Teachings » Elizabeth Wang, Teachings from the Lord, T01244-T01264

This page contains a selection of Teachings that Elizabeth Wang received from the Lord in prayer over many years. They are in chronological order. For other selections please see the main TEACHINGS page here.





                           THE FATHER’S LOVE. 


T:1244      #1     Live in perpetual gratitude for My goodness towards you.  You have good cause to be confident in faith, since there is no situation from which I cannot draw blessings upon you.

T:1244      #2     Consider the Father’s Love for you;  He is always longing to pour out His gifts upon His children on earth.  From Him has come the joy which is now yours.  The Father’s Love is over-flowing, warm, generous and tender; and from the bliss of His being - from His perpetual ‘newness’ and youth and Beauty - He delights in giving you good things, good news, and spiritual joy. From His generosity spring all the gifts which delight you - such as the friendship of Myself your Divine Redeemer and of your Heavenly Mother, and the spiritual progress of your family.

T:1244      #3     Turn to Me, Jesus, true God and also true man, Who now appear before you as if silhouetted against the Light of Heaven’s Glory.

T:1244      #4     Look at Me, Jesus, to learn about the Divine nature and attributes which were revealed through Me during My life on earth.

T:1244      #5     Believe in Me, Jesus Christ your Lord, Who have come ‘out’ from the Almighty, unseen Father.  I have come out from Him Who is pure, mysterious and powerful, and Who is a furnace of Love, inextinguishable; I, your Saviour, came from Him, and I have the same Divine nature.

T:1244      #6     Believe in Me, Jesus, I Who took flesh from Mary and lived amongst you. I am true God, on fire with Divine Love.  No impurity exists in Me, your glorious Redeemer.  Only through Me has God been fully revealed; I, alone, have given ‘shape’ to Divine Light, in My human nature. (WC:1244A)

T:1244      #7     Learn about the Father.  Let Me show you, as you open your heart, in prayer:

                                    Delight is!

                                    Joy is!

                                    He is

                                    like Me, Jesus.

                                    His Love is the same as My Love;

                                    He gives you Myself, His Divine Son,

                                     through Whom He is revealed;

                                    His Light shines through Me,

                                    and I “touch” you for the Father;

                                    I touch you now, even here.

                                    I am already at work in your life,

                                    in the Love of the Father.

                                    I give you free gifts, in prayer, gifts from Him; but remember:

                                    humility opens the ‘door’.

T:1244      #8     Make every effort to draw even closer to Us: to Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Open the “door” of your soul, in prayer.

T:1244      #9     Bend “low” in humility, near the little door of Truth within your soul so that you are poised to see if the door ‘opens’ to release upon you a further torrent of graces.  By humility, be ready to receive gifts from Me in prayer; if you are upright in pride, you cannot see the ‘door’ of the soul - and so cannot receive all the gifts that I wish to give you.

T:1244      #10   Consider what a marvel and a Mystery is the Father’s Love.

                                    Believe in the Father’s Love.

                                    Look upwards in prayer, as I, your Saviour, reveal Him.

                                    Look upwards, as if into the darkness

                                    of a night sky, where a window opens,

                                    and a curtain is drawn aside for a moment

                                    so that the Father might gaze on you,

                                    and you on Him.

                                    He is gazing joyfully upon you; He delights in you!

                                    Oh!  What indescribable consolation for your soul:

                                    His face is the same as My face, and

                                    His Love is the same as that which I, Jesus, have shown to you.

                                    His Love - the same as Mine - is fervent,

                                    never-ending, transforming, and heart-warming.

                                    Share His delight.  He delights in you, His beloved!

                                    He is gazing towards you,

                                    gazing - as if from the height of Heaven -

                                    with a look of unspeakable tenderness.      (WC:1244B)

                                    e is    He

                           MOTIVES AND DESIRES.


T:1245       #1     Don’t approach Me in prayer so fearfully, still half-expecting disapproval or punishment. “You know what I’m like!” I am wholly good, tender and understanding.

T:1245       #2     Examine your actions, as I have taught you.

T:1245       #3     Go to the heart of your motives and desires, as you think about your little failings.  If you long to serve Me, and if your own heart does not condemn you, you are right to make acts of love and trust, and to approach Me with confidence.

T:1245       #4     Be at peace, in small matters - whenever, for example, you are dealing with small problems about discipline or practical piety.

T:1246A    #1     Turn to Me with humility, when you pray.

T:1246A    #2     Acknowledge your weakness and My sovereignty.

T:1246A    #3     Offer Me a frank admission of failure, with neither exaggeration nor excuses.  By every such act of true humility you are held ever more firmly in  place near the “door” of the soul, through which - when you pray - you enter eternity.

T:1246B    #1     Imitate Me, your Lord; even now, I am like a child in My astonishing simplicity, purity and directness, even though I have grown to adulthood, died, risen and ascended to Glory.

T:1246B    #2     Imitate My holy  Mother, who acted with great joy and simplicity as she cared for Me in My infancy, unconcerned by thoughts of her own privileged role. See how gently and peacefully she laid Me down to sleep; young and loving, she worked and acted unselfconsciously at every moment, dedicated to doing My loving Will. (WC + OIL:1246B)

T:1247A             Believe in My Love.  Remember the warm greeting which you have just received from that little child; “that is how I come to you, Lizzie,”  in Holy Communion!  I come to you with a pure and generous affection.   I am always warmly welcoming you; I am always loving, pure and simple, longing to give joy - willing to be rebuffed - always thinking of your joy and welfare! (WC:1247A)

T:1247B    #1     Don’t hesitate to follow Me into silent, “unknowing” prayer, whenever I call you. You have no need to worry if you can’t mention all your beloved people in intercession; if I have lifted you into My Light in wordless and silent contemplation, everyone you keep in your heart is ‘bathed’ in the Light of My grace, and so benefits from your prayer.

T:1247B    #2     Believe in My Love.  I cannot fail to help you - and the people you love - when, by your obedience in prayer, you prove your love for Me.

T:1248                Remember how loving I am.  You are distracted by thoughts of the work which you have been doing in order to please Me, yet I am not displeased, but delighted that you make efforts to be loving, for My sake.  Well done!  I see many simple things, such as your conversations with guests, and your acts of care and courtesy towards others, as so many loving acts towards Myself.


                           THE HOLY SPIRIT.


T:1249      #1     Continue to make simple but sincere efforts to offer Me worthy praise and honour.

T:1249      #2     Realise your dependence on My Holy Spirit, through Whose power you pray to the Father.

T:1249      #3     Recognise the work of the Most Holy Trinity - My work - now taking place within your soul, as you are praying “The Divine Praises” by saying:

                                    “Blessed be God.

                                    Blessed be His Holy Name.

                                    Blessed be Jesus Christ, true God and true man.

                                    Blessed be the Name of Jesus.

                                    Blessed be His Most Sacred Heart.

                                    Blessed be His Most Precious Blood.

                                    Blessed be Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the altar.

                                    Blessed be the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete.”

T:1249      #4     Offer heart-felt adoration to My Most Holy Spirit, Who is all Holiness and Beauty: loving and powerful, gracious and glorious.  Here, whilst you honour Me by your reverence as you recite “The Divine Praises”, you can ‘see’ that  My Holy Spirit now ‘accompanies’ you in prayer from one phrase to the next,  as a music-master might guide a child in the reading of a melody.  It is My Holy Spirit Who enables you to believe what you are saying, and Who - through your belief - has brought you to prayer.

T:1249      #5     Realise that without  this gift from My Holy Spirit, you would not - could not - believe in the truth on your lips as you continue the Divine praises, saying:         “Blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary most Holy,

                                    Blessed be her Holy and Immaculate Conception,” and:

                                    “Blessed be her glorious Assumption.”

T:1249      #6     Rejoice in the faith which you have received from My Spirit.  You are right to pray:

                                    “Blessed be the name of Mary, Virgin and Mother.

                                    Blessed be St. Joseph, her spouse most chaste.

                                    Blessed be God in His Angels and in His Saints.”

T:1249      #7     Delight in My Presence, in the Blessed Sacrament.  Be aware of the glorious creatures with whom you worship; Holy Angels bow in awe before My Precious Blood, at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.


T:1250       #1     Reach out to Me; long to grow even closer to Me; many persons are ‘supported’ within your soul by your love and prayer.  Everyone in your heart is brought closer to the Father, the more you grow and reach closer to the Father. (WC:1250)

T:1250       #2     Intercede before Me for many people; they are not robbed of their free-will by your prayers; yet anyone who wishes to keep ‘away’ from Me ought to keep away from you who intercede for them before Me.




T:1251A             Offer thanks to Me for My holy  Mother.  You are enabled to offer Me in My Sacrifice in your sanctuary only because - through the Will of the Father - I came to you through Mary.

T:1251B    #1     Show all your weaknesses and failures to Me with a child’s simplicity, whenever you turn to Me in prayer.

T:1251B    #2     Don’t worry about how or when or where your difficulties and problems will eventually be overcome; it is I Who heal and mend - in the right way, at the right time.

T:1251B    #3     Learn to ‘ascend’ confidently to the sanctuary of your soul, during prayer; it is important that you learn this, and that you leave behind all preoccupation with trials or pains, in order to rest with Me within the Kingdom. (WC:1251B)

T:1251B    #4     Welcome Me within your soul; it is truly My little Kingdom on earth because I reign there, as you honour My wishes and serve and worship Me with devoted obedience.


                           YOUR ‘PATTERN’.


T:1252       #1     Don’t compare yourself with other sinful human beings, when you think about the virtues and about sanctity; try to ‘match’ Me, Who am your ‘pattern’ and your model.

T:1252       #2     Aim to resemble Me, Jesus, Who am the perfect human being - also God - Whose virtues and outlook, and grace and beauty, too, will be given to you in some measure if you keep your eyes on Me in trusting prayer.

T:1252       #3     Don’t be annoyed by interruptions in your prayer-time.  “I am always waiting for you, Lizzie,”  with a perpetual and unchanging Love for you.

T:1252       #4     Remember to turn to Me even more frequently than at present, since I never leave you, and I am always ready to welcome you in prayer.

T:1253       #1     Don’t regret your weaknesses.  It is because the sight of them has led you into fervent prayer for My help that My grace shines out from your soul; these streams of brilliant grace now flow out from you more freely and fully than is possible through a soul which feels itself to be strong. (WC:1253)

T:1253       #2     Be glad that you have benefited from your weakness.  Someone who is confident of his own strength or his own virtues remains closed up upon himself, unable to receive the graces which I would pour within his soul.

T:1253       #3     Be thankful for My Love for you, shown by the gift of Myself to you in Holy Communion.

T:1253       #4     Express your sincere love for Me - during Holy Communion - by honest speech and frank requests; but step back, if you can, from contemplating your own desires, however holy; it is during such a time, in Holy Communion, that My own Glory can vigorously leap up in praise of the Father from within your soul.

T:1254       #1     Prepare your soul to receive wisdom from Me; it is through your sincere expressions of humility before Me that you honour Me and grow even closer to Me.

T:1254       #2     Acknowledge your dependence on Me; it is through such a sincere expression of humility that your soul is enlarged, and can at last accommodate many other souls, in care of them and in loving instruction.

T:1254       #3     Bring other people to Me; but don’t think you can ‘convert’ others unless you have already made room for them in your heart.

T:1254       #4     Never look down upon or despise anyone; such persons, if brought closer to Me, or ‘converted’, would have made progress not because of your prayers but despite your lack of charity.

T:1255       #1     Allow Me to change your soul.  When I prepare your soul, and when your personal needs or ambitions are very small, the soul resembles not a dim cave but a vast cavern where - because of your concern for them - tens of thousands of people  can ‘shelter’ in the warmth of your compassionate prayer. (WC:1255)

T:1255       #2     Be glad that when I have purified your soul, there is very much ‘room’ within it: room for My own Glory to blaze out before the Father, when I come to your soul in triumph and love, in Holy Communion. (WC + OIL:1256)

T:1256                Remember your companions; the Holy Angels are close to you, and bow in reverent prayer at the same time as yourself.




T:1257      #1     Continue to pray to Me on behalf of departed souls, yet don’t imagine that I imprison people in purgatory; souls who are still there remain there of their free-will, ‘kept’ there by their contrition and remorse.

T:1257      #2     Consider how merciful I am; Holy Souls who cannot yet bear the sight of My holiness and their own frailty are permitted to remain for a while in apparent darkness. (WC + OIL:1257)

T:1257      #3     Believe in My Love; I draw into My Light and bliss, after their death, those who are able to bear the brightness of My Glory without being consumed by shame.  A faithful departed soul who is not yet fully purified remains ‘below’ for a while, in comparative darkness.

T:1257      #4     Hope to be like the purified and Holy Souls who enter Heaven.  They are so thoroughly purified and holy that any thought of past sins can only cause them great joy and gratitude.  They marvel at My goodness, thrilled that My work  - My redeeming Work on the Cross - has been so loving and so effective.

T:1257      #5     Hope to resemble the Holy Souls in Heaven who have utterly left behind all shame, pain, regrets or remorse.


T:1258       #1     Have faith in Me, your Saviour; I really come to you in Holy Communion; and I assure you, who long for Truth above all, that “I am He.” I am Truth, holiness and majesty.

T:1258       #2     Don’t worry about your beautiful experiences in Holy Communion; who is there in the centre of your soul, then, except Myself?  Who else can enter that ‘sanctuary’ which is your inmost heart?  Who else, besides, could give you true spiritual joy?  Only I, your Lord, or My Holy ones, can sustain you in peace and humility.

T:1259A    #1     Be grateful to Me that your soul is truly embraced by Us: by the Most Holy Trinity, at My priest’s blessing. (WC:1259A*)

T:1259A    #2     Believe in Our Work: the work of the Holy Trinity, your loving Lord; when My priest blesses you “in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”, you can be sure that the Father is pouring His Heavenly Light upon you, through the priest, whilst I - the Divine Son - accompany your soul in the sweet friendship of a real Communion, and - at the same time - My Holy Spirit is teaching, lifting and comforting your heart.

T:1259B    #1     Pass on to your children the all-important details of your Faith, and so keep them from emulating those of your ancestors who betrayed or deserted Me and My Church.  It is not only your privilege but your duty to teach the next generation.

T:1259B    #2     Convey your own faith and fervour to your children by speaking joyfully about the lessons you have learned from present and past teachers of the Faith, about the lives and examples of the Saints, about My triumphs in every age, and about your own experience and knowledge of My Love and mercy.


                           CHILDREN OF MY KINGDOM.


T:1260      #1     Be faithful in offering thanks, and in making reparation for sins by meditating on My Passion; tremendous rewards are given in Heaven to those who - by their patient acceptance of suffering - have co-operated with Me in My holy task on earth:  My task of Redemption.

T:1260      #2     Remember that people have different tasks; people who suffer patiently, on behalf of other souls, are not usually serving people, or healing others; nor are they usually preaching, directly; but they are doing My work of Redemption.

T:1260      #3     See how ‘upside-down’ is My own world!  In My own Kingdom, those who appear to suffer uselessly are the most privileged, in their work and in their reward; those who become like little children in simplicity and trust do better than those who pride themselves on being witty and ‘sophisticated’; those who believe in Everlasting Life are truly wise.


T:1261                Make a sincere offering of yourself to Me; and so let Me make your soul ‘Holy Ground’ where a clear space stretches out for pure worship to be offered there.

T:1262       #1     Learn about the Most Holy Spirit; He is like a little child in purity, simplicity, truth and beauty; and this Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Me, your Saviour, Who - as you can see - am also pure, simple, truthful and beautiful.

T:1262       #2     Let the knowledge of My beauty encourage you; put your trust in Me; I can make you utterly innocent and simple, worthy to remain near My loveliness and to be touched by My grace.

T:1262       #3     Remain hopeful!  By My grace, I can lead even someone like yourself to resemble Me, your holy and sinless Redeemer.




T:1263      #1     Follow the inspirations of My Holy Spirit; it is He Who draws you into a real and intimate union with Me, from which springs your continued and repeated surrender to Me, in a daily self- offering.  Renew your offering.

T:1263      #2     Accept this great gift from the Father, here, as you make your morning offering; you are now pierced to the heart - by His grace and His action - as a sign of His Love for you, and as a sign of your union with Me, Jesus your loving Saviour.  Accept these wounds, through which you and I are more closely united.  By this great privilege, our union is sealed.  Every sacrifice that you have placed on the ‘altar’ of your heart has been worthwhile.  As the Father now tells you:


                           “The offering has been accepted”.


T:1263      #3     Rejoice that every aspect of your life which you have given to Me has been made holy.  The consummation of the sacrifice began last year, when the Flame of My purifying Love wholly overtook you.

T:1263      #4     Prepare for further suffering.  From today, this living sacrifice of self - offered in union with My Sacrifice - will ‘burn’ more brightly.  By this, I mean that your sufferings will be more intense, and, also, will be noticed by others.

T:1263      #5     Be glad that, because of your sufferings, you resemble Me so closely; all during this ‘burning’ - which is constant self-offering - ‘heat’ and ‘light’ are being given out; and this ‘heat’ is My consoling prayer, within your Life, and this ‘Light’ is My wisdom, in your soul; and this “heat and Light” now flow outwards to others, for My Glory, for the salvation of souls and for the good of My Church.

T:1263      #6     Look upon this moment as a moment of great grace. The flames of My Divine Fire are  now warming your heart; see this as My gift to you, before you continue your difficult journey.  Recall the words which I used about your soul and My teachings: that your soul is like a jar which is slowly being filled with precious drops of wisdom from Heaven; realise that, now, the ‘jar’ can be broken, for the ointment of grace to pour out upon a wounded Church.  By this I mean that you will become even frailer and more feeble, as hard work and ill-health take their toll; however, through your slow ‘dying’, in imitation of Myself, the Father is being glorified and My Church is being renewed.

T:1263      #7     Bear your ‘dying’ with great patience, in imitation of Me; thus, as My teachings are circulated, your work will be fruitful.

T:1263      #8     Thank Me for the gift of faith; live in perpetual repentance; don’t worry about what others may say about you, but patiently explain My friendship with you, and My longing to save you all.

T:1263      #9     Obey My inspirations.

T:1263      #10   Always be loving.

T:1263      #11   Don’t look back, but accept your weaknesses and do My Will in simplicity.

T:1263      #12   Speak as a “child of God,” and fulfil the unique task which I have given to you alone.


                           THE BARRIER, BROKEN.


T:1264      #1     Turn to Me more and more frequently from love as well as from need; I delight in revealing more about Myself to hearts which are eager to know Me; I love to welcome a fervent soul to share in My Life and therefore to share in My knowledge of Myself. “Come and see.”

T:1264      #2     Remember the cause of your close ‘connection’ with Me:

                                    Through the merits of My Sacrifice

                                    My Divine Life can now penetrate

                                    every aspect of your humanity.

                                    Through My suffering,

                                    I broke down the barrier between Divine Life and human,

                                    bridged the ‘chasm’ between My Life and yours, and

                                    entered into your suffering.

T:1264      #3     Consider the consequences of My Sacrifice on your behalf:

                                    You are raised up - through My grace - to My Glory.

                                    You are made divine-by-grace: divinised.    

                                    You are made My children, by adoption.

T:1264      #4     Consider your dignity as My children:

                                    At the summit of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass,

                                    I lead you - My children -

                                    into the Glory of My self-offering,


                                    united with Me before the Father.