Teachings » Elizabeth Wang, Teachings from the Lord, T01020-T01243

This page contains a selection of Teachings that Elizabeth Wang received from the Lord in prayer over many years. They are in chronological order. For other selections please see the main TEACHINGS page here.





                           INFALLIBLE PRAYER. 


T:1020      #1     Aim to live in unceasing union with Me, so that My prayer and yours will be ‘One Prayer’ to the Father.

T:1020      #2     Put your trust in Me.  The prayers which I offer through My Church, at the altar, are always heard - prayers for salvation for all who freely unite themselves to Me their Saviour and prayers for unity and faith within My Church.

T:1020      #3     Offer My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as the most powerful prayer for every good intention.  There, at the altar, I offer My Divine Praise, My infinite thanks, My perfect reparation and My perfect pleas.

T:1020      #4     Understand something about the perfection of your worship, during the Holy Mysteries; that perfection is due entirely to Myself,  Jesus Christ your God and Saviour, Who am Really Present before you.

T:1020      #5     Proclaim, joyfully, that which the Father is teaching you about My holy Sacrifice of Cross and altar:


                           “Jesus’ prayer is the best prayer.

                           Jesus’ prayer is infallible.

                           His praise is perfect,

                           His reparation is infinite,

                           His thanksgiving cannot be surpassed,

                           His pleas cannot be refused.”


T:1020      #6     Live in hope that My prayer may be yours, and your prayer Mine - forever One Prayer, as we live in unceasing union.  Nothing is as remotely worthy of the Father - as remotely adequate - as the praise, thanksgiving, reparation and prayers which I Myself offer, through My priest, duringthe Holy Sacrifice.

T:1020      #7     Remember that during the offering of the Holy Sacrifice I ask the Father - on behalf of you My brothers and sisters - for many gifts, all of which are granted.  So the best and most effective prayer for an earthly friend is for My Holy Sacrifice to be offered for that person’s intentions; and the best and most powerful prayer for a departed soul - ‘best’ because it is prayed by Myself - is My Holy Sacrifice, offered as a plea for pardon and Salvation.


T:1021       #1     Never think that I don’t love you.  When you are distracted, in Holy Communion, I wait patiently and graciously for you to turn your thoughts towards Me!

T:1021       #2     Believe that I am with you in Holy Communion.  I live within your soul.  It might be that  My holy Presence seems obscured, sometimes, by the noise and distractions which arise because of work, ill-health, or times of turmoil.  Yet, here I am - I Who love you in all circumstances.

T:1021       #3     Follow My inspiration and pray to Me: “I believe in Your power.  May Your Holy Will be done in me by Your almighty power. May I make You known and loved.  May the Father be glorified, Jesus,  through Your work in me.”

T:1022                (Private).


                           GENEROUS LOVE.


T:1023       #1     Follow My example of Love.  Imitate My generosity in helping others.  Do you see how I go whenever I am called?  I greet My “little ones” without making conditions; for example, I come to the altar whenever one of My priests ‘calls’ to Me at the Consecration; and whenever someone in need calls out to Me in prayer, I respond to that act of faith and enter that heart.  I don’t say that “such and such a place is not fit for Me.”

T:1023       #2     Imitate My patience, in all dealings with others.  I am undismayed when My presence does not always cause tremendous change or jubilation.  I plunge into all sorts of hearts - even accepting indifference; such is the humility of so great a King as Myself. (WC:1023)

T:1023       #3     Copy My behaviour.  Since I love you, who are so imperfect, you ought therefore to love your imperfect neighbour!

T:1024       #1     Follow My inspiration and offer not only bread and wine to Me before the Consecration, as gifts in My honour, but offer your whole self also - your whole life - so that I might change it, and use it in whatever way I wish.

T:1024       #2     Claim no part of your life as “your own”, as if shielding some part of it from My ‘gaze’ or from My action.

T:1024       #3     Accept the truth, which is that I love you! How great is My Love for you.  How great is My delight in your offering of yourself, as you kneel before Me longing to serve Me.  I delight in your true confession of weakness!

T:1024       #4     Consider the overwhelming power of My infinite Love.  How vast is the “furnace” of My Love!  How weak you are: unable to bear, here, on earth, the full fervour of My Love for you!

T:1024       #5     Remember that I am constantly ‘at work’, inviting you My friends to draw closer to Me. How gently I care for you, until you become strong and are purified - until your souls are pure and strong, ready for union with Me, whether on earth or in Heaven.

T:1025       #1     Listen to Me speaking to you in the Holy Scriptures.

T:1025       #2     Be faithful!  You are right to believe that My Providence rules every single aspect of the lives of all who have put their trust in Me.  It does not matter that you are pitied by others for having sacrificed the pleasures and ambitions of this world.

T:1025       #3     Be faithful!  No peace can compare with the peace which is enjoyed by one who, out of love for Me, tries to do My Will and gladly accepts pains and struggles as a penance.  For anyone who truly loves Me, the torments and trials of this earthly life pale before the glories of the life-to-come.

T:1025       #4     Hope for Heaven!  I will glorify everyone who has trusted in Me and who has accepted purification - although that Glory is not given to everyone before death; it is given to many of you only after death.  Nevertheless, the joy of the Saints in Heaven is tremendous, since they possess that which you long for: Myself, and Heaven!

T:1025       #5     Take heart from the example of one as privileged as My holy Mother.  She was not exempt from ‘normal’ sufferings.  She bore great pain in her immaculate heart at the torments which were endured by her child - Myself, Jesus Christ your Saviour.




T:1026       #1     Believe in My forgiveness.  I have banished your sins.  “They were taken away by your longing!”  By sincere contrition, and by My grace, you are now truly changed.

T:1026       #2     Consider the marvel of repentance: as soon as you long to be free of your sins, in true repentance for all your failings - truly sorry that you are not utterly loving and forgiving all the time - then, your soul is changed.  Immediately, by that repentance and longing, and by My grace, you are made free and innocent, so that you now stand like a child before Me, in peace and joy, carefree and unafraid.

T:1026       #3     Follow My inspiration and continue to meet Me in the Sacrament of Reconciliation - even more frequently!  There, where great sins or small can be forgiven, I am at work through My priest, reconciling sinners to My Church; and your heart is opened  to My Divine grace by your act of humility.

T:1026       #4     Rejoice that you can offer truly glorious worship to the Father; it is My tremendous Sacrifice that you offer - the Sacrifice once offered from the Cross and now re-presented before you.  You who worship in My Presence are truly present to that astounding Sacrifice, as Heaven’s Light shines above.

T:1027       #1     Accept the sufferings which I permit you to bear.  What hollows I ‘scoop’ from your heart by the effects of such sufferings and wounds, as I prepare your heart for My action!  I prepare it, thus, for an influx of countless graces.

T:1027       #2     Cherish your faith, a gift from Me which is freely-given, undeserved and lavish. Faith pierces Heaven in a way which you who live on earth cannot accomplish by sight, sound, will or humanity.  You cannot reach Heaven by relying on natural gifts or powers.  Faith is needed for true prayer, for true life - which is eternal Life - and for true wisdom.

T:1028       #1     Entrust your whole life to Me, and make especial efforts to be trusting in Holy Communion.  “Now that I am here, is there anything to worry about?!”  There is no situation on earth where I am not ultimately “in control”, even though I have granted you free-will.  There is no-one - whose welfare concerns you - who is not known by Me.  There is no-one on earth whose opinion should cause you to fear, when you are trying to do My Holy Will from moment to moment, obedient to My Holy Church.  It is My opinion which ‘counts’!

T:1028       #2     Let Me guide and reassure you.  In longing for, and loving wholeheartedly, My Divine Will, you are most surely open to the action of My grace and are most surely led along the path to Life.

T:1028       #3     Follow My inspiration and pray for the grace to be able to do everything solely out of love for Me.  Hope to suffer everything patiently, for the same reason.

T:1029                Treasure My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, where I draw those who love Me into My Divine Life.  During the Holy Mass, you are present to My self-offering, and present also to My Triumph and My Glory - to My Resurrection and Ascension. But there is something else at which you can marvel; by My holy Incarnation, and by My Presence on the altar, I reach ‘down’, to lead you to My prayer, My Offering and My union - in the Heart of the Most Holy Trinity!

T:1030       #1     Be at peace, and don’t dwell on past sins. Listen to your Father in Heaven call you by your name, reassuring you:


                          “Elizabeth, all that is as nothing now.”


                           So live in peace and trust, like a child who is confident that all is forgiven and forgotten.  You have confessed your sins and have been reconciled and know well that you have done penance - weeping bitter tears that you ever betrayed One so good as Myself, your Redeemer.

T:1030       #2     Take from Me whatever you need!  My gifts are freely available. “All I have is yours.”  All My virtues, including the courage to do My Will, adorn those who will receive them.  I cannot fail to respond to your requests; I am bound to give you what you need in order to do My work!


                           FAITHFUL SERVICE.


T:1031       #1     Take heart from the knowledge that your faithful service of Me has an effect on others.  You know that I ‘draw people along’ by My Merits; you, too, are privileged to imitate Me in that way; by the merit of your sacrifices you can draw others along in your train, just as I do - though you ‘owe’ your fruitfulness wholly to My grace.

T:1031       #2     Continue to confide in Me about every detail of life, whether joyful or humiliating. No-one can ‘besmirch’ My holiness by a frank revelation or recital in prayer before Me of any fears or failings - no matter how repulsive.  I am delighted that you trust Me enough to speak frankly with Me.  It is My Will that you carry your burdens to Me, in order to be delivered from them!

T:1031       #3     Rejoice that - through your honesty - your failings are ‘burned up’ by My Glory and so disappear entirely; yet - as you know - this is not true of serious sin, in one who spurns Reconciliation.

T:1031       #4     Pluck up courage and say to Me: “My life is Yours; do what You Will!”  My holy Company and I delight in your offering.

T:1032       #1     Follow My inspiration and offer as a prayer all the things which cause you fear and suffering.  Everything can be shown, acknowledged and surrendered to Me, so that you might be free, utterly, to allow My Holy Will to be done in you.

T:1032       #2     Persevere amidst trials.  By the sufferings which you are now undergoing, you are ‘justifying’ many others; this means that I am allowing you to bear the pain of the reparation which they cannot or will not make - although you can only do this because of My Merits.


                           WORTHY PRAYER.


T:1033      #1     Consider how dependent you are on Me, Jesus; I am Present amongst you, at the Consecration.  I stand before you, My People, facing away from you in order to gaze upwards to the Father and to speak with Him on your behalf.  No praise - no prayer - can be deemed worthy of the Father, nor can ascend to Him, unless that praise is extended through Myself, as if it were flowing upwards, through My out-stretched arm, during the Holy Sacrifice. (WC:1033)

T:1033      #2     Realise how tremendously grateful you should be that you have been united to Me, Jesus, and therefore to My prayer.  No matter how worthy anyone’s prayer might seem to be - no matter how eloquent or heart-stirring - it cannot ‘reach’ the Father unless it is “channelled” to Him through Me, your Mediator.

T:1033      #3     Reflect upon your prayers. All that streams from My Heart is acceptable; so the prayers which you offer through Me are worthy of being heard if they can be described as closely expressing the desires of My Heart, or worthy of gracing My lips as I prayed on Calvary, or worthy of being presented to the Father by My priest - through Me - at My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

T:1033      #4     Consider My truthfulness and holiness, and My desires for man’s salvation; see, therefore, that any prayer which is unfit to be uttered by My lips cannot be offered to the Father in My Name.


T:1034       #1     Don’t worry about prayer!  Whenever you are praying to Me - your duties fulfilled, and your heart free from any longing except the longing to please Me - and when it is evident to you that I Myself have lifted you into a state of extraordinary joy and peace, you can rejoice in that state.

T:1034       #2     Look upon prayer as a gift to your loving heart. Listen to the Father’s assurance:


                “Prayer is what I give you.”


                           Prayer is not a product of human effort, although effort is needed to co-operate with Me and to advance in prayer.

T:1034       #3     Make sure that you do your duty, every day, by offering praise and thanksgiving to the Father in My Name, by offering My reparation for your own sins, and by offering fervent prayers for your own needs and the needs of others.  However, when you turn to Me primarily in order to renew our friendship, and to open your heart to My influence, let this be your approach to prayer: as you kneel down before Me - unless you sit because you are unwell - try to prepare your heart, by recollection and repentance. Then begin to praise and adore Me.  Then wait for My ‘action’ - if I should choose to “act” within you in a palpable way - or rest content to remain in peaceful ignorance until it is time for you to go back to work.

T:1034       #4     Remember that I Who am infinite wisdom am guiding you wisely, in prayer.  Accept My Will for your soul, whether I offer you bliss or darkness.

T:1034       #5     Trust in Me, as I lead you so frequently into the prayer of contemplation.  But don’t worry.  It is your duty to prepare, to praise, to adore, and to wait; but it is your duty also - since I Myself call you - to go where you are led in prayer, like a true child of Mine, and no longer questioning or thinking.

T:1034       #6     Allow Me to draw you towards Myself, in prayer.  When you are sure that I am ‘lifting’ your soul in prayer, and when you are free from curiosity about different ‘states’ of prayer, longing only to co-operate with Love, then you can be sure that I Who am Love will guide you!

T:1035       #1     Cling to Me in every trial.

T:1035       #2     Make acts of trust in Me; what pure praise of Me is an act of trust in Me and in My care!

T:1035       #3     Realise that I wish to see you accepting whole-heartedly the joys and gifts which I offer to you, as well as the trials and struggles which I invite you to endure.  I rejoice when you are joyful!

T:1035       #4     Learn to enjoy the peace which I delight in giving you during prayer.  Although you cannot banish every distraction by “will-power”, you can leave behind - by your free choice - various topics which, in your busy life, have filled your mind during much of your day.  By a deliberate act, you can prepare for peaceful prayer by “placing” those topics as if at the “door” of your soul, before stepping over them - as you would step over any obstacle in a doorway - in order to meet Me, Jesus, Who am ‘waiting’ for you within your soul.  Then, you can follow Me in prayer wherever I might lead you.




T:1036A    #1     Don’t worry about the work which I have asked you to do.  The responsibility is Mine, though your duty is to work hard and to remain faithful.

T:1036A    #2     Accept My reassurance; all that you are now writing so timidly is going to be very useful to others.  I am going to renew My holy Church by means of the ‘teachings’ which I am giving to you through prayer - though each is simply a reminder of some aspect of the ‘Christian’ faith already taught through My Church.  But the ‘eyes’ of those whose faith is now ‘dim’ will be opened, through My teachings and your   work.

T:1036B             Never think that the temptations which you are fighting are weakening your soul; on the contrary, whenever your soul is assaulted by temptations, you are purified in and through the very struggles during which you resist temptation!  If you cling to Me throughout, you eventually ‘emerge’ even more blessed and holy.

T:1037       #1     Be glad that you can confess your failings to Me with such simplicity. “You trust Me, Lizzie.” You no longer hide your faults from Me, nor do you pretend that you are not at fault and so you no longer fear Me with a servile fear.  Because you now trust - like a true child - in My mercy and love, you see My Glory in Holy Communion.

T:1037       #2     Remember that the intimacy which you enjoy with Me in Holy Communion is enjoyed primarily because of My goodness.  Yet it is due, also, to the courage which you display day by day, as you expose all that is evil to the ‘blaze’ of My holy glance; thus, impurities are burned away as in a furnace; hence the torment which accompanies some of these moments of repentance.

T:1037       #3     Understand the reason why you must be grateful for these small but humiliating episodes of greater Light, as I reveal even the smallest of your faults, during prayer.  It is because I am merciful that I encourage you to endure this purification through prayer.  Whatever anyone tries to “hide” from Me now will only be revealed later, after death, when  purification will be more painful, or even impossible - if someone has delayed his repentance for so long that in the end his soul is utterly incapable of changing.

T:1038A    #1     Rejoice in your union with me. I am with you in an intimate way, at the very moment


                           that you make a “Spiritual Communion” - longing for My presence.  “I am here, already!”

T:1038A    #2     Acknowledge the real life of union with Me which is now yours, since, rarely do you do anything ‘without’ Me, rarely do you consider anything without Me, and rarely do you ‘hide’ anything from Me in prayer.  It is through your faith, and through My grace and kindness, that you now live “in” Me, Who never cease to love you nor to do good in and through you, if you consent.

T:1038A    #3     Imitate My humility.  How amazing it is that I - the Holy One - permit creatures like yourselves to ‘control’ Me!

T:1038B             Rejoice in My goodness; it is through the tenderness of My Heart and the kindness of the members of My Church that I am brought - in the Blessed Sacrament - to the sick and needy. (WC:1038B)

T:1039A    #1     Co-operate with Me as I enlarge your understanding.  It is through a life lived in union with Me that you ‘grow’ to see everything through My eyes and with My Mind.

T:1039A    #2     Reflect upon various things - indeed, everything - in My presence, as though you are sitting side-by-side with Me, illuminated by the Light of My Divinity.  I can make things plainer for you, by My wisdom and understanding, which are communicated to your soul because of the reverence and love with which you have approached Me in regular prayer.

T:1039A    #3     Trust in My Providence.  Be content to trust Me in the present moment, without worrying about or hoping to understand the future.  Yet see how all future events are already “held” in My Mind; and see, therefore, how the soul who truly lives “in” Me shares, inevitably, much of My Knowledge of Myself and of My creatures. (WC:1039A)

T:1039B    #1     Live in hope.  I am holding out My hand to you!  I long for all people to accept My kind and tender invitation and to be ‘cradled’ in the Heart of the Holy Trinity. Who can imagine the bliss of the reward of faith and virtue: to be held securely within My Life, and to be loved and admired eternally by your Creator and Saviour - your only source and hope of true joy - Myself. (WC:1039B)

T:1039B    #2     Put your trust in Me, Jesus, Who - whilst wholly Divine, and wholly ‘immersed’ in the Unity of the Godhead - am at the same time man and Priest, and Intercessor for you,  My human relations - My true brothers and sisters!

T:1039B    #3     Enter My Divine Life.  It is I, your Lord - Most holy Trinity - Who reveal Myself to you in prayer.  I, your God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - am worthy of adoration: Each Divine Person is majestic, perfect and loving - whilst yet united in the Life of the Godhead - a Life of peace, joy, light and fruition, in the ceaseless ‘activity’ of Love.




T:1039C   #1     Trust in Me and in My great kindness.  Look upon this image before you, to understand how We Three Divine Persons are united in the Life of the Godhead, and are One Lord, the only God.  We Who dwell in Eternal bliss invited you, long ago, to step out of the darkness which is life without Our grace and wisdom.  From generosity - since Love is Our nature - We invited you to enter the Light of Our Being , in a true union during your earthly life, and in a perfect and everlasting union of friendship in Heaven. (WC + OIL:1039C)

T:1039C   #2     Look towards Me, Jesus, your Heavenly Priest and loving Saviour. Accept My invitation.  I hold out My wounded hand to welcome you, as if to show you a ‘souvenir’ of My greatest act of love for you - My Death on the Cross.  I welcome the willing soul to the Heart of the Most Holy Trinity.

T:1039C   #3     Rejoice that you know Me, the Divine Son; I am eternally the Priest and Mediator for you My earthly brothers and sisters.  Now in Heaven, I bear the holy wounds which were made by My sufferings on the Cross; they are badges of glory.  By these wounds, I want to remind you of the torment which I endured on earth because of My great Love for you.  But I am doing this only to inspire you to endure your sufferings, out of love for Me.

T:1039C   #4     Believe in My Love for you.  You are very precious to Me.  Accept My invitation; take My hand, and draw close to Me.  Be ready to follow Me towards everlasting Light.

T:1039C   #5     See where you are being led, through faith, repentance, humility, love and sacrifice; you are drawing closer to Heaven, which is Divine Life and Light; you draw  closer  to Us: to the Father,   the Son and the Holy Spirit  -  Who are

                           One Lord yet Most Holy Trinity, One Lord, living in everlasting Light, joy and perfection.

T:1039C   #6     Consider the wonder of the Life to which you are called: The eternal and majestic Father, now eternally embracing His Divine Son - Myself - and the Holy Spirit, sees and knows everything which exists through Him, and sees and knows everyone whom He has created.  He calls all creatures towards Himself, to live in His Love.  I, the Divine Son, Jesus Christ - eternal God yet once born on earth as true man, and then crucified - am now glorious in Heaven; and everyone who ‘finds’ the Father and lives in Him, through union with Me has left behind a life of darkness and has entered Our holy Light.  The Most Holy Spirit - Divine Love and eternal source of joy - is endlessly loving the happy souls whom He has been drawing towards the Godhead; He now holds them in His blissful and tender embrace for evermore, all their sufferings ended.

T:1039C   #7     Turn to me in every trial or failure.  It is not the self-satisfied who find Me, but those who believe in Me and are sorry for their sins, and who are willing to turn to Me in order to live according to My Will.


T:1040A    #1     Recognise the new stage of the spiritual life to which I have led you; no longer do you place little sacrifices as if one-by-one upon My ‘altar’ within you, since the whole of each day is now lived as a single sacrifice which is offered in union with Mine.

T:1040A    #2     Offer your whole self to Me as a flask to be ‘broken’ - in order to release the ‘perfume’ which is your own gift of grace from Me; through you, I will benefit others.

T:1040B             Imitate My Holy Angels, who make fervent preparations for the great feast of My Nativity.  They are present in the sanctuary, bearing heavy garlands  of leaves with which to decorate the church in honour of Myself, My holy Mother and St Joseph. (WC:1040B)


                           THE FATHER’S PLAN.


T:1041      #1     Accept, honour and praise the unchanging Will and Wisdom Of the Father, Who has decreed that the lives of Mary My holy Mother and Myself are eternally ‘entwined’.  There is no time in which I, Jesus, do not come to you through Mary.

T:1041      #2     Let Me open your eyes further to the central place which My holy Mother must share with Me at the heart of your spiritual life.  Realise that her important place in My plan of salvation should never be denied her; nor should her influence be diminished, since My Love is everlasting and My delight in My Mother is unchanging.

T:1041      #3     Consider the meaning of faithful Love, and unending generosity, and see the reason why I encourage you towards an even greater delight in the love of My holy Mother. For example, you know that I once sacrificed My life and died for you; and you can see, therefore, that since My Love is never-ending, I always offer Myself to the Father in a Sacrifice of perfect obedience.  If you keep in mind this never-ending Love when you consider My Mother, and her part in My plan of salvation, you will easily understand that, once and for always, I, Jesus, was given to you through Mary; I mean that just as I once was ‘given’ through Mary, I am even now given to you through Mary, in one eternal ‘giving’ which is now continuing.


T:1041       #4     Don’t worry that, because you respond to My special invitation in prayer, the power of your intercessions will be diminished.  When a soul has been called and led by Me into silent, unknowing prayer, all the people who are cherished within that heart are bathed in My Light as I lift that soul into My Light, in contemplation.

T:1041       #5     Believe that I am just as well as merciful.  I Who call you to enter unknowing prayer cannot permit your friends to suffer ‘neglect’, if - by My invitation - I have caused you to abandon your intercessions.  I am bound to help your friends, because I am just; and I am ‘bound’ - by My own Will, which is loving - to reward your obedience!




T:1042       #1     Show your wounded heart to Me.  I, too, suffered on earth; and in wounded hearts, I work a secret “alchemy” of Divine Love.  Whenever - prompted by Myself - you turn to Me and you offer freely the pain and hurt of a heart which has been wounded for love of Me, then this accepted pain is  the cause of the ‘wound’  which is therefore made within your soul, a wound through which the “gold of grace” is poured out for others!

T:1042       #2     Rejoice in the value of every scrap of struggle and suffering which is willingly borne.  Through My agony, you were delivered from your sins, and through your own sufferings - by My Merits - others are saved!

T:1043                Ask for strength; ask for everything you need - and more! “All I have is yours.” The infinite riches of My virtues and gifts are yours, if you will but take them, in faith.

T:1044       #1     Think about the earthly life of My Holy Mother Mary.  Many years were spent in quietly doing very ordinary work, and yet this was a direct preparation for her great work as Mother of My Church - My infant Church - after My Ascension into Heaven.  So, in your own life, by the events of the past decade, you have been lengthily prepared - and are being prepared further, now - for the task which is soon to be made evident, for the sake of My Church.

T:1044       #2     Be attentive to My promptings.  Be alert; look boldly around to see clearly what needs doing - in My Name - for the sake of the Kingdom.

T:1044       #3     Concentrate on the present task.   Do it out of love for Me, but without over-anxious scrutiny or selfish introspection.  I cannot fail to help you.

T:1045       #1     Jettison all that might hold you ‘down’ in prayer.  How light you become, through humility, when you jettison all self-concern, and soar into a prayer of true union. You        can confidently discard even thoughts about your own failings - which are now forgiven!

T:1045       #2     Aim to be child-like.  What a marvel it is when you can live, pray and work in trust and simplicity, never feeling slighted, worried or resentful, but acting unselfconsciously - through My grace - as a true child of Mine.

T:1045       #3     Follow My inspiration and consecrate yourself to Me: to My Sacred Heart. Ask me - by the Merits of My holy Passion - to let you make Me known and loved.  Ask Me to keep you faithful through either praise or “crucifixion”.

T:1046A             Love your neighbour.  Whether by work or by prayer, help those who are without the clear-sightedness of faith, or who are trapped in their sins or imprisoned in gloom and despair.  I am beside you as - peacefully yet boldly - you walk on, to do My work.

T:1046B             Be contrite before Me.  Ask for mercy.  Since “I am Mercy”, I cannot fail to be merciful towards a contrite person who asks for  My help!


                           BOLD PRAYERS.


T:1047                Be confident in prayer.  Even before you see any ‘results’ I am already answering the prayer which I have inspired you to pray!  I Who urge you to ask for forgiveness am bound to forgive you; and when I inspire you to want to make Me known to others, I am bound to reveal Myself through you!

T:1048       #1     Let your soul’s gaze penetrate to the heart of My Church’s worship. The Holy Mysteries which are celebrated before you are ‘clothed’ in elegant, beautiful and dignified outward signs which are worthy of My majesty; yet the celebration which you now share with hundreds of your brothers and sisters “in Christ” still resembles - at its heart - that which was shared by Myself and My Apostles, when we sang together for the Passover, with Myself - then as now - Really Present in the midst of the gathering.

T:1048       #2     See how simple and glorious is My plan, and your joyful response; truly, I your Lord am Really Present now, with My present disciples!

T:1048       #3     Be bold in prayer, like a true, trusting child of Mine.  How much more do I long to give to you!  That which I wish to shower upon you is greater than anything that you now dare ask of Me, so great is My generosity and Love.

T:1049                Remember the truth about My Love for you: I am overjoyed to be welcomed by someone who loves Me.  I am not like a sinful person who pays grudging attention when he visits someone, or who acts as though he is doing a great favour in giving his time!

T:1050       #1     Leave behind all memories of past sins.  They are confessed and forgiven.  “All that is forgotten now.”

T:1050       #2     Realise that My Love for you never diminishes.  I know that a certain turmoil in your heart and mind sometimes arises from the busy-ness of daily life, and from frailty, particularly when you are following a different routine.

T:1050       #3     Remind yourself that there is no ‘loosening’ of your union with Me just because you suffer temporary and minor distractions.  There has been no lessening - as you know - of your determination to love and serve Me and to love your neighbour!

T:1050       #4     Consider how like you am I.  I, your Divine Lord, am truly human! So how important it is that you should love My own human relations who surround you; you can remember - as a spur to greater efforts - that I the Divine Son Who see everything am now looking upon all your actions!

T:1050       #5     Follow My inspiration and make acts of faith, love and hope.  Hope for virtue, perseverance and salvation.  Hope, too, that My Glory might pour through the ‘emptiness’ of a heart and life which are now offered for My purposes.

T:1051A    #1     Beware of allowing your heart to swell with pride, when you are praised. You will find that prayer will be less fruitful, the ‘eyes’ of your soul will be dimmed, and Truth will seem fainter.

T:1051A    #2     Accept your frailty.  Accept the truths about your own nature and attitudes.  When you do so, and when you freely reveal everything to Me in prayer, you will receive countless blessings from Me.

T:1051A    #3     See how simple is truth; since I am the Source of all Truth and the Source of all good gifts,  only one who loves Truth - even to accepting the pain of Truth - is “close” enough to Me to receive My gifts in lavish abundance.

T:1051A    #4     Follow My inspiration and entrust every aspect of your life to My Providence.  Give everything in your life to Me once more.


                           THE HOLY SACRIFICE.


T:1051B   #1     Take your place at the Holy Mass with even greater awe and reverence. There, you are present as I offer to the Father the very same Sacrifice as that which I once offered from the Cross as My holy Mother looked on. (WC:1051B)

T:1051B   #2     Don’t forget that you stand amidst a great Company during the Holy Sacrifice. Besides your visible companions, holy people of past generations look on.  Holy Souls now being purified, and also holy Saints in Heaven, gaze with awe upon My One glorious Sacrifice for sin - made purely out of love for the Father and for mankind, and now offered in your presence today.

T:1051B   #3     Consider the magnificent example which I set you, as I offered the Sacrifice by which mankind was delivered from the bonds of sin; I suffered in utter weakness and human frailty, but it was in that weakness on the Cross that I revealed My true stature; I revealed the depth of My Love for mankind.

T:1051B   #4     Imitate Me, and praise the Father with your whole being, by a total self-offering.  What greater praise and honour can you offer from your heart at every moment than this: thanksgiving, wholehearted and utterly sincere, for all that I give and permit in your lives - even in pain and difficulty - as you trust in Me in utter contentment.

T:1051B   #5     Consider the power of the sacrifice which you offer in union with Mine; whenever you pray to the Father in trustful self-surrender, how like My Love is this love of the Father’s Will and Providence!  How can the Father refuse the pleas of those who - in such a loving attitude - so nearly resemble Myself, His own Son.

T:1052      #1     Let Me lead you - through faith - into a greater understanding of My Holy Sacrifice;  remember that I lived upon earth for only a short time, and remember that when I was crucified for your sins, it was long ago and in a past age. However, by your presence at the Holy Mass, it is as though you are gazing into that past age - as if into a chasm before you - whilst yet gazing upon the very Sacrifice which I once made for you, as it is now offered from the altar. (WC:1052)

T:1052      #2     Let Me confirm what you already know about the Holy Mass - which is that it is a true and holy memorial of My terrible Passion.  It is because I - your Divine Saviour - am now Really Present in the sanctuary that you can ‘touch’ every part of My Life, touching even the moment of My self-offering as I died on the Cross, an offering - a sacrifice - which I now re-present here, daily, through My priest, at the altar.

T:1052      #3     Seize the opportunity - at every Mass - of showing sorrow for the suffering which your sins brought upon Me, of thanking Me for the Holy Sacrifice which I offer on your behalf,   of thanking My holy Mother for her steadfast devotion,

                           and - grateful for your redemption - of offering your own lives to Me, in loving service.

T:1052      #4     Unite yourself most perfectly to My Perfect Offering by entwining your will with My Will, in daily life.  “Fix” your heart on Me not by emotion but by a true imitation of My actions, as you determine to love and serve the Father even at the cost of your own life, in a real or metaphorical ‘crucifixion’.

T:1052      #5     Speak to Me, Jesus, Who am Present before you during the Holy Sacrifice.  I delight in hearing your words of true adoration and of sorrow-for-sin.

T:1052      #6     Don’t remain bowed down by grief when you recall My sufferings. I Who am Really Present before you during the Holy Sacrifice am Your Risen Lord, and you should remember not only My Holy Passion but also My Resurrection and My Ascension into Glory!


                           THE “CAVERN” OF YOUR SOUL.


T:1053       #1     Rejoice that you have co-operated with me in the work of your soul’s purification.  By My action and your consent, I have transformed the dark cluttered ‘cavern’ of many years ago into a bright gleaming chamber which shines as beautiful as a pearl. (WC:1053)

T:1053       #2     Show your gratitude to Me for My work within you.  Let your prayers, penances and acts of charity serve as effective means of keeping your purified soul everlastingly beautiful.  I reward such care and attention, as you try to remain fervent and faithful in the Life of grace; also, I purify you continually by the scorching rays of My Presence - whether visible or invisible - in Holy Communion, when the least little blemish is dissolved in My burning Glory.

T:1053       #3     Pay attention to your state-of-soul.  Though you risk self-concern in examining your motives and your degree of commitment to Me, neglect of the interior life is as dangerous as is neglect of one’s duty to one’s neighbour.

T:1054       #1     Look to Me for ‘approval’.  One word of encouragement from Me is worth more than even life-long praise would be, if you had thousands of earthly admirers!

T:1054       #2     Put your trust in Me.  Since your only longing is to serve Me well, I see before me only “a valiant heart”, and I don’t blame you for your little moments of despondency.

T:1054       #3     Have confidence in Me, and in My Love for you.  Whatever trials or further purifications you might undergo, there is no virtue that I am unwilling to give you, to assist you, if you will accept it.  “Everything I have is yours: everything!”

T:1055       #1     Give joy to My Heart.  I take pleasure in even the smallest effort in love made by one of My children!

T:1055       #2     Greet Me in the Blessed Sacrament.  As you ‘welcome’ Me, “I ... welcome you!

T:1056       #1     Reveal your weaknesses to My holy Mother, who stoops immediately to help, whenever one of her children confides in her.

T:1056       #2     Take heart from knowing that by your trust in God and your constancy in prayer, you delight your holy Angel.

T:1057A             Never pretend to be strong.  Remember, rather, how precious in My eyes is the weakness of any poor human creature.  That weakness, acknowledged, can lead a soul to utter trust in Me, whereas any self-sufficiency places a soul in great temptation; for one who says: “I do  not need God” is lost.

T:1057B             Accept the suffering which memories bring.  Accept memories as wounds, through which I may pour out My Glory to benefit others.  Anyone who greets unavoidable pain - either mental or physical - with patience, is doing a wonderful work of penance.  Through your penance and suffering, others will be led  to give thanks and praise to the Father.

T:1058       #1     Don’t let your feelings of unworthiness cause you to shrink from Me.  It is true that you have many failings, “Yet here I am,” welcoming you in Holy Communion, amidst all your weaknesses.

T:1058       #2     Believe, about My “attitude” towards you, that I Who am Love am tender and welcoming.  Love loves!  I don’t deny your unworthiness, but I would like you to believe that love ‘counts’ above all.  I cannot be kept from a loving heart which seeks only to serve and obey Me.

T:1059                Be glad that you are permitted to take part in the glorious celebration which is My Holy Sacrifice.  You need not wait until Heaven to worship Me with My Saints and My holy Angels!

T:1060A             Express your trust in Me and your love for Me.  Respond to My grace, and say: “I put my trust in you.”  There is no better praise of Me than such an expression of sincere trust; and when one who lives in uncertainty, and who is in pain and is fearful, puts her trust in Me, great joy is expressed in Heaven.

T:1060B             Praise Me for the goodness of your guardian Angel.  Your holy Angel will delight in your praise of Me, and will himself praise Me for any good which he sees in you.

T:1061                Remain firmly attached to Me, through both faith and love.  At every offering of My Holy Sacrifice, I am “gathering” together all of you who love Me and who are united to Me.  I am like a fisherman; it is as though I draw you up in My net, gathering you into My Kingdom.  (WC:1061)


                           THE ‘INNER CHAMBER’.


T:1062       #1     Welcome Me not just to your heart but to your heart’s “inner chamber”. (WC:1062)

T:1062       #2     Welcome Me in Holy Communion by opening your heart to My influence; I enlighten by My Spirit everyone who turns to Me, though - as you have discovered - when I teach My friends it is not necessarily with words or images.

T:1062       #3     Try never to leave Me “waiting” as if in the “hall-way” of your soul.  You hesitate, sometimes, before revealing your whole heart to Me, loath to bear the humiliation of revealing the “rubbish” which you have hoarded - all the faults and failings which are hidden within your soul’s depths.

T:1062       #4     Be kind and loving towards Me your Saviour!  How sad it is that I should be left ‘outside’ so many hearts.  I long to give only true joy and happiness, yet how many people are unwilling to let My Light shine within their souls, for fear it will illumine all those things which they don’t want to discard or to change: sins, bad habits and grudges.

T:1062       #5     Take heart from the knowledge that I love the little ‘dwelling’ at the very centre of your heart, where I am welcomed by one who can look at Me with more admiration than fear!

T:1063                Don’t bewail a lack of privacy for  prayer, at home.  Your heart is a holy sanctuary where I await you.  You can turn to Me, within that sanctuary, at anytime, anywhere, in wholehearted love; it is as though “there is an altar in your heart” on which you can place  every sacrifice.


T:1064      #1     Persevere in reverent prayer, during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

                                 My plea to the Father, now,

                                 in My One Sacrifice of the Cross,

                                 which is made present here before you today,

                                 sustains My Holy Church in this generation,

                                 draws grace upon those who love Me, and

                                 changes the hearts of sinners. 

T:1064      #2     Approach the sanctuary with awe and wonder.  Revere the holy altar where My holy Sacrifice is offered, and adore Me - your Saviour.  I gave My Life for you. I sacrificed Myself for you, from Love.


                           PAST AND PRESENT.


T:1065       #1     Thank Me for past graces and special gifts, but remember that the best thanksgiving  which you can offer is your present-day love.  Only by living for Me and loving Me, in this present moment, can you be most perfectly united to Me whilst you are still living on  earth.

T:1065       #2     Try to repair any damage which you have done by your past sins; and hope that you will serve Me faithfully in the future.  But don’t think that anything good which was done by you long ago can be ‘presented’ to Me as an act of love, now. It is equally impossible to present Me with some imagined future loving act when such a nebulous intention is as yet unfulfilled.  You love Me truly only by loving Me now, at this very moment - and by expressing that love now in one of the usual ways, through faith, repentance and worship, and through the service of Myself and of your neighbour.

T:1065       #3     Look upon the present moment as a crucially-important channel to Me, or rather as the only ‘channel’.  One who approaches Me in the present moment is like someone who peers at Me as if gazing through a small hole in the centre of a huge wall.  That small hole is the only opening through which contact with Me can be made; it is the only opening through which My Glory can be seen and through which I can pour My Light upon the ‘viewer’. Memories can be useful, but no-one can truly contact Me through either nostalgia or fantasy.  It is through prayer that you can touch Me. (WC:1065)

T:1065       #4     Treasure the privilege which is yours, in your life “in Christ”.  To speak to Me, now, in prayer, is to ‘touch’ Me, your God, as if through a little ‘opening’ in the huge wall which separates your earth-bound existence from the life of the spirit.

T:1065       #5     Help others to turn to Me at this very moment.  No-one can hope to make a joyful and living ‘contact’ with Me if he tries to keep Me ‘imprisoned’ within his own memories of the past or in his daydreams of the future.

T:1965       #6     Remember that I am now Risen; so even that which I did for you in “the past” - when I died for you - is made effective for your life through your response to Me in this present moment!

T:1065       #7     Entrust both past and future to Me and do what is necessary, right now, to please Me and to fulfil your duties.  At this very moment, I can bring good things out of every difficulty; though you are a weak person who winces at every humiliation, My grace is poured out through your ‘wounds’, that is, through the pain of your heart and the sufferings of your life.

T:1066       #1     Continue to accept your sufferings.  By your act of humility, self-offering and obedience - obedience to My Will, as when all your painful self-consciousness today was united to My self-offering - more good is done than through any number of self-chosen acts of work or witness, and grace is drawn upon others!

T:1066       #2     Unite your prayers to My Sacrificial Offering, during the Holy Mass.  As you take part in this way, it is as though a ‘curtain’ which separates Heaven and earth has been drawn aside; and your voices - as you praise Me - are accompanied by the praise of My holy Angels; the Holy Company of Saints witnesses My Real Presence amongst you, and I draw steadily towards the Father all who take part and who, also, 

                           are praying wholeheartedly with the same intentions as Myself.

T:1066       #3     Follow My inspiration and ask for the grace to fulfil the task now so plainly set before you.  Rest “in” Me; walk with Me; work through Me; speak My truth, and be My witness - but in simplicity.

T:1067       #1     Be glad that you can reveal to Me in prayer your soul’s sense of shame, with various humiliating thoughts and memories.  In accepting the  pain of seeing everything ever more clearly in My searching Light, you most truly prepare yourself to wear My ‘robe’ - which is the wedding garment to be worn one day in Heaven.

T:1067       #2     Make every effort to be worthy of My friendship and worthy of Heaven. Who can accept and wear  My holy garment, and do My work,   whilst clinging to the tattered

                           shreds of his or her own grey ‘rags’ - such as sins, bad habits, memories and earthly desires?

T:1067       #3     Pray sincere and humble prayers, and so help Me to lead you into sanctity.

T:1068       #1     Remind yourself that the church is not empty when you arrive, before Holy Mass begins.  I am Present in the tabernacle; and because of My Presence in the Blessed Sacrament, many holy Angels stand guard and worship Me, even amidst the cold and the darkness.  Like blades of shimmering light, they cluster about the altar where My Holy Sacrifice is to be offered. (WC:1068A)


                           MARY: HER EMINENCE, HER HUMILITY.


T:1068      #2     Understand this great truth, whenever you pray “The Divine Praises” and thank Me for My great “Mother of God, Mary most holy”: My Mother’s holiness is such that she alone - of all ‘mere’ creatures - stands as if on a mountain-top in Heaven.  She is far above all others in virtue; Holy Angels surround her, awed by her sanctity.  Yet even she is looking upwards, reaching out her arms in order to praise the Father Who created her. (WC:1068B)

T:1068      #3     Don’t imagine that My Mother’s great eminence means that she is more than human. In the Glory of Heaven, as the Holy Angels bow low in praise of the Father, and as My Mother stands as if alone as the ‘mountain-top’ of sanctity, she, too, bows down low before the Father, as any creature ought. (WC:1068C)

T:1068      #4     Take heart from the knowledge that the holy Angels are overjoyed by your veneration of My holy Mother.


T:1068       #5     Imitate the reverence of My holy Angels, who bow low as you recite in praise of Me: “Blessed be His Most Precious Blood”.  They, too, adore Me and honour My holy Passion. (WC:1068D)

T:1069       #1     Count on My forgiveness, at each new repentance!  How great is My Love, as I embrace your soul in the swift movement of forgiveness; thus is all sin blotted out, tenderly, in the soul of every repentant sinner. (WC:1069)

T:1069       #2     Don’t pretend that things are not difficult or unpleasant, when you have barely succeeded in ‘enduring’ trials for yet another day!  I admire tremendously every soul who bravely endures trials out of love for Me.

T:1069       #3     Be bold in your petitions.  Your Heavenly Father cannot ‘bear’ to refuse anything to those who love Me, His Son, Jesus Christ, and who resemble Me.   Yet you seem to think of your God as One Who - grudgingly - does selected favours!

T:1070A    #1     See how wonderfully I help you who love Me; first, I prompt you to do good, then I inspire you to express gratitude to Me for My help; and in turning to Me in grateful prayer you are therefore brought much closer to Me; so My Light shines within your soul ever more brightly, and I enable you - at last - even to see your own soul and your own actions as if with My eyes!  Thus, I enable you to alter or modify your actions in order to please me more surely, and to grow to be more like Me.

T:1070A    #2     See what I see - as you rush towards the tabernacle like a boisterous schoolgirl, to thank Me for My help; I welcome you with delight, because a trusting and thankful heart is more important than great poise or learning! (WC:1070A)

T:1070B    #1     Turn towards the Father, during Holy Communion, when your heart ‘contains’ Me, Jesus.   Your heart is like a chalice which - containing Myself - can be offered up to the Father.  Thus, you give a wonderful Gift to the Father, a Gift worthy of His Majesty; you offer Me, Jesus, the spotless Victim, the One Offering, the Perfect Oblation, the true Lover of souls - who am Really Present in the Blessed Sacrament.  (WC:1079B)

T:1070B    #2     Marvel at the privilege of your union with Me, in Holy Communion! From within your soul, I offer My Divine praise to the invisible Father on your behalf!


                           THE ACT OF OBLATION.


T:1071      #1     Persevere in faith.  Believe in the truths of faith, though you are still ‘blind’ to the full majesty of My Divinity and to the awesome beauty of the Holy Mysteries of My Church, through which I touch you with My Divine and Life-giving graces.

T:1071      #2     Be content to ‘see’ truth through faith, and not by bodily sight.

T:1071      #3     Never doubt the reality of the great Act which takes place on the altar when My priest offers My Holy Sacrifice.  It is as though a great veil hangs from Heaven to earth, hiding Heavenly Mysteries from earthly eyes.  Yet - truly - at the moment of offering of the Holy Sacrifice of My Sacred Body and Precious Blood, you are present to Calvary’s Sacrifice - now veiled from your eyes but offered in your presence. (WC:1071)

T:1071      #4     Be glad that you can see how ‘small’ is a human soul before My Divine Majesty. Hope can spring up within your  soul - through faith - because of that very weakness.  In your nothingness, you can expect everything you need from the grace and mercy of the Father Who created you, Who loves you, and Who sent Me, His Son, to die for you!

T:1072A   #1     Turn to Me in Holy Communion; let Me encourage you.  “I love to be here with you!”  I delight in joining My friends, in intimate conversation and companionship.

T:1072A   #2     Remember the purpose of your gathering.  Remember what I once endured on Calvary.  Put your trust in Me - the Divine Victim in whose Presence you pray, and Whose Holy Sacrifice you offer to the Father -  as you gather together before the altar.

T:1072A   #3     Realise the marvellous dignity of your gathering.  In this holy place, you are My One Church, one in heart and one in faith, united in offering the One awful Sacrifice of Myself, your One Redeemer.

T:1072A   #4     Remember the sufferings which I bore on the Cross, to save you.  I am risen now, and joyful - yet the Sacrifice which is offered in your midst is the One Holy Sacrifice which I once offered from the Cross for your sins: truly, Calvary. (WC:1072A)

T:1072B   #1     Take comfort from My Presence amongst you during the Holy Sacrifice. A great light shines upon Me from Heaven, as I pray on your behalf to the Invisible Father.  One of you, One like you, and truly human - and from your midst - I offer My Holy Sacrifice to the Father on behalf of you, My true brothers and sisters.  (WC:1072B)

T:1072B   #2     Try to stay close to Me in every way.  Those who are most closely united to Me,

                           their Lord and Saviour, are the most en-lightened, whereas those who neglect

                           or reject Me are living in spiritual darkness.


T:1072C    #1     Don’t think that you can conquer every fault and banish every deep-seated fear through “will-power”.  “It is by bearing all things in union with Me, here in your human weakness and frailty, that you will be said to have conquered.”

T:1072C    #2     Make changes in your life, where change is needed, so that you can draw closer to Me and please Me more surely.  But do so with humility rather than through proud gestures of reform.  Let My grace penetrate and sanctify your heart and will, here in your weakness.

T:1073       #1     Imitate the Holy Angels who rejoice at My Offering of Myself on the altar, as My Divine Praise is offered to the Father.  It is as though I, your Risen Lord, radiant and joyful, and robed in white, ascend triumphantly from the altar, towards Heaven. (WC:1073A)

T:1073       #2     Imitate My holy Angels who ceaselessly adore Me and serve Me. They bow their heads in adoration at the offering of My Holy Sacrifice when - it seems - the great veil which stretches from Heaven to earth is slightly parted and - through My Offering - mankind reaches out to the Father in a prayer worthy of His holiness and majesty. (WC:1073B)

T:1073       #3     Try to be worthy of your holy Angel’s attention. Your Guardian Angel treats you with great reverence, out of obedience to Me, Jesus, Who have asked him to guard you.




T:1074       #1     Pray for the grace to persevere, but have faith in My power.  I am at work in you even when you see few ‘results’.

T:1074       #2     Co-operate with My Will; your soul is like a seed which, planted ‘underground’ in a darkness and silence and loneliness which is permitted by Myself, is softening, changing, growing and ‘splitting’, as a preparation for growth and harvest; and through enduring this time of darkness you can learn patience and obedience.

T:1074       #3     Remember the purpose of your soul’s purification, which is to make your soul fruitful.  Your soul is like a plant from which a shoot has been emerging - and now many shoots appear; the whole ‘plant’ continues to burst upwards with life, until the branches fall sideways, bent under the weight of the abundance of ‘fruit’.  Thus, by the “fruit” which is My work within your life, I am proving that your loving sacrifices have been worthwhile. (WC:1074)

T:1074       #4     Have faith that even now I am drawing up  the great results which spring from the love which you have shown for Me during your penances and sufferings. Your renewed and vigorous spiritual life is like a burst of Light, like the light which  springs from an indoor firework which - when lit - produces much  light and growth; from so small a device, extraordinary results are brought about during its own destruction; and that “destruction” is like your self-immolation through penance and sacrifice.

T:1074       #5     Consider how - in the natural world - a burst of lava flows from a volcanic mountain after many years of only tiny subterranean movements; the steady flow of fiery light is the product of many earlier and unnoticed ‘fires’.  So it is with the faithful soul; tremendous results or ‘movements’ take place because of earlier penances and purifications.

T:1074       #6     Consider your own life, into which I am lavishly pouring My Light and My instructions, during prayer.  The purifications and sufferings which you have patiently accepted are now leading to fruition.  By My Will, that “dying” of those silent years now produces this “fruit”: My “teachings”.

T:1075A    #1     Don’t be embarrassed to speak about what you know of Me, whether the one and wonderful Truth was learned through My Church or in prayer.  Many people need to know about My Life and teaching.

T:1075A    #2     Give yourself wholly to Me in order to do My Will in charity; then you can reproduce to some extent - even in your own  life, and from your little place on earth - My holy Sacrifice of Myself.

T:1075A    #3     Take heart from the knowledge that - although any good you might do on earth is achieved only in and through your union with Me - it gives great Glory to the Father!

T:1075B    #1     Remember the presence of the Heavenly Companions who worship with you.  The holy Angels are present at My Offering during the Holy Mass.  Some, who are stationed around the church, bow low in deep reverence; others are clustered about Me, during My Act of Sacrifice.  (WC:1075B)







                           PERFECT PRAISE.


T:1075B    #2     Learn how to love and do My Will within prayer as well as in daily life. Whenever I invite you to rest peacefully “in” My Glory, in Holy Communion, entrust yourself wholly to Me, and keep silent and still; then - wordlessly and peacefully, from within your own soul - I will ‘direct’ My Glory to the Father and so offer My perfect praise to Him.  Nothing which you might compose, recite or pray could surpass My own praise, offered from within your heart; so you can be thankful for this great gift of contemplation.

T:1076A             Reveal your true preoccupations to Me, in prayer.  You cannot fail to benefit from such trust in Me, since I reward you for your humility whenever you unveil thoughts not about grand things but about the real, everyday, sometimes silly, trivia!  By such humility, you are opening the ‘door’ of your soul to let in My wonderful Light. (WC:1076A)

T:1076B             Trust in Me, your Saviour.  Confide in Me, despite your feelings of humiliation.  Whenever you do so, it is as though you enable Me to ‘climb’ into the small, inner-most room of your heart, to sit silently with you, holding your hands in tender companionship.  By My gentle presence, at your consent, I can soothe away your sense of failure and embarrassment. (WC:1076B)

T:1077A    #1     Strive for ever-closer union with Me.  One who lives in a complete union with Me, united in heart and love and sacrifice, offers, as her own, the perfection of My praise, both within her own soul and in My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; and this is true even if she is not yet perfect!

T:1077A    #2     Be content to sit in prayer, in your weakness, praising the Father with My own praise.  You can say, in Holy Communion: ‘Abba, here is Jesus!  I sit here for Your Glory - as Jesus praises You from within my soul!’

T:1077B    #1     Always be grateful for My gifts.  Everything good in your life has been given to you by Me.

T:1077B    #2     Recognise the fruitfulness of your life “in” Me.  I Myself have brought you from a life of darkness to a life of grace, and I have accompanied you through all your torments, purifications and ‘teachings’; and now - in your present great joy - you can see that a life in which good works are done for Me and “in” Me, is like a land where milk and honey flow!  It is the work which you have done out of love for Me - so recently and so lavishly - that you can truly offer as the ‘first-fruits’ of My harvest from within our life of union.  (WC:1077B)

T:1077B    #3     Remember how great is My Love for you.  I am willing to do the will of one who does My Will!

T:1078                (Private).

T:1079A             Remember Whom you worship, as you bow in adoration, at the Consecration, as I come to the altar.  My holy Angels are as though breathless with awe at what I have done for you, and at My Offering now, in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.


                           A LENGTHY PATH.


T:1079B    #1     Never look upon any part of your past life as ‘wasted’ . You have been following a lengthy path, coming upwards towards Me - as if in a spiral.  But the progress is constantly ‘upwards’. (WC:1079B)

T:1079B    #2     Recall the path along which I have led you, through all events, circumstances, falls, triumphs and set-backs.  I was never absent, but was always present, sustaining you in bad times and good.

T:1079B    #3     Notice how everything which has happened in your life - and this includes even the apparently unimportant or the puzzling things as well as the good - has contributed to shaping and fitting you for the task which I now wish you to do.  Even recent restrictions and renunciations are helping you to concentrate on your work and on My Will!

T:1079B    #4     Be sure that just as I have led you throughout your past life, I can and will lead you through the rest of your life.

T:1079B    #5     Remember the trials and failures from which I have delivered you. All that you have undergone in past years - even evil - has prepared you for your present efforts to fulfil My Will for you. You have seen for yourself that I have drawn good out of every evil, since I cannot be ‘defeated’.


                           SHARING MY TEACHINGS.


T:1079B    #6     Don’t keep your joy and gratitude to yourself.  My gifts are to be shared. Share My teachings with friends and family.  As your courage grows, you can say to others - through the written word and through conversation: ‘I have seen the Lord,’ and then:  ‘Repent, and believe the Gospel!’

T:1080       #1     Don’t be afraid.  You can tell that My grace is definitely at work in you when you continue in very quiet but steady work for Me, despite many difficulties.

T:1080       #2     Be grateful for the “hiddenness” in which you work.  You are safer in your ignorance of all the things which - by My grace - are being done  through you and your work, than if you were aware of what is really happening.  Your present solitude leaves you less exposed to temptations to pride.

T:1080       #3     Be glad to accept insults for the sake of My Gospel.

T:1080       #4     Comfort yourself, if anyone thinks you misguided or mad, by remembering that “that is what they said about Me!”

T:1081       #1     Be realistic about your present frailty.  Don’t be afraid to pray simple prayers, in Holy Communion.  Turn to the Father and say: ‘Here is Jesus!’ - meaning, ‘I offer to You: Jesus, and His intentions, as my own!’  Heaven’s holy Company delights in hearing such an offering of My own praise from within your soul.

T:1081       #2     Follow My inspiration and  pray for all whom you ‘touch’ through your work; and pray that, through it, I will be glorified.

T:1082       #1     Be grateful that you have had the best possible teacher and guide.  It is, I, Jesus, Who have so slowly and gently introduced you to the task which I now wish you to complete.

T:1082       #2     Notice how I have led you first to one small task and then to another, before introducing yet another.  I Who am All-wise knew that the sight - too early - of the whole, enormous task for which I have chosen you would have quite crushed your spirit, or crushed any confidence you had.  No-one surpasses Me in tact and thoughtfulness.

T:1083       #1     Value your frailty and weakness.  When My gifts to you are one day fully revealed, others will marvel at them; that knowledge of Myself which has been given to you in prayer will appear even more marvellous precisely because of your inadequacy!

T:1083       #2     Confide your poor thoughts to Me.  I am delighted by the trust you reveal as you share your heart’s secrets.

T:1083       #3     Remember that you pray amongst My holy Angels.  They applaud - with joy - every grateful little prayer which you offer before the tabernacle, as, for example, when you say to Me - in the Blessed Sacrament - “Thankyou for being here.”




T:1084      #1     Have courage: look upon My Wounds, as I stand beside you, and continue to unite your difficulties and humiliations to Mine, offering them to the Father  as a prayer of reparation for sin.  Your sorrows and humiliations make you more “like Me,” after My scourging.  It is your soul that has suffered laceration, whereas - after My scourging - My whole body was raw and bleeding; I presented an appalling sight.  Yet we are united by our sufferings. (WC:1084A)

T:1084      #2     Remember that - in the life of faith - obedience, patience and acceptance of the Father’s Will are supremely important. By your wounds, accepted, you are joined to Me and to My Wounds, and so we are made - by My Sacrifice - into One Prayer, offered to the Father. (WC:1084B)

T:1084      #3     Believe in the infinite worth of the Gift which you offer at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  As you offer Me, the Divine Son, as your holy Sacrifice, an Offering  of infinite value ascends from your small altar. (WC:1084C)

T:1084      #4     Remember the reason for your celebration, which is that I, Jesus, Who am now Risen, joyful and triumphant, offer My Divine prayer from within your midst. This unique and precious Offering ascends from the altar - as I plead on your behalf - to the Light of the Father’s Glory.


T:1085       #1     Co-operate with Me in every conceivable difficulty.  Nothing at all, of your earthly experiences, need be ‘wasted’, if you will turn to Me, Who can ‘turn’ all things to your advantage!

T:1085       #2     See how everything can prove useful, for the spiritual life.  Even the many swift, momentary and painful memories which pierce your heart can be ‘used’ - when accepted by yourself as a penance - as though they are little points of ‘cautery’. They can be painful but freely-accepted opportunities by which you can wholeheartedly express your sorrow-for-sin and your determination to love Me more worthily.


                           THE ANNUNCIATION.


T:1086A    #1     Cherish the gift of contemplation.  It is in your soul’s emptiness and humility that I can do My most marvellous and fruitful works; a unique work can be done in each unique human being.

T:1086A    #2     Consider the unique purity of My Mother, who - obedient to the Father at all times - prayed with her whole soul ‘open’ to Divine Love and to Divine action, when she was wholly given to contemplation.  In that state, at the Annunciation - and with her consent, and by My Spirit’s action - she conceived Me in her womb. (WC:1086A)

T:1086A    #3     Follow My Mother’s example, if you find yourself longing for praise or attention.  She through whom I, your Saviour, was given to you lives in devastating simplicity and humility.  Whenever she is praised, this holy Mother - who is now not only My Mother, but yours, too - thinks only of My greatness and goodness.

T:1086A    #4     Understand the reason why your acts of humility bring you closer to Me; you know that I see everything, yet when you voluntarily ‘show’ Me your secret ‘heart’, with all your failings, you are therefore willingly uniting yourselves to My Will - which is that you be honest before Me - and also with My ‘gaze’ - which is always turned towards you; and so, by your trust and humility, you are utterly united to Me, Jesus, with Whom you yearn to be united forever.

T:1086A    #5     Never think that I can be “put off” by any sin which you might reveal to Me; rather, I would reward you for your trust.


                           SIN AND DARKNESS.


T:1086B    #1     Never forget the darkness which awaits the soul who chooses to be ‘cut off’ from My Life of grace.  Remind others of the danger.

T:1086B    #2     Consider the foolishness of sin, through which any human being - who, in his life on earth is at every moment quite ‘surrounded’ and supported by Myself - can choose to ignore Me.  It is as though each person’s soul is attached to Me by an open ‘channel’ through which My grace might pour within; yet - of his own free act - anyone can turn away from Me to ‘face’ another direction.  By any freely-chosen sinful act - by disobedience - a man can turn away from the ‘channel’ through which he receives My Divine graces within his own heart, and receives them in a direct and intimate outpouring of gifts. (WC:1086B)

T:1086B    #3     See how deliberate sin will affect a person’s prayer.  During deliberate disobedience to Me, prayer will perhaps be insincere and therefore fruitless.  Yet even rebellious souls do well to persevere in prayer, since - through attempted prayer - they might be led to repentance.

T:1086B    #4     See how, by deliberate sin, a foolish person risks ‘losing’ Heaven, since the soul who turns away from Me, through disobedience, is as though closing a ‘valve’; he is shutting himself off from all the good gifts which come from Me, from Light, grace, Heavenly wisdom and joy; all of these are lost as the soul - by its free act - turns away from the Source of all that gives it everlasting Life - Myself.

T:1086B    #5     See how Eternal Life in Heaven can be lost.  One who turns away from Me turns away therefore from the Source of all the gifts which would have made that soul fit and able to enjoy Eternal Life.


                           A CAUSE FOR GRATITUDE.


T:1087A    #1     See what a cause for gratitude is the gift of contemplation.  Only when someone’s heart is ‘wide-open’ to Me is it also wide-open to receive the gift of contemplation and to receive, also, the graces which accompany that gift.

T:1087A    #2     Believe that My Holy Spirit is at work in your life and in the lives of other sinful people, just as truly - though in a different way - as He was at work in the life of My Mother - the holy Virgin, Mary.  During her life on earth, it was in prayer, when her heart was wholly ‘open’ to the Father’s Will, in a docile yet intelligent and deliberate acceptance of His plans, that she conceived Me in her womb, by the power and action of My Holy Spirit; and in your own life, great things are done within you, by  your prayer and by My Holy Spirit.

T:1087A    #3     Remember the importance of faith.  I give great gifts to those who have great faith in My goodness.  Those who are ever-alert to see and do My holy Will benefit greatly from My clear and simple guidance.  I make My Will plain not only through My Church’s teaching, but through the communication of prayer - whether by an implanting of ‘knowledge’, or by a concept, or by thought, or by other means.

T:1087A    #4     Accept the clear instruction which you are offered by Me in prayer; you can see that it can lead only to a strengthening of faith within your own soul and in the souls of other people.

T:1087A    #5     Arrange - in a small, plain white booklet - some of the ‘teachings’ which I have given to you during prayer: teachings about the Catholic Faith and about the Spiritual Life. There is no need, at present, to print pictures within the text.  That can be done in a later version.

T:1087A    #6     Give free copies of the booklet to anyone who expresses an interest in reading what you have written about Myself and  about My holy  Church.

T:1087A    #7     Speak to other people about friendship with Me.

T:1087A    #8     Share your knowledge of Me with others.  Distribute My ‘teachings’ to anyone who expresses an interest in learning about Me, about My Church, or about prayer.  Send your booklets even to strangers, if they write to you asking for copies; but don’t, at present, leave booklets lying around in strange places where they will attract unwanted attention or will be misunderstood by unbelievers.

T:1087A    #9     Realise the importance - in sharing your faith, and at this stage of your particular task - of personal contact, combined with an invitation to talk and to read. Yours is not the sort of work which requires grand gestures.

T:1087A    #10   Follow My instructions faithfully.  Your primary task is to encourage people of your own country to be true to the Catholic Faith, first planted here many centuries ago.  Many members of My Church in England are unfaithful to the Faith which they have received from their martyred ancestors, and are blithely endangering their souls.

T:1087A    #11   Encourage fellow-Christians in prayer; invite them to adore Me, and to pray with the profound reverence which you all owe Me.

T:1087B             Rejoice at My Presence before you.  Rejoice in your faith, which rightly impels you to adore the Sacred Host, held up high after the Consecration.  When you adore the Sacred Host, you adore Me, your Saviour.  My Divine splendour and Glory pour out from the Sacred Host; and through My mercy, and through My self-offering in the Holy Sacrifice, My Glory streams outwards to every part of the church, and beyond - and reaches even up to Heaven. (WC:1087B)

T:1088A    #1     Don’t see yourself as useless, when you are constantly striving to please Me in every area of life - no matter how quiet or hidden.  I, Jesus your Saviour, will fulfil your longings for friendship and union. 


                           WORKING TOGETHER: SON AND MOTHER.


T:1088A   #2     Believe that I am assisting you constantly; Mary My holy Mother works with Me for your benefit and Salvation.

T:1088A   #3     Go to My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with a fervent and willing heart. As I stand before the Father, My arms outstretched, pleading for you My brothers and sisters, and offering My own praise in all its Glory, My holy Mother is ‘involved’. It is as though - in her motherly way - she is trying to shepherd you forward, urging you to unite yourself to Me in My self-offering.  It is as though she is encouraging you to place yourself close to Me; she wants you to join Me in the circle of Light which surrounds Me  as - looking up to Heaven - I offer My Holy Sacrifice to the Father, from the sanctuary.  (WC:1088A)

T:1088A   #4     Realise that My Mother  is a very good Mother who therefore wants ‘the best’ for all her children. This dear Mother urges ‘forward’ each one of you, during the Holy Mass; she urges you towards a greater love of Myself, to renewed fervour, and to a more whole-hearted self-sacrifice, so that your prayers to the Father might be united to My prayer. (WC:1088A)

T:1088A   #5     Consider the kindness of My Mother Mary.  As she encourages each one of you, she wordlessly asks your Heavenly Father - as if by a glance - to grant what her heart really yearns for. It is as though she is asking Him: “Listen to the prayers of this ‘child’, who belongs to Christ and who therefore belongs to me!”

T:1088A   #6     Be confident that your holy Mother can draw Divine and powerful help upon you. She knows that the Father hears and answers her prayers, and the reason for this confidence-in-humility is that she sacrificed herself utterly for the love of God, in consenting to the Incarnation of Myself within her womb; thus, she became the “Mother of God”; and - because of her great love, her immense holiness and her Queenly dignity - all her prayers are granted.

T:1088A   #7     Remember that My Mother is not only the “Mother of God”, but is your mother too, in the spiritual life.  She works and prays unceasingly to help the children for whom I, Jesus her Son, once suffered and died; and so she prays all your prayers, and she mediates, for you, all graces.


T:1088B    #1     Be happy, when I have come to your soul in Holy Communion! I am like a good mother who wants her child to mature peacefully; so I permit you, My “child”, to make your way slowly towards Me, in prayer.  I wait patiently whilst you approach Me through the turmoil of your heart’s scattered thoughts, pangs of repentance and distractions!

T:1088B    #2     Put your trust in Me, in Holy Communion. It is I Who prompt your effort to be recollected; and I delight in seeing you ‘arrive’ at your heart’s true centre, all your preoccupations surrendered.  It is in such a true Communion that you can experience the joy that I want to share with you.


T:1089      #1     Accept humiliations, out of love for Me.  In this way, you can help Me during the torment of the Crucifixion which I suffered out of love for you, when My face was turned in prayer to Heaven, but My eyes were closed in pain. (WC:1089)

T:1089      #2     Show your gratitude to Me for all that I have suffered because of your sins. I was cruelly exposed on the Cross, and was mocked there, even as the deep, dark drops of Precious Blood dripped from My Wounds.  Every humiliation which you accept now, for the love of Me, in some measure covers My nakedness.  Your love - offered to Me now - soothes My pure Heart during the humiliation and  pain of My terrible Passion.


                           EFFECTIVE WORK.


T:1090       #1     Offer yourself freely to Me, trusting in My goodness, even if you feel like quaking with terror at the  possible consequences of your act.

T:1090       #2     Follow My inspiration and let My plans and wishes take precedence over your own. In trying to do My Will, be prepared for bafflement or for questions from others.

T:1090       #3     Don’t think that you struggle alone.  All Heaven stands amazed whenever a weak person on earth offers herself to Me, trusting in My Goodness. So many people are full of their own plans and ambitions.

T:1091       #1     Believe that I am the Source of all the goodness and wisdom which spring up within the life of grace.  Divine graces pour out of My Heart, into the heart and life of one who loves and obeys Me, and then they stream ‘through’ that soul upon others.

T:1091       #2     Realise that your work for Me is made ‘effective’ not because of any great plans of your own  which you are sometimes tempted to cultivate, nor by ‘will-power’, but because of the strength and effectiveness of My grace within your willing heart.

T:1091       #3     Be confident - when you turn to those who, although not yet perfect,  truly love Me, and whose hearts are faithful, truthful, chaste and obedient - that their teaching, advice and example are beneficial.

T:1091       #4     Consider My generosity.  I don’t hesitate to lavish My gifts even upon undeserving weak persons.  I even work through them to help others.

T:1092       #1     Follow My inspiration and offer your life to Me again, offering everything: work and words, energy and heart.

T:1092       #2     Pray to Me with faith and fervour.  Ask Me: “Save Your People!”  Ask Me to help others in very many ways, and to do so through My work in you.

T:1092       #3     Believe that every part of My plan for your life has been wise and will prove fruitful. For example, even the kindness of My holy Mother - kindness shown towards you so lavishly - is to bear fruit.  The knowledge which you share with others, about My Mother’s goodness to you, causes joy and a stirring-up of faith in their hearts, and so prepares those hearts - as a seed-bed - for the knowledge of Myself which has been given to you through My teachings-in-prayer, a ‘knowledge’ which is now in writing, ready for ‘planting’.

T:1093       #1     Believe in My great Love for you.  I wait lovingly amidst your many distractions, whenever you pray to Me in Holy Communion.

T:1093       #2     Be prepared to speak and act - in days to come - solely out of love for Me and for the Glory of the Father - in order to lead others to Truth.  This is your main task.

T:1093       #3     Don’t be perturbed that your work for Me is conducted in apparent darkness; I love you!  It seems as though a vast curtain hangs between Heaven and earth, yet even now - on your side of the dark veil - you are being prepared for the Glory beyond. (WC:1093)

T:1093       #4     Believe that your prayers are not in vain.  One who prays that others may know and love the Father prays a prayer which is truly My prayer, since I Will and pray all that is for the good of souls and the Glory of the Father.

T:1093       #5     Model your prayers on My perfect prayers.  No prayer is greater than Mine, nor more worthy of imitation.

T:1094       #1     See how tremendous is My delight at your acts of obedience. I always reward those who speak bravely to others about Me.  With the Holy Angels who attend Me, I reward loving service; “We honour those who honour Me.” (WC:1094)


                           HUMBLE CO-OPERATION.


T:1094       #2     Always remember the importance of doing everything for the best motive. I Who am so generous reward you lavishly for all that is done solely from the desire to please Me and not in order to gain pleasure, profit or glory.

T:1095       #1     Make sincere efforts, in prayer, to turn your heart and mind wholly towards Me.

T:1095       #2     Don’t imagine that fervent prayer is achieved through fervent emotions. A great channel   of  prayer  is  unstopped  within  your  soul  -  as  if  a  volcano  were being

                           unstopped - by even very small efforts to worship Me as I deserve.  By little acts of faith, contrition, thanks, love and trust, you unblock a furnace of My Divine Praise; it  will spring up within your soul, for the Glory of the Father.

T:1095       #3     Understand your role, in prayer.     Through the pure intention of your sincere prayer

                           and through your little efforts, you have allowed Me, Jesus,   to remove the obstacles

                           which once closed the mouth of the ‘volcano’ of My Divine Praise within your soul; and those ‘obstacles’ to true prayer were pride, selfish desires, curiosity, impatience and impenitence. (WC:1095)

T:1096       #1     Make acts of humility, out of love for Me.  I admire your courage in unveiling all your silly and shameful thoughts and desires, as you turn to Me in prayer.

T:1096       #2     Be  determined to  aim at achieving “emptiness” for Me,   through  self-offering.   I might choose to use your real gifts and talents in the service of others, but it is primarily by your love and by your humble co-operation with My Will that I can use you in a unique way to bring My graces to their souls.

T:1096       #3     Understand the place of human gifts, in My work within your souls; when someone is full of My Light and grace - principally through humility and self-sacrifice - and  when he therefore draws other people towards himself and thus to Me, that person is ‘drawing’ others by and through his own unique gifts or combination of gifts.  It cannot be otherwise, since gifts and talents are an integral “part” of that person, and so are touched or involved in everything which that person does for Me.  Yet My grace does not ‘depend’ on anyone’s gifts and talents.

T:1096       #4     Don’t be fearful about an apparent lack of recognition of anyone’s talents, or an apparent ‘waste’.  I can use,  briefly, gifts which are evident at one stage of life but which then wither - perhaps because of illness or changing circumstances. But even when someone appears to have been ‘robbed’ of gifts through illness, for example, or where various talents have been ignored by someone’s relatives or community, My grace - working through that person - need not be stopped.  I can manifest Myself through the life of such a person in one way or another, if he will freely co-operate with Me.

T:1097                Believe in My great Love for you.  Never forget that I was willing to die for sinful people - for you, too - because I love you! Though God-made-man, I accepted desertion, humiliation and crucifixion; My holy Angels were awed at My self-sacrifice.

T:1098A             Persevere in your work for Me, which is going to help those who are imprisoned by their doubts and fears. You will open their eyes of faith through the writings and paintings which you have produced in obedience to Me, your Lord.  Even now, by My Providence at work in the lives of others, I am sharing your work with many people.

T:1098B    #1     Believe in My goodness, and persevere in prayer.

T:1098B    #2     Believe in My unchanging Love, which cannot fail to reward everyone who acts from love.  When anyone is kind to you, “she is rewarded.”  Today, I rewarded the woman who was kind to you.  She had responded to My invitation to be loving, and so  I rewarded  her at the  very instant  that  charity arose in her heart and prompted her to act in that way.


                           SHARING IN MY WORK.


T:1099      #1     Continue to pray for My priests, who offer My Holy Sacrifice - as commanded by Me at the Last Supper.  Through My priests - and through many others - I work and act in My Church in each generation.

T:1099      #2     Consider the different ways in which My People share in My work.  Just as some persons are urged by My Spirit to be willing workers - with hands and backs and feet - in caring for sick or poor or homeless persons, or teaching the young, or encouraging and guiding persons of any age, so, too, in each generation, do some persons speak with authority, as did I your Lord during My Life on earth. The Pope and the other Bishops, with the priests under their authority, speak together - united in faith - on My behalf.

T:1099      #3     Consider the  lives of those who, by accepting their sufferings, do a special part of My work within the Church.  These people - who perhaps are not active in teaching, caring or preaching - nevertheless “live”, in their bodies, as I lived, in My Passion; and even in this generation - and through My Merits - they are making reparation for sin, and  are drawing My grace upon others.

T:1099      #4     Notice - from examples in the lives of My Saints and from the efforts which you see around you today - that in every age, I am at work in the world not only invisibly but visibly, in the persons whom I have called to do My work of care, of teaching, of preaching and ruling, or of  suffering and redeeming.

T:1099      #5     Rejoice in the marvellous way in which I have arranged your teaching and nourishment and reclamation, and all through the Merits of My holy Passion.


T:1100       #1     Believe that I am at work, even through you.  I am here beside you, at every moment of your life “in Christ”.  It is as though I Myself stretch out My hand to help and console others whenever you stretch out your hand! (WC:1100)

T:1100       #2     Do everything in conscious union with Me, so that I will more surely act in and through you, to bring strength, comfort and joy to others.

T:1100       #3     Try to be gentle, kind, simple and trusting.

T:1100       #4     Remember the important things, as you work for Me.  Remember the horror of My suffering and Sacrifice - undergone for you; and remember your obligation to turn all eyes towards Me and not to yourself.

T:1101                Continue to console Me in My Passion.  I was comforted once, in Gethsemane - with the help of My holy Angel - by the sight of the comforting gestures which you offer to Me today!  I accept your every good and kind gesture towards another person as a gift of kindness towards Myself!

T:1102       #1     Rejoice that I come ‘back’ to you My People, at the Holy Mass, at the Consecration.  Radiant with an invisible Glory, I come to you now just as truly as I ‘came back’ at the first Easter, though now, I come to you sacramentally.

T:1102       #2     Cling to Me at every moment, and accept My purifications.  If you do so, you can follow Me into the pure joy of Heaven.

T:1102       #3     Hope for Heaven.  During the Holy Mass you celebrate not only My Passion, Death and Resurrection, but also My glorious Ascension, when I entered Heaven robed in white; and you who believe in Me and who remain faithful can hope one day to follow the Way opened by Me, you too clothed in white. (WC:1102)

T:1102       #4     Be confident that just as - after My Ascension, and bodily - I entered the region above, and like an arrow pierced the cloud which veils Heaven from earthly sight, so you yourself can follow where I have gone!

T:1103       #1     Turn to Me, for mercy.  Since I am unchanging, and since “Mercy is My Name”,  I cannot fail to be merciful, whenever you repent of your failings.

T:1103       #2     ‘Profit’ from every incident in your life and from every moment of suffering, even from troubles which you might have brought upon yourself. Through your union with Me, all sufferings can be ‘offered’ as a prayer of reparation which will help others.

T:1103       #3     Continue to release My grace upon others, through the very wounds and piercings - and little ‘pin-pricks’, too - which are the moments of humiliation and sorrow which you accept for love of Me.


                           IMPORTANT EVENTS.


T:1104       #1     Use the gifts which I have given you, if I should give you such opportunities.  But remember that many things in earthly life are of minor importance, compared with the really important events of the life of grace.  It is important, above all, that each one of you has repented of his sins, has been reconciled to Me, and is willing to do penance.

T:1104       #2     Remember one of the lessons which you learned from My Mother - a lesson drawn from her sweetness and graciousness towards you; it was through her visit that you were reassured that a life of faithfulness to Me, with a tender love of one’s neighbour, is more precious in My sight than a life of great worldly achievements.

T:1104       #3     Believe in My tender care of you.  I love you dearly!  I am your loving and beloved Saviour, and My  holy Mother and I both long for your joy.

T:1104       #4     Look at the events of your life as if through My eyes, and see how many things which others might see as tragic don’t really matter.  Since your life now belongs to Me, you can look back peacefully to those long-ago repented sins for which you have made reparation; you can express only gratitude that your long-ago ignorance of My Church has been replaced by a true Communion; you can be quite unconcerned about your present ignorance of many things which have no relevance to your present way of life,  which -  through My Will - involves dependence on others, weakness, simple prayers and apparently mundane work.  It does not matter that you seem to be powerless and uninfluential, or that you are pitied by others.  I am your Saviour.  I love you.  I feed and guide you through My Church - and that is a cause for great confidence and rejoicing. Who, believing in My Love, could be despondent for long?!

T:1104       #5     Consider two aspects of My work within your life.  First, it is precisely because of your weakness, inadequacy and spiritual ‘poverty’ that you have been led to do a special work for Me. My grace shows up more splendidly amidst your weaknesses.  Yet - secondly - I have prepared you for your work, through My gifts. I am building upon the true gifts which I have given to your soul, and, as you know, I am unstinting in My encouragement.

T:1105       #1     Be confident in prayer.  Greet Me and My holy Mother joyfully, but remember that you owe your present joy entirely to My goodness.

T:1105       #2     Understand something of My ‘attitude’ to My children.  I am willing to ‘descend’ into the darkest heart, in Holy Communion, in the hope of doing good; I will descend into any heart which belongs to Me, even thought that heart is perhaps almost entirely full of the ‘clutter’ and ‘rubbish’ which are distractions, little sins and bad habits.

T:1105       #3     Understand the great reverence which I have for My holy Mother, and the care with which I ‘shield’ her from distress.  Even though she prays, gladly, for all her children, I shield her from the pain of contact with grossly-sinful hearts.  I do not lead her ‘within’ every heart.  I take her only ‘into’ hearts which have been scoured and prepared through trials and sufferings - as yours has been scoured for many years.

T:1105       #4     Don’t imagine that perfection is required before you can welcome Me in Holy Communion, or before you can greet, also, My holy Mother.  It is when people consent to My purification of them through patience in suffering, that their hearts are truly enlarged, and they now ‘gleam’, in a fitting way for My visit.

T:1105       #5     Rejoice at possessing true purity of heart, which is yours even before you are perfect in every way.  Such purity is possessed by those who have suffered trials solely out of love for Me,    and whose hearts have therefore been scoured and prepared - ready

                           to shine with My purity and Glory.

T:1106                Walk along peacefully with Me through your daily activities.  As I walked peacefully with My friends on the road to Emmaus, so I now walk with you; and this is because you have entrusted your life to Me entirely, with every moment dedicated to My service.

T:1107       #1     Don’t feel ashamed of the good things which disturb your prayer. Your attention sometimes wanders because of a beautiful sight which you want to admire or an intriguing thought which you want to analyse; but these inclinations are not sinful, although they distract you.  The good natural gifts and inclinations which you have received from Me - your love of beauty and your desire to understand worthwhile things - should be a cause for gratitude.  “It is because of what you are like that I chose you” to do the work which now takes up so much of your time.

T:1107       #2     Accept the good inclinations which are part of your unique personality. All these good aspects of your character, mind and temperament can be used by Me if I wish to use them, and if you consent.




T:1108A    #1     Pray, in My Name, for everyone who is dear to you, in order to touch them by My grace.  Your simple prayer unites to Myself all the people in your heart. Also, it touches and joins and helps all of their loved ones, and also all of theirs! (WC + OIL:1108A)

T:1108A    #2     Persevere in intercession.  By the smallest good prayer “in Christ”, you do more good than you can imagine.

T:1108A    #3     Co-operate with Me in encouraging and assisting other people. It is My great desire that My children on earth help and depend upon one another, and that they live, work and worship in harmony.

T:1108A    #4     Worship with others, in the best possible way, by being present as My Holy Sacrifice is offered on the altar.  All who truly love Me are thus united in one act of radiant worship “in” Me, before the Father.

T:1108B    #1     Try to turn aside from distractions in prayer, but do so without anxiety. “I am  waiting here for you.”  I always delight in your prayer and attention.  I am listening.

T:1108B    #2     Turn to help your neighbour, if - when you are busy praying - your neighbour needs help.  “Did you think I would ‘leave’, because you turned to help a neighbour?!”  On the contrary, I never fail to reward someone who sacrifices joys in order to help a neighbour in need.

T:1109       #1     Pray that there might be peace, wherever now there is war.  Yet don’t suppose that I impose peace, blanket-like, upon people who have no wish to receive it.

T:1109       #2     Look at the world as if with My eyes, and notice what human hearts are really like, and even what whole countries are ‘like’: there is peace, where I reign, but where I do not reign, there is not peace.

T:1110       #1     Remember that I love you.  Yet remember that you can never be more certain of My delight in you than when you have begun your prayer at the Holy Mass in real humility, gratitude and concern for others, and when you have quite forgotten any good that you have managed to do for Me.

T:1110       #2     Love and serve and pray for others.  But don’t spend prayer-time worrying about people!  Banish your anxieties, during prayer.

T:1110       #3     Don’t make long lists of things to pray about, when you turn to Me in prayer, at home.

T:1110       #4     Realise how all-embracing is the prayer which you have already offered today, through My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  Daily, and of one mind with the whole Church, you offer praise and thanks, through Me, to the Father; you ask forgiveness for your sins; and also, you offer prayers for friends and family - living and departed - and for people in special need, indeed, for the whole Church and for the whole world.  So when you turn to Me, later,  in private prayer, you can feel quite free to pray about whatever is at the forefront of your mind.  Open your heart to Me and let Me guide you.

T:1110       #5     Recognise the sign by which you can be sure that your heart really belongs to Me and gives Me great delight: it is when you live in a willing and utter union with My Will.  True union is a matter of a true and pure intention to do My Will, rather than a matter of emotional fervour; and I am always delighted at evidence of a love of My Will - which is that you love Me and your neighbour.




T:1111       #1     Follow My inspiration and - as you consider the humility of My Mother Mary and of Saint Joseph - resolve never to permit the least syllable of a proud phrase, or the smallest thought, to persuade you that you are anything but the poor, true sinner who was ‘scorched’ many years ago by the sight of My fierce purity and holiness.

T:1111       #2     Treasure the grace which enables you to make a sincere repentance.  How marvellous is repentance, in My eyes, and how important for your soul!

T:1111       #3     Recognise the crucial importance of ever-deeper repentance.  “It is My Will that you be made fiercely pure and holy like Myself.”

T:1111       #4     Strive to co-operate wholeheartedly with Me in each moment of purification. The soul’s resemblance to Me, in purity and holiness, will not happen unless the least blemish is utterly discarded and removed; yet, nevertheless it is happening now, as - by My grace - you daily shun all possible imperfection.




T:1112       #1     Realise the importance of being grateful for your simple and lowly status in a community where you have been established for many years.  It is precisely because of these factors - with others - that you have been chosen for your task of recording My teachings.  You are like a bold but carefree street-urchin, in the sense that you are ‘unimportant’ and hold no high office, and you have experienced sneers and dismissals over the years, primarily because of your Catholic Faith; and this has provided a good training for your present task.

T:1112       #2     Consider several aspects of My plan and of its fulfilment; see how - because of your lowly position - you have been able to speak openly about Me more easily than someone whom My Providence has placed elsewhere; you speak only the truth, about Me and My Church, since it is right to speak the truth, yet you have had nothing to ‘lose’, in social terms: neither prestige nor high position, nor great influence.  Also, you can be trusted to find the time to deliver a message, since - like most housewives - you have learned to be flexible in your work, and you are free to do first one task, then another; and thus you can make time for My work.  Also, you are less likely than others to worry about your ‘status’ or about looking foolish, since you don’t have an ‘important’ job.  But a further reason to be grateful for your place in life is that everyone knows where you live; you are a ‘local’ who knows just where to take My message: to whom, and at what is probably  the best time; and your close friends and family will vouch for you to strangers and to people in high positions who don’t know you.

T:1113                Follow My inspiration and offer your heart, your life, and all your efforts to Me, for My Glory.  Each time you repeat your prayer and ask that My Holy Will might be done through you, others are helped by that sacrifice of yourself and of your own will.




T:1114      #1     Be glad that you are willing to praise and thank Me.  No-one can enter Heaven who is unable to say to Me, sincerely: “You are so good!”

T:1114      #2     Encourage others to prepare for Heaven.  One who enters Heaven has true purity of heart, and so utters before Me the spontaneous and joyful cry of a trusting child who loves wholeheartedly.  Such a person praises Me in Heaven in complete trust, sincerity and self-forgetfulness.

T:1114      #3     Remind others of the ‘purpose’ of Heaven; Heaven is full of the praises of Me, your God; and you can therefore see that one who does not wish to praise Me does not enter.


T:1115       #1     Be confident that I can uphold you even when - in heart-stopping moments of decision and trust - you feel as though you are stepping over a ‘cliff’ of faith, risking the loss of all sorts of good things in order to be obedient to Me and to do My work.

T:1115       #2     Believe in My power.  As you undergo trials solely out of love for Me, I “carry” you along.  It is by the faith which I have planted within your willing heart that I powerfully uphold you and prevent you from falling into cowardice.

T:1115       #3     Believe in My justice.  I cannot fail to support those who put their trust in Me.  The faith which I have given to you upholds you as you endure your trials.

T:1115       #4     Follow My inspiration to be bold and fearless in speaking about Me.

T:1116       #1     Be sure that I love you.  Furthermore, I cannot ‘resist’ sharing My riches whenever - out of love for Me - someone endures pain and darkness.  For every such moment you will be rewarded.

T:1116       #2     Be glad that I am leading you along My Way of suffering.  The Cross is your sign - the sign of all My beloved followers - as you approach Heaven’s gate, led by Myself, Jesus your Saviour.

T:1116       #3     Open your heart to Me in prayer.  I am willing to go any ‘place’ in order to be with someone who loves Me.  I enter your heart and soul even when they are cluttered with problems, foolish ideas or distractions, just as willingly as I came down to earth in order to accompany and help so many who needed Me.

T:1116       #4     Don’t forget that My Saints and My holy Angels rejoice in your every victory over sin and selfishness.  Though you don’t yet see Heaven or all its Saints in Glory, you can be sure that your Heavenly friends want to encourage you to persevere; how great is Heaven’s joy whenever a soul offers itself entirely for My purpose, especially when that purpose, in its details, is unknown.




T:1116       #5     Don’t forget that My Church in Heaven rejoices whenever you want nothing except that My Will be done on earth, as in Heaven; and such a trusting commitment to Me brings you a contentment like no other.

T:1117       #1     Never be afraid of confessing your sins to Me.  You pierce Me to the Heart by pure contrition, since, contrite, you reveal your love of Me and your recognition of My goodness and Sovereignty.

T:1117       #2     Be glad that you have been given the grace to resolve to love Me above all, and to love all things for My sake.  One who turns to Me in pure trust and sorrow and humility and hope pierces My Heart, and is My true child and beloved.

T:1117       #3     Strive to live “in” contrition.  You who long for perfect union with Me can be sure that there is no quicker way to union than by the way of renewed contrition.

T:1117       #4     Never forget that any increasing closeness to Me - if recognised - or any greater repentance, is achieved only by the grace of My Merits; yet don’t examine yourself in an attempt to judge our degree of closeness!  My influence is wholly spiritual, and is therefore usually ‘unfelt’; so you should continue to rely on faith in Me rather than on fluctuating spiritual sensations.

T:1118       #1DontDon     Don’t worry about your little offences,  as you prepare to offer the Holy Sacrifice.

T:1118       #2     Think of your little faults and failings as being like little bits of dust on your feet, when you have just walked along a dusty road.  In confessing these little faults, in prayer before Me, at the beginning of the Holy Mass, it is as though you pause to brush away the dust from your feet, seated in My embrace; and as you do this, I look on with tremendous love and admiration. (WC:1118)

T:1119       #1     Follow My inspiration and ‘turn’ to the Father, in Holy Communion, saying: “Here is Jesus, for Your Glory!”

T:1119       #2     Have faith in Me.  Praise Me.  Hope for Heaven.  In the blaze of My joy and Glory - as you receive Me in Holy Communion on the very threshold of Heaven - one song of praise bursts out - now - again and again.  All Heaven is singing: “May God be glorified for ever”, and so you can unite your own heart with that perfect intention.

T:1119       #3     Be determined to persevere. You - and everyone who loves Me - can be certain that your loving sacrifices are worthwhile.  The more perfectly you are abandoned to My Will - in a free and joyful sacrifice of yourselves and of all that is yours - then the more, and in the same proportions, are you ‘transparent’ for My grace and Glory to shine forth.  This is so even when, by My Will, these gifts should seem to be hidden during a particular time or life-time.

T:1120       #1     Notice that during the Holy Mysteries you are caught up in something awesome yet personal, majestic but gentle;  in My Presence, you truly join in the worship of My Saints and My holy Angels; yet I have no wish to over-awe you in Holy Communion, and so I come to you like a gentle companion. (WC:1120)

T:1120       #2     Don’t think that you must ‘impress’ Me, in Holy Communion, with vigorous and lavish praise.  I welcome a sincere greeting.  I accept your heart’s true homage, however quietly it is expressed.

T:1120       #3     Look upon Me as your true brother, your best friend, and your own dear companion in everything that I help you to do for the fulfilment of My Will and for the Glory of the Father.

T:1121       #1     Be grateful that you have been led to open your heart to Me, as you pray before the Blessed Sacrament.  True trust in Me can mean only this: delight and security!

T:1121       #2     Reflect upon the wisdom of delighting in all that I permit or choose for you to undergo.  Whenever, by faith and grace, you consent to My Will being done in your everyday life, you can know that the best possible effect will be reaped from the ‘field’ of self-sacrifice, an effect which will benefit your soul and others’ souls, and which will give Me great Glory.


                           DAILY EFFORTS.


T:1122A    #1     Be aware that although I welcome your sincere prayers and sacrifices, your small sacrifices are very small beside My Sacrifice.  I said: ‘This is My Body’, thus sacrificing not only My time, energy, reputation, human longings and earthly friendships, but sacrificing My very flesh and blood, in a total self-offering.

T:1122A    #2     Notice how I lead you away from self-concern.  Delights and trials are the means by which, under My Divine Providence, you are made flexible and supple, enabled to love and to respond to My evident Will, without your being pre-occupied with what you are feeling.  It is through such spiritual trials that I can lead you - and all who love Me - to a greater and more marvellous abandonment of yourselves to My loving Will and Providence, for My Glory and for the benefit of yourselves and others.

T:1122B    #1     Continue to co-operate with Me, through coming to prayer with love and honesty. Further graces will then pour upon you.

T:1122B    #2     Learn to see your soul as a rounded chamber which I Myself have designed; it has two ‘openings’.  Through one ‘doorway’ to your soul, I can pour My grace within you.  Yet My river of Light and grace and wisdom can pour through you, upon others, only if you hold wide-open a second door-way or gate, holding it open only by constant, loving and costly efforts. (WC:1122B)

T:1122B    #3     Out of love for Me, sacrifice your own desires, and act lovingly towards your neighbour.  Thus, you can be not only fervent but fruitful, and you can allow Me to lavish My graces through you, upon others.

T:1122B    #4     Continue to walk quietly through each day’s ordinary routine, with Me at your right hand.  Such patient perseverance pleases Me.

T:1122B    #5     Remember My presence, and walk patiently through trials and struggles, again and again.  For you who try to love Me and to love your neighbour, the struggle against sin, selfishness and opposition can be accepted as a ‘normal’ part of your earthly existence.

T:1123A    #1     Accept, in a spirit of faith, the harsh experiences which sometimes come your way. They serve as purifications which can bring you closer to Me, and which can also strengthen your soul.

T:1123A    #2     Believe that I am tender and understanding.  I am not displeased when I see your struggles to be loving towards others; rather, I am full of admiration for your pitiful efforts.  I know that you love Me and long to please Me; by your efforts, “you have just proved it.”

T:1123B    #1     Look upon your inmost heart as a sanctuary which you can enter and enjoy, because of your union with Me.

T:1123B    #2     Look within your soul, in order to worship the Holy Trinity, your Creator. Believe that We, the Most Holy Trinity, dwell within that sanctuary; you can enter within your own soul, in order to praise and adore Us, and to rest in peace of the holiness of Our Divine Life.

T:1124                Accept the fact that as you try to do My work you will ‘lose’ some friends and will alienate others.  But anything which you suffer in this way will be trifling when compared with My sufferings.  My Heart was broken not only by the whole world’s sins, but by My being deserted by My friends.

T:1125A    #1     Consider how important it is that you make every effort to be pure and holy and that you are never careless either in preparing for or participating in My Holy Sacrifice.

T:1125A    #2     Reflect upon your tremendous role during My Sacrifice. You stand with Me, after the Consecration.  There, you offer, with Me, a pure prayer to the Father.  You are united in your prayer with My whole Church  - with the Church on earth and in Heaven!

T:1125B    #1     Don’t worry about your busy and distracted thoughts, as you try to peer ‘through’ them, and to pray, in Holy Communion.

T:1125B    #2     Remember that My Divine nature is unchanging.  That which you believed and knew of Me yesterday is unchanged.  “I am the same” today, and therefore My Love for you has not changed.  It never decreases!  It is as fervent and as tender as ever.

T:1125B    #3     Don’t be upset by certain inevitable distractions in prayer.            Reflect upon the meaning of love, and see, therefore, that I cannot fail to delight in one whose distractions have arisen because of tasks done out of love for Me!


                           CHILD-LIKE SIMPLICITY.


T:1126       #1     Recognise how silly you are whenever you begin to be proud or boastful in My Presence.  My Heart is as pure as a pure child’s heart.  It is guileless, uncalculating, loving and forgiving.  It is utterly frank and direct, and is wholly attentive.  Think how amazing it is that anyone should harbour proud thoughts in My pure, child-like and loving Presence, when I have been crucified for the sake of sinful creatures: people like yourselves who are burdened with poses and conceits, with secret struggles and grudges, and with memories of past sins.

T:1126       #2     Learn to live in a child-like fashion in My company, and so live peacefully upon earth even amidst your trials and problems.  Just as a good mother draws her child peacefully onto her lap when the child needs comfort, so do I gently welcome those who confess their sins and who try to do my Holy Will in humility.

T:1126       #3     Treasure humility.  How marvellously can I adorn and ‘clothe’ one who does not seek to clothe herself in her own ‘virtues’, achievements, boasts and praises. The less you have of your ‘own’ - the less boldly you have clung even to your own spiritual ‘possessions’ such as private hopes and satisfactions - then the more lavishly can I clothe you in My own beautiful ‘garments’ of virtue, grace and spiritual beauty. (WC:1126)

T:1127                Be certain that I, Jesus, Who have such an extraordinary Love for each one of you, truly “rejoin” you My friends, at every celebration of the Holy Mass.  I come to you from Heaven - and am Really Present on the altar - whenever My Holy Church ‘calls’ Me through My priest’s recital of My own words of consecration.  “When you call Me, I run to you”, whether by My response to My priest, at the Holy Mass, or by the response and the greeting which - silently - I offer to every person who whispers even the briefest of prayers to Me, the beloved Saviour.  (WC:1127)


                           MY LOVING MOTHER.


T:1128      #1     Stay close to My Holy Mother, who is here beside you. Continue in your determination to please Me and to trust in both My holy Mother and Myself.  Your Heavenly Mother delights in helping all who believe in Me, and who ask for her help.  She delights in your efforts to be loving. (WC:1128A)

T:1128      #2     Follow the advice of My holy Mother.  Her wish is that you persevere in prayer, in every circumstance, that you speak to her about everyone dear to you, and that you live in her presence, more and more, in true charity of heart, just as you live in My presence.  It is also her wish that you try to put all your fears behind you in order to serve Me, that you keep silent about your difficulties, except where you have a duty to make changes, that you suffer patiently, out of love for Me, and that you pray at every opportunity, despite your trials. (WC:1128B)

T:1128      #3     Believe that you are loved!  My holy Mother and I appreciate even your smallest efforts to serve and to please us.  For every effort, you are rewarded more lavishly than you realise at present. (WC:1128C)

T:1128      #4     Follow My inspiration and ‘launch out’ into the future as if utterly ‘lost’, by which I mean, no longer trying to plan your own path ahead, but instead being ever more determined to follow the path which is revealed to you moment by moment as you cling to Me, Jesus, Who am “the Way.”


                           SELF-LESS SERVICE.


T:1129       #1     Rejoice in the Glory which you glimpse, through Me, in Holy Communion. True joy and Glory are the rewards of those who truly love Me, that is, who put My wishes before their own.

T:1129       #2     Rejoice that you are sometimes overlooked, pitied, ignored or misunderstood. I raise higher and reveal more to the one who is happy in lowliness and who makes true prayers and true acts of humility - out of love for Me - without looking for any reward.

T:1129       #3     Believe in My tremendous Love for you.  Because of My Love for you, I made a greater sacrifice than any sacrifice that you have been invited to make or could ever make.  “I threw my life away for you, Lizzie,” choosing to suffer torment so that you could be saved.

T:1130       #1     Submit to My Will, even when you don’t know where such submission will lead you.

T:1130       #2     Don’t make the mistakes of thinking that acceptance of My Will means only acceptance of trials!  My Will for you is joy, also; and so when you consented to My Will, today, you were consenting to Glory.

T:1130       #3     Accept the Glory with which I already wish to crown you.  Although many of My friends are not given visible Glory until they reach Heaven, it is My wish that you be seen ‘crowned’ with My precious gifts.  You must allow yourself to be adorned with My graces - as if garlanded with leaves and flowers.  For My own purposes, I will cause others to exclaim at the beauty of such spiritual gifts.

T:1130       #4     Persevere in doing good work for Me, but try to be unmoved by praise, approval or flattery.  The torment in your heart at being seen as good and beautiful will be your penance, although only a ‘token’ penance for everyday faults, since - as I have shown you - your own reparation is complete.

T:1130       #5     Always remember how powerful I am, and how thorough is My Providential care of you.  You are right to confide in Me.

T:1130       #6     Banish your fears.  Nothing can happen in your life except what I permit, and therefore your fears are not only untrusting, but silly.  I Who permit you to undergo certain trials, will certainly give you the graces needed to undergo them gracefully. You have only to ask.

T:1130       #7     Thank Me for the spiritual gifts with which I adorn you, indeed, for all My gifts.

T:1130       #8     Never preen yourself because I am generous; gifts are given to you for a good purpose.

T:1130       #9     Trust that I can help you to keep things in proportion.  If others should think you ‘good’, as you grow in humility, your burning shame will remind you that I won all your gifts and graces by My suffering on the Cross.  So you must show to others whatever gifts I adorn you with; but none of it is to be revelled in for its own sake.







                           A LOVE-OFFERING.


T:1131      #1     Don’t doubt that your good efforts are effective.  Whenever you have confessed  your sins, in Reconciliation, after a sincere repentance,  “they are forgiven!”

T:1131      #2     Realise that the best thing which you can do for Me now is to prepare your heart, further, as a love-offering for Me.  I show My Love for you in Holy Communion, so - out of love for Me - you ought to be making a thorough preparation for Heaven.  By My grace and mercy, you can do this.

T:1131      #3     Persevere in your longing to give glorious gifts to Me as well as to receive them; yet realise that - of your very own ‘possessions’  -   you have only the heart to give to Me, a heart which has been ‘opened’, offered, scoured and enlarged, and which has now become a glorious temple for My presence. (WC:1131)

T:1131      #4     Reflect upon the path which you must travel in order to meet Me in Heaven, and upon the gifts which you might wish to take with you.  But realise that your heart is the only ‘treasure’ of your own which you can take through the “corridor” of death, taking it - as you sincerely hope - ‘full’ of My Life.

T:1131      #5     Think about the simplicity of death;  you can carry to Me in Heaven - when you die - no great deeds, nor marvellous miracles, nor converts, nor any great achievements, although of course I see everything which results from My grace within you and from your efforts.  But you can carry and ‘possess’ your own heart, in whatever state it will then be in; and that heart you can prepare now, for love of Me, and by My grace and mercy.

T:1132A   #1     Follow My inspiration and turn to the Father, thinking of His goodness rather than of your trials.  Praise Him, and think with gratitude of His great Glory, which He makes to shine ‘through’ you, even though you are like someone wounded, and a sinner.

T:1132A   #2     Rejoice that, by My grace and by your sincere repentance, you now live in friendship with the Father and live only to serve Him.

                                    The soul which is wholly given to the Father at every moment

                                    gives Him Glory just by being alive,

                                    because its every thought and breath and action are hallowed

                                    by its constantly being

                                                “on fire” in the Father’s Love,

                                                scorched by Truth,

                                                wounded for Love, and

                                                illumined and taught by My Holy Spirit.


T:1132B             Love humility.  I delight in seeing you surrender to Me your every desire, including the desire to know what effect our joint work has upon others!

T:1132C    #1     Accept your task, which is to be a living witness to the Good News of My Love, My power, My grace and My comfort.

T:1132C    #2     Rely for joy and strength upon Myself in the Eucharist.  Truly, you pray in a place where Heaven touches earth during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  You pray in the presence of My Saints and My holy Angels.  You pray with and “in” Me, your risen Lord!

T:1132C    #3     Follow My inspiration and accept - and, even more positively, wish for - the partings which are inevitable when people go wherever I am calling them.

T:1133       #1     Don’t be disturbed - in times of difficulty - by what you see as your lack of loving feelings.  Neither warmth nor sentimentality are true signs of My presence within someone’s heart.  “If love is in your heart, I am there;” and by ‘love’, I mean a sincere intention to love and serve Me and your neighbour.

T:1133       #2     Be content that you long to do My Will.

T:1133       #3     Be content with your sincere intention to love and serve Me and your neighbour; it is the prelude to truly loving acts, whereas feelings are unreliable.

T:1133       #4     Go to any lengths to be loving, obedient and faithful.  Be quite determined to persevere.

T:1134                Pray to Me about departed souls.  I always respond to such prayers, sometimes by sending My holy Angels to rescue such a soul.  They stoop to help him as he clings to a cliff-face over the dark Abyss, and they bring him closer to My Light in Heaven. (WC:1134)

T:1135       #1     Urge everyone who will listen to what you say to seek Reconciliation with Me.


                           DEEPER PRAYER.


T:1135       #2     Always pray sincere and fervent prayers, and so benefit from the marvellous graces which pour upon you during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  What a “Fire” is My blazing Love for you. What Glory shines around Me as I stand amongst you! What joy is Mine, in seeing your acts of humility, as you confide in Me about your fears

                           and weaknesses.  What a great Light I shed upon you who kneel before Me!  (WC:1135)

T:1135       #3     Follow My inspiration and offer all you have to Me, once more.  Offer your heart and soul, your worries and your gifts; and offer everything that contributes to making you who and what you are - even your body, and your entire life.

T:1135       #4     Follow My inspiration and turn to the Father above, in wholehearted consent to going wherever He Wills that you go - even during prayer.  Let your soul soar, gladly, in prayer, to whatever ‘regions’ of the spirit He might open before you, in contemplation.

T:1136       #1     Don’t overlook the result of your sorrowful, contrite prayers; I accept your prayers, and I forgive you!

T:1136       #2     Follow where I am leading you as I direct all your requests to the Father.  Pray all your petitions to your Heavenly Father, in My Name - the Name of Jesus.  Progress towards the Father; go forward with ever-deeper faith, closer to Heaven. (WC + OIL:1136)

T:1137       #1     Meditate on My Cross, and also on the One terrible Sacrifice which I made for you as My Precious Blood was spilt for your sins.  Thus, you can flee the foolishness of pride, as you recall that I, your God, suffered and died out of love for a mere creature. (WC:1137)

T:1137       #2     Rejoice in your own nothingness, whilst believing in My tremendous Love for you, and being grateful for every gift.

T:1137       #3     Hope to have true ‘purity of heart’, which is to have a heart wholly convinced of My goodness, wholly dedicated to My Glory and empty of self-concern.

T:1138       #1     Remember that I, the glorious King of Heaven and earth, once walked on earth in simplicity and humility.  This will help you to see the gravity of ever fostering pride within your hearts.

T:1138       #2     Don’t imagine that I give you certain gifts because you deserve them.  You receive them because I am generous even to poor, silly persons.

T:1138       #3     Take care not to grow proud about our close friendship.  You are right to be joyful, but only a vain soul preens herself when she receives a great gift from a generous person.  Imagine, if a little peasant-woman were to preen herself before a crowd which has gathered around her garden gate as they all wait for a royal visitor; yet when the King arrives at the gate of this self-important women, she sees that He wears a plain robe and that His pierced feet are bare.  Dare she hope for eminence, when she ought only to hope for the grace to imitate His humility? (WC:1138)

T:1139       #1     Gently push aside the distractions which trouble you in prayer, even pushing aside the thought of recent special and marvellous prayer-experiences.  If you fill your mind with memories and speculation, during prayer, even with good thoughts about My good ‘teachings’, you will be quite unable to see the Glory which I wish sometimes to reveal to you.

T:1139       #2     Accept the necessity of reaching towards Me afresh, each time you pray, in awe before the mystery of My Life and splendour and power.




T:1139       #3     Strive to be virtuous out of love for Me.

T:1139       #4     Remember that I am “conquered” by humility.  Through your honesty and simplicity before Me, you demonstrate humility, love and trust; and I reward you for every mere ‘breath’ of true love on your part.

T:1140       #1     Mourn, with Me, the behaviour of those of My own children who have mocked, betrayed or destroyed My holy Church, whether in its buildings, in its teachings, or in its members.  Here in England, many of My people have deserted Me, have desecrated My altars and - in your own time - have pierced My “prophets” with the sword of mockery; and My prophets are not those who encourage rebellion, irreverence, pride, self-sufficiency and even serious sin - all of which damage souls and lead to disunity.  My true prophets are those who - out of love for Me, and whatever the cost - remove the dusty layer of cynicism and neglect which veils My eternal truths and My unchanging Will.

T:1140       #2     Pray like a child.  Speak to Me, in Holy Communion, especially, of your heart’s true longings.  Show Me your real failings, and also show Me all that gives you joy.

T:1140       #3     Look to Me for truth and comfort.  Nothing can surpass the rewards which I, Jesus - so good and tender-hearted - give to one who during earthly life has endured loneliness and suffering for My sake.

T:1140       #4     Accept with simplicity the warmth and affection shown to you by those who also love Me.  Don’t worry about not ‘deserving’ that affection.  “It is My gift to you,” and is one of the ways in which I reward and encourage you as you do My work.

T:1141       #1     Follow My inspiration and turn frequently for help to your friends, My Saints, in Heaven.  They take a tremendous delight in your poor, stumbling prayers.

T:1141       #2     Remain, always, in a “just-forgiven” state.  Be penitent, forgiven, free, child-like and trusting!

T:1142       #1     Believe with all your heart and soul that I, your holy and glorious God, am a Trinity- in-unity, One Lord.

T:1142       #2     Rejoice that My Saints and My holy Angels pray with you during the Holy Liturgy.

T:1142       #3     Believe that you worship in My Presence.  I, Jesus, am Really Present in silent delight, here amongst My People, during the Holy Sacrifice.

T:1142       #4     Rejoice in My Love for you.  I, Jesus, really died for you.  Because of My great Love for you - a Love greater than the love ever shown on earth by any lover, champion, brother or friend - I was willing to die in a terrible way, in order to save just one life; yet I died to save you all.

T:1142       #5     Marvel at My goodness!  When I lived on earth,  Love caused Me to ‘tip-toe’, almost, amongst you.  I left behind My Glory lest you be dazzled; and now, in Holy Communion, I, Your Lord and God, - the Word-made-flesh - truly come to you, a sinner on earth, in a communion of true love!


                           SACRIFICIAL PRAYER.


T:1143       #1     Follow where I want to lead you.  During the Holy Sacrifice - and through the prayers of My Church, the inspirations of My Holy Spirit, and My self-offering - I Who stand before you in Majesty point out the way to the Father’s heart.

T:1143       #2     Remember the essence of your worship: it is through My upstretched arm that you ‘touch’ the  Father,   each  time  that  you  offer Me,   your Redeemer,   in  the  Holy


                           Sacrifice, and when, also, you offer yourself in union with Me, for the Father’s Glory.

T:1143       #3     Be grateful to Me that I shield your eyes from My infinite majesty. My grace and strength alone prevent you from being overwhelmed by My splendour at the Holy Offering.  My beauty is indescribable, as are the marvels of the infinite depths to which I call and invite you.

T:1143       #4     Let your prayer be a truly sacrificial prayer.  Your only ‘own’ gift that you can offer to Me in a perfect Communion is the gift of your whole self, as you pray solely for the Father’s Glory, silently, as I pray beside you.

T:1143       #5     Follow My inspiration and turn to the Father, saying: “Use me as You Will, for Your Glory.  Accept my life, for Your honour.”

T:1143       #6     Put your hand in My wounded hand.  I, your true brother, can lead you through everything which - because of your human weakness - causes you to quail.

T:1143       #7     Never act in a grudging manner when you do things for Me.  “Aren’t I enough for you?”  One who has the opportunity to serve such a Master as Myself, and who consents to that work, ought surely to act with grace and gratitude!  Since I have created, loved, nourished, redeemed and fed you, taught and encouraged you, you are very ungracious if you are reluctant to do good things for Me!

T:1144       #1     Offer to Me a true sacrifice of all desires, even of the desire to enjoy spiritual benefits.  Such a sacrifice renders you transparent for grace, grace from Myself which will shine out to help and to instruct others.  By ‘desire’, I mean selfish desire; you ought always to desire My Glory and the good of souls - including your own soul - and your salvation.

T:1144       #2     Follow My inspiration and offer all trials in union with My sufferings, and offer your heart’s wounds in union with Mine.  You can praise Me from within your heart even when it seems as if you are encircled by pain.

T:1144       #3     Follow My inspiration and remember, always, My Cross and My pain.  You do well to live in perpetual repentance.

T:1145       #1     Give praise to the Father by offering Him your heart’s whole ‘space’ and your heart’s whole ‘song’.  Let every ‘space’ be opened up to permit His unseen activity; let every desire of your heart be directed in fervent praise of His unseen Glory, as you offer your whole self in union with My sacrificial Offering, during the Holy Mass.

T:1145       #2     Observe and accept every occasion which can call forth from you an act of courage, hope or trust.  Usually, this involves suffering.  But thus, I am more glorified than if you had not seen and seized such opportunities.

T:1145       #3     Be content to pray peacefully amongst My holy Angels whenever you are ill or tired. The whole church is thronged with them.  You brush them at every moment as you move from place to place. (WC:1145)


                           CHILD-LIKE CONTRITION.


T:1146       #1     Don’t keep looking at long-ago sins and sufferings; this is to be like a child who returns to a laundry-bin to examine discarded and dirty garments, returning even though she is now clean and is clothed in a fresh smock. (WC:1146)

T:1146       #2     Believe in your forgiveness.  When you have freely confessed your sins and have been reconciled with Me through My Church - as when a trusting child holds out her hands to be inspected by her teacher - you should be like one who surrenders her dirty clothes and then, freshly clad, runs away to play, happy at the new beginning, and contented.

T:1146       #3     Learn to look more closely at your neighbour’s needs and not at yourself nor at your earlier sins and sufferings.

T:1146       #4     Try to put away your memories and your confessed-and-forgiven sins.  A child could not be considered healthy and happy were she to keep reaching down into the laundry-bin, exclaiming at the state of her discarded and grubby garments.  So it is with past sins, now forgiven and therefore eternally ‘discarded’.  (WC:1146)

T:1147       #1     Trust in Me.  Allow Me to lift you into the ‘unknowing’ prayer which is contemplation.  You will then be like a ship whose sails are filled with the Wind of Grace, and which draws along in its wake a great flotilla of smaller craft. (WC:1147)

T:1147       #2     Surrender to Me.  You will help many others by that surrender, since - through it - you will be blessed with the precious prayer of contemplation, which is very fruitful.

T:1148       #1     Offer all your heart’s praise through and with Me as I offer My great praise in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

T:1148       #2     Reflect upon My power as I stand before you during the Holy Sacrifice.  My great prayer is like a tent or a tabernacle in a desert; it is sheltering, nurturing and uniting all the little praises and prayers offered by you who love Me and who try to stay close to Me and who try to find protection from the scorching ‘desert sun’ of daily struggle and temptation. (WC:1148)

T:1148       #3     Look towards Me, in the Eucharist.  I, your majestic Saviour, am Really Present, interceding for you.  When you are troubled, think of Me as being like a place of shelter, where - just like parched men in a desert who are delighted at finding some shade - through obeying the prompting of My Holy Spirit,  you can find shelter, refreshment, relief from trials, and also companionship.  It will be as though you are sheltering within the folds of my garments.  (WC + OIL:1148)

T:1148       #4     Acknowledge your debt.  Everything good in your lives and in the liturgy comes to you through Me, Jesus, Who stand, or ought to ‘stand’ at the centre of your every thought and action.  All your joy and security depend on Me.

T:1149                Remember the tremendous value of a sincere act of contrition, by which you can be sure of purifying your soul.  The effect of contrition is as immediate and powerful as if silt were suddenly made to fall to the bottom of a pool of water, to leave it sparkling in a new fresh purity and brightness.

T:1150       #1     Co-operate with Me at every moment.  I can bring good even out of your troubles.  Just as when water is put on a still-misted window pane, the glass grows clear and brilliant, similarly,  your prayers and your determined efforts to be faithful cause your soul to be delivered from pessimism and frailty.

T:1150       #2     Make sincere acts of faith, hope and love, during your trials.  Such vigorous effort is like a vigorous polishing of all that dims the view through the ‘window’ of the soul; and so, through your fervour,  you will be able to see My Will more clearly.

T:1150       #3     Don’t imagine that your fervent and praiseworthy efforts to be cheerful and faithful somehow “bring” My Light to your soul.  My Light is always shining out towards you.  It is through your co-operation and persistent efforts that you permit that Light to pour within you.


                           A ROYAL HIGHWAY.


T:1151       #1     Look upon your life - as it stretches ahead - as if it is a royal highway.  Invite Me to walk in front of you, along this road.  Walk patiently behind Me, your King, and be ready to note My route and to assist Me at every moment.

T:1151       #2     Don’t give in to the temptation to step onto life’s Royal highway in front of Me, by insisting that you shall choose the route, or that you deserve attention and glory.  Dare any friend of Mine act as if his plans are more important than Me and My wishes?  That is no way to treat a King, or a guide.

T:1151       #3     Unroll the ‘carpet’ of life before you, not for yourself  but for Me to walk upon first, and ask Me: “Jesus, what is Your delight?”  Thus, you will be walking behind Me, as if hidden at one side.  (WC:1151)

T:1152A             Be grateful for your simple work, and accept your sufferings; but accept the truth that these things are not “enough”.  I have an additional task for you, as I have already shown you.  I want you to be a witness of My radiant and living presence within your life and within your soul.  You cannot remain hidden, anonymously making reparation in suffering, or acting as a quiet and secretive messenger.

T:1152B    #1     Turn confidently to Me, at every temptation to sin.  You can be sure that through My Love and grace you can reach safety.

T:1152B    #2     Recognise what a blessed place of refuge exists within your own soul.  In every temptation to sin, you can find sanctuary by turning to the Holy Sanctuary within your soul, to rest in the life and love of Myself, your Lord. Truly, I dwell here in Glory.


                           A UNIQUE RADIANCE.


T:1152C   #1     Recognise the unique value of your prayer and praise.  Through your union with Me, your praise is My praise and My praise is yours; but this united praise is unique. The Father drew you into life, unique, uniquely to praise Him.  No other person can praise Him as you do through Me!

T:1152C   #2     Search your memory; as you ponder the faces of others who love Me, notice how - when people grow to resemble Me more clearly, during the spiritual life and through prayer - they don’t therefore appear uniform and lacking in individual character. Each one of you can pray with the divine power which I, Jesus, have given to you My son and daughters.  Each one of you shines with a unique radiance, in a unique role,  thereby giving a unique and special glory to Me which I can have from no-one else.

T:1152C   #3     Believe, firmly, that I receive a unique glory from a faithful person even when his work, gifts or vocation seem to be hidden and fruitless.


                           THE WAY OF PERFECT OBEDIENCE.


T:1153A             Follow the urgings towards holiness which tug at your heart.  It is I Who invite you to leave behind your old way of life.  My wish is that you follow the new way of perfect obedience, faithfulness, love and simplicity, even if, through following it, you should lose friends and acquaintances.

T:1153B    #1     Marvel at the magnitude of My Love for you.  It is so great that I - the King of Heaven - accepted suffering and sacrifice on earth for the sake of My sinful people. My Holy Angels stood appalled at what I endured for you.

T:1153B    #2     Be happy at My triumph!  I who died and rose again am now dazzling in My Glory.

T:1154A    #1     Follow My inspiration and be determined to love Me without limits, that is, without placing limits on the work that I wish to do in your heart and in your life.

T:1154A    #2     Frequently renew your sincere offering to Me, as when you say: “May Your Will be done in me!”  You offer praise to Me in the best possible way by this gift of self, which is a marvellous acknowledgement of your indebtedness to Me, your Creator, Lover and Redeemer.

T:1154A    #3     Open your heart in a further sincere and loving surrender to Me and to My Will. This act of self-giving is superior to all words!

T:1154A    #4     Try to look towards Me, during prayer.  One who truly wishes to surrender to Me in contemplative prayer will make every effort to make such progress as I allow, by leaving behind her thoughts about self, even when thoughts about ‘self’ are to do with spiritual matters.

T:1154A    #5     Raise your mind and heart to Me.  To look at yourselves in prayer, even by repenting, is still to be engrossed with yourselves and is to fail to look towards Me in ‘pure’ praise and adoration.  Your necessary and true repentance must be pure and brief; then you must move onwards, looking towards Me and no longer at yourself.

T:1154B             Understand more about the marvel of your union with Me, Jesus.  You can believe, joyfully, that I am your Word of praise to the Father.  I suffice, as your offering to the Father.  All that I say, and all that I have done, and all that I say now, with all of the fervent prayers and longings of My Heart, now ‘belong’ to you; they are your own prayer to the Father, if you are united to Me!

T:1155       #1     Beware of those persons in My Church who lead others astray by false teaching, or by their example of disobedience.  Such persons endanger the souls of those who wish to be faithful to Me.

T:1155       #2     Believe in My Love for you.  I come to you in Holy Communion because I love you, not primarily in order to do good to you.

T:1155       #3     Be glad that you have the grace to reveal all the ‘rubbish’ which clutters your soul, or, rather, the debris of various weaknesses and temptations.  But remind yourself that, in Holy Communion, “I don’t come here for the rubbish!” I don’t come to your soul in order to heal, reform, cleanse or protect you - although I do all these things, according to My Will, if you permit My Love for you to enter and affect your heart and life.  I come to you because of My tender Love for you.

T:1156A    #1     Continue to reveal your difficulties to Me.  You can only benefit from your trust, by which you permit Me to draw closer and so to help you.


                           A MARVELLOUS UNION.


T:1156A    #2     Accept your sufferings, in a devoted imitation of My own behaviour on earth.  Whenever you do so, My grace flows through such accepted “wounds”, and My blessings are poured through you, upon  others.

T:1156A    #3     Believe that every moment of suffering in union with Myself can be fruitful.  From your soul, grace and light are flowing through the heart’s “wound”.  My grace pours from you, outwards, to benefit your neighbour. 

T:1156A    #4     Offer your life and your heart to Me, and so offer to Me all the people and all the concerns which you hold in your heart.  I “wrap” in My prayer - as I pray to the Father - not only you who are united to Me, united especially through suffering; I ‘wrap’ in My prayer, also, all those in your heart whom you ‘carry’ in your prayer!

T:1156A    #5     Don’t worry about your forgetfulness.  I see - in a perpetual glance - everything and everyone who is precious to you; and since you belong to Me and cling to Me, I make your concerns My own.

T:1156B    #1     Take comfort from knowing that whenever you sincerely ask Me how you can best please Me and fulfil My Holy Will, as when you say to Me: “What is Your delight?” - Heaven itself delights in seeing My Will honoured on earth.

T:1156B    #2     Take comfort from My reassurance that a willingness to obey Me is a great praise of My majesty. (WC:1156B*)

T:1156B    #3     Recognise the perfection of the worship in which you take part, during the Holy Mass. The whole Church praises the Father.  The praise of Him which is offered by My Saints and My holy Angels, through Me, in your presence, during My Holy Sacrifice,  is as joyful, glorious and majestic as the praise which is offered eternally in Heaven!

T:1156B    #4     Long to enjoy the vision of beauty which is Myself, your Divine Lord, in Heaven. You are right to live in hope of entering Heaven; no joy can be greater than that experienced by the Saints who now worship Me in bliss.

T:1157       #1     Ponder the great Love which I have shown for you.  When I died on the Cross, My Precious Blood poured out from My breast, for sinners.  It poured out as a Sacrifice for sin; and that same Sacrifice is now offered from the altar, where bread and wine are changed, at the Consecration, into My Sacred Body and Precious Blood. (WC:1157)

T:1157       #2     Consider the great Love which I have for you - that I should give Myself to you as your Spiritual Food in Holy Communion!

T:1157       #3     Believe that you are loved by Us: by Three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity, in all your weakness.  You are loved by Me, Jesus, Who died on the Cross to save you; you are loved by My Holy Spirit Who guides and prompts you; and you are loved by the Father, your Holy Creator.  In this embrace of Three Divine Persons, you are being nourished by your One Holy, Eternal, Almighty God.

T:1157       #4     Have faith in My great Love for you.  With a sincere trust in Me, you can more confidently follow Me, whenever I invite you into the mystery which is My prayer of Unknowing.

T:1158       #1     Be confident in prayer.  It is because your prayers are made “in Christ” that you can have great confidence.  When your only desire is to fulfil My Will, then your pleas to the Father are the same as My  pleas, because of your union with Me.  So just as all your prayers are Mine, so too, is My praise of the Father now ‘yours’ to offer as your own!

T:1158       #2     Be grateful for your privileged place, at My Holy Sacrifice.  Your offering of My praise is of infinite worth and is therefore acceptable to the Father.


                           MY LOVE FOR YOU.


T:1159      #1     Meditate on My sufferings, whenever you are ‘staggering’ beneath your sufferings.

T:1159      #2     Remind yourself that I hung on the Cross, suffering patiently;  but remember, also, the true reason why I now mention My great torments, which is to convince you that “this is how much I love you!”   Only in order to help you do I remind you, My beloved friend, of My Holy Passion - when I was seized, bruised, mocked, nailed and made helpless.  A great lover might mention, to his beloved, past great exploits which he undertook for her sake, reminding her not in order to make her sad but to emphasise how great was his love for her and how great is his love even now.  Thus it is with you, and My Passion, and My Love for you, and this reminder.

T:1159      #3     Be encouraged by the Love which I have demonstrated for you by My patient endurance.  The torment which I suffered was as surely for you - for your own single self - as if I had allowed Myself to be betrayed and captured in a war, and had let Myself be taken to a cellar, captive, in order to spare the life of a comrade. (WC:1159)

T:1159      #4     Surrender to Me, but surrender not only your life, in suffering, and your soul, in accepting change, but also your will, during prayer.  If you do this, you can be sure that the ‘darts’ of the love and prayer of My Holy Spirit - within your soul - are more pure, piercing and powerful prayers than anything which you might compose.


T:1160       #1     Don’t worry about the ‘teachings’ which you receive from Me in prayer, nor about the work which I lead you to do.  That which you learn silently, during prayer, is a gift from Me, your Lord.  It does not stem from within your own mind, although heart and mind become ‘involved’ in it.

T:1160       #2     Accept the truth, as I am explaining it to you; these instructions are precious.  Your soul is like a beautiful round jar which is lying half-buried in a patch of barren land; and the neck of the jar points to the sky, unstoppered; the barren land is your spiritually-barren country.  The open neck of the jar is your heart - open to Me in contemplation.  The drops which are falling from the sky like rain, or like a precious perfume, are My drops of Wisdom - My “teachings-in-prayer”.  My pure truth is being poured drop by drop into this ‘jar’, like spikenard, gathered for a great outpouring for others.(WC:1160)

T:1161       #1     Never imagine that I am repelled by your failings.  All the little weaknesses within your soul are as if submerged in My Glory, when I enter your soul in Holy Communion.  That interior ‘cavern’ can be pictured as a dark and gloomy place, which is littered with faults, as if cluttered with rubbish.  Yet when, by your courage and contrition, you grasp that ‘rubbish’, uncover it and place it before My gaze, what a great bonfire of grace burns here within you. By My Glory, I consume all your repented faults; the ‘cavern’ of your soul becomes bright and clean; and it is as though the smoke from this ‘bonfire’ or sacrifice pours upwards to Heaven, like incense before Me. (WC:1161)

T:1161       #2     Have faith in My power.

T:1161       #3     Thank Me for My mercy and kindness.  Rejoice that within your soul, after sincere confession and contrition, the light of grace burns here more brightly than if you had not failed or sinned.

T:1162       #1     Don’t be discouraged by ‘failures’.  Don’t be ashamed that you still have to struggle in order to overcome weaknesses.  The smallest efforts made out of love for Me are very important, and they prepare you to do My work.  Precisely because of your fervent efforts to please Me, “so shall My Light shine within you more clearly!”

T:1162       #2     Learn to see your self-conquest as a self-emptying by which your soul is prepared for a great outpouring of grace, grace which comes from Me, through you, to others.

T:1163       #1     Reveal quite freely to Me, in prayer, all the really humiliating things which bother you.  I Who am Truth am enabled - by the truth of your words - to share My Life with you!

T:1163       #2     Believe that your simple confession to Me of your real weakness gives Me great joy, because of the trust it reveals.  Such a confession enables Me to rescue you from your earthly entanglements and distractions.

T:1163       #3     Welcome Me to your soul warmly.  A little bit of ‘clutter’ within your soul does not matter, provided you love Me and express your love by a warm welcome.  I am grateful for genuine thanks, gladness and trust.  I am not offended by your usual foolishness, vanity, lack of generosity or silly judgements, since I know how fiercely you struggle to overcome your faults!


                           CONTEMPLATION AND GLORY.


T:1164       #1     Take comfort from knowing that your true union with Me gives Me unwavering Glory.  A purified heart is like a pure mirror which reflects My pure Light, if that heart is content to reflect Me clearly and honestly, without ‘self’ intruding, and if it is determined not to let any action, thought or word detract by one iota from the Glory which is due to Me. (WC:1164)

T:1164       #2     Rejoice that My ‘reflection’ within your purified soul is now revealed as contemplative prayer.  Such prayer, within a pure soul, is not only pure but is therefore ‘quiet’  -  which means not only  silent  but  ceaseless, if I should allow this; and this marvellous prayer is truly ‘Unknown’ and unheard, with    Nothing Seen, in utter peacefulness, and in pure, clear joy.

T:1165       #1     Be confident that - through your present union with Me - you are very close to your Heavenly Father, even with all your little fears and hesitations; and whilst - determined to persevere - you try to hurl yourself into His arms, He is saying to you, encouraging you:


                           “You are here already!”


                           It is through faith that you remain close to Him.

T:1165       #2     Realise that your faith is valuable for others besides yourself.  Every generation on earth needs the prayers of those who - through My Merits and graces - live in My Divine presence.

T:1166       #1     Be  light-hearted in  My Presence, during the Holy Mass.    As you   think about your

                           shame and frailty you are “Oh! So solemn!”  Yet I love you amidst all your weaknesses.

T:1166       #2     Ask for mercy, but ask with joy and confidence.  You have seen for yourself how good I am; and you know through faith that you can always rely on Me.

T:1166       #3     Imitate Me, in ordered to pray well.  Turn your face towards the Invisible Father - from within whatever darkness hides you - and by your faith in His goodness and your prayer in My Name, and your trust in My Spirit’s inspirations, and your determination to overcome sin and to do My Holy Will, you shall pray a worthy prayer.

T:1166       #4     Thank Me for the priest whom I have given to you.  Your priest will act for Me; you can be sure that whenever your priest makes My Holy Sign of the Cross at the end of the Mass, and calls upon Me to bless you, I Myself - your High Priest - also make that sign above you and give you My blessing. (WC:1166)

T:1167                (Private)

T:1168                Don’t become despondent if you don’t see many results from your work.  “You are making me known, now,” even if you cannot see the evidence . You who try to love and serve Me and to love and serve your neighbour are ‘revealing’ Me through that loving service.

T:1169       #1     Believe in the  power of My Holy Sacrifice of the altar.  Such knowledge ought to make you joyful, since, through My Offering, I cause an entry to be made into Heaven; I make a shining Way which pierces the darkness which lies between earth and Heaven. (WC:1169A)

T:1169       #2     Entrust yourself to Me.  It is through Me and My Way that you can hope to be led into the presence of the Father. (WC:1169B)


T:1170      #1     Put aside your fears, in prayer.  I reward every act of self-abandonment and self-offering which is made out of love for Me.  Also, I reward every question or plea, when it is made with love.

T:1170      #2     Assume that your sincere prayers are fruitful.  In Holy Communion, Light praises Light, which means that My Divine Love is at work within your soul, in Holy Communion.  I fill your soul with the Light of My grace; and as you long for My Glory and for the Glory of the Father, My Spirit of Love is at work; and - through Me - the Father is praised and glorified.

T:1170      #3     Think of the reason why you were created; it was so that you might praise Me forever.  This is true of everyone.

T:1170      #4     Marvel at My goodness.  I enable you to give Me a unique and precious gift of praise.  Who could praise Me exactly as you do?  Since I have created you unique, you can ask yourself: whose emptiness, full of Light, would exactly resemble your emptiness - now that you are ‘empty’ for My Glory?

T:1170      #5     Strive to be ‘empty’ of all that is vain or sinful, so that you might be entirely filled with Divine Light.  Your praise of Me is like no-one else’s, just as no other person’s praise can be duplicated by you.  Each person’s praise is extraordinarily valuable.

T:1170      #6     Treasure and give thanks for your faith and self-forgetfulness.

T:1170      #7     Persevere.  Advance in prayer and self-forgetfulness.  You were created for this: for your own, unique work of praise, for all eternity.


                           JOY AND LIGHT.


T:1171       #1     Imitate the fervour of the citizens of Heaven.  They are decorating the sanctuary of the church with beautiful garlands, adorning the Lady chapel, also, as all Heaven prepares to celebrate the feast of My Holy Mother’s Assumption. (WC:1171)

T:1171      #2     Be grateful to Me for the love of My holy Mother.

T:1171      #3     Imitate My Mother’s humility.  As I - her Divine son - offer My perfect praise during the offering of My Holy Sacrifice, she stands quietly at one side. Yet all worship which is offered to the Father through Me has been made possible because of her!


T:1172       #1     Think about what you do for Me.  It is a privilege to be able to do anything for Me, and you should be glad that you make every effort to serve Me well. “Yet I thank you for all you do for Me!”

T:1172       #2     Follow My inspiration and turn to the Father once more in total surrender, saying: “Do Your work in me, for Your Glory.”

T:1173       #1     Consider the truth about My presence within the human heart.  Wherever I dwell in a human heart, there one finds joy and Light, peace and blessing and hope. These qualities ‘belong’ to Me, and so I bring them with Me, everywhere.  Conversely, where joy and Light and peace and blessing and hope are entirely absent, I am not present, nor is My Divine Love.

T:1173       #2     Don’t expect your love for others always to be met by love.  Those who are friends of Mine are not always going to be welcomed when they speak truthfully, act charitably towards everyone, refuse to be provoked into anger and yet do not condone sinful behaviour.  My presence and My Light are painful to those who are unfamiliar with them, to those who don’t wish to receive them, and to those who don’t want My influence to disturb their darkness.

T:1174       #1     Give joy not only to Me but to My Saints, who rejoice when you are patient. They rejoice when someone willingly accepts the trials of this life, out of love for Me, and also contemplates Me and mourns for Me during My holy Passion.

T:1174       #2     Believe in My Love.  I am always ‘awaiting’ you who love Me, no matter where you go, nor however many distractions arise within you because of turmoil and tiredness when you are travelling.

T:1174       #3     Act upon the truth of My Love for you.  Greet Me;  pray sincerely, and turn to Me at every moment.

T:1174       #4     Act as though you believe in My Love for you, even if at times you don’t ‘feel’ as though you are loved!


                           THE COST OF SELF-OFFERING.


T:1175A    #1     Follow My inspiration and turn to the Father, asking Him to make you into a channel of His grace and joy, to others.

T:1175A    #2     Count the cost of your self-giving.  When someone freely offers his heart and life to Me, willing to be used as a channel through which My grace might flow to others, that ‘channel’ might shatter, because of the power of My Divine fire and the weight of My Divine grace which pours through it.  “What is sacrificed is destroyed.”  Your choosing to imitate My way of self-offering leads not to an easy change nor to an easy transformation but to your being ‘broken’. (WC:1175A)

T:1175A    #3     Remember the reason for your ‘power’ in prayer.  All the people for whom you have prayed - whom you have placed within your heart - are lifted into My pure intercession, at the next celebration of the Holy Mass.

T:1175A    #4     Don’t fear that your prayers are not heard until you go to the Holy Mass.  Realise, rather, that your prayers are heard only because of the ‘worth’ of My Sacrifice, which I offered once on Calvary because of My Love for you, and which is daily re-presented on the altar.

T:1175A    #5     Be confident,  because of your union with Me - which stems from Baptism - that whenever you think of someone’s need and so pray immediately to the Father in My name, the prayer is heard immediately.  Indeed, it is heard at the very moment when it arises in your heart.

T:1175B    #1     Be content to sit or kneel quietly in prayer.  Thus, you imitate the work and purpose of My holy Angels.

T:1175B    #2     Pray that I might receive even greater glory.  You can be sure, as you rest in reverent prayer before Me, that “This is what the Angels do,” as they pray in unison, hovering in huge curving rows high above the sanctuary, and as they bow before Me in reverent worship. (WC + OIL:1175B)

T:1175B    #3     Offer a homage and dedication to Me which is greater, even, than the Angels’ homage - and more meritorious!  How much more marvellous is it that a free soul - through the homage and dedication offered in prayer - does what the Angels do, and willingly,and yet is doing so through faith, ‘blindly’, and not yet seeing Me!

T:1176       #1     Turn to my holy Mother for help.  She delights in helping you.

T:1176       #2     Have faith in the power of your Heavenly Mother.  I respond to her least gesture, since her whole will and heart are utterly devoted to Me and to My Glory.  When she stretches up her hand to Me, in prayer, I grant - immediately - the least wish of her pure heart. (WC:1176)

T:1177       #1     Don’t be fearful, even though you’re coming to a new realisation of your sinfulness. When you surrender to Me, repenting of all that is unworthy of life in union with Me, you ought to be confident, since in doing this you are doing something marvellous.  I am greatly praised by your acts of surrender.

T:1177       #2     Turn trustingly to Me.  As you wait, in prayer, empty of all desire except of the desire to do My Will, you will be given all you need, here in your weakness. You have only to ask, and it will be given.

T:1177       #3     Follow My inspiration and pray - united with Me - the One great prayer, which is a fervent prayer for the Glory of the Holy Trinity. 

T:1177       #4     Honour and worship My Holy Spirit by Whose power hearts are changed and sanctified.  Follow My inspiration and pray fervently for sanctity.  Pray for the conversion of many others, so that - with you - they will be brought to My Heavenly Kingdom.

T:1177       #5     Follow My inspiration, and pray that My Holy Mother will be more widely venerated.  Dedicate your every word and gesture to Me, her Divine son.

                           FIRE, FROM MY FIRE.


T:1178      #1     Never imagine that I change in My attitude towards you.  I, Jesus, your Lord and God, am always the same, burning with Love.  So great is My Love for you that I offer Myself to the Father on your behalf, at My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, as My holy Angels bow low in awe and adoration.

T:1178      #2     Have courage, and respond to My Will for you as I reveal your true vocation. Surrender to Me, Jesus, as I prepare you for your task.  See how, enveloping you wholly -

                                    I approach your soul, almost as Fire,

                                    as I make you a living flame of My Love, a ‘flame’ which is

                                    now reaching up in praise,

                                    perpetually consuming within itself all that is unworthy,

                                    on fire as a lamp before the Father and a Light for  others.

T:1178      #3     Offer perpetual praise to the Father, and help others, by My grace and power. That is the life which you may now lead, if you are ‘fire’ from My Fire, and if you are burning in adoration at every moment.

T:1178      #4     Ponder the marvel of real union with Me.  By the soul’s existence in this holy state it gives Glory to Me at every moment - even in a silent, steady and simple routine in which nothing momentous is done, and which appears to be insignificant.

T:1178      #5     Don’t be perturbed by fading health, diminishing strength, or general physical decline. The interior of the soul which belongs wholly to Me is wholly flame, burning upwards, full of life and movement, even though the frail body which ‘surrounds’ the soul should weaken. (WC:1178)

T:1178      #6     Be ready to ‘fade away’ into My silent embrace, as all earthly and bodily things are abandoned.


                           DIVINE, PERFECT LOVE.


T:1179       #1     Believe in My Love for you.  When you have prepared eagerly for Holy Mass and Holy Communion, “Of course I am here!”  How could I stay away? I am faithful to My promises, and, also, I love to be with one who welcomes Me.

T:1179       #2     Continue to make acts of faith in My Presence and in My Love for you.  I will reward you for every effort.

T:1179       #3     Don’t be ashamed of your real, human enjoyment of the comfort and tenderness which you sometimes experience in prayer.  “You are human!”  You are free to react joyfully to the joy which I give to you!

T:1179       #4     Don’t be so rigid about exercising caution about ‘special’ prayer experiences that you cannot be sincere and open towards Me.

T:1180A    #1     Offer Me as your praise and your prayer, during My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Have confidence in the power of your prayer “in” Me, when My perfect Sacrifice is offered to the Father at the summit of the celebration.

T:1180A    #2     Unite your heart and prayers to My self-offering.  Thus - even if you are weak and inarticulate, or especially if you are weak and inarticulate - you can say to the Father above: ‘All that is in Christ, I offer to You.  He is my prayer!’

T:1180A    #3     Trust that My intercession - offered from your sanctuary - can truly help you now, in your weakness.  How can I fail to help you, when I love you? How can I refuse to help, whenever you turn to Me?

T:1180A    #4     Don’t imagine that I suddenly ‘begin’ to pray for you, when I am Present on the altar during the Holy Mass.  I am praying, already, in obedience to the Father, as I praise the Father in Heaven; I am praying, thus, in the humility of My humanity and in the perfection of My Divinity; and My eternal prayer includes My plea for the welfare of souls.  Therefore - you can be sure - the perfect prayer which I make from amongst you upon earth includes, just as in Heaven, My pleas for your welfare.  That is why you can firmly believe that the intercession which I offer here, in your presence, can help you, now, in your weakness!

T:1180B    #1     Confess your real weaknesses and failings to Me in prayer.  By every such confession before Me you draw aside yet another of the great ‘veils’ which hide Me from your soul’s clear gaze. (WC + OIL:1180B)

T:1180B    #2     Understand that in drawing nearer to Me - by sincere prayer and contrition - you draw nearer, also, to My holy Mother.

T:1180B    #3     Realise how closely united are My Mother and Myself.  One who distances himself from or abandons one necessarily distances himself from or abandons the  other.

T:1181       #1     Continue to pray for others, and to have faith in the power of prayer in My Name. There is no soul so ‘hard’ that it cannot be warmed and softened by Divine grace, once it has consented to the action of grace by freely admitting Light through even the smallest chink in its exterior!  “See!  I can do anything,” even inspiring and encouraging the changes which you see around you now, and which astonish you.


                           PRAISEWORTHY ‘AMBITION’.


T:1181       #2     Follow My inspiration and pray bold and hopeful prayers.  Pray for the things which have eternal importance.  Pray that I might be glorified, that many souls will be converted and saved, that both I and My holy Mother might be more widely known, loved and venerated, and that I might be adored.  Your prayer for the salvation of souls is indeed My own prayer.  You can do no greater thing than to echo My words, with sincere hearts.

T:1182                (Private).

T:1183       #1     Have confidence in My almighty goodness.  I long to please you.  My generosity is greater than anyone can imagine!

T:1183       #2     Be confident in prayer.  Don’t be content with your ‘holy desires’, which are so small.  Ask me to pour My help lavishly upon you and upon other people.  I greet your prayer with a tender Love.  I even ask: “What more can I do for you?”, since, through the private sacrifice which you offer with your prayer, you unite yourself more closely to Me, the once-crucified yet now-risen Divine Son in Whose Name you pray.


                           PRIEST-LIKE DEDICATION.


T:1184      #1     Resolve to shed everything which keeps you from perfect union with Me.  I am pleased when you surrender and place before Me, firmly, and one by one, every fear, ambition and preoccupation which causes you to concentrate on self rather than on My Will.  When you let go of these things, it is as though - bowed with shame and standing in prayer before Me - you are placing bags of rubbish on the floor in front of Me.  You will rejoice to find yourself free of burdens! (WC:1184A)

T:1184      #2     Surrender every burden.  When you are free of longings, grudges, foolish hopes, greed, fear and self-pity, your soul is light, ‘smooth’ and glorious, like something gleaming and beautiful and entirely free of ‘rubbish’.

T:1184      #3     Accept your priestly task of intercession and encouragement, in order to bring others closer to Me.  Freed, at last,  from self-concern you can stand before Me in child-like confidence, ready to wear the mantle which is to clothe you as you walk towards the Father.  Through this symbol - the sturdy and beautifully-patterned cloak which you have received from Me - I am reassuring you that you can now walk steadily towards Heaven, quite sure of your direction. (WC:1184B)

T:1184      #4     Understand the dignity of your work.  You are drawing with you, towards Heaven, many other people.  It is as if you are pulling them along on the train which flows out behind you, the train of your priestly cloak, as you serve God by acting as one of those in the priesthood of all who faithfully follow in My Royal Way, united in your love for Me, and of one mind, within My Church. (WC + OIL:1184C)

T:1184      #5     Believe that you give joy even to My Saints in Heaven, when you express true love for Me in your fervent prayers.  They love to hear you say to Me: ‘What is Your Will?  What shall I do’ - or: ‘Here is my whole heart and my whole life.’

T:1184      #6     Remember that I Who created you for Myself receive no greater praise from you than when you offer your whole soul to Me, out of pure love, so that - amidst the trials of this earth, where you live by faith and cannot yet see Me - your every desire and action are dedicated to Me.  I am praised by such a true and reverent surrender.


T:1185       #1     Enlarge your ‘view’ of the Saints.  Remember that St Joseph - whose love for My Mother is sincere and beautiful - delights in seeing honour paid, through your prayers, to his holy wife.

T:1185       #2     Follow My inspiration and pray to me in complete confidence and self-giving, saying: ‘What is Your delight?’ or ‘How can I please You?’

T:1186       #1     Be joyful, after your repentance.  My forgiveness of your sins and failings is instant, total, overwhelming and cleansing, all at the merest ‘breath’ of true repentance on your part.

T:1186       #2     Make My holy Angels rejoice.  Continue to pray special prayers within the ‘Lady Chapel’ of what was once an Abbey Church.  Whenever you visit, and say even a brief prayer - an ‘Ave’ - for My holy Mother, My holy Angels are delighted that she is fittingly honoured there again.

T:1186       #3     Share My holy Angels’ joy, and be glad that they are so close to you; they are present here, and keep watch in this former Catholic sanctuary; above all they continue to guard the shrine which is dedicated to one who died for Me - Saint Alban.


                           ONE HEART AND ONE  MIND.


T:1186       #4     Notice how much more surely and steadily you are being led to look upon everything with My Mind!  I give this gift to those who live in a true union with Me.  Everything upon which you gaze, whether persons, communities, histories and traditions, problems, tasks, trials and joys, and places and claims and duties, can be seen as with My Mind.  Furthermore, not only can they be seen; they can be probed, weighed and ‘touched’ as if with My understanding gaze.  It is as though I am looking ‘through’ you, with My loving concern and My truthful analysis; and all this is for the cause of truth, and for a true understanding of the meaning of life on earth; it is therefore also for the good of souls and for the Glory of the Father.

T:1187       #1     Never regret your past penances, trials and sacrifices.  Never bewail a single moment of the contrition and repentance in which you struggled, during many years of darkness.  I love you, and I have always delighted in your love for Me. Everything you have offered to Me - every tear and every act of love - has been received by Me as an embrace.  Your sorrowful embrace has been like the embrace of the weeping woman in the Gospel story; “You did this to Me,”  through your great efforts to make amends; and you have touched My Heart!

T:1187       #2     You must believe - even of the ‘difficult’ times - that I have delighted in every good thing you have done for Me and in every wrong thing avoided, even in times when you received from Me no apparent glimmer of Light, nor any apparent response.

T:1187       #3     Never doubt that there is a good reason for My apparent ‘distance’ from the soul at certain times.  A soul which has turned away from me can feel such a ‘distance’; yet I permit a similar perception to linger within the soul of one who consents to undergo a spiritual training.

T:1187       #4     Remember that I am always at work, teaching and sanctifying My friends.  By My Will, I can ‘bury’ someone in a dark night of ignorance and blindness, until that soul - with faith strengthened by My merciful care and training - has been prepared to come out into the Light of My comfort, and is at last enabled to bear the joy which I wish to lavish upon her soul in Holy Communion.

T:1188       #1     Follow My inspiration and surrender your entire life to Me, whatever might happen.

T:1188       #2     Be joyful about My choice for you.  It is a cause for joy, to be led by me along My ‘Way of Suffering’.  It is a privilege to be able to walk where I walked, and to be as if hand-in-hand with Me, Jesus, Who was delivered from death!

T:1188       #3     Be confident that My Divine Light is shining around us both, even when it seems as though you and I are following a dark path across a rocky hill-side.  If you are close to Me, you can be sure of following the best possible Way. (WC + OIL:1188)

T:1189       #1     Put your trust in Me.  Depend solely upon Me, during prayer as during daily life. I am your Protector and Guide during the spiritual journey; I am your ‘shield’ during your purification, and I “am” your prayer; I alone can enable a weak creature like yourself to stand before the Living God, the Father.

T:1189       #2     Co-operate fully in your purification.  I can achieve this within you, very simply, in prayer, when, through My grace, you display all your failings.  Thus, of your own free will you ‘open’ your soul to the Father, and, by your contrition, you invite Him to ‘scour’ the interior of your soul; and this is how - by the power of His Glory - your Heavenly Father ‘burns’ away and so banishes your failings.

T:1189       #3     Give praise and thanks to Me, and so join in the prayer of the Holy Ones of Heaven. They sing: “May God be glorified forever,” singing blissful harmonies. Their joyful praise is repeated and echoed, lifted and heard, as if spiralling upwards into Heaven’s infinite heights.

T:1189       #4     Take delight in the good news which you have received, about a vocation.  I am delighted when a man responds to My call to the priesthood; and My Heavenly Company, also, are joyful.  Indeed, I Myself - as if reaching from Heaven - honour every parent who ‘gives’ a son to be a priest.


                           DIVINE FORGIVENESS.


T:1189       #5     Don’t trouble yourself about sins which have been confessed and forgiven.  I no longer ‘remember’ them, in the sense that they are now ‘blotted out’.  My forgiveness of you is thorough and complete.  I Who am always loving accept your sincere reparation as a gift, yet I neither bear grudges nor feel lingering disapproval!  “Your sins are of no account now, not remembered.”

T:1190                Continue with your fervent and sincere prayers.  Whenever you pray, sincerely: ‘I am sorry for my sins’, and: ‘I surrender my life to You’, that is to say, whenever you open your heart to Me in complete surrender, you can be sure that everyone in your heart benefits from your increased fervour.  Each person is ‘bathed’ even more thoroughly in the glow of My radiance.  My Glory, within you, enfolds them all.

T:1191       #1     Honour and thank My holy Mother.  My Sacrifice was not made without Mary, My Holy Mother, since she consented to conceive Me, and thus played her tremendous part in the sacrificial Offering which lay ahead.  By My Divine Will, the co-operation  of the Holy Virgin, Mary, was essential for My Incarnation.  Through her consent to My taking life from her flesh, she made possible My Redeeming Sacrifice of Cross and altar.

T:1191       #2     Learn from My holy Mother’s example.  How deep is her humility despite her extraordinary role!

T:1191       #3     Cast your mind to Calvary, and to the great Love which I showed when I suffered and died there, to save you, and when, before My death, I even gave My holy Mother to be your Mother.  My holy Mother - like Me - suffered terribly, and was faithful to the end.  In her courageous role she was of one heart and mind with Me as - in My wounded Body - I did My great work of Redemption.

T:1191       #4     Open your eyes to the marvel which was My Mother’s faithfulness, upon earth, to Me and to My Mission.  She was just like Me in her heart’s fervent longing for the salvation of souls, despite the terrible cost.  That is why - in Heaven now - My Mother especially welcomes the prayer which you have just offered; she welcomes your thanks for her patient and loving endurance at My side, during My holy Passion.  See how she stoops to speak to you about her joy.

T:1191       #5     Believe that all of your prayers, and all your requests for prayer - which are good and which reveal your trust in My Mother and Myself - and all your protestations of love for her are surpassed in value by one single heartfelt phrase of gratitude to her for her part in the revelation on Calvary of My Love for you.

T:1191       #6     Be certain that I love with a special Love all who love and venerate My holy Mother, who is so dear to Me.

T:1191       #7     Ponder My humility.  I, the Divine Son, was humble enough to be born of a woman; I was humble enough, too, to accept instruction, not only from My holy Mother, Mary, but also from My foster-father, Saint Joseph, who loved Me so dearly and who taught Me so much.

T:1192       #1     Put your trust in Me, and not in your fluctuating feelings, before Holy Communion. Even if you feel ‘unworthy’ to receive Me, “I decide if you are fit, Lizzie.”  I have judged you ‘fit’ for Holy Communion, by granting you absolution - through My priest - at your recent Confession.  Since, therefore, you are reconciled and are sincerely trying to do what is right, in order to please Me, you can approach Me with gratitude and confidence rather than fear and hesitation!

T:1192       #2     Don’t look upon Me as a hard task-master.  I abhor sin, and yet I can see who is truly yearning for My Glory and who is yearning for his own satisfaction. I see the true disposition of your heart when you make your confession to the priest. Through My priest, I help a person to see what state of soul he is in and what it is that his heart really yearns for.  So I, Jesus, know - better than anyone - that you who have been reconciled with Me have thereby proved not your ‘worthiness’ but your love for Me, and your sincere desire for My friendship.

T:1192       #3     Have faith that it is I Myself Who can reassure you or accept your contrite confession of sin, whenever you speak with My priest in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Both My priest and I understood, recently, that your only wish is to honour and serve Me and your neighbour.  So to agonise over very minor matters is unnecessary.




T:1193       #1     Don’t let embarrassment, timidity or feelings of unworthiness keep you from doing the work for which I have been training you.  I am your God, your Treasure and your inspiration, and I am delighted by your steady, faithful and persevering work.

T:1193       #2     Don’t worry.  My work in your life will be successful.  Yet never think about your own glory; contemplate, rather, Me your Saviour, and all that I bore for you. What a privilege is yours: to be invited by Me to co-operate in My work of salvation!

T:1194       #1     Turn to Me your All-holy Creator.  Confide in Me.  Your every frank confession of fear and weakness is like a gift from you to Myself.  It is as if a large pebble is being removed from a pent-up stream of grace; the ‘water’ of grace flows faster through each gap created by your truthful admission of wrong. One day, when all obstacles are gone, My grace will pour through your life in a torrent. (WC:1194)

T:1194       #2     Make sincere and humble efforts to be ruthlessly honest in  prayer.   That is how you

                           can give Me an even greater and purer praise than that which you offer to Me at present.

T:1194       #3     Try to remove all the obstacles which prevent My grace from flowing through your soul and upon others.  As - through Reconciliation, penance, and prayer, and through My divine power - you make a wider ‘channel’ of grace within your soul, you will live in a life of ceaseless union, in the Father’s presence, at last transformed by Him.






                           ALL-ENVELOPING FLAMES.


T:1195      #1     Prepare to plunge into My purifying prayer of union.  It is My Divine Love which is the purifying Fire which  - through this Holy Communion - I am inviting you to enter.  One who would be close to Me must bravely step towards Me - so bright and glorious - and towards My Divine ‘furnace’ which is My vast, warm and all-enveloping, pure and fiery Love.  (WC:1195)

T:1195      #2     Leave the ‘safety’ of your self-centred prayer.  Gaze towards Me as if from the edge of a cliff; by a free act of your will, resolve to step fully into the ‘flames’ which you see around you.  If you wish to co-operate in this purifying prayer of union, you need only - bravely - wait in silence and ignorance as My perfect Glory does its work in you, and throws its splendour Heavenwards in praise of the Father.

T:1195      #3     Understand that there is no way in which anyone can hope to purify himself solely by his own power.  In prayer, just as after death, it is My own true Glory which burns away all dross and imperfection.  Nothing can exist in this ‘Fire’ except whatever is true, eternal, pure, proven and strong.

T:1195      #4     Notice, more clearly now, that your good but self-chosen penances have been only a preparation for the true purification which comes from Me.  Through My presence within the soul, sins are burnt up and destroyed, if you give your permission.

T:1195      #5     Let nothing remain in your heart which might hinder My work within you. It is My Will that nothing remains in your heart and soul which is not part of the Work of Glory.  No thought, longing, action, hope, joy or memory should remain in your heart except those which spur you on, in the One Way which is My Way, in union with My Most Holy Spirit.


T:1196A    #1     Follow My inspiration and renew your whole-hearted offering, to Me, of your life and your loyalty.

T:1196A    #2     Believe in My Love for you.  I delight in rewarding you for your frank ‘unveiling’ before Me, in  prayer, of your life’s real trials and trivia.

T:1196B    #1     Don’t be ashamed of all your weaknesses and phobias.  Accept the way you really are: foolish, feeble and timorous!  Then, as you fulfil your work for Me, you can rejoice that My grace will shine out more clearly from within your real weakness than from within the life of one who appears to be strong, courageous and successful.

T:1196B    #2     Don’t deny your real gifts, the real aptitudes and talents which I use for My work, with your consent.  But remember that it is I Who have planned the work and Who sustain you throughout.  That you who are so tired and inadequate have produced this  whole  body  of work  will  help people  to  see  that  I,   not  yourself,   must be

                           recognised as the Source, the inspiration and the power now traceable within your achievements.

T:1197       #1     Never underrate the power and majesty of the Father.  His glorious majesty is like a vast and infinite Fire of Love into which you are led through your life in Me, Jesus.

T:1197       #2     Ponder My Divine nature.  It is through Love and generosity that I come from the ‘heart’ of the Father.  Like a man who might be pictured soaring out from the brilliance of a huge planet in order to rescue a small creature who is lost in space, so do I come ‘outwards’, from the Father to reach you and to reach many more of My children who are so far away from Me.  So then - taking hold of you - at your consent, I draw you back into the Divine embrace.   I Who am God and man reconcile men, women and children with their Creator. (WC:1197)

T:1197       #3     Be ever-thankful that through Me, Jesus, your Mediator, you are being drawn into the everlasting Divine Life.  I have ‘drawn’ you by My holy Incarnation, and through your Baptism and Reconciliation, and through the actions of My Holy Spirit, many of Whose actions are secret.

T:1198                Be willing to share in My suffering and humiliation.  You who do so can share most fully in the power of the one plea which - during the Holy Sacrifice of the altar - I make to the Father on your behalf.


                           DIVINE AND HOLY COMMUNION.


T:1199      #1     Rejoice that you can receive Me in Holy Communion.  The consequences, explained, will astonish you.  When My grace flows into a pure heart, I draw that soul into My own pure love of and communion with the Father, in the bliss of My Holy Spirit.

T:1199      #2     Never be concerned with whether or not you ‘feel’ Divine bliss in Holy Communion.  My grace is at work in the souls of you who love Me, whatever your feelings; and that grace is powerful.

T:1199      #3     Rejoice in your privilege;  listen to My teaching;   be glad to  share that which I

                           now reveal to you about  your reverent and Holy Communion:

                                    Communion in God, “in Christ”, resembles

                                    the Love of God for God, in God,

                                    flowing in the Heart of God

                                    in Eternity,

                                    in utter purity and majesty and simplicity.

                                    This simple and everlasting Love in Heaven

                                    is a three-fold Love of Father,

                                    Son and Holy Spirit; and when

                                    you touch your Heavenly Father

                                    and enter His Life,

                                    through Me, Jesus,

                                    in the Holy Communion which is yours on earth,

                                    the Love is the same Love,

                                    The Persons are the same,

                                    but you are now ‘drawn in’ by adoption.

                                    The moment is the same,

                                    since Love has no end or beginning,

                                    the Bliss is the same bliss,

                                    though muted, here,

                                    lest you be destroyed by joy.

                                    Yet, because of all these,

                                    you can truly say:

                                    ‘Heaven is here;

                                    I taste Heaven, in Christ!’


                           THE PRIEST-LIKE WORK OF INTERCESSION.


T:1200       #1     Continue to pray with confidence, asking Me boldly for good things for others.  I will reward you.  So astoundingly great and gracious am I that it is foolish to fail in trust towards One like Myself Who is all-powerful, and Who is also ‘all-Love’.

T:1200       #2     Don’t bewail your past misuse of My gifts.  Now that you have repented, use My gifts well.  “Use them for My Glory!” This is the real purpose of the talents and blessings with which I have showered you.

T:1200       #3     Believe in My Love, and be courageous.  During your life on earth, it is never too late for you to begin serving Me even more fervently.

T:1201A    #1     Believe in My Love for you.  So great is it, that I ensure that you have what you really need at each moment; and whilst you are engaged in My work, I adjust My requests to your condition, longing to give you more peace in times of ill-health or exhaustion.

T:1201A    #2     Remember what you learned long ago - about the work which you do, as you try to serve Me wholeheartedly: it is not the amount of work you do for me that ‘counts,’ but rather the loving intention which fuels those efforts, whether you do little tasks or mammoth projects.  But you need only do what you really can do; I am delighted by your sincere and good-hearted efforts, unlike some earthly masters.

T:1201B             Follow My inspiration and offer all indulgences, for the rest of your life, for the relief of the suffering of the Holy Souls in purgatory.  Every such act of charity pleases Me.

T:1201C    #1     Turn to the Father, and pray in My Name, whenever you offer your petitions for yourself and for others.  This is My Will.

T:1201C    #2     Notice the ‘result’ of your confident prayer and My goodness.  In the Holy Sacrament of the Sick, We, the Most Holy Trinity, encircled your soul - like a cool breath of wind which sweeps away all impurities -  to make the soul ‘fresh’, new and joyful.

T:1202       #1     Reveal your failings to Me, bravely.  Be determined to prepare your heart for Me, no matter how great the cost.  I greet your little acts of contrition with delight and tenderness, as when a tender mother leans over to embrace her child; and I know that your little faults are as nothing, in the light of your whole day’s activities, all of which are dedicated to My Glory.

T:1202       #2     Never encourage others to look upon their sins as unimportant. Things which are like tiny ‘specks’ in the lives of those who live and work to give honour to Me their Lord, are seen by Me as more serious in the lives of those of My friends whose time is spent in seeking their own amusement in idleness, caring little about how to serve Me. Even though such people might be striving sincerely - for several reasons - to avoid serious sin, their carelessness is blameworthy.

T:1203A    #1     Look upon the eruption of unhappy memories - either of past sins or of past injustices - as a temptation to unease and despondency.  My holy Mother and I, with St. Joseph, are here to comfort you in this moment of distress, just as parents would comfort a child who has had a bad dream!  Be assured that since you have confessed your sins and have tried to put wrongs right, you are therefore free to ignore such recollections whenever they disturb you. (WC:1203A)

T:1203A    #2     Don’t dwell upon bad memories of long-ago forgiven events in an attempt at meditation or reflection.  Thoughts about a way of life which is foreign to you now should be repelled just as firmly and as swiftly as you would repel - for example - an uncharitable or a greedy or a lustful thought.

T:1203B             Continue with your fervent prayers, both of sorrow-for-sin and of self-offering to Me.  It is by penitence and perseverance - undergone for My Glory - that you do, truly, climb a spiritual ladder.


                           DEPENDENCE ON MY GRACE.


T:1204A   #1     Follow My inspiration and direct all your plans to the Father, in My Name. 

T:1204A   #2     Offer yourself wholly to My Will, once more, offering your heart, soul, mind and strength for My Glory, in prayer and in all that you intend to do today.

T:1204A   #3     Recognise, once more, your complete dependence on Me.  I am the Mediator Who pleads your cause before Heaven.  I am your true High Priest, leading you My friends in worthy adoration of the Father.

T:1204A   #4     Treasure your privilege, that you are present as I, your Priest, am Really Present before you during the Holy Mass.  My priestly robe is embellished with a Cross, and My wounded hands are visible as I hold up My arms in prayer, pleading with the Father, through the Sacred Worship of My Church. (WC:1204A)

T:1204A   #5     Remember that only through Me, Jesus, can a prayer be offered which is powerful enough to ‘reach’ Heaven, from within earth’s darkness and alienation.  Through the sacrificial prayer which I, the Divine Son, offer to the Father, a great Light shines out from earth to Heaven; and when you pray in My Name, it is as if the feeble light of your little prayer is united with the blazing search-light which is My glorious intercession; thus, your prayer ‘reaches’ Heaven only because of the power of My prayer; yet your little             prayer does reach Heaven, and the Father hears it.

T:1204A   #6     Marvel at My wonderful plan for My Church.  In this generation, as in past generations,

                                    I, Jesus, sustain My Holy Church

                                    by My prayer, made

                                    in your midst,

                                    at the Holy Mass,

                                    each time My Holy Sacrifice

                                    is offered, now, on earth.

                                    Thus, each moment of My Church’s life

                                    is supported, nourished,

                                    renewed and blessed

                                    by Myself, Who am

                                    Present with you each day.


T:1204B    #1     Understand the purpose of all your new work; it is My Will that you say to others,  through the work you have done, and through conversations: “Be reconciled to God.  Only in knowing and pleasing Him can you find everlasting joy.”

T:1204B    #2     Have confidence in Me, since faith teaches you that when your prayers are united to the prayer of Me your Saviour in Heaven, they are therefore heard by the Father.

T:1204B    #3     Accept the reassurance which I Myself offer you, reassurance about being ‘heard’.  You believe that My prayers are heard by the Father.  Also, you know that I am Present in your midst, on earth; see, therefore, that since I pray to the Father during the Holy Mass in the very words used by My priest - words of praise, thanks, sorrow-for-sin and petitions - and since you hear those very words pronounced before you, then you ought, surely, to have confidence that your Heavenly Father does hear and grant all that I ask of Him through My Church.

T:1204B    #4     Look upon My prayer - offered during the Holy Sacrifice - as your own. I offer My prayer on your behalf, and you know that My prayer is effective, because does the Father refuse the pleas of Me, Jesus?  Can the Father do anything except hear My pleas for unity, holiness, wisdom and strength and trust, for the members of My Church, when those pleas come from the Holy One Himself - the Son of God, Myself?


                           THE SOURCE OF ALL GIFTS.


T:1205       #1     Recognise the Source of the gifts which you have received.  It is I Who have strengthened and taught you, by My power and My gifts.  In so many ways, I have been preparing you to do My work, a work through which you will be a witness to My Love, a witness who speaks of the need of repentance, and the wonder of My goodness.

T:1205       #2     Be grateful for the gift of prayer-in-union, whenever you are privileged to recognise My action.  By My Holy Spirit, I have taken your soul upwards into ‘Unknowing’ prayer - as if on silent wings carved from Light itself - and through this special prayer and work I am transforming you. (WC:1205)


T:1206      #1     Don’t waste time bewailing a passionate heart and lively thoughts. These are gifts from Me which - now wisely channelled - have not only drawn you away from former sins but have saved you from the dreadful state which is luke-warm devotion.

T:1206      #2     Understand that within each person on earth, there exists a wide ‘spectrum’ of gifts and energy.  Great energy for wrong-doing can be converted to great energy and will for doing good.

T:1207               Try to avoid even the tiniest act of uncharity, whether in the tiniest thought, word or action or in the briefest moment of neglect.  I was wounded by sin on Calvary; and although your great and deliberate sins drew upon Me the greatest torments during My Holy Passion, yet each little particle of malice or unkindness on your part, now, is as a needle piercing My flesh.


T:1208       #1     Believe that I respond to your longings for My help.  “You have Me” here, within your soul.  I do not suddenly ‘disappear’ from your life whenever - in some small way - you fail in charity.

T:1208       #2     Banish your fears.  Simple faith ought to reassure you of My Love for you. Although it is true that you need the supernatural tact and charity which you ask of Me, how can you think that I love you less, after one small careless act or thought, or indeed, after any failing.  I am Love!

T:1208       #3     Marvel at My great Love, which - like a great fire which would quickly consume small scraps of dust and paper - swiftly destroys your small, unintentional faults, whenever you open your heart to its action. Thus does My great Glory blot out your human weakness, as I come to your soul in a true and renewed Communion.

T:1208       #4     Consider the meaning of perfect Love, and see, therefore, that the Love which I have for you is fervent, tender and reliable.  So when you are repentant, and you draw near Me, you can be sure that My forgiveness of sin is joyful, complete, all-embracing and immediate.  No shadow of dissatisfaction with you remains!

T:1209                Be glad that I have led you to unite your intentions, wholeheartedly, with My intentions, in one sacrificial prayer at the Holy Mass.  One who is willing - out of love for Me - to accept the Cross in the whole of his life, and who accepts all sorts of humiliations for the sake of the Gospel, crucifying selfish desires and even legitimate desires, also, for the sake of the Kingdom, is most closely united to My One Holy Sacrifice of Salvation, offered in the celebration of Mass.  Truly, My prayers and the prayers of such a person are one.


                           THE HOLY MOUNTAIN.


T:1210      #1     Be glad that you have chosen the “narrow road” which I have recommended, and that you are content with silence and obscurity, if such be My Will for you. One who has chosen to follow the broad road will find himself walking steadily away from the ‘Holy Mountain’ which is sanctity, and away from Me, and from My Saints and Heaven.

T:1210      #2     Be glad that you have been led to undergo many trials, out of love for Me.  In the spiritual life, one who takes the road which is not only narrow, but which is steep, dark, lonely and dangerous - that is, who accepts much suffering in order to be faithful to Me and to My Church, even bearing persecution and mockery - takes the path which leads most surely and directly to the ‘summit’.  It is at top of the “Holy Mountain” - at the end of earthly life, and in dying - that My friends reach sanctity and Heaven, and meet Me at last, with My Saints in Glory. (WC:1210)

T:1210      #3     Never doubt that any generous choice, made out of love for Me, is rewarded. Sacrifices and penitential acts, and mortifications - made with love - are rewarded.  I, Jesus, await in Glory the brave soul who climbs up the steepest wayon the mountain of Sanctity, and who perseveres, and who therefore enters, eventually, a door at the top of a steep stairway, a doorway which leads from earth to Heaven.  It is in dying, and in seeing Me in Glory, that such a brave soul - who has been journeying upwards in darkness and loneliness - is amazed to realise that the difficult journey is over and that My Divine, undying Light and My everlasting joy have replaced the trials of everyday life.

T:1210      #4     Strive to love Me ever more fervently and faithfully.  The extent of the Glory which My friends receive in Heaven is directly proportionate to the amount of love which they have shown for Me during their earthly life. So there are many degrees of glory.  Furthermore, when a loving and generous soul arrives at sanctity and Heaven - as if arriving, astounded, at a little doorway, through which a dazzling Light is shining - then I, Jesus, will give to the soul the Glory from which, out of love for Me, it had turned away on earth.

T:1210      #5     Take heart, from thinking about the joys of Heaven.  Thousands of My glorious Saints are waiting to greet each new arrival.


                           THE INFLUENCE OF GRACE.


T:1211       #1     Continue to pray for departed souls. But rejoice that they are helped and consoled - through My grace - not only by your prayerful words and intentions but also by the intimacy of your union with Me at each moment of your day!

T:1211       #2     Consider how many people benefit from a fervent Communion. My Divine radiance, when pouring within your soul in Holy Communion, is pouring, also, upon the many souls of the departed whom I ‘encounter’ in your heart at that time.  It is as if I am encountering them anew simply because  - by prayer - you cherish them. (WC:1211)

T:1211       #3     Consider how both living and departed benefit from the life and prayers of one who loves Me.  If you and I are truly united, then My grace cannot fail to ‘fall’ upon everyone whose memory you cherish or whose welfare is your concern during your life on earth.

T:1211       #4     Thank me for all the things which you can do through life “in Christ”.  What a marvel it is that I, Jesus, permit you to be true vessels of My goodness,, as you bear in your poor hearts true blessings for many others: for as many ‘others’ as your hearts can willingly ‘contain’, as your hearts expand more and more under the influence of My grace.


                           SAINT PETER’S SUCCESSOR.


T:1212      #1     Remain eternally grateful for My guidance, and for the faith which was My gift to you, and which you have accepted.  Be glad that you have walked forward, willingly, to share in the Light and wisdom which fill My Church.  My Light streams through the person who sits in Saint Peter’s place.  That Light pours upon all who willingly walk into that Light, and its source is in Me, Jesus Christ your Lord.

T:1212      #2     Look towards St. Peter’s successor, if you would look towards Me, the Lord, from Whom he receives Heavenly wisdom, as he sits in the great chair of leadership, the other Bishops ranged on each side of him.  They, too, are drenched in the wisdom and Light which come from Me, if they remain close together, and remain ranged about the Holy Father, speaking in harmony with one another and with him. (WC + OIL:1212)

T:1212      #3     Look carefully at the Holy Father - pictured before you - who wears a triple crown which symbolises the great power and responsibility with which I Myself have ‘burdened’ him.  He serves you best by offering you sure guidance and leadership as you walk towards Heaven.

T:1212      #4     Pray, as usual, for those who don’t know Me, but don’t be disheartened by those who know Me yet who - by their free choice - are not doing as you have done and are not running, gladly, into My Light and My Church. You can see that - some distance away from the Holy Father - as if sitting on the edge of the steps which lead down from his place of council and consultation - many persons sit with their leaders, talking together, and devoutly examining the Holy Scriptures.  They are invited to see more clearly than they see at present, since the Light which pours from Me, through the Holy Father, does not penetrate fully to the place where they sit.  I am inviting many persons to walk into the Light which streams from the Holy Father, and to emerge from their present ‘gloom’ of uncertain doctrine and confused behaviour. But they will not move, since they insist that they ‘see’ well enough where they are.


T:1213       #1     Don’t worry about the things which you have been taught in prayer, and which conform to everything that you have learned through My Church.  I Who teach you in prayer am the Christ of the Church and the Gospels.

T:1213       #2     Consider the importance of close union with Me, in prayer. It is when your soul is united, wholeheartedly, to My intentions, that your Heavenly Father can lift your soul to Himself and fill you with His blissful peace, in a true Communion.

T:1213       #3     Remember that every sincere prayer made “in Christ” is grace-full. When you pray, thus, with earthly ‘darkness’ around you, it is as though I Myself leap upwards to the Father from within your heart; and, as I pray - arms outstretched in pleading to the Father - I am glorious and powerful.  Light shines all around Me. (WC + OIL:1213)

T:1213       #4     Believe that your silent prayer is worthwhile.  When your soul ‘takes flight’, at times, into Unknowing prayer, it is as though you yourself remain silently at one ‘side’ of your soul as you offer My own Light, Glory and graceful petitions to the Father. Whenever I pray, thus, from within your soul, you can believe that you yourself are offering - through Me, Jesus - a perfect praise of the Father’s goodness.

T:1214                Encourage others, also, to welcome and adore Me in the Blessed Sacrament. Because of My Real Presence, the Light of My grace shines out from the Sacred Host at the Consecration.  This spiritual Light will illumine and change every soul which freely opens itself to receive it. (WC: 1214)

T:1215       #1     Always be willing to repent, anew.  I forgive your little failings with enormous tenderness, as I forgive all sincerely-repented sins.


                           PRAYER FOR OTHERS: AN ALMS.


T:1215      #2     Keep on praying for others.  Your prayers are precious. Listen to the Father in Heaven, Who says, of intercession, that:


               “Prayer is an alms.”


                           You can be sure that it is because such prayers are charitable and are made “in Christ” that they are always fruitful.

T:1215      #3     Learn to see intercessory prayer more as a loving activity than as a duty.  Such prayer is valuable for the one who prays, and when you gladly ‘offer’ this ‘alms’ of intercession for your neighbour, it makes you holy!  This ‘alms’ brings you even closer to Me and therefore closer to My mercy and to My blessings.

T:1215      #4     See how much good you can do through prayer, and how easily. This ‘alms’ of intercession can be paid to the hungry, for whom you prayed today at the Holy Mass, although you will all feed and assist people in need, if you can.  This ‘alms’ of intercession  can be paid at any moment of the day, and can be given, lavishly, even by people who feel poor or useless.

T:1215      #5     See how everyone who prays can seize the opportunity of pleasing Me and helping others!  The ‘alms’ of intercession can be paid - out of love for Me and for the benefit of your neighbour - even if you are tired or sick, or too weak to do physical work.  It is an extremely valuable gift for others, which can be given even if you are lying down in pain, or passing a day quietly in apparent uselessness.


T:1216       #1     Don’t be discouraged by your little failings.  “I know you do everything to please Me, Lizzie”.  I see your good intentions, even when you sometimes fail to serve Me as you wish.

T:1216       #2     Take heart from the knowledge that My Heavenly Company of Saints and holy Angels delight in the love which you have for Me.  They are awed by the love for Me demonstrated by those who accept suffering and humiliation in order to imitate Me, and to give Me Glory.

T:1217       #1     Follow My inspiration and persevere in the simple ways of proving your love for Me. Offer your life to Me again, for My service.  Pray for the departed; and give thanks for everything that is good.

T:1217       #2     Put your trust in Me.  You want only My Glory, and are happy to hide away and die, if I so wish, content to be forgotten or unnoticed, if that should be what I allow.  Yet such is not My Will.  “I will glorify you.”  This is what I have planned for you.  I, Jesus, have the power to transform even a weak and sinful person like yourself.

T:1218       #1     Follow My inspiration and write down what I have explained to you in prayer. Except for things which are strictly private, everything which you have understood in  prayer - with My understanding - can be revealed, in order to provide nourishment for other souls.

T:1218       #2     Follow My prompting and continue to make acts of humility and trust. Strive to live in lowliness of heart.


                           “ALL THE GLORY”.


T:1218      #3     Treasure the Holy Mass.  There is nothing on earth more magnificent or fruitful, nor more worthy of awe and gratitude than the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which is My own Action.

T:1218      #4     Ponder the marvellous Offering which is yours to offer; all the Glory which I have possessed from all ages is offered to the Father, in My One Holy Sacrifice of the Cross, the very Sacrifice which is now being offered on the altar.

T:1218      #5     Consider how perfect and powerful and worthy of the Father is My glorious Sacrifice of the altar; and see, therefore, that you need not worry about the right words, the right phrase or the right manner in prayer, provided that your intention is true.  You can prove your good intention by your reverent thoughts and behaviour, but - more important for you to know - My praise is perfect and glorious, and My praise is yours, if you are Mine!

T:1218      #6     Leave the church, after the Holy Sacrifice, determined to love Me, and to love your neighbour; and remember that pride has no place in the heart which would channel My grace to others.  A ‘channel’ ought to be like glass, so that nothing ‘snags’ on rough patches, and no wilful obstruction impedes the flow.  By ‘rough patches’ I mean the faults which hinder good communication such as tactlessness, impatience, over-sensitivity, timidity and self-satisfaction.

T:1218      #7     Ask Me - out of love for Me and for your neighbour - for the grace to be peaceful, meek and gentle, rather than proud, touchy and argumentative.


T:1219       #1     Rejoice in your faith, which has led you to ask, confidently, in My Name - the name of Jesus - for graces and virtues.  Through that same faith, you can believe that Heaven is very close to you; and through the stepping-stone which is prayer “in Christ”,  and amidst your daily occupations on this small stage of the theatre of your life, you have an opening to Heaven where My Glory pours around unceasingly. (WC:1219)

T:1219       #2     Rejoice in Heaven’s Glory, even when your eyes see nothing.  Through your faith, you can have a glad heart.

T:1219       #3     Try to please Me by loving Me, and loving your neighbour.

T:1219       #4     Do your simple duties, out of love for Me.

T:1219       #5     Don’t worry about an apparent failure to do heroic or magnificent work for Me.  There is no greater work than to do My Will, quietly and faithfully, day by day, even in ‘darkness’.   

T:1219       #6     Be hopeful.  I will lift you into My Glory when your task is finished.


                           THE TASK.


T:1220                Be glad that even in your imperfection you can give joy to My Saints and My holy Angels.  They are delighted at the humility shown by those who confess their faults sincerely.

T:1221       #1     Trust in Me and in My wisdom.  I Who invite you to do a difficult task will assist you throughout it, tailoring the task even further to fit your increasing weakness.

T:1221       #2     Continue to work hard without looking for results.  You know that I bring much good out of every loving fulfilment of duty.

T:1221       #3     Accept this assurance in prayer that these teachings and your writing will be made more widely known, and that I Who wish to confirm My people in their faith in Me and in their love of My Church will - through your work - benefit many others.

T:1221       #4     Notice how generous am I, and how lavish in sharing My truth with you in prayer. It is as though a mountain of knowledge now sits within your soul, a mountain composed of small teachings; or it is as if a bonfire has been built from pieces of paper. Notice that, higher up the mountain - or bonfire - there are fewer teachings, or fewer pieces of paper.  This is because the teachings which you are now receiving are larger and weightier than those of earlier years; by My Will, they are therefore fewer, or the ‘mountain’ might have toppled over, which is to say, you might have been unable to bear such a ‘weight’ of truth, or to bear the labour of writing and explaining even greater amounts than you write at present.  The number of teachings you receive is appropriate for your way of life, since I wish to spare you distress or over-work.   I know that much of your time is filled with the other work to which I have already called you - to domestic, neighbourly and social involvement. (WC:1221)

T:1221       #5     Be confident about My promises.  When your work is almost complete, that is, when the mountain - or ‘bonfire’ of teachings - is ready, I Myself will set it ablaze, and - by those teachings - My Light will shine out!  I myself will bring your work to fruition and will help others, through it.


                           THE PRECIOUS OFFERING.


T:1222                Don’t let little failings make you downcast; there’s no need for you to search around within your soul for special gifts worthy of being offered to the Father, in an attempt to prove your love and your sincerity.  I, Jesus, am the most pure, holy, and precious offering that you could make to your Heavenly Father; and I am yours to offer at every Mass, or at every moment in which you voluntarily unite your heart and your thoughts with My Holy Sacrifice.

T:1223A            Consider the marvel of the powerful and holy Sacrifice in which you share. My Love of the Father is tremendous, and that Love is expressed powerfully during My eternal offering of Myself in the Holy Sacrifice - and forever.

                                    My prayer to the Father is

                                    like a wall of flame,

                                    Love matching the Father’s Love,

                                    Fire meeting Fire,

                                    My Will: One with the Father’s Will,

                                    My prayer: the same as His,

                                    One Fire, in which you share,

                                    purified. (WC + OIL:1223A)


T:1223B    #1     Continue to pray for the departed.

T:1223B    #2     Think about the Life of Heaven, and live in hope that you and those whom you love will reach such perfection.  Faithful souls who have endured earthly trials, and most of whom have received further preparation and purification, eventually shine brightly amidst the radiance of their surroundings in Heaven.  It is as though they process joyfully to their places - a carpet of flowers beneath their feet - in joy and simplicity. Everyone in Heaven is now innocent and child-like in his freedom, a wonderful freedom from prejudice, cynicism, hopelessness and hard-heartedness. (WC + OIL:1223B)

T:1223B    #3     Remember your aim - and your hope for every person for whom you pray: that eventually, you might have at last the sweet purity of a happy child, in My presence.

T:1224       #1     Unite yourself to Me at every moment, through your faith, love and worship. Believe in Me, do loving things for Me, and pray with My Church.

T:1224       #2     Be confident in prayer.  When you live thoroughly united to Me, and when you pray your sincere prayers in My Name, your prayers are pleasing to your Heavenly Father; it is as though you are praying to Him in My presence as I hold you to My breast in intercession; everyone whom you pray for is “prayed for” by Me, Jesus; I Myself offer all your little messages or pleas to God on your behalf; and My own Merits, and My own ‘status’  before the Father, are yours! (WC:1224)

T:1225       #1     Don’t be anxious about your little faults.  They are like thistle-down, swirling about you during this life.  You are never entirely free of them, but this must not make you despondent.


                           MY PRECIOUS CHILD.


T:1225       #2     Try to live as a true child of Mine.  Try to please Me and to love your neighbour.  Reveal to Me - and accept - your true frailty, until the day comes when, at death, you are taken away and delivered from earthly distress and temptation.

T:1226       #1     Accept your real need to make frequent acts of contrition. These acts bring blessings upon you.  To repent of little failings is to be contrite and honest, and is therefore, to be forgiven;  so you can be happy that you are ready - thus purified - to greet Me joyfully, as soon as I show you that your earthly life is ending.

T:1226       #2     Live in a joyful service of Me rather than in a servile fear of Me. Thus, you can look upon every new repentance as a cause not for shame but celebration - just as when a baby rejoices, at one moment, in its little occupations, and rejoices at another moment in one of its frequent happy splashings in warm, cleansing water.

T:1226       #3     Be grateful that you can now live in a way of prayer, work and perpetual repentance, as you peacefully ask Me for My soothing and cleansing grace, after each day of struggle or turmoil.

T:1227       #1     Consider My Majesty.  I, Jesus, am your Heavenly Lord and King.  I stand before you during the Holy Mass, clothed in a royal robe and with My head encircled with Heavenly Light.  I accept the solemn honour paid to Me by My holy Angels, yet I delight, also, in the prayers which you offer! (WC:1227)

T:1227       #2     Follow My inspiration, and offer everything in your life - once again - in My service. Offer Me your heart, mind, memory, understanding and will, and even life itself.

T:1227       #3     Don’t worry about your work!  By My Divine grace, and by your efforts and the encouragement of My holy Mother the progress of My work is satisfactory.  All that I wish to do through you is even now being done, one step at a time.

T:1227       #4     Continue to serve Me, in trust and joy and gladness, leaving aside - always - anxiety and fears.


T:1228A   #1     Accept My encouragement, in Holy Communion.  Be glad that your near-constant ‘immersion’ in My company and in the Company of My Saints is so beneficial!  People who live constantly in the presence of My holy Mother and Myself - and of all the other Saints - begin to resemble us, in Light, in warmth, in charity and in beauty.

T:1228A   #2     Consider how earthly things can so easily affect you.  Heavenly things, too, can be ‘absorbed’.  No-one can fail to absorb Light, Beauty and perfume, who is immersed in them constantly; and this is as true of Heavenly Light, beauty and perfume as it is of earthly.

T:1228A   #3     Encourage others to pray!  Many persons snatch a brief moment with Me, in prayer, but then run away to immerse themselves in the world’s feverish activities. They don’t wait to receive the good gifts and influence which they could absorb so easily and gently by staying for a little longer in My presence.


T:1228B             Rejoice that you have at last repented of a fault not with shame and agitation but with a trusting and peaceful act of contrition.   “What a triumph”, that you are learning to rely on Me and to trust in My Mercy!  The most perfect contrition is that which is sincere, trusting and child-like.

T:1229                Thank Me for your privilege, that you belong to the great army of believers within the Body which is My Church as it wends onwards towards Heaven, praise streaming to the Father and to Myself with a Light and a Glory unseen elsewhere.  My Church is like an enormous procession of bright people which is surging across a vast, dark wilderness of unbelief. My Church holds close together, within herself, thousands upon thousands of others as blessed as yourself.  (WC:1229)

T:1230       #1     Open your heart to Me.

T:1230       #2     Confess your real faults to Me like an honest child.  I admire such simplicity!

T:1230       #3     Be joyful! My forgiveness is an act of Love!  Since you know Me well and trust in Me, at last, you can receive My forgiveness with joy.

T:1230       #4     Follow My inspiration and  entrust your life once more to Me, for My Will to be done through you, for My Glory.

T:1230       #5     Ask for My grace, so that you might always repent, believe, love, act and suffer in silence and humility, faithful from moment to moment, reverent before My holiness.


                           WORLDLY SOCIETY.


T:1231      #1     Don’t judge every occupation by unrealistic notions.  Although My Church cannot rightly urge anyone to sin, she can - knowing that you are all at work in a sinful world - agree that certain tasks are now necessary upon earth only because of man’s sinful nature; and so she has taught, for example, that Christian soldiering can be an honourable task.  Yet you can rejoice to think that, at the eventual fulfilment of My plan, war and soldiering will be abolished.

T:1231      #2     See how My Church is guiding her children, who - whilst being devoted to Me - mostly live  out their lives within worldly societies; and in these communities and nations there is need for government and good order.  There is no peace or freedom where evil runs riot; and so it is only because of man’s present sinfulness that certain tasks need to be done at present - for example, the work of earthly judges, or of prison-warders.  It is not wrong that soldiers keep the peace, nor that judges imprison wrong-doers; yet these things are necessary only in this imperfect world.

T:1231      #3     Be glad that you have such a tender and loving Saviour.  How joyfully I forgive you when you confess your sins!


T:1232       #1     Believe that if you ask Me to help you, “that is what I am trying to do!”

T:1232       #2     Co-operate with Me.  I long to help you.  Yet I help you to the extent that you permit Me, since I allow you the freedom to keep Me at a distance.

T:1232       #3     Be honest with Me in prayer, and so bring blessings upon yourself. The ‘door’ of the soul is opened fully by humility; and the greater is your humility, the greater is the number of graces that I can pour within your soul.

T:1232       #4     Believe in My Love for you.  I am never far from you, even though you might be tempted to imagine, in Holy Communion, that I am sometimes absent and sometimes close by.

T:1232       #5     Be sure that I never leave anyone who is making sincere efforts to live in perpetual repentance and self-forgetfulness, out of love for Me, and who longs only to please Me and to love her neighbour.  The ‘doorway’ of such a soul opens almost onto Heaven; and I cannot stay ‘away’, unless that person closes the door.

 T:1233               Cherish simplicity, in daily life.  Simplicity is all you need, as you live in union with Me, looking to Me in all your needs, relying upon Me for graces and virtues, and remaining unconcerned by the opinions of others, and disinclined to judge them, unlike past times!

T:1234       #1     Remember that I reward you generously for every little humbling of self and every frank admission of little faults.

T:1234       #2     Follow My instruction, in order to praise the Father most perfectly. Offer My own praise to the Father.  Pray, within your soul: “All Glory to the Trinity, in my emptiness, through You, O Christ.”

T:1235       #1     Shun temptations to be proud of your achievements - or even to be proud of what I have done for you!  Everything good is achieved through My grace.  Listen to your Heavenly Father:


                        “No-one can be proud, who is close to Me.”


T:1235       #2     Reflect upon My Glory.  So great is it - and so perfect is My  scorching Purity - that a pure soul who draws close to me will gratefully accept the further purification which is effected by My burning Glory; and a rebellious soul - unable to bear the sight of My Glory - will hurl himself away from Me.  That is why I say: no-one can be proud, who is close to Me: only a pure soul can remain close to Me and close to the fierce rays of My Light of Glory.

T:1235       #3     Don’t be over-anxious about whether or not you are still proud. If you are close to Me in true prayer, then you can be sure that you have some humility, without which sincere prayer is impossible.

T:1235       #4     See how simple is this truth of the spiritual life: that anyone who is proud and ‘puffed-up’ is self-evidently not close to Me.

T:1235       #5     Strive for perfection.  I am helping you in this effort, by shining within your soul during our Holy Communion and revealing every imperfection!

T:1235       #6     Never give up the struggle for holiness.  Even when great faults have been overcome and when temptations to give in to serious sin - and to ‘lesser’ sins - are unflaggingly resisted, many imperfections remain within your soul.  They are tiny faults, yet they are nevertheless unworthy of My presence there, unfitting for My majesty in Holy Communion.


                           GOOD CONFESSIONS.


T:1236A    #1     Take heart from the knowledge of all the good Confessions which you have made to Me, through My priest, and of all the sorrow-for-sin which you have expressed in prayer.  No scar remains in your soul where your faults have lain, rather, a diamond of grace now shines out from those places.  It is as though - as you stand, head bowed, before Me - I am draping a beautiful, gauzy cloak around you, for you to wear over your normal clothing; and this cloak is studded with diamonds; and thus I clothe you for your worship of Myself even more beautifully than if you had never sinned! (WC:1236A)

T:1236A    #2     Never doubt that I am merciful.  You know this, by faith, yet you yourself have discovered the extent of My mercy;  you have been amazed at how I have brought good out of evil, in your own life.

T:1236A    #3     Never doubt My concern for you.   Consider My great Love for you, which caused Me to stoop to the Sacrifice of Calvary, for the sake of My poor, beloved creatures.

T:1236B    #1     Follow My inspiration and recognise your utter dependence on My graces; recognise your own nothingness.  Everything good in your life, and even life itself, is a gift from Me.  Therefore any pride in My gifts is not only wicked but silly.

T:1236B    #2     Relish the freedom which you now enjoy in prayer, when you are no longer chained by any silly pretences.  At a word of confession and contrition your soul soars into the heart of My Divine Life.  (WC:1236B)

T:1237A             Rejoice that you can recognise and repent of your fault.  “If you know it, you are delivered!” It is I Who deliver you from the power of sin at the very moment that you recognise and repent of your weakness, whether it be an uncharitable thought, selfish behaviour, or lack of care.

T:1237B    #1     Have confidence.  Put your trust in Me and in My help.

T:1237B    #2     Follow your sincere, inner conviction of what is truly My Will for you, as you try to make decisions about certain minor matters.  “Use your heart” to guide you, yet beware of letting emotions dictate truth to you or override what faith tells you is right and wrong.  But use real conviction - allied to conscience - as a worthwhile guide, whilst you continue to seek My Will, constantly trying to live in love and obedience within My holy Church.

T:1237B    #3     Look upon Me as Someone very generous - which I am!  I can give you courage, guidance and confidence for your work.  “You have all the Light you need, Lizzie.”  Just as you give your life to Me, in My service, so, I give you exactly what you need for that service.

T:1237B    #4     Remind yourself that what your faith teaches you is true!  You can rely on Me.  I will give you everything you need for your work, at each moment, so don’t worry. Don’t keep looking ahead.

T:1238                Look upon the ‘poor and needy’ all around you, by which I mean all these people who are suffering desperately from spiritual neglect or from a lack of encouragement in their efforts to be close to Me.  My work in your life - by which I mean My teachings - will benefit many of these ‘poor and needy’, and will refresh their hearts and souls as they struggle to reach My Kingdom in a desert of unbelief and disobedience.


                           ‘LAMPS OF PRAISE’


T:1239      #1     Consider your union with Me, and the power of the prayer which you can offer because of our union.  It is My Divine power which sustains you in every good prayer, thought and action.

T:1239      #2     Be grateful to Me that your prayer is so joyful.  This joy arises whenever My Glory blazes within a humble and contrite soul, when I enter such a soul in Holy Communion.

T:1239      #3     Live, at every moment, as a beacon of praise, before the Father.  Consider the power of your prayer:

                                    Just as My Glory is offered to the Father

                                    in the Offering, at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass,

                                    so, that same Glory

                                    is offered by you

                                    in your Holy Communion:

                                    you and Myself, turned towards the Father.


                                    all sacrifices, united, by your willing heart

                                    to My One Sacrifice

                                    at different moments of the day,

                                    cause new ‘fires’ to flare up,

                                    new ‘lamps’ of praise to the Father,

                                    now offered through Me, Jesus,

                                    from within your soul and  within your daily life.


T:1240       #1     Turn to Me to make a spiritual Communion, at any time of day or night; “How can I  resist such love and longing?” I Who am Love must therefore, because of My nature, powerfully unite Myself with Love wherever It is found.

T:1240      #2    Rejoice in My Love; I long to come to your soul in a spiritual Communion.  I love you so much that I long to be loved by you, and I delight in your love!

T:1241      #1    Display your shameful weakness to Me with great honesty.  I am pierced to the Heart by your moments of true humility, and I always reward you.

T:1241       #2     Thank Me for My gift to you, of prayer.  Thank Me for this marvel: that you are given My own Glory to offer - in praise of the Father - from within your own heart, in Holy Communion!

T:1242                “Shelter” behind Me, your Redeemer, during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; you who love Me and who have repented of your sins and have been reconciled with Me, through My Church, are hidden by the splendour of My Glory.  As I offer My Sacrifice, My Glory is so great that the Father “sees” only Myself; He cannot see your sins; you are united to the Father in and with Me, and all your weaknesses are hidden. (WC:1242)

T:1243       #1     Have faith in Me. “I am here.” I cannot fail to help, strengthen and comfort you who greet Me gladly in Holy Communion.   Whenever I Will that it be so, My blessings can banish all ills - even pain, disability and exhaustion.

T:1243       #2     Keep making acts of trust in Me, the Divine Son. I am always waiting to hear your prayers and to help you; but you have the freedom to remain aloof and to struggle alone.

T:1243       #3     Be grateful that I draw you towards Myself but don’t compel you to approach Me. It is because your response is truly free that I reward you for every little voluntary prayer, sacrifice or further act of charity.