Teachings » Elizabeth Wang, Teachings from the Lord, T00318-T00644

This page contains a selection of Teachings that Elizabeth Wang received from the Lord in prayer over many years. They are in chronological order. For other selections please see the main TEACHINGS page here.


SECURITY                           THREE DIVINE PERSONS. 


T:318        #1     Rejoice that you live “in God”, wholly united to Us in heart, mind, and intentions, and now gathered up into the warming and enlightening movements of Our Love: the love of The Three Divine Persons.  In Us, the Holy Trinity, you are assured of love, grace and safety.  To live “in God” is to be ‘saturated’ with Our peace, and to be saturated also with knowledge from Us, within the Light in which We live, the Light in which We contemplate Our own Being.  (WC:318B)

T:318        #2     Learn something about Our Divine Life: God the Father holds all, in existence, and all lies within His Love.  I, Jesus, am your sweetest friend and lover.  My Spirit continually holds and soothes and strengthens you. (WC:318A)

T:318        #3     Be comforted by Our merciful care of you.  God the Father cools the burning pain of the two ‘spears’ - which are shame and fear - so that although they still pierce you as wounds and nails, they are softened by His kindness.  They will check your pride, even though in your pride, weakness and silliness you are wrapped in Our care, and loved.  (WC:318B)

T:318        #4     Submit joyfully to My wishes.  It is My loving Will that you stretch out your hand, as many do, across the Abyss between yourself and your beloved other-Christians, that is, between yourself and your spiritual brothers and sisters who are not in communion with My Holy Catholic Church.  You must welcome them with joyThe Abyss is very deep, but not wide, and they can step over.

T:318        #5     Rejoice at what you know of those of My other Christians whose souls are alight with My Light and Glory.

T:318        #6     Continue to welcome other Christians into your friendship and into your heart, and pray for their welfare.


T:319         #1     Obey My inspiration, and surrender everyone and everything in your life to Me.

T:319         #2     Let Me deliver you from fear.  Surrender all your beloved people into My keeping.




T:319         #3     Stay close to Me, and let Me use you to help others.  My grace, glowing within your heart is like a crystal there, refracting, and brilliantly warming and illuminating those to whom you turn.  They are caught in the “rays” of grace whose origin is in Me. (WC:319)

T:320         #1     Don’t fear praise, so long as you are happy to remain in obscurity or misunderstanding, and are happy to lean on Me, preferring to lead everyone to Me, the Source of all gifts.

T:321                  Don’t be afraid to share My gifts with others.

T:322                  (Private).


                           A WILLING VICTIM.


T:323        #1     Accept the immensity of the Sacrifice which I, your Saviour, have made because of My Love for you.  My Body on the Cross was like a curtain hanging before the Holy of Holies, which is Heaven.  When I was ‘pierced’ for your sins, a willing Victim, it was as though a curtain was torn aside - a curtain which blocked your way to Heaven. (WC + OIL:323)

T:323        #2     See what I have done for you by My sufferings.   Through My Sacrifice, you may now enter Heaven - even sinful persons like yourselves, when you have been made ready.

T:323        #3     Rejoice in your vocation.  However terrible your past sins, I Who have freed you from slavery can and will shine within you.  I will enable you to live for My Glory and even to bring others towards Me, through My grace.


T:324         #1     Don’t quail in the face of new sufferings, trials or misunderstandings.  I am your strength.

T:324         #2     Recall the difficulties through which I have held you so far, and resolve anew not only to cling to Me, but to remain light-hearted and at peace.




T:325         #1     Follow My inspiration, and turn to that priest in My Church whom I have placed beside you as a director.  You don’t follow a spiritual path alone on earth.  I can help you through My Church.

T:325         #2     Obey My wish that you reveal important spiritual matters to My priest, in private.  Submit yourself to the judgement and advice of one whom I have placed in authority over you, within My Church. I Myself can direct, rebuke or comfort you, through him.  This sure guidance will be the reward for your act of humility.

T:326         #1     Obey My wishes, and offer your fear and humiliation to Me, as a willing sacrifice.  I am at work in you, through these trials.  Because of your acceptance, I can work within your soul, as if burning and “stripping” it by the brilliance of My grace - which is like a purifying fire as it seems to burn away the soul’s entire interior.

T:326         #2     Ask for My help to endure this torment.  By My actions, and your humility, your “old self” - so tough and grimy - is being peeled away with your pride, in this new purification.

T:327         #1     Fearlessly proclaim truth.  Continue to say what I want you to say, and don’t worry about what anyone might be thinking about you.  My ‘opinion’ is all-important.

T:327         #2     Remember My care of you, and My power, as you do My Will.  Even before your birth, I had planned the work which I now wish you to undertake.  It is a unique vocation.

T:328         #1     Don’t be afraid to speak of your new task to those who need to know, if the time is right.

T:328         #2     Turn to Me to learn true wisdom.  There is no safer and wiser way of life than to live for the Father’s Glory, to love His Will, to say a wholehearted ‘fiat’ - ‘let it be done’ - and to abandon everything in your heart which might keep you from fulfilling My wishes.

T:328         #3     Be glad that I am delivering you from longings for human support, from an assortment of fears and from vain ambitions.

T:328         #4     Rejoice that you can entrust yourself wholly to My care amidst opposition or encouragement, in either health or sickness, and in living or dying.

T:329, 330          (Private).

T:331         #1     Be grateful for your privileged life “in” Me.  Heaven is “now”.  Where I reign, you ‘taste’ Heaven, even here in your ordinary life, your own country and in your own century.




T:331         #2     Follow My inspiration and invite Me to purify your soul further, to make you worthy of My work, My friendship, and My Heaven.

T:332                  (Private).

T:333                  Allow Me to make you “transparent” for Me, so that My Glory, shining through you, will proclaim My presence and My Love, for others.

T:334         #1     Be prepared to share with others the immeasurable joy which I sometimes give to you in Holy Communion. (WC:334)

T:334         #2     Take My joy ‘outwards’ to others, even whilst you are still living ‘within’ Me, yet are slipping between My bliss and your world with peaceful ease. (WC:334)

T:335         #1     Count it a grace that you can suffer for Me.  There is a purpose to all the suffering which I ask you to bear.

T:335         #2     Look upon yours as a privileged role  You, living as if “crucified”, can support Me - bloody and Crucified - in My pain and dereliction.  You and I, with scarred hands, can reach out together to the lowly and lonely, and hold and heal others in the depths of My upholding Love.

T:336                  (Private).

T:337                  Be joyful.  You and I are true friends, no longer master and servant.  By My Will - as you can see - I am raising you up to My joy and peace, and all barriers are gone. (WC:337)

T:338         #1     Follow My inspiration.  Choose to love and to be loving at every moment and in every circumstance, for love of Me, your Lord - no matter what the cost.

T:338         #2     Unite all pain, uncertainty and humiliation to the sufferings which I bore in My Passion.  It is through true, sacrificial love that you can ultimately find contentment.

T:339         #1     Look within your soul and see the work of My Holy Spirit.  Only by My power are your sinful desires overcome, are you joyful amidst humiliations, can you sacrifice pleasure, gladly, for the sake of obedience to Me, and can you be content to be ignored, scorned or kept waiting.

T:339         #2     Notice My work within you as I train you, through My Spirit’s power - little by little - to walk in My footsteps.

T:340                  (Private).

T:341         #1     Co-operate with My grace.  I Who give you joy in My Sacraments long to increase your joy, yet I cannot do so without your assistance.

T:341         #2     Turn your heart away from foolish imaginings or agitated thoughts about things which frighten you.  You will not conquer your fears all at once, but - by My grace - you will make progress.

T:342         #1     Make new efforts to assist Me in rooting out your worst failings.

T:342         #2     Notice how I have led you, tenderly, from one stage of your journey to the next,   even tailoring the route to your weakness.  Yet greater light is needed, even now, and even though you have been brought low, bit by bit, by both interior and exterior humiliations.

T:342         #3     Let My Light shine brightly within your soul.  Follow My inspiration and ask me for humility.

T:342         #4     Trust in Me.  Don’t fear the shame of thorough self-knowledge.  When you live and pray continuously in a state of true contrition, you will see Me more clearly than when you lived in a life given largely to independence and pride.

T:342         #5     Rejoice in My Love for you, and rejoice in our friendship.  “All is forgiven now.”  We are thoroughly reconciled.

T:343                  Have confidence in what you profess about the forgiveness of sins.  Act as though you believe what you say!  Allow Me to lift you up and to lead you onwards in peaceful friendship.

T:344                  (Private).

T:345                  (Non-existent)

T:346         #1     Obey My inspiration.  Entrust your heart, life and death to Me, and ask My Mother to help you.

T:346         #2     Rejoice that you can turn to the Holy Mysteries of My Church, in order to take part in the true worship through which I am given great Glory and you yourself are blessed and strengthened.  In the sanctuary, during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, all Heaven joins in the Divine Praise of the holy celebration.

T:347, 348          (Private).


                           OFFERING MY SACRIFICE.


T:349        #1     Learn how to pray with greater simplicity, praying through Me, Jesus Christ your Lord, Whose Sacrifice is offered on the altar.  You can say: “Father: here is Jesus. I am His.  He is everything I have for You.”

T:349        #2     Unite all your poor prayers to My prayer and Sacrifice.  By your union with Me, you truly pray My prayer, offer My Sacrifice, and entrust everything to the Father’s Love, in the love and power of My Holy Spirit.

T:349        #3     Never doubt that your prayer - made in My Name - is worthwhile and powerful.


T:350                  Grow accustomed to change, as you welcome Me, daily, in Holy Communion. By My Presence, I enlarge the “cavern” which is your soul. I pour My Light within it, and I bring you towards further change, and towards perfection. (WC + OIL:350)

T:351, 352          (Private).

T:353         #1     Be glad that you resemble Me a little, in enduring suffering.  Because of this resemblance, you can more easily hold onto Me, “Christ Crucified”, when you pray at the Holy Sacrifice, soaring in My offering to the Father, ‘united’ to Me by your wounds.

T:353         #2     Be grateful for whatever difficulties I allow to arise in your life, since it is by suffering that you are made more like Me.

T:353         #3     Remain patiently, hour by hour and day by day, as if standing at the foot of the Cross.  Say to Me, firmly: “May Your Will be done!” (WC:353)

T:354         #1     Accept My invitation to imitate My obedience; accept all that is permitted by the Will of the Father, no matter what others may think about you.

T:354         #2     Rest secure in the knowledge that I love you, here in your weakness, and that I remain close to you.

T:354         #3     Remember what I have endured for love of you: real, appalling and lonely suffering, during My act of total self-giving on Calvary.

T:354         #4     Imitate Me by willingly accepting your sufferings.  My self-offering on Calvary was perfect because of My perfect and loving obedience to the Father’s Will, wherever it led Me.

T:354         #5     Marvel at My generosity.  The very same perfect and obedient Sacrifice which - in agony - I offered on Calvary is now offered to the Father, in your presence, in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  (WC:354)


T:355         #1     Offer My Holy Sacrifice in reparation for sin; yet celebrate My Resurrection and Ascension.  Celebrate - with My Sacrifice - the joyful praise which I your Risen Lord now offer to the Father. I hold you firmly in My prayer and My peace, whilst the holy Angels dance in the great Praise which is offered in unity by all who worship “in Christ”.

T:355         #2     Become ever more closely united to Me, by offering every pang and pain, and every uncertainty and humiliation, through Me to the Father.  Offer them in reparation for your sins, in intercession for those who do not believe, and for the Glory of the Father Who made you.

T:356         #1     Accept the Father’s Will in everything, and offer your acceptance through Me, in praise, reparation and intercession.

T:356         #2     Unite your heart to My Heart - through your willing acceptance of the Father’s Will - and try to imitate My obedience and patience, and acceptance.  This will bring you true joy and fulfilment.

T:356         #3     Put your trust in Me.  Realise that you are resting in My Love, as if ‘curled up’ like a child in My arms, whether you are working, praying, or lying “wrapped” in pain.

T:356         #4     Accept every sort of nuisance, pain and embarrassment without protest, and offer each one through Me, to the Father, as a prayer.

T:356         #5     Transform your pains into “gold” which can enrich others.  Your unavoidable pains, when accepted out of love for Me, become a means of sacrifice and intercession. (WC:356)

T:356         #6     Rejoice at your wonderful work.  When you turn to Me in prayer, amidst your pains, and praise Me, a stream of Light pours from Heaven to earth and invisibly enfolds you.


                           MY CROSS.


T:357         #1     Meditate on My Holy Passion, as I pause before you, with My Cross resting upon My shoulder, as I walk towards the place of crucifixion.   “I did this for you.”  It was because of My great Love for you that I gave Myself in total self-offering, in the pure Sacrifice of the Cross.  (WC:357)

T:357         #2     Never forget that your sins were the cause of My sufferings.  Yet such is My Love for you that I gladly went to the extremes of torment and dereliction, even to such a death as crucifixion for love of you

T:357         #3     Remain in ‘one heart’ with Me, by being abandoned to the Father’s Will, for His praise and Glory, and by yearning and praying for a sharing in My purity - with the help of My Holy Mother.

T:357         #4     Be one ‘in heart’ with Me, living “in God, for God”, wrapped in Our Love: the Love of Three Divine Persons, one Lord.

T:358                  Meditate on My Passion.  My Heart felt as if it were “breaking”,  in Gethsemane; I was tempted to wonder if all that I was going to suffer would be wasted.  Yet I went on, knowing exactly what torments lay before Me.

T:359                  See how closely you are united with other people who love Me.  You who belong to Me are wrapped and encircled in My Spirit of Love, in one Sacrifice of praise to the Father, at Holy Mass.

T:360                  Renew your surrender to Me.  Again and again, say “Fiat” - “let it be done” - to all that I allow for your good and for My own purposes.




T:361         #1     Don’t turn aside from every conflict with others for the sake of a false peace.  To avoid speaking truthfully on important topics is to be cowardly.

T:361         #2     Entrust to My pure Love anyone whom you have a duty to correct.

T:361         #3     Speak frankly, but in private, if you are duty-bound to mention anyone’s wrong-doing, or to point out an injustice.  You may do this, on occasions when you sincerely believe it is necessary  for the sake of truth and justice - and for the good of souls.  Yet never forget that you too are a sinner.

T:361         #4     Follow My example and bear patiently whatever wrongs or injustices cannot be put right.  Don’t let your trials tempt you towards hatred or self-pity.

T:362         #1     Thank My Holy Spirit for even a little glimpse of His gifts.  All light and warmth are gifts from Him Who is astonishingly majestic and beautiful.

T:362         #2     Consider how little you see of My Spirit’s work within you.  Just as a volcano might burn a little or move a little - yet might do so without overflowing in the full torrent of its heat and its mighty power, so My Holy Spirit, in your hearts, might reveal His presence by a glimpse of His Light or warmth, even though His power within you is mightier than can be imagined.

T:362         #3     Put your trust in Me and ask the help of My Spirit.

T:363         #1     Imitate My example of service.  You can see that I help and comfort you, and refuse to let you complain that you are unworthy.  By My constant care of you and by My forgiveness of your sins, I show Myself to be truly loving.  You can do just the same for other people.

T:363         #2     Love and serve others with great tenderness and concern, as though each person were Myself. (WC:363)

T:364                  Cherish the presence of the Holy Saints, during the Holy Mass.  They gaze delightedly upon the radiant Light of the worship which is offered by My Church on earth.  As you pray, rank upon rank of Heavenly beings are praising Me in glory. (WC:364)


                           MY TRUE SACRIFICE.


T:365        #1     Imitate My true self-giving.  True sacrifice involves self-giving even to the last breath in your body.

T:365        #2     Reflect on My Sacrifice of Calvary.  My Precious Blood was poured out - brimming over - and was spilt for you.  My life ebbed away so that I could give you Eternal Life.

T:366        #1     Believe in Me, and in My prayer and My Holy Sacrifice.

T:366        #2     Be glad that you believe in Me, and that you belong to Me.

T:366        #3     Never doubt what My Holy Church teaches about me, in that I am truly, gloriously Present on the altar, after the Consecration, in all the splendour of My Divinity and power and light and beauty and energy.

T:366        #4     Live as if you could be “another Christ” on earth.  Those who suffer for love and who are most like Me, Christ, in their self-giving, are most easily able to ‘leap up’ to stay with Me in love and in prayer.  They and I so resemble one another that, through Me, they are drawn to the Father more easily than others who do not resemble Me so closely.

T:366        #5     Believe in My love, and in the power of My Holy Sacrifice.

T:366        #6     Rejoice at the marvel of My Offering.  All who are present at My Sacrifice, united in faith and joy within My Holy Church, are gathered up by My Spirit and are joined to Me, their risen Lord.  They are made a part of this glorious offering and union - an offering to the Father and a union with Him through Me, Jesus - the splendour of which cannot be imagined or described.

T:366        #7     Let all who are not “in Communion” be patient.  All who are not yet members of My Holy Church, or who are not yet united with her in faith and worship, yet who would take a handful of this Glory - by going to Holy Communion - must be

                           patient, and should ask Me to bring them into the unity of My holy family - by which I mean My holy People.

T:366        #8     Be joyful, even in suffering.  I am your Hope and Consolation, I Who descend to the altar.

T:366        #9     Be joyful.  During the Holy Sacrifice, you can be sure of being in My Presence.  I, Christ, am Present in the splendour of My humanity and My divinity, and the Sacrifice which I offer is perfect.  The love and joy of this holy Offering and acceptance is complete and blissful.  You can believe that God gives to God, in this Holy Sacrifice, perfect honour and perfect Love, in a bond of perfect joy.

T:366        #10   Consider the meaning of sacrifice.  You see before you, during the Holy Mass, an altar, a holy Sacrifice, and a Victim.  The “white fire” of sacrifice is consuming the Victim, which is to say: the pure, perfect, fiery and Divine Love of the Father “consumes” Me, Jesus, Victim, in our bond of perfect Love. (WC + OIL:366)

T:366        #11   Never doubt that what My Church teaches you about your faith is true: My Offering in the Holy Mass is a true Sacrifice, and is accepted by the Father as an offering for your sins.

T:366        #12   Rejoice in My Love for you and in the power of My Sacrifice.  The radiance of My glorious Offering falls upon all, whether living, still, on earth, or departed “in Christ”.  All of My people, living and departed, can benefit from the offering of My Holy Sacrifice.


T:367                  (Private).

T:368                  Never doubt My Real Presence amongst you.  I am Present in glory and power, as Angels worship reverently to right and left of Me.  (WC + OIL:368)

T:369, 370, 371  (Private).

T:372                  Turn to Me in all your trials, miseries and humiliations in order to find the best way of coping valiantly.  Return to Me in the “centre” - the centre of your soul - after each pain, and each terrible moment.

T:373                  (Private).




T:374                  Follow My inspiration and offer to Me every pain and every sacrifice, in faith and love, so that through the merits of My Passion you can benefit not only your own soul but also the whole world.

T:375         #1     Place a sure trust in Me, your God, Who am Really Present amongst you during the Holy Sacrifice.

T:375         #2     Have confidence in My priestly work on your behalf.  I Who stand before you, and Who wear a priestly garment marked with the Cross, came to the sanctuary to help you.  By My majesty, power, divinity, Glory, presence, priesthood and friendship,  I can conquer all that threatens you.  (WC + OIL:375)

T:376                  (Private).

T:377         #1     Don’t worry about other people’s opinions, as you go about your work for Me.

T:377         #2     Speak confidently - whenever it is appropriate - about My goodness towards you.  A proper reticence about yourself should not keep you from sharing your faith.


T:377         #3     Entrust to Me all opinions and reactions from others about what you do and say.  When your intentions are good, you must leave behind all fear and embarrassment.

T:377         #4     Follow My inspiration: speak bravely about your faith and about the gifts which I have given to you.




T:378         #1     Understand the meaning of My “Passion”.  I hung upon the Cross because of your Sins. “This is where love brought Me:” crucified and bloody, My head turned in torment. (WC + OIL:378)

T:378         #2     Unite your all sufferings with My sufferings, in ‘Christ-like’ patience.

T:378         #3     Prove your love of Me by imitating Me.  If you wish to profess a sincere and fervent love for Me, you too must be content to be ignored, misunderstood and brought low.  That is what I bore during My life on earth.

T:378         #4     Don’t seek to be “great” on earth.

T:378         #5     Try to serve Me with an undivided heart.

T:378         #6     Aim to live joyfully, even when you are sorrowful at My sufferings, or sad about your own sins and problems.

T:379         #1     Cling to Me, the “broken Christ”, in all your weaknesses.  The Father, in accepting My Sacrifice, also accepts all who belong to Me and who  live in love, united by My Spirit.  The Father is ‘conquered’ by humility.

T:379         #2     Accept your soul’s ‘wounds’, out of love for Me.  You can be sure that I hold all the ‘wounded’ in My embrace.

T:379         #3     Say to Me: ‘Your Will be done’, and so unite your acceptance to My own acceptance of the Will of the Father.

T:379         #4     Accept from the Father all that He Wills, whether life or death, pain or joy, cruel delays or moments of comfort.  All your faithful prayers and sacrifices can be united to My prayer, to become One prayer which can be offered for the Glory of the Holy Trinity and for the benefit of My Church and of the world.

T:380         #1     Follow My inspiration and ask My Holy Spirit to guide you, as you struggle to belong entirely to Me.

T:380         #2     Consent to complete union with Me, in every facet of your life, even though this will mean that all My pain will be yours; whatever wounds My Heart or My Church or My People will wound you.  But My peace will be yours.  You will carry My peace within your heart, since you will have abandoned all selfish desires.  My prayer will be your prayer, since you will at last want nothing except those things which are in accordance with My Will. Also, My joy will be yours, since everything which gladdens My heart - especially to see souls turning away from sin in order to love Me and to love their neighbour - will gladden your heart, too.

T:381         #1     Rejoice in your faith.  Through your union with Me, you are drawn to the Heart of the Most Holy Trinity, where you are welcomed with radiant and heart-warming Light.  You can see that your soul is as if dancing for joy, breathing in the sweet air of Heaven; and you bear earthly trials more joyfully, as you realise that in being close to Me, you are close to My Holy Mother! (WC:381)

T:381         #2     Don’t see yourself as a long way from Heaven.  The “veil” between earth and Heaven is so very thin.

T:382         #1     Follow My inspiration.  Renounce and surrender to Me all your hopes -  your human hopes - even your own reasonable hopes and ambitions.  Give them to Me - placing them in spirit on the altar - as yet another ‘stripping’ of your soul, by the grace of My Spirit.

T:382         #2     Live your entire life for the praise and Glory of the Father.  Through My power, let His Will be done in you, for the rest of your life.

T:382         #3     See what lightness and freedom is yours, when you abandon your own hopes about health, family, or work - and about the future - so that you can live only for My praise and Glory, now that I have given you the power to trust in Me.

T:383         #1     Pray like a child, in peace and unselfconsciousness.

T:383         #2     Rest in Me, in prayer, in a Communion with the Saints and the holy Angels, and with My whole Church on earth, united, in My Holy Spirit, in praise of God the Father.

T:383         #3     Pray in My Name, in Holy Communion.  In your weariness, pray a simple prayer.  In My Presence, turn to the Father above, saying: ‘Father, I sit here for Your Glory’.

T:383         #4     Avoid complicated prayers.

T:383         #5     Respond to My invitation.  When I offer you My prayer of silence, accept it.

T:384         #1     Rest in Me, within your soul.  Whenever you pray “in Christ”, you are stepping into eternity, truly joining the Saints and Holy Angels in the glory of their unceasing praise and worship. (WC:384)

T:384         #2     Offer all your poor pains and humiliations with Me, at any time of day or night, uniting yourself thus with the glorious offering continually made to the Father on altars throughout the world.

T:385                  Be content to imitate Me in My Passion.   I, “The Crucified”, hold the hands of those who suffer patiently and who are content to be brought “low” with Me out of love for Me and My Gospel. (WC + OIL:385)

T:386, 387, 388  (Private).

T:389         #1     Offer praise to me, even when your soul is in apparent darkness.  Whether offered in darkness or light, your prayers are worthwhile.

T:389         #2     Be joyful.  You join in the prayers of the Holy Angels, each time that you turn your attention to Me in worship.  They hold you in their radiant light and praise, in their worship of the Most Holy Trinity. (WC:389)

T:390, 391          (Private).

T:392         #1     Marvel at My goodness.  How grateful you can be, knowing that whenever you attend the Holy Mass, I, Jesus your Saviour, appear at the Consecration, radiant and glorious, Really Present in the sanctuary.

T:392         #2     Have faith in My power.  My Presence in the sanctuary is like a lighted torch to the eyes of your soul.  I am your Food and your Wisdom.

T:393                  Continue to do your duty.  It is fitting that you, My People, should gather and pray, and offer Me in the Sacrifice of adoration.  Whether you are at home or away, praying with some understanding, or ignorant of the language, I your loving Saviour am Really Present at every Eucharistic celebration.  I stand before you in splendour  and Divine majesty as the dazzling rays of My grace stream all around Me.(WC + OIL:393)

T:394         #1     Follow the inspirations of My Holy Spirit.  Love Me and remain “in” Me, as you serve those who need you;  serve others as if you are serving Me.

T:394         #2     Remember to love Me and live with Me in both peaceful days and busy ones.

T:394         #3     Love other people with My Heart - lavishly.

T:394         #4     Comfort others with My smile.




T:394         #5     Bear hardship patiently, taking comfort from My Wounds.  Take humiliations on My shoulders, and suffer judgements silently, with Me, before Pilate.

T:394         #6     Do My Holy Will at all times.  You were born to do so.


T:394         #7     Thank Me, your Saviour, for every joy, pleasure, gift and kindness, whether received directly from Myself, or received from Me through other people.

T:395         #1     Never grow tired of adoring the Father in My Name - the Name of “Jesus”. Do My Holy Will at all times, everywhere; and live for love - love of Me.

T:395         #2     Repent of your weaknesses, with childlike simplicity.

T:395         #3     Be silent, unless I wish you to speak.

T:395         #4     Encourage and enlighten those whom I send into your life.

T:395         #5     Love humiliations, and bear them with Me.

T:395         #6     Be happy to be weak, useless and feeling alone.  Be satisfied with My holy presence.

T:395         #7     Accept My holy Mother, your guardian Angel, and all the Saints and the holy Angels as your constant friends and companions.

T:395         #8     Strive to know, love and do whatever I wish.

T:395         #9     Be happy in ignorance and pain, if necessary, until you see Me face-to-face.

T:395         #10   Admit that you can do nothing without Me.

T:395         #11   Live wholly for Me.

T:395         #12   Be “transparent” for Me, so that My grace can shine out from your soul and from your life.

T:395         #13   Let the shame of your sins bring you to humility.

T:395         #14   Stay close to Me, and live and die in My Love.

T:396         #1     Pray for My Church, for the world, for your family and for all in your care.

T:396         #2     Use your life to make Me ‘present’ at every moment.

T:396         #3     Say to me gladly, at every moment: ‘May Your Will be done!’

T:397, 398, 399  (Private).




T:400         #1     Speak openly about friendship with Me, and about My amazing kindness.

T:400         #2     Make truth and charity your guidelines, as you deal with other people.  Let My Spirit lead you onwards, showing you when to speak and when to keep silent, whether you are with friends, acquaintances, strangers, bishops, priests, colleagues or family!

T:401         #1     Examine My plan for you, which can be seen as both a joy and a duty;  your task is to stand beside Me, pleading before the Father, interceding for all people on earth and for the souls of the departed.

T:401         #2     See where your duty lies: your task is to imitate My obedience, and to do My Will  from moment to moment, in darkness or in Light, for the Glory of the Most Holy Trinity. (WC:401)

T:402         #1     Rejoice in your friendship with Me, a friendship renewed in Reconciliation.

T:402         #2     Strive for perfect union with Me, which will bring wonderful results. It will give Glory to Me, joy to your heart, and it will make your prayer more effective.  I, your Lord, in My holy Offering at Mass, am so ‘one’ in Heart and Will with the Father that this Father can refuse Me nothing; and when you are wholly united in heart and will with Me, sharing My Life, you are truly sharing in My Offering and My  power, and the Father hears you and delights in doing your will!

T:403         #1     Follow My inspiration: give your entire life to Me.

T:403         #2     Recognise your state of life-in-union with Me.  Notice how you are living in simplicity with Me, speaking - for Me - to others, praying “in Me” to the Father, sitting in silence with Me, and thinking and working for Me at every moment. You long only to do what I want, and to do it by My power; and you accept obscurity and ignorance out of love for Me, by which I mean the ignorance of not knowing where I am leading you, as you strive to do My Will at each moment, unconcerned about results or rewards.

T:404                  (Private).

T:405         #1     Recognise and accept your true situation in life, whatever changes may occur.

T:405         #2     See My Will for you, here, amidst the difficulties and uncertainty of your present circumstances.

T:405         #3     See how much you can do, even in apparent helplessness;  for example, you can love My Will.  That alone is a wonderful work!

T:405         #4     You can kneel in prayer, for My Glory.

T:405         #5     You can rejoice at being asked to bear pain and humiliation, since your life can then resemble My life more closely.

T:405         #6     You can accept sympathy or scorn, for My sake, knowing that - anyway - you are not fit to be praised.

T:405         #7     You can go anywhere with Me, willingly, as I guide you through the people and the events of your ordinary, daily life.  You can thank Me, all the while, for the courage and the peace which I now give to you.

T:406         #1     Consider how closely related are your generosity towards Me, and My extraordinary attention to your requests.  Just as you have freely chosen to give your whole life to Me, with all your time and all your gifts, because your heart longs to serve Me, so I am now entirely yours, pouring My gifts and My Love and My encouragement upon you.  I even do your will, because you and I are ‘one’ in desire to give Glory to the Father.

T:406         #2     Aim to “be Love”, to others.




T:406         #3     Aim to be “transparent” for Me, so that My grace can pour through you, for the sake of all the people whom I am sending into your Life.

T:407         #1     Allow Me to purify your soul through the sicknesses, sufferings and trials which you undergo.  By purification you will be enabled to serve Me better, and thus to give Me even greater glory.

T:407         #2     During your earthly life, try to live and work, always, in the love of the Father, through Me, your Mediator, and by My Spirit’s power; this is to do everything for the Father’s Glory, by My grace, and with a pure and loving intention.

T:407         #3     Remember that every trial which I permit can serve a purpose.  All the purification and “stripping” of your soul in My scorching Love and Light has been for this purpose: to reveal you as more and more transformed, uncovered, pure, tender and vulnerable.  I wish to free you from the hard ‘shell’ of a hard heart which cannot be pierced by others’ sorrows.


T:408        #1     Place yourself as if side-by-side with Me in prayer, during the Holy Mass.

T:408        #2     Pray to the Father with a sincere, trusting and fervent heart.  In order to offer Me perfectly to the Father in the Holy Sacrifice and in your whole lives, you should be My images, arms out in love and offering, as you say with Me: ‘Here I am, obedient to death!’

T:408        #3     Long to be “Christ-like”.  At every moment of your lives you should be pure and free, which is to say: purified of all selfish desires, and free so that I might do My Will in and through you.

T:408        #4     Follow My inspiration, and consent to My action within you.  Pray, wholeheartedly: ‘Make me what You Will’.


T:409                  Let your prayers always be sincere, trusting and fervent.  Fervour springs from true love of Me and of My Will, not from passing emotions.

T:410, 411          (Private).

T:412                  Fulfil My Will for you, and offer your Life to Me once more, for the sake of the world and the Church.  Thus, whatever you suffer - united to Me - will be offered with My Holy Sacrifice as part of My work of Atonement.

T:413                  (Private).

T:414                  Allow Me to fulfil My Will for you.  My Will is good!  By loving Communion with Me, your prayerful soul is carried in My arms to the Father, whilst My Holy Spirit flings a sparkling white veil over you - to cover all your little faults, and to clothe you for the “Feast” which you joyfully attend, through our Holy Communion. (WC:414)

T:415                  (Private).

T:416         #1     Follow My inspiration and unite every pain, jolt, trial or heartache, to Me in My Holy Passion.  When you offer such a sacrifice to the Father, through Me, you join in My work of reparation.

T:416         #2     Follow the inspiration of My Spirit, and ask for My gift of humility.  True humility is needed in order to ‘preach Christ’ with fervour and without any self-righteousness or scorn for people who differ from you in their beliefs or their behaviour.

T:417                  Learn the meaning of My Will, which is My desire to lead you to share in My Life and bliss and Glory!  (WC:417)

T:418         #1     Pluck up courage and reveal your whole soul to Me.  Only those who love Me and who sincerely co-operate with Me in this way can be used by Me for special tasks.  This purification is very painful, but it puts you firmly on the path to holiness and brings joy to My Heart.

T:418         #2     Never think that your trials are ‘wasted’.  Through long labour and by My power,  your soul has been swept clean.  It is as though we have created a space which I can use for an important work.

T:418         #3     Let Me cloak you in My comfort.  I can do this, if you turn to Me in every difficulty. (WC:418)


                           YOUR NEED, AND MY GRACES.


T:419                  (Private)

T:420         #1     Open your heart to Me and reveal your true longings and intentions. When you are ‘naked’, stripped with your consent of ambition, pride, freedom, selfishness and power, I cannot resist your need, but must rush to clothe you in My own rich ‘garments’, which are graces, and virtues, and joys.

T:420         #2     Never fear, as you make sacrifices out of love for Me, that I Myself will abandon you.  I allow Myself to be ‘bound’, that is, to be bound by My own laws of love and parenthood.  How could I refuse to cherish, love, clothe and lift up My own ‘naked’ child, by which I mean: any soul who has chosen to suffer rather than to give in to sin or ambition?

T:420         #3     Notice the good desires which I Myself have planted in your heart: you long to live in the soul’s ‘nakedness’ of humility and dependence on Me.  You long to be utterly free to do My Will.  You long to remain child-like and trusting enough to allow Me to clothe you with My gifts and graces.  You hope that My gifts to you will reveal My loving presence to those who turn to you.  You long to remain ‘naked-in-spirit’, no matter how lavishly I shower you with My own riches.  I admire your good intentions.

T:420         #4     Rejoice in your life with Me.  My Mother and I cannot fail to assist those who make sacrifices for love of Me.

T:421         #1     Have faith in Me, your High Priest, and in My real and glorious Presence with you at the Consecration.

T:421         #2     Remain continually aware of the supreme importance of Charity, always.

T:421         #3     You must not speak one word against Love - My Love - nor against your neighbour.  To fail in charity is to sin against Me, your Saviour.

T:422         #1     Rely on Me, Jesus, Whose real Love for you never changes.  It is influenced neither by  your past nor by  your present behaviour, yet, as you know, it is My Will that you and others utterly abandon all sin, and become holy.

T:422         #2     Accept the truth about your nature; accept the knowledge that you are a weak human being, part of sinful humanity.  But realise that We, the Holy Trinity, see every aspect of your whole life before Us.  “We know” your virtues as well as your sins!

T:422         #3     See it as a great grace, and as something good and wonderful: to know the depths of one’s own wickedness.  But don’t imagine that I like to see you sad, as when you allow yourself to be mired in unhappy memories.  Turn to Me.  I greet with delight every repentant sinner, as I greet you.

T:422         #4     Examine your life.  Of what value is anything which does not bring you closer to Me, in some way?  So many of mankind’s plans, talents and dreams are dedicated not to My Glory, but to man’s own glory.

T:422         #5     Let Me complete My work within you.  Even as I lift your repentant soul, in prayer, to the heart of the Most Holy Trinity, I am making a “home” for Myself within your soul, a soul where, always, and everywhere, I am at ease, because I am welcomed.

T:423         #1     Follow My inspiration, and please Me, by joyfully accepting all that comes to you from others, whether it be comfort and praise, or humiliation, and a lack of concern, or tests, questions or disappointment.

T:423         #2     Rely on My strength, and so meet every trial with faith and courage - out of love for Me and for the Glory of the Father.

T:424                  (Private).

T:425                  Love others with a love like Mine, a true love which causes you to rejoice in their virtues and to hide their faults.  Offer any pain or distress to Me, in reparation for your own sins.

T:426         #1     Reflect upon your marvellous role in prayer.  Through the Holy Mass and through our Holy Communion, I call your willing soul into the joy and glory of Heaven’s worship, whilst you still live upon earth. (WC:426)

T:426         #2     Become simpler and less self-conscious.  Accept and wear all the ‘jewels’ with which I adorn you.  Accept My love and poise, and all the other graces with which I cover your soul’s nakedness.

T:427         #1     Comfort Me in My Passion by patiently accepting your pains and heartaches.  Your sufferings are not ‘wasted’.  I accept all your accepted pain, and apply it, tenderly, as balm to My Wounds.  (WC:427)

T:427         #2     Rejoice in the knowledge that through your soul’s union with Me, today, and through your patience in suffering, now, you can comfort Me even as I suffer, “then”, on Calvary!


                           THE INTERIOR ‘UNIVERSE’.


T:428                  Continue to turn to Me in sincere and fervent prayer.  Through your prayer I can lead you into the ‘world’ which lies within your soul.  The interior universe which you enter through prayer is wider and greater than the physical universe in which, during this life, you are confined. (WC: 428)


T: 429                 Remain with Me within the inner sanctuary of your soul.  Be patient and trustful, and offer everything to Me, within, all day long, whatever woes or exterior difficulties you suffer.

T:430         #1     Be bold in prayer.

T:430         #2     Claim all My Merits as your own and offer them with Me to the Father, during the Holy Sacrifice, for your own good and for the good of the whole world and the good of My Holy Church, and for the Father’s Glory and Honour.

T:430         #3     When you pray, offer My humility to the Father, and offer, also, the love of the Holy Spirit, the praise of the Saints, the virtues of My holy Mother, and the pains of My Passion, united with your sufferings.  The more you are with Me, like Me, and willing to do the Father’s Will, and ‘crucified’, then the more you claim rightly all I have as yours  -  through the Father’s kindness and My Holy Passion.

T:430         #4     You can claim My virtues and merits as your own, in your offering of Myself to the Father, during the Holy Sacrifice; and you can also do this in all your daily prayer - which is united to My One Sacrifice.

T:430         #5     Believe in the marvel of My powerful Presence on the altar.  By My Sacred Body and My Precious Blood, I pour My Divine Light and wisdom upon all who are gathered about Me.  (WC + OIL:430)

T:430         #6     Believe in My Love, and share this marvellous, joyful news about Me, your Saviour: that there are no greater virtues than Mine, there is no greater Love than Mine, no greater sacrifice than the Holy Sacrifice which I offer, and no greater power than My Divine power and Will.

T:430         #7     Be encouraged by your Companions.  My Saints and My Holy Angels delight in your prayer, whenever, for My sake, you accept your sufferings.

T:431                  Comfort others by offering them the truths of the Faith, at appropriate times and in a suitable manner.

T:432         #1     Follow Me unhesitatingly, whenever I call you into silent prayer.  Such prayer is of infinite value, since it is My prayer which  is being offered to the Father from within your soul, even though you ‘see’ no obvious results.

T:432         #2     Rest in Me peacefully, and say at intervals: “Lord, I know nothing (of what You are doing).  I am content to adore, in “Unknowing”.”

T:433                  (Private).

T:434         #1     Pray all day long in the Name of “Jesus Crucified”.

T:434         #2     Look upon Me, Christ, as being the Door to Light, the Light which is your entrance to Heaven and to Heavenly graces.  The Door which is Myself is ‘opened’ more eagerly for those who resemble Me in wounds and in love, or who most truly know My Name. (WC:434)


                           THE INTERIOR WOUND.


T:434         #3     Accept the painful ‘wound’ which is true self-knowledge, and so move closer to Heaven than when you are turning away from Me to admire a distorted self-image.

T:435                  Don’t hope to be self-sufficient and ‘successful’ during earthly life.  My own life, joy, strength and Love shine out more gloriously from your weakness and from the “wounds” of your suffering than from apparent triumphs.

T: 436        #1     Co-operate with My work in you, during your spiritual journey.  When you have experienced Our Love, the love of the Most Holy Trinity, as flame and fire - as a Divine Love, burning you - and when by your prayer and loving obedience to Us you bravely invite the Flame of the Spirit to continue its work within you, that purifying flame prepares you for union.

T:436         #2     Don’t be afraid.  By His ceaseless and loving action, My Holy Spirit is drawing you towards humility and total surrender.  The flame of that Spirit is now pure and unscorching.  He reveals, to the eyes of your soul, at last, the shape of the foundations of true worship in your heart.

T:436         #3     Long for My ‘building’ to be constructed within you, the ‘building’ which is true sanctity, by which you will be made a ‘place’ of hope and consolation for others.

T:437                  Turn to Me, in order to find greater hope, since “where I am, there is Hope.” Turn to Me for any and every virtue.

T:438                  (Private).

T:439         #1     Don’t worry about your weakness.

T:439         #2     Rely on My strength.  My Glory and Presence are yours, within your soul, since I am ‘robed and seated’ within the kingdom of your soul.  I, Christ the King, live here!

T:439         #3     You can say, at every moment.  “Jesus reigns here.”  You can say “Jesus reigns!” amidst every temptation to let evil reign within you.

T:440                  (Private).

T:441                  Accept all trials in a spirit of penance.  A prayerful person who suffers patiently, out of love for Me and in sorrow-for-sin, is like “the just man” of Holy Scripture.   By the “fiat” of a just person - by a reverent and devoted acceptance of My Will  -  such a person is supporting all those who will not do My Will and who are not doing penance, and who, therefore, are in great danger. (WC + OIL:441)

T:442A               Unite all your prayers and sacrifices, prayerfully, to My One Holy Sacrifice.  This is how you ‘permit’ Me once more to begin My work within your soul and to influence your life.  (WC + OIL:442A)

T:442B      #1     Reflect on your privileged way of life.  One who has Me as a Friend, is therefore a friend of My Mother, and of My  Holy Angels. (WC:442B)

T:442B      #2     Praise me for My goodness.  No joy can compare with the joy within the soul of one who - after a sincere preparation - receives Me within, in Holy Communion.

T:443         #1     Trust in Me and love My Will, whether or not you understand it.


                           THE CROSS.


T:443         #2     Don’t grow despondent about daily difficulties.  The Cross, shouldered daily, is a cause for joy, as you remain faithful to your normal work and duties.

T:443         #3     Let your problems make you holy!  If you carry the ‘Cross’  - all your fears, humiliations and uncertainties - whilst relying only on Me to give you strength, you are purified of vain longings, and make reparation for your sins.

T:443         #4     Continue to struggle on bravely through difficulties or darkness.  Your ‘Way of the Cross’ is like a tunnel which leads to the glory of your birth into a new life with your Heavenly Father. (WC + OIL:443)

T:444         #1     Speak to Me frankly and tell Me how much you need Me and need My help.  It is precisely when you freely reveal your ‘emptiness’ before Me in prayer that I can pour My greatest gifts within you and draw you closer to My Heart.  I Who am Love cannot fail to respond to need, or to humility.

T:444         #2     Don’t worry that you can’t compose elegant prayers, especially when you pray in exhaustion, pain or distress.  A sincere cry from the heart is a good prayer.

T:444         #3     Offer My Glory to the Father from within your heart in Holy Communion. Offer My thanks, reparation and petition as your own, as you say simply: “Here is Jesus, (whose Glory and praise I offer to You, Father;) He is mine and I am His.”

T:444         #4     Pray “in the Name of Jesus” for all who are suffering.

T:445                  (Private).

T:446         #1     Long to be “transparent” for Me.  When you are purified, the fire of My grace can shine through you, transfiguring you.  Streams of graces and blessings pour upon others from a purified soul, as the pure Fire and the living “water” of the Holy Trinity pour through that soul, for Our Glory.  (WC:446)

T:446         #2     Continue in faithful prayer for others.  Salvation comes through My Precious Blood, and it is by your prayers that family and friends are held and immersed in the dark healing “sea” in which sins can be washed away.  Through your love, they are plunged into the Precious Blood which I shed for love of you all.

T:447         #1     Spend some time in prayer, after Holy Communion.  In all your weakness, and in every circumstance, it is a privilege and a cause for joy that you can give Glory to the Father in this way, and that at the same time you can be transformed by My grace.

T:447         #2     Believe that I am at work in you.  Through your transformation “in” Me you are becoming an “open door” through which My Love, comfort and truth can pour out to others.  Your soul, too, is given great graces: peace, wisdom and virtue, among them.

T:447         #3     Remember that to receive Me in Holy Communion is to be brought close to Heaven, close to that Holy Country where ‘Light shines perpetually’.  The ‘veil’ which separates earth and Heaven is very thin. (WC:447)

T:448, 449, 450 

   451, 452          (Private).

T:453         #1     Don’t let your illness disturb your peace-of-soul.  You have seen - during recent sufferings - how I have comforted and guided you with infinite tenderness, whenever you have turned to Me and put your trust in Me. So now, keep on trusting!

T:453         #2     Rejoice in the “Badge of Suffering”, which you wear.  It is a “Badge of Honour” in My eyes.

T: 453        #3     Be a witness, in your sufferings.  It is through them, and by the evidence of your suffering and through the new “work” of suffering which I have given to you that you have been ‘set free’, for a special reason.  You can say to others, even in sickness: “God is Good!  God is to be trusted.  Neither weakness nor death can keep us from Him; rather, this is the way through which we can find Him!”

T:454                  (Private).




T:455         #1     Try to remain unconcerned about particular turmoils and repercussions. “Don’t worry,” but praise Me in innocence and joy - since you have done all you can to be faithful and charitable.

T:455         #2     Let Me influence other people through you; open your heart to My action.  Let My peace pour first into your heart - through trusting prayer - and then outwards towards others.

T:456                  Pass on to others the gifts which you receive from Me.  This is your plain duty, since My gifts are to be shared.  There is a time for prudence and a time for boldness, yet at the appropriate time - by My grace - you can enlighten and encourage others.

T: 457                 Turn to Me in Holy Communion in order to receive tremendous blessings.  Through My Presence and My Love, you receive spiritual nourishment, wisdom and companionship.  I am  truly your most tender Friend, and a patient host. I love to welcome you in this way! (WC:457)

T:458                  Give Me joy by your sincere efforts to please Me, and by your acts of penance and acts of love.  I delight in gazing around your “clean-swept” heart.

T:459         #1     Don’t lose heart.  Now is the time for greater fervour: now - amidst difficulties and heartache.

T:459         #2     Place every difficulty of yours as if “into the chalice” on the altar, and so unite all your genuine miseries to My Sacrifice which is holy, perfect and effective.

T:459         #3     Say to the Father, through Me: “Your Will, only!” and “Your Glory, only!”  I delight in even a frail soul’s generosity.

T:460         #1     Surrender to Me.  You give joy to My Heart when you work for no Glory but Mine, follow no plans but Mine, and love no Will but Mine. I rejoice when you are content with “nothing”, if nothing be My Will; you know that Nothingness, from My hands, is “all”!

T:460         #2     Follow My Spirit Who leads you into silent adoration of the Father’s Glory.

T:460         #3     Accept all, for My Glory: pain or joy.

T:460         #4     Never think that you are wasting time, as you do mundane tasks.  Walk, eat, talk and keep silent, for My Glory and by My grace, since everything that is good in your life is from Me and is done through Me, and can be offered with Me to the Father.

T:460         #5     Don’t even think of claiming a share of My Glory, as you reflect on what you have done for Me.  I have filled, clothed and adorned you with My own virtues.

T:461         #1     Look upon your soul’s centre as a “place” which is vaster than any place you can see around you.  Within the “interior universe”, We, the Most Holy Trinity may be adored and worshipped.  (WC + OIL:461A)

T:461         #2     Rejoice at the marvellous work which I have been working within you.  The soul which is full of My Life is a ‘place’ on earth where I am First and Last, and have been enthroned and adored by one who consents to do My Will, and who permits Me to reign in every detail of life.  (WC:461B)


                           BOLD STEPS.


T:462         #1     Make sincere efforts to trust in Me.  Be like a cheerful baby who - learning to walk - bravely toddles towards welcoming arms.  The Father is watching you take bold steps in real trust, virtue and grace, as you advance towards your Heavenly home; and My delighted Angels and Saints look on! (WC:462)

T:462         #2     Be honest in prayer.  You move closer to Me whenever you confess your weakness!

T:463                  Believe that your acts of faith are rewarded.  I Who have put Love and the spirit of sacrifice into your soul cannot possibly fail to respond to the love which you have shown for Me through all the secret sacrifices which I alone have witnessed. “How could I not be here” with you, in Holy Communion?!

T:464A               Be faithful.  I am Really Present amongst you, at the Holy Mass.  I bear the Wounds caused by the sufferings which I bore - for your sake - on Calvary.  My head is encircled by a halo which signifies My holiness.  I wear the garments of a priest, since I - your Priest - intercede for you in Heaven. (WC + OIL:464A)

T:464B               Give yourself entirely to My care and My plan, and so live in real security. A soul which really trusts Me is like a small boat which is bobbing downstream in a river, and which is light and ‘docile’, allowing itself to be carried by the current first to one side then to the other, although it is always following the main current towards the “Ocean”.  Such a craft is too small and too light to come to grief on the ‘rocks’ - which you can see as trials and temptations.  It is carried around them without danger, although the violent movement of the waters - of temptations - might cause fear.  Your life can be like that little boat’s voyage; your activities may vary, but your will can be firmly fixed on pleasing Me at every moment, until you arrive in the ‘ocean’ of Love which is Myself, and Heaven. (WC: 464B)


                           GROWING IN GRACE.


T:465        #1     Ask Me for the prayer of My Holy Mother Mary.  She scatters grace like rain, at the very moment that you ask Me for her prayers.

T:465        #2     Have confidence in My Mother.  She does My Will now, as ever, and since it is My Will that she help you, you can be sure that through her you are showered with blessings on earth. (WC:465)

T:465        #3     Turn to Me ever more frequently.  You are changed into ‘other Christs’, the more you are united with Me in heart and will.  As you grow in grace and in sanctity, you remain yourselves.  You retain all that is good and distinct about yourselves, but you are made ‘whole’, and ‘willing’- that is, willing and ready to serve Me in any good way.

T:465        #4     Be hopeful about Heaven.  Through your whole-hearted striving to love and to know Me - and if you become like Me - then must Heaven ‘open’ for you, and, “clothed” in Me, you shall enter the true home where you belong.

T:465        #5     Put your trust in Me.  My Mercy to sinners is greater than you could possibly imagine.


T:466         #1     Believe in My Love for you. I am always ready to welcome you in Holy Communion.

T:466         #2     Don’t be perturbed if you sometimes experience My presence more or less fully, in Holy Communion; by faith, you can be sure of My Presence.  Yet I await you as if behind two ‘veils’, first, behind the ‘veil’ within your soul, a veil woven from the trailing threads of your tumbling thoughts, faults and preoccupations, and, secondly, beyond the ‘veil’ which divides Heaven from earth.

T:466         #3     Be confident that I can fulfil My purpose, in Holy Communion.  I am with you, sacramentally, piercing the ‘veil’ between Heaven and earth, piercing it in My Light and My grace.  I, your Risen Lord, the Word-made-flesh, am with you in a true Communion, bringing Love, Light, truth and purity. (WC:466)

T:466         #4     Follow My inspiration and entrust everything and everyone in your life to Me. Entrust to Me your whole heart and its longings, your life and your future, your fears and your talents, and all the people you love.

T:467                  Believe in My great Love for you.  Such is the Love which I have for one who struggles to be worthy of My Love, and who accept penances and trials for My sake, that I show kindness and care at every possible moment.  I even assist such a soul through the prayers of My Saints and holy Angels who draw her closer to Heaven. (WC:467)

T:468, 469, 470  (Private).






                           THE ABYSS.


T:471         #1     Don’t regret your recent purification, with its inevitable upsurge of memories.  It has led you to reach out in a new and even more sincere attempt to do My Will, and to become holy.

T:471         #2     Seize every opportunity for deeper purification.  Even now, as you consider My great majesty and your lowliness, you can reflect on how badly you have served Me in past times; you can become ever more grateful for My forgiveness and My Love.

T:471         #3     Remember that you kneel at My feet as a penitent, after Reconciliation. You would be grievously sinful were you to nourish the least scrap of pride or conceit about My gifts to you, when it is I Who rescued you from your death-of-soul of former years.  (WC:471)


T:471         #4     Follow My inspiration, and praise, bless and thank the Father, through Me, for His Mercy.

T:471         #5     Offer thanks in everything, at every moment of every day.

T:471         #6     Never forget that every good thing comes to you through My grace.  Pride, sin and conceit are entirely yours, and are ‘burning’ within you now in the fire of My purifying Presence.

T:471         #7     Be grateful even for your present interior torment.  It is through such purification that the very ‘attics and cellars’ of My dwelling place within your soul are emptied and scoured.  In this way, I make you more worthy of My service.


T:472        #1     See how helpless you are, without Me.  There exists a great gulf between mankind and the Godhead, a gulf which is like a wide, deep and steep-sided Abyss which is so dark and so infinitely deep that you cannot see the bottom.

T:472        #2     Understand your total dependence on Me.  The gulf between you and the Father cannot be crossed - whether for the making of an unshakeable friendship on earth, or in order to reach Heaven - except through Me, Jesus, and by My invitation and My power, which is My grace at work within you.

T:472        #3     Look around you now, and see how utterly dependent you are upon My gifts, and how superfluous ‘weight’ might cause you to be lost in the Abyss.  Such ‘weight’ is self-love and sin, which could drag you down.  By naked faith alone can you cling tightly to the ‘thread’ of Hope from which you now see yourself hanging,  suspended above the darkness of the Abyss, as the Father draws you towards Himself. (WC + OIL:472)

T:472        #4     Put all your trust in Me.  Only I, your Lord, can enable you not to despair at this clear sight of your own weakness and at the vivid memory of past sins.

T:472        #5     Always remember the truth about your own nothingness and about My power and unseen Majesty.  I am your Lord and God, Who brought you into existence.

T:472        #6     Remember the meaning of Salvation, which is Life in Me.  Unless a soul lives in Me, it is lost.  If pride, rebellion or self-sufficiency predominate in someone’s heart, that person is doomed.

T:472        #7     See how every good thing stems from Me: life, hope and salvation.

T:472        #8     Follow My inspiration, and call to the Father from your utter emptiness and spiritual poverty.  Ask in My Name, the “Name of Jesus Christ”, for everything you need.

T:472        #9     Be confident, within your sinfulness and weakness. Now that you realise that you have nothing of your “own”, keep on praying to the Father in your need, entrusting yourself to His care. He Who is Love “must” give you - for My sake, since you belong to Me - life, love, hope, forgiveness and perseverance.

T:472        #10   Accept truth, which is reality.  Accept the fact that I your Lord can see every detail of your life, since your past, present and future are all laid out plainly before Me, in My Light.  Only through trusting in Me can you have peace.

T:472        #11   Accept your spiritual poverty.  Live in humility.  To take pride in any good which you see within your soul or which you see in your thoughts or actions is like madness, since it is like a lie, or like a theft from Me, your God, Who am the Source of all that is good.


T:473                  (Private)




T:474         #1     Reflect on My Love.  It is I Who fill your heart in prayer with joy, peace and Light. Accept these gifts.

T:474         #2     Be glad that you can live in the truth of the knowledge of your weakness and dependence.  It is true that you are dust, yet you are made, loved and sought out by Us: by the Three Divine Persons who dwell in Glory: One God.

T:474         #3     Never forget the reason for your present joy and continued hope.  It is through Me your Saviour that you are re-born, ennobled and lifted into Light; yet you have been redeemed at a terrible price.

T:474         #4     Think about My life:  the life of your beloved Saviour, Who hung upon the Cross in agony, to save you.

T:474         #5     Consider My life’s end. I, Jesus, died in torment, crucified and raised’ up before scornful witnesses.  This was the consummation of My earthly life.  How can you who follow Me hope to receive earthly glory and popularity? (WC:474)

T:474         #6     Understand the reason for earthly power.  The Father above permits earthly thrones not that you might struggle for power and position, but that you might see in them a glimpse of the true Throne and the true Majesty of His Kingdom, where I reign.

T:474         #7     Honour the Mother who bore Me.  Lowly and unknown, she was given by Me a tremendous dignity, and she is now given great honour and glory in High Heaven, where - full of grace - she lives in My Light.

T:475         #1     Follow My promptings.  I who urge you to ask for great gifts can give them to you!

T:475         #2     Ask that you may be holy - even you - holy for My Glory.

T:475         #3     Don’t begin to think that you can ‘save’ yourself.  Great effort is needed in the spiritual life, but you are saved from sin and eternal death, and made holy, not by will-power but through My Precious Blood which was poured out for you on Calvary.  This is the price of your sanctification: Myself, Crucified.

T:476                  Turn to Me for comfort.  At every offering of the Holy Sacrifice, I am Really Present amongst you, doing My great Work, offering My Perfect Sacrifice. I, your High Priest, turn towards you to bring you love, hope, nourishment and peace, through My Real Presence with you in Holy Communion. (WC:476)

T:477         #1     Don’t be anxious, in your weakness.  You can pray well in Holy Communion by offering My praise from within your soul.  You have nothing good of your own to offer the Father; but because of your faith in Me, which brought you here to receive Me, you can be confident that I am the “All” that you now have, the “Everything” of goodness, Really Present here, Whom you can offer to the Father, for His Glory.

T:477         #2     Don’t dwell upon your unworthiness, in prayer.  It is through your humility - especially after purification - that I delight in leading you into Our ‘heart’, the Heart of the Holy Trinity, in  prayer.

T:477         #3     Follow wherever I lead you, in prayer, even if such prayer is wordless, incomprehensible and apparently fruitless.

T:478                  Surrender to Me completely, in order to be made fruitful.  If you ‘give’ Me every day and every moment to be used entirely as I wish, you will live to make Me known and loved - as you so greatly desire.




T:479        #1     Follow My “law of love” and continue to help your neighbour.  “When you make her welcome, you make Me welcome.”


T:479        #2     Abandon prayer, if your neighbour is in need.  You can pray at all times, but you do not always have opportunities by which you can so directly serve your neighbour.

T:479        #3     Remember that all who worship with you are One Body, My Body, bound together by Myself, and you must be ‘bound’ by a tender love for one another.  Your love for Me would be a pretence were you not willing to leave prayer in order to give loving help to a neighbour who has worshipped Me with you.


T:480         #1     Be ready to imitate Me in My Passion, even if that which I endured is experienced by you in a different manner.  I fell, in bodily weakness, whereas your ‘weakness’ springs from your fallen nature.  Yet, like Me, you can stand up after every fall, to begin your journey again.  I see your heart and I understand your frailty.

T:480         #2     Learn to accept the feelings of shame and sorrow which sometimes engulf you.  I was stripped of My clothes, and you can let yourself be stripped of all your illusions about yourself, no matter how painful it is to look clearly upon Truth.

T:480         #3     Act unselfconsciously, and - like a child - entrust your life and even your reputation to Me.  I who am Love ‘hold’ within Myself every aspect of existence.  Nothing can happen to you which is ‘outside’ My knowledge and My consent.

T:480         #4     Look upon death as something natural, and as part of your journey.  I died. I went first, through the experience which you must all undergo, so who or what can dissuade you from going gladly where I went?

T:481         #1     Pray in My Name for friends and relations.  All your prayers surge upwards towards Heaven as if on a cloud of incense.

T:481         #2     Persevere on your spiritual journey, which will lead you upwards from pain and ignorance to joy.

T:481         #3     Make your way towards Me; I now reign in Heaven, Risen and triumphant.  I came down from the Cross in death, and entered the dark pit of the departed.  Yet from that place I emerged in Glory, to reign as true King, with the Father and Spirit, in the Height of Heaven. (WCs:481A and 481B)

T:481         #4     Believe in the existence of Perfect Love.  Such a great Love was revealed when I Myself - the Word of God -  became man and died for you.

T:481         #5     See how your spiritual journey mirrors that which I made for your sake.  I descended as if into a “pit” of suffering, to save you from sin; and now, by your sufferings, you are purified for the sake of My friendship.  I ascended to Heaven in triumph, and I invite you to ‘ascend’ to sanctity and to eternal happiness.  I bear, even now, the marks of the nails which held Me to the Cross, and you who carry your cross now will one day see that Cross, a holy and radiant symbol - the heart of your faith - ‘planted’ in Heaven, where I reign in Majesty.

T:482         #1     Continue your fervent prayers, praying in My Name, the Name of “Jesus”. To pray in My Name is to be like Me, the Crucified.  The more like Me you become, ‘reflecting’ Me, and living with Me and through Me, then the more your prayer to the Father is perfect - through My own perfection.

T:482         #2     Reflect on the fruitfulness of our union: as you grow in faith, hope and love, your prayer becomes more effective, although this is through My Merits alone.

T:483         #1     Follow My inspiration, and ‘turn’ as if in My direction any praise and thanks which you might receive from others.

T:483         #2     Acknowledge all debts of grace.  Accept the fact that any gift and virtue which you might see in yourself is a gift from Me to a poor friend!  Claim nothing as your own.  Any sort of pride or conceit is simply theft from My Goodness.

T:484                  Honour My Holy Mother - so glorious in Heaven now.  From her holy body and blood came the Sacred Body and Precious Blood which now nourish your soul!

                           MY OWN ‘CHILDREN’.


T:485        #1     Love your neighbour, for My sake.  Treasure humility, gentleness and kindness.

T:485        #2     Shun every thought or action which is resentful, unforgiving, thoughtless or uncaring.

                                    To belittle someone is to humiliate Me.

                                    To sneer is to spit in My face.

                                    To despise gifts, appearance,

                                     speech, manners and ways, is

                                     to laugh at this Galilean’s own ways, and is

                                    to mock My own bloodily-born “children”

                                     who have been born from the Cross.

T:485        #3     Think of the ‘cost’, to Me, of your neighbour’s salvation, and then wonder if you dare act uncharitably towards a single person for whom I have suffered so much, out of love.  Just as a good mother might surrender to the experience of giving birth, for the sake of her child, so I - in a similar but Divinely-powerful act of surrender and loving self-sacrifice - endured blood, pain and exhaustion on the Cross; and by My suffering and death I made possible the “birth” of each soul into eternal life.


T:486                  (Private).

T:487         #1     Persevere amidst all your struggles.  “Just do what you can.”  I understand every difficulty, whether exterior or interior, and I have nothing but tenderness for you.

T:487         #2     Be prepared for something new: I am inviting you to accept even praise - at times which I have chosen - as well as scorn.  Through it, I will be glorified.

T:488         #1     Give up false modesty about the things in your life which are genuinely good.

T:488         #2     Don’t become discouraged.  I am full of sympathy for you.

T:488         #3     Help and comfort your neighbour.  Even when one of you has brought troubles upon himself, I am concerned for your welfare, full of sympathy for you in all your difficulties. “My poor children!”

T:489         #1     Accept little defeats and humiliations.  Come and ‘rest’ in Me.  It is by humility that you are able to “hide” by me, the Crucified, Wounded and Glorious.  You see from experience how pride keeps you at a distance from Me, and keeps you from sincere prayer. (WC + OIL:489*)

T:489         #2     Share your miseries with Me.  Your trustful sharing truly touches My Heart. When you approach Me in sorrow or contrition, I ‘cover’ you; I hide your weakness beneath the veil of My Love.

T:489         #3     Live in humility, and so discover that I pray your prayers, as you pray Mine. You and I are One, no thought nor act of “your own” protruding; no self-aggrandisement obscures the holy figure of Me, Christ your Intercessor.

T:489         #4     Accept the need for humility.  How can you bear to be proud, believing that I have suffered for your sake, and that - daily, from the altar before you - I offer My Sacrifice for your salvation?

T:490                  (Private).

T:491                  Follow My inspiration and make a complete sacrifice to Me of all that you have and all that you are.  Offer everything, in a true union with Me, and vow to love and to keep on loving - everyone, whatever the cost - for the rest of your life.

T:492                  (Private).

T:493         #1     Offer yourself to the Father, with Me, as you cluster around Me at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  My Holy Spirit binds you all into a sheaf, with Me.    He binds you like

                           ears of corn, made one, as at harvest-time. (WC:493A)

T:493         #2     Offer your life to Me.  You who are within My Church are One Body; and during the Holy Sacrifice, as you offer yourselves in prayer, the Holy Spirit “girdles” you, and makes you One Offering to the Father - through your union with Me. Thus, you give glory to the Most Holy Trinity.  (WC:493B)

T:493         #3     Never doubt that I am Really Present with you, praying for you,  offering My voice - united with yours - in My One holy Sacrifice of Praise, before the Father.

T:493         #4     Reap the benefits of co-operation with Me, your Lord.  Rejoice that as we turn in prayer to the Father you share in My piercing Light, My confidence of being heard, and My obedient self-offering.  My prayer pierces Heaven as does no-one else’s, and your prayers reach Heaven if they are united to Mine.






                           DIVINE LIFE.


T:494        #1     Rejoice in your soul’s purified emptiness, which is filled with My Light. A soul which has been hollowed out and emptied, for My sake, does truly make ‘space’ for My holy presence.

T:494        #2     Marvel at Our Life - the Life of the Holy Trinity - within you.  We live within your soul.  My praise is  streaming up to the Father,  Who lavishes His Love in an eternal movement.  My Holy Spirit is ‘flowing’, urging and binding, whilst praise and glory ‘circulate’ within us, unimpeded. (WC:494)

T:494        #3     Let Me praise the Father, in My Spirit’s love - within your soul in Holy Communion.

T:494        #4     Follow My inspiration, and say ‘fiat - “let it be done” - to My own praise and Glory.  Know that God praises God, from within your soul!

T:494        #5     Empty yourself for Me.  Let Me rest within your soul, entirely at home. May My Spirit, unimpeded,  enter this ‘door’ of your soul, through prayer, whenever He Wills.

T:494        #6     Remember the Heavenly Company around you.  Whenever you pray “with God, in God”, which is to say, whenever you pray “in” Me, Jesus, before the Eternal Father, you are praying amidst the company of My Saints and My holy Angels.


T:495         #1     Stay ‘in touch’ with Heaven, through your increasing intimacy with Me, your Risen Lord.  In life and in prayer, and whenever you are truly empty of vain desires, I fill you entirely with My Light, and so “God praises God” as I, Christ, “am” your prayer to the Father.

T:495         #2     Put your trust in Me.  I am praying, hands upraised on your behalf, as you rest in Me in Holy Communion. (WC:495A)

T:495         #3     Look towards Me.  I await you at the Tabernacle.  Grace and love, springing from My holy Presence, are pouring from My Heart towards you, as I await all who long to greet Me and confide in Me.  (WC:495B)




T:496        #1     Look towards Me in your living and in your dying!   I am the Way to the Father, in life and in death.  At the “edge” of Heaven, I await all the people who, after death, approach Me in the presence of My Saints and My holy Angels.  My Holy Mother stands next to Me. 

T:496        #2     Think about the moment when at last you will hope to see Me, Jesus.

                                    I, the Crucified, wait at the Gate of Heaven, looking for those

                                                who bear the marks of the Cross,

                                                who resemble Me,

                                                who have borne all things for Me,

                                                who are weary from My service,

                                                who have loved all poor and wounded ones for My sake,

                                                who have given no thought to their own glory,

                                                but longed only for Mine,

                                                who have kept on through criticism and humiliation,                                          their hearts aching like Mine

                                                 for the world’s pain, not for their own.

                                    I know My own.  They resemble Me. (WC + OIL:496)

T:496        #3     Don’t worry about appearing shame-faced, weary and with head bowed, when at last you stand before Me, your Saviour. Truly, you will have good cause to be hopeful if you are weary from My service, obediently holding out your wounded hands to Me, your Wounded Lord.   I know My own.  They resemble Me.  It is when people resemble Me that they are fit for Heaven.




T:497         #1     Be glad that you can reveal your every weakness to Me, and that - undeterred by shame -  you are willing to change.

T:497         #2     Be sure that I Who planted a great longing in your heart to make Me known and glorified will fulfil that longing.  “You shall” give Me glory, but “in a way you do not expect.” Fruitfulness in working for Me depends not upon human achievements or talent but upon the strength of your co-operation with Me.

T:497         #3     Remember that any ‘success’ in the spiritual life depends on My Will being fulfilled - in whatever way I plan to achieve My Will.  Your consent is needed, even though I Myself am prompting you to respond.  But ‘success’ depends on My grace and not on your gifts.

T:498         #1     Never stop praising and thanking Me for My goodness, even whilst you weep for others’ sorrows.  You must entrust everyone to Me, especially persons who are deeply troubled.  That you are able to do this with confidence is a just and fitting cause to praise Me!

T:498         #2     Don’t let earthly griefs draw you towards pessimism and despondence. “I shall make all things new”. My Light encircles and illuminates minds and hearts throughout the world, unceasingly.  Through My loving action and your prayers, combined, My Light brings truth, peace, faith, hope and comfort.

T:499         #1     Attend to your prayers and adore Me in Holy Communion, no matter how vigorously besieged you are by difficulties.  I am Really Present before you.

T:499         #2     Imitate the holy Angel Who prays beside you and who bows low in worship. (WC:499)

T:500         #1     Treasure your union with Me.  Whenever you kneel in prayer, united to Me, My praise is offered to the Father from within your simple heart, with My own power and glory! (WC:500)

T:500         #2     Treasure and take part in the Holy Mysteries.   How privileged you are to be present when I, your Saviour, am praising the Father.  You can truly proclaim that, in the sanctuary before you, “God praises God” in unfathomable Love, unity, glory and bliss, whilst you - whose hearts belong to Me - cling to Me; and My praise is yours, and can be offered by you as your very own infinitely worthy praise of the Father! (WC:500)

T:  500       #3     Remain peacefully with Me, in Holy Communion, whenever I want you to rest in My own silent praise of the Father.  Let Me guide you gently ‘back’ to attentive silence whenever your mind or heart wanders away in day-dreaming or distractions.

T:  501       #1     Give your whole heart and will, in daily life, to the one task which is worthy of Me.  It is My Will “that you love”, and that you love everyone, wholeheartedly, everywhere, at all times, for My sake.

T:  501       #2     Follow My example.  Even when your heart is cold or fearful, try to be tender and loving.  When I loved others during My life on earth, I loved them even to crucifixion.




T:502A      #1     Look upon My Will as something very simple.  You already know and try to obey My Commandments and the teaching of My holy Church; and you try to fulfil your obvious duties.  But don’t worry about minor decisions, about what are relatively unimportant matters to do with social events and little bits of inessential work.

T:502A      #2     In little things, just as in great matters, turn to Me for guidance; and when you have made your prayerful decision be at peace.  I want you to do whatever you genuinely believe I wish you to do.  I want you to do this, and to do it lovingly, at each moment, without complicated thoughts about repercussions or possible developments.

T:502A      #3     Follow My inspiration and accept your “poverty” - the poverty of being feeble, and  of being a ‘nuisance’, and of being a cause of patience in others!  See this as an opportunity for uniting a little sacrifice with My great Offering.

T:502B      #1     Adore My Holy Spirit - the Divine Person, Holy God, and Source of all goodness Whose Life is like a furnace of Love and Light, within your soul.  It is My Spirit Who empowers you to grow “in Christ” as you yearn for the Father.

T:502B      #2     Follow the inspiration of My Spirit, when He invites you to rest quietly in prayer, for the Father’s Glory.

T:502B      #3     Let your prayer be a sacrificial prayer, like My prayer.  Offer your life for My Will to be done in you.  Withhold nothing, in your self-offering.  Let all My  plans be fulfilled in you, as you accept pain or joy, attention or obscurity - with equal contentment.

T:503         #1     Admit that pride is the cause of your burning humiliation when you are singled out as a cause for pity or curiosity.

T:503         #2     Accept, with simplicity, the feelings which arise from the little humiliations which you have experienced because of your weakness. In this way, you enable Me to fill your soul with a joy which far outweighs your heartache.

T:504                  Follow My inspiration, and offer everything to Me: life and death, and every single thought, prayer and action.  Offer them all to the Father, through your union with Me.  Offer them for your own salvation, for the good of My Church, for the comfort of the holy souls in Purgatory, and for Our Glory - the Glory of the Most Holy Trinity.

T:505, 506, 507

T:508                  (Private).

T:509         #1     Remember that I am at work in your soul, in Holy Communion.  I am radiant and beautiful, Really Present and active.  I am preparing your soul for the work which we can do together.  I am sweeping away distractions so that you and I can rest here together in silent love and worship, for the Glory of the Father.

T:509         #2     Pray for an increase of faith.  Heaven ‘starts’ now.  Believe this.  It is here, with Me, whenever I came to you in Holy Communion!

T:510                  Continue to offer reverent praise, during My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, as the chalice which contains My Precious Blood is held up high, over the altar. “See how much you cost Me.”  See how precious you are, so precious that I paid a tremendous price to bring you into loving union with Myself.

T:511, 512          (Private).

T:513         #1     Be fervent in prayer, and faithful.  Your union with Me is fruitful, because of My power.

T:513         #2     Remember that I am always praising the Father.  That is why you can be sure that My praise arises not only from the Tabernacle, but from within your soul.  You, “being” Me - by your union with Me - are like a “Jesus” praising the Father!  Such is your dignity as My friend and fellow-worker.

T:513         #3     Follow My inspiration and turn to Me in total self-giving, with praise, acceptance, joy, love and patience.


                           MY HOLY CHURCH.


T:514                  Strengthen your friendship with those who live in Heaven.  Through your prayers and their kindness, Angels and Saints  urge you on, urge you not to give in to weariness or self-pity on the ‘last lap’ of this ‘journey’ which is your life on earth.

T:515                  (Private).

T:516         #1     Remember the faithful departed.  The Holy Souls in Purgatory - many thousands - await My Will with reverent attention, accepting their purification until My Holy Angels call to them, and lead them closer to My Light, and into Heaven.

T:516         #2     Assist the Holy Souls by your  prayers, which are extremely important.  The souls who are furthest away from Me stand in darkness, their heads bowed; they are in great need of help.  The Holy Souls in Purgatory are “stirred” by your prayer.  They advance in love - and so move closer to My Light - and are consoled. (WC + OIL:516)

T:517                  Remain faithful to prayer.  When I come to you in Holy Communion, and when you pray with Me, “in” Me and through Me, I pray “in” you, and I make your prayer and Mine truly One.  I am like a pillar of Light before Heaven, offering My  prayers and My Sacrifice to the Father.

T:518         #1     Love and serve your neighbour in the best way, which is My way.  To love is to long for another’s joy, and is to be patient, grateful and forgiving, like Me, your Saviour.

T:518         #2     Cover up your neighbours’ faults as quickly as you would cover  up your own.

T:518         #3     Develop a sympathetic heart which is delighted at another person’s joys and saddened by another’s sadnesses.


                           MY IMMACULATE MOTHER.


T:519                 Praise Me for St Anne, in whose womb was conceived Mary, the “Immaculate One” - like a host - from whom would come My Sacred Body.  Everything of My human nature was received by Me from My Immaculate Mother Mary, who - as I now show you was ‘immaculate’ at her conception. (WC + OIL:519)


T:520         #1     Let Me “clothe” you in Myself and in My own purity as if I were clothing you in a beautiful white garment, ready for your priestly work.  You are to be “another Christ”, walking with Me, lovingly doing My work.

T:520         #2     Let Me introduce to your new work.  My encouragement of you, and the purifications through which I have led you, were not aimless.  With your consent, I have enabled you to “put on Christ”, and so, royally-robed, you can set out anew. (WC:520)

T:520         #3     Encourage others in their faith and in their vocations as generously as I have encouraged you.

T:521         #1     Honour and adore Me, your King.  I appear before you in Holy Communion, robed in Majesty.  I wear a priest’s garments which are encrusted with jewels yet which are  also marked with the Cross - the Sign of My Passion.

T:521         #2     Believe in My kindness.  I reverently accept your homage.  One who honours Me is honoured by Me! 

T:521         #3     Be determined to struggle through all difficulties, for the privilege of serving a King of such dignity and nobility as I.

T:522         #1     Don’t be despondent at what your sins did to Me on Calvary.  Yes, I was wounded and bleeding for your sake; I bore your punishment.  But I am Risen, now, joyful and triumphant.

T:522         #2     Put your trust in Me, Jesus your Redeemer, Who am now standing before you, during the Holy Sacrifice.  Radiant, and wearing dazzling white garments, I, the Divine Victim, hold out My wounded hands towards the Invisible Father, praying for you, My brothers and sisters.

T:523                  (Private).

T:524         #1     Don’t despise your little prayers.  Your poor prayers and sacrifices, offered to the Father, are - by My grace and by your will - truly part of My Holy Sacrifice.




T:524         #2     Don’t be swayed towards disobedience to Me or to My Church.  Glory is given to the Father by each tiny act of obedience on your part, just as Glory is given by each tiny ‘gift’ of love or prayer from you - because of your union with Me.

T:525         #1     See what the Father sees; He delights in your gratitude, which you expressed when you arranged that My Holy Sacrifice was offered for your intention.

T:525         #2     Learn another ‘law’ of the spiritual life: I cannot be surpassed in kindness. For every loving and generous act or thought which you offer to Me, from devotion and gratitude, I give you lavish and tender “repayment”. (WC:525)

T:525         #3     Follow My inspiration and say: “all for Jesus”, at every difficult moment, persevering in faith and devotion through times of refreshment or turmoil.

T:526         #1     Be content to worship in spiritual “poverty”.  You delight your fellow-worshippers - the Saints and the Holy Angels - whenever you pray with simplicity, humbly offering to Me all the good gifts and graces which - at great cost - I have given to you.

T:526         #2     Love Me!  How Heaven rejoices when I am loved!  All the graces which are now showered upon you are given only because of My Sacrifice of the Cross, and therefore Heaven delights in your love of Me and in your gratitude.

T:526         #3     Follow My inspiration and offer your whole life to Me, once more.  Make this offering, daily.

T:527A               Reflect on the love which the Saints have for Me and for one another.  The Saints - and the Holy Angels too - rejoice to hear one another praised, and to hear Me praised for their virtues.

T:527B               Think of the marvellous friendships of Heaven. The Saints and the Holy Angels are full of love, not only for Me, but for one another.

T:528         #1     Pray earnestly for help.  Each time you do so, I stoop to your weakness.

T:528         #2     Offer to Me all that you are, and all that you have, from the depths of your suffering.

T:528         #3     Offer to the Father, from your weakness: “Jesus, in praise of Your Glory, Jesus, in thanksgiving, Jesus, in reparation, Jesus, for my heart’s prayers”.  Pray, thus, so that you may know, love and do the Father’s Will; pray thus, for His Glory.  Pray thus, also, so that everyone you know and love may have the gift of faith, and may know Me, your only perfect joy.

T:528         #4     Offer to the Father, through Me, the Merits of My Holy Mother Mary, the praise of all the Holy Angels, and the praise of all the Saints.

T:528         #5     Ask for the prayers of the Saints, from your weakness, so that you may love Me and may join them forever in their praise of Me.

T:528         #6     Thank Me for the care of your good Angel, who has witnessed all your sins and whose pardon you sought.  Ask him to guide you towards Heaven, your home.

T:528         #7     Continue to pray for others.  I send My blessing - like a sparkling Light - upon all the people for whom you are interceding.  I am ‘illumining’ them by your prayers.




T:529         #1     Look forward to Heaven’s joys.

T:529         #2     Let Me encourage you by thoughts of Heaven, where true joy is found through Life and Light “within” Me, and with My Holy Mother, and with all the holy Company of Saints and holy Angels.  (WC + OIL: 529)

T:529         #3     Think of the reward which I give to all who truly love Me.  On entering Heaven, they see My Holy Mother, who is surrounded there with Glory and honour. 

T:530                  (Private).


                           THE FIRE OF MY LOVE.


T:531                  Follow the prompting of My Spirit, and renew your vow of charity.  Resolve to love, always, through the grace of Me your Lord, with the power of My Spirit, and for the Father’s Glory, no matter what the cost.

T:532         #1     Don’t be afraid of asking reverent questions, for example, how does prayer benefit those whom you love?

T:532         #2     Be glad that your heart has been ‘enlarged’ to hold within it many more people. They can be blessed by your every good thought or deed.  The flames of My Love so fill and enlighten the hearts of those - like yourself - who love Me that all who are ‘held’ therein benefit from that ‘fire’ - if they wish to benefit - as it sparkles over each, ready to illuminate and purify them.  (WC + OIL: 532)

T:533                  Co-operate with My Holy Spirit and, by My power, banish all self-love, hard-heartedness and resentment.  He is filling your willing heart with Divine Love.  He is drawing you towards Heaven, as He drew you long ago, at your total surrender, when He once lifted you to union with Me, your Glorified Saviour, in the bliss of the Father.

T:534                  Accept a special gift from Me: true love of My Will, wherever and however it is shown forth in daily life.  This gift is offered to you from My goodness.  It can only be received by one who truly wants to do My Will, yet it is a gift which brings light-heartedness and joy, even in suffering.




T:535        #1     Cling to Me with all your might, both in everyday life and through your prayers at the Holy Sacrifice, where I Who am both Victim and Priest reach out My arms in utter surrender to the Father.

T:535        #2     Allow Me to draw you steadily towards Heaven.  Be solemn but joyful.  I am here before you.  I am wearing My priestly garment which is decorated with the Sacred Sign of the Cross.  Thus robed, I offer My Holy Sacrifice on your behalf.  I look upwards in love to the Father, and you  - who love Me - are the ‘jewels’ on My robe, you who make the Offering with Me. (WC + OIL:535)

T:535        #3     Adorn and beautify My Holy Offering.  The Father  is perfectly praised by Me, His Divine Son, with or without you, and My Perfect Praise of the Father would be joyful and triumphant even were you to desert Me.  Yet by your free, devoted and loving union of yourselves with Me, as I pray in your presence, you give great Glory to Me, your Saviour, and make a unique adornment of My praise of the Father.


T:536                  Avoid needless speculation about the work to which I have called you, whether about your role or about My ‘methods’.  Simplicity is the key to successful, humble and prayerful co-operation with Me your Saviour.


T:537        #1     Let Me bring you not simply to willing service, but to perfection, in sanctity.

T:537        #2     Be watchful in every word and gesture, as you try to do My Will and try to “be” Love to all the people you meet.

T:537        #3     Be reverent towards Me at all times, and reverent, also, towards your neighbour. I, your Lord, ‘enfold’ everything, everywhere.  You live in My Love.  Since I am that all-encompassing Love, if you offend against Love in the slightest degree you offend, you sin, against Me Who am Love.


T:538         #1     Pray in spirit and in truth, always.  Only truth is worthy of Me; so approach Me honestly in prayer, showing Me the people whose sufferings disturb you. “Bring them all to Me!”  The love and concern which I see within your soul are praise-worthy; they are of more value than the insincere praise which you are tempted to offer Me - when you should be confiding in Me about your real heart-ache.

T:538         #2     Trust Me!  I understand your sorrows.  Lift up all your dear people to Me in prayer, asking for My light and blessing. One by one, I anoint each person with My Love.




T:539         #1     Follow My inspiration and turn to your priest for advice about extraordinary prayer.  This will bring you to safety, since I cannot fail to work through him in some way, for your benefit, if you put your trust in Me, and do your plain duty.  Also, you will be brought in a safe way towards humility, as you accept your superior’s judgement in things of the soul, whilst clinging to Me “within”.

T:539         #2     Notice the joy and simplicity which spring from loving obedience to My Will. Through the ‘small door’ of submission, I can draw you upwards - away from fear and hesitation - to a new stage of the spiritual life.  Tested and guided through obedience, and reassured about My work in your life, you can now gratefully remember My gifts, believe in them, rejoice because of them, share them with others, and celebrate My overwhelming Goodness.

T:540         #1     Don’t be afraid to enjoy the Light and warmth of Holy Communion.  Within your soul, I am robed in the joy and Glory which I share with My friends.

T:540         #2     Offer your heart to Me, constantly, in prayer. As you do this throughout your life, all the dear people enclosed within your heart are also constantly offered to Me for blessing.

T:541         #1     Continue to be reverent in prayer.  Your Guardian Angel stands beside you, and bows before Me, as you pray. (WC:541)

T:541         #2     Don’t worry about your frailty.  I am loving and patient as you pray your feeble prayers.  I wait patiently amidst your distractions and graciously accept your homage.

T:541         #3     Remember the reason why you can be confident in your weakness.  When you pray “in Christ”, it is as though I “begin” to praise the Father for you and within you.  I “am” your praise, glory, merit, hope and salvation.

T:541         #4     Pray fervently with the Holy Angels who - real but unseen - are united with you.  They are gathered about you all as you prepare your hearts for My Holy Sacrifice.

T:541         #5     Thank Me for your privilege: that you can be present with the Holy Angels during the Holy Mass, and that you can share in their prayer.

T:542         #1     Value every moment of your life on earth.  As negative shapes in a painting are important to the whole design, so, similarly, your periods of waiting, inactivity and ‘unknowing’ have an extraordinarily important place in your whole life’s pattern.

T:542         #2     Never think that your time is wasted - so long as you are united to Me and accept My Will.   Doing My Will in enforced idleness, such as during sickness, is as fruitful and as constructive as fulfilling My Will in fervent activity.  It can be more fruitful, because in your apparent weakness you have no reason to become self-satisfied.

T: 543        #1     Follow My inspiration and accept My Will as it is revealed through various purifications.  Accept your pains, humiliations and disappointments, and accept also the shame of your own spiritual poverty and weakness.

T:543         #2     Believe in My Love.  You know that I bore very great sufferings, even holding out My hand, willingly, as they crucified Me.  “I did it for you.”  I bore the torments of My Passion entirely from love: love of the Father’s Will, and love of you and of others, who were in such utter need of salvation from sin.

T:543         #3     Consider the debt of gratitude which you owe to Me.  By My Holy Passion and Death, your rescue from eternal death was made possible.

T:544                  (Private).

T:545         #1     Unite all your pains and sacrifices to Mine as I offer My great Sacrifice of the Mass.  Robed as a priest, I am Really Present, standing before you in the sanctuary. (WC + OIL:545)

T:545         #2     Remember that I, your Priest, am also your Friend.  I am constantly interceding for you, My People.




T:546         #1     Don’t fear death, now that you love Me and have repented of your sins and have been forgiven.  The moment of death might seem like the moment when a small door - set in a brick wall - finally opens; yet Heaven’s Glory blazes beyond it, blazes out from an infinity of My Light.  (WC: 546)

T: 546        #2     Hope to be released, through death, from the constraint and half-light of the world into the brilliant Light of My presence!

T:547         #1     Be glad whenever, by My Will, you find that you are weak and powerless, dependent on others, waiting to go here and there as they choose, yet are still willing to obey My Will, as expressed through those circumstances.  This is a cause for joy.  “This is true freedom,” freedom from self-will. (WC: 547)

T:547         #2     Depend only on Me for perfect, perpetual help and understanding.  Through My prompting, kind persons here or there will sometimes help you.  But anyone who is determined to have what he thinks he ‘deserves’ or who pins his hopes on other people, or who makes compromises in order to please others and lets them dictate his behaviour, is in great danger.

T:547         #3     Trust in Me alone.  Human beings can do great kindnesses, but are fallible and inconsistent in ordinary behaviour.  You might become discouraged if you pin your hopes not on Me but on man, and then find that what you expected to receive is not given.

T: 547        #4     See where spiritual safety lies.  It lies in loving other people, but putting your entire trust in Me.  If you do this, I cannot then refuse to help you, since My nature is faithfulness and Love and I am bound to reward your trust and obedience.


                           YOUR PRIVILEGED PLACE.


T:548        #1     Come to worship at the Holy Sacrifice, aware of your privileged place.  For this short span of time you join in the everlasting, blissful worship of the Holy Angels who praise the Father in Heaven, through Me.

T:548        #2     Add your fervent “Amen” to My self-offering - to the Offering of Calvary and altar.  Thus, you make My Offering your own.  You make it effective, for your own salvation.

T:548        #3     Don’t think that My praise ‘begins’ somehow.  It never ceases.  By your attendance at the Holy Mass, you are present to My praise, present to the praise which is My perfect, eternal and obedient self-offering, as I offer it from upon earth!


T:549         #1     Take delight in the gifts with which I adorn you - even in spiritual gifts such as patience and courage.  You owe Me thanks; but any child of Mine can delight in her virtues and attractive features, just like a child who admires the jewels on a new dress. In her innocence she knows that all honour is due to Me, the Giver; yet I Myself will delight in her delight, because I love her.  (WC: 549)

T:549         #2     Thank Me for all My gifts.  All Heaven is ‘dancing’ and rejoicing when I am thanked and praised.

 T:550                Act with great reverence in church.  I, your Priest, stand before you within the church.   Robed and radiant, I stretch out My arms in triumph and in welcome.  A halo encircles My head.  My Presence fills the Sanctuary.  (WC + OIL: 550)


                           MY KINGDOM.


T:551                  Welcome Me into your ‘sacrificial’ heart.  Whenever someone gives a whole life to Me, solely for My Glory, there on earth My Kingdom is established: “holy ground” where I reign!

T:552         #1     Adore Us, the Holy Trinity, Who are the One Lord Who created you.  Adore Us: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and thank Us for your life and for all your gifts.   This is the purpose of your life: that you can live within Us, the Most Holy Trinity, and know that by Us you were created, loved, redeemed through the Cross, and chosen.  You were chosen to be ‘awake’ in Our Love, and to be alive and free: free to do Our Most Holy Will, for your joy and for Our Glory.

T:552         #2     Follow My inspiration and resolve to live only for Our Glory: the Glory of the Most Holy Trinity.  Be faithful in everything, and at every minute of every day.

T:552         #3     Accept the chastening which I permit, as you are purified through suffering and through the shameful sight of your own sinfulness.

T:553                  Rejoice that I love you so much.  There is no greater love than My Love. No-one is more worthy of your love than I.  None of your loving acts is left unrewarded by Me.  There is no greater joy than to be with Me for ever, wearing the wedding veil which I now give to you, as a sign of our eternal union.  (WC:553)

T:554, 555          (Private).

T:556         #1     Follow My inspiration and turn to Me in every need.

T:556         #2     Choose Me and My Will before anyone or anything else.  She who ‘empties’ herself in this life makes a ‘space’ for Me, on earth, to praise the Father - and for Heaven and earth to be truly joined! (WC:556)

T:556         #3     Empty yourself for My sake, and so demonstrate true wisdom.

T:556         #4     Submit to My holy Will.

T:556         #5     Determine to serve Me above all.

T:556         #6     Sacrifice everything that might lead you away from Me.

T:556         #7     Give up all your selfish ambitions.

T:556         #8     Act prudently and intelligently, whilst placing your entire trust in My Love and My Providence.

T:557A      #1     See where your prayers and sacrifices have led you.  The peace which you now enjoy is a peace in which you can ‘dwell’ as if dwelling within a little bower within your soul - a little shelter of leaves and flowers.  Though built through My grace, that ‘bower’ is nevertheless your construction.  You prepared it yourself with your heart- pangs and prayers.  I am simply perfecting it for you.  (WC: 557A)

T:557A      #2     Persevere in prayer, in contrition, and in compassion for Me, your crucified Saviour.  Thus, you prepare your soul as a haven of grace, call down My consolation upon yourself and prepare yourself for Heaven.  This is the wonder of the Life of grace!

T:557A      #3     Be confident that as you do good things for Me, I Myself perfect your works. It is I Who give you interior joy.  I reward every good act and every true prayer, and every sacrifice which is made out of love for Me.

T:557B      #1     Be confident and hopeful; you are now thoroughly immersed in a wonderful life of grace.  This means that whenever you pray, I can lift up your soul towards the Father, so that, together, you and I can offer a single, united and powerful prayer.

T:557B      #2     Have faith in My goodness.  Whenever you freely choose to do only My Will, the Father gazes at you as if upon Me Whom you imitate, and the Father does your will - which is now Mine, since you and I share the same longings and pray the same prayers for the same holy intentions!

T:557B      #3     Pray sincerely; thus, you allow Me to lift up your soul towards the Father.

T:558         #1     Adore Me, your Lord, in the Eucharist.  I look lovingly upon you all, as you attend the Holy Mass where My Sacred Body and Precious Blood are made present upon the altar.

T:558         #2     Greet Me, your Lord, in the Eucharist. I am Really Present before you, My Heart on fire with tenderness, My wounded hands raised in prayer on your behalf. (WC: 558)

T:559                  Be aware of your Companions.  You who make every effort to please Me, at any cost, have My holy Mother and the Saints of Heaven as radiant and tender companions.

T:560         #1     Offer thanks and homage to Me in Holy Communion, and place your trust in Me.  What need is there for anxious thoughts about past sins - blotted out by Reconciliation, love and penance?

T:560         #2     “Don’t worry so much, My child.”  See how much I love you, even coming to you, joyfully, with My holy Angels.


                           REDEEMING WORK.


T:561        #1     Welcome the unavoidable sufferings which come upon you.  I suffered, and if you suffer, you are made more like Me.  If you suffer gladly, you comfort Me in My terrible sorrow, and make My reparation yours, too - more sincerely - and ease others’ burdens of sin.

T:561        #2     Continue to unite your pains with My  sufferings.  It is in this way that I Who am so merciful allow you to join Me in My work of Redemption.


T:562, 563          (Private).

T:564         #1     Remember the ‘debt’ which you owe to My holy Mother, through whom I was given to you.  From her pure nature, I, the Son of God, took My human nature and so became your true brother.

T:564         #2     Don’t doubt that I Myself now honour My holy Mother in Heaven.  Bone of her bone, Blood from her blood, I Who now reign in the Glory of Heaven delight in her presence beside Me. (WC:564)

T:565         #1     Be confident of My presence within your soul, the presence of the Most Holy Trinity. Since you live united to Me, Jesus, you can be sure that the Father and the Holy Spirit are with Me, and that We - Holy Three - Live in your heart.

T:565         #2     Consider Our Work within you.  We Three Divine Persons, your Lord, do not dwell fruitlessly within your soul.  We shed Light and blessings on all whom We see ‘within’. If you cherish the whole world in your heart, and if you welcome Us, lavishly, We bless the whole world, through your love and generosity.

T:565         #3     Remember the cause of your joyful prayer.  Such grace-filled, joyful and effective prayer can only be offered from your soul, now, because of My Sacrifice, on Calvary, and your union with Me, Jesus your Saviour.

T:566                  Follow My inspiration, and choose love not hatred.  Choose Me, in everything.  Choose to love, freely, at every moment.

T:567         #1     Celebrate feast-days, anniversaries and special occasions.  They are a reminder of My great love for you.

T:567         #2     Thank Me for all special anniversaries.  I Myself am the first to say: “This is a festival,” as I adorn your soul as a haven of mercies and graces.

T:568                  Never forget how much I have endured in order to save you.  My sacrifice of Myself was total.  I Who took bread and broke it, with My friends around Me - I Who am God-made-man - would soon be praying alone, crouching in terror, in Gethsemane. (WC + OIL: 568*)

T:569         #1     Allow Me to speak to you through the Holy Scriptures. Listen carefully.

T:569         #2     Reflect on the true purpose of your  life.  Spiritual children will be ‘born’ from you, if you accept your sufferings in union with Me.

T:569         #3     Work hard and do penance.  Live in hope of spending eternity with Me in Heaven.

T:569         #4     Do My Will in everything.  I have great gifts and great tasks for all who will co-operate with Me.

T:569         #5     Make this your whole ambition: to try to do My Will and to rejoice in My Light.  No human being could aspire to a greater purpose.

T:569         #6     Help others, through your penance and reparation.  (WC: 569)

T:570                  Accept your role, which is to be a witness to many people.  I will shower great blessings upon others through your work.

T:571         #1     Trust in Me and believe in My Love.  It is only when you live in a true Communion with Me - beginning to accept My praise and merits as your own, to offer to the Father - that you are enabled to ‘soar’ into ‘Unknowing’ prayer; and then I lead you ever further towards Him, claiming, truthfully, “she is Mine!”

T:571         #2     Let Me draw you, in prayer, from darkness to Light, whenever I choose to do so.  I delight in your growing confidence in Me.  You are Mine.  I draw you joyfully towards Heaven, through the  prayer of ‘Unknowing’. (WC:571)

T:572         #1     Unite all your personal requests to My pleas to the Father, at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  The people in your heart will be led towards joy and perfection - if they will respond to My graces.

T:572         #2     Have faith in Us.  We, the Most Holy Trinity - One God, endless, united, pure, perfect, simple and unchanging - are at ‘work’ in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

T:572         #3     Put your trust in Me, Jesus, your Saviour.  Through My Priesthood, I the Divine Son intercede for all  the people you love; indeed, I intercede for all My people, as I offer My Holy Sacrifice to the Father, in the power of My Holy Spirit. (WC + OIL:572)

T:573                  Be consoled by My kindness and believe in My Love.  The Holy Angels accompany Me as I come to your soul in Holy Communion; and  My Mother, who is so deeply loved by Me, and who is so very holy, is always found beside Me.


                           HOLY DESIRE.


T:574         #1     Empty your heart of all desire except the desire to honour Me.

T:574         #2     Make your heart into a worthy home for Me by permitting Me to ‘scour’ it with sufferings and then to fill it with My Light.

T:574         #3     Welcome Me, your God, in a fitting manner, when I come so lovingly to dwell in your heart.  I can then share My tremendous Divine joy with you, even here on earth.

T:575         #1     Accept all the purifications which I invite you to undergo.  It is by facing the truth about yourselves, and by cleansing your souls in contrition and Reconciliation that you make more ‘room’ for Me, and more ‘room’ also for all the Holy Angels whom I bring to visit you.  This is Heaven on earth!

T:575         #2     Reflect on My goodness.  When you turned to Me long ago, fearfully, in prayer, you valiantly opened your heart to Me as if opening a small window; but you opened it only a little.  How much darkness and clutter I saw within your soul, and how little ‘space’ where I could sit down with you in peaceful prayer!

T:575         #3     Consider the results of My action and your goodwill, combined.  I am making you into a bright home for Me.  I live within every soul which welcomes Me.

T:576         #1     Remember that life without Me is a life lived in darkness.  You who live and worship united to Me have been brought into My Light - a Light which is poured lavishly from Heaven, through My Church.

T:576         #2     Be fervent and thankful, as you pray with and “in” Me, during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  Heaven touches earth, through Me, and a great Light shines around you.  I “am” your praise of the Father, through My Most Holy Spirit. (WC:576)

T:577         #1     Draw ever closer to Me, by acts of humility.  With true contrition, pray for mercy; this is how you ‘enable’ Me to raise you to new heights of Union and - when it is My Will - to lift you into My Heart, the Heart of the Most Holy Trinity, in the spiral of Unknowing prayer. (WC:577)

T:577         #2     Be glad about your own weakness.  Reveal it to Me, and trust in the strength which I can now give you because of your humility.

T:577         #3     Love and do My Will in prayer as in every task.  The greatest surrender to Me leads to the greatest ‘elevation’ into joyful union.

T:577         #4     Learn to be willing to follow Me in prayer - for your good and for My Glory - wherever I lead you.

T:578, 579          (Private).


                           PROOFS OF MY LOVE.


T:580         #1     Don’t search your memory, anxiously, for proofs of my Love.  My kindness to you - so lavishly expressed in prayer - is something for which you can be grateful, yet the greatest proof of My Love is that which is taught by My Church and in which you believe with all your heart: that I came to earth, and suffered and died for you, to save you.

T:580         #2     Don’t doubt that you are loved by Me.  I have undergone great torments in order to save you.

T:580         #3     Recall the Sacrifice of the Cross, and look upon My wounded hands and feet.  “What more would you have me do for you?”  You should entertain no doubts about My  great Love for you.  (WC:580)

T:581         #1     Put your trust in Me, Who am Divine Love “embodied”, a  Love wholly given to you as I come to you in Holy Communion with My Light, joy and forgiveness.  How high is the Father’s Glory, pouring radiance on you below, through Me, the Divine Son.

T:581         #2     Accept some degree of spiritual blindness.  No matter how fervently and sincerely you strive to love Me and to do penance, I am still veiled from your sight, veiled because of My divinity, My holiness, your exile on earth and your faults.  And what veils remain!  Some spiritual blindness still remains with you, until I remove it little by little, either in this life or beyond.

T:582                  Think of the privilege which is yours as you attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  I am truly here with you, Present in the Blessed Sacrament, Glory streaming from Me, whilst My Holy Angels await My holy Sacrificial Offering.

T:583         #1     Persevere in love.

T:583         #2     Be prepared to spend your life in the love and service of others, for My sake, no matter what your circumstances, nor how great your difficulties.         


                           PERFECT EXAMPLE.


T:583         #3     Look at Me upon the Cross, and look at My pierced hands, to see to what extent you should be willing to suffer in order to be loving and faithful.  It is the “love-without-limits” - which I displayed in My Passion - which must be your supreme example. (WC:583)

T:584         #1     Follow My inspiration, and hope and pray for eternal union with Me in Heaven.

T:584         #2     Pray for salvation for yourself and for all people.

T:585         #1     Greet Me in Holy Communion with especial gladness, yet place your trust in Me at every moment of your day.  I, the Word - the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity - am always with you and within you, inspiring and encouraging.  “I never leave you!”

T:585         #2     Give your consent to Me, as I invite you to follow My guidance.  I am always ready to lead you further on, towards a more perfect service and towards a greater love, if you will co-operate with Me.

T:586                  See how tender I am, so tender that I even ask My Holy Angels to ‘wait’, as I strengthen and comfort you, My weary ‘child’, in Holy Communion. (WC:586)

T:587                  Value the ‘dark’, wordless prayer of true contemplation.  My Divine Light is given to your soul through your intimate union with Me, when I ‘lift’ you with Me to the Heart of the Holy Trinity, in peaceful and wordless adoration.

T:588         #1     Surrender to Me, as I invite you to enter My prayer, and to soar with Me to Our Silence - the silence of the Most Holy Trinity.

T:588         #2     Be content to adore Me in ‘unknowing’, as - unseen - I do My work within your soul.

T:588         #3     Be content to rest in My eternal, wordless prayer - your heart ‘escaping’ with Me to eternity’s silence, as your mind feebly encircles ‘below’.  Now that you can see, at last, that it is possible to pray sincerely and well, even whilst your mind is cluttered with distractions.  It is your firm and loving intention which ‘counts’, as you turn your heart - with Me - to the Father in Heaven.  (WC: 588)

T:589         #1     Serve Me for love alone, whether I choose to lead you through apparent spiritual darkness or through blazing spiritual Light.  In those hours of mixed turmoil and silence which I permitted, in recent times,  “I was only testing you,” in order to purify your intentions.

T:589         #2     Love and serve Me in everything with a pure love and a pure intention, without trying to ‘see’ or guess what I’m doing.  I delight in your efforts to serve Me and to do so solely for love and without being anxious about ‘consolations’ or rewards.  Yet I do reward you!

T:590         #1     Bear witness to Me in front of others.

T:590         #2     Speak about the wonderful things which I have done for you.  Speak out, so that My Name will be praised.

T:591, 592          (Private).

T:593         #1     Do everything you can to strengthen your faith.  Believe in My Love for you.  “If only you knew how much I love you!” I understand your lack of confidence and I am always patient with your timidity and fear.

T:593         #2     Put your trust in Me, whenever storms of temptation encircle your heart.  I am not far away, but am close at hand, as if sitting beside you.  Throughout your trial, I am with you,  encouraging you to be faithful!

T:594         #1     Follow the most glorious, safe and hopeful course of action.  Offer your love, life and service, through Me, for the Father’s Glory.

T:594         #2     Be wise.  Entrust yourself entirely to Me, in every aspect of both life and death.  I Who am Mercy, Wisdom and Peace cannot ‘fail’ to help you when you turn to Me with faith and humility.

T:595         #1     Follow in My Way of suffering and apparent failure in order to receive joy, both now and in eternity.

T:595         #2     Be content to walk wherever I lead you.  It is through My Love for you that I  permit your present suffering, so that you might lead My life along your own small ‘Calvary’. Through these trials, you can become obedient to the Will of the Father, and become more loving, in imitation of Me your Saviour.

T:595         #3     Accept the ‘birth-pangs’, which are your struggles to be faithful.  Through them, your soul is slowly being ‘born’ into the Light of Eternity.


                           A SIGN OF CONTRADICTION.


T:596                 Proclaim your faith very simply.  Whoever seeks an emblem by which to say: “By this badge or Cross or medal, I proclaim my faith,” can be sure that the greatest yet simplest badge of all is the badge of suffering.  It is a great marvel, and an invitation to others, when My grace shows out only joy and delight, in one who suffers.  Joyfulness during suffering is truly a “sign of contradiction” which causes others to wonder at My Divine power.


T:597                  (Private).

T:598                  Follow My inspiration, and resolve not merely to accept all pains and difficulties, but to rejoice in humiliation and suffering  -  thankful at being permitted, thus, to live in a small way as I lived upon earth.

T:599                  (Private).

T:600                  Love Me, and cherish My Presence when I come to your soul in Majesty in Holy Communion.  I await your homage, as your Holy Angel stands here beside you; he holds in honour the soul made so radiant with My Presence. (WC + OIL:600)

T:601         #1     Don’t be afraid, as you consider your great need of help.  “When did I ever fail to feed you?!”

T:601         #2     Hold out your hands to Me, in prayer.  I cannot fail to give you graces, blessings and joys, with the prayers of all the Saints and the holy Angels. (WC:601)

T:602                  (Private).

T:603         #1     Be generous with others, as I am generous with you. 

T:603         #2     Be kind to everyone.  Your kindnesses and caresses show Me and My love to others.

T:603         #3     Remember that you please Me by your kind actions.  Yet, by helping others, you also do good to your own soul.  By every act which you do out of love for Me you are ‘bound’ even closer to Me, since your charity is the ‘glue’ by which you are bound to Me, your God, Who am Charity.




T:603         #4     Think about My great love for you and believe that none of your loving acts or sacrifices is unrewarded.  “How could I ever leave you” - or fail to help you when you have suffered for love of Me and long only to persevere!

T:604         #1     Follow My inspiration, and offer your life to Me, just as it is in its imperfection, and in your pain, weariness and weakness.

T:604         #2     Never tire of praising Me for My goodness, nor of thanking Me for all that draws you towards Eternal Life.

T:604         #3     Follow My inspiration and praise the Father through Me, in My Spirit’s power. Praise Him for His Glory.  Praise Him for Me, Jesus, and for the glory of My Saints and  holy Angels, and for their virtues.

T:604         #4     Praise the Father for Mary, My Holy Mother - and for all the graces which you have received through Me her Divine Son, and through My holy Church.

T:604         #5     Offer praise at every moment, not only by your words but by your actions and by the offering of your entire life.

T:605                  (Private).

T:606         #1     Never forget My kindnesses to you.  I gave you My unfailing help during many years of darkness, yet how reluctant you were to serve Me wholeheartedly!

T:606         #2     Marvel at the way in which I have brought good from evil.  From your sins, I have brought humility, and from your loneliness, trust in Me.  Also, when you have undergone other trials, you have been supported by the graces and sacraments which were unknown to your recent ancestors.

T:607                  (Private).

T:608         #1     “Speak the truth,” always.

T:608         #2     Don’t be cowardly.  Speak lovingly and frankly of those things which are true and important, when the occasion demands it.  Entrust all reactions and results to Me, as you continue to live in simplicity and patience.

T:609         #1     Look upon Me your Risen Lord as your true and glorious King.  I know how much you love Me, as you kneel at My feet, in humility.  Be joyful in the knowledge that I delight in coming to your soul!

T:609         #2     Continue your simple prayers, unconcerned about having special graces. Whenever I wish, I will take your soul into My own, joyful, perfect and effortless worship, and you will then be well rewarded for the  patience with which you have endured times of apparent spiritual ‘darkness’.

T:610                  (Private).

T:611         #1     Submit to My gentle direction in Holy Communion, when I come joyfully to your soul, bearing gifts, inviting you to lean on My Heart and even to gaze with Me towards the Invisible Father.

T:611         #2     Welcome Me with joy.  I ‘rest’ gladly within your soul, seeing you now repentant and reconciled.  All past sins are therefore forgiven, and I am now united with you before the Father.

T:611         #3     Be confident about your friendship with Me, your Saviour. Wherever My Kingdom is found - wherever I rule in a freely-given heart - the prayer which arises from that heart is One with Mine: and so we are One Heart, One Will, One Prayer.  I Myself pray your prayers, with My Divine power!

T:611         #4     Don’t let memories make you despondent.  You who have been forgiven much have much cause for thanks - and therefore you can now imitate My generosity and love, in all your dealings with others.

T:612         #1     Pray in My Name.  I offer your prayers to the Father.

T:612         #2     Pray with others who also live “in Christ”.  When two persons pray in My Name, it is as though I your Saviour am sitting between you; and we three all ‘look’ towards the Father, and are united in our trusting prayer.  (WC: 612)

T:613         #1     Never doubt that I am Really Present with you all, during the Holy Sacrifice.   I love to be amongst those who love Me.  Saints and Angels bow in reverence for My Most Precious Blood, which is here on the altar.  They are awed by My astounding Love.

T:613         #2     Don’t think that your little weaknesses disturb Me, Who am so Holy.  I joyfully contemplate your loving hearts, in this little chapel which is the ante-chamber to Heaven itself.  I am truly your King; and truly, I reign here, where you who love Me greet Me in adoration.  (WC: 613)

T:614                  (Private).

T:615                  Marvel at the height to which the Father wishes to raise you.  Wherever, on earth, I live within a soul in complete union, there the Father - through Me - is perfectly praised on earth. My Light is thereby spread further across the earth, and Heaven and earth are thus firmly united, powerfully joined by prayer.  All who ‘belong’ to the heart which is united with Me are bound up, too, in that prayer.

T:616                  (Private).

T:617         #1     Trust in Me wholeheartedly.

T:617         #2     Push aside your memories of things long-ago confessed.  “They are forgiven.”  Put your trust in Me and rest in My peace and joy in Holy Communion.

T:618         #1     Follow My inspiration and praise and thank the Father ever more fervently for all the blessings of your marriage - and for the dear children: the ‘fruits’.

T:618         #2     Continue to offer fervent prayers that your children may know, love and adore Me.

T:619                  (Private).


                           A LITTLE KINGDOM.


T:620         #1     Welcome Me in Holy Communion.  I am Really Present in this little “Kingdom” of Mine, which is your soul.

T:620         #2     Be glad that your true Communion with Me is fruitful.  I Who am Joy and Grace burn away all your poverty, pain and distractions - in My blissful Light - as I ‘stroll’ beside you within your soul, which is My ‘Kingdom’. (WC:620)

T:620         #3     Thank Me for My goodness.  I, your Lord, descend to meet you at the Consecration, as My Holy Angels stand by, adoring.

T:621         #1     Look upon your soul as a vast, brilliantly-lit cavern where Holy Angels and Saints witness your transformation, as I Light up your ‘twilight’ with My Glory, in Holy Communion. (WC:621)

T:621         #2     Let Me console you.  I refresh and reward those who learn to love truth and humility, and who endure sufferings for My sake.

T:622                  Don’t be embarrassed about your devotion to Saint Thérèse.  She is made happy by your devotion and by your delight in her life and in her relics.  She is touched by your longing to be close to her.

T:623         #1     Turn to Me whenever you are tired or exasperated.  Such is My great Love for you and My constant willingness to help you that I cannot fail to respond and to give you peace, when you sincerely confess your weakness.  (WC: 623A)

T:623         #2     Recognise the ‘power’ of contrition.  Your true union with Me is the result of much prayer and penance - though nevertheless due to My grace.  When I have swept, scoured and prepared a heart which loves Me, I pour My Love, grace and Glory within that heart, in Holy Communion. (WC:623B)

T:624                  (Private)

T:625         #1     Keep on, through every difficulty.  From Heaven, I am watching with tremendous Love your heart-breaking efforts to praise Me and to remain faithful.

T:625         #2     Don’t let your real weakness make you despondent.  In offering Me to the Father - for His glory, the Glory of the Most Holy Trinity - you perform the best possible act, here in your weakness.

T:625         #3     Be confident in prayer.  The more - through love and sacrifice - you resemble Me, the more does the Father, in seeing you, see Me, and so can refuse nothing to Me, “in” you, on earth!

T:625         #4     Don’t be afraid.  See what goodness I show towards My weak creatures, and see how powerful I am.  Who can harm you unless I permit it?

T:626         #1     Be grateful for My gift of humility, by which you are enabled to make a sincere confession of your sins, in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Heaven rejoices at your soul’s self-conquest, indeed, at every sacrifice made out of love for Me.

T:626         #2     Turn towards Me.  I am Really Present in the tabernacle.  I long both to give Love and to receive love, and - My Glory pouring around Me - I ‘await’ all who approach Me, to confide in Me.  I delight in the prayers of all who have turned to Me with sincere hearts. (WC:626)

T:627         #1     Rejoice in your union with Me.  The Father, in looking at you, sees Me within your soul, and answers My prayer!

T:627         #2     Continue to make a reverent Sign of the Cross as you begin and ‘end’ your prayers. As you do so, the Saints do the same!  They love to join you in your worship.


                           MY WILL.


T:628         #1     Do My Will wholeheartedly in everything, whether you are extremely busy, or sick and lying down in apparent idleness.

T:628         #2     Accept your physical weakness, and offer it to Me as a sacrifice.

T:628         #3     Thank me for the freedom which your soul now enjoys in My presence. It has been achieved only by the purification received through My graces.

T:629                  Be grateful to My Holy Spirit for His work within you.  It is He who prompts, leads, strengthens, changes and enlightens you.  In His extraordinary graciousness, He also reveals to you something of what I am doing in your life.

T:630         #1     (Private).

T:630         #2     Follow My inspiration, and determine to live and die for My Glory and to unite all your sufferings with the pains of My Passion.

T:630         #3     Don’t despise your little sufferings.  They are mere drops of pain when compared with the great flood of torment which I bore in My Passion, but your little offering is grand, powerful and acceptable, when it is made in perfect union with My own Sacrifice.

T:631                  Be glad that you are weak!  “That is why I came”  - came to earth for your sake in My holy Incarnation and come lovingly to you now in Holy Communion. (WC:631)

T:632                  Write about My goodness and mercy towards you, and about how I first began to teach you and guide you. (WC:632)

T:633                  (Private).

T:634         #1     Believe in and delight in My constancy.  As you reflect on My kindness to you, you can be certain that I never change.  Whether you think about Me, or pray to Me, in one year or the next, “I am the same Jesus!”  I am the same Person, always loving you, and always touched and delighted by your love of Me.

T:634         #2     Believe in My love for you.  I look upon you, as I look upon everyone, with infinite tenderness.

T:635         #1     Trust in My ‘reliability’!  I Who have planted faith and love within your soul am bound to respond, untiringly, to your ‘faith-full’ petitions for help. “How can I not help you!?”

T:635         #2     Reflect on My Divine Nature, which causes Me to be always - eternally - loving, just, faithful and unchanging.

T:636         #1     Never ‘connect’ sweet feelings in  prayer directly with your actions.  I am bound to reward, in some way, all who serve Me, yet I alone choose when to bestow gifts and when to withhold them.

T:636         #2     Don’t try to fathom My  plans, which are far beyond you in scale and wisdom.  But remember that My nature is always ‘Love’!

T:637                  (Private).

T:638                  Let your heart be encouraged.  Risen and glorious, I am full of delight to be here before the altar, with those who love Me. (WC:638)

T:639         #1     Make deliberate and frequent acts of repentance, and wholeheartedly accept My purification. In this way, you are made more like Me, made more self-less and loving.

T:639         #2     Take heart by thinking of the goal to which I am leading you - not to something pallid or feeble, but to My blazing, glorious Love, in Heaven.

T:639         #3     Imitate Me.  Follow My example, and so share one day in the Divine Love and bliss  which is now found in Heaven, where I live in a union of ecstatic love with the Father.

T:639         #4     Understand the means by which you can offer worthy praise to the Father; the summit of your Offering at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is when I reach out to the Father in a perfect prayer of self-offering.   Imitate My example, and live in hope that you will ‘enter’ the Divine embrace for all eternity.

T:640                  (Private)

T:641         #1     Understand the meaning of prayer; don’t worry about whether your words are worthy of Me.  I am more delighted with a heart which is truly yearning to love Me than with any number of fine words of thanksgiving.

T:641         #2     Look upon earnest meditations as a preparation for prayer.  In  prayer itself, when you share your secret and honest thoughts with Me your Saviour, “I don’t want you to think, but to love!” - although of course you must both think and pray during your daily activities.

T:642                  (Private).

T:643                  Give joy to Me, during your travels, as you pray in My sanctuaries and pray even amongst the ruins of My sacred places.  I greet you with a glad “Welcome,” because I delight in the prayers which are offered in faith between sacred walls and before holy images, whether in ancient places or modern.

T:644                  (Private).