           MY PASSION.


T:32B       #1     Listen to My cry of agony as I hang on the Cross; I - the Lord of Heaven and earth  -  have been punished as a criminal.

T:32B       #2     Try to comfort Me in My Passion, by your compassion.  I Who am God and man suffered tremendous torments for you - and for each one of you, not merely for ‘mankind’ - on account of your sins. (WC:32B)

T:32B       #3     Spend time sitting prayerfully with Me in Gethsemane, or in any place where I suffered for your sakes.  This comforts Me, and also helps you to persevere.

T:32B       #4     Offer your pains and sorrows to Me, in reparation for sins, and as a proof of your devotion.

T:32B       #5     Turn your heart swiftly towards Me and ‘join’ Me during any incident of My Life or My Passion.  My Love is more powerful than time.  Time is not an obstacle which can disrupt the loving relationship between Me, your Lord, and you who are a member of My Holy Body - the Church - on earth.  Through prayer, and through My Divine Love and power, your love can ‘touch’ Me during My Holy Passion.


T:33           #1     Believe in My work in you. Don’t worry.  It is I Who have led you to a new repentance and to Reconciliation, and so have prepared you again for Holy Communion.


                           YOUR DIGNITY.


T:33           #2     Recognise your dignity.   You are a daughter of the Church, reconciled and forgiven.  By My work in you and through My Merits, entirely, you are now more fit than the greatest princess to approach Me, the King of Glory, at the altar.

T:33           #3     See how generous am I, Who have clothed you in the beautiful ‘garment’ which is the Life of Grace.  You wear a long, gold cloak, through My generosity.  What dignity you have, as you approach Me, worthy to receive My Holy Body and My Precious Blood! (WC:33)

T:34           #1     Don’t be distracted by sweet spiritual experiences.   A gift from Me of ‘consolation’ in prayer is like a small pool of bright water which any traveller might find by the roadside.  You might admire its clarity, enjoy the reflections in its surface, and be refreshed by it - quenching your thirst.  However, no-one should relax by such a ‘pool’, nor  plan to lie down and stay by it, determined to enjoy all that it offers. (WC:34)

 T:34          #2     Don’t waste time trying to remain submerged in what ought to be temporary refreshment in prayer. You are on a journey and you must not linger by a good ‘pool’ when you can press on to Me, the Source, Whose beauty and depth are unfathomable.

 T:34          #3     Live in hope.  I Myself am the ‘water’ of consolation.  I, the Source, will provide refreshment without end, at the end of the journey which is your life on earth.

 T:35          #1     Rejoice in the joy and glory which I give to faithful departed souls, after purification.  (WC:35)

T:35           #2     Delight in My power.  I can draw you through darkness and troubles into the Light of My presence.  One who has been purified has the joy, simplicity and gratitude of a child.

 T:35          #3     Press onwards with confidence.  The end of the spiritual journey lies in complete union with Me in Heaven.


                           THE HOLY MYSTERIES.


T:36A       #1     Worship at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with great reverence, out of love for Me.  It is good to kneel and bow, as a holy and sweet courtesy, in loving and graceful worship.  This calm and solemn and elegant behaviour of gentle gestures and dignified movements is supremely fitting at the celebration of the holy Mysteries.  In this way, your worship mirrors the accompanying worship of the Church Triumphant, whose Saints and Angels join you in the sanctuary.

T:36A       #2     Think about Me, your Lord, Whose Sacrifice is offered before you.  It is not fitting, during the awesome offering of Myself on the altar, that you worship with minds and hearts alone.  If you who are so weak are careless with your bodies, or lazy or untidy in your communal gestures, you who are so weak are led to be careless and distracted in your minds.  Thus, you might fail to pay Me the honour and holy worship which are due to My Majesty.


T:36B        #1     Make acts of penance and reparation to Me.  I accept such acts, tenderly, for the sake of your souls.

T:36B        #2     Believe that I Myself have paid the debt for Your sins.  Yet see how, for the sake of Justice - since you have offended Me - I invite you to be generous, and to perform little acts of reparation.  I delight in encouraging such acts, since they bring good to you and also furnish proof that you have a ‘contrite’ heart.

T:36B        #3     Unite your contrite heart with My own Sacrifice of Calvary and altar.  This is the greatest and most glorious and most acceptable sacrifice that any of you can offer to the Father.

T:37           #1     Turn to Me. Through Me, Jesus, you can be drawn towards the heart of the Divine Life of the Holy Trinity. (WC: 37)


                           MY HOLY SPIRIT.


T:37          #2     Respond to Our call.  We Who draw you towards the altar, the Most Holy Trinity, are “at work”, to save you.  The Father ‘calls’ you; My Holy Spirit ‘propels’ you to turn towards Me, Jesus Christ; and I unite you to Myself as if in One Offering from the altar, during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

T:37          #3     Reach out determinedly, in prayer, despite trials.  We, the Most Holy Trinity, truly draw on and attract, enfold and guide the faithful and courageous soul; and by a like power, that soul pulls along in her ‘wake’, in a life of prayer, all who belong to her in some degree, though of course they are all free to resist Our grace and influence.


T:38           #1     Hold onto Me with your heart, mind and will - not only to help yourself, but in order to help others who depend on your help.

T:38           #2     Turn to Me, frequently, holding up towards Me all the people you know who are in need of help.  Whenever you do this, they are immediately ‘lifted’ in some measure into My Divine Light, although they remain free to turn away from it.

T:38           #3     Rely on Me and on My help.  You yourself are not strong enough to save  others.




T:38          #4     Do wonderful work for Me!  With My help you can love and help your neighbour, for My sake.  Above all, help your neighbour by rescuing him from the chasm of darkness which is sin. (WC:38)

T:38          #5     Persevere in prayer and intercession.  It is a great grace to be able and willing to pray for others, whatever their beliefs.

T:38          #6     Never forget the power of prayer.  It is a great grace to be prayed ‘for’ by a holy person.

T:39          #1     Persevere in intercession.  As you kneel and pray in My Name, your prayer ‘wraps up’ the whole earth, as if a vast sheet, and enfolds it. (WC + OIL:39)

T:39          #2     Believe in the power of prayer “in Christ”.   There is no part of the earth which is not touched and enfolded by grace, when, by prayer, you beg Me to touch it and to help the people who live there.

T:39          #3     Make requests of Me for others, whilst accepting mankind’s real freedom.  Others may refuse the graces brought near to them by those who have prayed for them.


                           SIN AND FORGIVENESS.


T:40           #1     Think about your behaviour.  You who have given up deliberate sin are forgiven and joyful, truly reconciled.  Yet you are a sinner, entirely dependent on My mercy and kindness.  Each time that you welcome a proud thought or an uncharitable thought, you are like an honoured guest who - whilst conversing with her great Lord in His Kingdom, and whilst paying homage to Him - is occasionally strolling away and throwing her rubbish all over the ground, so proving herself both inattentive and discourteous! (WC:40)

T:40           #2     See the proof of  My Love for you: in My humility and love, I ‘stoop’, time and time again, to collect the “rubbish” which you scatter around; that is, I forgive all your careless sins and I renew My grace within you.  I serve you all day long, like a slave.

T:40           #3     Believe that I am at work within you.  I am constantly pouring My graces upon you, and I am renewing and restoring - through your repeated repentance - whatever damage you do to yourself or to others by your sinfulness.

T:41           #1     Believe in the forgiveness of sins.  At your repentance, sin is wholly forgiven, finished, taken away, banished - gone!  Thus, you have become pure, virginal and sparkling, now that your soul is radiant with My grace.

T:41           #2     Rejoice in your dignity, as - repentant and forgiven - you worship with visible and invisible Companions at My Holy Sacrifice.  Now that you are truly living “in Christ”, you are fit to belong to My holy Company, and are fit to celebrate the Holy Mysteries.

T:41           #3     Understand the meaning of forgiveness by Me: there is no ‘cloak’ thrown over any filthiness.  You are truly renewed and are therefore truly beautiful, by My grace.

T:42A        #1     Praise Me for the marvel of the celebration of the Holy Mysteries.  You would be astounded, were you to see the true Glory of your holy worship  -  the Glory of the vast gathering of those in Heaven who worship with you  -  and My Glory, the Glory of your Most Holy God, Whom you honour in these Holy Mysteries. (WC + OIL:42A)




T:42A        #2     Worship Me with a reverence and courtesy which is worthy of Me. I Who delight in the least movement towards Me of a fearful heart am nevertheless so glorious in My Majesty that you must tremble with awe in the midst of your joy.

T:42B        #1     Look towards Me in prayer, in order to know Me.

T:42B        #2     Reflect upon My Divine Life.  I live in tremendous Glory.  How blazing is My Glory, and how tremendous My power.  How vast is My wisdom and might.  How unfathomable are My purity and holiness.

T:42B        #3     Be loving and grateful towards Me.  How deeply you should revere Me, Who am all graciousness.  I love you with a tenderness beyond your imaginings. Who can describe Me, or who can know Me, fully?

T:42B        #4     Think about the reason for your very existence.  What is your life’s purpose, except to be a sacrifice in praise of Me?

T:42C        #1     Consider the harmony which exists in the lavish beauty of all that I have made.   See how even the patterns which are made by insects - as they hover in their rightful places in the stately dance at twilight - echo the patterns of the stately dance of the Holy Angels who serve and adore Me in Heaven. (WC:42C-A)

T:42C        #2     Consider the humility of the Holy Angels.  So pure, obedient and beautiful, they are happy to serve Me at every moment. (WC:42C-B)




T:43           #1     Follow My inspiration.  Examine the true meaning of abandonment to Me, and the true meaning of love.

T:43           #2     Resolve to keep on loving, which is to keep on acting only, and utterly, out of love for Me, even if it should mean the death of all your hopes and desires.

T:43           #3     Forgo all your own ideas about natural and even supernatural happiness - during life on earth - in order to be free to accept whatever you recognise as My Will.









T:43          #4     Here I am! Rise up with Me to Glory!  Rejoice in your self-conquest and self-sacrifice. You and I are now united in heart and longing.

T:43          #5     Accept these moments of Glory.  I, Christ, am the Light which now illumines your soul.  I am the Light in Whose radiance My holy Saints are living and rejoicing, even now as they greet you!

T:43          #6     Accept this new joy which is My perpetual gift to you.  Where I am, there is also Love, understanding, knowledge, innocence, friendship, fearlessness and joy!

T:43          #7     Live in hope, in My friendship.  With My Saints, I live in unutterable bliss and celebration.  Now you can see why anyone, believing in this bliss, would be willing to endure even a thousand difficult life-times in order to be made worthy of Heaven!

T:43          #8     See how I Myself love, reward and praise one who has suffered for love of Me.  My Saints add their tender greetings to mine.  Heaven’s rewards are unimaginably wonderful and heart-warming.

T:43          #9     Believe in My immeasurable love for you.  I love you truly, here, now, just as you are, even before you are perfect.  I love you in your weakness, just as I love all sinners.  Yet I long to see every one of you delivered from sin and made happy. (WC:43)

T:43          #10   Be glad that you make Me happy!  Even the love of someone like yourself can give joy to Me, Who am thrilled by your efforts to be loving.  I delight in you.

T:43          #11   Have faith in Me and in My Holy Church. Continue to be obedient in everything which I ask of you through My Church.  Understanding comes later.  It grows according to your advancement in love.

T:43          #12   Continue in obedience.  If you do My Will, for love of Me, then I will do the rest of the work - within your soul.  I will bring you to perfection.




T:43           #13   Notice how - through your goodwill and My grace - I have freed you at last from a long-standing resentment.

T:44           #1     Don’t judge your neighbour.  Every individual is precious to Me, Who made each one.

T:44           #2     Remember the human hearts behind the ‘masks’ which people sometimes turn to you.  These faces often disguise the ‘reality’ within.

T:44           #3     Be loving towards all.  Each person is precious and unique.  Don’t look upon any-one as merely a member of a gang or tribe or of some other group.

T:44           #4     Recognise each individual’s dignity.  Each one is alone before Me; each one is precious.  Each one is a free person, even if I should allow you to discern emotions or to understand minds and intentions to some degree.

T:45           #1     Recognise the truth about ways of seeing Me.  If your whole desire is to please Me and to remain close to Me, it matters little whether what you are doing is superficially pleasurable or not, as long as you are doing My Will.

T:45           #2     Delight in your present state of life.  If I am truly your joy, and if My Will is your delight, then all that you do for Me is joyous and delightful.  Chores are no longer chores, if done for love of Me alone; they are simply ways of pleasing Me and therefore of pleasing yourself at the same time! (WC:45)

T:46           #1     Be grateful for your apparent weakness and frailty. I love you and I love your weakness.  All I want is your willing heart.

T:46           #2     Continue with your efforts.  Try to do your duty; think carefully about priorities.




T:46           #3     Don’t worry if you are physically ‘inadequate’ or ill, or if you are apparently idle whilst you recuperate, and simply cannot do much work.  How unnecessary it is to ‘pile up’ good works or visible “successes”.  Good works of one sort or another are essential, but they have little merit if they are done to impress others or to increase your self-satisfaction.

T:46           #4     Realise how foolish you are to undertake exhausting projects which I have not asked you to shoulder!

T:46           #5     Do what you can.  Accept reality.  These prayers, and these small efforts and these pitiful failures all delight Me, because I am happy to see you quietly accepting My Will and continuing in love. That is My Way, the best Way. (WC:46)

T:47           #1     Welcome all the temptations which remind you of your weakness.  They can prevent you from growing conceited.  Welcome the struggle, but ask for My help and fight every temptation.

T:47           #2     Welcome the humiliation which temptations bring, and rejoice in your weakness, which only gives you a greater claim on Me.  I can give more help to you, the more fervently you say: “See how weak I am, and see how much I need Your help!”

T:47           #3     Have faith in Me.  I will not fail to respond to your every cry for help.

T:48           #1     Brush aside disguises, in prayer. (WC:48)

T:48           #2     Say to Me, in prayer: “Here I am, Lord; this is really my own self revealed before You, my soul now naked,” or say: “This is what I am really like!”

T:48           #3     Show Me all your temptations and fears.  Don’t keep Me away by your pretences.  I do not help you - such is My respect for you - unless I am invited.




T:49           #1     Believe in My Glory, which I share with loving souls who receive Me in Holy Communion.  You who receive My grace and Presence are made holy and glorious through My holiness.

T:49           #2     Remember your dignity.  You ought almost to bow down before others, for their Glory in Me, Jesus, Who am Really Present in them, in Holy Communion.  You in    whom I ‘ reign’ - through My Real Presence within your souls - are awe-inspiring, in your glory. (WC:49)

T:50                    Consider the life into which I draw you.  You who belong to Me live within the Holy and Glorious Trinity, in Our Holy Light. (WC:50)

T:51A                 Look towards Me, your Saviour, Who am now reigning in Glory, in the life and bliss of the Most Holy Trinity.  I reign in majesty, triumphant in Heaven, receiving praise and honour beyond all imaginings.  For such a Lord as I, you should gladly sacrifice everything which you possess.


T:51B       #1     Remember to Whom you address your prayers: to the Most High God, in My Name: the Name of Jesus. You who are united with Me by love and obedience offer your prayers with My authority and love.  I am truly your Champion and your Intercessor. (WC + OIL:51)

T:51B       #2     Pray with confidence, whenever you pray in My Name: the Name of Jesus Christ. It is as though every prayer you make is vouched for by Me.  It is as if I stand beside you, saying to the Father - as though to a King - “Accept the message of this person, my own friend, as though it were issuing from My own lips.”

T:51B       #3     Pray in spirit and in truth, through Me - Jesus Christ your Lord.  How, then, can you not be heard?  Try to stay close to Me, and so be closer to the Light which pours around Me from Heaven.


T:52                    (Private)




                           MY HOLY MOTHER.


T:53          #1     Look towards My Glory, in prayer, and see the gentle woman who now stands beside Me.  Don’t be afraid to love her whom you rightly call the “Mother of God”.  How precious is My Holy Mother.  How tremendous is My love for her who lives with Me now in Heaven.  How vivacious is My Mother, in her joy and beauty: how full of love and happiness! (WC + OIL:53).

T:53          #2     Thank My Mother for all that she has done for you. How greatly she has suffered so that I, the Word, might be revealed to the world.

T:53          #3     Love My Mother, and thank her for giving Me to you, by My Spirit’s power. How loyal you should be, ever-grateful for her devotion and concern.

T:53          #4     Defend My Mother.  How loyally you ought to defend her against those who - through ignorance - think they please Me by ignoring her, My dearest creature.




                           THE ETERNAL FATHER.


 T:54                   Count it a privilege that you can attend the Holy Sacrifice, and that an ordinary person like  yourself is permitted to pray - in almost any country - whilst standing before Me, your Lord, amidst the holy Angels of Heaven!  Who, outside My Church, could have guessed that such joy could be had, on earth?

T:55A        #1     Offer praise to the Father above.  Put out your hands and entrust yourself to His fatherly love as He invites you to rest in Him in prayer, amidst all difficulties.

T:55A        #2     Believe in the Father’s love.  He delightedly accepts the praise of you who are truly His children. (WC:55A)

T:55B       #3     Consider the Glory and Splendour of the Father, the Source of all joy, Who “Is” - in His bliss - in life and union and Love - the sublime heart of the Most Holy Trinity

T:55B       #4     Believe, of the Father, that He exists “in” the blissful embrace of Word and Spirit, which is to say, in a perfect and joyful state-of-union with Myself, the Divine Word,  and with My holy and Divine Spirit: three Persons yet One Lord.

T:55B       #5     Believe, of the Father, that He “Is”, is the Source and heart of all that is created.  He is Glorious beyond your imaginings.

T:55B       #6     Believe, of God your Father, that He “Is”, holding in His embrace the Hosts of Heaven - Saints and Holy Angels  who worship and adore Him.  He is holding in His heart, in bliss, all who have been ‘freed’ to live in His Love and who are now united in love with one another: faithful departed souls who have been “freed”, through death, to live with Him eternally.  He is the Father of all, the Source of all beauty.  He is My Father, Father of Me, the Holy Son Whom, through tenderness,  He sent to redeem you and with Whom He is united in the unfathomable love of the Holy Spirit.


                           HOLY TRINITY, ONE LORD.


T:56           #1     Follow My inspirations and come to prayer whenever I ‘call’ you by an interior prompting.

T:56           #2     Believe in Our Love and work, the work of the Most Holy Trinity.  We act within your life on earth.  You cannot see the end of the journey, but it is I, Jesus, Who hold you all the while, in your ‘travelling’; it is My Spirit Who fills your heart, whilst  you and I, together, go gently towards the Father, Who is nevertheless ever-present in your life and is ever-welcoming. (WC:56)

T:56           #3     Be glad that you are not trying to make a spiritual journey alone.  You need Me, your Guide, your sure Way and your powerful Intercessor.

T:57                    Persevere in prayer and sacrifice.  Turn to Me in every circumstance.  I invite you to pray, and also to throw yourself into My “river” of grace in every temptation, weakness, or trial.  My Life within you is like a river of light in which you will “bathe” one day.   You will be completely submerged in that ‘river’ of grace when you live with Me in perfect union. (WC: 57)

T:58           #1     Rejoice that I, the ‘Word’, was made flesh and came to earth to save you.

T:58           #2     Praise Me for My wonderful plan of salvation.

T:58           #3     Worship Me with your body, heart and soul.  You who are body and spirit can use every part of your being in My service, and in the service of your neighbour. (WC:58)

T:59           #1     Be confident about what you profess.  I, your God, really entered into time, and into earthly existence.  I really was crucified, and I died on the Cross to save you from sin and from eternal death.

T:59           #2     Make my Holy Sacrifice your own.  Through your participation in the Holy Mass, where My once-for-all Sacrifice is made present, you benefit from its power. I love you so much that I died for you; and through our Communion, you can become more like Me, your Saviour. (WC + OIL:59)

T:59           #3     Imitate Me, your Saviour.  What really counts in your ordinary life is love and tenderness and simplicity.

T:59           #4     Strive to live in pure love of Me and of your neighbour, day after day.  All the “understandings” of the years - given during prayer - are gifts from Me, your merciful Lord, for My own  purposes, and you can take no  pride in them at all.

T:59           #5     Don’t be despondent.  You should accept My gifts with joy.  Accept, like a child, the pure and holy gifts and graces which I Myself shower upon you, especially in Holy Communion.


T:60                   Increase your confidence and courage by making the Sign of the Cross.  I wrap you up, sweetly, safe with Me, through the Holy Sign of the Cross . It is a true “badge”, and a real “work”.  You are ‘bound’ by it, to Me, your Lord and God, as you go safely into the world.  You can set out, confident of withstanding sin and evil, by My grace, and confident of receiving courage, also, to face physical danger. (WC:60)




T:61           #1     Offer sincere and regular prayer to Me.  Through your consent, I can ‘open’ your soul.  Within your soul, as in a cavern, My secret scouring work continues.  I enlarge your soul by My Word and My Light.  (WC:61)

T:61           #2     Co-operate in My work.  Your soul’s transformation is only achieved in the pain of My work, over many months.  Yet through regular prayer the dark shabby ‘cave’, where once there was so much clutter and dirt, now shines brightly.  This ‘cave’ which is your soul is lit by My Presence in Holy Communion, and it has now become more worthy of My continued presence.

T:62           #1     Uncover your weaknesses before Me.  It is a sure way of drawing down My blessings upon yourself.  Show Me, frankly, all your true yearnings and secret worries.  I will offer reassurance and will show you what to do.

T:62           #2     Learn more about the extent of both My power and My Love.  I Who created you really know where your will ‘lies’, that is, in which direction you are ‘aiming’ your inmost heart’s real yearnings.  I see your true intentions. I know every secret thought of your heart, however many layers of distractions and difficulties you may think are half-crushing you.  I see the care and love within your soul.  I am not repelled by your weakness. (WC:62)

T:63           #1     Beware of self-indulgent thoughts and actions.  I was poor, when I lived on earth.

T:63           #2     Don’t repay Me, a generous Lord, by greed and discontent.  Whatever you do that ‘blots Me out’ entirely from your life is quite unacceptable, as when you sometimes, briefly, try to ignore Me in order to fulfil your own plans or longings.

T:63           #3     Be recollected.  I alone should be the ultimate object of your thoughts, attentions and desires.  All the good things which I permit you to enjoy should be enjoyed through and with Me , but not ‘instead of’ Me. (WC:63)

T:63           #4     Be grateful for the good things which are appropriate for your way of life, and which I permit you to enjoy.  But don’t fill your whole mind and soul with ceaseless words and music.  How can you hope to grow close to Me in prayer if you fill every spare minute with songs and novels and therefore ignore My silent and loving presence?


T:64                    (Non-existent)




T:65          #1     Always believe in My Love for you, and in My nearness.  For as long as you live on earth, you can live in hope, and you are invited to make the free decision to serve Me, and to avoid being entirely and eternally separated from Me.

T:65          #2     Be confident that, throughout your life, you live and breathe and exist “in” Me, your God.  Whether you are holy with My holiness, or selfish, you “fall” into My embrace with every movement of your hearts.  ‘Up’ or ‘down’, in hope or sin, and whatever you choose, now, you are surrounded by Me still. (WC + OIL:65).


T:66                    Love and honour every neighbour.  Every face or “mask” which you see belongs to one of My children.  Every man, woman and child is precious, and can never be viewed only as one of a crowd.

T:67           #1     Never forget that although I am hidden at present, you are present before My Glory whenever you turn to Me in prayer.

T:67           #2     Learn to pray as if you are standing in this vast “Hall of Light”, in Our presence: the Presence of the Most Holy Trinity.  In prayer, you need only lift your friends into Our Light, by a word, a thought, or a pang, and they are bathed and renewed by your intercession, if they do not shut it out. (WC:67)

T:68A        #1     Don’t worry about distractions.

T:68A        #2     Don’t let unsolved problems keep you from prayer.  Even when you are distracted or ill-at-ease, you have only to step into the ‘depths’ - the depths of My Divine Life - by your whole will and desire, and thus you are truly “in” the life and love of the Most Holy Trinity.  Within our Divine Life, you are moving freely, whilst being loved and upheld.  (WC:68A)




T:68B                 Give your consent, in prayer and in daily life, to Our Will being done through you.  Thus, you can prepare yourself to be carried - if We Will it - in the prayer of “Unknowing”.  In true contemplation you are drawn into Our life - the Divine Life of the Most Holy Trinity - as if ‘entwined’ within Our love, the love of the Three Divine Persons, far above earth’s limitations. (WC:68B)

T:69           #1     Don’t waste time or endanger your soul by listening to opinions or by entertaining thoughts which contradict the teaching of My Church.

T:69           #2     Keep to what is important.  Obedience is important, vague curiosity is not. (WC:69)

T:70           #1     Be encouraged by the knowledge of My work in you.   When you come to prayer conscious of nothing but your sin and weakness and misery, though repentant of all wrong, I come to your soul in so much grace and glory that all the lingering ‘miseries’ are blotted out by My Light, and your soul, purified, and brilliant, is united with Me, your Lord. (WC:70)

T:70           #2     Give joy to My Heart.  I am glad to come to a soul which is free of self-love,  free of selfish plans and ambitions.


T:71          #1     Show tremendous love and respect for your neighbour.   You should almost bow low to others, because of My Love for them!

T:71          #2     Show a profound reverence towards those of your neighbours who have received me in Holy Communion.  Each one is worthy of your love and respect, as is every human being, but you ‘owe’ them that respect, also, because of My Sacramental Presence, which gives them a dignity and splendour unseen in other human beings.  Each person bears some measure of My Glory, and you are right to honour Me “in” them.


T:72           #1     Put your trust in Me, in every circumstance, even when you seem to be without any support.

T:72           #2     Remember that My Holy Spirit lifts you up through His power and inspirations, and that I, Jesus, am by your side supporting you, as you go towards the Father, Who is nevertheless ever-present in your prayer and in your life.

T:72           #3     Look forward hopefully to a stronger friendship with Me.  As a soul moves upwards and onwards towards the Father, it is led into a dimension where ‘falling’ - through fear or through self-love - is impossible.  My guidance and protection will be ever-sought and ever-given. (WC:72)

T:72           #4     Look forward to living in what will seem like a new and peaceful ‘dimension’, as you grow in closeness to Me. Such a dimension is like the Kingdom, when it is firmly established within a faithful Christian soul.

T:72           #5     Don’t think that I can ‘desert’ you.  Whether you are walking in safety or falling into sin, in the quiet and holy “universe” which is life in Me, you are still held up by Me; and you move within My Divine Life, because I hold everything in existence.  Light and peace surround your soul as you travel with Me towards God the Father - towards the Father Who, nevertheless, is already with you.

T:72           #6     Follow My inspiration and ask Me, fervently, for perseverance.  Ask Me to deliver you from pride and self-righteousness.


                           CONSTANT COMMUNION.


T:73           #1     Look for Me whenever you travel away from home.  Whichever far-away Catholic Church you enter, I am Really Present there.  From the tabernacle, I welcome you - each of you, individually - with great joy and delight.

T:73           #2     Remember the life of grace within you.  I Who live within every ‘soul-in-grace’ am greeting you from within your soul, even whilst you travel.  You don’t leave Me behind!

T:74           #1     Seize every opportunity to grow in love and holiness, and to show love towards others.  If you are willing, I can give you many such opportunities.

T:74           #2     Look upon every person as truly unique, individual and immortal - like yourself! Don’t look upon others as a mass of persons, or simply a crowd.  Each person, young or old, and each once the child of a real mother, is precious to Me, since I made each one of you, and I never leave any of you alone.

T:74           #3     Follow My inspiration, and ask Me to keep you from a shallow interest in others and to deliver you from self-righteousness.

T:74           #4     Don’t let yourself be overcome by your soul’s sense of shame, within.  It arises from my purifying work.

T:75           #1     Pause, frequently, to take a conscious part in My Eternal Life, during prayer. In this way, you join in the worship of My Saints and My Holy Angels - your Heavenly friends.

T:75           #2     Be faithful.  Glory exists now, even though, when you ‘leave’ prayer, and as the Saints continue to praise Me in Heaven, you follow a parallel way - it seems - in the darkness of time, as if a wall were separating your earthly life from the Life of Heaven. (WC:75)

T:75           #3     Use the Sign of the Cross both to begin and to end your prayers.  It is a sign of your life “in Christ”, and is a devout and holy prayer to Us: the Three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity.  It is like a firm rope which binds you to Us in every task or every danger.

T:76           #1     Don’t give in to the temptation to think that faith depends upon fluctuating feelings or sensations.

T:76           #2     Turn to Me and to My Saints in prayer and praise, with a firm will, no matter what state your emotions are in, and even if you see no glimmer of ‘Light’. Your prayers are valuable.  Truly, I exist, and I hear you.

T:76           #3     Do your duty, in  prayer. Look upon prayer as a glimpse through a space on the battlements of a castle - the castle being your soul or the world, and you being the sentry on duty who walks around the walls.  Eternity is ‘beside’ you, throughout your life. Heaven’s Glory is very near you. Heaven is radiant with My Light; and even now, whilst you toil on earth, My Saints and My Holy Angels are living in bliss, in My Presence.  Remind yourself of  our existence, through your prayers.

T:76           #4     Be regular in prayer, and so make your faith stronger. If you pause to pray - like a sentry who glances through the battlements - you can see Reality with the eyes of faith, before setting off again, to walk, temporarily, in darkness. (WC + OIL:76)

T:77           #1     Try to stay close to Me, by frequent prayers.  Prayers are like the vigorous paddle-strokes of a canoeist who struggles to stay near the foot of a sacred water-fall. You are buffeted by sins and distractions; you are rocked and tossed by the waters of life as you ‘paddle’ feverishly to stay near the ‘torrent’, which is Myself and the ‘waterfall’ of My gifts - gifts which I pour down upon you during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 

T:77           #2     Don’t worry.  I can see your heart.  I know that you long to receive My graces, and yet are frightened of being swept away by turbulent emotions or longings.

T:77           #3     Put your trust in Me.  Be patient and be confident.  I, Jesus, ‘stoop’ to you whenever you pray, and I reach out My hands to you in the Holy Mass.  I lift you up to the Source of the Divine ‘waterfall’ of all gifts and graces; I lift you up to the Invisible Father. (WC:77)




T:78           #1     Be a ‘beggar’ before Me in prayer.  Leave behind your achievements, props and self-satisfaction.

T:78           #2     Trust in My kindness.  It is when you have nothing to offer to the Father but My merits and My Love that I can change you and use you.

T:78           #3     Rejoice that you have greater cause to be hopeful when you are weak and in pain, and yet trust in Me still, than when you have something to boast about.  It is when self-love and conceit are flowing away from you that I am most truly with you, surrounding you with My peace.

T:78           #4     Be content with lowly tasks or even with loneliness.  It is in ‘hidden’ hearts that I am now powerfully at work, in apparent darkness.  Through My power, something secret and magnificent is being done in your life - for your good and for My Glory. It arises from your faith and humility.

T:78           #5     Don’t worry if you see no apparent results in this life.  My Love is at work in you, through faith, trust and love.  I know everything, and I ‘see’, already, all the good things which ‘are’ being accomplished, later on, through your present secret sacrifices.

T:79                    Join in formal worship as well as you can, but never be anxious if you are tired or ill and are therefore inattentive or distracted.  I listen with unimaginable Love and understanding to all your sincere prayers.  I am always ‘waiting’ in patience, throughout your wavering prayers and distractions.

T:80           #1     Put your hands into My hands, at every temptation to sin.

T:80           #2     Hold onto My ‘hand’, through prayer, and through firm faith, trust and love.  When you suffer temptations, cling to Me and let the temptations swirl around you. I will not let you go, if you hold on and wait for deliverance from temptation.  You can endure, with My strength. (WC:80)

T:80           #3     Remember that at every moment of every day you are in My presence, and you can choose to be ‘with’ Me.  Indoors, outdoors, at home or abroad, safe or in danger, at rest or in pain - you need never be without Me.  The choice is yours.


                           THE DEPARTED.


 T:81         #1     Turn to Me, in order to find Heaven.  I, Jesus, am the ‘bridge’ between earth and Heaven.  Through Me alone can you pass into the holiness of Heaven.  I am the “bridge” over the Abyss which separates mankind from God.  You can cross the Abyss in safety only if you join My People, who stream across as One Body. (WC + OIL: 81)

T:81          #2     Don’t worry about faithful people who have died and who have come to Me, that is, don’t worry about whether you can hurt them.  They are quite beyond the reach of any hurtful conversation.  None of your memories or thoughts can upset them now. But pray for their deliverance from purification.

T:81          #3     Look upon Me as the ‘channel’ through Whom your thoughts and words can ‘flow’ to the departed, as you offer your prayers to the Father “through Christ our Lord.”  Only good thoughts and prayers can ‘flow’ through Me, the Good Christ, when you pray in My Name.


                           THE EVIL ONE.


T:82           #1     Make the Sign of the Cross in any threatening darkness of soul, or in bodily danger. It deters the evil one and draws graces upon you, through your faith and My power.

T:82           #2     Remember that I am near you, however fierce your fears or temptations, and no matter how dense the spiritual darkness.

T:82           #3     Make the Holy Sign of the Cross whenever you suffer evil spiritual assaults.  You who adore the Father, believe in Me, and trust in My Holy Spirit can wait confidently for deliverance and peace. (WC + OIL:82)

T:83           #1     Unite every humiliation and suffering to Mine, in My Passion.  By your union with Me, our sacrifice is One, both in your heart-felt private prayer, and at the altar.


                           FRUITFUL UNION.


T:83           #2     Consider the power of your union with Me.  Through it, everyone you care for and pray for is drawn into My prayer.  Just as you, through Me, gather others into the Father’s Light and Love, so they in their turn will gather one another.

T:83           #3     Strengthen My Church.  It is by your prayers for others that the Church is made even stronger.  By your intercessions, you and your brothers and sisters lift one another into My Light.  My Divine ‘Light’ on earth is increased by your fellowship, and the ‘circle’ of love is stronger: One Body, growing stronger.

T:83           #4     Strengthen fellow-members of My Church in the best way, which is by helping them to grow in faith and in love. (WC:83)

T:84                    Adore and worship My Most Holy Spirit, by Whose power you believe and  pray and do good things for your neighbour.  He is everything that is beautiful and good; He is the Source of all holiness.  He is gentle and terrible.  He is power, Life, and Glory.

T:85                    (Private).

T:86           #1     Speak to Me very simply; don’t think that you have to make ‘speeches’!  Use simple phrases to Me, in prayer, and avoid all insincerity or flattery.  Magnificent prose is quite pointless in prayer, if you hold it up to Me not as a beautiful offering, but as a stout shield with which to hide from Me your heart’s true, troubled thoughts and yearnings.

T:86           #2     Be ruthlessly honest with Me, whenever you pray.  Through beautifully-composed prayers I am given praise and honour, in public.  They can be useful in private.  But never ‘hide’ behind them.  Don’t use them as a substitute for the honest conversation of private prayer, by which you learn to confide in Me, and so permit Me to help you.

T:86           #3     Speak to Me truthfully, always - and especially in times of pain or weariness.  Yet, then,  even speech is unnecessary.  I delight in even a glance from a sincere heart.

T:87           #1     Let your heart be touched by the thought of the true Fatherhood of God. The fatherhood of men is a pale reflection of the reality.  Your Heavenly Father created you.  He sustains you in His love, together with Myself, your Redeemer, and with My Loving Spirit.

T:87           #2     Recognise the work of My Holy Spirit; it is through My Spirit that I encircle and embrace all of you who kneel in My Presence during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.




T:88          #1     Try to do My Will in the best possible way, which is by sacrificing your own will.

T:88          #2     Make your life into a continual sacrifice of praise of Me.  I deserve your free submission.

T:88          #3     Dedicate your life to Me.  “In you, I have set myself an altar, and nothing shall dislodge it.” My plan for your life is being fulfilled, step by step, as you live wholly committed to the fulfilment of My wishes.  Despite all your faults, I know that you love Me above all things, and I have accepted all your penances and sacrifices.  (WC:88)

T:88          #4     Rejoice at whatever I permit to happen in your life.  Continue on the path of obedience to My Will, until your life’s end, for your good, and for the good of My Church, and for My Glory.

T:88          #5     Let go of all selfish desires.  Your life must be a continual sacrifice of praise, in the sacrifice of your own will so that My Will may be done.


T:89                    Confess your sins to Me like a simple and trusting child.  Nothing delights Me more than humility.

T:90           #1     Stay close to Me;  I am a sure guide for everyone who wishes to please the Father and to do His Will.

T:90           #2     Realise that you are free.  I allow you real freedom in which to make your choices.  I have not created the human race as a race of robots.

T:90           #3     Co-operate with My work of grace within your soul.  I not only accompany and help one whom I love and who loves Me.  I make everything within you pure and clear, and gradually ‘transparent’, so that, more and more, you and I will look on everything together as one.

T:90           #4     Consider the ‘fruit’ of your union with Me.  When you have learned to do everything in union with Me, My Glory will shine out from your feeble life, words and actions. (WC:90)

T:91A        #1     Permit Me to work  within your soul.  It is by your prayers and sacrifices that you invite Me to set to work.  I am brushing aside the rubble and untidiness of selfishness, within this ‘room’ which is your soul, as I make a home for Myself within, now that I am welcomed.

T:91A        #2     Abandon all fuss and worry.  I can eradicate your uncharitable habits and opinions; but I will do so gently, from moment to moment, as you and I  sort things out together, as I help you to do good and to avoid evil. (WC + OIL:91A)




T:91B        #1     Accept whatever I give to you, in prayer.  I Who am Truth cannot mislead you.  I Who am Wisdom deal with human souls wisely.

T:91B        #2     Don’t confuse My gifts with My Being.  Anything which you ‘see’ in  prayer is only a ‘facet’ of My Divine Life, like a flash of light thrown from the side of a sparkling diamond.  Such ‘flashes of light’ may be revealed to a devout soul, during prayer, if such is My Will. (WC:91B)

T:91B        #3     Realise that, in the course of your true and humble prayer, nothing is ever revealed to your soul through your own decision or yearning.  These special gifts which I offer to your soul are offered only because of My sovereign Will.  Yet you would not receive them, had you not already ‘opened’ your heart to Me.

T:91B        #4     Accept My all-holy Will.  No-one but I can choose what ‘facet’ of My Life will be revealed in prayer.  Nothing which I show of My Life can be ‘grasped’.  Each glimpse is shown for a moment, in prayer, according to My Will.  Yet none of the ‘facets’ of My Life “is” Myself, Who am briefly, inadequately and mysteriously ‘reflected’ across the Abyss which separates My Divine Nature from your frail human nature.

T:92           #1     Accept your privileged state.  Since I am truly with you, nowadays, and since, by your free choice you are truly ‘with’ Me, I will live through you for others.  Your union with Me will be fruitful.




T:92           #2     Persevere in your soul’s work.  The more you empty yourself of sin, selfishness and earthly desires, the more will others - on seeing you and your actions - see, instead, My actions, My love and My tenderness.  The more successfully you banish your preoccupations, the more ‘transparent’ shall you become for Me.  You will shine with My Presence!

T:92           #3     Don’t hesitate now, just because you have been so sinful.  I not only pardon and heal the wicked; I permit them to bring My grace to others!

T:93           #1     Have no doubts about My Love for you, nor about the special union of Myself with you - with you who are now transformed.  Only I could have given you such perfect joy, not only for a day, but at every moment for  the past year - and amidst real sufferings.

T:93           #2     Follow Me wherever I lead you, no matter how strange the path.  I will continue to guide and uphold you.

T:94           #1     Fix your soul’s gaze on Me in prayer.  I never ‘try’ you beyond your strength. But you must ask for the graces which I long to pour upon you!

T:94           #2     Rely on Me for the graces which you need in order to do the work which I Myself have put before you.  I am bound to help you!

T:95           #1     Trust in My Love for you.  I never leave you.  It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do, I will be there with you at every moment.

T:95           #2     You must never fail to trust in Me.  I cannot possibly ‘leave’ anyone who - by every effort - tries to stay close to Me.  Yet, people are free to leave Me. (WC:95).


T:96                   Remember that “I was with you all the time”, today, at every moment of the day.  I Whom you love and serve have made you My own; “nor shall I let you go.”  You are now totally Mine.  You now belong to Me, and I will allow nothing and no-one to take you from My Heart or from My service.


T:97,98               (Private)






T:99           #1     Ask Me for virtues; but be bold, and ask for all the virtuesThe virtues are not to be wished for separately.  It is useless to long for patience, for example, if you are unwilling to receive all of the other virtues.

T:99           #2     Look upon the virtues as being like a number of coloured rays, all emerging from a ‘White Light’ which is the source.  I am like a glowing white light; I am the Source of all the virtues. (WC + OIL:99)

T:99           #3     Don’t be confused by your self-examination.  You may see yourself as more in need of an increase of one virtue rather than another.  But all the virtues are with you, and are part of My presence in you, even though your obvious faults may be distorting your perception of the state of your soul.

T:99           #4     See how much cause you have for hope.  Wherever I am, there are My virtues, poured out on you in a way that perfects your present nature with My grace.




T:100                  Don’t struggle to praise Me with elaborate greetings.  Don’t tire yourself - when because of illness you are flagging - by thinking about how to greet Me worthily.  You can rest here, quietly, in loving  prayer, united with Me before the Father.

T:101,102           (Private)

T:103         #1     Be confident and joyful about your life in My loving service.  You have been begging Me to help you, and now that you try to love Me at every moment, you can be sure that, from now on, “you are no beggar, but My daughter!”

T:103         #2     Be glad about what is happening in your life, now that you really love Me.  Your frail body does age and grow tired, but it only hides the glory of your soul within, which will be set free at death to join My Glory!  This is true of others, also. (WC: 103)

T:104         #1     Bear your pains with continued patience.  In all your sufferings, you can suffer with Me, pray with Me, and rest in Me - as though you are leaning on My Cross - comforted by My Spirit and drawn towards the Father. (WC + OIL:104)

T:104         #2     Imitate Me in every moment of your suffering.  Turn to the Father in Heaven and put your trust in Him.

T:105         #1     Be confident about the Father’s Love for you.  He welcomes and cherishes all who turn to Him in My Name.

T:105         #2     Remember the truth about your relationship with the Father. You are not servants, but beloved children, and so you are true sisters and brothers of all who are united in some measure to Me,  Jesus Christ, His Son.

T:106         #1     Whisper to Me, or glance towards Me, even in your pain or sorrow.  I am very near, “low down” beside you.

T:106         #2     Don’t struggle in some exhausted way to rise “above” your pain, as you search for Me, your Lord.  Even in the temporary darkness of faith, believe that I am very near to you. Put your trust in Me, and learn to rest in My unseen but loving presence.

T:106         #3     Cling to Me, your beloved Saviour.  I keep watch with you in the darkness of your own Gethsemanes.  I hear even the prayers which you cannot put into words. (WC: 106)




T:107         #1     Be aware of the marvel of My Church’s worship “in Christ”.  At every Mass you join in the eternal praise of the Saints and the Holy Angels.  The whole of Heaven, in joy, is united in prayer with you all; and - because of My immense Love and the immense power of My intercession - the sinfulness of those who are present has no power to mar the perfection of My Offering. (WC:107A)

T:107         #2     Put your trust in Me.  I am interceding for you My brothers and sisters, as I offer the Holy Sacrifice from within your midst.  (WC + OIL:107B)

T:108         #1     Never become conceited about the faith which I have given to you.  Don’t be like the child who clutches a gift, in a playground, as she says to others: ‘look what I have’ - in pride and self-satisfaction.  All the gifts which you now possess are yours only because of My presence.

T:108         #2     Recognise My virtues within you.

T:108         #3     Thank Me for what I give you.  All that you have understood about faith has been understood with My understanding.  Your present faith, patience and perseverance are My patience, My gift of faith to you, and My perseverance upholding you in  your weakness.

T:109                  Mean what you say, as you pray: “May Your kingdom come.”  Hope with all your heart to see My Will fulfilled in your life, and fulfilled throughout the world.

T:110                  Reflect on the meaning of your life within Us: the Most Holy Trinity.  Your Heavenly Father ‘surrounds’ you always, at home or abroad; I, Jesus, am your constant companion; and My Spirit upholds you in joy wherever you go, and inspires your every good thought.  (WC:110)

T:111                  Be prepared for changes in your life, as you grow in resemblance to Me. If you become like Me in the depth of your charity,    then  even  My power and My healing force should be yours.   If you resemble Me in My compassion, you shall also be like Me in My suffering, and in My death and resurrection.


                           VICTIM AND PRIEST.


T:112                  Have faith in Me and in My Holy Catholic Church.  Throughout the world, on different continents, countries and islands, I, the One Christ, am present everywhere and at all times to the One Body which is My People.  My Glory is tremendous, though usually veiled from earthly eyes. All over the world, I, Jesus - Victim and Priest - offer Myself in My Holy Sacrifice. (WC: 112)

T:113                  Unite your heart and mind to My priest’s intentions during the Holy Mass.  In his  prayers, he calls out on behalf of My Body, the Church, gathered together.  I, Jesus, come to My People.  I come to all who belong to My Body.  I am Really Present amongst you. (WC:113)

T:114         #1     Be confident, as you pray at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  I, Your Saviour, stand amongst you, praying to the Father on your behalf.

T:114         #2     Be grateful for the gift of faith, through which you know that you can trust in the glorious, life-giving, powerful, warming and ceaseless love of your Father, as He ‘responds’ to My plea from within your midst.

T:114         #3     Learn to look upon the Heavenly Father not only as Father of Myself, the Divine Son, but as your beloved Father also.

T:114         #4     Remember your dependence on Me.  You are utterly dependent on My Love for you, and on the holy sacrificial prayer which I make on your behalf.  Your heart should be full of gratitude to Me, and never proud.

T:114         #5     Stay close to Me, and unite your fervent prayers to Mine. (WC:114)

T:115                  Thank and praise Me for My goodness, and for the depth of My Love and the extent of My encouragement.  I praise you for what you shall be.  I overlook your faults and weaknesses, since I know that your heart is entirely Mine.  I know that you are growing in humility, which is truth - the truth that everything you have comes from Me alone.

T:116         #1     Persevere in prayer.

T:116         #2     Praise me for the marvel of the Holy Mass and for Holy Communion. My Presence amongst you is as vital and as refreshing for your souls as is pure water for your bodies. (WC:116)

T:117         #1     Be patient.  I delight in your longings to do wonderful things for Me, but I ask you to wait patiently, sometimes, as I work wonders for you!

T:117         #2     Trust in Me.  Believe in My goodness.  I “irradiate”, from within, outwards, those who have given themselves to Me completely, entrusting both life and death into My hands.

T:117         #3     Don’t be fearful.  No peace can compare with the peace of perfect union with Me in heart and will, as I do My work secretly within you, making you into images of Myself.

T:118         #1     Never forget these things: My Love for the people whom I have created is never-ending.  Through Me, Jesus Christ, every soul can receive everything that it needs for happiness.

T:118         #2     Turn to Me for true joy and security.  My presence envelopes, like a cloak - covering, enfolding and warming, in silence and peace - the one who is contrite and forgiven and whose once-rebellious will is now ‘One Will’ with Mine. (WC:118)

T:119                  (Private)



T:120        #1     Give thanks to Me that you are weak, penitent, forgiven, and peaceful.  Those whose hearts are full of earthly joys and who do not give thanks to Me from Whom all good things come, leave no place for Me in their self-sufficiency, and so I do not dwell in them as I dwell in the hearts of those who call to me from their emptiness.

T:120        #2     Rejoice in your spiritual poverty.  All poverty and inadequacy and shame and broken-heartedness can be used as a marvellous ‘stepping-stone’ to Me, the God of compassion and tenderness.

T:120        #3     Rejoice, even in your sufferings.  It is a wonderful mystery that only the ‘crucified’ understand the depth of the love of Me, Who am “The Crucified”. Those who are self-satisfied do not understand Me.


T:121         #1     Love Me, and fight against every evil, but accept your weakness and your failures.  The greatest work of My life was ‘worked’ in apparent failure: on the Cross.

T:121         #2     Reflect on the wisdom of the Father, Who gave you Myself, a suffering Saviour.   Just as it is in the weakness and failure of your lives that My  power can be shown most fully, so it is in My ‘broken’ body on the Cross that you can begin to fathom the depth of My humility and love.  Through My awful Sacrifice, you can now be brought into My glorious Life and Love: the Life of the perfect and Holy Trinity.

T:121         #3     Pray with the whole Church, at the Holy Sacrifice.  You are not separated from the ‘faithful departed’.  The ‘cloud of witnesses’ is here at the Holy Offering. The dead are alive and are with Me; and you who are close to Me are close to them, and are welcomed by them at these Holy Mysteries.

T:122         #1     Be joyful at the knowledge of My work in you.  It is I Who, in My goodness, have brought you out of ‘darkness’, out of the darkness of sin and the ‘darkness’ which is ignorance of the Catholic faith.

T:122         #2     Make yourself ‘small’ in  prayer, in My presence, in order to enter the ‘door’ of humility which opens within your soul. (WC: + OIL:122)


                           CLOSER UNION.


T:122         #3     Pray sincere and truthful prayers.  There is a vast universe within you.  Through humble prayer you can meet Me within that universe.  You will enter the ‘door’ of humility, in order to leap into My freedom and into My glorious Light, through the mystery of My Love.  It is through the ‘door’ of the soul that - when I invite you - you can swoop upwards to Me in contemplative prayer, in great joy and liberty.  (WC:122)

T:123                  Allow Me to work within you.  I would sweeten and change you, even though I love and sustain you in your present imperfection.

T:124         #1     Rely on Me, Jesus Christ your Saviour, even now, even before you see solutions to your problems, and whilst you are so imperfect.  That which  I offer you - Myself, and Life in Me - is not past, but is always present, and always true.

T:124         #2     Rejoice in My great love for you.  As I do not change, neither does My presence, My love for you, My joy in your joy.  I love you still, whatever your failings.

T:125                  (Private)

T:126         #1     Imitate Me, as you prepare for the special task for which I have chosen you.

T:126         #2     Consider My Life.  It is through the patient acceptance of suffering that you can be most truly ‘moulded’ to My likeness.  If you become one with Me in suffering, you become one with Me in  prayer.

T:126         #3     Unite yourself whole-heartedly to Me.  My eternal prayer and yours, united, bring grace upon you and upon all who belong to you, and upon the whole world, all through the Merits of My Holy Passion and Death. (WC:126)

T:127                  Be happy.  You are not far away from Me.  The ‘veil’ between Heaven and earth is very thin,  My Saints and I,  and your faithful departed ones, are not far away. If you only whisper, you are heard.




T:128         #1     Stay close to Me for the rest of your life - with all your soul’s power.  Through Me, give glory to the Father.

T:128         #2     Step over distractions more and more frequently, shedding thought and speculation in order to join Me in silent praise of your Heavenly Father.

T:128         #3     Remain in spirit with Me, your suffering Lord, as I drag My Cross to Calvary. This willed companionship can help you through your own humiliations.

T:128         #4     Comfort and support Me in My Holy Passion, through turning your heart to Me in prayer.  Such true sympathy for Me will enable you to hold out your hand to others.  Through My grace, you will pull them along and bring them closer to Me as they yearn for assistance.

T:129         #1     Let your heart echo all the prayers of the Holy Mass.  Already, you echo the Holy Angels in their praise of My Glory, as you use their very words in the Holy Liturgy.

T:129         #2     Speak My Name.  One “Jesus!” from your lips, in  pure love and praise, is echoed by thousands of Saints and Holy Angels, with joy and glory.

T:130         #1     Follow My inspiration.  Offer yourself to Me, to be purified.  Offer your whole heart, soul, body, memory - everything.

T:130         #2     Renounce all sin and pride in order to stay close to Me.

T:130         #3     Be content with the “lowest” place, in the spiritual life.  The lowest place is the best and most secure.  To have nothing, and to need everything: this is ‘freedom’, for then you have Me, and you have what I give you, which is: All!

T:131                  See what a privilege and power and joy is intercession, when, at your request, I lift up other people to the Father. (WC:131)

T:132,133           (Private).

T:134         #1     Look upon My work within your Life, and thank Me for My goodness.  I have drawn you into true friendship, and I have taught you, freely.  I have shown confidence even in one who has been wicked and hard-hearted.  I have given My Light and joy to you who are weak, to transform you.

T:134         #2     Love and submit to My holy and mysterious Will. I choose anyone I wish, to ‘use’ for My own holy purposes  -  with that soul’s consent.

T:135                  Remember how deeply I love you.  I am so good that when I enter a frail and repentant soul, in Holy Communion, I treat that sinful person as an honoured guest!




T:136         #1     Start again,  whenever you fall into either conceit or despondency. As you veer from one sort of pride to another, I watch you as if watching someone who wavers on a tight-rope.  I know every one of your thoughts, and I know that you would like to walk straight towards Me.  My arm is held out to embrace you. (WC + OIL:136)

T:136         #2     Don’t be discouraged.  I see and reward all your good intentions, even if you sometimes fail.

T:136         #3     Put your trust in Me.  I will support and sustain you whichever way you “fall”, as you are tempted towards conceit or towards despair.

T:136         #4     Learn a lesson from your failings.  Be ashamed of your weakness and self-love, but - very simply - begin your ‘journey’ again.

T:137                  (Private)




T:138                  Invite Me to use your life in whatever way I prefer.  You can pray: “Jesus, I would be happy to hide with you, until death”, or else: “Shine through me where and how You Will, so that Your grace may pour through me upon others”.


142                     (Private)

T:143         #1     Be light-hearted in suffering.

T:143         #2     Give your free consent to My work within your soul and within your life. Become like Me, even in suffering.  Remember what great graces I pour upon others through your union with Me, and through your patience.

T:143         #3     Rejoice in My grace, even in your trials.  It is because of your patience and love that I am filling your soul with My radiant Light  -  My Wisdom.

T:144                  (Private)

T:145         #1     Learn an important lesson, which should make you joyful: whoever consents to become more like Me, and also suffers with Me, is One in mind and heart with Me, and prays to the Father with Me - interceding for others - with love and power.

T:145         #2     Learn this fundamental lesson: there is no place for arrogance or pride in your life, since I came to you, a sinner, and forgave you everything.

T:146         #1     Act as a channel through which I can pour My grace upon others.

T:146         #2     Understand your vocation: first, I fill you with My Light; I am the Light in which you pray and act and see and think, with My Mind.  And then, if you will, you radiate that Light, and so increase the faith of others and bring them encouragement, just as I encourage you.  (WC:146)

T:147         #1     Believe in My unchanging Love.  See what is happening.  Such is My care of your reverent soul that the Most Holy Trinity is surrounding and supporting you, as I, your Lord, ‘wait’ patiently, in Holy Communion, ready to welcome you when your pains and distractions subside.  I always wait.  I know your weakness.  I long to give you comfort.

T:147         #2     Learn about Me.  I am never moody or irritable. Although I don’t tolerate your hard-heartedness or self-deception, even My wordless rebukes are made from love, for the good of your soul. (WC:147)

T:148,149           (Private)

T:150         #1     Be glad that you can receive Me in Holy Communion.

T:150         #2     Be glad that, through your union with Me, you are brought very close to the vast throng of Saints and Holy Angels who worship the Father in Heaven. (WC:150)

T:150         #3     Reflect on your task: you can rest with Me in Holy Communion, together before Heaven, giving silent Glory to the Father, with My Holy Spirit.  This is really happening - as you offer sincere prayers to the Father in My Name - however much your fluctuating emotions or distractions might disturb you.

T:151         #1     Try to live in great simplicity, humility and peacefulness, always trusting in Me and remembering My presence.

T:151         #2     Banish from your life any false modesty or self-consciousness.  Do My Will, as you see it. I reveal Myself, in you, as and when I choose.  You need not think about reactions or opinions.

T:152,153           (Private)

T:154         #1     Reflect on My Will for you; it does not always consist of busy-ness, activity and striving.

T:154         #2     Allow Me to help you.  Turn to Me.  I wish to reward and refresh you who are weary from My service.

T:154         #3     Lean on My Heart, in prayer.  Draw strength and comfort from My silent presence, as you wait quietly and patiently for My Will to be unfolded. (WC + OIL:154)


                           THE HOLY CATHOLIC CHURCH


T:155         #1     Be glad that you are a member of the wonderful family which is My holy Catholic Church, and that you are  “in Communion” with your loving brothers and sisters.  Through Me, you are united even now, in some degree, to the Saints in Heaven and to the faithful departed.

T:155         #2     Rejoice in the tremendous joy and mutual love of all the Saints, and of all those beloved and faithful friends and relations who have died yet have not been lost - but who have come into My presence.  (WC + OIL:155)

T:156                  Honour your Companions at the Holy Sacrifice.  You worship Me with your brothers and sisters “in Christ”, and also with  the Saints and the holy Angels.

T:157A               Be grateful for your privileges.  It is only by the power of My Holy Spirit that any of you can cry out to the Father saying “Abba”, with Me your Saviour, and are able to go wherever My Spirit leads you.  It is only through the faith which has been given to you by My Holy Spirit that you have come to enjoy the privilege of being amongst Our sons and daughters, living within the embrace of the Holy Trinity.  (WC:157)

T:157B      #1     Be content with My plan for your life.  Though you longed to receive Me today, in Holy Communion, you can be sure that “I was with you all the time.”

T:157B      #2     Never grumble about My Will.  Have more faith and trust in Me.

T:157B      #3     Revere Me in your heart all day long, whether or not you receive Me sacramentally at this time or that.

T:158                  Be glad about the effects of My Presence, as you pray with Me in Holy Communion and join in My offering of praise to the Father.  I accept your loving and simple self-offering.  Through your union with Me, you are purified.  Your little sins fall like ashes, fluttering down to the floor, as your spirit rises with Me in prayer as if high above the sanctuary; the Light of Heaven pours down upon you. (WC + OIL:158)

T:159                  (No such teaching)

T:160         #1     Don’t try to pretend, before Me, to a wholeness which is not yet yours; however, don’t give up the struggle against sin.




T:160         #2     Be confident.  I abhor sin, yet I love you with a tremendous love in the midst of your weaknesses, ‘deformities’, neuroses and anxieties.  No matter how dreadful are your particular struggles, I Myself will deliver you from your burdens and set you free, when the time is ripe.

T:160         #3     Give your heart to Me.  Be loyal to Me.  I will give you perfection, if you live in hope and trust and love.

T:161         #1     Faithfully fulfil your daily duties, doing everything out of love and obedience to Me.

T:161         #2     Don’t look for heroic deeds to do.  Heroism will be called for if you try to love and serve both Me and your neighbour, fully, in your ordinary life.

T:161         #3     Rely on Me, entirely, in the knowledge of your weakness.  Thus, you will let Me help you from moment to moment, during everyday work, in your constant efforts to be loving.

T:162                  (Private)

T:163         #1     Believe in My generosity.  Be confident that the prayers which you offer in My Name are welcomed and rewarded.

T:163         #2     Pray fervently during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  Ask for what your heart desires: peace, purity and perfection.  Through Me, you can obtain them.

T:163         #3     Place your trust in Me and accept My blessings.  They pour down upon you as you pray at the Holy Sacrifice.  Blessings come to you here, through My Holy Spirit. (WC + OIL:163)

T:164         #1     Look upon your neighbour with love, goodwill and generosity.  Whatever you do to your neighbour is as though done to Me, whether you do good or evil.  When you are abrupt, impatient or even scornful of others, it is truly I  Myself Whom you spurn by your hard-heartedness.

T:164         #2     Have faith in Me, the God-man, the perfect image of the Father’s goodness. I will make you pure and holy like Myself.  You will ‘reflect’ My goodness to others when My grace has purified you.

T:164         #3     Accept all unavoidable pains and humiliations gladly, in union with Me.  These sufferings can further your purification.

T:165         #1     Accept the signs which show that My Holy Spirit is at work within you even amidst your struggles.  Those signs are: a determination always to please Me, and a horror of disobeying the least indication of My Holy Will.

T:165         #2     Don’t be despondent at seeing your weaknesses ever more clearly.  The Light which My Holy Spirit throws within your soul illuminates your entire life, and all your attitudes, habits and ambitions.

T:166                  Welcome My Will calmly, in every aspect.  Accept the death of all selfish desires and ambitions as a preparation for accepting bodily death.

T:167                  (Private)

T:168         #1     Believe in Me and in My wisdom.  I grant My consolations at the best possible times for your welfare.

T:168         #2     Don’t be tempted to look upon Me as an absent parent.  I am very close to you. I gaze tenderly upon you, even though I sometimes allow you to grow strong in apparent ‘darkness’, as when a mother watches her little one as he bravely struggles along, walking instead of crawling.  A little child can grow braver at every opportunity to practice a new skill; and so it is with you, in the spiritual life.




T:169                  Obey My inspiration and surrender yourself totally to Me, for purification.  Even in your difficulties, turn to Me and accept My Will wholeheartedly.  You cannot fail to benefit, and I will be glorified by your transformation.

T:170                  Have no fears about prayer, nor about the direction which you are taking in the spiritual life.  Your constant desire only to love and serve Me and your neighbour whatever the cost is a good desire, being nurtured within you by Me, your Lord.

T:171         #1     Believe that I am at work in you, even whilst you still have various struggles. My glory and grace and blessings are spread to others through you.  In every area of life, the more you stay close to Me and allow Me to shine through you, even in your weakness,  the more do others benefit. (WC:171)

T:171         #2     Believe in My Love for you.  I delight in answering your prayers! (WC:171)

T:172,173,174    (Private)

T:175         #1     Be faithful in going to Holy Communion, where I fill you with My Light.  It is through My Life, Light and gifts that you grow to see and judge the things of daily life more and more clearly.

T:175         #2     Be grateful for the one whom you rightly call the “Mother of God”.  My Mother Mary is immensely holy.

T:175         #3     See how privileged you are. Mary is your Mother, too. I have given her to you as your own spiritual Mother.

T:175         #4     Thank Me for My Mother.  Thank My Mother for giving you Myself, her Divine Son and your Saviour.

T: 176,177,178   (Private)




T:179         #1     Never complain about trials or difficulties. “Aren’t I enough for you?”  Who  would dare think of complaining,  if he really believes that I Myself made him, love him, came down to earth to save him, and guide him now through My Spirit, and also grant him the loving companionship of Myself, the Divine Son, in the Sacraments and in the Holy Scriptures?

T:179         #2     Ask yourself, if you are tempted to complain about your trials: have you borne as much as I, your Saviour, have borne?

T:180                  (Private)

T:181         #1     Be honest with Me at every moment, but show an especially trusting frankness in Holy Communion.  Speak to Me about your friends’ problems, too.

T:181         #2     “Don’t worry; bring everything to Me.”  Your loving concern about others - which causes you to be distracted  -  is very  pleasing to Me.

T:181         #3     Uncover your heart before Me.  You ought to trust in My generosity at all times, and honestly bring before Me your true thoughts and hopes and longings.

T:181         #4     Believe in My real Love for you.  I am honoured and praised by your trust in Me, and also by your love for others, which you prove by your intercessions.

T:182                  Don’t allow anxiety of any sort - even anxiety about sin and pride and sanctity - to fill you with turmoil and to separate you from Me.  You cannot pay attention to My Will for you at each moment if you allow yourself to be engrossed in anything “outside” Me, such as memories or regrets, or even your present sense of shame.

T:183                  (Private)




T:184        #1     Prepare your heart to be set on fire with My Love.

T:184        #2     Offer Me the sacrifice of your heart’s selfish desires.

T:184        #3     Offer your life to Me for My service.

T:184        #4     Resolve to make the fire of Love burn more brightly within you. You prepare your heart and place the ‘tinder’ for that fire by your prayer and penances and sacrifices; and then, in Holy Communion,  My Divine Love acts as a ‘spark’.  When I come to you, I light the ‘fire’ with My Presence, and set you ‘ablaze’; I fill your heart with My Divine Charity.  (WC:184)


T:185         #1     Don’t worry about the ‘teachings’ in prayer, given to you by One Who always urges you towards love, kindness, self-control and faithfulness.  I, Jesus, am that Teacher.

T:185         #2     Have confidence in Me, your interior Guide.  The One Who urges you to be merciful and loving and trustful and hopeful, One Who does not want to see the least uncharitable thought form in your mind, and Who will not permit you to be proud - I am He. I am the Christ of the Gospels, Who redeemed you and Who has been merciful to you, a sinner.

T:186         #1     Continue to make special mention, in prayer, of special causes for joy and gratitude.

T:186         #2     Don’t be shy about keeping our special anniversary as a feast-day.  “This is a celebration,” and you are right to enjoy it.  There are other days for mourning; there are times for everything on which human hearts should reflect.

T:186         #3     Treasure feast-days and special anniversaries. I never forget them, rather, I “use” festivals in order to encourage you with My joy and My Light.  Thus refreshed, you can endure the more difficult parts of the spiritual journey.

T:186         #4     Be glad that you are now travelling on the Way of suffering, patience and obedience. It is the best Way, since it is Mine.

T:187                  (Private)

T:188         #1     Long for Holy Communion.  Through it, I can give you a joy unknown elsewhere, which is the peaceful joy of a true union with Me, your loving Lord.

T:188         #2     Offer Me your homage, yet be content to sit in silence, if I invite you to do so.  This wordless and peaceful union in prayer is the new “Way” upon which I am leading you.

T:188         #3     Recognise the changes in prayer.  It is when My prayer and yours are One, in Holy Communion, that I sometimes draw your soul to soar in unseeing, ‘unknowing’ worship, whilst your mind stirs and quietens “below”, just as when a little child - half asleep on her pillow - turns over and thinks, before falling asleep again. (WC + OIL:188)

T:188         #4     Follow My inspiration.  Learn how to remain ‘quiet’ and ‘low’, in an absence of selfish desires, and with an increased humility.  Thus, you become like Me, and become more worthy to bring Me to the people you meet in the course of your everyday life.

T:189                  Be fervent in worship.  True worship is glorious.  United with Me, your soul joins in other prayers besides your own.  I welcome  you in the presence of My Holy Angels and Saints, and - when it is My Will - I fill your heart full of joy at the Heavenly music and the holy Company.

T:190                  (Private)

T:191         #1     Make fervent acts of faith in My Real Presence before you, and in My Love for you.

T:191         #2     Unite yourself to Me by ‘waiting’ before Me in heartache and pain, trusting in Me entirely, and longing only that My Will be done, whatever the cost.

T:191         #3     Have faith in Me and in My invisible work in you.  Through your union with Me, you gain a greater wisdom even about things of earth.

T:191         #4     ‘Touch’ Me in My Holy Sacrifice by uniting yourself with My Offering, with My intentions and with My own Self in Holy Communion.  When you ‘touch’ Me, you touch, also, something of the joy of Heaven, and you approach the depth and the breadth of My Divine Glory.




T:192                  Never let the plain sight of your sinfulness keep you away from Me.  As you kneel before Me in prayer, in all your weakness, conscious of your faults, you are like a beggar in rags before Me, Who am sinless. Yet, I love you, in your rags! I love you truly, with great warmth, tenderness and affection! (WC:192)

T:193         #1     Reach out in prayer, through Me, to those who have died.  It is through and “in” Me that you find the dear faithful departed, since they now live with Me.  All their loving thoughts towards you, and all your prayers for them, find a channel in Me, Jesus, Who have brought together earth and Heaven. (WC:193)

T:193         #2     Think about your nearness to Me.  How thin is the ‘veil of Unknowing’ which separates earth from Heaven.

T:194         #1     Long to do My Will, and to pray as I permit.  I delight in your love and courage as you bear humiliations for My sake.  “Just keep on like this”;  I am preparing you to ‘bring’ Me to others.

T:194         #2     Persevere in love.  Empty yourself of self-interest. 

T:194         #3     Put aside your fears, and beg the help of My Holy Spirit as you pray trusting prayers with a sincere heart.  Then I will give you My gift of silent prayer and contemplation whenever I choose.

T:194         #4     Recognise the connection between daily work and contemplation.  Whenever you consent, in the yearnings and acts of your daily life, to love Me above all, then you consent, too, to receive the gifts of true prayer - whenever I might choose to offer them.  So, time after time, you are gathered secretly, silently and unknowingly into Our prayer: the prayer of the Holy Trinity.  You are thus One with Us in love and worship, even now in your life on earth.

T:195         #1     Confide in Me, wherever you are.  I am your ‘home’ in which you can always find rest, in any and every circumstance.

T:195         #2     Believe in My concern for you.  Just as I was present at each moment in your past - whatever the pain or confusion in your life - so I am present now.  I am alive, here, now!  I am your Friend and Comforter.


                           YOUR VOCATION.


T:195         #3     Be patient even with yourself.  My splendour shines brightly through your gaping ‘wounds’ - that is, through your painful acceptance of your weakness.  Furthermore, your every repentance, after sinning, causes those ‘wounds’ to gape still more.  It is truly in your weakness and ‘transparency’ that My brilliance can shine through the marks which have been made upon your soul by your sacrifices. (WC + OIL:195)

T:195         #4     Co-operate with My great work.  For as long as you stand before Me, patient and repentant, accepting your soul’s scars and confessing your weakness, I will be shown forth by you to others.  Your soul can be compared to stained glass, which is made truly beautiful only by the Light which shines through it, even though the glass appears complete and adequate when first seen in dim surroundings.

T:195         #5     Long for true beauty, which lies not in physical beauty which, though admirable, will not last for ever, but in the beauty of My grace within the soul.

T:196                  (Private)

T:197                  Offer praise to Me for everything beautiful or good in Creation - visible or invisible - and for every grace.  Whenever you do so, you give glory to Me and cause My Saints and My Holy Angels to laugh for joy.  They echo every sweet word of prayer which you have made in faith and in love.

T:198         #1     Value friendships: the true friendships which are a gift from Me.  Accept the joy they bring you.  True friends help one another, spurring one another onwards in the love of Myself, your Saviour.  My Love binds friends together.

T:198         #2     Let Me guide you in your friendships.  Turn to Me in prayer with any and every worry, and let Me guide your heart and conscience.

T:198         #3     Offer thanks for good friendships.  But accept all the partings and separations which I ask you to bear, either for your good or for the good of others.

T:199         #1     Take part in the Holy Mass, and cling - by your heart’s desires - to My great Act of Sacrifice, as I offer My whole Life to the Father.  I pray in your midst, My arms outstretched in self-offering.

T:199         #2     Believe in My triumph. I am alive, and victorious! My Presence in the Blessed Sacrament is glorious and splendid - as is My Holy Sacrifice on the altar.

T:199         #3     Reflect on the self-offering which I make eternally, as I intercede both for the living and the departed.  See, in My Sacrifice,  the proof of My Love, and the depth of My humility. (WC:199)

T:200                  Accept My encouragement by clinging to Me, in trust.  I cannot help you if you will not turn to Me, or if you forget to approach Me.

T:201         #1     Cling to Me in My Passion, in your distress, when a terrible experience leaves you in turmoil.

T:201         #2     Offer all your sufferings - and even fear itself - as a prayer of reparation.

T:202                  Believe in My Love for  all people - for “you too!”  My Love is personal and tender, yet I wish to ‘form’ you and make you beautiful, and this is achieved through trials and storms.


206,207,208       (Private)




T:209        #1     Believe that all your sufferings and trials can be fruitful.

T:209        #2     Bear your burdens bravely.  It is good to bear all things patiently - even temptations - for My sake and for the Glory of the Father.

T:209        #3     Take comfort from the knowledge that your sufferings will be fruitful.   The more you grow like Me in love, shaped and tested by suffering, the more you can stay close to Me, holding My wounded hands, pleading with Me before the Father.  Many people will benefit from the prayers which you offer, prayers which are united to Mine. (WC:209)


T:210         #1     Show your trust in Me.  I delight in honesty and frankness.

T:210         #2     Peacefully and frankly confess your faults to Me, and ask for My help.  I admire such a trusting approach towards Me.

T:211         #1     Offer worthy praise to the Father, through My Holy Sacrifice.  As you pray here before the altar, you join in the glorious, blissful and eternal praise now being given to the Father in Heaven.

T:211         #2     Believe in My Love and power.  At the glorious celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Heaven and earth are united in one Sacrifice of praise, offered through Me, your Saviour, with bliss and gaiety and Light.  I gave My life for you; and I make My Offering still. I am Risen, and joyful now, Really Present before you.

T:212         #1     Allow Me to console you.  It is not wrong to recall to mind My tender words and instructions.

T:212         #2     Thank me for all happy experiences, whether in prayer or ‘outside’.  All good gifts are truly from the Source of all good: from Myself, your Lord and Creator.

T:212         #3     Rejoice in happy memories of My past kindnesses, and so encourage yourself in your present weakness.

T:213         #1     Don’t bring sadness upon yourself by your impatience, anxiety, foolish plans and silly ideas.  “What a muddle!”

T:213         #2     Stop rushing ahead!  I love and admire you when you are simply struggling to love and serve Me amidst your weaknesses and difficulties.

T:213         #3     Wait, sometimes, until you are confident of knowing and following My Will in these comparatively minor matters.  Act like a mountaineer who, sometimes, must sit quietly until the mist clears.  Yet remember that I am near you even if a ‘mist’ seems to hide Me at present. (WC:213)

T:214                  (Private)



T:215         #1     Be glad that I came to earth to help wounded and sinful people.  I conquered My terror on earth, knowing that by My Presence, example, atonement and triumph I could change lives, save souls and open up a Way to Heaven.

T:215         #2     Praise Me for the marvel of the Holy Sacrifice of the altar.  Through it, thousands of persons in every generation are present to My One Holy Sacrifice, once offered by Me during My Holy Passion and Death, and now offered in your presence. (WC: 215)

T:215         #3     Never forget the Wounds which I bear.  Your Love for me is sincere, and therefore you can understand that no-one who is truly aware of My Love and of her own sinfulness could fail to do penance for wounding Me, the Divine Saviour. 

T:216         #1     Consider the price which I paid for your comfort and salvation.  I, through Whom all things were made, consented to be made an outcast.  I was tortured, mocked and killed.  My holy Mother stood by Me, full of faith in her darkness, yet pierced to the heart. (WC + OIL:216B*)

T:216         #2     Mourn My death, yet rejoice in My Work.  My Blood - poured out for you in My Passion - was poured out as something wonderfully healing; yet I can never die again; I live in Glory now, where My Saints share in My triumph. (WC:216A)

T:217                  Count yourself blessed, that you can be present at the Holy Sacrifice.  As you praise Me with My Angels and Archangels, you bow before the Saviour Who once died but Who now offers that Holy Sacrifice from the altar. I stand before you, Risen and Glorious. (WC:217)

T:218                  Think about My Love for you.  I died for you gladly!  I Who am both God and man, and Who was tempted just as you are tempted, could not leave you ensnared and helpless.  I bore the pains of My Passion with a glad Heart, because of my Love for you. (WC: 218*)

T:219         #1     Rely on Me; I am the “bridge” which is your way to salvation; I am “Alpha and Omega” - your Light.  Here before you in the Holy Sacrifice, in  this Easter celebration, I am triumphant; I am alive in the Love and Life of the Father, united with My Spirit.  We live united, as One Lord: the Holy and glorious Trinity.

T:219         #2     Look with eyes of faith upon the Holy Mysteries.  Here before you, during the Holy Sacrifice, is Majesty, Glory and Salvation.

T:220                  Listen to My plan for you, which is that - through you - I will draw many thousands of people towards Myself.  I know that your heart is entirely mine, and so I permit you to live to give Me Glory, despite your past wickedness.

T:221-225           (Private)




T: 226        #1     Understand the power of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  I, Jesus, am Really Present, praying before you.  Our Offering is One, by which I mean that My Offering of Myself, and your offering of yourself to the Father, when united and offered together at the Holy Mass, are one. The prayers of all who pray devoutly at the Holy Mass are offered by Me to the Father as one prayer!

T:226         #2     “Don’t be afraid.”  Offer all your trials and sufferings to the Father through your willed, conscious and prayerful union with Me, during the Holy Sacrifice.

T:226         #3     Accept your tremendous role, at the Holy Sacrifice.  As I make My prayer from the altar, offering My Holy Sacrifice through My priest, My Wounds, united with your ‘wounds’ and weakness, arise as if forming one “heart and plea” for the good of all, and for the Father’s Glory.

T:227         #1     Long for humility.  All that is good within your life is done only through My inspiration and My power.

T:227         #2     Pursue humility.  It is within your power to choose to stay close to Me and close to My Wounds, accepting your own wounds and weaknesses, knowing that you know nothing - except whatever I permit you to know; this is humility.

T:228         #1     Be content to do simple work for Me in your simple daily life.  Your soul is like a little ‘hut’, not a “palace”,  yet I use you even now to “shelter” those whom I send along to you to receive comfort or nourishment - which is all provided by Myself!  I will make the “hut”, eventually, a “palace”. (WC:228)

T:228         #2     Consider the wonder of “life-in-union”.  It is because you now live “in Christ” that you now go freely in and out of My gracious presence, and in and out of the presence of My Holy Mother and of My Holy Angels and Saints, as you go from prayer to work, and from work back again to prayer, with an ease which is pure gift and is not of your doing.

T:229         #1     Reflect on the Holy Sacrifice.  The Offering which I make of Myself, in Love, to the Father, is eternal.  The Sacrifice which is offered on the altar is the same Sacrifice as that which was once offered by Me on Calvary. (WC + OIL:229)

T:229         #2     Unite yourself with Me, your Lord, in the Sacrifice of the Mass.  Know that it is for this that you were born: to be united, ”in” Me, to the Father, “ in” the Holy Spirit, in Love.

T:229         #3     All who take part in My Holy Sacrifice should examine their hearts, as if to ask: “Am I changed by Christ’s Sacrifice?  Do I mourn His Wounds, or do I turn away from Him?”


T:230A     #1     Unite your prayers to My prayer, at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  Make My intentions your own, as I stand amongst you, offering My Sacrifice on your behalf. Light pours upon Me from Heaven; it pours upon all who pray in union with Me. (WC + OIL:230A)

T:230A     #2     Don’t be sad when you leave the church after the Holy Mass.  You need not regret not being present at Mass at every moment of the day!  After the holy exchange of gifts, and after the Holy Sacrifice is offered, My Offering  to the Father, in My Spirit, is eternal.

T:230A     #3     Be aware of your marvellous role.  You who are close to Me re-join My Offering at every moment that you choose, wherever you unite yourself with It, in spirit. Through Me, your prayer rises to the Father continually.  Day and night, somewhere in the world, the Holy Sacrifice is being offered.  Space and time cannot hold you back from real union with My Offering of Myself.


T:230B               Have no doubts about following My inspirations.  I Who dwell within your soul and Who guide and draw you towards the all-holy Father am Jesus Christ your Lord, and My Way is sure.  It is the Way of surrender and self-sacrifice, faith and love and humility.  It is by living in self-sacrifice, love and humility that you prove that you are led by Me, Jesus, and that you are not following a false teacher.

T:231                  Bring Me to others.  Through your union with Me you can give them My love, comfort and joy, from within your own words, conversations and actions.


                           HEAVENLY COMPANY.


T:232                  Believe in My Love for you.  I am a kind and tender Lord.  I delight in giving you joy, even coming to you on earth in the Blessed Sacrament.  With Me, I bring Heavenly music  and the joy of My Saints and  My holy Angels.

T:233                  (Private)

T:234         #1     Have faith in Me.  I have given you many loving helpers.  You are assisted and encouraged not only by Myself but by the whole court of Heaven: the Saints and the Holy Angels.

T:234         #2     Believe in your Heavenly friends.  The Saints and the Holy Angels are full of compassion and tenderness for you who have not yet reached the end of your struggles to be faithful. Listen to their encouraging words: “We all want to help you along.”

T:235                 (Private)

T:236                  Let Me bring sweet fruit out of your ‘emptiness’. It is true that you have much suffering to bear, but by this ’hallowing’, I make a home for Myself within your heart.


                           SPIRITUAL TRAINING.


T:237         #1     Live in hope.  I work great and holy achievements in the life of one who has made sacrifices out of love for Me.  I honour such a person.  I crown her with gifts and graces, whether or not those gifts will be seen and recognised by other people.

T:237         #2     Never regret the sacrifices which you have made for My sake.  By your sacrifices, new depths have been ‘excavated’ within your soul.  There now exists a plain foundation, ready for Me to build on, as I Will.

T:237         #3     Believe in My Love for you.  All your loving acts for Me have been worthwhile, and  will be rewarded.

T:237         #4     Put your trust in Me.  I cannot abandon anyone who sacrifices her life in My service.

T:238,239           (Private).

T:240                  Live in hope.  I forgive your sins and give you Mercy, yet “I will give you more than mercy.” I have many more gifts to give you, now and always.  I delight in showering you - as if with fresh perfumed blossom - with love, joy and refreshment. (WC:240)

T:241         #1     Turn away from “self” in order to speak clearly and simply to others about things which are true and important.  Self-consciousness is a hindrance.

T:241         #2     Put your trust in the Father.  He Who wants you to speak out, bravely, about Me, His Divine Son and about My Holy Church, cannot fail to give you everything which you need in order to do His work.

T:242         #1     Consider your friendship with Me.  It is because you are now united to Me that you have such freedom in prayer, and that you can pray even on the “threshold” of Heaven.  I am the Door, and it is “in” Me that you are free to come and go, to and from the Heavenly Company of Saints and Holy Angels, in true perpetual work and worship. (WC: 242)

T: 242        #2     Give thanks for your privileged life.  Even in this life you can sit on the “edge” of Heaven, in prayer, praising Me for grace and mercy.




T:243         #1     Don’t worry about your experiences in prayer.  “Haven’t I shown you enough?!” Since that which you learn is genuinely good - is in accordance with the faith as taught by My Holy Church and believed by Saints - you can remind Yourself that all good things come from Me, your Saviour, Who am Truth and goodness.

T:243         #2     Don’t be afraid.  You do well to be cautious, but, truly, it is My Spirit Who teaches you good things about Me.  Someone like yourself who is content to pray in order to please Me and who does not run after new experiences, and who longs only to live according to My Will, is unlikely to be deceived during prayer. (WC:243)

T:244,245           (Private).

T:246                  Believe that it is I, Jesus, Who am training you for Mission. The desires which I have planted in your heart will be fulfilled.  Like Me, you will suffer and will intercede for others.  You will be glorified, to be a beacon shining with the Light of truth, for the comfort of many people, and for Our Glory, the Glory of the Holy Trinity.

T:247         #1     Believe in My great Love for you.  I admire all your sincere attempts to please Me, and I am not astonished by your little failings. ”Don’t worry.”

T:247         #2     Respond to My invitation in Holy Communion.  I long to give peace and refreshment to you and to all of My friends.  “Come and rest here,” in My company.

T:248         #1     Treasure the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  From the altar, I triumphantly defeat evil and “break through” to everlasting bliss and glory.  I Who am true God and true man have made a Way in which you can follow.

T:248         #2     Remember who your Companions are, at worship, and imitate them.  All the Saints in Heaven greet My Act of self-offering in the Holy Mass with both joy and awe.

T:248         #3     Believe in My presence with you.  I am faithful.  I will remain with you, however prolonged your struggles and however severe your trials.

T:249         #1     Don’t be anxious about the work which I have given you to do.  It is a great privilege to be allowed to serve Me, and you ought to rejoice in it, despite various difficulties.  I will grant you perseverance.

T:249         #2     Live in hope.  I will reward you in the presence of others for the lonely and unnoticed sacrifices which you have made for My sake.

T:250         #1     Look upon sufferings as a cause for gratitude - but only because you can do far more than simply endure them.  Through your patience in suffering you can become more like Me - and, also, you can benefit My Body, the Church.

T:250         #2     Offer thanks to Me that you can follow My Way of obedience and suffering - which is the safest way and the most blessed and fruitful.

T:251         #1     Don’t think that I leave you alone with the pains and humiliations which you bear for love of Me.  “We will carry all this together”, minute by minute.  I am helping you in all your trials.

T:251         #2     Allow Me to help you to carry your burdens.  I am with you even when you don’t feel My presence,  but I can’t help you if you will not turn to Me.  I permit you real freedom.

T252                   Believe in the tender love which My Mother Mary has for you and for all your “brothers and sisters”.

T:253         #1     Be reverent before the altar.  There, My Precious Blood of the Covenant is truly offered to the Father, in your presence.

T:253         #2     Be grateful for all that I have done for you and am doing for you now.  It is truly by My Sacrifice that you are purified and made fit for Heaven.

T:253         #3     Follow My inspiration and entrust your whole life to Me, more thoroughly.  Entrust yourself body and soul, and entrust your  friends and your family.

T:254                  (Private).

T:255         #1     Follow My inspiration and invite Me to use you - your life, work and prayer - as I have always intended, for your good and for the good of others, and for My Glory.




T:255         #2     Listen to Me calling you by your name; be happy, “Lizzie!” Rejoice in your freedom. Having freely consented to do My Will - though prompted and helped by My grace - you are now completely free, and are no longer enslaved by your own ideas, hopes and ambitions.

T:256                  Reflect on the meaning of My love for you.  I Who truly love you am delighted by your determination to fight against all temptation.  I know your heart, and I see all your struggles.  I will support you in your battles against sin until the moment of your death.

T:257                  (Private).

T:258         #1     Accept the apparent ‘failure’ of your  life on earth.  I, too, seemed to be a failure. But just as My perfect obedience was rewarded by My being lifted up and glorified, so it can be for you, also.

T:258         #2     Let Me lead you through your pains and humiliations in the peace of My Spirit.  Through your union with Me, and through the power of My Holy Spirit, I will present you to the Father.

T:259         #1     Look upon prayer as a gift from Us, and as something wonderful worked within you  by Us: the Three Divine Persons of the Most Holy Trinity.  We are at work during your prayer - One God,  acting within your soul, loving and welcoming.  Every Christian prayer involves Our Life and action: the action of  the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

T:259         #2     Thank Me for My special gifts.  By My Will, I can lift your soul as if spiralling into eternity, in the ‘dance’ of all who live in Love: the dance of the Saints and the Holy Angels. (WC: 29)

T:259         #3     Thank Me for the peace, joy and Light of contemplation.  These gifts can be found in no other way than through My gift of true union in prayer.

T:260                  Notice how lavishly I reward all your sincere little efforts to please Me - especially when you have been to ‘Reconciliation’ and Holy Communion. Truly, I reward you lavishly, in the presence of My Saints and Holy Angels, even if you are not always aware of My generosity.

T:261                  Believe in My great Love for you.  “You must believe that all the time.”  Your faith in Me ought to be constant and ever-increasing, since, here and always, My Love for you is real, tender, and reliable.

T:262         #1     Don’t let frailty hold you back from service.  “Love people”, for My sake.  You please Me by your tiny good acts as well as by apparently great triumphs.  Every small, good act or thought or prayer is valuable.  When faithfully done, such things are better than greater tasks badly done, and better than foolish unfulfilled dreams of tremendous acts.

T:262         #2     Be content to serve Me in whatever way of life I permit you to follow.

T:262         #3     Do whatever good things are possible, and refrain from dreaming about the tasks which you can’t manage.

T:263,264,265    (Private).




T:266        #1     Turn away from doubt and despondency.  Don’t become depressed through thinking about past sins.

T:266        #2     Have confidence.  Be joyfulLet Me reassure you of our friendship.  You can say, gladly, that “The Lord has set you firm within His Church.”  One who strives for truth, charity and obedience - through faith in Me, and by clinging to My Church - can be sure that she is on a safe path.

T:266        #3     Continue to trust in Me.  I hear your prayer and I speak to your heart.


T:267         #1     Rejoice at the thought of My joy in Heaven, even if your pains and struggles tempt you to turn away from Me, towards self-absorption.

T:267         #2     Rejoice daily and hourly in the knowledge of My presence within your soul. Let your faith assure you of this, whatever you are suffering.

T:267         #3     Submit wholeheartedly to My Will, in everything.

T:268                  (Private).

T:269                  Follow My inspiration, and repeat your ‘fiat!’ - your cry of consent, of ‘let it be done!’ - to every indication of My Will.

T:270         #1     Trust in Me, worrying about nothing, even when I have difficult tasks for you to do or when I confront you with others and require you to speak on My behalf.

T:270         #2     Continue to trust in Me, for My sake and for the sake of My Kingdom.

T:270         #3     Let your words and silences reflect more than ever before the gentleness and innocence of true faith, whether you speak with neighbours, bishops, milkmen or consultants!

T:271                  Come to Me, the ‘Source’, for good things.  All good things - gifts, guidance, wisdom and knowledge - come through Me, Jesus.  It is I Who teach you what I wish you to know.  “If you know Me, you know everything.”  (WC:271)

T:272                  (Private)

T:273                  Find true security in Me.  “Here I am whenever you turn to Me.”  I always reward your love and devotion, even if not with the same evident swiftness as today.  No true prayer is unheard.

T:274                  (Private).


                           THE “HOLY FAMILY”.


T:275        #1     Draw close to Me in prayer, and close to My Mother and St. Joseph, wbo are greeting you.

T:275        #2     Rejoice that My radiance no longer causes you pain.

T:275        #3     Be joyful. I, your Saviour, have much to teach you, and so I welcome you now, revealing to you a glimpse of the Glory of Heaven, where I live with Mary My Mother, and also with St Joseph. Each one of us, each member of the ‘Holy Family’, is radiant, beautiful and joyful. (WC + OIL:275)

T:275        #4     Rejoice in the privileges which you enjoy during prayer.  I wish you to share our joy and Glory.

T:275        #5     Make sure that My holy Mother occupies an important place in your life.  “When you look at Mary, you see Me.”  Every one of the true and good spiritual characteristics or virtues which has been noted in My holy Mother is also true of Me, her Divine Son.

T:275        #6     Turn to My Mother.  She can be loved and imitated.  She gives you comfort.

T:275        #7     Rely on My Mother.  She and I both long for your joy.

T:275        #8     Remember that I come from My Mother.  No mother can be more tender than I!

T:275        #9     Have faith in Me, and trust in My Mother, Mary.  United with Me, she comforts you, and she prays all your prayers, that is, she offers your good prayers through Me to the Father.

T:275        #10   Marvel at the glory and power which I have given to My Mother and to Saint Joseph.  Marvel at the wonder of intercession - My Mother’s intercession, and Saint Joseph’s, and yours!  I have given tremendous power to those who pray for others.

T:275        #11   You must pray even in your weakness; that is of no account to Me when I listen to your prayers.

T:276        #1     Be confident, in prayer.  You glide trustingly in the depths of My Love, during your prayers and pleadings.


T:276         #2     Be confident about My care of you.

T:276         #3     Wait patiently, in times of trouble.  Learn to live within My embrace, through prayer.  Let Me wholly enfold you.  Glide and turn with ease, in My ‘waters’, and rest in Me, just like swimmers beneath the surface of the ocean, during surface storms.  (WC + OIL:276)

T:276         #4     Put your trust in Me. As you face the various trials and upheavals of your life, I have every sympathy for the agitated thoughts and emotions which I know you cannot entirely control.

T:277         #1     Trust in your Holy Angel, who accompanies you everywhere.

T:277         #2     Offer a continual sacrifice of praise to the Father, everywhere, your pains united with My sufferings, in loving intercession for everyone in your heart.

T:278         #1     Don’t be so awe-struck by My power and Glory that you are paralysed with fright! I can help you at every stage of your spiritual journey and in every duty.

T:278         #2     Follow Me, the sure Guide, as you travel towards the Father in the darkness of your earthly Life.  I am the Friend Who saved you, and I am your true Mediator now.

T:278         #3     Look upon Me as the One Who protects you - during your earthly journey - from the blinding light of the Father’s holiness.  I am the ‘shield’ Who protects you from the Father’s Glory. (WC:278)

T:278         #4     Rely on Me.  I will enable you to become strong enough to bear the ‘weight’ of the Father’s Glory.  Without sufficient preparation and purification, you would experience Divine Light and beauty as overpowering torment.

T:278         #5     Remember that all the work which I do within your soul is done from love.  The soul which is unprepared and which is not perfectly purified would be blinded by the Light of Heaven.  That is why you should cling to Me.  I am your Way and your Guide.  I will enable you to look joyfully into Heaven’s Light, at the end of your journey.

T:278         #6     Put your entire trust in Me, and consent to your purification.  I can enable you to experience Divine Glory as bliss rather than burden - in the everlasting joy of Heaven.

T:278         #7     Put your entire trust in Me, even though I might keep your soul in quietness, or in ignorance of My plans, until your spiritual training is completed.

T:279                  Be reverent towards every glorious person whom I have created. Whatever the apparent faults or failings of others, they deserve your respect and love, since I made them. They are so precious to Me that I have given them Holy Angels to guard them. (WC + OIL:279)

T:280                  (Private).




T:281                  Dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to life within Us: the Most Holy Trinity.  Make this offering for Our Glory, and for the comfort of your neighbour.

T:282         #1     Unite your prayers and intentions to My prayers whenever you worship.  The Father cannot refuse the prayers which are offered during the Holy Sacrifice of Mass by Me, Jesus Christ, Who am gloriously Present.  As I pray, you join Me, in our loving union of mind, heart and will.

T:282         #2     Remember your loving Companions.  My Saints and My Holy Angels rejoice in your prayers and in your faith, especially touched by your courage amidst struggles.  They greet with triumph, joy and love even a few words uttered in My Name, for example: a simple “Heavenly Father!”  repeated in your struggles.

T:282         #3     Obey My inspiration, and beg Me for purity of heart, mind, body and soul. To live in true purity is to act with truth and love in everything, and to have a pure intention in every thought.

T:283, 284, 285  (Private).

T:286         #1     Remember the ultimate goal of all your efforts, as you co-operate with My grace. I wish to draw you into a life of bliss in Heaven, a life where you can be ‘suspended’ in Love, in Divine Life, in the Life of the Three Divine Persons.  Yet even on earth I can grant you a taste of this joy.

T:286         #2     Ask whether anyone can out-do Me in kindness, when even upon sinful people I lavish My graces, and the tender care of My Holy Mother, with the comfort of the Holy Angels and the encouragement of My Saints in Glory!

T:287, 288, 289  (Private).

T:290         #1     Stay close to Me, in trust and love, now that you have been reconciled.  I know and understand your frailty and imperfection, and know that you could not bear deliberately to offend Me.

T:290         #2     Don’t worry about things which have long ago been confessed to Me through My priest, and which therefore I have forgiven and forgotten. “All that is of no account.”

T:290         #3     Be confident, knowing that you are living “in” My Love.

T:290         #4     Allow Me to ‘embrace’ you in prayer, and to lift you into My own Heavenly prayer, which is welcomed by the Father.  Freed from sin and anxiety, you can follow Me to the heart of the Most Holy Trinity.  (WC:290)

T:290         #5     Follow My inspiration and make a sincere offering to Me of all that you are and all that you have.  This is how you can most perfectly pray My prayer, love with My Love and want whatever I want.

T:290         #6     Co-operate with My work within you.  It is through your love and self-sacrifice that you permit Me to lift you to the heart of My Divine Life, in prayer. (WC:290)




T:291         #1     Rejoice that, through your accepted sufferings, you have at last made reparation for your sins, and have offered atonement, also, for everyone ever harmed by your invitation or example.  I invite you to rejoice because - as you have discovered -contrition and penance lead, inevitably, to joy.

T:291         #2     Follow My inspiration and surrender, entirely, to Divine Love.  My Love - the Love of the Most Holy Trinity - is like a torrent of joy which engulfs the soul who has abandoned every hope except the hope of pleasing Me.

T:292         #1     Look upon Me with joy rather than apprehension!  I am a ‘dancing’ God who delights in your love, your courage and your loving sacrifices.  Life, delight, gladness, beauty and Glory are all found within Me.

T:292         #2     Offer Me the pains and trials of your daily life, and - by your patience - comfort Me in My Passion.  Through our union, you will thus enable Me to comfort you in your pains.

T:293         #1     Obey My inspiration.  Love and accept My Will in everything.

T:293         #2     Live in hope.  It is through living My Life and loving My Will that you walk in a ‘garden of delight’ which would be unknown to you in any other way.

T:294         #1     Admire whatever is good in other persons.

T:294         #2     Show your gratitude to Me for all goodness and beauty.

T:294         #3     Delight in the beauty of human beings, beauty which is a reflection of the beauty of  Myself, the Creator, from Whom you receive every part of your being.


T:294         #4     Reveal your heart to Me, through Whom everything is made.  From Love, I shared fully in your humanity, and I know and understand your delight in physical beauty. Be at peace.




T:295         #1     Give your consent to whatever ‘crucifixion’ awaits you, as you follow wherever I lead you.  Those who consent to be ‘crucified’ can comfort Me in My Passion.

T:295         #2     Don’t run away from sacrifice and affliction.

T:295         #3     Be brave and patient and, thus, comfort My Heart.

T:296         #1     Surrender your heart to me and to My wishes.  Thus, you will have a peaceful heart.  You will live in simplicity - no longer anxious about your own will being done.

T:296         #2     Become like dough in My hands.  In all areas of uncertainty in your life, ‘areas’ outside the guide-lines of obvious duty, you can please Me best and remain most peaceful by being like dough: flexible and passive, as I knead and mould you according to My supremely wise and appropriate design.

T:296         #3     Consent to My Will.  You can learn to respond to each person, event, enquiry, or apparent “accident” as a way of paying attention to My Will for you at every moment.

T:297                  (Private).

T:298         #1     Obey My inspiration, and abandon your whole life to Me.

T:298         #2     Be willing to accept dishonour or praise, pain or cure, darkness or light. You can give Me no greater proof of friendship than to want only what I want.  When your desires are the same as Mine, our hearts are one.

T:299, 300 (Private).

T:301         #1     Live for My purposes and for My Will.  Say to Me: “Yes, here I am”, and thus cause Me, in one sense, to be “born” here, again and again.  You make Me more gloriously and effectively present in your soul and therefore in the world whenever you surrender your ambitions, to permit the fulfilment of My plans.

T:301         #2     Abandon yourself entirely to My Will, and so more surely love others with My Love, bring them towards Me and enable Me to wrap them in My care and My mercy.

T:302A      #1     Strive for complete union with Me.  If you are so transformed into Me by your unity with Me of love, will, mind, heart and life, then the Father, looking at you, will see Me, Christ, Whom He cannot fail to accept, and He will draw you into His Heavenly Kingdom.

T:302A      #2     Look upon all your sufferings as a sharing in My crucifixion - as you freely make reparation for your sins and for the sins of others. (WC + OIL:302)

T:302A      #3     Make every effort to be brave, and to suffer patiently, in imitation of Myself. I love you deeply, and I look tenderly upon you, full of admiration for your virtues. I stand beside you, upholding you in your sufferings.

T:302B      #1     “Don’t worry, Lizzie,” about your temptations and torments, when your will is fixed wholeheartedly on trying to please Me.  “You’re so much a part of Me that nothing can separate us.”

T:302B      #2     Keep on fighting against sin and striving for holiness - and be at peace, confident of the love of Me, your Saviour.




T:303                  Don’t be ashamed of revealing all your silly faults to Me.  I use even sinful people for My work.  Yet, I love you, and I work in and through your weaknesses.


T:304                  Follow My inspiration, and resolve to live and to die in joy, in order to show to others the joy which I give to you, and which I give to all who trust in Me.




T:305         #1     Obey My inspiration, and turn to Me for guidance, in your helplessness.

T:305         #2     Follow My ‘Way’, delighting in My Will.

T:305         #3     Want only whatever I want for you.

T:305         #4     Do gladly only that which I permit, at each moment.

T:305         #5     Never regret not being able to do the things which - through My Will, expressed in your particular circumstances - you are unable to do.

T:305         #6     Accept and ‘absorb’ your frailty and helplessness.  Be grateful for the opportunity you have of showing your love for Me by being patient in every circumstance and by accepting My Will for you.

T:305         #7     Be glad that the union of your will with My Will can - through the Merits of My Sacrifice - be the cause of My Will being done in others.  Your union with Me draws grace upon others.

T:305         #8     Do My Will fervently and frequently, simply for love of Me.   You will find that,  more frequently, I will do what you want.

T:306         #1     Offer any and every feeble prayer to the Father, in My Name, confident that I am “making” a perfect prayer out of your inadequate offering.  I ‘clothe’ your prayer in My Merits.

T:306         #2     Be confident in prayer.  However inadequate you are, your prayer “in” Me is made whole and holy by Me, as it is offered to the Father.  It is just as if a skilfully-decorated but broken object were to be fused with another substance, in being repaired.  It would become beautiful, gleaming like gold in its renewed state, all ‘gaps’ filled, the whole object now perfect and glorious. (WC:306)

T:307         #1     Be glad about your weakness, which means that you have a claim on Me, Who am bound to help you.

T:307         #2     Leave behind all thoughts of weakness, when I call you to the wordless joy and celebration which is My prayer of contemplation.  In such prayer, you can rest in Our Love, the embracing Love of the Three Divine Persons of the Most Holy Trinity. (WC:307)

T:308         #1     Reach out and ‘touch’ Me in prayer.

T:308         #2     By faith, unite yourself to Me in prayer and praise, in any circumstances, your eyes open or closed.  “You do not have to go inside” your soul in order to ‘find’ me.  My true presence with you is dependent upon neither your imagination nor your understanding.  My grace is not hampered by your limitations.

T:308         #3     Joyfully accept the truth that in our present union of love, I am here, with you.  Also, you truly live “in Me”, and in living “in Christ” you live in My Love.

T:309, 310          (Private).

T:311         #1     Don’t be anxious about possible self-deception and pride.  I Who lead you towards self-forgetfulness and joy - even in suffering - do not permit you to be deceived.

T:311         #2     Be bolder about sharing your faith and the joys of your faith with others, especially with your family, and with those bound to you by special ties of need or friendship.


                           A CHILD OF GOD.


T:312         #1     Reflect on the joy and privilege which is yours as you take part in the Holy Mass.  You are a member of My Church, in her Holy Worship, praying with Me for the whole world.

T:312         #2     Treasure the Holy Sacrifice, and thank Me for My work in your life, as I prepare you to take part in the Holy Mysteries.  Whether the congregation be large or small - and even with all your faults and failings - you are hallowed and made fit to praise the Father through Me, and to intercede for others.

T:312         #3     Be more generous towards Me.

T:312         #4     Imitate My Mother, whose surrender to grace, at the message of the Angel, was immediate and spontaneous, like a natural breath from her pure and undivided heart.

T:313                  (Private).


T:314                 Stay quietly ‘beside’ Me, throughout each day, in order to grow in resemblance to Me.  The more you resemble Me in sacrifice and in purity and in conformity to the Will of God our Father, throughout all suffering, and the more you stay quietly with Me in work and in prayer, one with Me in mind and heart and prayer, then the more fully will the Father use you for His Glory and for the comfort of your neighbours and the cause of Truth.


T:315                  Make an act of trust in My Love, and so ‘open’ your heart to receive My help. I long to reward you for all the difficult things which you bear for love of Me. My encouragement of you is ceaseless, yet you benefit from it only when you turn to Me in everything, at all times, in trust and humility.

T:316                  (Private).

T:317         #1     Obey My inspiration, and offer your whole self to Me - every moment, every action and every pain - to be ‘used’ in whatever way I wish.

T:317         #2     Reach up to the Invisible Father and intercede for others.  Every prayer made in My Name is welcomed by the Father.

T:317         #3     Obey My inspiration, and remain within your soul, close to Me, in My Passion.  Turn to Me, your loving Saviour, to “Jesus Wounded”.  Unite your prayers to Mine.  Together, we can look towards Heaven, and you can offer our pleas to the Father on behalf of others.

T:317         #4     Believe in your adoption.  You really are a “child of God”.  The more surely I am present on earth in you, and the more fully you really live on earth “in Me”, then the more surely is Heaven joined to earth - by My power - as if by a column of Light.  Thus, within your soul, I pray continuously to the Father. (WC + OIL:317)

T:317         #5     Don’t see your spiritual and bodily weakness as a hindrance.  I can help you to stay faithfully, quietly and peacefully beside Me - and to remain with Me in My Passion.  You can plead for others, in our united prayer to the Father; you can offer to Him the Merits of My Precious Blood - which was poured out for everyone whom you hold within your heart, indeed, poured out for the whole world.

T:317         #6     Rejoice in your friendship with Me. I delight in your efforts, as you prepare to take part in My Church’s worship.  All who take part can be made worthy to take part by confessing their sins and by leading a new life in Me, despite all remaining weakness and imperfection.

T:317         #7     Rejoice in your dignity.  Consider the majesty of those who are called to take part in My holy worship at Mass.  You reflect My own majesty and dignity as you stand, glorious with Me, your frailty clothed in gold.

T:317         #8     Follow My inspiration and offer yourself entirely to Me, for work or sacrifice, and for My Glory.  Meanwhile - continue with your usual work, grateful for all My gifts, and rejoicing in our friendship.