Teachings » Elizabeth Wang, Teachings from the Lord, T00645-T01019

This page contains a selection of Teachings that Elizabeth Wang received from the Lord in prayer over many years. They are in chronological order. For other selections please see the main TEACHINGS page here.






T:645         #1     Follow My inspiration and write down the ‘teachings’ which I have given to you to share with  other people.

T:645         #2     Go ahead with your efforts to do My work, and don’t worry about other people’s opinions about what you are saying or doing.  Be sensitive and tactful, if you can, but don’t be cowardly.

T:646         #1     Rejoice at your triumphs at withstanding mockery.  You do well to follow My call at each new turning, as you struggle to remain faithful.

T:646         #2     Rejoice that you have learned to obey the call of conscience - the prayerful conscience which ‘burns’ you whenever you disobey My loving commands. (WC:646)

T:647                  (Private.)

T:648                  Banish timidity.  Speak frankly about your faith and about My goodness.

T:649         #1     Don’t worry about your work.  “You are doing what you ought,” as you do your duty as a baptised and confirmed member of My Church.  No matter how shameful your past lives or long-ago repented sins, you have a duty to spread the Good News amongst others with the dignity and fervour which I expect of My faithful brothers and sisters.   You, too, can speak with authority, that is, with a sureness which springs from your knowledge of and friendship with Me, and from the security of being a faithful and obedient member of My Church.  (WC:649)

T:649         #2     Believe in My love for you!  I never change.  “ Lizzie, I am always the same,” and I look with great tenderness and admiration upon your brave efforts to serve Me.

T:650         #1     Set your heart on your true home, which lies with Me, in Heaven, in My union with the Father and with My Holy Spirit.

T:650         #2     Believe, during your ‘exile’, that you are truly My ‘home’, when you welcome Me with a pure heart and with true love, in Holy Communion.  Here I can dwell and be loved, ‘One Will’ with one who loves Me above all.

T:651         #1     Be kind and gentle to everyone.  Each greeting, word, or tender look or act - from you  to others - is one of the holy, happy ways by which I greet others through you. (WC + OIL:651)

T:651         #2     Remember that I am “involved” in every single good thing that you do. It is I Who prompt and sustain your good efforts.  My very own Love within your heart is what prompts you to embrace others and so to give  them the joy of My embrace.

T:652         #1     Accept My invitation and praise Me for My holy Mother, Mary.

T:652         #2     Follow My example.  Do as I did on earth when I imitated the outlook and the behaviour of My Holy Mother; when you do so, you will grow in wisdom!

T:652         #3     Fulfil your work of prayer, in Holy Communion; when I offer you to the Father as you offer Me.  Through My Sacrifice and your fervent intentions, you and I are united as ‘One Will’ for the Father’s Glory. (WC:652)

T:653                  (Private)

T:654                  Follow My inspiration and resolve that you will never take pride, satisfaction or  any selfish credit for anything which I do for you or through you.  All you have is from Me.  Any good that you do is by My power.

T:655                  Rejoice in your true friendship with Me, and bear your purifications in patience.  I cannot resist a soul which is empty of all desire but the desire for My Glory, and I pour torrents of joy into such a soul, when its purification is over.

T:656                  (Private).

T:657                  Follow My inspiration, and, with the help of My grace, purify every word and every thought.  Banish all scorn, flippancy, needless criticism, pride and self-satisfaction.

T:658         #1     Resist every temptation to sin - whether to pride at silently enduring sufferings, or to despondency at these unending pains.  Look at Me, and compare your sufferings with Mine.

T:658         #2     Look at Me as I hang, crucified, before you.  My mouth is open in torment; My Precious Blood pours downwards, like a veil, from My Body on the Cross.  Only because of My sufferings do you now enjoy My friendship and hope for Heaven. (WC:658)

T:658         #3     Remember the source of your present joy: all Mercy, all out-pouring of grace is made possible by the bloody offering of My ‘broken’ Body on Calvary - and because of My desire to save you and your generation, and to give you Myself as Food for your soul, that some Offering is now re-presented ‘in an unbloody manner’ in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, as you have learned through My Church.

T:659         #1     Have confidence in the power of your prayer, which, because it is offered, united with Mine, has a Divine power.

T:659         #2     Remember that I am the cause of all the answers to prayer which delight you.  My prayer is so powerful - because of My Divinity - that it envelopes and sustains every person who stays close to Me; and one who prays in My Name can be sure that her good but pitiful prayers are united to My prayer and are carried up to Heaven.

T:659         #3     Join your petitions to My prayer, which ‘rises’ from within your soul.  When you pray “in Christ” it is as though you and I are standing together before the Father, our united prayer streaming upwards like a column of Light; it is as though I ‘shelter’ your soul by My Glory; and My Father in Heaven - Who is your Father too - looks at Me; and My prayer and yours are One.  (WC:659)

T:660                  (Private).




T:661         #1     Understand the meaning of purity.  It is the virtue by which you think every thought and do every action purely out of love for Me; thus, you direct your pure heart, conscience and intention towards Me, with no ‘mixed-in’ impurity, such as a longing for praise, prominence or reward.

T:661         #2     Love your neighbour with a “Christ-like” love, which means a true and holy love which longs for your neighbour’s comfort and joy but which longs, above all, for his eternal good - which is knowing and loving Me, his Saviour.

T:661         #3     Love your neighbour with a pure heart, which is a heart unsullied with any impurity such as a longing for praise, flattery or reward.

T:662                  (Private).

T:663                  Follow My inspiration, and ask me to deliver you from any wish to do great things - whether worldly or apparently ‘spiritual’ - if such be not My Will.  Be content to ‘flower’ or fade.  There is no finer union with Me than a true union of your will with Mine, in the love of the Father.


                           DAILY LIFE.


T:664         #1     Never think that I am ‘absent’.  “I am here!”  I am always close to you who trust in Me, whether you be at work or leisure.  Indoors or outdoors, in church or at the hairdressers, I am here!  I will not leave you.


T:664         #2     Do your duty and take part in earthly obligations and pastimes, in whatever place you find that you have been placed by My Providence, and whether or not you enjoy them!  No matter where I lead you, thus, there is a holy purpose in My Will for you, though you may not ‘see’ it.

T:665         #1     Be content to ask for mercy, in prayer.  Be content to wait in silence for My commands, unconcerned about the opinions which others express about your life and your prayer, whether they offer praise or incomprehension.

T:665         #2     Think about Me your Saviour, if you are tempted to pride or self-righteousness.  Who is righteous before My Glory?

T:666,667,668    (Private).

T:669         #1     Be grateful for your new way of life.  Recall My blessings and rejoice in My friendship.

T:669         #2     Don’t keep worrying about little matters of no spiritual significance.  You wonder if you are allowed to reflect upon encouraging memories; “allowed? .... Love has no laws!”

T:669         #3     Don’t become entangled in silly scruples, during your good efforts to be disciplined.  In this holy ‘universe’ of love, which is life with Me and “in” Me, you are free and empowered, liberated in love to recall My blessings, to boast of My friendship - though with joyful simplicity and humility - and to radiate, transparently, My Light and My joy.

T:669         #4     Look upon life with Me as being something wonderful which is based on the firm foundation of My sure teaching, yet which is primarily concerned with love, in its full ‘flowering’.

T:670                  (Private).

T:671         #1     Thank Me for the Holy Angel - radiantly beautiful, wings soaring above you - who is beside you to guard you, through My mercy.  Your holy Guardian repeats the prayer that you pray.  He bows low, before the Father, praying in My Name: “Three-in-One, Holy God, I adore you.”  (WC:671)

T:671         #2     Be reverent, in Holy Communion, towards the unseen Angels who accompany Me, the Blessed and Holy ones who serve Me alone.

T:672         #1     Be content with your present spiritual state.  “I love you” at every ‘stage’ of your journey!

T:672         #2     Believe in My great love for you.  My Love is not a haughty Love but a Love full of warmth and affection.

T:672         #3     Accept your little weaknesses and failings.  I see that you struggle ceaselessly against sin, and My Love embraces your whole self, with all its present imperfections.

T:673         #1     Give your whole heart to Me, your Saviour, Who now reveal Myself to you. In My Person is contained all the delight and goodness and sweetness that have ever been given to any person.  All the delights and joys you have ever known are here in Me.

T:673         #2     Don’t give in to any temptation to sacrifice true Joy for passing joy. Who - knowing Me and the delight to be found in Me - could follow someone or something bearing a single gift, when she could follow Me, Who bear and give all the gifts?

T:674         #1     Flee pride, which is sin.  It is like lying, deceit and robbery.

T:674         #2     Never claim to be worthy of praise for good things which have been given to you by Me.

T:674         #3     Repent of even a mere inclination to ‘rob’ Me in order to flatter yourself.  By neither a whisper nor a thought may pride be allowed to claim a ‘home’ in you.

T:675                  Thank Me for your present joy.  I have given real virtue and freedom to someone as apparently useless as yourself, someone weak, sinful and inadequate, a “failure” in some people’s eyes.  Every good gift has come to you through Me, Jesus, Who am leading you from foolishness  and making you strong!


                           LITURGICAL PRAYER.


T:676                  Have faith in the power of My prayer. I stand amongst you, and - My wounded hands upraised in pleading - I pray amongst you, every time that you offer My Holy Sacrifice at the altar.  (WC:676)

T:677A      #1     Have faith in Me, your Saviour, with Whom you live in a real union. Whether you ‘see’ Me in prayer or welcome Me in the darkness of faith, you can be sure that I pray your prayers and offer them to the Father.

T:677A      #2     Rejoice in your union with Me.  It is because you are so thoroughly ‘intertwined’ with Me in One Will - longing for the same good things to be fulfilled - that I lead you in “Unknowing” to the Father.

T:677B      #1     Acknowledge the Source of every good impulse within yourself.  It is My Holy Spirit Who pierces your heart with His inspiration, His knowledge, and His impulses of love, praise and adoration.

T:677B      #2     Think about the holiness and purity of My Holy Spirit, Whose beauty is like that of a diamond or a crystal which is sending, outwards, from Love, rays of piercing grace.

T:678                  Purify your worship.  Make your heart worthy of being present at My Holy Sacrifice.  By your pure worship “in” Me, humanity is wed to its All-Holy God, witnessed by the Holy ones -  the whole Company of the Saints and the Holy Angels of Heaven.

T:679                  (Private).

T:680         #1     Don’t be afraid of Me.  I know that you try never to offend Me, and My Love is such that I overlook your little imperfections.  I delight in your desire to be free from desire - free from private ambitions - and I am happy to see you longing to be innocent and trusting amidst your failures.

T:680         #2     Be patient in prayer.  Learn how to wait in the silence of adoration as I work My Will in your soul, in secret, together with the Father and My Holy Spirit, in wordlessness and ‘unknowing’.

T:680         #3     Rely on faith rather than feelings.  You don’t usually see the work which I am working within your souls, even though you are freely co-operating with that work.  Be content to trust Me with the outcome.

T:681         #1     Follow My inspiration and firmly reject all vanity, wasteful thoughts, hurry, speculation and pride, and everything which is dangerous to faith.

T:681         #2     Count it an honour to be mocked for your faith.  Rejoice in it.  I too,  was mocked.

T:681         #3     Resolve to be glad amidst difficulties, even if you are in ‘difficulties’ until the day you die.  I was not only in ‘difficulties’, but was crucified.

T:681         #4     Trust in Me amidst all your trials.  My Love for you is so great that only for your own benefit do I sometimes ‘leave’ you peering as if through ‘veils’, lest you grow complacent or proud about all that I have taught you.

T:681         #5     Accept My Will for you during prayer.  By ‘veiling’ your spirit with occasional clouds or darkness in prayer, I train you to grow in trust and humility.

T:681         #6     Remember that all Heaven lies around you, even as you pray in occasional darkness.  My Saints and My Holy Angels pray for you, as I reach  out My arm towards you in mercy and protection. (WC:681)

T:682                  (Private).

T:683         #1     Be grateful for My gifts to you.  It is a great grace to be enabled not to question My ways or My wisdom, but to trust Me in the blackest darkness.

T:683         #2     Be grateful for the trust which I have given to you.  By your trust, I am ‘enabled’ to pour My peace within your soul.  As you trust Me to do My work within you - for the praise of the Holy Trinity - I draw you into the ‘unknowing’ worship of true union. (WC:683)

T:683         #3     See how powerful is your free-will.  By mistrust, someone may shut Me out!

T:684         #1     Rest in Me, in Holy Communion.  As I praise the Father, within your soul, you can claim, with joyful certainty: ‘God praises God, within my soul’, through the Holy Spirit.

T:684         #2     Accept the good things which I wish to give you through the Liturgy. You who long to please Me can be sure of finding nourishment and comfort in the order, grace and harmony of pure worship “in Christ.”  Through the Holy Mysteries, the very heights and depths of your Life are submitted to My Divine and saving influence.

T:684         #3     Delight in the friendship of the holy Guardian Angel who imitates your devout worship, and who bows as you bow, before the altar.

T:684         #4     Rest, in prayer.  Rest in My peace and silence.

T:685                  Continue to pray for the faithful departed, to help them through their purification. By your prayers, and by My goodness, this beloved woman is now released from her sufferings and enters Heaven joyfully and at peace.  Truly, “she is here!” (WC:685)

T:686, 687          (Private).

T:688                  Welcome Me within your soul, in Holy Communion.  When you do so, and when you honour Me, I ‘rest’ within that haven, and by My prayer within you I quietly, silently, soberly and wordlessly praise the Most Holy Trinity.

T:689         #1     Follow My inspiration and ask, in prayer, to be shown the best way of praying.  Listen to the Father, Who invites you to imitate My prayer and My obedience; accept His teaching, which is that you reach out towards perfection


            “... by the sacrifice of your own will.”


T:689         #2     Hope to  resemble Me in self-abnegation.  If, like Me, you prefer the Father’s Will to your own, you will find that your prayers - united to My prayers - will be more glorious and effective.

T:690                  Never forget what I do for you, in My offering of My One, true, and Holy Sacrifice.  I stand in the sanctuary, My arms reaching up in love to the Father, in a sacrificial Offering of Myself on your behalf, as I plead for your salvation.




T:691                  Don’t fear death, but remain faithful to Me in life and in dying.  One who dies “in Christ” swoops upwards with Me at the moment of death, to be carried to the Glory of the Father - even though that Glory is somewhat hidden when a soul undergoes purification. (WC + OIL:691)

T:692         #1     Don’t worry about the good work which you are doing in obedience to My wishes.

T:692         #2     Follow My inspiration and ask Me to deliver you from arrogance and impatience.

T:693-699           (Private).

T:700         #1     Reveal to Me all the weaknesses and humiliations which are part of your illness.  It is because of your frailty  “that ... I do everything for you!”  I give you joy, and joyful prayer, and patience, and I will continue to ‘tailor’ My tasks to your frailty.  My kindness is constant, and magnificent.

T:700         #2     Turn to Me to receive the virtues which are needed especially to cope - and to live happily - on a path of weakness and suffering.

T:700         #3     Keep in mind My infinite kindness.  This will help you to see that some of the tasks which you struggle to complete are not My work but are self-imposed burdens.

T:701                  (Private).

T:702         #1     Remain clear-sighted and faithful.  Truly, it is I Myself Who - by My Will and Providence - have taken you from the world of healthy, busy people who pursue other goals and other loves, whilst you leave behind once-loved tasks and hobbies. It is through your new ‘solitude’ that you will be enabled to do My work.

T:702         #2     Expect persecution, as you proceed with My work.

T:703         #1     Believe in the words which you proclaim about Me.  It is true that I forgive sins.  “I have taken yours away!” Be at peace.

T:703         #2     Never forget My kindness - even towards a difficult person who is tempted to worry about everything!

T:704         #1     Consider the tens of thousands of Heavenly people who are joyfully praising Me in Heaven.  The joyous Glory which is now being expressed in Heaven at the offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the altar is equal to the joyous Glory which was expressed at My triumph, after My holy Passion. (WC:704)

T:704         #2     Be grateful for your privileged place at the Holy Sacrifice.  In Heaven, vast multitudes shout for joy at My Presence.  The whole Heavenly Company is radiant  with joy at My triumph, since they love Me, and since they know that only by My Sacrifice has mankind been redeemed; and they are radiant with joy at the eternal “Now” of My Resurrection and Ascension which are celebrated during the Holy Mysteries.

T:704         #3     Have no doubt that Heaven is Heavenly!  For everyone in Heaven, the joy of My triumph never diminishes.




T:705         #1     Purify your heart and mind.  Be more straightforward.

T:705         #2     Don’t deny the gifts which I have given to you.  Banish all pretence and false modesty.  I am honoured not by coy behaviour but by simplicity and gratitude.

T:706                  (Private).

T:707                  Follow My inspiration and ask for the grace to be content to be last or least, ‘obscure’ or praised - or whatever is most pleasing to My Will, for My greater Glory.

T:708                  Don’t worry about your tiny faults, when you offer the Holy Sacrifice. As you kneel in  prayer, accept My invitation to “come on  up,” in spirit, and to unite yourself heart and soul to Me.  I wish to lead you away from thoughts of self.  I want you to share in My offering of praise to the Father, amidst the Holy Company of Heaven. (WC:708)

T:709, 710, 711  (Private).

T:712                  Follow My inspiration and surrender your entire life to Me once more - yet even more thoroughly, even surrendering your family wholeheartedly to My good keeping.

T:713         #1     Reassure yourself, through sensible thought as well as through prayer, that what you are doing  is in accordance with My Will.  If you are trying to live entirely for Me, obedient to My plain wishes, and using prudence and common-sense to help you in discerning and following the promptings of My Spirit, you can be sure that the work which you do for Me is pleasing to Me.

T:713         #2     Be content to live in ignorance of My plans for you.  Quiet, good work is very pleasing to Me and is part of My plan, even though you don’t see how or why it will prove useful.  “I want what you are doing.”

T:714                  (Private).


                           TRUE  DOCTRINE.


T:715                 Recognise the truth of what you are taught in prayer.  It is all in accordance with the teaching of My Church and leads you only  to make greater efforts - for My sake - to live a life of love and sacrifice.  That which I teach you in daily prayer and in Holy Communion is like water from Heaven.  It feeds your soul, and it will feed the parched souls of many people.


T:716                  Continue to make tremendous efforts to do My Will.  I will reward you by doing your will and by granting the simplest of your prayers.  Such is My goodness and justice.

T:717, 718, 719

    720, 721, 722 (Private).

T:723                  Be glad that because of your weakness you are ‘driven’ to call out, asking Me to help you.  “You have Me,” here, to assist you.  I am helping you even before you ask, just as I loved you before you loved Me!

T:724, 725, 726  (Private).

T:727         #1     Gently push aside distractions, in Holy Communion.  I wait patiently for you to ‘turn round’ and welcome Me within your soul!

T:727         #2     Don’t worry about temporary lassitude and inattention, in prayer. I understand your human frailty.

T:728                  Follow My inspiration and resolve that all your future works will be full of love, and that never will you consent to a word or a thought against charity.

T:729, 730, 731  (Private).

T:732         #1     Believe in the love and help which is offered to you by your Holy Angel. He is loving and attentive despite having witnessed your great sins and failures.

T:732         #2     Reflect on the great Love with which I love you, even inviting My holy Angels to care for you at every moment.

T:733         #1     Never despair.  I have great plans for those who remain faithful.

T:733         #2     Put your trust in Me, amidst all your weaknesses.  Out of the struggles and labours which you have endured for My sake, I am bringing spiritual children.

T:734         #1     Follow My inspiration and repent that you have not striven at all times and at all costs to do My Will perfectly.

T:734         #2     Resolve to love Me with all your heart, and - by My grace - to love your neighbour as fully as I love you.

T:734         #3     Give yourself fully to the ‘one thing necessary’, which is the one goal or task which I ask you to do now, here, at each moment.

T:734         #4     Banish, vigorously, all weakness, haste, vanity or fear, and put your entire trust in Me, Who welcome you so lavishly in Holy Communion!


                           MY MOTHER, THE WISE VIRGIN.


T:735        #1     Look towards My Holy Mother, who has come to join you as you greet her devotedly in prayer. 

T:735        #2     Revere My Mother Mary.  See how great is her dignityHer holiness surpasses that of all other mere creatures.  Her glory is dazzling.

T:735        #3     See, before the eyes of your soul, the vastness of Space, in which the earth shines like a little jewel!  Notice the small figure who stands alone, poised ready to receive an outpouring of Divine grace.  This is My holy Mother, the Virgin Mary.  I poured My Spirit on her, from Heaven, and made her fruitful.  Thus, she conceived Me in her womb.  (WC:735)

T:736        #1     See, before the eyes of your soul, how a stream of grace poured out through Heaven’s gates, to tumble downwards, to enfold this Holy Virgin.   Because of her immaculate soul and pure heart, and her great love and obedience, the bright grace of Heaven came to a dark earth. Thus did I take flesh of Mary, and enter your world, through the power of My Spirit.  She was made fruitful for the sake of the whole world. (WC + OIL:736)

T:736        #2     Rejoice that this great gift of the Father was lavished upon the world for every era.  He worked this marvel so that Divine grace would always pour out through Me, Jesus, the Son of God, and through My Holy Mother.

T:736        #3     Turn to your Heavenly Mother.  “Mother of God”, you rightly call her!  I your Lord came from her, took flesh and blood from her, was subject to her and was taught by her.  She who ‘formed’ Me in My earthly life can help you in every circumstance.

T:737        #1     Honour My Mother.  This Holy Virgin is like the “wise virgin” of the gospel story.

T:737        #2     Look upon this Holy Virgin, who stands before you, dazzlingly beautiful - a lamp in her hand - her head veiled, her clothing brilliantly white.  She is the purest of all ‘mere’ creatures, totally dedicated to My service and ever-alert to please Me. (WC:738)

T:738                 Give all your attention to My holy Mother as I teach you about her and encourage you to trust her.

T:739        #1     Follow My inspiration and speak to My Mother even about sinful and stupid things, even as you consider her great holiness and your unworthiness.  Just like Me, she is tender, just, and understanding.

T:739        #2     Imitate My Mother by sharing her concern for others.  Speak to her about everyone dear to you.

T:739        #3     See what special care My Mother gives to one who has been named in her honour and entrusted to her care! (WC:739)

T:740                 Put your trust in My Mother, Mary.  Like Me, she is full of love, good, gentle and calming.  She is like Me in so many ways.  Consider her astonishing beauty, modesty, and serenity.  (WC + OIL:740)

T:741        #1     See how My Mother looks upon all her children.  Her gaze is not limited to Heaven.  She understands the hearts of all who try to serve Me, her Divine Son.  She sees the actions of all who oppose Me. (WC + OIL:741)

T:741        #2     Listen to My Mother’s words, as you ask her to show you how to love her: “No-one who truly loves Christ can fail to love me.”

T:741        #3     Remember My Mother’s words, which are for others besides yourself.

T:741        #4     Encourage other people to honour My holy Mother.  Tell them what you discovered so many years ago: that you can all ‘prove’ your love for Me by loving the holy Mother whom I Myself revere. One who truly loves Me is therefore full of praise for the Motherhood of Mary, and is full of gratitude to her for her joyful consent to her holy task, whereas one who does not love Mary proves by that stance that he does not truly love Me, Jesus, or he would be grateful to her for giving him, by Divine grace, so great a Redeemer as Myself.

T:742                 Follow My inspiration, and confidently ask the prayer of My Holy Mother, as she stands before you. (WC:742)

T:743        #1     Ask the prayers of My Mother for the faithful departed.  Her prayers are powerful and effective.

T:743        #2     Ask My Mother to help you to be faithful in your ordinary daily duties - to be a good mother.

T:744                 See how kind and gracious is My Mother, content to wait, to listen or to pray, as I wish, and now walking beside you as you entrust others to her care. (WC:744)

T:745        #1     Admit your sinfulness and imperfection beside the purity of My Holy Mother and Myself.  Accept that you are as a crippled or disfigured one, wounded by sin, beside her purity.  Yet even one so pure and great as she despises no-one who is in need of help.

T:745        #2     Imitate My Mother’s generosity.  Just as she listens tenderly to your words, and patiently helps you,  so must you walk in great charity with others; you must always be patient and tender with other people, and must always remain aware of your unworthiness to serve them.  You must count it a privilege to be able to do so.

T:745        #3     You must live in charity and humility for the rest of your life.

T:746        #1     Don’t worry about your sinfulness.  Love Me and accept My gifts. My graciousness, and My Mother’s, are greater than you can imagine. It is because of our love for you that My Holy Mother has come here to reassure and comfort you, as you press on with your difficult task.  The teachings which you receive from Me will serve a great purpose.

T:746        #2     Trust that I am at work in your prayer.  You are taught Heavenly things according to your capacity - capacity of heart, mind, health, or yearning, and according to your need, such as for your consolation or in preparation for some task ahead.

T:746        #3     Don’t be afraid to reveal your heart’s true thoughts to My Mother, even your longing to please Me by leaving her to do the washing up, since it is your duty. She wants you to be obedient to Me, and it is My Will that you look after your family’s needs.  Listen to what she is saying: “I am not going to leave you!”

T:747                 Don’t be despondent about your sinfulness. My Mother is delighted by a heart which - with soul, mind and strength - is dedicated entirely to My service.  She scarcely sees little failings in love, and little weaknesses, in one who lives for My Glory and for the good of souls.

T:748                 Follow My inspiration and reveal every facet of your heart and life to the gaze of My Holy Mother.  Like Me, she is utterly trustworthy, and understanding. (WC:748)

T:749        #1     Don’t worry about upsetting My Mother, who, like Myself, is quite unshockable. She is delighted by your trust and by your longing to be truthful.

T:749        #2     Trust in My Mother.  She sees you as you really are: her child, and her Son’s close relation.  She is reassuring you, now: I am not going to leave you!”

T:749        #3     Listen to the advice of the best possible Mother, who is insisting: “Elizabeth! Do not worry!”  With the help of both My Mother and Myself, you can peacefully set out to do My Will from hour to hour and day to day, released from the fear which has overshadowed you.  (WC:749)


T:750                  (Non-existent).

T:751                  Don’t doubt My teaching.  It was truly I Myself Who taught you yesterday, as you were praying, and I Myself Who revealed to you the wonderful woman who is My Holy Mother.




T:752         #1     Delight in the work which I’m doing within your soul in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. By My grace and your courage, you are renewed in love, and you give joy to My Heart.

T:752         #2     Make a spiritual Communion, whenever you are unable to receive Me in the Blessed Sacrament.  I delight in being welcomed by a loving heart - especially by a heart which is full of love for Me ,and which is wholly Reconciled; in truth, “I am already here.”

T:753         #1     Offer My Holy Sacrifice with great reverence.  Truly, and lavishly, My Precious Blood poured out from My Body on the Cross, for your salvation, and that same Saving Sacrifice is offered to the Father, from the altar. (WC + OIL:753)

T:753         #2     Turn to Me in the Blessed Sacrament for your soul’s nourishment.

T:754         #1     Reach out to the suffering.  Anyone who - confronted by another’s pain - remains unmoved, or is too embarrassed or cowardly to help, or is unwilling  to make herself conspicuous by friendship, acts as if ignoring Me during My Sacrifice on the Cross.

T:754         #2     Deepen your friendship with Me by imitating My compassion. Those who have tenderly helped the ‘crucified’ and suffering ones, are thereby “first” in love and in friendship with Me, Jesus, the One Crucified; I embrace My true friends, and am united to them, during My Holy Sacrifice.  No-one is more surely and lovingly drawn up by Me in My holy Self-offering in the Mass than those who resemble Me by their loving hearts.

T:754         #3     Remember the marvellous work which I am doing, even as you and I offer praise to the Father, through My Holy Sacrifice.  I, your Lord, am leading you, my friends, towards union with Myself even in this earthly life, and towards bliss with Me in Heaven. (WC:754)

T:755         #1     Call to Me in your sorrow.  Only when you admit your need can I help you.

T:755         #2     Don’t be ashamed of revealing your weariness and distractions to Me. In My earthly

                           life, I suffered deeply; so you can be certain that I am full of tenderness towards you in your sufferings. (WC:755)

T:755         #3     Ask for help in every trial.  I always help you - according to My Will and the needs of your heart - whether or not you ‘feel’ My presence or notice any changes.

T:756         #1     Be faithful, no matter what the cost, and even though your deliverance from self-love and sin is experienced as a sort of ‘dying’ - long before the end of your earthly journey.

T:756         #2     Don’t pray so avidly for little things that you forget to ask for great things!

T:756         #3     Pray with Me, during Holy Communion.  Turn to the Father with Me, praying confidently for the salvation of the living and the departed, and for perseverance and salvation for yourself.

T:757                  (Private).

T:758                  Look to Me for the supreme example of humility.  I suffered for you, and I permitted My Body to be buried in the very Earth which came into existence through My command! (WC:758)

T:759, 760, 761

    762                 (Private).

T:763                  Be aware of the splendour and dignity of the Father.  Now and forever, the Holy Angels in Heaven offer praise to the Father for Me, His Son, and for My work of Redemption.  Before I come to join you, at the Consecration, it is as though I stand at the ‘brink’ of Heaven, contemplating the world to which I came in My infancy, listening  to the cry of Heaven and earth: “Blessed is He!” (WC:763)

T:764, 765, 766  (Private).

T:767         #1     Give joy to My Saints by joining them in their worship.  Whenever you take part in My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, you join in their perpetual praise.

T767          #2     Unite yourself to Me in Holy Communion. I draw your soul into the worship of the Father which is now being offered in Heaven by My Mother and by all the Saints and the holy Angels. (WC:767)

T:768                  (Private).

T:769                  Surrender to Me once more, and so give Me even greater Glory.  Say: “All I am, I give to You”, and say it wholeheartedly!

T:770         #1     Follow My inspiration and unite all your pains with everything which I have suffered, and so make reparation for the sufferings of My Passion.

T:770         #2     Turn to the Father and “offer” your pains  -  through Me and through My Sacrifice - as a sacrifice from within your own life; as you do this, you join in My work of reparation,  for the sins of your life and also for the sins of the world.

T:770         #3     Offer your whole life, in sacrifice.


                           LOVE’S MEANING.


T:770        #4     Accept My reassurance and comfort, as you open your heart to Me in prayer.  All that you have learned and believed about Me is true.   Listen to your Heavenly Father Who is now teaching you - as if in words of fire, and about Our nature - that:


“God is Love.

He is.”


                           You are right to believe that We are surrounding and upholding everything -- and every being - which We have created.

T:770        #5     Proclaim, about My Divine and loving Will, and your freedom:  God  rejects no-one.  Only those who reject Love, thus rejecting Him, are - by their own will and their own stance - quite incapable of remaining or existing in Him Who is Love.

T:770        #6     Understand Love’s meaning: My entire nature consists of Love, and therefore “includes” generosity, mercy, justice, faithfulness and every good, with unchanging delight in all that is good.

T:770        #7     Understand the difference between Creator and created. I, your God, am ‘Being’ Itself.  I have not been created.  I had no ‘beginning’, but am eternal, whereas all that I have made - visible or invisible, in or around the earth and in the whole of Creation - exists only because I am keeping it in existence.

T:770        #8     Understand that, from the depth of My goodness, I have created only good things, and have also created good beings who - in their real freedom - may refuse to do or to be good.

T:770        #9     Understand that just as I Who am Love ‘cannot’ - because of My loving nature - create anything evil, so too I ‘cannot’ reject any being whom I have created for a loving relationship with Me.  I Who am Love cannot be unloving; however, others may reject Me.

T:770        #10   Consider the importance of the right use of your free-will.  Consider My Goodness in permitting My creatures such freedom.  Beings who freely turn their backs on goodness and who thereby turn away from Me, the Source of all goodness, are thus demonstrating their aversion to “Life-in-God”.  My ‘enforced’ presence - should such a thing happen - would bring only torment.

T:771        #1     Let the eyes of your soul open wide; look bravely towards the Person Who stands in the centre of the furnace of Divine Love and Light which blazes before you - a Person whose face and whose white robe are of a dazzling beauty.

T:771        #2     Look upon Me, Jesus, the glorious and risen Son of God and Son of Mary.  I stand before you in the Fire of My holiness - true man, as you have believed and as you now see, and yet also your God, and your Saviour.

T:771        #3     Listen to your Heavenly Father, as He proclaims about Me:


             “Jesus is Love!”


                           Don’t be afraid to declare, boldly, that I, Jesus Christ the Divine Son, have the same nature as the Father and am therefore rightly to be seen as equal in majesty. (WC:771A)

T:771        #4     Consider the meaning of Divine perfection: I, Jesus, am burning with a blazing purity.  I am glowing with a terrible, awesome Love, in Glory now.  No longer earthly, I no longer wait for death to claim Me, and My Sacred Body is incorruptible.  I have died and am Risen.  I am transformed and risen to Heaven.  I am burning with the Divine Life and Holiness which - through prayer and the Sacraments - I can share with you in order to make you holy with My holiness, and  pure, and wholly transformed.

T:771        #5     Consider the reason for spiritual pain, shame and guilt: All that is not Love blazes at My touch.  I, Jesus, now triumphant in Heaven, am all Truth, Love, Beauty, Purity and Power.  No-one who loves secrecy, selfishness, disobedience and darkness can bear to experience My presence, nor My generosity, beauty, holiness and majesty.  The radiant Light of My Glory is unbearable for those who are unwilling to look upon Me, or who are unprepared, by which I mean, who have not yet undergone purification - whether during earthly life or after death.  (WC + OIL:771B*)

T:771        #6     Be joyful, knowing that between Myself and the soul which lives in a true communion with Me, the “veil”  -  which separates Heavenly beings from earthly  -  is very thin.  If you love totally, I, Jesus, am therefore “yours” to offer to the Father, you and I together pleading for others, asking for anything - as prompted by My Holy Spirit.  The ‘door’ will be opened by the Father, for the sake of Myself, Whom He loves and Who am yours!

T:771        #7     Understand the meaning of prayer “in Christ” which is prayer that conforms to the desires of My Heart.  See, therefore, why no-one can offer to the Father, in My Name, a plea for something which is evil, impure or foolish.  Such “prayers” cannot be called true prayers.

T:771        #8     Realise that the Father’s response to particular petitions depends on your generosity in loving and serving Me, His Divine Son.  All that the Father gives to you is given for the sake of Me, His Son, Who died for you and Who have made you My beloved friend.

T:772                 Understand the marvel of prayer made in union with Me, Jesus - and the power of such prayer.  When you cling to Me and try to please Me, your prayers and Mine are utterly united.  It is just as though you and I stand praying before the Father, Whose Light shines down from Heaven upon us both; and since you stand in front of Me, so closely imitating My stance - standing reverently in prayer - and since you resemble Me so closely, by a sincere love of the Father’s Will, your words and intentions could well have sprung from My own lips. So the Invisible Father in Heaven ‘sees’ only a single plea from a ‘single Christ’, and answers your prayer for the sake of Me, the Saviour, as I pray - with you - before Him. (WC + OIL:772)

T:773                  (Private).


                           CAUSES FOR JOY.


T:774         #1     Accept the grace, light, joy and peace which I have given to you, now that you have repented and have been forgiven.

T:774         #2     Confess your needs to Me with humility.  I delight in pouring out My gifts into humble souls.  “There is no need to worry about anything.”

T:774         #3     Learn, by prayer and reflection, to look upon everything in My presence and with My Mind.  I can teach you to love everyone with My Love and mercy, which are more pure, true and powerful than anything of your own!

T:774         #4     Do what is possible.  Leave in My hands all that you cannot do, and every prospect which appals you, such as the various repercussions of your actions, with disappointments and unpleasant attitudes.

T:774         #5     Be light-hearted!  Look upon everything, except sin, with joy.

T:775                  (Private).

T:776         #1     Accept the task which I offer to you, the task of consoling and encouraging others, consoling them especially by My Love shining through you.  My reassuring teachings will ‘shine’ through you, even though they are given to others through your frailty.

T:776         #2     Rid yourself of all faults, inadequacies, sins and bad habits - by My grace - in order to do your work well, and to prepare for Heaven.  When at last your small failings are insignificant, and when you perfectly reflect My grace to others, the Father will reveal to others the source of such grace: Himself.  Thus, We will reveal Our Glory through you who love Us.

T:776         #3     Be brave in speaking out about Me.  Anyone who loves Me is bound to speak of Me in one way or another - whether by words or by silent deeds.  Who shall profess to love Me whilst failing to speak of My Goodness or failing to make Me known?

T:777                  (Private).

T:778                  Be faithful to Me, your Saviour.  All who are truly united to Me in One Will and One Heart, and who are obedient to the Father, can be confident in their worship.  The Father accepts the Sacrifice of praise offered by those who are illumined by their participation in My Love and Sacrifice, during the Holy Mass.  Those who are thoroughly bound to Me in love are made One with My Offering, which they offer from their spiritual poverty, in the Love of My Holy Spirit.

T:779                  (Private).

T:780         #1     Take comfort from My Presence in the Blessed Sacrament.  The thought of My Love can sustain you whilst you are yearning to be with Me forever.  It is through faith that you and  others can find Me in your midst.

T:780         #2     By your faith, accept and receive the graces and joys which I, your Eucharistic Lord, would pour out upon you.  Encourage others to rejoice at My Real Presence. No matter how poor nor how remote any community of My Church might be, its faithful members - gathered together with My priest - are made ‘rich’ and joyful by every Offering of My Holy Sacrifice and by every Holy Communion with Me, the Saviour. In the smallest such community, I am Present. (WC:780)

T:781         #1     Don’t be tempted to look back to the trashy goods of this world, to the ‘tinsel’ and glitter of that which is worst in earthly life, by which I mean things which do not spring from loving hearts.

T:781         #2     Don’t join in or praise events which are loveless, or which are done to impress or to incite praise or flattery.

T:782                  (Private).

T:783A      #1     Follow the gentle urges within your soul, urges by which I show My Will for you, urges or promptings which of course never go against your reason, your plain duties or the constant teaching of My Church which is guided by Myself.


                           TRUE FRIENDS.


T:783A      #2     Learn to recognise and to follow the movements of My Holy Spirit within you.  My plans for your life will be successful.  All that I teach you through prayer will  be used to benefit others.

T:783B               Strive to resemble Me, Jesus, in everything.  The truer is your resemblance to Me, then the more certain you can be that your every prayerful desire will be granted.  Whoever is one with Me in Love, in truth, in sacrifice and in worship, speaks truly in My Name to the Heavenly Father.

T:784         #1     Don’t be gloomy and pessimistic, especially not in Holy Communion. “This is not the time for mercy, but for joy!” You do well to remember your weakness and your total dependence on Me;  and, of course, you have prepared for Holy Communion in the usual ways.  Yet I am a truly loving Saviour; I Who forgive your sins and train you for Heaven also delight in giving you joy!

T:784         #2     Turn confidently towards Me, to greet Me in Holy Communion. Ask for the help you need, confident that such a great King as I - Who come to you with My Saints and My holy Angels - will delight in showering you with every assistance.

T:785                  (Private).

T:786         #1     Notice how I, your all-powerful Lord, am so wisely controlling the life which you have generously and freely offered to Me.  By all that I allow or arrange, I am preparing the way for the work which I would like you to share with others.

T:786         #2     Follow My inspiration, and make a further offering of your whole life to Me, for My Glory, asking Me to strengthen you to the end. (WC:786)

T:787, 788          (Private).

T:789         #1     See how I work within your heart. “Here is a place wherein we can walk,” at last; it has been by your consent and total abandonment to Me that I have made your heart and soul into My Domain, in which I now have true freedom to act.

T:789         #2     Give your free and wholehearted consent to whatever I wish to do within your heart and your life, for your good and for the good of others.  I don’t force you to serve Me.  I am ‘restrained’ by My Love and gentleness, as - with My Holy Angels - I await your permission to change and transform you!  (WC:789)

T:790         #1     Be confident of My help and comfort at all times, but especially so in the sanctuary during My Holy Sacrifice.

T:790         #2     Don’t fear that I am not sufficiently honoured, when only a small number of faithful people is gathered in church for the Holy Sacrifice.  You can be sure that many holy Angels surround My priest and the altar.  They await My arrival at the Consecration. (WC:790)

T:791         #1     Long for true union with Me.  She who abandons herself to Me entirely is “full” of My Divine Life, and I am now stayed by no obstacles nor impeded in any way from working My Will, My Life and My Joy in her, nor from working ‘through’ her, in order to help others.

T:791         #2     Consider how many graces I can give to others through a single generous soul.  Such a soul is like one who stands deep within the torrents of water which rush along a wide, lively stream;  yet see how that person - arms outstretched - is allowing the ‘water’ to flow not around but through herself.  Thus, My graces pour like pure life-giving water through a generous person upon parched souls. (WC:791)

T:792                  Live in hope.  Cling to Me.  I delight in your obedience to My Will.

T:793        #1     Don’t think of Me as being distant and disapproving.  I am merciful and compassionate.  It is because I love you that “I give you grace - free!  You do not have to earn it!”   People like yourself who sincerely love Me are of course sincerely trying to co-operate with My grace in order to please Me and keep My commandments.  But My grace is not a reward for your good behaviour.

T:793        #2     Try to love and serve Me as I deserve, and love your neighbour for My sake, but accept My graces with joyful gratitude as gifts from a loving Saviour.  All good things come to you from Love, because of Love, out of Love for you!

T:793        #3     Live in friendship with Me as you would live in a truly loving earthly friendship, in this sense: that between persons who really love one another, and where each longs for the other’s joy and welfare, neither is unpleasant because of very minor disagreements.  Neither draws up complicated rules of etiquette, the infringement of which leads to carefully-calculated debts or punishments.

T:793        #4     Look upon life “in Christ” as a life of love.  I love you, I am not weighing and judging every word and gesture of you whose only longing is to please Me! I know your needs.  I delight in bringing you joy!


T:794                  Pray, during the Holy Sacrifice, in order to thank Me for My Goodness. Share the joy of the Holy Angels, who are thrilled by My Love for you and awed by the humility revealed in My holy Incarnation.

T:795, 796          (Private).


                           MY SACRED HUMANITY.


T:797         #1     Honour My Holy Mother Mary, whose dignity and humility are astounding.  Thank her for giving Me to the world - by My Spirit’s power - in My holy Incarnation.  All that I have in My sacred humanity - in My human nature - came from My Mother. We resemble one another. (WC + OIL:797)

T:797         #2     Look to Me and My Mother for a wonderful example of love.  Our love for one another is great, perfect, pure and everlasting.

T:798         #1     Imitate My humility.  I Who have created you once lived as an infant, on earth, content to be subject to others, as I waited for food, warmth and love.  How astonishing, that you can say, of  Me, your Lord and God: “Love waits for love!” (WC:798)

T:798         #2     Consider the patience and gentleness which I show towards you and towards all.  Live in humility and gratitude.

T:799         #1     Try to make sensible decisions about work and worship.  Don’t worry about minor matters, when you have done your obvious duties. “Come and see Me,” in the Eucharist.

T:799         #2     Trust your heart, as you make decisions about minor matters.  Since you now live “in” Me and do all your work for others primarily to please Me, I will help you to decide what to do and when.  I Who live within your heart would like you to trust in Me; you can see that your conscience is at peace in My presence; you know that you have been obedient to My wishes and that you have fulfilled your obvious duties, and that there is no other cause for alarm.  Be at peace.

T:800, 801          (Private).

T:802         #1     Follow My inspiration and be determined to live with Me - by faith - at every moment of life on earth, and to live, love, suffer, work, wait and rest joyfully.

T:802         #2     Give every moment of your life to Me, in perpetual self-offering.

T:803         #1     Look to Me to see the true meaning of love, which is total self-giving and sacrifice.

                           Look at Me your Saviour, Whose arms are outstretched upon the Cross. (WC + OIL:803)

T:803         #2     Imitate the uncomplaining perseverance of Myself when on earth -  your Lord, the Crucified.




T:804                  Reflect upon My Mother’s present glory in Heaven, and on her perfection. So great is My love for My Mother and for you who need her help that I delight in her presence at My side, always, amidst dazzling and Heavenly Light.  Yet as you can see, she stands quietly beside Me, slightly turned to one side, her head bent in humility; she would not wish for anything but that you put Me first. (WC:804)

T:805A               Be happy that you can visit a sanctuary in which My holy Mother is especially ‘at home’.  She delights in being honoured by vowed religious who are devoted both to her and to Me, her Divine Son.  Standing amongst them, her head bent and her eyes downcast in prayer, she listens to their singing. (WC:505A)

T:805B      #1     Remember that during the Holy Mass  you recall not only My Passion and Death but also My Resurrection.  That is why My Holy Angels, like a cloudy brightness at one end of the sanctuary or like a pillar of cloud, praise Me with joyful greetings. It is as if dozens of bright banners are waving high in the sanctuary, bright banners of gladness - unfurling in Heavenly joy at My glorious triumph. (WC + OIL:805B)

T:805B      #2     Unite all your prayers, gladly, with the prayers of all who worship with you.  In great festivity, your prayers are ‘entwined’, during the sacred Liturgy, with the prayers of the Heavenly Company, in a holy celebration.  Angels echo the humble chants of the friars and the other worshippers, during My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

T:806         #1     Imitate My courage and ‘climb’ towards Heaven, along the narrow way of which I have spoken.  Remember that I opened this narrow pathway at great cost - by the torment which I suffered on the Cross. (WC:806)

T:806         #2     Make great efforts to follow in My footsteps to your own Calvary and Resurrection.  Heaven is within reach, at the end.

T:806         #3     Help those who, through a lack of faith, do not attempt the ‘climb’ towards Eternal Life. Some have such a low and worldly view of things that they do not look ‘upwards’ in prayer to see that there really exists an ‘opening’ to Heaven.  Others - who do believe in My powerful assistance - are nevertheless reluctant to follow Me, because they fear the initial sufferings which accompany every conversion and every new attempt to conquer self-will.

T:806         #4     Accept the help which I offer you through My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Whenever and wherever It is offered, it is as though I am holding out My hands from the Cross in order to help you who are brave enough to climb the stairway of holiness. “Of course I am with you.”  I am drawing you closer to Heaven.


                           GREAT DESIRES.


T:806         #5     Believe that your longings for real union with Me are being fulfilled. Of course I am with you.  It is My Spirit, within you, Who stirs these great desires in your heart, desires to be closer to Me and to love Me more profoundly.

T:807         #1     Have faith in Me. I work wonders!  One day, all your poor, reluctant love and suffering will bear fruit for others.  Thousands of people will one day look towards you for encouragement.

T:807         #2     Live in hope.  One day, I will reward you for all your sacrifices - reward you through the joy which comes from your seeing a spiritual ‘fruition’.

T:808                  Don’t doubt your vocation.  I have called, trained and helped you so that - through you - others may be given faith in Me.  My work in your life will be fruitful in a way which will surpass every hope in your heart.

T:809         #1     Enter the church with reverence.  My Holy Angels are present here. They bow in greeting to Me, your Redeemer, Who am Really Present in the tabernacle.

T:809         #2     Remember your wonderful state as a member of My family.  My Holy Angels honour the dignity of My own beloved People who - gathered together, My Church - offer themselves in My Holy Sacrifice. (WC:809)

T:809         #3     Accept the wounds which you are asked to bear, as you struggle to become like Me.  It is My friends, wounded by Love, who are united most perfectly with Me in My One Sacrifice of the Mass.

T:810         #1     Consider the marvel of true intimacy with Me in prayer, when - through My invitation and your consent - your spirit ‘soars’ into the intimate and wordless prayer of union. (WC:810)

T:810         #2     Understand the reason for confidence in prayer: each time that you are here when Mass is celebrated, and when you offer to the Father Me, your Saviour, the perfect Sacrifice - in a true union of heart and will - then, even in your inadequacy and weakness, you give to the Father, through Me and My perfection, worthy praise and Glory and thanks and reparation and intercession.

T:810         #3     Rely on My love and My merits and My prayer.  It is for My sake that the Father accepts all your prayers.

T:811                  Put your trust in the power of My prayer.  I am Really Present in the sanctuary, My eyes looking up to Heaven, My hands outstretched in prayer, as flames of Love burn brightly around Me in the fire of My fervent and loving Sacrifice.  (WC:811)


                           SAINTLY FRIENDS.


T:812        #1     Turn towards My Saints in Heaven, and ask for their prayers.  Don’t struggle alone. You honour them by your request.  My Saints ‘jostle’ for the privilege of helping you or of helping anyone.  (WC + OIL:812A)

T:812        #2     Consider the life of My Saints in Heaven.  My Saints are full of love, and are full of longing to help you because they are so completely full of My own Love!  They are full of grace and joy, dazzling in their glory.

T:812        #3     Remember to thank and honour My Saints.  Each one is gladdened by the joy given to any and every other Saint.  They are delighted when you confide in them, pleased when you ask for assistance, have every sympathy for you in your struggles and understand your temptations.

T:812        #4     Don’t be tempted to think that any of My Saints is too ‘grand’ to help you. Each one has the gratitude and humility of a little child, in the face of My astounding Love.

T:812        #5     Ask the help of many more Heavenly friends, especially of My holy Mother, the Queen of Saints.  How great is her love for you.  She honours you by her prayers.

T:812        #6     See how My Saints draw back in honour and reverence when My holy Mother stands amongst them.  They admire the beauty and simplicity of this Most Holy Virgin, through whom mankind was given its Saviour: Myself. (WC:812B)


T:813, 814          (Private).

T:815                  Co-operate with Me fully.  I honour you by My invitation.  I am at work in your life, in order to help this generation, which is so desperately in need of sound instruction. I am putting My words and My wisdom into your mouth, through My teachings-in-prayer.

T:816         #1     Don’t think that I am somehow made ‘absent’ during your prayer, because you are distracted! I remain with My friends in every circumstance.  My radiant presence is established in the depths of your soul, behind all thoughts and images. (WC:816B)

T:816         #2     Have faith in Me.  My wordless, invisible, intangible presence can bring reassurance and peace, even when you are in great difficulties.


T:817                 Pray, always, “in the Name of Christ”.  Thus, the small prayer which rises from you, in your pain and weariness, is gigantic.  Whenever you pray “in” Me, it is as though I Myself am leaping up, My arms outstretched to the Father in fervent intercession on your behalf; and My prayer, in your ‘littleness’, is glorious, and streams to the Father, in power. (WC + OIL:817)


T:818         #1     Don’t fret and strain, throughout your life on earth!

T:818         #2     Rely on Me.  Turn to Me frequently, and so grow more discerning about the sort of prayer to which I am calling you at each moment.

T:818         #3     Learn to recognise those times when I am inviting you to enter the prayer of silence, and leave behind the sense of achievement which sometimes arises when - for example - you have made wordy and lengthy intercessions.  Surrender yourself to My work, and to My Love, and to My own prayer within you.

T:818         #4     Let yourself rest in Me in silent prayer - whenever I invite you - and so be like a small child who sits in the crook of My arm, carried by me in My vitality and joy.  As I ‘carry’ you to your destination, you are free to relax in My care. Don’t imagine that your life “in” Me must consist of gruelling work and sacrifice, with no refreshment.  (WC:818)

T:818         #5     Thank Me for My care of you throughout your life. I was sustaining you long ago, even during the times when you tried to live without Me!

T:818         #6     Look back in gratitude to the journey which you and I have made together. But don’t be troubled by regrets.  No-one can be seen as a failure, whose sins have all been confessed and forgiven!

T:819         #1     Take heart, from the knowledge of the power of your prayer “in” Me. I Who am your radiant Saviour pray My Divine prayer in your souls and in your midst, during My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, when you joyfully cluster about the holy altar; and so our united prayer rises up powerfully to Heaven, like a great fire of Glory.

T:819         #2     Stay close to Me and don’t worry about anything.  In your Christian prayer, One word of Mine - rising from your soul - pierces Heaven, in a way which is impossible to those who do not pray in My Name. (WC:819)

T:820         #1     Don’t worry about your apparent unfitness for the work which I invite you to do.  It was precisely because of your weakness and inadequacy that I chose you.

T:820         #2     Be confident that I will give you everything you need in order to fulfil My wishes.

T:820         #3     Remember the Good News which can give you constant joy: all your sins have been forgiven, through My Merits, and by your repentance and reconciliation.

T:820         #4     Rejoice that you had the humility to kneel down and confess your sins.

T:820         #5     Remember the price of your forgiveness: My Body was wounded by your sins; as I hung on the Cross, and as My holy Mother stood nearby, My Blood flowed in a vast out-pouring, over you.  It is only because I shed My Blood for you that your sins have been taken away.  (WC:820)

T:821         #1     Persevere bravely in the task of writing down and sharing My teachings.

T:821         #2     Tell Me about your love for Me.  I cherish My friends; I delight in your expressions of love and in your desire to be loyal, always.  “That is what I want to hear!”

T:821         #3     Don’t pretend to a strength which you don’t possess.  I am happy with your good intentions, and I am delighted by your smallest efforts to love and serve Me. I am delighted that you sit here, loving Me, in your exhaustion.

T:822         #1     Rely on Me for the grace to persevere as ‘far’ as Heaven.  You have already been made a child of Mine, a sister of the Saints and a friend of the Holy Angels - all by My grace.  See how much I love even the sinful, inadequate and ungenerous!


                           A FAITHFUL REDEEMER.


T:822         #2     Believe in My Love.  I admire every effort you make to spurn temptations. I am not examining you for faults; “I am looking at your great love;”  and I will not let you go astray if you rely on the help I give to you in the usual ways: in prayer, in the holy Sacraments, and in the advice you receive from My priest, who is My ‘servant’.

T:823         #1     Continue to trust in Me, as you work and pray as usual.  Don’t worry about the work which I have asked you to undertake.  I don’t change My Mind!  I am neither moody nor unreliable, and so My choice of you does not alter when you are weak or in difficulties.  I am faithful.

T:823         #2     Keep praying for others, whether or not you see ‘results’.  By their free will and by their neglect, some people leave little space for Me in their lives, despite My generosity towards them and My Presence in Holy Communion.

T:823         #3     Don’t be like that person whose heart is so cluttered with earthly desires and preoccupations - like a cave which is full of boxes - that it’s as if I am ‘squeezed’ to one side, unable to pour My glorious Light within.  (WC: + OIL:823)

T:823         #4     Thank Me for having given you the grace to see the foolishness of shutting your eyes to your sins, or of refusing to reveal your real thoughts and desires to Me in prayer.  People who will not bear the shame of self-knowledge are doomed to think and act in near-darkness.

T:824                  “Be at peace, My child.”  After Reconciliation, you have no cause for worry, rather, you are very close to Heaven.

T:825         #1     Be grateful for the privilege of being close to Me in the Blessed Sacrament.  Holy Angels venerate Me; they are eager to adore Me wherever the Sacred Host is placed: whether in the pyx, the tabernacle or the altar.  They live to serve and adore Me, and they delight in being near Me, in the Blessed Sacrament, whenever I am taken to My sick friends. (WC:825)

T:825         #2     Follow My inspiration, and offer your life and death to the eternal Father, for His Glory.

T:826                  (Private)

T:827                  Give thanks to Me for all the good things which I do through your life. Pure worship and thanksgiving do now flow from you, here, as - within your soul - I pour My pure praise ‘up’ to the Father.  Pure service does stem, now, from My service through you.  Pure love of neighbour does now flow from My Love, in you.  Pure reparation is now made by Me, in your life.  Pure pleas and petitions are now heard, as I make them in you.  All that is good in your life, you see, stems from Me your Saviour.

T:828                  (Private)

T:829         #1     Don’t worry about the work which you do for Me, since you have been confirmed in it through your obedience to those who guide you within My Church. My work in you will be successful.

T:829         #2     Trust in My wisdom.  My gifts are given to you for a good purpose. Your hesitations are groundless.  Your plain duty is to share your Good News about Me, and about the joy of forgiveness and the joy of accepting My Love.

T:830         #1     Look upon the season of Lent as a season for rejoicing.  Every ‘Holy Week’ in your life is followed by a time of renewal.

T:830         #2     Be happy - not quite “so solemn!”  The Father has taken your sins away, through Me, therefore you have great cause for rejoicing!

T:831                  Pray most ‘successfully’ by closely resembling Me.  It is when you pray in humility - having shunned pride and self-assertion - that you can ‘hide’ behind Me, so that the Father, ‘looking’ here, sees only Me, Jesus, Whose every prayer is heard.

T:832A      #1     Be eternally grateful that I have redeemed you.  Speak out bravely about the plain reason for the solemnity of Passiontide, and the reason for your gratitude: that I have suffered punishment for your sins and for the sins of people in every era.

T:832A      #2     Let Me tell others, through our work, what you already know: that My Blood is poured out from the Cross in a great torrential flood for all ages, that all may ‘bathe’ therein, if they will.  With their sins forgiven, they can hope to reach the far-distant, brilliantly-lit homeland of Heaven, which lies far beyond the Cross. (WC + OIL:832A)

T:832A      #3     Rejoice in the truth: that I think you so precious that I endured My holy Passion, to save you.

T:832B      #1     Put into practice all My commandments and recommendations.

T:832B      #2     Don’t be bashful about your faith.  Whenever it is appropriate, speak freely about My grace which is at work within your soul - so that I may be glorified.

T:832B      #3     Pluck up courage to share with others the reason for your present hope and joy.

T:833         #1     Be content that I ‘veil’ your good works from your sight.  There are many more good works and good results than you can imagine, towering above you.  It is as if you have been ironing clean clothes for a very long time, without noticing how much work you have done!  In your spiritual life, the results of your prayers and sacrifices are like a pile of freshly-ironed clothes which I have hidden in a great ‘mist’, in order to train you to be wholly unconcerned about results.  (WC:833)

T:833         #2     Be content to work steadily and calmly without examining how much you have done.  Since I don’t permit you to see the results of your fervent prayers and actions, I am helping you to serve Me in humility, solely for love;  you therefore avoid becoming proud of what you have achieved!

T:833         #3     Be content to work steadily, and to trust in Me.  It is by My grace alone that you ever do anything good!

T:834                  Follow My inspiration and put all your work into the Father’s hands, for His Glory; and stop worrying!  The whole court of Heaven delights in your eagerness to love and obey My Will on earth.

T:835         #1     Trust in My love for you, always and in every circumstance.  I never change.

T:835         #2     Follow My prompting immediately, whenever you find that I am silently calling you to soar into My prayer of ‘unknowing’.  My prayer is better than any ‘composition’  of your own which you might offer to the Father - although it’s true that He delights in every sincere prayer which you offer Him through Me.




T:836         #1     Console Me in My Passion by making a prayerful reflection on My sufferings.

T:836         #2     Honour Me in the sufferings which I bore for you.  Venerate My image. The Angels who throng the church are thrilled to join in your worship and to witness your devotion to Me in My Passion.  When you turn round to pray the ‘Stations of the Cross’, they do the same. (WC:836)

T:837         #1     Desire nothing except to love and serve Me, for My Glory.

T:837         #2     Be glad that you can bring blessings to others through your ‘self-emptying’.  One without personal ambitions can be inundated by grace and mercy, which will renew the life of her soul and will pour outwards upon others.

T:837         #3     Be constant in love.  Live in simplicity, and show Me, quite freely, all your weaknesses.

T:838                  Adore Me, your Saviour.  I stand quietly before you at the Consecration, during My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. (WC:838)

T:839         #1     Offer thanks for what I have done for you.  On the Cross I gave up My Life for you, and here in the Mass, I, the Holy One, plead on your behalf.  Arms outstretched to the Father, I join in the words of My priest, at the prayer.  “All Glory and honour are Yours, Almighty Father, for ever and ever.”  (WC:839)

T:839         #2     Let your heart always treasure My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I offer My Sacrifice to the Father by My Holy Body and Blood: My Life.  I am here in Glory.  Calvary is re-presented. What more could I do for you?!

T:840         #1     Don’t devise tortuous or complicated ways of trying to please Me. When you are tired, ill-at-ease or anxious, and yet recite elaborate prayers to Me, you are like a child who insists on reciting a poem in order to please a beloved parent. I’m very touched by your gesture, and your  love is delightful, but such labour is unnecessary.  (WC:840)

T:840         #2     Remember that nothing can surpass the gift which you have already given to Me from your ‘poverty’ and helplessness - the gift of your heart and your loyalty, a gift which you can offer until death, so long as you rely on Me alone.

T:841                  Learn about Me, your Saviour.  My purity and innocence are astounding. I was like a little child throughout My Passion, in My innocence and true Love. There was not even a whisper of hatred in My bruised Heart, during My terrible sufferings.

T:842         #1     Show Me your true feelings, for example, that you feel self-conscious and silly because of your illness.  I am touched by such an act of trust in Me.

T:842         #2     See what you gain from courage and honesty in prayer: by your brave exposure of your true thoughts to Me, you ‘open’ your heart to receive My comfort.

T:843                  Have faith!  “How can you doubt My love for you?!”  I Who love you so much that I died for you, and gave you the gift of faith in Me, never stop loving you!

T:844         #1     Rely on Me, and on the life and help which I give to you through My Church. My Sacrifice is perfect.  My prayer truly belongs to you who are united to Me in faith and love and Church.

T:844         #2     Unite your heart to Me and to My intentions, during My Holy Sacrifice. My prayer includes all your needs!  I adore and praise the Father on your behalf!  I thank Him, I offer reparation, and I plead for your spiritual and bodily needs. (WC:844)

T:845                  Allow Me, through My Sacrifice, to change you and to make you loving and “Christ-like”.  It is through My Precious Blood that you have been reconciled to the Father, and it is through this same Blood that you can be made pure and holy, ready for Heaven.  During the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, it is as though My Precious Blood - poured out for you all on Calvary - is flowing like a shining, golden stream of grace; and all are called to wash in that pure Blood, to be made clean.  By My merits and by Its power, It can make you as pure as I.  You can become as little children, fit for the Kingdom of Love, truth and purity. (WC:845)


                           THE WAY OF SUFFERING.


T:846        #1     Continue to accept your unavoidable sufferings, for My sake, and encourage others to accept theirs.  Many persons follow a path which they hope will lead to Heaven, yet when they see that it leads through suffering, they abandon it and walk into the darkness.

T:846        #2     Have pity on people who are unwilling to accept suffering.  They are too pre-occupied to notice that I am very close to them.  Their anxieties obscure My presence.  They pay more attention to their miseries than to the faith and help which I am offering them. 

T:846        #3     Reassure others that by enduring suffering for My sake, they can find the narrow ‘door’ which leads to Life and to everlasting joy in Heaven.  I am the only door to Heaven, and the only means of finding the ‘door’ is by following the way of suffering which leads to it: the way of truth, repentance and reparation.

T:846        #4     Help others to avoid danger.  Many people who are determined to avoid suffering at any price thereby avoid the route to Heaven.  They do not see the ‘door’ which leads to their eternal joy. (WC:846)


T:847         #1     Rejoice at the good things which I do for you, with your co-operation.

T:847         #2     Consider the splendour of a virtuous soul who - by My grace - has rooted out her faults and has been reconciled.  The soul “in grace”, trusting, is like a bride adorned in white, her train studded with the dazzling jewels of all the virtues which I have lavished upon her for her joy and also for My pleasure. (WC:847)

T:847         #3     Always remember the purpose of purification and penance.  You undergo these painful things because I long for you to enjoy the real happiness and delight to which they lead you!


                           WORDLESS PRAISE.


T:848                  Believe in My Love.  You now live in true friendship with Me, as you work for My Glory.  I delight in all that you do for love of Me.

T:849         #1     Open your heart in prayer, before the Father.  This can be done through Me, Jesus, Who am present within your soul.  Offer My praise to the Father, from within your soul; this is the best praise you could offer!

T:849         #2     Be willing to follow My promptings in prayer.  My praise within you is more glorious, the more - by gladly keeping silent - you permit Me to praise the Father with My praise.

T:849         #3     See how simple is the willing prayer of union, in the heart of one like yourself who loves Me.  You can pray to the Father like a flower opening, to let My beauty - beauty now within your soul - do its own work of Glory.  In this true contemplation, before the Father, My praise streams upwards, unimpeded by yourself.  (WC:849)

T:850         #1     Persevere in your struggles against self-love.  I, Jesus, am known best by those who have no ambitions for their own glory, but who long only to love and serve Me.

T:850         #2     Turn for strength to Me, your glorious Saviour.  I stand before you in the sanctuary, Really Present to My people in prayer.  My beauty is dazzling. (WC:850)

T:851A      #1     Let Me teach you to live at every moment in purity, love and trust. This is how I prepare you for Heaven.  You cannot enjoy the wonderful events and delights of Heaven until your preparation is complete.

T:851A      #2     Share your gifts with others.  I don’t give them to you for yourself alone.

T:851B      #1     Call to mind the many occasions  on which I have rescued you from sin and fear. I can do so again.

T:851B      #2     Put your trust in Me, and keep offering all your prayers and sufferings in thanksgiving and reparation, until the time arrives when I shall prove that your efforts have been fruitful.

T:852         #1     Remember that I am always present within your soul, whether or not you receive Me sacramentally.  “I am always with you!”

T:852         #2     Be joyful that you live in My presence!

T:852         #3     Don’t dither, in Holy Communion, when I am calling you to go swiftly in prayer towards the Father.  When I call you, don’t linger unnecessarily in speech, but trust in My prayer within you, by which everything needful will be said.

T:852         #4     Say to your Heavenly Father - as you rest with Me in Holy Communion: “Hear Jesus’ prayer!” or: “I sit here for Your Glory, as Jesus prays in me!”

T:853         #1     Entrust the past to Me, now that your sins have been confessed and forgiven.  A good Confession should be a reason for thanksgiving, not for perpetual sorrow.

T:853         #2     Rejoice in the good which is plainly being done in your life - by My grace. Don’t look back.  Something wonderful is being brought about through everything difficult or evil that you have endured in order to please Me.



T:854        #1     Don’t be upset about little things.  Don’t be confused about the meaning of sin. “Sin” is not small failings, nor momentary clutchings at pleasure, nor sad, silly, things done in half-despair to please others, although these things are wrong.  Real sin is a deliberate turning-away from the Kingdom, that is, from the Kingdom of Love where I rule in your hearts, guiding you through your consciences and aiding you by My Church.  Serious sin is a rejection of that life “in” Me. But if you reject sin you receive My own peace and turn your mourning into dancing.

T:854        #2     Share the good news with others, that by rejecting sin you replace inner misery with tranquillity.


T:855         #1     Accept My invitation whenever I ask you to ‘go higher’ in prayer and therefore ask you to keep silent.

T:855         #2     Don’t think that you’re not  praying properly for others, when I lead you into wordless contemplation.  Everyone in your heart is at once ‘swept’ with you and with Me into our one prayer, whenever I call you.  You need have no fear that because you are ‘unable’ - through a silence which is willed by Me - to name everyone, one by one, that they are not blessed as usual.  Obedience to Me is the best praise.  If you are obedient to My urgings to enter into silent unknowing prayer, the dear ones in your heart cannot fail to benefit. (WC:855)


                           PRIESTLY WORK.


T:856         #1     Keep in mind the essence of your worship during My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: I, your High Priest, stand amongst you, as if with arms outstretched to the Father in Heaven; and I am praying on your behalf. (WC + OIL:856)

T:856         #2     Rely on My prayer and on My merits, during the Holy Mass, at My Offering on the altar.  You may ‘hide’ behind My robe, to be utterly enfolded and included in My holy and glorious Sacrifice.  ‘Hide’, thus, by placing your trust in Me as we pray before the Father, and by offering your life in the Father’s service, in the reverent self-abasement of a creature before the Creator.

T:856         #3     Act reverently at the Holy Mass, honouring Me, your Divine Lord, as I join you in the sanctuary.  Yet never let attention to the external aspects of public worship become more important than the powerful intentions of your soul.

T:856         #4     Trust in Me.  Remember that a trusting confidence in Me, combined with humility, will unite you more surely with My Sacrifice than any fine words or humble postures in prayer.

T:857         #1     Be confident, in your humility.  I love you, and I understand that some of My ‘children’ are sick, weary, or despondent; I invite you to “come and sit here.”  Rest quietly, as if in a place by My feet. (WC + OIL:857)

T:857         #2     Be like a little child who sits beside her devoted parent. I pray for all of you who are too weary to utter even a single word or a pious thought!  I delight in your loving desires, and in your desire to pray, even when you can scarcely begin!

T:858         #1     Be thankful that you have the privilege of attending My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  You join Angels and Archangels who are also ‘waiting’ reverently for Me, their beloved Lord. (WC + OIL:858)

T:858         #2     Never forget that My Holy Sacrifice is Holy because of the Holiness of the Divine Victim - Myself.  The Sacrifice which I offer through My priest is powerful, glorious, holy and awesome, whether it is celebrated in a small room or in a great cathedral.

T:859         #1     Believe in the tremendous value of your prayers, prayers which are made in My Name and with My power.

T:859         #2     Be confident that the effect of a good  prayer is real and immediate, even if unseen and unrecognised. Think about the prayer which you recite so frequently:

                                    “Hail Mary, full of grace.  Blessed art thou amongst women,

                                     and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

                                    Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners,

                                    now, and at the hour of our death.”

                           I assure you that one single “Hail Mary” - said for someone’s welfare - is like a drink which has been poured into a chalice for someone’s refreshment.  By a single ‘Hail Mary’ you can help, to some degree, each person you meet, or hear about, who is in need of help! (WC:859)

T:860         #1     Look upon yourself as a true child of Mine, as you live in the way of childhood and dependence on Me.  It is the way which I intended you should discover - by My grace.  It is a way which is yours when you ask for My help in your efforts to love Me and your neighbour, and when - repentant - you have been reconciled, and you offer My Holy Sacrifice, and you meet Me in Holy Communion.

T:860         #2     Follow My inspiration and turn to the Father in Heaven, ready for His Will to be achieved in you.  ‘Open’ your whole life to Him and ask for His strength in your weakness.

T:860         #3     Rest in the worship which is offered to Me by My holy Archangels, who stand solemnly around the sanctuary as you prepare for the Holy Mysteries; high above you, many more radiant Angels are waiting, attentive, ready to hear you join in their praise at the offering of My Holy Sacrifice.  No matter how weary you are, you can unite your heart’s adoration of Me to their prayers. (WC + OIL:860)

T:860         #4     See how I cherish you who serve Me.  Even as you pray without words, My invisible work continues within your weary soul.

T:860         #5     Remember that you are not alone.  All who, through Me, receive life on earth, have the Angels as their constant friends and companions!

T:861         #1     Remember what great reverence is required of you at My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, where you ‘small’  creatures - now glorious, by My grace - are privileged to take part in the staggeringly high and holy and joyful worship of Heaven itself. This is all made possible only because of the eternal Offering which I, your Lord, make on your behalf to the Father.

T:861         #2     Think about your Companions, at the Holy Mass, and behave as you ought, in their presence.  You take part in the Holy Mysteries with My holy Angels and Archangels, with Apostles, and with Saints.  Also here is Mary, My holy Mother, who is your loving Mother, too. (WC:861)

T:862         #1     Think about My example, in order to see how to love your neighbour with a genuine, wholehearted and forgiving love.  Since I love you as you are, and am loving, truthful and full of delight in you, with encouragement, too, so must you be loving, truthful, and encouraging to others, always, for love of Me.

T:862         #2     Delight in every scrap of apparent goodness in others.




T:863         #1     Confide in My Saints, who love to hear you.  Row upon row of holy Saints stand as if at the very “edge” of Heaven - very close to you on earth. (WC:863)

T:863         #2     Give joy to My Saints by your efforts to live for Love of Me.  They all tried to love Me, and they, too, suffered for My sake when they lived on earth.

T:863         #3     Don’t worry that the Saints might be disappointed at your little failures.  They honour everyone who suffers, as he or she tries to imitate My love of the Father and of My neighbour.  My holy Saints were imperfect, like you, whilst they were still living on earth.

T:864         #1     Don’t be agitated about little things.

T:864         #2     Let Me ‘touch’ you in Holy Communion and so lighten your burdens. I can do this more easily whenever you first speak to Me about the things which are distressing you but then turn your mind away from your problems and towards Myself! (WC + OIL:864)

T:864         #3     Remember your dignity as a friend of Mine, even when you are awed by My Real Presence.  Dispel your anxiety about your weakness and put your trust in Me.

T:864         #4     Be honest with Me, in prayer.  Go to prayer trusting in Me wholeheartedly.  Make acts of trust.  Place your ‘burdens’ at My feet and so free yourself to move onwards with Me in a genuinely light-hearted union of praise.

T:865         #1     Continue to pray for others, especially for your brothers and sisters “in Christ”.  Look at the soul which I am revealing to you; it has not been cleared and scoured in honour of Me, the holy Saviour Who wishes to enter in Holy Communion. The possessions which are so important to this person are cluttering and filling the ‘cavern’ which is her soul, just as boxes and rubbish clutter an untidy attic. It is as though - within that soul in Holy Communion - I cannot stand upright in worship! Although - in My great Love - I have come to her soul, My influence upon her soul is severely limited; and  My praise cannot ‘stream up’ to the Father from within such a selfishly-overburdened heart. (WC:865)

T:865         #2     Pray for those who are anxious about their possessions.  A heart which is consumed with a longing to possess certain things, or which is consumed with fear of losing ‘things’ - whether those things be material treasures, ambitions, friendships or supposedly good plans - has  little ‘room’ within it for anything but its own dreams.  Such a heart is an unfit dwelling-place for Me.  Truly, My Love is unending, yet such a small, dark and untidy soul is unworthy of My Divinity.




T:866         #1     Be obedient to what you see as My Divine Will.

T:866         #2     Follow My inspiration and speak to My priest about these teachings-in-prayer, and about your work for Me.  It is a further part of My plan that My gifts will achieve more than you had expected.  You are to publish an account of what you have learned in  prayer. The teachings are not for you alone, but are a gift, through you, to My Church.

T:866         #3     Speak frankly with My priest, who represents My Church in your area. I Who invite you to work for Me can assist and encourage you through your obedience. It will be a check against pride or error, and - further - since your only aim in  life is to please Me, you are bound to mention to My priest those things in your life and work which might affect My Church, especially the local parishioners. Courtesy - which is an aspect of charity - demands this.

T:867         #1     Persevere in prayer. Turn to Me in prayer, confident that you will receive innumerable blessings, and that all the people you love will be blessed “in” you, by Me!  Whenever I come to your soul by My Sacramental Presence, I hold out My hand in blessing, in a special way, over your beloved friends and relations. (WC:867)

T:867         #2     Look upon My Mother as your own true Mother.  Now in Heaven with Me, she delights in seeing your devotion to Me  - and is glad to help and reassure you in your trials.

T:868         #1     Be grateful for the wonderful ways in which I guide you, as I teach you through prayer, and through the words of Holy Scripture.  But try to do more than listen to My instructions; use them to comfort others; encourage others to be firm in their Catholic Faith, and to be both brave and charitable in their defence of My Holy Church and of her teachings.

T:868         #2     Try to be worthy of your task.  One who speaks about Me to others ought to imitate Me in My Passion - that is, to imitate My patience and My courageous endurance.

T:869         #1     Open your eyes to your true vocation.  It is not enough that you write, paint, pray and do housework in order to please Me, although these things are good, and they do please Me!  But I Myself have been training you so that you can remind other people about the truths of Faith.

T:869         #2     Don’t worry, even about work which is very important.  I not only teach you; I guide you towards your task’s fulfilment.

T:870         #1     Follow My inspiration and make little sacrifices in order to help certain friends in need.  You can pray even more fervently than usual, and with special intentions in Holy Communion - even ‘offering’ My graces for other souls.

T:870         #2     Don’t begin to think that I put limits on the help which I can give to you.  My generosity is without limits.

T:870         #3     Don’t imagine that your fervent prayers for another person will bring a ‘lessening’ of grace to yourself!  “Don’t you believe that My generosity is great enough to help two persons at once?”  Prayers of greater-than-usual faith and fervour always ‘draw’ from Me a greater number of graces.

T:870         #4     Rejoice in the good prayer which rises from within your heart, as you pray in union with Me, in Holy Communion.  Together, we turn towards the Father, and My praise, within you, pierces Heaven, as you sit in utter silence and peace. (WC:870)


                           HOLY WEEK.


T:871         #1     Be glad that you have seized opportunities for deeper prayer and Reconciliation.  I admire you for your little efforts to be more loving, and for your self-reproach about your little failings in love.

T:871         #2     Meditate on My Passion.  I delight in your remembrance of My Passion, and in the humble preparations of all My beloved friends, before Holy Week.

T:872         #1     Look upon your growing trust in Me as a cause for great rejoicing. Truly, you live “in” Me, confident of My help because you believe in My goodness.

T:872         #2     Look upon Me as being your “home”.  In Me, you are truly ‘at home’, since you are living as My true child - in confident prayer, in grace, and in greater tranquillity.

T:873        #1     Learn to see your spiritual journey through Lent and through Holy Week as a necessary part of your life “in Christ”.  Your sad ‘journey’ with Me, through the “Valley of My Passion”, is useful. It gives you a greater-than-usual opportunity to think about earthly life, about sin, and about the purpose of My Incarnation.  Also, the sight of My torments causes your heart to ‘open’ wider; and, therefore, you become more grateful for all that I have undergone for you, and more sensitive to the sufferings of your neighbour.  So you can see that the devotions in which My Church invites you to share are highly important for your soul’s welfare. (WC:873)

T:873        #2     See how easily you can please Me: anyone who meditates on My sufferings - out of love for Me - can be sure that I am very near, touched by that person’s devotion.

T:873        #3     Remain joyful, even when you pause to ‘look back’ to My earthly sufferings.  I am here, now, risen!  I am alive and triumphant, your true friend, living in joy; and My Love can comfort you like balm, even on a day like ‘Good Friday’ which is so full of sad thoughts mixed with gratitude!


T:874         #1     Believe in the power of intercession.  Other people truly benefit from your prayers.

T:874         #2     Open your heart to others, and to their worries, needs, sufferings, hopes and joys.  All who are kept in your heart - through your love and concern for them - are drenched in grace and love, because of your union with Me.  This is so, even if you don’t make formal prayers for their welfare; they are touched by My Light, which shines upon them from within your grace-filled life. (WC:874)

T:874         #3     Consider the grave consequences of hard-heartedness: to leave others deliberately ‘outside’ your heart would be to deny them the grace which might have come to them through you.

T:874         #4     Never grow complacent about the love which you have for others, and which you prove through prayer, work and kindness.  The greater is your love and concern - even for the whole world - then the more, really, are others enabled to receive grace, through the Merits of Myself, Jesus, Who permit you to help others.

T:874         #5     Follow My inspiration, and offer your whole self to Me for My Glory. Offer, from within your weakness, your heart, life, and work, and your family’s welfare - and every hope of your soul.

T:875         #1     Grasp the real message of the Easter celebration, which is that My grace can triumph in you who live on earth and  who long to do My Will, just as it triumphed in My life on earth, despite My life’s apparent failure.

T:875         #2     Accept the joys which I delight in giving to you on great feast-days. (WC:875)

T:875         #3     Learn to leave your heart-ache behind, when you are present at the Holy Mysteries.  Turn your heart towards My great Glory.  I am present in great majesty. I - your Holy God and Saviour - am present amongst you, worshipped by My holy Angels. (WC:875)

T:875         #4     Put your trust in Me; I have called you to do great work for Me. The gifts which I have given to you were not given so that they would be wasted or neglected.  I will triumph in your life, since you long above all to please Me.

T:876         #1     Consider the joy and glory of the moment when a person is baptised. The child whom you see before you - now anointed and baptised - has a soul overflowing with My Divine Life, overflowing with the brilliant and powerful Life of My Divine grace.

T:876         #2     See how pure, fiery and fervent is the joy of the holy Guardian Angel who, at baptism, sees My Divine Life given to his charge.  How great is My holy Angel’s joy at having in his care a creature full of My marvellous Life of grace! (WC + OIL:876)

T:877         #1     Continue in your efforts to be courteous and obedient, as you confide in those who lead My Church.  You are right to obey Me by speaking of My work in your life, prepared to be obedient and to meet either dismissal or interest with equal calm.

T:877         #2     See how obedience to My Will brings peace - peace of conscience - even amidst great difficulties.

T:878                  Remember that whenever you set out to join in the celebration of the Holy Mysteries, you set out to join the glorious family which is My Church of Heaven and earth.  My Saints are thrilled by your devotion to Me, the “Holy One” of God; it is with great gladness that they watch My People on earth coming to assist at the offering of My Holy Sacrifice.

T:879         #1     Never think that I don’t love you.  On the contrary, My Love for you is a strong and vigorous Love, yet tender also.  It is real, supportive, affectionate and welcoming, whether or not you ‘feel’ or experience it.  That apparent ‘absence’ is part of your training, for your eventual joy and perfection - though it can be confused with the terrible “absence” which can be known by one who, through mortal sin, has walked away from Me.

T:879         #2     Believe in My Love for you.  At every moment of your journey on earth, your contrite soul can be confident of My help, My care and My forgiveness.


                           “LAMB OF SACRIFICE”.


T:880                  Remember your privileged role: when you take part in My Holy Sacrifice, you kneel before an altar which is surrounded by My holy Angels.  The Sacrificial Offering made by Myself, Who am Really Present, is a feast of love and glory. Saints and Angels are thrilled to join in My perfect Offering to the Father.

T:881                  Imitate the holy Angels, who bow low as I offer Myself to the Father, in the pure Sacrifice of Love, on the altar.

T:882         #1     Be confident of the power and perfection of My Holy Sacrifice, which is yours to offer as a Divine prayer to the Father.  I am the Sacrificial Lamb, offered for sins; and Heaven rejoices at My victory over sin and death.  No prayer is more powerful than My prayer, offered on the altar.

T:882         #2     Be happy that I, the triumphant and glorious Saviour Who plead for you in the sanctuary - the Word, the Eternal Holy One - am truly the same, tender Jesus Whom you know through prayer and Who is loving you at every moment!

T:882         #3     Continue to offer to the Father every moment of joy or beauty which you experience; this is a wonderful way of praising Him.  Yet be glad that you have a perfect way of praising the Father, which is by offering Myself and My praise, in My Holy Sacrifice.  No life, no beauty, nor any heart-moving music is more worthy of the Father than My Life and beauty, with the ‘music’ of My Heart’s Divine and loving praise.

T:883         #1     Accept My Holy Will in even its smallest details, and voice your consent to My work and to My every wish; “that is what I like to hear!” I am delighted by every attempt you make to be attentive and obedient, even though you sometimes fail.

T:883         #2     Banish all those small, rebellious thoughts which, if stirred up, can lead to great danger.

T:884         #1     Give thanks to Me for all My blessings.  My Saints and Holy Angels are overjoyed to witness a soul who longs to live in thanksgiving and love!

T:884         #2     Never be careless in your acts of devotion.  My Saints and My Holy Angels delight in imitating your devotion, just as you imitate theirs.  When you reverently make the Sign of the Cross, they do the same; and so they join you, with great devotion, in your act of homage to the Holy Trinity.

T:885A      #1     Remember that I am both Friend and Lord.  When you approach Me in private prayer, you need not be anxious about your choice of words.  I am honoured by your love and your reverence.

T:885A      #2     Don’t try to ‘make up’ for your tiredness in prayer by composing elaborate phrases.  It’s as though I’m waiting patiently and silently within your soul as such ‘clever’ words drift to and fro in front of Me!  I have no need of fancy words of supplication.  Though I am touched by the prayers, hymns and litanies which - through My Spirit - I Myself have inspired people to write in honour of My Divinity, I am delighted above all to hear the least whisper of truth from an honest heart, in utter simplicity.




T:885B      #1     Learn to accept your weakness and foolishness.  “That is why We chose you” - chose you for this particular task.  We and Our Wisdom are more glorified, the more Our power and Our gifts are shown from within the life of one of Our very weak children!

T:885B      #2     Don’t ‘lean’ on natural gifts, or try to count on your own strength.  My choice of persons to do My work is not dependent on the apparent worthiness or suitability of those who are chosen.  My choice is ‘sovereign’, and those whom I choose are therefore prepared or made worthy by Me.  I give them the gifts which are needed for My work, whatever it be.  I fill them with My Life, and clothe them with My virtues.

T:886                  Turn to Me, during every temptation to sin.  I stand beside you, offering My quiet comfort, and upholding you in every new purification.  I don’t want you to retain even the least scrap of pride in My gifts, and so I permit trials such as these which remind you of your weakness.

T:887         #1     Don’t be upset at seeing both joy and struggle ‘intertwined’ within your soul.  I am the perfect prayer for you in any circumstance, even in struggles.  My praise, My thanksgiving, My reparation and My pleas are yours to offer, since you belong to Me; and they cannot be refused by the Father Who is One-in-Love with Me His Divine Son!

T:887         #2     Pray in every circumstance.  Pray to the Father: “Here is Jesus! Every thought and intention of His, I now offer to You, Father, as my own!”

T:888A               Surrender yourself entirely to Me.  I can use your life as a magnifying lens, through which, from Heaven, I will pour out My Love and My Light, so focusing both Love and Light upon a particular place and era on earth.  Wherever My grace and Light take effect on earth, through a fervent soul, a fire of Divine activity is set ablaze. (WC:888A)

T:888B      #1     Listen carefully as My priest reads the Holy Gospel during the Holy Mass. When My words are thus venerated and read out to My People, I come close to you all, and I teach everyone who is attentive. (WC + OIL:888B)

T:888B      #2     Follow My inspiration and pray as you are prompted by My Spirit. Turn to the Father, and say - blindly - “I permit You to do Your Will in me.  I consent.”  Whenever anyone responds to the Gospel with a generous love of Me, Heaven rejoices that I am loved in one more ‘place’ on earth!

T:889A      #1     Persevere in the task which you know that I have given to you.

T:889A      #2     Follow My simple way, guided by My Church, which knows and teaches everything necessary for you to achieve union with Me.  This is to be wise.

T:889B               Turn confidently to Me whenever you repent of sins and failings. I “wipe out”, by My blazing Glory, all your little faults, when you turn to Me in sincere repentance. My holy Light burns away all minor faults and little lapses in charity. But all who have been separated from Me by serious sin must go quickly to be Reconciled.

T:890         #1     Believe in My deep and tender Love for you,   even as you worship Me in the solemn

                           celebration of the Holy Mysteries and prepare to offer Me in Sacrifice.

T:890         #2     “Don’t worry, Lizzie.” Don’t let your little faults or the knowledge of My sufferings make you become gloomy.  It is My wish that you live in joy even amidst your sufferings. By My grace, you can remain cheerful.

T:891                  Never fail in the holy courtesies of reverent worship.  As you pray, your Holy Angel imitates your devout gestures, and makes the Sign of the Cross with you.




T:892         #1     Keep in mind your lowliness, and the Glory of your Creator.  Ponder the Father’s  transcendence, and His limitless holiness and infinite Majesty, even whilst you rejoice in your friendship with Me, His Divine Son.

T:892         #2     Be faithful to prayer.  Put your trust in Me, always.  When the time comes for you to die, you must pray your daily prayer - “Father, here is Jesus” - when at last you arrive in the Father’s presence, accompanied by Myself.

T:892         #3     Remember that a person’s friendship with Me, and her reliance on Me, are what ‘count’ after death, and not simply her own merits or pleadings.

T:893         #1     Don’t be afraid.  One who truly loves Me need not fear death, because My Love will then be experienced in all its fullness of joy.  No earthly joy, nor any love, can compare with My Love, as experienced by the soul who loves Me and who is loved by Me.

T:893         #2     Prove your love for me, whilst you still live on earth, by faithfully fulfilling little duties as well as large!  If you have letters which need answering, letters buried deep in your handbag, “love means clearing out your handbag!”  You fail in charity if you neglect your friends or relations.

T:894                  (Private)

T:895         #1     Be happy, believing in My great Love for you.  You know that the faith and love in your heart are free gifts from Me; yet what joy and admiration I express to you at your acceptance of My gifts!

T:895         #2     Put your trust in Me, even when you don’t know what I am doing! When I lift a willing soul upwards, away from the dark ‘cavern’ of earthly preoccupations and into My prayer of “unknowing”, My Glory blazes out, around that chastened, ‘emptied’ soul.  Thus, I offer My work of ‘praise of the Father’ from within a willing soul, yet at the same time I continue the secret work of that soul’s purification.


  1. JOSEPH.


T:896        #1     Turn your gaze to St. Joseph, who is here before you.  See how magnificently I am responding even to a tiny prayer.  We are delighted that - because of your belief in his virtues and your desire to please My Mother Mary - you turned to him in prayer and asked for his help.  (WC + OIL:896)

T:896        #2     Reflect upon the marvellous qualities of St Joseph, who acted as a good father to Me, his beloved foster-son, when I lived upon earth.

T:896        #3     Ask for St Joseph’s prayers.  Show towards him, now, the tremendous love, respect and admiration which I showed towards him during his life on earth and which I now display towards him in Heaven.

T:896        #4     Consider St. Joseph’s virtues.  He is so noble, fatherly and kind that My Mother Mary was fortunate to be entrusted to such a man - though he was fortunate to be married to one as loving and holy as she.

T:896        #5     Don’t look upon St. Joseph as the bumbling old man of some caricatures: someone foolish and graceless married to an ethereal being and wholly unworthy of her. My Mother is a real woman - and very warm-hearted, yet dignified and very holy; and St. Joseph is worthy of her love.  He, too, is a loving person; he is a man of great stature, though very sweet and tender.  I gave him all the qualities and virtues which were needed for his highly responsible task.

T:896        #6     Turn to St. Joseph for help.  “How can you be misguided by My father?!”  He loves you, as he loves all who love Me and My holy Mother.  He loves you and he prays for you. (WC:896)

T:896        #7     Realise that he whom I chose to act as father-on-earth to Me the Christ-child is one whom you can trust.  With great esteem, I call  St Joseph “Father,” because he acted as a very good father to Me in loving and caring for Me on earth, although he was not My ‘natural’ father.

T:896        #8     Understand that the Most Holy Virgin, Mary, is My only ‘natural’ parent. I was conceived in her womb by Divine power, and had no earthly father.

T:896        #9     Be confident.  Remain happily in St. Joseph’s presence, for as long as you are able.  Your friends in Heaven are delighted by the prayers and greetings of those who love them and - more important to them - who love and serve Me.

T:896        #10   Notice how St. Joseph waits for you to say your goodbye.  He is not anxious to rush away; My Saints in Heaven rejoice in pleasing Me by helping My friends; and you who try to love and serve me are such a friend.


T:897         #1     Rejoice that you belong to My Kingdom even here on earth, as, through My Merits and through My Precious Blood, you worship with Me and with My holy Angels in the vast and awesome celebration of My Holy Sacrifice.

T:897         #2     Remember that My Kingdom is glorious even now, even before you see the results of the victory which I have already won.

T:898         #1     Ask for My help for all your distressed friends and acquaintances. Your concern for them, and your trust in bringing them to Me, through prayer, is praiseworthy.

T:898         #2     Don’t give in to despondency.  “You’re doing very well.”  I love you tremendously.

T:898         #3     Follow My inspiration and pray with even greater fervour, even saying to the Father: “Here is my whole life, in sacrifice - for You to do with it anything You please, for Your Glory.”


                           SAVING WORK.


T:898         #4     Don’t be diverted from prayer and sacrifice by thinking that I don’t ‘need’ your offerings.  How few persons on this earth truly love Me as Father, and trust Me.  How few give their lives entirely for My service, with  pure hearts, and longing only for My Glory.

T:898         #5     Realise the meaning of true homage to the Father.  It doesn’t matter whether you use words of praise, or whether you remain silent, as you try to praise the Father.  Your offering of yourself - an offering of your whole life, for His Glory - was the most marvellous praise possible for you to make, in union with My Offering.

T:899                  ‘Empty’ yourself, through acts of self-sacrifice.  Empty your heart of all selfish ambition.  It is when you are aware of the Father’s holiness and your sinfulness that, in your ‘emptiness’, I am everything of perfect praise that you could offer, as you pray to the Father.

T:900A      #1     Learn to keep silent, sometimes, in prayer.  At any time,  I am glad to hear you share your thoughts with Me.  But I would like to share My thoughts with you, and I cannot do so if you will not listen!

T:900A      #2     Don’t think of Me as One Who visits you only from a sense of duty!  I love to come to you.  I love to come to My little ‘Kingdom’, which is any soul which truly loves Me. 

T:900A      #3     Understand the value of your love and suffering, by which you are more thoroughly united to Me.  I accept all the pains which you accept and offer to Me.  I look on them as acts of homage, and also as ‘fuel’ for My work of salvation.

T:900A      #4     Remember that I am very close to you, in your suffering, and I that I am supporting you with great tenderness.  By these sufferings, it is as though you are giving birth to the faith of others.  Your ‘labour’ will not be in vain. (WC:900A)

T:900A      #5     Learn to rest in Me, in Holy Communion, and to pray with Me, so that we become One Will and one voice, saying joyfully to the Father, “Glory to God!” - in the beauty of My Divine radiance.




T:900B      #1     Continue to ask for My guidance, as you do My work.  Yet allow Me to guide you most effectively by leading you into real humility.  I delight in your efforts, but you must always look upon  your actions in the Light of Truth, which is My Divine Light.  All your great efforts to please Me are feeble, beside My perfection; and no matter how clearly or fluently you might write about Me, your words and descriptions - when compared with the reality -  are like the jottings of a happy but clumsy toddler who sits on the floor beside his sketch-pad! (WC:900B)

T:900B      #2     Flee temptation of every sort, but flee pride, especially.  Any conceit of yours is not only sinful but silly.  Any  pride which you might take in your work would be like the pride which a little child might take in his infant scribblings: ‘natural’ but foolish.

T:901         #1     Speak frankly to Me, before the Holy Mass begins.  Bravely confess your sins, and “go on.”

T:901         #2     Prepare for My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass by ‘moving’ swiftly from repentance to worship.  Unite yourself wholly with the Sacrifice which I am about to offer to the Father from the altar.  Turn to the Father in prayer, offering Me as your praise, your thanksgiving and your plea.  Thus, all your intentions are included in My prayer!

T:901         #3     Be aware of the exalted Company with whom you worship, during the Holy Mass.  My Saints and My holy Angels wait as if with bated breath for My marvellous Presence at the Consecration.

T:901         #4     Believe in My Love.  I am delighted to come in Holy Communion to those who love Me - and this includes yourself!




T:902         #1     Empty yourself of private concerns and fears, so that My praise of the Father can resound through every part of your soul, and also send its echoes outwards to others. By conquering weaknesses, you co-operate with Me as I prepare your soul for the true prayer of contemplation.

T:902         #2     Don’t be afraid that the extraordinary prayer of contemplation is an excess of emotion or merely a tranquil and transient mood.  It is a gift from Myself to your soul, in a special state of ‘prayer-in-union’.

T:902         #3     Confess your failings to Me, sincerely.  By your contrition, and through My prayer, I purify  your soul in Holy Communion, sometimes unseen and unfelt, but always Present and active.

T:902         #4     Imitate My obedience to the Will of the Father.  In prayer, as in daily life, you can say to the Father: “In these difficult circumstances, and amidst these temptations, Father, I would not ‘have’ things any other way, if this is Your Will.”  This would be an act of great homage to His Divine Majesty.

T:902         #5     Follow My inspiration and renew your offering.  Turn to the Father in prayer, saying again, unreservedly, “Here’s my life, again.”

T:903         #1     Unite yourself to My self-offering in My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and remember that, through Me, you offer not only sure reparation for sin, but joyful praise and thanksgiving, with confident requests for gifts and graces.


                           UNENDING TRIUMPH.


T:903         #2     Ponder, with awe and wonder, the great event at the end of My time on earth - My Ascension, which you celebrate at every offering of My Holy Sacrifice, as you also celebrate My Death and Resurrection.  During the last days of My Life on earth, I parted from My holy Mother, who joyfully surrendered Me to the Glory which lay ahead; and when I ascended into Heaven, I was greeted as though by a great roar of joy, and a great swell of triumph.  The hosts of Heaven witnessed My return to the Father in bliss, when I took My place on high. (WC + OIL:903)

T:903         #3     Rejoice that, at the Holy Mass,  you are present to My unending triumph and to Heaven’s eternal joy!  Heaven is even now filled with joy, Glory and triumphant sound when  - during the Holy Mass - you offer Me, Jesus, to the Father, in praise, thanksgiving and intercession.

T:903         #4     Be encouraged by the knowledge that Heaven’s hosts are thrilled that you love Me!  They rejoice when My Merits are praised by you and are offered or ‘used’ by you in your devout acts of faith, love, trust and hope.

T:904         #1     Learn to become more loving - even amidst difficulties - by pausing to consider My example of faithfulness and truth, that is, My utter purity, simplicity, truthfulness and trust-in-the-Father, in all circumstances.

T:904         #2     Imitate My behaviour, but leave reactions and consequences to My Providence.  Your duty is to do My Will in utter trust, simplicity and truth, whatever the cost.

T:905         #1     Accept your sufferings, out of love for Me.  It is through your heart-pangs that you give birth to spiritual children.  Mental sufferings, therefore, as well as physical sufferings, can be borne in the knowledge that they can be fruitful.

T:905         #2     Cling faithfully to Me, amidst interior and exterior sufferings.  I draw fruit from the pain of your spiritual growth.  None of your experiences need be ‘wasted’.

T:905         #3     Join in the prayer of My Holy Angels who gather joyfully around the altar when I am Present with you after the Consecration.

T:905         #4     Give joy to the Holy Angels by your purification in the holy sacrament of Reconciliation. The joy of your Guardian Angel is especially great.


                           TOUCHING HEAVEN.


T:905         #5     Remember the marvellous purpose of your true union with Me in My Holy Sacrifice.  By My Life and by My Holy Sacrifice, I ‘pierce’ Heaven; and by your prayerful union with Me in Holy Communion, you can follow in the Way which I have made into Heaven.  You can hope to share in My Glory, and to offer - with Me - Divine praise to the Father.  (WC:905)

T:905         #6     Don’t think that you have to wait until death, to benefit from My work!  Even now, you can ‘touch’ Heaven, through the prayer which you have made “in” Me.

T:905         #7     Pray fervently, during the Holy Mass.  When you do so, others benefit, because joy is spread amongst My whole ‘family’, in some measure, at every good act of each member, and at every blessing received!  All joys and blessings are shared, within My holy Church.

T:906                  Don’t think that you work and struggle alone.  My holy Mother and I are helping you in all your difficulties, and we accompany you as you set out again to do My work, I, at your right-hand, and My holy Mother at your left.  (WC:906)

T:907                  Give your life in the service of Myself and your neighbour even if your strenuous efforts to be loving should end with ‘crucified’ hands and heart.  “This is what Love means;” it is to give one’s life for another, utterly.  Your best example of love is Myself, nailed to the Cross on Calvary. (WC:907)

T:908         #1     Follow My inspiration and walk wherever I lead you, even to things which appear to be beyond your strength.  “You’re doing very well.”

T:908         #2     Be brave.  Declare firmly, to Me: “I accept heartbreak!”  This is how you can be freed from the hope of satisfying your own hopes and yearnings.

T:908         #3     Accept and bear patiently and silently all unavoidable sufferings.  In doing so, you are following My example.  I delight in your efforts!

T:908         #4     Look upon your pain, turmoil and perseverance as aspects of a new ‘birth’, as you battle to live for Love, for My sake.

T:909                  Turn to Me in order to receive gifts which you can give to others. It is as though I walk beside you, laden with gifts, and - whenever you ask Me to reward, help or support someone - I invite you to plunge your hands into the pile of “jewels” which I am carrying, and so to draw out presents of faith, hope and love for the people you meet, as well as special helps for people with special problems.  I delight in answering the prayers of My friends; therefore, since you turn to Me on behalf of others, and since I understand every human heart, I see clearly exactly what sort of help is needed.  (WC:909)

T:910         #1     Don’t be afraid, still, because you have sinned.  I gladly embrace any sinner who approaches Me.  I was dreadfully wounded precisely because of My tremendous Love for sinners.  Believe that the scars on My hands are proof of My Love!

T:910         #2     Believe that I delight in your courage and obedience.  Look to Me in order to imitate, also, My humility.  What an example for sinners, that out of love for sinners, I, the Son of God, patiently bore humiliation.

T:911A      #1     Allow Me to work within your soul.  I will lavish My gifts upon you.  “I furnish you with all you need,” as you try to serve Me and do My Will.

T:911A      #2     Be brave, during prayer.  Look towards Me, Who am Truth, no matter how much it pains you; then  My grace can do its work, through your co-operation.

T:911A      #3     Trust in Me, amidst weakness, trials and temptations; don’t worry about eventual results or ‘solutions’.

T:911B      #1     Accept My encouragement; look at the dear departed souls who now enjoy great peace and dignity in the Glory which is Heaven, all their imperfections gone! (WC:911B)

T:911B      #2     Follow My inspiration and bow low before Me; offer thanks for your life and for your baptism, and for the marvel of My Sacred Body and Precious Blood, which are here before you, on the altar.  Live for My Glory.

T:912A               As you wrestle with illness, don’t strain to find special words in prayer.  You can please the Father by your heart’s pure yearning to give Him Glory.  You can pray, in Holy Communion: “Father, here is Jesus; He is my praise!”

T:912B      #1     Make generous acts of trust in Me.

T:912B      #2     Walk with Me through each ‘present moment’.  Walk one step at a time, neither dwelling on the past - since you are repentant and reconciled - nor peering anxiously ahead.  I long to see you living peacefully - all the time - in complete trust.

T:912B      #3     Never think that I am ‘absent’, as you complete your earthly journey. I am pleased to see you happy and patient as you do My work, and to see you believing in My presence, even though you cannot see Me.  It is as though I stand on one side of the ‘veil’ which divides Heaven from earth.  You are in My presence and you are loved by Me, now, although we are not yet completely united for all eternity.  (WC:912B)

T:912B      #4     Work at your work, patiently, for as long as I wish you to do so.

T:913         #1     Follow My call in prayer, whenever - through My Spirit’s urging - I invite you to follow the path of contemplation.

T:913         #2     Give instant obedience to My prompting; this is how you can move silently towards the invisible Light of My ‘unknowing’ praise.  In true contemplative prayer, I ‘point’ to the Father and I lift the soul into ‘unknowing’, silent and sightless worship; I ‘work’ My praise and My Will within the soul who has consented to leave behind all words and preoccupations.

T:914         #1     Be glad that you can still give joyful thanks to Me, amidst your sufferings.  By patient acceptance of unavoidable suffering, the ‘wounds’ of pain are widened to reveal My grace and Light to the world.  As you realise, each one of you - by your free choice - can react to trials with self-pity and anger; but if you react, rather, by prayer and forgiveness,  you can ‘seize’ and use each trial as a unique opportunity to offer reparation for sin.

T:914         #2     Patiently continue to accept unavoidable sufferings, in imitation of Myself . It is through these gaping ‘wounds’ of suffering that My grace can be seen by and poured upon others.  You ought to rejoice at each new ‘wound’ - each moment of unavoidable pain or humiliation - since by each, and by My grace, I will be revealed, through you, more surely.


                           HEAVENLY HELPERS.


T:915        #1     Rejoice that I care for you deeply, care so much that I give you innumerable extra helpers!  I entrust you joyfully to the care of My holy Mother, and to all the Saints and holy Angels who long to help you. (WC + OIL:915)

T:915        #2     Don’t think of yourself as alone or lonely.  You have many holy friends and helpers; a great number of Heavenly friends can assist you, as they can assist all my friends.

T:915        #3     Confide in My Saints and holy Angels.  Ask your heavenly friends to pray for all who are dear to you and in need.  Name them one by one.  You can be sure that your holy friends are leaning forward, eager to hear about even more beloved persons whom they might have the joy and privilege of helping by their prayers.

T:915        #4     Be secure in the knowledge that My holy Company respects your ‘privacy-of-soul’.  Yet be glad that everyone whose problems you have unveiled before Me, so that I can help, is thereafter ‘known’ by the Saints who live “in” Me.  All whom you have at some time - however briefly - brought before Me, are now known by the Saints to be in need of prayer, which is thereafter given gladly, lavishly and lovingly.  My Saints are reassuring you about your beloved people: “We know all about them and about their needs.

T:915        #5     “Weave” the melody of your frequent prayers into the blessed harmony which is the prayer of My  Holy Church.  How like a great symphony is the love and prayer of My whole Church of earth and Heaven, as the prayer of each member is touched and intermingled with the prayers of My Saints and My Holy Angels, My holy Mother and Myself.

T:915        #6     Follow My inspiration and cast into My Heart - the heart of the Most Holy and Living Trinity - all fear, worry, pride, hesitation and doubt.

T:915        #7     Rely on Me!  My grandeur and majesty are beyond your comprehension, yet I love  you  in  your   ‘poverty’;      indeed,  I clothe  all  My  beloved  children  in tremendous dignity, because  I have introduced humanity into the heart of the Godhead.


T:916                  Approach Me with reverence, as you prepare to attend Benediction. I, your holy Lord, am Really Present in the Blessed Sacrament.  I stand before you, looking upon all My People.  I delight in being with you, and I pour out My blessings, lavishly, upon all of you - upon yourself, and upon the other people here, who have come to Me with love in their hearts. (WC:916)

T:917         #1     Never fear that I will leave you without help, when I invite you to walk along a dangerous ‘path’ in the spiritual life in order to do My work.  I will give you extraordinary help during extraordinary difficulties.

T:917         #2     Be confident that even when you are forced to take risks in order to do My work, My holy Mother will be near you, to take your hand and to lead you through to safety - such is her love for you and her obedience to My every wish. (WC:917)

T:918                  (Private).

T:919         #1     Give your consent to whatever sort of prayer I offer you during Holy Communion.  It is I Who - at a time of My choosing - draw you towards the Father. Only by My holy Will are plans undertaken or invitations offered.  You do not keep Me ‘at a distance’ by your frailty, nor do you make yourself worthy of union by your virtues.

T:919         #2     Leave behind all pre-occupation with self, when I draw you upwards in prayer. “We have work to do,” and if you unite yourself with My work of prayer and praise, you and I - united in My Spirit - will worship as one, in ‘unknowing’ prayer, for the Glory of the Father. (WC:919)

T:919         #3     Learn to let go of your busy thoughts and pious intentions, whenever I call you to ascend into Heaven’s prayer of jubilation; join your soul’s yearning to the cries of joy and gratitude now being expressed by the Saints and the Holy Angels. The cry of “Jesus and Mary!” echoes amongst them, as they praise the Father for the marvel of My Incarnation and for the virtues of the Holy Virgin Mother through whom I ‘descended’ to earth.

T:920         #1     Make your intentions the same as Mine.  When you long and pray for everything which I long for, then My silent, wordless prayer will be yours.  You will offer My prayer “as your own” to the Father, in all its purity, power and perfection.

T:920         #2     Make My prayer your own: My wishes, My pleas and My longings.  Voice your hopes by praying to the Father: “ May Your Will be done!  May Your Glory be known!  Please hear my prayers for others, prayers made in Christ’s Name.”


                           THE TREASURE YOU OFFER.


T:921        #1     Worship the Father in a manner worthy of Him.  Offer Him - the King of Heaven - fit presents, just as you might offer pearls and rubies to an earthly king; yet understand that I, Jesus, am the ‘treasure’ which you offer! (WC:921)

T:921        #2     Understand the infinite value of My worship, as I come to your midst at the Consecration, during My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, to make My infinitely worthy Offering to the Father. Turn with Me to the Father, in prayer, and consider:

                                    - Would you give praise to Him?

                                      Here am I, Jesus, Myself, praising the Father.

                                    - Would you give thanks to Him?

                                      I, Jesus, am your means of thanksgiving, your Offering.

                                    - Would you offer reparation to Him?

                                      Here I am: Jesus, your Sacrifice.

                                    - Would you plead with the Father, in intercession?

                                      I, Jesus, plead with you; does the Father refuse Me?!

T:921        #3     Unite to My Act and words and Offering at the Holy Mass each of your little acts and words of love for the Father or your little acts of sorrow-for-sin.  Your offerings, when united to My infinitely worthy Offering, are perfect, and are accepted by the Father.

T:921        #4     Approach the Father with great gratitude for His goodness, in that you are the children of such a King, and the sisters and brothers of so sweet a brother as Myself. See how little it matters that you are poor, feeble or sinful, as you stand before the altar, preparing for the Holy Mysteries .  Through a contrite heart, and through My prayer, you can offer a prayer of infinite power and glory from within your frailty.


                           A UNIQUE JOURNEY.


T:922         #1     Don’t worry about the future!

T:922         #2     Lean on Me, and follow Me blindly, content to let Me guide you along the strange path which is your unique spiritual journey.  Be generous and obedient in doing My Will as it is made known to you through prayer, conscience and daily duties, and through the sure teaching of My Holy Catholic Church through which I feed and nurture you.

T:922         #3     Banish all anxiety.  I am the best and only true Guide and Friend. I know and understand everything.

T:922         #4     Flee pride.  Live in trust and simplicity.

T:923                  Follow Me, as I urge your soul to ever greater heights in prayer. I cannot permit you to waste time, nor to sit looking at your own frailty.  I am leading  your willing soul to trust in My own wordless praise, in Holy Communion; and I am lifting you more frequently to ‘unknowing’ union.

T:924                  (Private).


T:925        #1     Continue to be fervent in prayer, turning to Me for faith and strength. I delight in your trust.

T:925        #2     Be grateful for the union with Myself which you now enjoy: a true union, even here on earth, a union in which - even amidst real sufferings - you receive ceaseless joy.

T:925        #3     Be at peace, in My Love!

                                    What a steady prayer has been

                                    My own prayer, as I have prayed

                                    in your heart,

                                    through our union, from baptism.

                                    What a Fire of consuming prayer

                                    now pours to the Father

                                    from your union with Me in Communion,

                                    as you say: “Here is Jesus”,

                                    trusting in My perfect praise.

                                    Thus, the promise of baptism is fulfilled

                                    when the spark of faith becomes

                                    a burning torch to lighten the darkness.


T:925         #4     Strive for an ever-closer union with Me. Make a careful preparation for prayer.

                                    By repenting of wrongs, and revealing your fears to Me,

                                    you move closer to Heaven.  Yet

                                    a mere thread of concern or anxiety

                                    is like a thin but strong rope around the ankle,

                                    tethering to earth the soul

                                    who might otherwise soar to Heaven,

                                    almost, in prayer.

T:926         #1     Don’t be self-indulgent, in Holy Communion.  “You have work to do!”

T:926         #2     Don’t linger in selfish enjoyment of My Presence, in Holy Communion, when I wish to lead your soul immediately upwards to Unknowing Communion with the Father.  This is the meaning of true contemplation: that, through Me, you are united to your Heavenly Father; and as you pray, He works His work within your soul, secretly, as He Wills, as you ‘wait’ in happy ignorance and obedience.

T:926         #3     Abandon your heart to My plans, in prayer.  If I “call” you , let Me be your true Master and Guide.

T:927                  Accept the way in which I train you, as when I sometimes ‘hide’ My admiration and affection.  This is so that you will work, act and pray from pure love alone, unencumbered by pride or vainglory.


                           THE TABERNACLE.


T:928        #1     Say “Yes”, once more, and gladly, to all of My  plans for your life, whether to silence, suffering or obscurity, or to anything else which I might permit.

T:928        #2     Adore Me in the Blessed Sacrament.  Direct the eyes of your soul towards Me; I am Really Present in the Tabernacle.  My holy Angels surround Me; they stand silently in adoration. (WC + OIL:928A)

T:928        #3     Love and serve Me by following the example of My Holy Angels. See how they look towards Me, constantly yearning to serve and please Me.  They are urging you: “Do as we do”; they are pleased to do My Holy Will, in the least manner, out of  pure love for Me - the Holy One, your Saviour.

T:928        #4     Put your trust in Me.  I Who stand before you - clothed in white and dazzling in My Glory - bear the Wounds which prove My Love for you, Wounds on the pierced feet which are visible below My dazzling robe. (WC + OIL:928B)

T:928        #5     Look towards Me; I await you at the tabernacle.  Stay close to Me.

T:928        #6     Have faith in My power.  Even here amidst the usual bustle and muttering in the Church before the Holy Mass begins, and as you kneel at my feet, I am praying to the Father on your behalf.

T:928        #7     Accept the fact that - a frail human being - you seem to be in darkness, below the Light of My Divine Radiance.  Truly, by yourself you are small and  powerless, but this is not a cause for worry, since My arms reach out to the Glory which you cannot see, in an image of the Eternal Prayer to which all your prayers are united, through My Merits and your union with Me. (WC:928)


T:928         #8     Prepare your soul for further contemplation, by understanding the path upon which I sometimes lead you: first, you turn to Me, and welcome Me, then you wait in silence for My Will to be made plain.  Next, you follow My Spirit to “unknowing” praise, and so you permit My praise to be yours, in utter emptiness and self-offering.

T:928         #9     See how little you need be troubled by the thought of your real frailty.  Your faith in Me is all-important; and you can rejoice to know that My praise, when offered from within your contrite soul, is a torrent - unimpeded - which rises to the Father! 

T:929                  (Private)

T:930         #1     Reveal every secret thought and fault to Me, and keep on longing to please Me, whatever the cost.  In this way, you can be sure that I’m delighted with your efforts - even though you seem to be useless!

T:930         #2     Let the memory of My torment - and the memory of your hand clinging onto My bloody hand - keep you from hoping for more honour or praise than I received when I was almost alone on earth during My Passion.

T:931         #1     Let me show you once again precisely how weak you are, so that you can remain ‘low’ and quiet and trusting, counting only on My strength from moment to moment, confident of My grace rather than your own power.  “You just needed reminding!”

T:931         #2     Offer Me your contrite heart; I’m delighted by your contrition, and I  reward your sincere prayers by giving you My peace!

T:932         #1     Remember that I am a true Friend, Who loves you so much that I stand amongst you during My Holy Sacrifice.  Risen and radiant, I pray to the Father on your behalf,  My arms held up high.   My Presence amongst you does  not depend on anyone’s sin or virtue; it is Love that ‘sends’ Me to your midst.  (WC:932)

T:932         #2     Be patient.  Be ready to embrace My Holy Will and My grace from one moment to the next.

T:932         #3     Pray that the Father may be glorified, and that My holy Mother Mary, St Joseph and I may be known and loved.




T:932         #4     Abandon yourself to Me.  Pray, in your heartache, about My grace within your soul:

                                    “May the ointment flow from this broken ‘jar’,

                                      May nothing now impede Your grace,

                                      May every moment be a new beginning, in You, Jesus.”

T:933         #1     Rejoice in your weakness!  My greatest gifts and favours are given not to virtuous people, but to weak people - sinners - who have repented, and who freely acknowledge their weakness and their need of help.

T:933         #2     Consider the sufferings and humiliations which you have willingly borne, and see how surely - through them - I have led you away from pride, towards lowliness.

T:933         #3     Be happy to live in lowliness; My holy Mother is now saying of you - and of our work - “She is ready;” you can see how extraordinarily kind she is to people who have repented of their sins and who are bound to Me by love. (WC:933)

T:934         #1     Depend on Me for love and forgiveness.  I, your Divine Friend, am always the same, even to you in your weakness and silliness.  You can find Me in the sanctuary during My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, as My holy Angels surround Me and bow low in adoration. (WC:934)

T:934         #2     Be content with My silent and gracious Presence in Holy Communion.  You know that I have trained you - by My silence - to wait for the moment when My Spirit invites you - by an interior prompting - to rise up in prayer.  It is when you have been happy to adore Me without words or desires,  except the desire to do My Will, that I sometimes lead your obedient soul, through My Spirit, to ‘leap’ with Me upwards to ‘unknowing’ contemplation.

T:935         #1     Be like a happy child, in your confidence in My Love for you.  Be happy to stay in My Presence, despite your little faults and miseries.

T:935         #2     Don’t become like those persons who are so obsessed with their wickedness that they resemble timid children who stay tearfully in the corner of a playground, fearful of approaching the kind teacher.  Such ‘children’ may lack confidence through no fault of their own; nevertheless, they are lacking in trust and are refusing to accept the joy which might have been theirs. (WC:935)

T:936         #1     Imitate My self-offering.  The Father above looks lovingly upon Me, as I offer Myself in My Sacrifice of Love. Once and for all the ages, I offered Myself on Calvary, and - Really Present - I offer Myself now, during My Holy Sacrifice of the altar.

T:936         #2     Follow My inspiration and offer to Me every secret little sacrifice which you make, and every kind word, little prayer and act of faith.

T:937                  Follow My example.  In no other way can you fulfil My Will for you than by walking as I walked,  in My footsteps, as you shoulder all kinds of difficulties and torments in obedience and patience. (WC:937)

T:938         #1     Accept with humility your real frailty and weakness.

T:938         #2     Delight in exposing your ‘emptiness’ to Me in prayer.  It is precisely because you reveal your need of Me that I can help you to advance in prayer.

T:938         #3     Obey My Spirit.  Obey His prompting that you freely reveal your weaknesses.   If you do this, you are freely exposing to Me, in prayer, your soul’s ‘emptiness’, which is your need of My grace.  Yet you can delight in your need, since it is only because of your ‘emptiness’ - revealed - that My praise can fill your whole soul, and My glorious worship can therefore pour upwards to the Father!

T:938         #4     Marvel at the power which is yours, in your spiritual poverty.  As you accept - with humility - your real frailty and weakness, and as you obey My Spirit’s promptings, you are co-operating with Divine Love to produce a Divine Action: your act of worship “in Christ”.

T:739         #1     Follow My inspiration and  pray a wonderful prayer by putting your trust in Me, over and over again; and offer all your pains in union with My pains.  Unite all the longings of your heart with My holy Will, for the sake of the souls whom I long to save, and in order to join in My Divine Work of giving Glory to the Father.

T:939         #2     Be content to pray My praise, within your weakness and emptiness.  The Father delights in this praise.

T:939         #3     See how simple is My Will: “I want you to be obedient.”  The Father in Heaven delights in your obedience, since it is by love and obedience that you begin to resemble Me.


                           THE NARROW PATH.


T:939         #4     Follow the narrow path which I Myself have opened up and trodden before you.  I want you to be obedient and so to leave behind  the slavery of self-will..

T:940                  Cast into the ‘furnace’ of My Heart every one of your hopes, plans and ambitions, be it large or small.  When you are determined to want nothing except Me and My Will, I can fill your emptiness with My incomparable peace, grace, Glory and praise, which are My reward for your self-giving.  I ‘cannot’ - such is My Will - fill with My gifts the hearts of those who refuse to cast out their selfish hopes and desires.

T:941         #1     Allow Me - through your sufferings - to dig down deep into your soul, to excavate and discard your self-centred ambitions.  The shining stream of grace which  pours out from My Heart can flow like a river through a self-sacrificing soul, to ‘drench’ with grace anyone who comes near her. (WC:941)

T:941         #2     Recognise My work within your own life.  Because of My work within you, I, Jesus, am yours to offer in praise, and yours to give to others, because if a soul is truly humble and humbled, My grace can pour through the soul to others as if through gauze -  unimpeded, pure and ever-flowing, the ‘living water’ of Holy Scripture.

T:942         #1     Put your trust in Me, whenever you are afraid.  “When did I ever fail to give you everything you need?”  You know from experience how I always respond to your sincere prayers.

T:942         #2     Don’t doubt My concern for you.  You can be confident that I will give you everything you need in your efforts to please Me and to love your neighbour.

T:943                  Believe in the great Love which I have for all of My weak human brothers and sisters on earth.  How greatly I long for you all to be saved.  Yet at the same time I, your Lord and Redeemer,  have dignified you all by the gift of free-will.

T:944         #1     Obey My wishes in everything, whether or not any good results can be seen at present.

T:944         #2     Enjoy the privilege which is Holy Communion with Me - a time when I approach with special intimacy.

T:944         #3     Realise that I delight in embracing - in Holy Communion - each one of you who loves Me.  Even your guardian Angel cannot intrude on the privacy of your soul, where you have the opportunity and the freedom of sharing every thought and every hope with Me, your beloved Saviour.

T:945         #1     Be grateful for the gift of faith, by which you can unite yourself to My self-offering of Calvary, that is, to the Holy Sacrifice which is now being offered from the altar in your day as it has been offered for many generations.

T:945         #2     Allow My Spirit to draw aside the ‘veil’ within your hearts and minds.  Through faith, and by the power of My Spirit, you can pierce the ‘veil’ which enfolds the sanctuary;  My Spirit is leading you forwards to glimpse the Mystery of My Passion and the marvel which is My Sacrifice - now re-presented through My Real Presence in the sanctuary.  (WC:945)

T:945         #3     Unite all your pain with My terrible Wounds, and so freely join Me in My redeeming work.

T:946                  Try to imitate the attitude of My Holy Angels, who could almost weep with awe and admiration as they consider My goodness and kindness, as they see Me humble Myself at the offering of My holy Sacrifice from the altar.

T:947A               Put aside your fears and temptations to fear.  Have confidence in My generosity. “How can I let you go,” if you are faithful? I, being Love, cannot fail to support and cherish you when you turn to Me for help, trusting in Me alone.  I cannot fail to embrace forever those who utterly, eternally, by My grace, sacrifice their lives for the Glory of My Name - whether the sacrifice be of life itself or of the human heart’s normal hopes, longings and ambitions.

T:947B               Put your hope in Me, as I offer My holy and powerful Sacrifice of the altar. Such is the power of My Sacrifice, that all who cling to Me in true faith and love are drawn with and by me towards Heaven, as I offer Myself to the Father.

T:948                  Be especially reverent towards your brothers and sisters who have received Me within their souls in Holy Communion.  See how the Angels bow before Me when I am Really Present within a soul; let their example assist you in your determination to honour Me in others. (WC:948)


                           MAJESTIC LOVE.


T:949A      #1     Learn about the forgiveness which I offer to you.  It is not like the pitiful and grudging forgiveness which you sometimes offer to one another.  My forgiveness of your sins is pure, majestic, instant, immediate and powerful!

T:949A      #2     Consider My great Love for you.  See, therefore, that I embrace, lovingly, the person whom I forgive, in a great blaze of love and benediction.  My forgiveness is  purely, freely and gladly given with great joy and tenderness.

T:949B      #1     Don’t worry about seeing yourself - truly - as feeble or inarticulate.  When you have received Me within your soul, in Holy Communion, I Myself  “am” the torrent of perfect praise which you can offer to the Father!  No matter how feeble the heart which contains Me, My infinite Love is worthy of the Father!

T:949B      #2     Be determined never to give up the struggle to be faithful.  Only through the grace of perseverance-in-Love will you be able to offer, until death, and forever, the torrent of My perfect praise which I offered to the Father through you, today, in Holy Communion.

T:949B      #3     Put your trust in Me, as I encourage you in your new and unexpected vocation.  I have left you looking after your ‘flock’ for many years - your own children.  But now it is time for you to undertake a different task.  You can count upon My help as I prepare you to speak out about My teachings.

T:950         #1     Be thankful for the privileged place which is yours as - through Me - you join the holy Angels in their worship of the Father, with My Holy Spirit.  You touch the Glory of Heaven’s worship, when Heaven and earth ‘touch’ one another during the Holy Sacrifice, and as Angels mingle with the worshippers.

T:950         #2     Follow My inspiration, and renew your vow to love and to be loving, always and everywhere, out of love for Me, and by the power of  My grace.

T:951         #1     Be content to rest in prayer, in silent contemplation of My Glory, in Holy Communion. Whenever I invite you to rest within that silent prayer, your consent and gladness about such blind, wordless contemplation is more precious than all the fine words which you had planned to say to Me!

T:951         #2     Be generous towards Me, by doing My Will as gladly in prayer as in other activities. Since you pray, primarily, in order to please Me and to honour Me, it is plain that you ought to obey My Spirit in prayer as He urges you towards either speech or silence. Obedience is more pleasing to Me than any number of self-indulgent prayers.

T:952         #1     Mingle your prayers with the pure flames of the praise of the holy Angels.  From the sacred place where you worship, your prayers - like flames - soar up to the Father in one great, joyful Fire of united praise. (WC:952)

T:952         #2     Realise that it is by My Will that you pray amongst the holy Angels.  Their presence with you is neither an imaginary nor an accidental feature of your worship.

T:952         #3     Participate wholeheartedly in My Church’s worship.  By the Divine Will and Wisdom of the Father, He is perfectly praised by Me, here, through My Holy Sacrifice, and He is perfectly praised by all who are united to Me; and you can be sure that all of  My true brothers and sisters - whether living on earth, or now in Heaven, or undergoing purification - are in various ways caught up in the glory of My Divine self-offering; and our praise includes the praise of My loyal and ‘invisible’ creatures - the holy Angels. All together, we make a wonderful harmony of praise which - through My merits - is worthy of the Father.

T:952         #4     Don’t doubt My Love for you.  I come to you joyfully and gladly, at the Consecration. This is always true of Me no matter what you might feel, or fail to feel. I offer you My joy whenever I choose, and so you must pray to Me with love and gratitude whether or not you are aware of that gift of joy.

T:952         #5     Fulfil your duty, in prayer, whatever you might be feeling; this is simply to be ‘faithful’.

T:953                  Show Me your weakness; “that is why I love you.”  Rejoice in your weakness! I really love you in your weakness, and because of it.  My Heart is touched by your courage and humility in freely revealing weaknesses to Me; I know everything, yet you see that I “make” Myself wait patiently for your admission of need!  Such is My respect for your free-will.


                           DIVINE PRAYER.


T:954                  Be confident that your prayers are heard.  My perfect prayer is heard by the Father because it arises from the union of Myself, the Divine Word, with My  holy humanity.  My perfect prayer arises from a Divine Person; it ‘arises’ from Me, Christ, the Divine Person Who now have both a divine and a human nature; and it is because you belong to Me in a union of faith and love that your prayers are heard; through that union - in our common humanity - your prayer and Mine are ‘heard’ as one prayer: a prayer of infinite worth, worthy of the infinitely holy Father.

T:955                  Don’t think of My Love as something which I offer to dreadful sinners with disdain or reluctance.  I delight in coming to a soul where I can be sure of finding a welcome!  For Me, it is like coming to a home.

T:956         #1     Be simple and truthful, as you kneel before Me in prayer.  Reveal the ‘cloak’ of faults which has recently veiled you.  By its exposure to My gaze, this ragged and grubby garment will be made spotless; it will serve as the “wedding garment” which is to be worn one day, in Heaven!  (WC:956)

T:956         #2     Don’t cling to your ‘rags’ of pride, during prayer.  Self-willed people who refuse to admit their faults are therefore unprepared for My Banquet - which is joyful union with Me in this Life and unending bliss with Me in Heaven!

T:957A      #1     Keep on praying during the Holy Mass, even when the words of the priest are almost inaudible because of the shouts of babies and little children.  Nothing can detract from the majesty and dignity of My tremendous Sacrifice which is offered on the altar during your celebration.

T:957A      #2     See how many people are at fault during noisy and irreverent worship, whether they are the irritating or the irritated!  People who complain and grumble about noises and distractions are not fully immersed in prayer; but those who by their silence permit riotous behaviour are ignorant of or careless about the solemn celebration of the Holy Mysteries.

T:957B      #1     Have pity on Me, your Saviour, Who suffered so greatly even before My arrest and trial.  What agony tore at My Heart at the sight of the destruction which would be wrought in My own  body.  If you are even more willing to unite your interior ‘wounds’ and heartache to Mine, you make reparation for the pain of My wounded Heart, you further comfort Me in My  Passion, and  you offer - with Me - a worthy and sacrificial prayer to the Father.

T:957B      #2     Accept the joy which I offer to those who truly love Me.  In a true Communion of love, you can join with Me in a united prayer of intercession.  I, Jesus, your Risen Lord, and your Priest and Intercessor, am leading your willing soul, “in” My Holy Spirit, in the “Way” opened by Myself, the “Way” which leads to Heaven. (WC:957B)

T:958         #1     Be like a sincere child, as you approach Me in prayer.  All your small sins and failings are ‘wiped out’ by My Love, when you repent like sincere children.

T:958         #2     Unite your prayers to the prayers of My priest, during the Holy Sacrifice.  With him, remember and name the Saints who now  live with Me in Heaven.  They are thrilled to be remembered and named by My people during this holy celebration; they are touched and grateful for all graces, joys and friendships.

T:958         #3     Be joyful!  That is your vocation!  Past sins - confessed and forgiven - can now be forgotten.  I uphold you in the glorious Company of worshippers, even in your present imperfection; and you now belong to this Company, through your Communion with Me.

T:958         #4     Allow Me - your loving Redeemer - to  “make” your praise and reparation. My praise and reparation are yours, because of your union with Me as I offer My Holy Sacrifice.  I, Jesus your Priest, am here, Really Present, offering worthy praise and honour and thanks and reparation and pleas to the Father; these prayers are yours because you are Mine.




T:959                  Rejoice in your weakness.  You who are sick are tremendously loved by Me. Your worship is enormously precious, in My eyes.  This is because in your frailty, you trust in My prayer and My Offering.  It is also because - even in frailty and suffering - you have faith in the goodness of Me as Father.  How you are loved!

T:960         #1     Follow My inspirations in prayer.  Reflect on My Passion.  I look lovingly and tenderly upon one who shows devotion to Me in My terrible sufferings and who - through following the “Stations of the Cross”  -  accompanies Me in My journey to the place of crucifixion.

T:960         #2     Let your compassion drive you to action.  All your little sufferings can be united with My torments.  They can  be “offered” in reparation for your sins, for the good of  My Holy Church, and to save souls from sin and damnation.


T:961        #1     Ponder the reality of the life of faith: that tremendously significant events in your spiritual life have taken place amidst dreary surroundings, with few or no witnesses, and with only faith leading you on.  This was true of Me during My life on earth.

T:961        #2     Don’t imagine that My earthly life was glamorous or easy.  Think about the noise which you can hear nearby during the offering of My Holy Sacrifice - the noise, outside the church, of the local school-children playing.  Their shouts and calls are like the everyday noise, bustle and shouting which I heard as I hung on the Cross in agony, dying, redeeming mankind, whilst passers-by gossiped, and rushed about their business.


T:962         #1     Be like a confident toddler before Me, whenever you have sinned - like a child who holds out her hand so that her mother can hold it and can wash away the dirty marks with tenderness and calm efficiency.

T:962         #2     Run to Me, whenever you have sinned.  Be confident of receiving help and comfort. With what tenderness - like a loving mother - do I ‘wipe your hands’, that is, forgive your sins through Reconciliation!  Through My priest, I am like a mother with her child, speaking all the while, encouraging and teaching you. (WC:962)

T:962         #3     Don’t be afraid of Reconciliation.  All is forgiven after a sincere repentance.  I forgive you with such joy and fullness that you should hardly dare to forgive others with less immediacy and generosity.

T:962         #4     Remind yourself,  from experience, that true contrition leads you inevitably - after shame, self-consciousness and painful memories - to joy, peace and Glory.

T:963                  Let Me lead you to the Father.  “The Father and I are One!” So if you long to know Him better, and if you rest in prayer, in Me, Jesus - Who live in the “bosom” of the Father - then you too can know that you are truly resting in the “bosom” of the Father, in so far as this is possible on earth - and all by My grace and mercy.

T:964         #1     Never doubt My Love for you, even though it seems to you, at times, as though you struggle by yourself.

T:964         #2     Follow My call, whenever I ask you to pray in utter emptiness.   When you are ‘empty’ of everything except the desire for, and the attention to, My Glory, how vast a ‘space’ is created within the soul thus made pure and purified; there opens a ‘space’ within your soul  from which My worship can ascend to the Father.

T:964         #3     Be determined to avoid all that displeases Me.

T:964         #4     Give your whole attention in prayer to My Holy Will.  How marvellous a thing it is that any soul on earth should kneel in silence, joyful and attentive, wordlessly yearning to please Me, and united in My own prayer and Offering, during the Holy Sacrifice.

T:964         #5     Thank Me for the gift of contemplative prayer! You yourself know well that such prayer is still, silent and secret - of no apparent worth in the eyes of those who have little or no faith in Me, or in My goodness, or in My power and My Love which are at work within your soul.  What the world would call wasteful, mad, or useless, is truly of Me, and it gives Me great Glory and blessings to the whole world.

T:964         #6     Follow My inspiration and offer the pain of your ‘wounds’ as a prayer of reparation for My Wounds, and in reparation for your own sins, and in order to save souls.


                           THE COMMUNION OF SAINTS.


T:965        #1     Keep praying faithfully for departed souls, asking My Saints and My holy Angels for their prayers.  Listen to their answer to your request for help for this dear woman:  “She is already in our care”.

T:965        #2     Learn the true meaning of the “Communion of Saints” to which you belong, which is that even during your earthly life you are ‘in touch’ with all the beloved people - both living and departed - who are in Communion with one another through Me.  That is why you now find that I have communicated to the Saints and Angels the need of help of your departed friend; I have done this solely because of your prayer to Me on behalf of that person, and even before you yourself spoke of her to My Saints and My holy Angels.


T:966                  Don’t worry about your physical frailty, as you pray, nor about the accompanying distractions which you suffer.  Listen to the advice of your Guardian Angel: “Pay attention to the altar,” during the Holy Sacrifice.  Pay attention, as usual, to the words and prayers which My priest offers on your behalf;  pay attention to his actions, and unite your heart with My  self-offering.

T:967         #1     Be grateful for the loving attention of My holy Mother as she listens to your requests. Those who have been named in her honour are entrusted especially to her tender care.

T:967         #2     Put your trust in Me; turn from your sufferings to meditate on My Passion.  I delight in the devotion of those who reflect on My sufferings.  By your trust in Me, you allow Me to calm your sorrow, to remind you of your union with Me, and to reassure you of My Love.

T:968         #1     Accept My invitation to move towards closer union.  Accept My help in setting yourself free from silliness and imperfection.  In matters which are not sinful, I don’t issue commands, but - with great sweetness - I invite you to give up first one pleasure, then another, if you are sincere in your wish to draw closer to Me in sacrifice!

T:968         #2     Be sure that the more you resemble Me by the ‘crucifixions’ of daily life - as permitted by My Providence for a certain time or in a certain place - the more confidently, hopefully and trustingly you can offer Me to the Father as your praise, your thanksgiving, your reparation and your plea.

T:969         #1     Be light-hearted and confident, secure in the knowledge that I am the best possible guide and friend.

T:969         #2     Put your trust in Me, in every circumstance, and believe that My power is more than enough to solve problems and to change hearts.  Believe that your prayers are effective - albeit through My grace.


                           CONTINUED PENANCE.


T:970         #1     Continue to do penance even though you are penitent and forgiven.  My grace - when ‘combined’ with your soul’s penances - so thoroughly strips a soul of all superfluities that it seems truly “transparent” for Me, Who shine through such a soul.  My Light pours out as though through thin alabaster walls!

T:970         #2     Be determined to persevere.  Try to cast off all the things which might hamper you in the last, terrible part of the ‘race’, where the smallest hindrance is a danger, as - with My help - you struggle for perfection.

T:970         #3     Ruthlessly discard all bad habits, little compromises, needless luxuries, private ambitions, minor grudges and uncharitable attitudes.  The more thoroughly you root out selfishness - even minor self-concern - then the more marvellously can I work within and throughout your life.

T:971         #1     Persevere in humble prayer.  “That is what I want,” no matter how many difficulties you encounter.

T:971         #2     Use your recent painful experience to  learn how to lean only on Me, and not to pin your hopes on anyone else’s help or good opinion of you.  Though you are wise to accept advice from your superiors or from faithful Christian friends, you cannot hope to please everyone nor to have everyone agree with you.

T:971         #3     Aim to do My Will and to love your neighbour - but without ‘leaning’ on anyone on earth.  Your hopes must rest entirely in Me and in My loving care.  My courage, grace and help are yours if only you will ask.  Put your trust in Me, Who alone am unchanging.

T:971         #4     Follow My inspiration and offer your life to Me once more - unconditionally - for My Glory.

T:971         #5     Be glad that you have discovered and accepted your weakness and vulnerability. You are now entitled to say to Me: “All my vain desires have been banished by your grace. I want nothing but You and Your Will; and since nothing now impedes your grace, nothing which it is in my power to remove - no “barriers” now left within me - may Your grace now pour through my weakness”.

T:972         #1     Don’t regret having left your prayer, when it seemed necessary, in order to help your neighbour.  “You have done well.”  Such loving acts - done out of love for Me - are of more worth than mere professions of devotion to Me.

T:972         #2     Remember the privilege which you enjoy at the Holy Sacrifice.  I, Jesus, am Really Present with you, in your midst, at the Consecration; and I am joyful!  I delight in being here with you who love Me.

T:973         #1     Believe in My great Love for you.  I only permit you to endure certain experiences in order to further your purification.  “I want you to be happy!”  I rejoice in the good which is being worked in you through your trials, and I rejoice in your courageous struggles to do My Will even amidst suffering.


                           THE HOPE OF HEAVEN.


T:973         #2     Bravely continue to accept unavoidable suffering, but never be tempted to think that I delight in your pain.  I know that a Joy awaits you besides which your little torments - now being endured - are as nothing.  I long to see you and others freed from your struggles, triumphant with Me in grace and Glory.

T:974         #1     Offer thanks and praise for the virtues of My holy Mother.  The Holy Sacrifice which is now offered in your presence - as I stand amongst you, reaching up towards the Father in eternal intercession - was made possible by her consent to the holy task of motherhood.

T:974         #2     See how My Mother - though glorious in Heaven now - stands quietly beside Me, her Divine Son, her head bent in humility.  She does not seek her own glory, but Mine ; she knows that - no matter how glorious her own role - all your praise is offered through Me, with Me and in Me, through My perfect praise and perfect Sacrifice.

T:974         #3     See how I treasure My Mother; she who was like an “ark”, in that she cradled Me within her body - she was once a living tabernacle for My Sacred Body - is even now a “sacred vessel”.  She is treasured in Heaven, and is deeply loved by her companions the Saints, who - on the feast-day of her Assumption into Heaven - are eager to greet her and to share her joy!  (WC:974)

T:975         #1     Act, always, like a true “child of God” and display all your needs and weaknesses before Me in simplicity and trust.

T:975         #2     Be glad that you have consented to undergo struggle and sacrifice.  I have scoured the ‘cavern’ of your soul, through My purification.  It is because of your real weakness, accepted and confessed, peacefully, that I can now work in you, since My own Glory now fills the emptiness of the ‘cavern’ of your heart.

T:976         #1     Follow My inspiration and  place all your burdens and weaknesses confidently before Me, saying: “Jesus, I put my trust in you”.  Such an expression of trust is extraordinarily precious and valuable; it gives joy to my Heart; it serves as an act of faith, of love and of hope; it is an expression of joyful abandonment to Me.  I will reward such trust, even though it is I Who have inspired it!

T:976         #2     Stay close to Me, in order to learn how to live continuously as true children of your Father, in simplicity, peace, trust and patience, whatever interior or exterior storms threaten to engulf you.

T:977A               Trust in Me in every difficulty, and so be like a child who is standing before the Father, your hands outstretched for help as you pray My prayer of trust, sacrifice and obedience. (WC:977A)

T:977B      #1     Give joy to My Saints by your worship.  They feel a tremendous delight at hearing Me praised!

T:977B      #2     Delight in the presence, near you, of My holy Mother during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, when Heaven ‘touches’ Earth.  It is as though she stands at one side, in humility, even though it was through her that I, the Word - the Divine Son, enfleshed of her flesh - came to you!

T:978                  Pray fervently for others, but “ask the Father.”  I want you to ‘turn’ in prayer, to stand side-by-side with Me and to pray with Me to your Heavenly Father, asking for the gift of Salvation for all the people you love. (WC:978)

T:979         #1     Turn to Me boldly - with complete confidence in My goodness.

T:979         #2     Believe in what you say; pray “Jesus, I place all my trust in You” - and believe that your trust is not misplaced, but is, rather, a work of great value.

T:979         #3     Be grateful that I have taught you to “leap up” joyfully to fulfil the sacrifice of your life to Me.  Today’s little sacrifice, and all your daily pains, yearnings and deprivations, are further offerings for My “ altar” within your soul.


                           UNITED PRAISE.


T:980                  Relish the companionship of My Saints.  They, too, depend on Me.  They too praise the Father through Me and through My Merits.  All who praise the Father in Heaven, in union with Holy Church’s Offering of My One Sacrifice, do praise Him in the same way as yourself.  You live in a true communion with My Saints, and through your union with them, “in Christ”, your praise is one.

T:981         #1     Put behind you all concern and anxiety about past sins, now confessed and forgiven. “That is all over.”  I will keep you safe forever, provided that you hold onto Me in faith, trust and love.

T:781         #2     Celebrate all the good things about life “in Christ.”  It is true that you are imperfect, but these little failings don’t displease Me.

T:981         #3     Celebrate the good gifts which I offer you. Rejoice, like an unselfconscious child who is glad about good things, and who is not worrying about her unworthiness.

T:981         #4     Offer My Sacrifice as your reparation - as usual - at any moment of the day.  But also offer praise, through Me, for good things.

T:981         #5     Offer Me to the Father, with a sincere heart, even amidst difficulties.  You can be certain that even here in your life in sacrifice and pain,  I am your praise of the Father, at every moment!

T:981         #6     Delight, with the Saints in Heaven, in Our three-fold Glory and in the mutual delight of the Three Divine Persons - Ourselves: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Who nevertheless are One Lord, living in unending, eternal joy!

T:982                  Press ahead boldly with the work to which I have called you.    You have a duty to make efforts to explain and share the ‘teachings’ which you have received in prayer.  I Who am the “Word”  am using you to reach out to many people, and to speak My words of instruction and encouragement.

T:983                  Have faith in that which is taught by My Church; here before you during the Holy Mass is My own, eternal, One Sacrifice, in this Offering from the altar.

T:984         #1     Believe in My goodness.  Whilst you are still sorrowing over your faults,  longing to do My Will perfectly, you are like a child in a baptismal robe, here before Me.   You are contrite, therefore forgiven: such is My Love! (WC:984)

T:984         #2     Ask for the courage to go wherever I wish you to go, even if you have to step into ‘deep water’ - into unpromising circumstances.

T:984         #3     Go wherever My Spirit leads you.  Overcome your doubts and fears; do and say and ask for all things as prompted by My Holy Spirit.

T:985         #1     Be confident that I love you.  I delight in being with those who welcome Me; and I stand solemnly and quietly behind the ‘veil’ within your soul, as though waiting until your work is done, that is, until My work in you is fulfilled and your life on earth comes to an end.

T:985         #2     Don’t imagine that I am far away from you.  Although present as if behind a ‘veil’, I am here within your soul as you move along from one task to the next - until the time comes for you to leave this earth.

T:986         #1     Accept the helps which I offer you.  The Holy Scriptures bring you My consoling words, and you can be further comforted by your friendship with My holy Angels. They worship with you.  They pray the ‘Gloria’ with you, even as you pray the ‘Sanctus’ with them!

T986          #2     Say to Me: “See how weak I am!”  This is a very easy prayer - and I am happy to hear such words of truth, humility and confidence.  I admire your persistence when you walk on through difficulties, purely out of love for Me.

T:986         #3     Remember that I love you and that My tender Heart yearns to comfort you. I am like a mother whose children are learning to walk and who permits them to toddle forwards apparently alone.  You are My dear children, and it as though - solely for your good - I make Myself wait as you stumble along your lonely path.

T:987         #1     Don’t worry about tiny weaknesses.  My marvellous Love for you is ‘proved’, again and again, by My coming to be with you, to be Really Present on the altar. The holy Angels stand amazed at My Love for such weak creatures as yourselves!


                           THE BEST PRAYER.


T:987         #2     Continue to pray in the best possible way; the daily sacrifice of all your desires, as practised now in your ordinary life - by My grace and strength, and out of love for Me - is the best possible prayer which could be presented to the Father, in union with My Sacrifice.

T:988                  Make a sincere confession to Me of your need.  Nothing so surely draws My help upon you. By your frank and contrite requests of Me, you are living as a true child of the Kingdom.

T:989         #1     Take comfort from the joy which you give to My Holy Angels by your efforts to love and serve Me.  They are astonished that you worry over little weaknesses when your whole heart and will belong to Me and you live only to serve and please Me.

T:989         #2     Take comfort from the thought of the tremendous joy which is now being experienced by all your Heavenly friends - the Saints.

T:990         #1     Follow My inspiration and resolve once more that - for My sake - you will love and will keep on loving, at each moment and in all circumstances.  I delight in your determination to love; “so shall I now do the same to you!”

T:990         #2     Consider something of My nature, which is Love; see how your generosity towards Me is bound to be ‘rewarded’ by a corresponding ‘generosity’ from Myself. Love cannot keep away from the love to which It has Itself given birth.

T:991         #1     Take comfort from the knowledge of My Real Presence in your soul, in Holy Communion.  I accept your prayer in all its weakness, as holy Angels bow at My Sacred Presence.

T:991         #2     Follow My inspiration and offer all your pains - time and time again - as so many little sacrifices to be united to My Holy Sacrifice of the altar.

T:992         #1     Don’t be too ashamed to show Me all your true, silly thoughts.  I love to hear your prayers, even when you are fighting tiredness and distractions.

T:992         #2     Be more confident of My goodness.  My Love for you is genuine; it is not put off by your imperfections; and I like your gifts of nature even though - left undisciplined - they cause you to be distracted.  I like your good ideas and lively thoughts, and your enthusiasm and loving impulses.  I like, too, the sight of your heart and mind ‘sorting out’ all things in the Light of prayer, and offering all that is worthwhile to Me - for My Glory.  I love you!

T:992         #3     See what a privileged task is yours, and see what a wonderful thing is happening as a result of My action within you: I have watched My Passion being ‘lived out’ in you and in your life; I am watching you now, with the Cross shouldered, and your heart broken - with your consent - so that My grace might pour through it, upon others.

T:993         #1     Delight in the knowledge that I Who suffered so horribly, because of My Love for you, am truly in Glory now, adored by the holy Angels; and I am always the same. I am tender, patient and endlessly loving.

T:993         #2     Be willing to resemble Me more by the interior ‘aspect’ of your heart than through strenuous work or bodily suffering.  It is harder to bear a wounded heart than to suffer the pain of wounded hands.  If you are loving and patient during heartache, and if that heartache is borne purely out of love for Me, it is even more fruitful.


                           DEATH TO SELF.


T:994A     #1     Never regret the struggle and pain of your self-offering to Me, as you try to obey Me by accepting each little death to self,  and as you unite your offering to My Sacrifice of the altar.  “This is the highest kind of love.”

T:994A     #2     Rejoice, amidst your trials.  Take comfort from My showing you that this type of love - of honouring, by sacrifice, My known Will, in love and obedience - most resembles My Love for mankind.

T:994A     #3     Consider the simple reason why one as weak and sinful as yourself should have been led to such a loving union with Me: “ it was through your surrender!” When you willingly agreed to make a great sacrifice, solely in order to please Me, such an utter gift of your will to Me - inspired by My Spirit - was the channel by which I was ‘enabled’ to pour My grace upon and through you.  Such is My goodness and generosity.


T:994B      #1     Entrust yourself to the care of the Heavenly guardian through whom I shield and help you.  Holy Angels - huge and radiant - stand in rows beside you, like a Heavenly guard, as you pray.  They encourage devout souls to be even more devout.  They imitate your reverent gestures.  They join in your prayer, and they make the Sign of the Cross just as you do, at the end of your prayer, in honour of the Most Holy Trinity.  (WC:994B)

T:994B      #2     Always remember that - anywhere and everywhere you go - you are always amongst Heavenly friends.

T:995                  Be grateful for the grace by which I have enabled you to recognise something which is undeniably good and to praise Me for it.  Through such courageous acceptance of truth, you emerge bit by bit from the ‘carapace’ of self-will. (WC:995)

T:996                  Hold Me reverently in your heart, after Holy Communion.  When I am within your heart, spreading My blessings, and when My Will is your only true joy, you are My renewed Kingdom on earth; your soul is a ‘place’ of light, joy and holiness.

T:997         #1     Never forget the time when you were almost entirely ignorant of My Church and of My real wishes.  It is I Who have brought you to your present joy and security; you are entirely dependent on My Love and on My graces, and so you ought never to grow complacent.

T:997         #2     Follow My inspiration, and repeat, over and over again: “Jesus, I put my trust in You!”  You can repeat this until the moment of death, which is an experience which - if accepted - can be your last great act of penance on earth.

T:998                  Put your trust in Me, daily and hourly.  Aim to please Me by honouring and serving Me - with your children or without, weak or strong - in every circumstance.

T:999         #1     Turn to Me for assistance, during each one of your heart’s various battles.  Whether your sacrifices be great or small, secret or noticed, you can be sure that through sacrifice, you do give birth to spiritual children.

T:999         #2     Be glad that you can follow in My footsteps.  Through sacrifice, you imitate Me; I  did My work alone, in pain, and lonely, but determined above all to carry on in obedience to the Father and to be faithful to the end.

T:1000       #1     Rejoice in your union with Me, as I lift you up towards Heaven and ‘towards’ the Father.  With what an intimate and true union you can present My Sacrifice to the Father, the more you resemble Me in the wounds and sacrifices of love. (WC:1000)

T:1000       #2     Rejoice in the power of sacrifice.  Each day of suffering for love - love of Me, in whatever circumstances - in obedience, means that one is a living sacrifice on this earth, united with My own eternal Sacrifice, and is therefore drawing grace upon others and giving Glory to the Father.


                           MY CHURCH: LIKE A BRIDE.


T:1001A   #1     Rejoice in your privileged place at the celebration of the Holy Mysteries, in which the whole Church of Heaven and earth offers triumphant praise to the Father, through My Holy Sacrifice.

T:1001A   #2     Recognise that you a member of a Holy People - My Body.  When you are present, mysteriously, to My Resurrection and Ascension - at the moment of ‘Offering’ of My Holy Sacrifice - I am with you; I stand amongst you, My Holy People; and as you prepare for the celebration, you who belong to Me resemble a bride - be-ribboned and wondrous - before her God; and I am ‘lifting’ you My Holy People to the Father in great love and gladness.  Like a bride who rejoices

                           in her beloved, My whole Church reaches out joyfully to the Father. (WC:1001A)


T:1001B    #1     Be grateful for your gifts.  Don’t lament them.  All your gifts are gifts from Me, your Lord.  Your instinct is to analyse prayer, and “this is what I want you to do”, although not whilst you are still praying.  When you pray, try to pray simply, lovingly and wholeheartedly, but - afterwards - use both thought and observation, with the gifts of analysis, memory and reflection; all of these are important for the work which you are doing.

T:1001B    #2     Look upon all the gifts which come to you from Me as good things - whether they are given in your natural life or through supernatural grace.  Good gifts are to be used at the appropriate time, if I wish it; so don’t bewail your gifts.  The only cause for sadness about them is an incorrect or unworthy use of them.

T:1001B    #3     Never think that I blame you for minor inattention in prayer; rather, I praise you for your efforts to avoid distractions!

T:1002       #1     Learn more about Me, your Saviour, since I am central to your life, and only through My infinite Merits are you drawn close to the Father.

T:1002       #2     Understand the importance of union with Me during the Offering of My Holy Sacrifice; it is through this union and Offering that I would draw you up with Me to the Father.  It is because I am true Man, truly flesh and blood, and am united with you in our one humanity, that I long to draw you, My brothers and sisters, into the Father’s Light.  I can do so if you are willing to follow Me.  (WC:1002)

T:1002       #3     Put your trust in Me; I am Present amongst you, during My Holy Sacrifice. I am One with the Father by reason of My Divinity, and also, I am united to mankind by reason of My humanity; therefore I offer to the Father My infinite love and reparation - My holy Sacrifice - on your behalf!  It is as though, in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, I Who am the Divine Son - triumphant in My conquest of sin - am reaching out My arms to greet the Divine Father in Heaven; and My Offering is worthy of the Father and so is accepted.   You can be sure, therefore, that the Sacrificial prayer which I offer on behalf of mankind is heard, and that you who cling to Me are offering that prayer to the Father as your very own worthy praise and reparation!


                           MY SCOURGING.


T:1003      #1     Understand the worth of My suffering and sacrifice, through which reparation was made for the sins of mankind; but don’t imagine that My torments were - in themselves - somehow satisfying for the Father to behold. Listen to the Father, as He assures you:


          “It is Love that counts.”


                           My supreme and utter sacrifice of Myself, in Love, is what redeemed you.  It was because of Love that  I  came to earth to save you; it was because of Love that, during My life on earth, I willingly travelled wherever the Father led Me, in order to speak Truth,  even accepting mockery,  arrest,   and trial,   rather than


                           be disobedient.  I even bared My back for the scourging, before going on to be crucified.

T:1003      #2     Consider how horribly I suffered, during the scourging. Listen to the Father speaking, as He shows you - by an image - the terrible wounds which were inflicted upon Me:

          “It was sin did this.”


                           Understand, therefore, that your Heavenly Father does not devise tortures for His beloved people, although He inspires brave and loving people to make sacrifices on behalf of others.  So you can profess that God willed the Sacrifice, yet men caused My Blood to flow. (WC:1003)

T:1003      #3     Believe in the Father’s Wisdom.  The Sacrifice which was offered by Me, His Divine Son, on behalf of mankind, is a great Mystery; yet you can be sure that the Father’s Will “encompasses” all that He permits to happen on this earth, or has ever permitted.  The Father - the Righteous One - is not pleased by wounds and pain and suffering, although, in the mysterious and holy Sacrifice which was My Passion and Death, they were “necessary”.  Yet the Father permits them, and He delights in the love and obedience and thanksgiving which have been offered by Myself and by My Saints, even amidst our torments.

T:1003      #4     Look upon the subject of My holy Passion as something sacred.  You have read in Holy Scripture that no-one unworthy ought to venture onto especially holy places; so, My sufferings can be seen as holy ground on which only a prayerful friend of Mine might venture.  My Passion is so holy and awesome that no-one ought to speak of it lightly, cynically or carelessly.

T:1003      #5     Encourage others to look upon My Passion with reverence, since there - you can tell them - ‘God was suffering for sinful men’; and all who turn towards Me ought to ‘look’ upon My suffering and repent of their sins, or keep silent.


T:1003       #6     Bring any and every worry to Me, your Saviour.  I am extremely tender and understanding towards My weak children.  Through prayer, you can place every problem before Me - even ‘problems’ about prayer!  I Who marvellously embody wisdom and compassion am sure to help you!

T:1004       #1     Offer all your prayers to Me with a vigorous confidence  Each little prayer, said with confidence, causes you to advance towards the Father.

T:1004       #2     Remember that I will not draw you along My path without your consent.  Yet as you give that consent, and pray to Me, each little prayer said with confidence “enables” Me to pull you up another step on the “Holy Mountain” which you are climbing during your earthly journey. My Light shines upon you at every step, if you stay close to Me.  My Light can enlighten every aspect of your daily life.  (WC:1004)




T:1004       #3     Never worry about your imperfection, as you turn to the Father in sincere prayer.  At every stage of the spiritual life - and even before you have reached the summit of the ‘Holy Mountain’ of sanctity - My perfect praise is yours to offer to the Father, at every step throughout the climb; and this praise is offered when you unite yourself, heart and soul, with My Holy Sacrifice.

T:1004       #4     Follow My inspiration and pray a very simple prayer of trust and faith, from within your weakness.  You can turn to the Father, saying: “I want what Jesus wants!”  This is the best possible intention.

T:1005                Thank Me for My goodness in giving you and your beloved people holy Angels to guard you.  The holy Angel who guards My priest is especially glorious - in keeping with the priest’s great dignity which I Myself have conferred on him.

T:1006       #1     Kneel in prayer, and greet My holy Mother .  Ask for her prayers.  She loves you, and she welcomes you, saying: “My daughter”!  She can bring you great consolation. (WC:1006)

T:1006       #2     Don’t be afraid to approach My holy Mother.  It is true that she is far above all of you in purity, grace and holiness; it is your duty and joy to honour her and thereby to glorify Me, Who have lavished My gifts upon her; yet she is your sister and your Mother.

T:1007       #1     Make an act of faith in My Love for you, whenever I come to you in Holy Communion.  I love you, and I can always reassure you, whether by My holy and solemn and silent Presence or by a lively and tender greeting. (WC:1007)

T:1007       #2     Take heart from considering the trust which I place in My weak creatures!  It is as though I stand aside to permit you to go out into the world to undertake My tasks, even if what you do is done feebly and imperfectly!   My Love for you is tremendous.

T:1008       #1     Give thanks to your Heavenly Father that I, Jesus, came down to earth to save you, and that Mary was chosen to be My Mother.  Praise Him for His plan of salvation and for the great glory which My Mother now receives in heaven: a glory worthy of her great dignity. (WC:1008)

T:1008       #2     Follow My inspiration and show your gratitude to Me for My goodness by saying: “Use my life, however You Will!”

T:1009       #1     Continue to strive to follow My example.  By every unselfish thought and act, you draw My Divine Light within your soul; and the ‘cavern’ which is your soul - and which was once so small and so dimly-lit - is now much-enlarged, and is full of My radiance. (WC:1009)

T:1009       #2     Be faithful.  Pray sincere prayers.  By your sincere acceptance of My Will for you, your soul is readied for the out-pouring of grace by which I never fail to reward you for your trusting response to My Love.

T:1009       #3     Sit contentedly in My presence, in your tiredness and frailty, in the knowledge that - joyful, contrite and forgiven - you can rest with Me as a baby rests on its mother’s lap, contented and trusting.

T:1010A             Follow My inspiration and pray to the Father, saying: “I long for all people to know Christ Your Son, and through Him to adore and serve You - moved by Your Holy Spirit.  I long for them all to love and honour Christ’s holy Mother and St Joseph. I long for them to honour all the Saints, and to praise You for Your holy Angels.”  This is a good prayer, since this is the prayer which I, Jesus, pray!  These are the desires of My Heart.

T:1010B             “Envy” others - if you must - more for the gifts of faith and love than for any extraordinary privileges in their lives.  My Mother is the great example of one who ‘heard the word of God’ and kept it.

T:1011       #1     Don’t be anxious about tumbling thoughts or little distractions in prayer.  Love counts, within prayer.  The desire to serve and to worship, and to offer sacrifice to the Father through Me, is what counts.

T:1011       #2     Be confident that I delight in your prayer, since today - as usual - you are offering your heart and life to the Father in union with My Sacrifice of the altar, and so you offer, with Me, One Word of praise to Him.




T:1012       #1     Accept all your trials, and unite all your pains and humiliations to My own Sacrifice. The sacrifices which you accept and offer to the Father in union with Mine are very precious.  When you say “May Your Will be done” to whatever small sacrifices are asked  of you, and you say this joyfully, you are made more like Me, in wounds resembling Me.

T:1012       #2     Rejoice that through your obedience during suffering, you give delight to Me, and you bring an increase of grace and Glory to yourself!

T:1012       #3     Recognise within yourself, and surrender, all remaining shreds of independent yearnings, and all hopes for results or events which do not lie within My Will for your life.

T:1013       #1     Rejoice in your real friendship with Me.  I love to be with those who love Me!

T:1013       #2     Be patient.  Any suffering which you have accepted out of love for Me does indeed bear fruit.

T:1013       #3     Be content to remain in ignorance of the good results  which stem from your sacrifices, since it is good to live by faith, constantly reaching out towards humility.

T:1014       #1     Don’t feel that you ought to love suffering for its own sake.  But realise that it is only in suffering that you can most truly resemble Me, Jesus.  This is why St Francis wed his ‘Lady Poverty’, and why St. Thérèse delighted in each new pang, in her illness; they knew that in resembling Me they would please Me - and also that this was the best way of ‘showing’ Me to others.

T:1014       #2     Follow My inspiration and accept - by  My grace - whatever is My Will for you, whether it be a broken heart, an obscure ‘corner’ in life, or a quiet demise.

T:1015       #1     Continue to make a good preparation for each Holy Communion, your heart longing to please Me.  I admire even your feeble love and longing.

T:1015       #2     Believe that I am at work within you and through you.  In Holy Communion, I cause a blaze of Love to flare up within your heart; and that ‘bonfire’ of love pours from your heart towards all the people I love, that is, towards the whole of mankind. I enable you to give My Love and blessings to others, through your prayers, kind acts and conversations. (WC:1015)

T:1015       #3     Marvel at My power; consider the great numbers of creatures who are united in My intercession; all My Saints and My holy Angels share in the joy and bliss of the celebration of the Holy Mass;  and  - just as you do - they worship the Father with Me, in the Holy Spirit.

T:1016       #1     Believe in My Love for you.  “I love you all the time!” I’m glad that you have learned to confide in Me; your trust is well-founded, since I never change.  I Who loved you many years ago - as you well know - love you just as much today; and you are right to trust in Me and in My Almighty power.

T:1016       #2     Persevere, quietly, with the task which I have entrusted to you, and remain unconcerned about the outcome.  Everything which frightens you can be overcome or endured by My enduring grace.


                           DIVINE PRAISE.


T:1017      #1     Accept My invitation to give up your own thoughts during prayer.  Whenever you receive this invitation, you will be able to worship in silence within the ‘temple’ of your soul.  You will find that you live within My own peace-of-heart, suffused with My own joy.

T:1017      #2     Rejoice that true contemplation now takes place within the ‘open petals’ of your obedient and silent soul.  Your soul is like a flower which has at last opened before the Father; its petals wide open, that ‘flower’ reveals Myself, Jesus, at its centre; and My beauty, from the ‘centre’ of your soul, pours upwards towards the Father.  My Divine praise from within you is yours!


T:1018A             Welcome Me to your soul, in Holy Communion.  I am glad to be welcomed, and I greet you amidst great splendour.  I am your true King - reigning within the holy temple which is your soul.

T:1018B    #1     Take heart from the knowledge that the Douai Martyrs whose feast-day you celebrate and who once suffered such cruelty are even now young and joyful, blissfully happy with Me and with one another in the Glory of Heaven, all sorrow ended.

T:1018B    #2     Follow My inspiration and repeat your fervent prayer to the Father: “May I make Your Glory known!”

T:1019A    #1     Pay great honour to My holy Mother, who is rightly called “THEOTOKOS” - the God-bearer.  She has been raised to a great height in Heaven, far above all other Saints.  Glory pours all around her.  (WC:1019A)

T:1019A    #2     Delight in the honour which My Mother Mary receives not only from upon earth, but from the whole of Heaven, too.  The Saints love My holy Mother; they gaze lovingly upon her, and they honour her on the holy feast of “All Saints”, of whom she is the greatest.

T:1019B    #1     Rejoice in the trials you undergo.  One who claims to be wounded for love, like Me, or bruised for love, or imprisoned out of love for Me - imprisoned behind bars or voluntarily ‘captive’ to self-less work or to difficult circumstances - can be more certain than anyone of being united with My Holy Sacrifice; she is more able to say, sincerely - like a child - “Father, hear our One prayer.”

T:1019B    #2     Be glad that I have called you to suffer for Me.  You can therefore pray to the Father: “See how I resemble Christ, by my wounds; may His Merits blot out my failings, and may He and I be “One Praise” of Your Glory!”

T:1019C    #1     Ask for courage, as you struggle onwards in darkness and ignorance.

T:1019C    #2     Accept My Will, and all My plans for you, even though you neither understand their significance nor see where they will ‘lead’ you.  Turn to Me in  prayer and say: ‘I consent’.  No purer, greater prayer can be made in honour of the Father, than a self-offering in utter truth and faith - united to My own Offering.