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This page contains a selection of Teachings that Elizabeth Wang received from the Lord in prayer over many years. They are in chronological order. For other selections please see the main TEACHINGS page here.


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LARGE CAPITAL LETTERS are used for the titles which indicate where Christ is introducing or re-introducing a particular subject into His long programme of instruction, as different subjects are more and more deeply woven together.

Normal type is used for Christ’s clear but soundless prayer-time instructions, here ‘translated’ into my own words.

Italic type is used for words which were ‘given’ to my soul by God: by Father, Son or Holy Spirit, although the words were not spoken.

‘Italic type with speech marks’ is used for words which were spoken to me by God: by Father, Son, or Holy Spirit, yet which were spoken only within my soul, during prayer.

SMALL CAPITAL LETTERS are used for the silent yet powerful teachings which I have received from God our Father.  I have ‘clothed’ these vivid but soundless teachings in my own words - and have placed them at the centre of the page. Italic type has been inserted, wherever - in the same teaching - God’s own words have been received, either ‘given’ or spoken.  (See above).

Bold type is used for teachings which were delivered with especial emphasis or especial glory.





                           A FUTURE HARVEST.


T:1423       #1     Renew your offering.  Dedicate the rest of your life to My service.

T:1423       #2     Don’t be anxious about your task.  You still have work to do, but the ground is tilled and the ‘planting’ is done.  You have planted the ‘seeds’ which are your past prayers and good actions; I will make these seeds grow, and I Myself - by sunshine and water, whenever I choose to give them - will draw up a great harvest.

T:1424       #1     Persevere in your difficult work.  It is I Who have invited you to do this task, which is the task of making reparation for sin, reparation not only for your own sins but for the sins of other people: reparation which can only be offered by someone like yourself, someone weak and contrite!

T:1424       #2     See what a privilege it is, that I have chosen you to be united with Me in My work of Salvation. I invite to such an important work not the strong, brave and noble, but only those who love Me more than anything else!  I ask only those who are willing to please Me in doing tasks which, without faith, would seem pointless and cruel. Truly, one who does not love Me more than anyone or anything else will not be willing to co-operate; nor will he agree to suffer humiliations out of love for Me.

T:1425       #1     Continue to offer thanks to the Father in every circumstance, even in real pain and difficulty.  The best way of praying is that which I have led you to attempt: a total love of and acceptance of the Father’s Will.  As you express such love and acceptance, your prayer begins to resemble Mine.

T:1425       #2     Understand how marvellous is a patient acceptance of the Father’s Will; “This is perfect prayer: a prayer with no gaps”.  If you were to pray to the Father: “I thank You for everything which you have given me, except such-and-such a thing”, your prayer would be less than perfect!


                           A SINCERE CONFESSION.


T:1426      #1     Try to cultivate peace and contentment within your soul. It is when you have revealed, in prayer, all that is weakest and worst in your life that you can expect to be helped.  Listen to your Heavenly Father, who is telling you:


                                                                                   BE AT PEACE.

                                                              BY YOUR SINCERE CONFESSION

                                                                                YOU PLEASE ME.

                                                         I AM GIVING YOU MY PROFOUND PEACE,


T:1426       #2                                       DON’T BE ASHAMED OF CONTRITION

                                                              AND SELF-ABASEMENT IN PRAYER.                         

                                                                   “That is why I give you work to do”,



T:1426       #3                       I AM HONOURED BY YOUR TRUTHFUL CONFESSIONS.  

                                                                  The trust-of-Me WHICH IS SHOWN

                                             WHENEVER YOU REVEAL YOUR WEAKNESSES TO ME,

                                                                        and the humiliation accepted

                                                   IN THAT HONEST REVELATION-OF-WEAKNESS,

                                                                    is a great prayer of praise of Me.

                                             YOUR FRANK CONFESSION OF FAULTS DELIGHTS ME. 


                                             - ALTHOUGH ONLY THROUGH THE GRACE OF CHRIST -


                                                              IN YOUR OWN PARTICULAR TASKS.


T:1426       #4     Don’t be afraid.  You will succeed in your work, in making Me known and loved by others; you will succeed “soon, Lizzie, soon.”

T:1427       #1     Look towards the altar, during the Holy Sacrifice of Mass.  Here I am, your Priest, clothed in a fitting manner to make this sacred Offering.  I am Really Present amongst you, My hands upraised in prayer before the Father.  (WC:1427)

T:1427       #2     Try to brush aside the little earthly preoccupations which clutter your mind during prayer.  But don’t be sad or anxious about the distractions which are caused by day-long attention to Divinely-willed household duties.

T:1428       #1     Allow me to change those things within your heart and mind which are still ‘un-Christlike’.  You know how, when molten gold is poured into a mould, it streams across and around the bumps which protrude from the mould’s inner surface; in a similar way, when My grace pours within your soul, it is those ‘parts’ of your soul which are proud or self-seeking that interfere with the flow of My gifts. (WC:1428)

T:1428       #2     Be willing to change.  Let Me be the craftsman who smoothes and makes low your soul’s rough surface!  By as much as you surrender of your soul’s ambitions, by so much - the same amount - can My grace pour within you to set you on fire: to be a furnace of My Divine Glory.

T:1429                Turn your thoughts to My holy Mother, as you celebrate My Ascension into Heaven. See how inconceivable it is that, some time after My own triumph, I should have failed to bring her -  body and soul - into Heaven.  After My Ascension - and after a long interval in which the new Church was helped by the sacrifices of My Mother - I lifted her up into Glory, so that she could share My joy.  Our re-union was blissful.  My gratitude to her is boundless. Only through her free co-operation with the Father did I receive human life and flesh, and come to earth to save you.

T:1430       #1     Continue to offer your four-fold prayer to the Father.  As you pray in My Name, offer praise, thanksgiving, reparation for sin, and petitions.     Never forget that when

                           you make requests of the Father, through Me, you are making them with My infinite power!

T:1430       #2     Be more confident.  How great is the Father’s Love for you, and what great power He gives you, through your union with Me.  Your little efforts - in work and in prayer - are valuable.

T:1431       #1     Love your neighbour.  Always be loving.  Whenever you meet people who are distressed, angry or anxious, or who have little faith or hope, pray for each one.  Be kind.  You know that it is when you are mentally criticising such people that you sometimes forget to pray for them.

T:1431       #2     Learn to value even the briefest of prayers.  The more frequently you turn to Me and pray for others, the greater will be the number of people whom I can ‘embrace’ within your heart, and not only embrace, but help, and also enable you to hold firmly within your heart forever.

T:1431       #3     Realise that frequent intercessions for other people benefit your own heart, as well as theirs. The more frequently you turn to Me, interceding, then the more swiftly - through My grace - do you grow in charity; and thus you escape the fate of having a heart which is like a silted-up lake, as if ‘silted up’ with the grime of ‘un-loving’.


                           SPIRITUAL SECURITY.


T:1432       #1     Always be grateful for the spiritual security which is yours as you pray with your spiritual brothers and sisters, here in the Church, offering My Holy Sacrifice.  You pray through Me, with Me and “in” Me.  You can rely on the extraordinary power of My prayer, as it arises to the Father from the midst of My People - yourselves.

T:1432       #2     Unite yourself, heart and mind, with My Sacrificial prayer, during the Holy Mass.  It is as though you who are faithful members of My holy Church are sailing with Me on a huge raft, on the open sea; and you are trying to enter an estuary in order to reach the bright country - which is Heaven, your safe haven - which lies ahead; and in the middle of that raft, high above your heads, I am hanging on the Cross, offering My life for sinners.  You can be sure that by My prayers this ‘raft’ - which is My Holy Catholic Church - is guided towards Heaven; and by My Sacrifice I ‘pierce’ Heaven; I make a way through, and lead you towards your eternal home. (WC:1432)

T:1432       #3     See how important is your acknowledgement of My atoning Work: My Passion. You can all be certain, about Myself and about Heaven, that without My death you could not enter; and it is during the Holy Mass that you can acknowledge My Work.

T:1433       #1     Believe in the Divine power of My prayer.  You who gather in the church, devoutly praying, are not offering feeble prayers to an unknown deity!  I, Jesus your Saviour - now glorious, and robed as a priest - stand amongst you.  Truly, I am here with you on earth, in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar, and I am offering My Holy Sacrifice and My heart-felt prayers - through My priest - to the Almighty Father.  Can My prayers be refused? My powerful and glorious prayer is streaming upwards to Heaven. (WC + OIL:1433)

T:1433       #2     Follow My inspiration and offer your heart, your life and your work for the Glory of the Most Holy Trinity.


                           CONFIDENT REQUESTS.


T:1433       #3     Treasure our friendship. It is because of your union with Me - Jesus Christ your Redeemer - that the Father in Heaven delights in granting your prayers.  He delights in doing the will of one who gives to Him her life, love, obedience and loyalty.

T:1433       #4     Don’t be surprised at seeing your little requests - and large - delightedly granted by your Heavenly Father.  These gifts are granted because of My merits, the Father’s goodness, and your faith-filled prayer.

T:1433       #5     Let Me encourage you to be even more confident in prayer.  When we eventually live in an even greater and more intimate friendship, you will live,  therefore,  in even greater joy, and you will pray with even greater trust in My merits and in the Father’s goodness!

T:1434                Continue to pray for other people.  The prayers which you offer for other people in My Name affect your own life as well as theirs.  Trusting and charitable prayers always lead you closer to Me, and closer to the peace which I delight in giving you. You can see that I am drawing you, now, to sit at peace in My Presence, like a child of earth who nevertheless sits, utterly content, almost half into Heaven. (WC:1434)


                           DIVINE GUIDANCE.


T:1435       #1     Continue to ask for the guidance of My Holy Spirit, as you consider various courses of action. Divine guidance is always given, when sincerely requested, even when you don’t recognise that guidance, which is sometimes very quiet and gentle.

T:1435       #2     Recognise the work of My Holy Spirit in your past life.  You rightly call Him Lord, Holy God, Life-Giver, Giver of gifts and Creator!  He Who created My human soul when I was conceived in the womb of Mary, My virgin Mother, is powerfully at work in the lives of those who seek Me.

T:1435       #3     Recall the powerful promptings towards good which, in past years, have impelled you to action.  Those promptings were the work of My Holy Spirit, Who is now explaining:


                                                                              “It is I Who urge you.”


                           Just as My Spirit’s words to you are unexpected but gentle, so His past ‘urgings’ in your life have been the same: unexpected and gentle, and also purposeful and strong. He it was Who once urged you to pray, after some neglect of prayer.  He it was Who urged you to search for Me, when you entered a Catholic Church to look for the tabernacle and the Blessed Sacrament.  He it was Who urged you to study the Faith, to see a Catholic priest, to ask to be received into My Holy Church, and to strive for holiness.  He urged you to repent, after each fall!  It was My Spirit Who urged you to be obedient to Me, in all of those things about which I have revealed My holy Will.  He has urged you to speak to your parish priest about serious things at each stage of your spiritual journey; and He has also been urging you to make greater efforts to share and to spread the Gospel message in every appropriate way.

T:1435       #4     Be faithful to the good promptings of My Spirit.  It is He Who urges you now to speak to the parish priest about particular changes within your soul.  Don’t be afraid.  Your obedience is pleasing to Me.

T:1436       #1     Banish the conflict in your heart, as you think about degrees of hospitality in daily life. Consider the beauty and simplicity of My Will for your life; I want you to “be loving, Lizzie,” and even willing to be crushed, all energy spent, if this should be necessary in order to fulfil My wishes.

T:1436       #2     Look within your heart, and see how the conflict within is caused by your reluctance to follow wherever I lead you.  You are hoping, still, to put limits on your service of Me,  not yet wholly abandoned to My Will at every moment.


                           HONOUR TO THE FATHER.


T:1437      #1     Follow My inspiration and surrender freely to the Father, once more, all of your own ideas and ambitions; and offer My Holy Sacrifice in praise of Him Who is worthy of such homage.


T:1437      #2     Consider precisely what it was in My once-for-all Offering of Myself in suffering and death that gave such praise and glory to My Heavenly Father; listen, as He teaches you:


                                                             YOUR SELF-OFFERING DELIGHTS ME.


                                                               HOW DID CHRIST, YOUR SAVIOUR,

                                               PAY SUFFICIENT HONOUR TO MY DIVINE MAJESTY,

                                                               WHEN HE WAS LIVING ON EARTH? 

                                                  I, His Father, was honoured supremely, and gloriously,

                                                          by His utter and loving submission to My Will,

                                                         EVEN WHEN MY WILL WAS WORKED OUT

                                            THROUGH THE ACTIONS AND DECISIONS OF EVIL MEN. 

                                                                         This submission was shown

                                                        by His self-offering of His Will and of His Body. 

                                                            That trustful submission to Me, His Father,

                                                          was the greatest possible praise of My Majesty;

                                                             and so it is in your lives, If You Consent!


T:1437      #3                             Submit To My Will At Every Moment Of The Day,


                                      YOUR TOTAL SUBMISSION TO ME, YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER,

                                                    IS THE GREATEST MEANS OF HONOURING ME.


                                                                 I DELIGHT IN YOUR OBEDIENCE.

                                         A SUBMISSION WHICH IS FREE, WILLING AND GENEROUS,

                                           MADE IN UNION WITH CHRIST’S TOTAL SELF-OFFERING

                                                                     AND OBEDIENT TO MY WILL,



                           PREPARATION FOR HEAVEN.


T:1438      #1     Be glad that you have had the courage to reveal your heart to Me, in sincere prayer.  You cannot fail to benefit from having abandoned yourself wholly to My Will as much during prayer as during life’s domestic and social activities.

T:1438      #2     Look upon prayer as a preparation for Heaven, as well as a meeting with Me in the present moment.  You who expose your souls to My scorching Light during your prayer-time  are thereby preparing yourselves to be able to bear the sight and the experience of My brilliant and Divine Light as it suddenly pours upon you later on: when the time comes for you die. (WC:1438A)

T:1438      #3     Consider the purity of My Divine nature; and consider, also, the perfect purity necessary in one who would enjoy My Divine embrace; gaze at the radiant Light which I now reveal to you, in prayer, as your Heavenly Father teaches you about Bliss, and also about Eternal unhappiness:


                                                                              DON’T BE AFRAID.

                                                                                 SEE WHAT I SEE

                                                AS A HOLY SOUL, DEPARTED FROM EARTHLY LIFE,

                                                                        AND UTTERLY PURIFIED,

                                                                          APPROACHES HEAVEN.


                                                  I AM SHOWING YOU THE JOY OF PERSEVERANCE

                                                                                      AND ALSO

                                                                                THE PAIN OF SIN.


                                                                  FROM THE BEAUTY OF HEAVEN

                                                               AND FROM THE FIRE OF MY GLORY

                                               I SEND OUT RAYS OF GLORIOUS AND DIVINE LIGHT.

                                                       I AM SHOWING YOU The Light of My Holiness.

                                                                            I DRAW MY FRIENDS

                                       INTO THOSE BRIGHT AND TRANSPARENT BEAMS OF GRACE:

                                            I IMMERSE MY FRIENDS IN MY PURE AND INFINITE JOY,

                                                            IN THE REALM OF INFINITE CHARITY.


                                                                      Into that Light enter Holy Souls

                                                  who have been purified and who are ‘ready’ for Heaven.

                                                                            They enter without pain.

                                                          There is no sin in them which can ‘catch fire’.

                                                                 They are wholly light, entering Light,


                                                                             of the Fire of My Love.


                                                                     It is not so with those others who

                                                                       - at a great distance from Me -

                                                                           carry their sins like sores,

                                                           burdened by them like coals which are on fire

                                                                                       before Me.

                                                 CERTAIN DEPARTED SOULS, BY THEIR OWN WILL,

                                                                              EXIST FAR BELOW,

                                                         BEYOND THE FULL BLAZE OF MY GLORY.


                                                                     THEY HIDE FROM MY LIGHT.

                                                              THEY ARE COVERED IN THE ‘SORES’

                                                            WHICH ARE THEIR UNREPENTED SINS:

                                                    AND SIN IS UGLY, DISFIGURING AND PAINFUL.

                                                                Nothing would persuade those persons

                                                                                to give up their sins

                                                              which now are the cause of so much pain,


                                                                   one who, in submission to My Will,

                                                                      accepts the humiliation involved

                                                             in confessing sins and in being reconciled,

                                                                             gives great praise to Me

                                                     by that act of humility, and by the trust in Me shown

                                                                             in that act of obedience

                                                                                    to My Church.

                           (WC + OIL:1438B)


T:1439                You are right to rejoice in Our feast: the Feast of the Holy Trinity. Have confidence in  Our  care  of  you  and  in  Our  oving action in the world.  Your Heavenly Father sends out His rays of Glory towards the earth; He enfolds humanity as if in an ‘embrace of God’.  I, the Word, and My Holy Spirit are like two arms from God the Father.  All who live on earth are touched by the powerful and loving  actions of  the


                           Most Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit - One Holy Creator. (WC + OIL: 1439).

T:1440                See how joyfully I greet you in this Holy Communion, when you make a grateful reference to My Mother’s feast-day.  “One who honours My holy Mother honours Me”.  I am glad to see her loved and revered, and so I cannot fail to reward you for your devotion, on this feast of the Visitation.

T:1441       #1     Continue to pray for departed souls.

T:1441       #2     Understand how clearly - after death - the soul perceives the purpose of its existence. When a Holy Soul sees Me at last, and sees My beauty, with what astonishment does he gaze upon Me!  I am more good and beautiful than any earthly mind can possibly  imagine; and the soul sees clearly, after death, that to reach Me, and Heaven, and Bliss, was the purpose of its struggles on earth.

T:1441       #3     Always be grateful for opportunities by which you can please Me.  How clearly does a soul see, after death, that its efforts to serve Me have been so feeble; yet how good am I, your Lord, Who draw lovingly towards Myself such poor creatures as yourselves!

T:1442                Share My joy and Glory, on My feast days.  Remind yourself of the sheer delight which is now being shown by My Saints and My holy Angels as they celebrate My Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament on this feast of My Sacred Body and Blood.

T:1443                Imitate the reverence of My holy Angels.  Whenever My Holy Sacrifice is offered at the altar, they bow down low before Me their Lord and Creator.  You can express your reverence at that moment not necessarily by bowing, but by uniting your heart to the Sacrificial prayer which I offer to the Father through My priest; and when My priest prays out loud, speaking of Me, saying: “Through Him, with Him, in Him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all Glory and honour is yours, Almighty Father, for ever and ever”, you can add your fervent “Amen”. (WC:1443)


                           A WHITE GARMENT.


T:1444      #1     Don’t become despondent, as you think about your task, and about your sinfulness.  Listen to your Father’s assurance:


                                                                              DON’T BE AFRAID.

                                                             WHEN I LOOK AT YOU WHO LOVE ME

                                              AND WHO HAVE BEEN RECONCILED AND FORGIVEN,

                                     ALL THAT I SEE BEFORE ME IS A CHILD IN A WHITE GARMENT!

                                                    WE CANNOT DENY THAT YOU ARE IMPERFECT


                                      YOU CAN SEE THAT YOU CARRY NO GREAT BURDEN OF SINS,

                                                                     NOR MARKS OF PAST FALLS.


T:1444      #2     Don’t imagine that you have to be perfect, before you can do My work.  You have found that a true repentance leads to an extraordinary peace; so put your trust in Me once more.  Clothed “in Christ”, you can go out to speak for Me and to act with Me in a manner worthy of Me, as I do My work even through someone as feeble as yourself.


T:1445       #1     Don’t be anxious about your duties, as you consider the numerous tasks set out, it seems, before you.  There are many good works that you hope to accomplish, yet you cannot do them all.

T:1445       #2     Let Me guide you in your choices.  Your life ahead can be seen as being like a dense forest where no clear path is evident, so numerous are the tree-trunks - which represent the possible good deeds which you might be doing.  You know that you are being called to pass through that forest in order to reach the great Light of Heaven which gleams faintly in the distance; and I assure you that there is a simple way to follow, a way with which you are already familiar. It is a way which can be followed as simply as if you were following a length of string which someone had unravelled and had left lying at your feet from one side of the forest to the other, like the string in the myth about the labyrinth. The ball of string which lies at your feet, and which represents Duty, can be picked up and followed at every moment.


                           THE PATH OF DUTY.


T:1445      #3     Listen to your Heavenly Father:


                                                       CONTINUE TO FOLLOW THE PATH OF DUTY.

                                               It is duty which is like a ball of string, string which one can

                                                                     wind and follow, and so discover

                                                                                      the one path

                                                                                   prepared by Me,


                                                        TO HEAVEN’S LIGHT, AT THE OTHER SIDE.

                                         Duty, joyfully accepted, brings you to a recognition of My Will, and

                                                                               My Will is so simple.

                                                    By My grace you can live as if hand-in-hand with Me,

                                                               YOUR GOD: YOUR BELOVED LORD.

                           (WC + OIL:1445)


T:1446       #1     Follow My inspiration and resolve never to shirk the minor, hidden, sometimes irritating tasks which you know it is your duty to do promptly and gracefully.

T:1446       #2     Don’t attribute a special significance to any of your little tasks.  It is not the tasks themselves which are significant, but the intention with which you do them; and nor is it the tasks themselves which prepare you or anyone for doing later, greater works for Me.  Rather, it is a willingness to do any task - even awful, unseen work - which proves that someone is fit to do greater tasks, and is fit to do even public and outwardly glorious work.

T:1446       #3     Prize, above many other things in the spiritual life, a willingness to do whatever I wish. Such utter flexibility springs from love; such willingness is developed - and you are made more ‘flexible’ - precisely through your practice at performing humble tasks.


                           A TENDER GREETING.


T:1447               Believe in My Love for you!  Through My grace, and by your sincere prayer, I have led you to the Father.  Accept His rewards for your trust and honesty.  Listen to His words:


                                                                                   BE AT PEACE.


                                                                              It is at those moments

                                           when you fully and unashamedly reveal your weaknesses to Me,

                                                                               contrite and trusting,

                                                                      that your heart is opened by you

                                                                               to receive My graces,

                                                                 pouring freely into your soul’s depths.

                                                             Thus, one who does not reveal weaknesses

                                                              remains, by his or her own will, entombed

                                                                                           in self.


T:1448       #1     Think about My Love for you.  It is real, and tender.  This means that I wait, delightedly, for you to greet Me as you look for Me in the ‘Blessed Sacrament’, whether you look towards the tabernacle or welcome Me  in Holy Communion.

T:1448       #2     Believe that whenever you are greeting Me, I Myself am tenderly greeting you!

T:1449       #1     Be at peace, about your little failings.  You are right to try to serve Me more worthily, but you need not be fearful, “as long as you remember your weakness” and don’t try to do anything without My help and My graces.

T:1449       #2     Don’t become despondent about past falls; but do remember the failings which could be so damaging if ever you fail to lean on Me.  You have much work to do for Me; I alone can give you the strength, the humility and the graces which you need to complete it; and this is where you or any of My weak children can receive those graces most fully: here in Holy Communion where I your Lord feed and comfort you, as My holy Angels cluster about us.

T:1450       #1     Rejoice that you have been able to trust in Me: that you have freely confided this week’s oppression and difficulties.  I am listening to you in all your troubles.

T:1450       #2     Remind yourself, daily - and hourly, if need be - that:

                                    I, the One Lord, listen

                                    to your every whisper.

                                    I, the Holy God, the


                                                hold you,

                                                you, within My being.

                                    You and I are


                                                in work and intimacy, yet still

                                                are separate.

                                    Let Me comfort you;

                                    notice what is happening here, in prayer:

                                    problems and pains are consumed

                                    in My presence,

                                    since I, the Lord, am Holy;

                                    and you who have learned how to rest in Me,

                                    now rest in My peace, purity and perfection.

T:1451       #1     Don’t let your awareness of your little faults make you afraid to approach Me in Holy Communion!  My holy Angels surround Me as I stand here in Glory, yet  “we are only waiting for you, Lizzie!”.  You sometimes let shame and timidity keep you at a distance.

T:1451       #2     Overcome thoughts of self, when you approach Me in Holy Communion.  I am waiting patiently to welcome you; so greet Me as I deserve, and enjoy My Presence.

T:1451       #3     Believe that I always respond to those who call out to Me. I am always delighted to greet you and to meet you.  I am ‘kept’ at a distance - it seems - only by those who are unwilling  to accept My Presence, by which I mean unwilling to accept My Light and My Truth, which are painful to those who wish to live in darkness.

T:1452                Look towards Me and see what a ‘clearing’ has taken place, today, between you and Myself, because of your good Confession and repentance.  You can see that between earth and Heaven there now seems to be only a pane of glass, which has been washed clean because of your freely-made act of sorrow.


                           APOSTOLIC POWER.


T:1453       #1     Follow My inspiration and make the sign of the Cross and - by a vigorous act of faith - ‘draw’ upon yourself the Apostolic Blessing just offered to you by the Holy Father. See how greatly I reward your faith, as My Divine bliss, power and Light are released upon your weary soul!  (WC:1453)

T:1453       #2     Take heart from this demonstration of My Love; you can be sure that I have given great power to My Apostles and to their successors. It is I Who pour My grace upon you, through their blessings, which are not routine or hollow greetings or empty gestures.

T:1454                Don’t worry about your struggles.

                                    I delight in your efforts to serve Me

                                    and to please Me.

                                    I delight in your battles

                                    against temptation.

                                    With My help, you can be



                                    However, even when you fail,

                                    you can believe that

                                    by each failing and repentance

                                    it is as though  another jewel is placed

                                    on the great, glorious train

                                    - the long, royal cloak -

                                    which rests on the steps of Heaven,

                                    falling from My throne.


                                    Even your sins - when repented -

                                    have made My ‘train’ more glorious.

                                    They have caused Me             to be more glorified

                                    than if you had never sinned and repented!



                           FRIENDS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS.


T:1455A    #1     Share My joy in this prayerful gathering of My needy children and their loving helpers.  I delight in the simplicity of those who pray to Me with a child-like faith and unselfconscious devotion.

T:1455A    #2     Trust in the power of My mediation.  The child-like and trusting intercessions which are offered through Me, at this celebration of My Holy Sacrifice, are rising like flames from this congregation; they are rising towards Heaven like a pure fire of praise before the Father.

T:1455B    #1     Be joyful.  You can be sure that your prayers are ‘successful’ whenever you repent of your failings - as now - and long to do My work more faithfully.

T:1455B    #2     Understand how tremendously you benefit even from simple prayers.  Fervent prayers to Me are like the vigorous polishing of a dirty window-pane, when the daylight - which is My Divine Light - is let into your soul by your efforts. As you know, My Love and Light have never stopped shining out towards you, but it is by your prayers that My Love and Light are revealed. (WC:1455B)


                           THE JOURNEY: WORTHWHILE.


T:1456       #1     Don’t be despondent.  It is true that you have suffered much, and that you are weary from a lifetime of struggles and falls; but see how far you have climbed, on your journey: you have reached the top of a long flight of steps; you are standing in My presence as if on a plateau near the top of a mountain. Though bedraggled from your climb, you are standing beside Me in the presence of the Holy Ones of Heaven. Your journey has been worthwhile! (WC:1456)

T:1456       #2     Treasure humility.  It will be easier for you to flee pride, if you always remember the difficulties through which I have led you, to make you ready for My work.  What a long time has been necessary to prepare you for the task.  What tremendous trials   I have permitted, in order to train you: trials which were witnessed from above, by Heaven’s hosts.  How true it is that you are poor, still, in this sense: that you have nothing good that has not been given to you.

T:1456       #3     Follow My inspiration and surrender all your gifts to Me, once more, so that they will be used in accordance with My Will.  Surrender yourself wholly to Me, for the Glory of the Holy Trinity.

T:1457       #1     Strive to live in true purity of heart and intention at every moment, yearning for holiness, offering all that you have - your time, your work, and your entire life - for the Father’s Glory, and offering everything through Me, and in the power of My Holy Spirit.

T:1457       #2     Don’t worry when you sometimes experience, in Holy Communion, only peace and silence! In one who strives to please Me in everything, this peace is a result of our true union.  Those whose wills are not ‘aligned’ with Mine usually experience some darkness or discomfort at My Presence.

                                    The soul which is overpowered

                                    by My Presence

                                    is overwhelmed because                    

                                    like meets UnlikeBut

                                    when I greet you

                                    - you who love Me entirely, daily, hourly -

                                    My Presence makes no ‘noise’, since

                                    Divine Love, meeting

                                    Divine Love from within a reverent soul

                                    is revealed in peace and harmony

                                    and joyful silence.

T:1458       #1     Continue to reveal your heart to Me in prayer: the whole truth and all the trouble and trivia within.

T:1458       #2     Believe that your troubles, gracefully accepted, are causing your soul to mature. Even ordinary troubles such as tiredness, hot weather or overwork can, if accepted, prepare you for a great task in the future.

                                    It is only through achieving the grace

                                    of being able to move peacefully


                                    from one thing to another, and

                                    from one task to another,

                                    in gruelling situations, or

                                    in any difficulties,

                                    that someone is made truly ‘flexible’

                                    through My Holy Spirit.


                                    Then, We can say, of such a soul, that

                                    it has been prepared

                                    to move peacefully amidst crowds,

                                    in different places and

                                    amidst great commotion.


                           MOTHERLY LOVE.


T:1459      #1     Notice how generous I am, and how your trust is rewarded!  Your heartfelt prayer to My Mother, and your gratitude for her kindness, could not fail to attract her help.  You prayed: ‘Be a mother to me!’ - and she is here, insisting: ‘I am your Mother!’ (WC:1459A)

T:1459      #2     Listen carefully to Mary, as she explains to you, gently, that her Motherhood of you is not a special privilege to be given on request, but is something wonderful which is already true for you; and as you now learn, she wants you to know that ‘If Jesus, by His humanity, is a brother to everyone, then the mother of Jesus is Mother of every person: to all!’

T:1459      #3     Ask My Mother’s help in trying to serve Me ever more faithfully.  Your trust in her is not misplaced.  She is delighted that you turn to her, that you reveal your faults to her so frankly, and that you honour her by praying the Rosary.

T:1459      #4     Consider the wonderful results of regular prayer to Me and to My Mother, combined with contrition, and honesty.  It is as though a pit has been prepared within your hollowed-out soul, a pit like those which workmen prepare in order to construct a firm foundation for a new building.  In your soul, our ‘building’ can now begin!

T:1459      #5     Be glad that through your sufferings you have allowed Me to build a firm ‘foundation’ within your soul: so firm that it is like the ‘rock’ of the Gospel story; and the house built upon that rock was not swept away when floods came.  I want you to remain firm amidst storms of temptations, and that is why it is important that you - and others - prepare your souls thoroughly by co-operation with My Will, and by prayer and contrition.

T:1459      #6     Turn to My Mother in times of great need, as well as amidst everyday joys and irritations.  She is always motherly and tender, waiting patiently to help you. Turn to her with each new thought and worry; none of your problems wearies her.  She delights in helping her children, and that is why I asked you, long ago, to trust this beloved Mother, whom you call your ‘Dear Lady’!

T:1459      #7     Notice the resemblance between My Mother and Myself. Although we are physically alike, I am speaking now about our attitudes.  Just as I, your Lord, don’t force anyone to welcome Me or to serve Me, but wait for an invitation to share in your lives and your sorrows, so My holy Mother too respects your freedom.

T:1459      #8     Consider what blessings you have drawn upon yourself today, through inviting My Mother to share more fully in your life and in your momentary sadness.


T:1459      #9     Don’t be ashamed that in past years you were tongue-tied before My Mother, feeling unfit to confide in her about various matters.  Some of you who were brought up without knowing of her motherly love have nevertheless begun to know her; you honour her sincerely, praying to her, doing good things for her, defending her, and making sacrifices in her honour, to please Me. But you have done so as if from afar.  You have been keeping My Mother at a distance not just in awe but through an ignorance and a lack of trust such as is sometimes found outside My Church.

T:1459      #10   Ponder the image before you, in which you see My Mother acting as a true mother caring for two young children.  You can see that one little boy has buried his head against her side; his face is hidden in her garments; he is tugging at her clothes, angry and rebellious and noisy; yet at the same time he trusts this Mother enough to stay close to her in his misery, and therefore he derives comfort from her presence.  However, the other little boy - you can see - is standing a few feet away from this tender Mother who is reaching out her hand to help him.  But although he longs for help, and turns his face towards her sadly, he is too unbending or proud to run to her, and so he is not much helped. (WC:1459B)

T:1459      #11   Run to Mary as anyone would run to a good mother.  You will be comforted!

T:1459      #12   See how important it is that you know My Mother well, and that you are truly grateful for her love.  It is only now that you have been made ready to speak about her as she deserves.  We want you to share with others the knowledge of her love, but we want you to speak not just with awe that she has come to you, encouraging you, but also with joy.  Speak joyfully about that which now thrills you: that My Mother helps you all so sweetly because she cares for you so deeply!  Don’t be ashamed to speak of the bliss which you experience in her presence.


T:1460       #1     Speak about My teachings to fellow-members of My Holy Church.

T:1460       #2     Don’t be cowardly.  You would fail in your duty towards Me and your neighbour were you to leave out or minimise various things within these teachings which will be unpopular.  However, rely on Me, in Holy Communion, for the grace and courage which you need for your difficult task.


                           OPENING THE HEART.


T:1461       #1     Look towards Me, as I stand amongst you after the Consecration.  I am like a glowing Light, in front of the altar.  I, your Lord and Saviour, am delighted by your welcome!  Yet - by that ‘welcome’ - you have just allowed My Joy and Wisdom to pierce the ‘opening’ of your heart.  Every generous act towards Me brings blessings upon your own soul. (WC:1461)

T:1461       #2     Consider the hearts which I see before Me, here in church:

                                    Here I am, approaching,

                                    in Holy Communion.

                                    I long to be welcomed!

                                    How few can say ‘Welcome!’

                                    with any truth, since

                                    My Presence

                                    in Holy Communion

                                    is unwelcome, when

                                    they see in it only

                                                 reminders of grudgingly-done duty,

                                                 hidden faults of their daily lives,

                                                 secret sins of the past, and

                                                 unconfessed longings.

                                    And since those things all

                                    darken a heart,

                                    it does not want

                                    to be illuminated

                                    by My Presence.


T:1461       #3              Tell My People that one who is thus laden

                                    with unacknowledged faults and burdens

                                    - unsurrendered -

                                    might receive Me with true faith, and

                                    might hope for strength and grace

                                    in Holy Communion;

                                    yet when he does not open

                                    the ‘wound’ in his heart,

                                    the ‘wound’ which is the doorway

                                    through which I enter,

                                    he does not let My Light shine within.

                                    The heart’s ‘wound’ which should be open

                                    is the constant and willingly-accepted knowledge

                                    of one’s own sinfulness,

                                    a knowledge well-used

                                    in those who will accept purification.


                                    Day after day

                                    I stand before you all in Glory,

                                    in Holy Communion.   Yet

                                    how few greet Me with delight

                                    - as I love to be greeted -

                                    with a glad “Welcome!”


                           THE ULTIMATE PURPOSE.


T:1462       #1     Don’t grieve over very little faults.  You were right to ask My pardon for being late for Holy Mass, but your silly moments of carelessness are not great offences against My Majesty.  Rather, your carelessness in planning - which causes you to be late - is silly because you deprive yourself of some of the blessings which I long to pour upon you through your devotion and through every single moment of the glorious worship of My Church!

T:1462       #2     Never forget the ultimate purpose of all My dealings with you, “Lizzie: I want to give you joy!”  I call you - and others - to the whole of Mass, and to prayer, so that you may be blessed and made happy - happy both now and in eternity - and not simply so that you might fulfil your real duty of joining in the offering of My Holy Sacrifice to the Father.


                           THE ‘ROOTS’ OF SELFHOOD.


T:1463       #1     Consider My goodness in rewarding you for your trusting prayer, and consider the goodness of My holy Mother, who is now helping your friend.  When you prayed to “Our Lady of Harpenden”, you were answered; the prayer of My Mother is acting as a soothing balm to this friend who is enduring purification before entering Heaven.  He stands as if alone in darkness, peacefully accepting his state; but a shining stream of grace is now  pouring upon his head and shoulders, easing his pain: a shining stream which poured out at one word of prayer from My Mother. (WC + OIL:1463)

T:1463       #2     Understand the reason for the pain which is endured, after death, in those who experience purification.  I remove from each proud soul, at last, the very roots of sin. Just as roots ready for harvest on earth are drawn smoothly from the soil, so - in Purgatory - I draw from the soul, in one firm action, and at the soul’s consent, the great shafts of selfhood which have pierced each proud soul, during life, from top to bottom.  I remove the shafts of selfhood which have kept that soul upright in pride rather than bent in humility.

T:1463       #3     Understand the reason why purification might be necessary after death even for a soul which has wanted to please Me: strong ‘shafts’ of selfhood within the soul can be too strong to be moved by the feeble efforts which are sometimes all that someone might manage as his earthly life draws near to its end.  Also, selfish habits and attitudes are often left ‘in place’ by people who are unwilling to endure their removal on earth, even though such people long to please Me.

T:1463       #4     Help others to understand that the removal of ‘shafts’ of selfhood from the soul causes pain, whether during life on earth or afterwards.  Therefore, one who co-operates with Me only grudgingly during earthly life is only postponing or making more severe his eventual purification.


                           ‘SAYING GRACE’


T:1464      #1     Continue to offer thanks to Me for every good thing in your life.  The significance of even little prayers is greater than you can imagine.

T:1464      #2     Realise how your prayer of thanks to the Father before a meal - your ‘saying grace’ - differs from a merely human expression of gratitude. Whenever you thank Him for your food, in My Name - the Name of Jesus - you are offering Him a divine thanksgiving which is worthy of His goodness, a divine thanksgiving which you would otherwise be unable to offer from your frailty.

T:1464      #3     Realise how your prayer “in Christ” strengthens your bonds with the whole Communion of Saints to which you belong.  Whenever you thank the Father for your food, in My Name, it is as though the ‘door’ to Heaven opens; a light shines down from Heaven upon your table; Saints and holy Angels echo your words of gratitude, and your little solitary meal is transformed into a grace-filled banquet, amidst Heavenly company! (WC + OIL:1464).


                           A ‘DESERT’ OF DOMESTICITY.


T:1465A    #1     Put your trust in Me.  Remain hopeful about the results of our work.

T:1465A    #2     Ponder the life of My holy Mother, who was kept long ago - by My Divine Will - in the safety of the quiet ‘desert’ of which I speak in Holy Scripture.  This holy Mother ‘escaped into the desert’ which is ordinary life and simple work.  There, she was able to teach Me and care for Me - her Divine son; so you can see that her obscurity was valuable.  In your own  life, the task of writing which I have entrusted to you, and which has sprung up through your co-operation with Me in both work and prayer, has been established and sustained only because you have been ‘hidden’ for a long time.  You have been busy in what many would describe as a ‘desert’ of domesticity, a way of life which you now realise is a cause for great thanksgiving!

T:1465B    #1     Never fear that your weariness in prayer can deter Me from helping you or from revealing My Love.  None of you should imagine that it is your physical frailty that keeps Me from your heart, in Holy Communion.  More usually, it is shame or fear which keep Me at a distance, or other things which I alone can see; some people welcome Me with humble words yet keep their hearts firmly closed against Me.

T:1465B    #2     Be certain that your struggles against weariness and your efforts to greet me as I deserve have brought many blessings from Heaven upon you: invisible blessings, but real.  When you greet Me with a ‘throwing-open’ of the door of the heart, and with a glad greeting, it is as though you are saying to Me: ‘Cast Your Light within my soul, and enter; all I have is Yours!’  It is by the sincere ‘opening’ of the heart to Me that My Glory can pour into the soul, filling it with every blessing. (WC:1465B)

T:1465B    #3     Believe that our union in Holy Communion brings you not only consolation, with purification, and with a further ‘cementing’ of our friendship.  It is because of your real Communion with Me, when you have received Me gladly into your heart, that the Father is glorified from within you!  You can say that God is praised from on earth, thus, by the Glory of Me, His Son, as My Glory and My Light pour upwards from within your soul, and reach as far as Heaven.


                           HYMNS AND PRAYERS.


T:1466       #1     Continue to rejoice in My holy Mother’s virtues and in the rewards which I have showered upon her.  She listens with delight to your singing whenever you her children are joining together, offering hymns and prayers in church, in her honour.

T:1466       #2     Don’t imagine that your flawed or feeble efforts to sing My praises and to honour My Mother are unworthy of us, or unappreciated.  Here in Heaven, My Mother delights in hearing Me praised for My goodness towards her.  Also - although it is true that Mary has no ‘need’ of these songs - she listens with joy, unfeigned, just as when a good mother at a birthday party listens whilst her little children laboriously sing a special composition, out of love for her.


                           SCATTERED CHILDREN.


T:1467A    #1     Share My concern for the needs of your spiritual brothers and sisters - just as you share My joy in their virtues. How sad it is that many Christians in England, for lack of a shepherd - by which I mean the Holy Father - have scattered into numerous communities; and some have ‘scattered far’.  Some of My children have travelled far from My Church, in what they teach and practice: far from My Gospel and far from the truths about Myself and mankind.

T:1467A    #2     Don’t worry about being unworthy to help Me in the way which I have indicated. Here I am, once more, inviting you to co-operate in this work.  The sufferings of past days - sufferings accepted and endured - have served as reparation for yourself as well as for others; so you can move forward with confidence, despite your many faults.

T:1467A    #3     Let us act as One!  Let Me explain this:

                                    This is partnership with Me:

                                                - working and suffering for Me

                                                  without looking for reward,

                                                - living in simplicity,

                                                - remaining content, in each present moment,

                                                - bearing pain  as birth-pangs

                                                for the faith of others in this era.

                                    But if you speak of My gifts,

                                    My works and My virtues

                                    here in your life,


                                    all of this is possible

                                    through My Cross, only.

                                    The constant awareness of that truth

                                    can keep you in humility

                                    as I place you side by side with Myself,

                                    facing others.

                                    Don’t be afraid.

                                    Speak to them about Me, about

                                    My Love, My grace and My Glory.

T:1467B    #1     Open your eyes to the truth about your work, as I now pour My Light within your heart to explain something more about the significance of these ‘Teachings’.  I have chosen to keep you ignorant, until now, of their importance.  This was to lessen the danger of your becoming proud.  Also, it has helped you to keep on working quietly, undisturbed by questioning or by dramatic reactions.


                           FAITH FOR THE TASK.


T:1467B   #2     Accept and delight in the knowledge which is now streaming towards you from within My Mind, to dispel your mind’s former blindness.  You can see, at last:

                                    How great am I, Christ your God.

                                    How kind am I

                                                Who stoop to you, My frail creature,

                                                Who stoop to you with such a gift,

                                                the gift of My ‘teachings’.

                                    How tremendous is the work which

                                                I am doing through you!

                                    How many thousands will be helped!

                                    How feeble and silly you have been

                                                during your efforts to speak

                                                about My teachings; yet

                                    how magnificent is My Love.

                                    How glorious is My willingness to feed your soul

                                                both with Sacraments and “Teachings.”

                                    How few are willing to make efforts

                                                to be fit to receive My wisdom,

                                                to receive such ‘teachings’, in prayer.

                                    How great a privilege is this intimacy!

                                    How comfortable and stable is the union

                                                of your soul with Myself, a union

                                                sometimes even taken-for-granted!

                                    How little faith there is in the world;

                                                and since faith is needed

                                                for this task,

                                                I use you.

                                    How many assaults of evil,

                                                of temptation and illness

                                                - more evil than you are aware of -

                                                have been unleashed against you

                                                to deflect you from this work.


T:1467B   #3              Let this revelation encourage you

                                    to persevere

                                    through every trial which awaits you.

                                    I cannot fail to help you to complete this work,

                                    since it is Mine.


                           PRAISING MY MOTHER.


T:1468A    #1     Turn your heart towards the altar, for the Holy Sacrifice, even when you are kept at home through sickness.  Just as you have done today, you can always unite your intentions with My intentions; and you are right to honour My holy Mother, through the prayer which I offer, as you offer My prayers as your own.

T:1468A    #2     Remember Who I am!  I am your High Priest, and - through My priest - I offer My Holy Sacrifice to the Father, from amongst you all, and on your behalf.

T:1468A    #3     Understand the way in which I honour My Mother, during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: whenever My priest praises the Father - during the Liturgy - for My Mother’s virtues, and thanks Him for her life and her role, that priest is praying in My Name at the altar, where I am Really Present; so you can be sure that I Myself am praising the Father - in the very words which are used by My priest - for My holy Mother’s virtues!

T:1468A    #4     Consider how close I am to My beloved Mother, during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  It is as though she sits at the edge of a cloud, above Me, at the ‘edge’ of Heaven; she is surrounded by many other faithful people who are now in Heaven.  Remember that My whole Church is involved in this celebration.  All of My faithful people, living and departed, are united with Me in praise of the Father.

T:1468A    #5     Understand more clearly how fervently I Myself praise and thank the Father for the lives and virtues of those who have imitated Me, His Son, and who have done His Will, and who have remained faithful until death; for example, consider the greatness of the reward which My beloved Mother now receives, after her whole life’s work of perfect self-giving.   It is during the Holy Sacrifice that I stand at the altar, looking up to her, and holding out My arms towards her; I am joyfully praising her before the whole Company of Saints; and I am doing so in your presence.  My supreme and unique homage and worship is directed to My Father in Heaven; but during this Celebration I honour, in another way, My friends, the Saints: of whom the greatest is My own Mother. Before the whole Court of Heaven I honour her, praise her, admire her, and thank her; and she looks at Me with indescribable joy, silently accepting My loving offering. (WC:1468A)

T:1468B             Realise that your prayers are worthwhile.  It is - through My Providence - sometimes only through the petitionary prayers of My devout friends that a departed soul is saved from falling into eternal fire. A soul which is in great danger of falling away from Me forever can be seen as one who has fallen towards the mouth of a fiery pit, yet who has landed across the entrance to that pit; and by the tips of his fingers and toes he is straining to save himself from falling in.  Your prayers on his behalf are like swift arrows, or like long spears which you have hurled beneath that endangered soul.  Those ‘spears’ of prayer form a grid - like a strong net - which keeps that person from being lost. (WC:1468B)

T:1468C    #1     Continue to make acts of faith in My Presence before you, here at the Holy Sacrifice. Truly, I am risen and glorious.  Robed as a priest, I stand before you, after the Consecration.

T:1468C    #2     Rejoice in My Presence!  You sincerely believe - at last - that you are loved; so delight in My Love for you, and in My nearness.

T:1468C    #3     ‘Expand’ your  prayer.  I delight in hearing you say, whenever you pray the Stations of the Cross: ‘Thank you for dying for me’.  But you can say, also: ‘Thank you for loving me’ - since you know, at last, that My Love for you is something real, and fervent; and therefore it is worth celebrating!


                           A SPECIAL ROLE.


T:1469      #1     Leave your work.  Turn to Me in prayer.  My powerful help is yours, as you struggle against temptations: and besides, I have something more to teach you about our work.  Look upwards in prayer to where the dim light of your life changes into the glorious Light of Heaven.  Here I am, standing at the ‘edge’ of Heaven, reaching out to you, drawing you into My Light, drawing you towards the Invisible Father, as My Holy Spirit guides you in your movements; and by this I mean: guides you in the freely-made acts and efforts by which you are reaching out to Me in daily life.  I am showing you something of Our work in your life: the work of the Holy Trinity.  (WC:1469A)

T:1469      #2     Understand something of Our work in your soul, and in your everyday life, now that you love Us wholeheartedly and share in Our Life, and co-operate with Our Will and Our actions.  As you pray to the Father, I, the Word of God - Jesus Christ - Who love you, am drawing you up to the heart of the Father; and My Holy Spirit ‘presents’ you to Him as a holy offering.  This pattern of co-operation with Us - with the work  of the Holy Trinity - should be the pattern of your whole life’s work and of your whole life’s prayer.  This is the ‘pattern’ available for everyone who lives in and for Us: it is the ‘inter-weaving’ of all of your prayers, thoughts and actions into Our Divine and unending work of Love!

T:1469      #3     Understand the real meaning of humility: so essential for your task.  Humility is truth; and though it is true that you are frail and sinful, it is also true - as you should accept - that you are penitent and forgiven, and that I have chosen you to do My work; and even now - as you gaze, puzzled, towards the crown and the cloak which I hold in My arms - I am clothing you for the Royal priesthood, which is the  priesthood of those who live to serve Me.  You are setting out, at last, to do My work, by which I mean, to begin a more public living-out of the special role for which I have chosen you. (WC:1469B)

T:1469      #4     Believe that I am leading you forward upon a safe road, by which I mean a road which leads you towards Heaven.  The way ahead which I am unveiling leads upwards, as you can see.  It will take you high above other people; and though you cannot see along the whole length of the road, it is I, your beloved Saviour, Who ‘block the view’. All that I ask you to do is to follow the road, keeping your eyes firmly fixed on Me, Who stand before you. (WC:1469C)

T:1469      #5     Don’t worry about other people’s opinions or questions, or about their particular tasks; try to do your own task well, without thinking about where it will lead you.

T:1469      #6     Consider one of the joys of our close union, as you kneel in darkness before Me, longing only to please Me, and as I stand close by, on the very ‘edge’ of Heaven; bathed in a brilliant Light, I am praying to the Father; and as I hold up My hands in prayer, I am asking the Father to grant your every request!  (WC:1469D)

T:1469      #7     Consider My infinite goodness, and My kindness to you who struggle to serve Me.  Accept My assurance that you can count on My help for yourself and for everyone you love, since whatever you ask of the Father, I, Jesus - in Heaven - ask it, for you!

T:1469      #8     Never doubt the wisdom of clinging to Me by love, by prayer and by unending loyalty. You do well to put your trust in Me.  You are right to offer thanks through Me to the Father for all that is good in your life - and for life itself.  You are right to thank and honour My Saints and My Holy Angels for their assistance: especially My holy Mother, and St Joseph and your Guardian Angel.

T:1469      #9     Look towards Me, in prayer, and see how My Glory is almost touching you, as if that Glory were descending from Heaven to enfold you.  When a soul embraces Heaven - with a willing and fervent heart - Heaven descends to earth, by which I mean that I Myself,  with My helps and joys and graces, am very close to those who try to serve Me without limits; and you are united in spirit not only with Me, but with all of My friends on earth and in Heaven.


                           MANY GENERATIONS, BUT ONE SACRIFICE.


T:1470       #1     Understand more clearly the unique and glorious Act from which springs your hope of Salvation; watch, as I unveil the perfect Sacrifice which I once offered from the Cross - the Sacrifice to which you are present, during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

                                    When the Cross was planted on Calvary

                                    with Myself crucified upon it,

                                    the Light of that One, holy Sacrifice

                                    was like a fire of praise

                                                - praise of the Father -

                                    was like a torch whose Light poured upwards

                                                to the Father in Heaven, or

                                    was like a lamp shining out

                                                - a beacon on a hill-top -

                                                to enlighten every generation.


                                    You who come to the altar

                                    to offer the Holy Sacrifice in your day

                                    are present to My Sacrifice of Calvary,

                                    are present to My work of Redemption.

                                    Here I am, in your church, in 1994,

                                    My Sacred Body and Blood on the altar.

                                    Here I am, the Same Christ

                                    Who once offered His life on Calvary.

                                    This is My gift to you: My Presence

                                    and My Sacrifice.

                                    I am mankind’s Saviour, now Present before you.

                                    I am the High Priest Who now offers from this altar

                                    - through My priest -

                                    the same eternal, self-giving Love,

                                    once offered from Calvary

                                    for the Father’s Glory.


                                    Here I am,

                                    at this true Memorial

                                    of My Holy Passion.

                                    Here I am,

                                    as My Sacrifice

                                    is re-presented before you.


                                    Here I am, pleading

                                    for your Salvation.

                                    Bow your head in awe.


                                    As you listen to the prayers which I offer

                                    through My priest, to the Father,

                                    and as you unite your prayers to

                                                My Divinely-perfect prayer,

                                                My once-for-all Offering: to

                                                My Holy Sacrifice,

                                    you are present as I pray for My People:

                                    all of My People, living and departed.


T:1470       #2              Be ever-grateful for your participation.

                                    It is as though you are gazing downwards

                                    through layer upon layer of past centuries,

                                    through row upon row of spectators

                                    of past generations

                                    - your spiritual brothers and sisters -

                                    who are standing, reverent and prayerful;

                                    they are looking at the hill, and at the Cross

                                    on which I am crucified.

                                    They look upon My Sacrifice:

                                    an act of Love which I offered to save you.

                                    You, too, are present to that Sacrifice,

                                    whenever you attend the Holy Mass.


                                    In every era of My Church’s history

                                    I am Present before you, My People,

                                                proving My Love for you,

                                                atoning for sin, by My Offering, and

                                                setting an example of self-giving.

                                    Yet: I am risen and glorious!

                                    My soul is now joyful.

                                    My Heart is on fire with praise.

                                    My Heart is ablaze with the fervour

                                    of My infinite thanksgiving. I offer now

                                    - through My priest, from the altar -

                                                My Holy Sacrifice to the Father:

                                                My reparation for your sins,

                                                My prayer for My Church,

                                                My great plea for the holy desires

                                                            of your own prayerful heart:

                                                My work of Redemption.

                           (WC + OIL:1470)


                           A STATUE: A HOLY IMAGE.


T:1471       #1     Continue in your efforts to pay homage to My holy Mother and therefore to Myself. That you have installed a statue of My Mother and have arranged for it to be blessed, has caused her great joy; and though you thank her for her assistance, you can listen to her explaining to you now, with respect and tenderness for you, her daughter: “It is I who thank you!”  She is happy to see herself honoured, you understand, for the greater Glory of the Father Who called her into existence and Who called her to her privileged role.

T:1471       #2     Consider My Mother’s goodness and simplicity.  She is happy that you have caused her image to be displayed, since in this way she is honoured unashamedly before others; and she knows that I delight in seeing her praised.

T:1472                Ensure that your worship of Me is worthy of My Presence during the Holy Mass, and worthy, too, of your companions, My holy Angels.  They are clustered about the church, as you pray.  They bow before Me, at the Consecration, and they bow solemnly before ‘Me-within-your-soul,’ when I have come to you in Holy Communion!

T:1473       #1     Believe in My great Love for you.  How tenderly I look on, when you search your heart for faults as you prepare for Reconciliation; yet how grateful you can be that I am leading you away from an obsessive worry about your lack of virtues.  You are learning to make a sincere but a peaceful examination of conscience, as you seek to be pleasing to Me, out of love for Me; and I delight in this new simplicity.

T:1473       #2     Benefit more surely from the occasion of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Seek forgiveness of your sins; but follow My inspiration, today, and confide in My priest. Speak about this evil which you have suffered.  I will bring good out of your obedience to My wishes, since I Who prompt you to speak also prompt My priest to give you spiritual advice and consolation.

T:1474       #1     Be confident in prayer, especially as you pray with My whole Church, during the Holy Sacrifice, for the souls of the faithful departed.  It is because of those prayers that your friend is emerging from the period of purification which followed her death.

T:1474       #2     Ponder the meaning of “life in Christ”.  Truly, it is I, Jesus, Who am now carrying your friend after her purification, taking her upwards, ready for eternal Glory, holding her as one holds a new-born baby - or a kitten which has been rescued from danger - and lifting her up high, towards Heaven. (WC:1474)

T:1475                Accept My reassurance that in your prayer today you were following My wishes. You were progressing in faith when - in darkness - you turned your heart and your thoughts away from the tabernacle in order to progress through Me to the Father. I assure you that the Father is as though poised with longing to listen to you!  Just like Me, He is very close to you, and gentle and tender.  He is true Love.


                           TRUE MAN AND TRUE GOD.


T:1476               Believe that I welcome your reflections upon things which puzzle you, as when, for example, at today’s ordination, you recalled the words of the prayer which proclaims that I have no ‘need’ of your praise.  It is true that the praises of My people neither cause nor augment the perpetual, infinite and unchanging Bliss which is of the essence of Our Divine Life: the Life of the Most Holy Trinity, in eternity.  Yet your praises are worthwhile, not only because your hearts and minds are made for worship, but for this reason:-

                                    I Jesus, your Lord, am at the ‘Heart’ of the Godhead.

                                    I Who am true man as well as true God

                                                am at the heart of Heaven.

                                    I am made happy by your veneration,

                                                and by your praise of the Father: praise

                                                offered through Me, in My Holy Spirit.

                                    I await you, at the heart of Heaven’s Triple Glory.

                                    My Heart is longing for you to join Me!

                                    This is My plan for mankind:

                                    this is My delight:

                                    to see a great crowd of the Faithful

                                    loving Me, and longing to meet Me:

                                    to see you all pouring like a river into the Godhead:

                                    into the heart of the Holy Trinity.

                           (WC + OIL:1476)


T:1477                Be joyful, in Holy Communion.  “This is a time for Glory, Lizzie!”  This is a time for gladness, not reparation, so don’t keep thinking about self and sin, even though your motives are generous.  By turning away from self and towards Me, you can give Me a joyful and fitting welcome; you can enjoy the Glory of My holy Presence.

T:1478       #1     Don’t be afraid to show Me your heartache and your secret fears.  You honour Me by such trusting prayer, and you also enable Me to enlighten and help you.

T:1478       #2     Never look upon your sufferings as something merely to be endured, or as something random and pointless.  You are right to unite them, prayerfully, to the pains of My Passion.

                                    Through a prayerful and patient acceptance

                                    of earthly trials,

                                    you co-operate with My work.

                                    I Who am good cannot do evil;

                                    yet I bring good out of every trial.

                                    These sufferings of yours, on earth,

                                    are doing real good to you,

                                    because of their good effects,

                                    if you accept them as purifications.

                                    This is the reason why

                                    you can be grateful for the sufferings:

                                    sufferings are as plaster casts

                                    to mould you into perfection.

                                    The sufferings which you all endure on earth

                                    are as whole-body splints,

                                    so that new persons may be formed,

                                    modelled by Divine Love.


                                    I Who would ‘form’ you

                                    - Jesus, your loving Saviour -

                                    am One Who, Himself,

                                    suffered terribly, and conquered. (WC:1478)


                           THE POWER OF SINNERS!


T:1479       #1     Believe that your repentance is fruitful.  Truly, your fervent intercessions today, for many souls, were made more powerful through the sincere sorrow-for-sin which you expressed as you began your prayer, though only through My grace and merits.

T:1479       #2     Be happy to admit your sinfulness!  What power have sinners!  How marvellous it is that you have repented, and that you have surrendered your ambitions and have given your life to Me in order to do My work.

T:1479       #3     Turn to the Father with confidence.  Pray in My name for your friends and family, for the Holy Father, for My Church, for England - and for many souls.

T:1479       #4     Remember that I am the cause of your present joy and fruitfulness.  For so long as a person claims - and knows himself - to be a sinner, and repents, and stays close to Me in love and in gratitude, he or she can offer My prayer and My praise as his or her own praise, to the Father.

T:1479       #5     Keep in mind the truths of the spiritual life, especially this: since someone can draw closer to Me through perpetual repentance, you can see, therefore, how a person can be kept away from Me by conceit and by self-sufficiency, or by  pride, which keeps the soul from repenting.

T:1480       #1     Bring everything to Me, in prayer: your problems and plans, and everyday activities.  You did well to ask Me to guide you during your forthcoming holiday, since “It is I Who am taking you there!”  My Holy Will for you embraces every event in your life.

T:1480       #2     Notice the way in which I work, as you make plans for your holiday.  I Myself have invited you to go to Rome - through someone else’s invitation.  I Myself - by My Providential acts - permit you to go.  In this way I am fulfilling My purpose - even when you are ignorant of My purpose.  My Will is being accomplished through your presence there and also through all that stems from your visit.

T:1481                Believe in the powerful and glorious work of My Holy Spirit, as I offer My Holy Sacrifice to the Father.  During the Holy Mass, We Three Divine Persons are ‘at work’ - joyful, loving and active.  I, your Saviour, am Present - by My Spirit’s power - in the Blessed Sacrament; and as I make My eternal Offering from the altar, My Holy Spirit is present, accepting the Offering in the Love of the Father. (WC:1481)

T:1482       #1     Don’t be frightened, as you do this work for Me.  Don’t worry about criticisms, or about revelations of your weakness.   Surely you will simply agree with anyone who reveals more about your frailty and sinfulness?  Surely this can only cause you to say,

                           gladly: ‘See how generous is our Saviour, Who entrusts His work to someone like me!’

T:1482       #2     Be simple and truthful.  Let other people see that My Love of you proves My goodness!


                           BAPTISM: IRRADIATION WITH MY LIGHT.


T:1483      #1     Consider the extent of My great Love, which I am revealing to you in this baby’s baptism, today.  You can see that this little child is nestling at the centre of a blazing Light.  Her entire little body has been as if irradiated with Light, since the moment when she was baptised “in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”  (WC + OIL: 1483)

T:1483      #2     Treasure My gift to you and to everyone who has been baptised.  It is by baptism that My Divine Light - in its blaze of Glory - is bestowed upon you. The baby which you see before you today has been utterly changed.  Her soul is radiant, now: a pure furnace of Love, Love which is pouring out upon others.

T:1483      #3     Think about My power and Glory, and realise that every soul which ‘contains’ My Divine Life - whether the soul of an infant or of an adult - is sure to have an influence upon those who are close to that invisible but Divine radiance.


                           FIRM FOUNDATIONS.


T:1484      #1     Continue to meditate, in My Presence, on My teachings and on their application to ‘ordinary’ Christian life.  You are right to interpret My earlier words: “Love has no laws” as meaning that real Love is not hindered by rules or by long-standing customs.  True Charity is in itself something ‘unbound’ and liberating.  Yet there is a clear relationship between the observance of rules, and the experience of freedom.

                                    Imagine that a bird has built her nest

                                    in the fork of a tree-branch.

                                    A little chick sits contentedly

                                    within the nest, opening its beak, trusting.

                                    The mother bird has just arrived

                                    with some food.

                                    The nest has been built from

                                    hundreds of little pieces of straw and twigs,

                                    carefully placed and interwoven.


                                    Just as a bird’s nest, perched on a branch,

                                    consists of hundreds of little twigs

                                    and pieces of straw,

                                    so the secure home which you have found

                                    within My Holy Catholic Church

                                    - My visible Church upon earth -

                                    is ‘woven’ as a nest is woven:

                                    from many little things:

                                    from all of My Church’s rules and laws

                                    and recommendations.


T:1484      #2              Consider how essential, therefore, is obedience.

                                    Only upon a firm, safe and purpose-built foundation

                                    - in utter freedom and security -

                                    can a mother bird safely and in a leisurely way

                                    feed her chicks, whom she loves.

                                    Thus it is with Myself and the soul.

                                    It is within the strength and safety

                                    provided by My Church

                                    - in that security and intimacy -

                                    that the soul and I can communicate

                                    in a true union of Love,

                                    unhindered by laws, although

                                    laws provided the foundation

                                    for our relationship to develop

                                    as it ought.

                                    How can a chick be fed,

                                                who will not admit his weakness,

                                                who will not wait patiently for food,

                                                who attempts to destroy the very nest

                                                            in which he sits, or

                                                who chooses the ‘freedom’ of flailing,

                                                            feebly, on the ground,

                                                            half-starved, and easy prey

                                                            for any swift attacker?

                                    Anyone who loves Me, and who lives in hope,

                                    - hope of enjoying a close union,

                                    cherished in My care, and

                                    fed by Me as if by a loving mother -

                                    should reflect on the meaning of freedom.

T:1484      #3              Think, also, about My nature.

                                    I am Love Incarnate!

                                    Would I feed, forcibly,

                                                one who refuses to approach Me

                                                either in prayer or in the Sacraments?

                                    Would I bind into friendship

                                                one who scorns My Commandments,

                                                who tramples upon My ‘straws and twigs’:

                                                rules of the Holy Church

                                                through which I guide you?

                                    Would I compel allegiance

                                                from one with little love or loyalty,

                                                who treats with irritation and disdain

                                                those who - for My sake - love and honour

                                                My holy Church, My Body?


T:1484      #4              Never doubt that it is through obedience

                                    to Me, within and through My Church,

                                    that you can find the greatest joy and freedom.



                           UNWAVERING PERSISTENCE.


T:1485                Don’t be perturbed by the small number of companions at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass today.  Many holy Angels are with you in church to celebrate My holy Mother’s feast day - the feast of “Our Lady of the Rosary” - no matter how few of My friends chose to attend.  The church is especially crowded near the sanctuary.  My holy Angels cluster about the altar, in order to adore Me and to honour My holy Mother.  (WC:1485)

T:1486       #1     Be faithful to your intercessions for others, especially for the departed.  You can see that your friend is soaring towards Me as if drawn upwards by an invisible power, through a bright sky, towards Heaven’s Light.

T:1486       #2     Ponder the joy of this faithful soul who - after death, and after her purification - seems to be emerging from the grey and dreary garment which had previously almost entirely enveloped her.  You can see that as I draw a purified soul towards Myself, that good soul emerges, gleaming and beautiful, from a dark cocoon of self-love, which is being peeled away from her like a dirty garment; and as she emerges from purification, that faithful soul speeds joyfully towards Heaven and towards Glory, her face upturned towards Me, ready to receive My tender greeting! (WC + OIL:1486)

T:1487       #1     Help the little flock of people which I am entrusting to you, now that your little flock of children no longer needs your special day-by-day involvement . The people who have read your writings are now your new responsibility.  For their sake, you must make even greater efforts to be loving, and to be a good example.  Though the ‘group’ with which you correspond is scattered, the people in it will be helped or hindered to some degree according to your words and example.

T:1487       #2     Encourage others to understand their duties.  I entrust certain little ‘flocks’ to everyone whom I call to serve Me, whether those ‘flocks’ be friends, work-mates or relations - all of whom can be influenced by good or bad example, and by trusting intercessions.

T:1487       #3     Turn to Me for every help and blessing.  Your responsibilities are not as great as those which I have entrusted to My bishops, and to the priests who represent them; what power you have, nonetheless: power to steer others towards Heaven - or to draw them away from it.  Only in Me can you find the grace and the love which you need in order to be faithful, and to be of service to others.

T:1487       #4     Consider a further reason why I delight in seeing you aim for perfection - as you struggle to free yourself even from minor failings; it is because I want you to be happy!  Whenever one of My friends is half-hearted in My service, or is unrepentant of his little faults when he claims to be pursuing perfection, it is as though a wall of glass is separating him from My touch.  My Light still shines out towards one who is hard-hearted; I am willing to pour out My gifts and graces upon that soul; yet - by his stance - he prevents Me from coming closer.

T:1487       #5     Think about the power you have: you who can welcome or reject Me, your Creator!  Think about the sad consequence of imperfection: whenever someone keeps Me at a distance by even a small ‘amount’ of hard-heartedness or rebellion, he does not receive that which would make him perfectly happy: perfect union with Me, his Friend and his God.

T:1487       #6     Rejoice that I ‘respect’ the freedom which I have given to you; yet rejoice too, that - by My grace - you have responded to My guidance and now offer Me almost unceasing prayer and gratitude.




T:1488       #1     Don’t let your many weaknesses and worries distract you from the path which you can see stretching clearly ahead.  I Myself have unravelled this road before you. By our own will you can allow certain things to distract you from your task; you can be like someone who dawdles in front of lighted shop-windows; or by your own will, instead, you can travel ‘light’, moving swiftly, entirely unimpeded, and brushing off all that would delay you in your journey towards Me. (WC:1488)

T:1488       #2     Bravely avoid certain distracting activities, yet don’t shrug off real obligations or daily duties.

T:1488       #3     Never believe that I look scornfully upon the weaknesses which you reveal to Me in prayer.  On the contrary, I delight in your trust. “My Love is everlasting”, no matter how feebly you struggle to be faithful.  I am always faithful; I cannot fail to delight in your loving and contrite approach.


                           MODELS OF GOODNESS.


T:1489      #1     Follow My inspiration and make a firm act of faith in Me: in My Divine Sonship of the Father, and in My Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament. Truly, I am Present before you, radiant with My Divine Glory, as Divine Light streams out from My Heart to pour upon My People. (WC:1489)

T:1489      #2     Look towards Me, in prayer, in Holy Communion, as I teach you something more about My nature.  As you gaze towards Me - your Saviour and Priest - and as you ponder the greatness of My Glory, notice the faces which are pictured within the rays of Light which surround me.   Let Me explain:

                                    The fullness of the Divine nature

                                    is found in Me, Christ your Saviour.

                                    All that is lovely in human persons

                                    is found in Me, since

                                    all loveliness stems from My Divinity.

                                    My Person ‘contains’ every possible facet

                                    of love and loveliness.

                                    This is why My loving Presence

                                    is experienced by you My friends

                                    as warmth and beauty.

                                    Many human persons

                                    reflect aspects of My goodness.

                                    Consider these faces,

                                    revealed in the clear Light

                                    which is streaming from My Heart.

                                    These men resemble Me, to some degree.

                                    You know their features.

                                    You know their lives, and their families.

                                    They are following My example.

                                    Charity ‘fuels’ their daily activities.

                                    Their hearts are warm with My Love.


T:1489      #3              Look, next, towards Mary.

                                    As a perfect likeness of Myself,

                                                a true image, and

                                                a great example of charity

                                    for you, dear daughter,

                                    “You have My Mother.”

                                                Honour her Motherhood.

                                                Ask for her prayers.

                                                Imitate her virtues, and

                                                hope for humility and holiness.


                                    All life, all gifts and all goodness

                                    come from Me, your God,

                                    Who give life and love - equally -

                                    to men and women.

                                    Yet this teaching

                                    is not only about Me,

                                    your Lord and Creator, but

                                    about your human nature.

T:1489      #4              Consider the reason

                                    why I place before you, daily, and weekly

                                    - through My holy Church -

                                    in feasts, images, and proclamations:

                                    a dual portrait picture:

                                    Myself, with Mary the Holy Virgin:

                                    Divine Son and Holy Mother.                     

                                    In My Divine Love,

                                    I created this Most Blessed Virgin.

                                    Through her love, I was able to take flesh, and

                                    to share your human nature.

                                    Understand more clearly My Will

                                    for mankind: for everyone on earth:

                                    that you follow our example.

                                    Say to My People:

                                    “Christ and His Mother

                                    are our models of goodness;

                                    in Jesus and Mary can be seen

                                    the pattern for all men and women,

                                    now and for all ages.”          


                           AN ACT OF HUMILITY.


T:1490A             Follow My inspiration and speak to My  priest about the progress of your work, and about your greater readiness for the task.  From your willing obedience to My prompting, several good things emerge; there arises an act of humility from your heart, an act which pleases Me and strengthens your soul.  Also, when My priest has learned even more about My work within your soul, he is enabled by this knowledge to judge you and your ‘state’ more clearly, and thus to warn or to encourage you.  Furthermore, it is My wish that you keep My priest informed about your work, for this simple reason: that it will involve My whole Church in its effects; and he who guides My Church in your town deserves, therefore, to be made aware of some of My plans.

T:1490B    #1     Rejoice in our friendship.  Be glad that your sins are forgiven, through confession and through Reconciliation.  However, encourage others to open their hearts to My joy.  How necessary it is that he who is burdened with serious sins confess to My priest, in order to be reconciled to My Church and to share in My Life.

T:1490B    #2     Help others to see the danger of bearing the ‘wound’ of unconfessed sins. Would any sensible person - with an infected limb - sorrow over the wound yet at the same time refuse to let it be lanced?  Such a person - one who refuses to confess sins to a priest - is therefore unable to benefit from the action of Myself, Jesus, the Divine Healer.  When one of My children bravely presents himself to My priest, for the soul’s healing, he can be sure that, at a stroke, in Reconciliation, I Myself clear the soul of all ‘poison’ and so enable that soul - like a wounded limb - to heal.

T:1491       #1     Remember the cause of your marvellous union with Me, your Lord and Saviour. It was through My Sacrifice on the Cross that mankind was firmly ‘bound’ once more to the Father, as I - His Divine Son yet also true man - ‘bound’ Myself firmly to Him through My perfect obedience.  That obedience was proved by My wholehearted surrender to the Father’s Will, even to the shedding of My Blood, and to the acceptance of death itself.  Understand, therefore, that all the joys of our friendship are the ‘fruit’ of My sufferings on your behalf.

T:1491       #2     Take Me as your model as you consider the meaning of self-giving to your Creator.  The covenant which I made with the Father was made from Love, and was sealed in My Blood, as thousands of My holy Angels shuddered in horror that I, the very Son of God, should hang upon the Cross, dying.  Imitate My self-giving and My obedience to the Father’s Will.  Imitate My perfect praise of His wisdom and sovereignty.  (WC + OIL:1491)

T:1492       #1     Don’t worry about prayer.  Don’t even worry about your lack of ‘feeling’ or about a lack of ‘experiences’ when you pray in silent, tranquil joy in the time of our Holy Communion.

T:1492       #2     Remember that it is by faith that you can be sure of My Presence within your soul. However, there is a reason for the unchanging peace which you are enjoying in Holy Communion: you who live peacefully and unshakeably “in Christ”, amidst all trials, are scarcely newly-aware of My Presence in Holy Communion; it is just as when someone’s warm hand is dipped into a bowl of warm water, and the change in circumstances is barely noticed.  Whenever I - the Divine Son - enter a welcoming soul where My Divine Light is already glowing, there is neither noise nor agitation, but only peaceful, silent and unchanging Glory.  (WC:1492)

T:1492       #3     Be grateful for our union, and rejoice in it!


                           FITTING WORSHIP.


T:1493                Share My joy, at this particular celebration, where I appear by the altar in Glory, at the Consecration.  How happy I am to be greeted in this church and sanctuary with such love, and with such solemn and heartfelt veneration, befitting My Divinity.  I am honoured by the careful preparations.  I am honoured that candles are held aloft by kneeling servers; I am honoured by the incense, by the order and beauty which surround Me, and by the hushed, reverent and prayerful silence. (WC:1493)


                           HOLY SOULS, PRAYING.


T:1494      #1     Bear in mind the many thousands of Holy Souls who also adore Me, during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  When I offer My Sacrifice to the Father, through My priest, it is as though a veil parts, at the back of the sanctuary, a veil which usually hides things of the spirit from earthly eyes; and far beyond the space where you are worshipping, beyond the Holy Angels who praise Me within the church, I am showing you thousands of Holy Souls who - just like yourselves   -

                           praise the Father through Me, their Mediator and Saviour. (WC + OIL:1494)

T:1494      #2     Realise that the Holy Souls who are undergoing purification are nevertheless full of Light, since My grace is even now at work within them; and they are praying even now with the whole Church - and with you, as you pray during the Holy Mass. The whole Church - on earth, in Heaven, and in Purgatory - joins together to praise the Father through Me your Redeemer, at the offering of the Holy Sacrifice.


T:1495       #1     Let Me lift you to an understanding of a Mystery, as you pray the Rosary and ponder “The finding in the Temple.”  It was with infinite kindness that I greeted My holy Mother when we were re-united in the Temple, during that episode in My childhood.  Yet, straight away, it was necessary to explain to her more about My task.  She listened patiently, her face upturned to Mine, as I spoke to her - some distance from My teachers - confiding that My work for the Father had already begun. (WC:1495A.  Also, WC + OIL:1495B).

T:1495       #2     Imitate My humility! Even at the start of My outward work, I was willing to be obedient to My holy Mother, and to be as simple as a child even in My maturity and  wisdom.

T:1495       #3     Thank My Mother for her courage and patience.  Every stage of My earthly life brought her new heartache and another stage of separation.

T:1496A    #1     Be courageous.  Strive to be more generous, and so imitate the ‘poor widow’ of My gospel story.  But remember, if you really wish to please Me, to be generous in all sorts of ways: generous with your time, your attention, and with your energy and compassion.  A sacrifice of your time or your own wishes is just as praiseworthy as a sacrifice of money or other goods.

T:1496A    #2     Be sure that I delight in your willingness to be overlooked or forgotten - or whatever My Will might entail in the rest of your life.  “However, that is not what I want.”  My plan for your life - a plan to which you have already, blindly, consented - will involve your speaking to very many people on My behalf!

T:1496B             Live in true charity with others.  To spur you on in your good efforts, let Me remind you that I visit you in Holy Communion even though you are so imperfect!  So you should always be kindly and sincere, as you greet your neighbours and acquaintances.

T:1497                Show My Love to others, in the most simple and effective way, not primarily by teaching, writing and working - although these things are very good.  Show out My Love to others through all of your attitudes and actions!  Demonstrate My Love to others by being Christ-like, patient and caring in your person.  Show Me best to others by My virtues being seen in you!


                           MY SPIRIT’S POWER.


T:1498       #1     Follow My inspiration and be fervent in your gestures of reverence for My Holy Spirit.  You do well to bow your head in honour of My Spirit, Who is your Lord and true God.

T:1498       #2     Put your trust in My Spirit’s power, and not in your own achievements.  Consider the state of these souls which I have pictured before you.  You can see that My Spirit’s powerful gifts shine out like living flames in the mouths of those who love Me. His Light, from within the soul of one who speaks about Me is revealed as eloquence, truth and joy. (WC:1498A)

T:1498       #3     Believe in the infinite power of My Spirit!  The tiny movements of My Spirit’s Life which you might detect in certain people are only small manifestations of this Spirit of Holiness.  He Who sometimes ‘uses’ you My friends for His loving purposes and Who adorns you with His own power or eloquence is infinitely greater than you can imagine.  He is infinitely Holy and Majestic.

T:1498       #4     Take to heart, now - so that you can remind other people - how dreadful are the consequences of driving out My Spirit.  I am not speaking here about those who have never known Me, but about people who once accepted My Life, and who therefore belonged to My Body, and yet who preferred their own will to Mine.

T:1498       #5     Turn your mind to these people who stand before you.  They are gloomy and dejected.  They hang their heads.  They are tired and dispirited, no longer breathing the fire of My Spirit.  Yet He did not abandon them; He is faithful.  But when rejected, He permits people to walk away from Me, and away from My gifts and My Spirit and from all that is Mine.  These faithless people have no Light in their souls.  Of their own free will they have rejected truth; they have abandoned My Glory to enter darkness: the darkness which is life without My gifts, life with neither hope nor peace nor with true spiritual joy.  (WC: 1498B)

T:1499       #1     Obey every loving impulse which stirs you to pray for departed souls.  Pray with especial faith  and fervour by uniting your heart’s desires with Mine, as I pray for the

                           departed during the prayer of the Church, through the words uttered by My priest.  See how quickly I respond, even by sending My holy Angel to carry this faithful soul swiftly to the Light.

T:1499       #2     See how tenderly I care for the souls who have come to Me.  This soaring Angel, his wings scarcely spread, is carrying My friend in his arms as if carrying a precious cargo; and this holy soul who has at last finished his purification is soaring up to Heaven, where I am waiting to greet him! (WC + OIL:1499)


                           KING OF HEAVEN.


T:1500       #1     Follow My inspiration and greet Me with My special title as I appear at the Consecration, at the Vigil Mass of My feast.  Truly, I am Christ the King of Heaven and earth; and to encourage your faith I am showing you My royal coat-of-arms.  Although it is My priest who holds aloft the Sacred Host, on which you gaze with your bodily eyes, you can see now, through My Will, that the Host is held aloft as if in an elaborate glass monstrance which is surmounted by a royal crown.  That crown has a small cross upon it, at its centre.  This monstrance is surrounded by gleaming rays, and also by symbols of My Divine majesty.  A King’s royal wreath encircles much of this image before you; and on each side of the monstrance an Angel is bowing in adoration at My Presence in the Blessed Sacrament.  The curved backs of these reverent Angels, with their huge wings, combined with the shape of the laurel-wreath, form a large heart-shape; and the Sacred Host - Myself - is seen at the centre of that ‘heart’.  (WC:1500)

T:1500       #2     Be glad that you can share this image with other people.  Those who love Me will be able to understand, through the symbols which I have unveiled before you, what great honour is due to My Divine majesty.  What a source of fruitful meditation: a gleaming monstrance, a royal crown, a Cross and a wreath, with two reverent and holy Angels, and the outline of a heart!

T:1500       #3     Realise how important are the images which I choose to give to you so that you can help others.  So important is it that people are reminded of My Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament, and of My Kingship over Heaven and earth, that I am unveiling this image before you once again, on the feast-day itself: the feast of “Christ the King.”


                           CHASMS OF LONELINESS.


T:1501       #1     Depend on Me for perpetual help and courage.  My holy Mother, too, is unfailingly kind to all who seek her help.  Even where a little congregation of My People is physically isolated, or is ‘out of step’ with the surrounding ungodly culture, you can be sure that I am truly amongst you.  It might seem as though you are all huddled together at the foot of a tall Cross where I hang, pleading for sinners, as you unite your sufferings with mine.  Some of My dear people might picture themselves - Cross and congregation - as being in a deep canyon, whose walls soar far above us, walls which symbolise physical remoteness from other members of My Holy Church.  Yet wherever My people are gathered together at the Holy Mass, united in faith, they are gathered together with Me, their beloved Saviour.

T:1501       #2     Have faith in My Presence amongst you.  I am Really Present with every community of My faithful People, even with those who are scattered throughout the world in little church gatherings, hidden away - physically isolated - as if in deep chasms of loneliness.  Truly, I am there with them, in their obscurity. (WC + OIL:1501)

T:1501       #3     Encourage others in their faith.  Remind them that wherever they - My People - are gathered together at the Holy Mass, they are gathered there with Me, their Lord, amongst them.

T:1502       #1     Be fervent in prayer, as you recite the Rosary and as you open your heart to the Mysteries of My earthly life.  I Who inspire you to pray also reward you for your faith.  I am enlightening your soul by My teaching even whilst you recite your prayers.

T:1502       #2     Consider how powerfully I rewarded the faith and obedience of Saint Joseph. Ponder the scene, after My nativity; St Joseph was amazed and delighted at the sight before Him: he gazed at a miraculous baby, and at a Mother who stood peacefully before him, in still-virginal sanctity.  St Joseph was full of wonder.  He understood, at last, the crucial importance of his obedience to God.  St Joseph’s care of this Holy Virgin - so patient, modest and gentle - had been worthwhile.  His obedience to God throughout puzzling episodes, and sadness, was for this: for the Glory seen before him, where I the Christ-child lay at his feet: for the Glory in this little Person, Glory which would embrace and enlighten himself and many others!  (WC + OIL:1502)

T:1503                Notice how I inspire you to pray the sort of prayer which I Myself prayed when I lived on earth!  You are right to praise the Father for Me, His Son and your Saviour, and also to thank Him for My holy Mother, Mary.  Whenever you thank the Father for her love and for her prayers, you do what I did as I knelt on a hill-side in Galilee, when My Heart - then as now - was full of love and gratitude that I had such a wonderful Mother. (WC + OIL:1503)


                           SUFFERING: A POWERFUL WORK.


T:1504       #1     See how powerful a Light I shine within your soul as you pray the Rosary with faith and devotion.  But let Me console you, as you turn your thoughts to My Crucifixion, and as you wish that you might have suffered for Me, to spare Me such pain.  Truly, you can suffer for Me and so help Me.  It is by bearing, willingly, your various unavoidable pains and humiliations that you can powerfully help Me and also save other souls!

T:1504       #2     Understand what a privilege is yours: to be allowed to suffer in union with Me. You ought even to long for further opportunities of uniting yourself with Me in this saving work - though relying on My grace and courage.

T:1505       #1     Let the thought of My Saints encourage you.  As you prepare for worship, by repentance and contrition, the Saints are gathered nearby, in the sanctuary. Many glorious and holy friends are with you during the offering of My Holy Sacrifice.  They are standing here in graceful rows, amidst a brilliant and Heavenly Light. (WC + OIL: 1505)

T:1505       #2     Be firm in faith.  It is true that you are weak, sinful and fearful, yet I have chosen you to share My teachings with others; and because you have sacrificed, out of love for Me, your former hopes and ambitions, I have judged you worthy to ‘take the scroll and break the seals’ by which I mean: ready to distribute My instruction and consolation, in these booklets, and to make My goodness known to others.

T:1506                Hold nothing back in your self-offering, in work and worship.  One who offers himself to the Father and is wholly united to Me, Christ the Redeemer, and who dedicates to Me all his desires and hopes, with his life and his energy, praises the Father ‘perfectly’, in this sense: by living “in Christ” he is able to offer My perfect prayer of praise as if it be his own!  Such is the marvel of our union.  My Sacrificial praise, rising up to the Father from the altar, in the power of My Holy Spirit, is like a fire of Glory burning before you: a triple flame which leaps upwards to Heaven; and you can be sure that your praise reaches Heaven, amidst these “flames”, because of My power, your love and our union! (WC:1506)

T:1507                Follow My inspiration and make a fresh start.   Prepare for Advent.  Here, at the beginning of a new year in the life of My Church, don’t grieve over these sins which have already been forgiven. “They are already gone!” Precisely when your heart is pierced by sincere contrition, your sin is forgiven, even before you have managed to express that sorrow in words!  It is true that after serious sin, one who is sorry, and wishes to please Me, will seek to be absolved in Reconciliation; yet My forgiveness of a contrite soul is immediate.  I take an immediate delight in that soul’s renewal.


                           A PRECIOUS PEOPLE


T:1508      #1     Follow My inspiration and pray for your friends, as you write letters and greetings cards.  Turn to the Father, in your longing to be united in Heaven one day with these beloved people.  Pray, in My Name, that they will be given the gift of faith in Me. Listen to your Heavenly Father, Who delights in your prayer, and Who now reminds you of My earthly origin:


                                                 Christ, the “Son of God”, was born of the Jewish People.

                                                                          YOUR DIVINE SAVIOUR

                                         WAS MADE INCARNATE THROUGH AN EARTHLY MOTHER.

                                                     THROUGH YOUR UNION WITH ME IN PRAYER,

                                          AND THROUGH THE IMAGE WHICH I PLACE BEFORE YOU

                                                                   YOUR GLANCE CAN EMBRACE

                                                                           THE EARTHLY PEOPLE

                                                                      FROM WHOM SHE SPRANG:

                                                                    FROM WHOM CHRIST MY SON

                                                                 RECEIVED HIS HUMAN NATURE.


                                                           LET ME SHOW YOU A RIVER, FLOWING:

                                                                            A ‘RIVER’ OF PEOPLE

                                                      FROM ANCIENT AGES TO THE PRESENT DAY.

                                                                             SEE THE DARKNESS

                                                 FROM WHICH EMERGED THIS PEOPLE, LONG AGO,

                                                                      OBEDIENT AND TRUSTING.

                                                      SEE THE THOUSANDS OF FAITHFUL PEOPLE:

                                                                 ANCESTORS OF YOUR SAVIOUR.


                           HEAVENLY LIGHT.


T:1508      #2                      OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE WONDER OF CHRIST’S BIRTH.

                                            HEAVEN’S LIGHT SHONE UPON EARTH, THROUGH HIM,

                                                                   TO BRIGHTEN THE DARKNESS

                                            WHICH STILL SHROUDED HUMAN HEARTS AND MINDS.


                                                                           YOU SEE BEFORE YOU

                                                  A SPOTLIGHT, WHICH SHINES UPON THE ‘RIVER’:

                                                     UPON ONE GREAT SECTION: UPON THE FACES

                                                                               CLOSEST TO YOU.

                                   THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ARE REVEALED, THUS, MORE CLEARLY,

                                                   THEIR FACES SHINING WITH HEAVENLY LIGHT;

                                                                      AND THIS IS THE MEANING:

                                                                            You who worship Christ

                                                                       are direct spiritual descendants

                                                                        OF THIS GREAT PEOPLE,

                                                 A PRECIOUS PEOPLE, CHOSEN BY ME, THEIR GOD,

                                                                                  YOUR FATHER,

                                                                       AND GUIDED IN MY WAYS.

                                                            OPEN YOUR HEART TO MY TEACHING.

                                                                           REMEMBER THE WAY

                                                          TO THE GREATEST POSSIBLE INTIMACY

                                                                        WITH ME, YOUR FATHER:

                                                                        they are most truly My People

                                                                               who are united to Me


                                                                  People are most closely united to Me

                                                                  when united to Me “in” Jesus Christ,

                                                                         Whose Light shines on earth

                                                             with a clarity and power unseen elsewhere.

                           (WC + OIL:1508A)


T:1508      #3                                                        DON’T BE AFRAID,

                                                                                 MY DAUGHTER.

                                     YOU ARE CLOSELY UNITED TO ME, YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER.

                                                                       I DELIGHT IN YOUR TRUST

                                                            AS YOU TURN TO ME, OPEN-HEARTED,

                                                               PRAYING IN THE NAME OF CHRIST,

                                                                        REVEALING YOUR FEARS

                                                        ABOUT PRAYER, ABOUT BEING ‘TAUGHT’,

                                      ABOUT YOUR WORK OF RECORDING THESE TEACHINGS, AND

                                                  ABOUT YOUR UTTER INABILITY TO DO MY WILL

                                                                           UNLESS I ASSIST YOU.


                                                                              DON’T BE AFRAID.

                                                           IT IS CHRIST MY SON WHO HOLDS YOU

                                                                                   CLOSE TO ME

                                                                WHO ‘HIDE’ MY DIVINE MAJESTY

                                                                                     - IT SEEMS -

                                                                BEHIND A VAST BANK OF CLOUD.


                                                                 AS YOU REACH UP TO GREET ME,

                                                                                     IN PRAYER.


                           CLOSENESS TO THE FATHER.


T:1508      #4                                                        DON’T BE AFRAID,

                                                                                      MY CHILD.

                                                                       LISTEN TO MY TEACHING.

                                                                                 YOU PLEASE ME

                                                              BY YOUR LOVE FOR YOUR FRIENDS.

                                                                                 YOU PLEASE ME

                                                             WHENEVER YOU TRUST IN MY LOVE,

                                                   WHENEVER YOU REACH UPWARDS IN PRAYER,

                                                       WHENEVER YOU OPEN YOUR HEART TO ME,

                                                      WHENEVER YOU REVEAL YOUR WEAKNESS,

                                                         WHENEVER YOU YEARN TO DO MY WILL:

                                                             WHENEVER YOU FEED UPON TRUTH.


                                                                               SUCH CLOSENESS

                                                                                          TO ME

                                                                       YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER

                                                                              IS MADE POSSIBLE

                                                                 ONLY THROUGH JESUS, MY SON:

                                                        THROUGH HIS WORK WITHIN YOUR SOUL.


                                                BY HIS POWER AND THROUGH YOUR TRUST IN HIM

                                                         HE HAS LIFTED YOU INTO MY PRESENCE.

                                                                            IN THIS TRUE UNION,

                                                                  YOU ARE A PRIVILEGED CHILD.



                                                                      CHRIST IS THE WAY TO ME.


                                                                   He brought you to Me, your Father.

                                                       HE BROUGHT YOU INTO THIS WAY OF LIFE:

                                                                            THIS LIFE-IN-UNION.


                           A WARNING.


T:1508      #5                                                        DON’T BE AFRAID.

                                                                          THOSE WHO ENVY YOU

                                                                OR WHO LONG FOR GREAT TASKS

                                                                  SHOULD CONSIDER MY WISHES

                                                                   AND THE LENGTHY TRAINING

                                                WHICH HAS PREPARED YOU FOR SUCH INTIMACY.

                                                                 THEY SHOULD CONSIDER, ALSO,

                                                                  what a great fall, from such a height,

                                                   SHOULD ANYONE TURN AWAY, AND STUMBLE,

                                                           CARELESS OF LOSING LIFE AND LIGHT.


                                                                                   BE AT PEACE.

                                                       YOU ARE RESTING SECURELY IN MY LOVE.

                                                                           I AM WARNING THOSE

                                                                     WHO FLEE THE SACRIFICES,

                                       AND WHO REPEL THE LOVE REQUIRED FOR ‘LIFE-IN-UNION’.


                                                                              YOU CAN REJOICE!

                                                              REJOICE IN YOUR SAVIOUR’S LOVE

                                                                         AND IN HIS FRIENDSHIP,

                                                          AND IN THIS BRIGHT BLISS AND GLORY.


                           PERPETUAL TEACHING.


T:1508      #6                                                        DON’T BE AFRAID.

                                                                      Listen To My Teaching, Then

                                                    RESPOND FROM THE DEPTHS OF YOUR HEART.




                                                                       THROUGH MY SON, JESUS,

                                                                 YOU ARE HELD WITHIN MY LIFE.

                                                                          TREASURE THIS HOUR,

                                                                   THESE PRIVILEGED MOMENTS

                                                    OF UNION, COMMUNION AND CONVERSATION

                                                                                        WITH ME

                                                                       YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER

                                                  WHOSE MAJESTY IS INFINITE, UNFATHOMABLE.


                                                                              DON’T BE AFRAID.

                                                                   LET US CONTINUE IN PRAYER.

                                                    EXPRESS YOUR LONGING TO SERVE ME WELL.

                                                                           My goodwill is unceasing.

                                                              I am always helping you to serve Me well

                                                                 in whatever task I have set before you.


                                                                           I never stop teaching you,

                                                     SINCE I NEVER WITHDRAW MY LOVING CARE

                                                                                      FROM YOU

                                                                         THOUGH YOU ARE FREE

                                                     TO WITHDRAW YOUR LOVE AND ATTENTION

                                                                                       FROM ME.


                  A ‘CHANNEL’ OF WISDOM.


T:1508      #7                                             CONSIDER YOUR WAY OF LIFE:

                                                     THIS CONSTANT COMMUNICATION WITH ME,

                                                                                  YOUR FATHER.

                                                                  IT IS AS IF A ‘CHANNEL’ EXISTS

                                      BETWEEN EVERY SOUL WHICH IS UNITED TO ME “IN CHRIST”,

                                                                                 AND MY HEART.

                                                        THIS ‘CHANNEL TO THE FATHER’S HEART’

                                                                          IS OPENED BY PRAYER.

                                                     THIS IS A CHANNEL THROUGH WHICH COMES

                                                          ALL GRACE, LIGHT, TEACHING, WISDOM

                                                                                       AND JOY.

                                                                 I NEVER ‘CLOSE’ THIS CHANNEL.

                                                            MY GIFTS POUR OUT LAVISHLY UPON

                                                                         ONE WHO TURNS TO ME,

                                                    ONE WHOSE HEART IS ‘OPEN’ TO RECEIVE ME,

                                                 ONE WHOSE HEART IS ‘OPEN’ TO MY INFLUENCE,

                                                       one wholly ready for my perpetual teaching.


                                                                   THIS ‘CHANNEL’ TO MY HEART

                                                               - A CHANNEL OPENED BY PRAYER -

                                                            RESEMBLES THE BRIGHT ‘CORRIDOR’

                                                                     WHICH I REVEALED TO YOU:

                                                     A CORRIDOR THROUGH WHICH YOU TRAVEL

                                                                                  AFTER DEATH,

                                                     WHEN YOU CARRY ONLY YOUR OWN HEART:

                                                                                  A HEART FULL

                                                                             - IT IS TO BE HOPED -

                                                                  OF MY DIVINE LIFE AND LIGHT.


                           PRAYER “IN” MY SPIRIT.


T:1508      #8                                                        DON’T BE AFRAID.

                                                                                 YOU PLEASE ME

                                                                            AS YOU TRUST IN ME,

                                                             AS YOU RECORD MY TEACHING, AND

                                                               AS YOU PRAY FOR YOUR FRIENDS,

                                                                SO THAT THEY TOO MIGHT KNOW

                                                      THE LIGHT AND THE JOY WHICH ARE YOURS

                                                                   AS YOU REST IN MY EMBRACE.


                                           SEE HOW POWERFUL IS THE PRAYER WHICH YOU PRAY,

                                                                   AS YOU PRAY FOR THE DYING

                                                                        IN THE NAME OF MY SON,


                                                         MY HOLY SPIRIT PROMPTS YOU TO PRAY.

                                                           HIS PRESENCE IS ACTIVE, WITHIN YOU.

                                                                         HE PRAYS, WITHIN YOU,

                                                      IN A SWIFT AND POWERFUL GUST OF GRACE

                                                                               - LIKE THE WIND -

                                                   WHICH NOW STREAMS THROUGH YOUR HEART

                                                                     IN FERVENT INTERCESSION.


                                          IT IS WHEN A SOUL HAS BEEN EMPTIED: MADE ‘HOLLOW’

                                                                - TO CONTAIN MY DIVINE GRACE -

                                                          THAT ALL HER PRAYERS ARE GRANTED.

                                                        ONE WHO CO-OPERATES WITH MY GRACE

                                  IS MADE ‘HOLLOW’ THROUGH SINCERE AND FERVENT PRAYERS,

                                                        WITH PENANCES, AND ACTS OF CHARITY.


                                                    Through a ‘hollowed’ soul, the Holy Spirit ‘breathes.’

                                                                He breathes His Will to Me, the Father

                                                          Who cannot refuse the wish of My Holy Spirit,

                                                                  a wish made in the Name of My Son.



                           LOVE FOR THE FATHER.


T:1508      #9                                                      Delight In Our Union.

                                                DON’T BE AFRAID THAT OTHERS ARE NEGLECTED.

                                                                             I NEGLECT NO-ONE.


                                            I DO NOT FORCE MY LOVE, GIFTS OR RESPONSIBILITIES

                                                                                    UPON THEM.

                                                I DO NOT FORCE THEM TO DO CHRIST-LIKE WORK.

                                          THOSE WHO LOVE ME, HOWEVER, CO-OPERATE WITH ME.



                                                          ONE WHO LOVES ME WILL TURN TO ME.

                                                                              AT MY INVITATION

                                                          HE WILL LIFT UP HIS SOUL TOWARDS ME

                                                            LIKE A CHICK WHICH OPENS ITS BEAK

                                                                                 TO ITS MOTHER.

                                                        THUS, HE WILL RECEIVE SPIRITUAL FOOD.


                           UNIQUE NEEDS.


T:1508      #10                                                      DON’T BE AFRAID.

                                                  IT IS TRUE THAT I NEVER CEASE TO TEACH YOU.

                                                          IT IS TRUE THAT, THROUGH OUR UNION,

                                            THESE ‘TEACHINGS’ GROW WEIGHTIER AND GREATER.

                                           REMEMBER, HOWEVER, MY CONSTANT CARE FOR YOU.

                                                                            AM I NOT MERCIFUL,

                                                                WHENEVER YOU ARE SUFFERING,

                                                                         IN TURMOIL OR IN PAIN,

                                                            OR BUSY AT HOME, OR TRAVELLING?

                                                              THEN, THE TEACHINGS ARE FEWER,

                                              SINCE IT TIRES YOU TO LEARN, WRITE AND PONDER.

                                                      SUCH IS MY CONCERN FOR YOUR WELFARE.


                                                                  DON’T BE AFRAID OF THIS GIFT.

                                                 TRULY, THESE TEACHINGS ARE A PRECIOUS GIFT

                                                            FROM ME, YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER.

                                                                        AS YOU HAVE LEARNED,

                                                                        it is quite beyond your power

                                                                    to lift yourselves up to true Union

                                                                                and understanding.

                                                                            The Holy Spirit lifts you.


T:1508      #11                                            TREASURE YOUR PRIVILEGE.

                                                                               INTIMATE UNION

                                                             WITH ME, YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER,

                                                        IS SOMETHING GIVEN ONLY WHEN I WILL,

                                                                                       AS I WILL;

                                               AND SINCE I AM MERCIFUL AS WELL AS GENEROUS

                                                                       I LIFT YOU UP IN THIS WAY

                                                         ONLY FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN BEAR IT,


                                                SUCH PROLONGED JOY, UNION AND INSTRUCTION

                                                                                AND THEREFORE

                                            PROLONGED WITHDRAWAL FROM EARTHLY ACTIVITY

                                                                           TAX YOUR STRENGTH.


                                                                               YOU CAN BE SURE

                                                              THAT I  YOUR LORD AND CREATOR

                                                                             - SINCE I LOVE YOU -

                                                DEAL TENDERLY WITH YOU, MY FRAIL CHILDREN.



                                                                                Like a good mother,

                                                                  I give to each child what is best for it

                                           - WHETHER ‘ORDINARY’ GRACES OR EXTRAORDINARY -

                                                                            best for its unique needs.


                           BEYOND DEATH.


T:1508      #12                                                      DON’T BE AFRAID.

                                            I, YOUR FATHER, DELIGHT IN YOUR LOVE AND PRAISE,

                                                                            HERE IN OUR UNION,

                                                                 A UNION WHICH SHALL NOT END

                                                                           IF YOU ARE FAITHFUL.

                                                        YOU CAN HOPE TO BE WITH ME FOREVER.


                                                          THOUGH YOU CANNOT GRASP ME NOW,

                                             YOU CAN HOPE FOR EVENTUAL INSEPARABLE UNION.

                                                              YOU CAN HOPE TO BE BOUND TO ME

                                                          - BOUND BY YOUR HEART’S YEARNING -

                                                                          EVEN BEYOND DEATH.


                                                                        If your heart and My ‘Heart’

                                                                           are of the same ‘material’,

                                                                                    which is Love,


                                             being the same, and being at last brought together “on fire,”

                                                                                   AFTER DEATH

                                                                          - AS IF FUSED, IN LOVE -

                                                                            we cannot be torn apart.

                                                                            Nothing can separate us.

                                                                       “You will be with Me forever,”

                                                                       and your body will be restored,

                                                                                         in Glory.


                                                          WHO COULD HOPE FOR A GREATER JOY:

                                                          A MORE GLORIOUS AND LOVING UNION

                                                                              AND FULFILMENT?


                           A BLANK SHEET.


T:1508      #13                                                      DON’T BE AFRAID.

                                                           YOU PLEASE ME BY YOUR GRATITUDE.

                                                                YOU HONOUR ME  BY YOUR GIFT:

                                                     BY THE GIFT OF YOUR HEART, OF YOUR TIME,

                                                                      AND OF YOUR WHOLE LIFE,

                                              GIVEN FOR MY PLANS, MY ACTION, AND MY GLORY,

                                                             AS A ‘BLANK SHEET’ FOR MY WORK,

                                                                          AND FOR MY MESSAGE

                                                                                     TO OTHERS.


                           KNOWLEDGE AND LOVE.


T:1508      #14                                                      DON’T BE AFRAID.

                                                                UNDERSTAND SOMETHING MORE

                                                                        ABOUT MY GENEROSITY

                                                                  AND ABOUT MY LOVE FOR YOU.

                                                            All good things come from My Divine Love.

                                                         I ‘long’, perpetually, to share My Life and Love

                                                                                         with you.

                                                             IT IS TRUE THAT BY MY DIVINE WILL

                                          I GIVE PARTICULAR GIFTS TO SOME BUT NOT TO OTHERS.

                                               AS YOU YOURSELF - AMAZED - HAVE DISCOVERED,

                                                                        those who live in a true union

                                                 WITH ME, IN CHRIST, AND WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT

                                                                                       are taught,

                                                               since knowledge and Love ‘go together’.


                                                                AS YOU HAVE COME TO REALISE,

                                                                had you given up your own will, sooner

                                                                                or more frequently,

                                                                        you would have learned more

                                                          THROUGH MY ‘TEACHINGS-IN-PRAYER’.

                                                                    YET DON’T BE DESPONDENT.

                                                       I DO NOT REBUKE YOU.  I GIVE YOU A GIFT:

                                                  A GIFT OF INSTRUCTION IN THE LIFE OF PRAYER.

                                         YOU KNOW THAT AN EARTHLY TEACHER MIGHT EXPLAIN

                                                                      TO A CO-OPERATIVE CHILD

                                           THAT SOME CHILDREN HAVE DIFFICULTY IN LEARNING

                                             WHEREAS OTHERS ARE EXTRAORDINARILY CLEVER.

                                                              A TEACHER MIGHT EXPLAIN, ALSO,

                                          THAT ALTHOUGH EACH CHILD DIFFERS FROM THE NEXT

                                                       EACH ONE IS CHERISHED BY THE TEACHER;

                                              IT IS WITH A SIMILAR FRANKNESS AND TENDERNESS

                                                               THAT I, YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER,

                                                          EXPLAIN SOMETHING FURTHER TO YOU

                                                   ABOUT CO-OPERATION WITH HEAVEN’S WAYS.


T:1508      #15                                     See How Important Are Faith And Love

                                                                                  And surrender.

                                                   IT IS TRUE THAT THESE TEACHINGS ARE FEWER

                                                                            THAN WAS POSSIBLE

                                                       BECAUSE OF YOUR LACK OF GENEROSITY;

                                                         YET YOU ARE CONTRITE AND TRUSTING,

                                                                         OBEDIENT TO MY WILL,

                                                                  AND THEREFORE I TEACH YOU.


                                                                          Some others learn nothing

                                                             because they do not give up their own will.

                                                                 They will not open their hearts to Me,

                                                                             their Heavenly Father,

                                                                   so do not let My Light shine within.

                                                                               I cannot teach them.

                                                                              They will not permit it,

                                                  EVEN THOUGH I AM OVERFLOWING WITH LOVE,

                                                                      OFFERING PEACE TO THEM,

                                                                          WITH GAIETY AND JOY.


                                   MY PRECIOUS, PURE, EVERLASTING GIFTS ARE OFTEN SPURNED,



                           A JOYFUL STATE.


T:1508      #16                                                      DON’T BE AFRAID.

                                                                    YOU CANNOT YET GRASP ME,

                                                                      YET: SEIZE THE JOY WHICH

                                                            - THROUGH MY SON, YOUR SAVIOUR -

                                                                                   I OFFER YOU.

                                                                BATHE IN THE LIGHT OF THIS JOY,

                                                    WHICH IS OUR GIFT TO YOUR WILLING HEART.


                                                    JOY AND RADIANCE AND WISDOM AND PEACE

                                                 BELONG TO THE STATE OF LIFE WHICH IS YOURS,

                                           WITHIN OUR HEART: THE HEART OF THE HOLY TRINITY.

                                                       TREASURE ALL OF MY GIFTS AND GRACES.

                                 ONLY BY MY GRACE DO YOU BEAR MY DIVINE TOUCH, IN PRAYER.

                                  ONLY BY MY GRACE CAN YOU CONVEY IN WORDS, FOR  OTHERS,

                                         A GLIMPSE OF MY LOVE, AND OF MY POWER AND GLORY.


                           MY GLORY, VEILED.


T:1509      #1     Don’t imagine that I veil Myself from your eyes, during the Holy Mass, because of your unworthiness - or your frail humanity.   When My priest holds up the Sacred Host for veneration it is as though a thin white veil is hiding Me from your gaze.  I, Jesus, am Present before you, loving you, even though I am ‘hidden’ in this Holy Sacrament. (WC + OIL:1509)

T:1509      #2     Consider the truth about My Divine nature, about My Divine power, and about My Glory: a Glory now veiled from your eyes during the Holy Sacrifice: the Glory of your All-holy and majestic Lord.  Listen to your Father’s teaching:


                                                                  BELIEVE IN MY LOVE FOR YOU.

                                                      SEE HOW TENDER IS MY CONCERN FOR YOU.

                                                                       JESUS IS “GOD-WITH-YOU”

                                                                         AT THE CONSECRATION.

                                        HIS GLORY AND POWER ARE VEILED LEST YOU BE AFRAID!


                                                       CONSIDER THE TRUTH ABOUT HIS NATURE,

                                                      AND ABOUT HIS PRAISE OF ME, HIS FATHER,

                                                    THROUGH THE HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS.

                                                                         YOU CAN BE SURE THAT

                                                        ALL THE GLORY WHICH IS HIS IN HEAVEN


                                                                               is offered here today:

                                                  OFFERED TO ME, HIS FATHER, FROM THE ALTAR:



                                                    CONFIDENCE IN THE POWER OF HIS OFFERING:

                                                      IN THE POWER OF THE SACRIFICIAL PRAYER

                                               WHICH HE OFFERS FOR YOU, AND FOR ALL PEOPLE!


T:1510       #1     Don’t give in to the temptation to criticise legitimate changes in liturgical style.  This particular alteration to do with the Holy Mass does not touch the essence of the Celebration.  It facilitates the offering of the Sacrifice which I Myself offer from your altar.

T:1510       #2     Be generous-minded, as you ponder private likes and dislikes in comparatively minor liturgical matters; and listen to your Heavenly Father, Who reminds you that:


                                                         “The Will of God is the teaching of the Church.”


T:1510       #3     Be confident about following the teaching and discipline of My Church in your era.  I Myself ‘ratify’ that which is taught in My Church by those whom I have chosen to speak for Me: by which I mean the Holy Father - the Pope - and the other Bishops who are united with him.  I am faithful to My promise that I shall ‘bind and loose’ in Heaven whatever they - My present-day Apostles - shall ‘bind and loose’ on earth.

T:1510       #4     Encourage others to see that they can be sure of pleasing Me when they accept the teaching and discipline of My Holy Church, through a spirit of faith and obedience.

T:1510       #5     Aim to be perfectly “in Communion” with Me your Saviour and with My Holy Church, My Body.  You have seen that by your obedient submission to Me and to My Will, in prayer today, you “allowed” Me to draw you into a closer union.  If this is what an obedient submission of your heart to Me and to My Will can do for you in prayer, think how much you can be helped by a more devoted obedience to the Holy Father and to the other Bishops who are your teachers.  You will become an even more loving and faithful member of My precious Church: more truly “in Communion”.

T:1511       #1     Warm your heart with this thought, about your worship, as you pray in unseeing faith during the Holy Mysteries: whilst you are busy praying, the invisible and glorious Saints whose feast you celebrate and who now accompany you in church are even now seeing Me plainly, here in your presence!  You can rejoice in their joy, even though, temporarily - and because you still live upon earth - you yourself are as though blind-fold in My Presence, shielded from My dazzling Light.

T:1511       #2     Notice what is happening even now, as you long to make My Glory known to other people, to make them joyful; you have already begun to spread My Light!  Am I not giving you My own teachings to put into booklets?  This is how, even now, you are sharing your faith and are making Me known to others!

T:1511       #3     Never doubt My generosity!


                           A BLAZING FIRE.


T:1512A   #1     Understand something more about My nature, which is Divine, and which is therefore infinitely holy, pure, and unchanging.  You turned in prayer to your Heavenly Father; you saw a blazing Fire like an ocean of Glory, and from that immense and formless Fire emerged the silhouette of a Man: Myself, Jesus Christ, the “Son of God”, your Saviour.  It is through Me, the God-man Whom you see before you, that men, women and children can be drawn away from darkness towards the perfection of Heaven. (WC:1512A)

T:1512A   #2     Ponder the weakness of your human nature, and the perfection of the Godhead.  Who amongst you - without extraordinary help - would ever dare to approach or try to plunge into the pure, blazing Fire of Love which is Divine Life and Glory, and which you have seen before you?  It is I, Jesus, Who have made possible your entry into the heart of Divine Love and Life, made possible your endurance of such searing perfection and such blazing purity: made possible the union of sinful people with the Father.

T:1512A   #3     Think about the marvel of My Incarnation, through which I, the Son of God, have ‘emerged’ towards you from the Father.  In My human flesh - incarnate - I am God-made-visible. I am of the same ‘substance’ as the Father.  I am Fire-from Fire, and Light-from-Light.  I am the Way which men can follow, to emerge from darkness.

T:1512A   #4     Consider My purpose.  I came to earth and lived on earth ‘enfleshed’ of a true Mother, in order to draw My people into Divine Love, which is like a Divine ‘Furnace’. So now, through My Love and through the events of My earthly life, a weak person can hope to meet and to endure this Fire of Love, and to do so when clasped in the embrace of someone like himself, someone fully human: Myself, your Saviour!  He can even be helped to bear that loving Fire gratefully.  First, he will experience it as his purification; and then - when no imperfection mars his soul’s beauty - he will delight in My fiery Glory; he will live in perpetual bliss, in the wonderful Light of My undying Love.

T:1512A   #5     Be grateful for these marvels: that I came to earth to die, to save you from your sins, and that, as man, I was God’s Love, visible.  I was ‘tailored’ to suit your weakness, until the time comes when you have been made ready to go with Me to the Father, and to see His astonishing and unveiled Glory.


                           WARMTH, FOR NEEDY SOULS.


T:1512B    #1     Never grow anxious about your intercessions.  All the needy people whom you cherish in your heart are like sparks in a flame, as your prayer rises up towards Me.  It is as though these people themselves fly upwards towards Me, like the sparks which you see above a bonfire, because they are caught up in the blaze of prayer which arises from your soul. (WC:1512lB)

T:1512B    #2     Believe in the power of prayer.  Although everyone is free to resist My help and to resist every sort of good influence, few people can resist the prayers of a devout person.  Fervent prayer brings power and warmth upon needy souls; those who are ‘held’ in prayer can be purified and changed, just as you yourself were once changed.  You yourself have been made prayerful and loving; you are now ‘on fire’ before Me because of your concern for those people in need.

T:1513                See how marvellously your prayers to My holy Mother are answered.  You turned to “Our Lady of Harpenden”, begging help for a friend who has died; and straight away, as  you can see, he has been helped.  He has been standing near the ‘edge’ of Heaven, at the end of his purification; and - through your prayer - My Mother has reached out to assist him.  She has held out her hand to draw him over the top-most step, so that at last he can emerge from darkness to stand beside her in My Heavenly Kingdom. (WC + OIL:1513)

T:1514       #1     Have confidence in Me and in our friendship.  Be bold in proclaiming your faith. The time for sorrowful reflection is over!

T:1514       #2     Speak of yourself as a sinner, which you are!  But hope to reflect My joy and My peace, as well as My patience in suffering.




T:1514       #3     Don’t regret the turmoil of the past few days, with hectic social occasions and frequent conversations. I draw tremendous good out of all your trials and difficulties, if you co-operate with Me.  Have you noticed how much more joyful is our Communion, after a difficult episode in life?  This is precisely because your soul has been purified through the trials which you have just accepted.

T:1514       #4     Be grateful for the privilege of seeing My Glory in Holy Communion, a Glory which I wish to share with you eternally, when your purification is completed.  The renewed beauty within your soul was caused by the ‘scouring’ of the past few days’ effort on your part to be patient and loving even though you were sometimes in pain, or fearful or irritated.  How brightly My Glory can shine within a newly-purified soul!

T:1514       #5     Be glad, if you can, that I have permitted you to undergo trials and, through them, to be purified!  When difficult experiences have been endured out of love for Me, and when My Glory shines more brightly within your soul, our friendly intimacy is greater - as you have noticed - and therefore your joy is increased.

T:1514       #6     Believe that your purification is worthwhile.

                                    This is the true meaning of Purity:

                                    it is to let My Divine Glory and Light

                                    shine within the heart, mind and soul,

                                    entirely unimpeded

                                    by selfish desires.

T:1514       #7     Don’t be embarrassed that your journey towards perfect union is taking so long. You are suffering a great deal, but “it will be worth it in the end!”  Already, you trust Me, and you speak to Me with confidence.  Since you believe in My kindness and My patience, you are rewarded by our increased friendship.  Moment by moment, as you make further acts of faith in Me, your joy and courage increase!

T:1514       #8     Ponder the marvel which awaits you.  All the trials and sufferings and setbacks which you now endure will lead in the end - and by My grace - to the soul’s dazzling beauty in Heaven, when it will give joy to others by its beauty, to which I had destined it from the beginning ; yet the soul’s free co-operation is required for this fulfilment.

T:1515                Follow My inspiration and put your whole trust, once more, in Me, and in My Love for you.  Think about My Blood: raised up in the chalice, just now, by My priest at the altar; and think about My Passion - and the meaning of real trust.  My praise of the Father was never more glorious, sincere and worthy than when I praised Him by clinging trustingly to Him - saying “Father!” - at the moment of agony before My death.

T:1516       #1     Follow My inspiration and offer fervent praise to the Father for the Immaculate Conception of the holy Virgin, Mary, who was to become My Mother.  You are right to thank St Joseph for looking after this holy Mother and for caring for Me, her infant.

T:1516       #2     Consider the Glory in which St Joseph is now ‘bathed’ in Heaven, where he lives in fatherly majesty - still loving Me and My holy Mother, and loving you who belong to us.

T:1517       #1     Don’t worry about those temporary distractions which arose because of the work you are doing on My behalf.    When  you have  toiled to produce another booklet of


                           My ‘teachings’, I can only say “Well done, Lizzie!”  I delight in your response to My requests.

T:1517       #2     Always remember that faithfulness and love should be found at the heart of every work on My behalf, and every attempt at mission.  I invite My friends to ‘touch’ others in appropriate ways, whether by companionship or by prayer, or by different kinds of  physical contact.  Some, you embrace, and others, you invite to take a gift - a gift such as your book of My teachings.  But you will ‘bring’ My presence most surely to others if you follow My example of constancy, an example shown out at the Consecration, when I am most certainly Present, and when My Love for you is as fervent as ever;  so you too should always be dependable and welcoming as you go out and about, meeting and greeting your neighbours.


                           THE VALUE OF UNION.


T:1518       #1     Follow My inspiration and rise above your struggles.  Unite your intentions with Mine, as I offer My Sacrifice from the altar.  Offer My praise to the Father, as your own!  Tell Him, fervently, that whatever I wish, pray, want and offer, you too wish and pray and want and offer the very same, in your heart and in your everyday life.

T:1518       #2     Treasure our friendship.  Never underestimate the immense value of union with Me, and of self-offering, with Me, to the Father.  Listen to the Father’s words, as He says - of anyone’s wholehearted and sincere surrender to His wishes:


                                                               “This is to be ‘another Christ’ on earth.”


                           One who - united with Me his Saviour - lives only to do the Father’s Will is therefore offering Him gifts which are worthy of Him; I mean that a truly obedient soul can offer to the Father - with the utmost sincerity - My Divine praise, My thanksgiving, My reparation and My intercessions.

T:1518       #3     Trust in the Father’s goodness.  United with Me, be bold in prayer.  Pray with faith for the gifts which He longs to give you!  His answers to prayer are like a mountain of gifts.  When He hears and answers your prayers, it is as though a ‘Mountain’ of pearls has released upon you an avalanche of these precious jewels.  It is as though thousands upon thousands of pearls are pouring down towards you, so lavishly does your Heavenly Father prove His Love for you and reward your acts of faith. (WC:1518)

T:1518       #4     Remember what I once told you about the gifts which I long to pour upon you.  I said that the whole ‘treasury’ of gifts could have been yours, had you given up your own desires earlier!  Yet the Mountain of pearls which I now unveil before you is indeed My ‘treasury’; I can give you these tremendous gifts, now that you have given up your desire for ‘trinkets’ and for the world’s tawdry prizes.  See how happy you become when you are no longer yearning for such things as understanding, attention, respect, success or consolation, but are content with whatever I offer you, from My Will and wisdom.

T:1518       #5     Share the joyful news that the keys to My ‘treasury’ of gifts are offered to all of My children who have faith in My Love, and confidence both in My power to help them and in My willingness to do so.


                           WEAKNESS, HONOURED.


T:1519       #1     Follow My inspiration and put your trust in Me.  Reveal to Me your every weakness and every cause for fear.  I cannot fail to reward you.

T:1519       #2     Show Me all that is worst in your life: every silly thought and every foolish hope, and every shameful secret or longing, or act or impulse.  Whenever you trust Me enough to show me these things, I delight in your trust.  I see that your very weaknesses prompt you to make great acts of courage, in your efforts to please Me.

T:1519       #3     Understand - about the Way which you are following - that the laws of the spiritual life are the reverse of those which are found in the ‘way of the world’.  You who can recognise and acknowledge your weaknesses are honoured by Me, not despised.  Whenever you turn to Me in prayer, confessing your weaknesses, your soul is purified and strengthened, and also rewarded!  I cannot fail to reward My friends for their acts of faith, repentance and humility.

T:1519       #4     Increase the bond of our union.  I delight in sharing My Life with one who confides in Me, revealing her frailty.  How greatly the soul grows in stature, the more fully are its weaknesses revealed to Me.  This is the spiritual law, whereas, in the ‘way of the world’, a confession of weakness will most probably be greeted with punishment. One who makes such a confession is usually despised, not rewarded.

T:1520       #1     Hope to become like Me.  “Yes!” You too can become kind and gentle.  I can change your heart.

T:1520       #2     Consider the similarities between Myself and someone who truly loves Me: she and I are like twins, side by side.  We are both tender and compassionate.  She who really loves Me and really loves her neighbour will be like a mirror-image of Me, her beloved Saviour.     As she turns towards her neighbour, she will resemble Me as she

                           reproduces My care, My kind gestures, My Love, My truthful words and My tender concern for all people. (WC:1520)


                           A LIVING REFLECTION.


T:1521      #1     Pray fervently, in Holy Communion.  Actively unite yourself with My intentions, in prayer, as you offer My Glory and My virtues to the Father.

T:1521      #2     Understand more about your ‘work’ of adoration.  The soul which obediently offers My praise to the Father - because of My Presence within that soul - does not merely ‘reflect’ My Glory in the way in which an inanimate mirror lifelessly reflects a Light which belongs entirely to a Source outside itself.  No!  A soul which reflects My Glory - the Glory of your Saviour - is far from being lifeless.  The soul is caught up into the Life of the Living, Holy Trinity: into Our Life and Action.  Furthermore, that soul shows out whatever is ‘found’ in Us: in the Holy Trinity.  It shares in, and shows out, Our Life, Love, Light, Joy, Power and Wisdom, and all that is good.

T:1521      #3     Don’t be afraid.  I is I, your God, who teach you; yet you are right to turn your heart to Me anew, every time you pray, lest in your efforts to remember My instructions you become distracted during your prayer.

T:1521      #4     Don’t be afraid.  You are right - whenever I call you - to surrender your heart to Me in prayer, trying not to cling to words or images; and you are right to rise above even your yearning for knowledge and wisdom, in order to ‘aim’ your heart entirely, purely, towards Me Whom you cannot see, and towards My Holy Will.  It is in this free, determined and loving ‘aiming-of-your-heart’ towards Me - in the very fact of it and in this very moment - that you are wholly “in-union with Me your God.

T:1522      #1     Prize the pure, sincere and wordless yearnings of ‘prayer-in-union’ with which, by the Father’s wisdom and kindness, you are sometimes endowed.  Listen to His words, about your longing to praise Him through your surrender:


                                                                         PERSEVERE IN PRAYER.


                                                        “This is the language of the Blessed, in Heaven.”

                                                                        LOVE IS OUR LANGUAGE.


                                          THE BLESSED FRIENDS WHO SHARE OUR LIFE IN HEAVEN

                                         ARE NO LONGER HAMPERED IN THEIR COMMUNICATIONS

                                                                   BY THE DEMANDS OF SPEECH. 


                                                                 THE BLESSED SOULS IN HEAVEN


                                             YOU WHO PRAY “IN CHRIST”, IN TRUTH AND CHARITY

                                                                       - EVEN WITHOUT WORDS -

                                                               ARE LEARNING THAT LANGUAGE.


T:1522      #2                                     CELEBRATE YOUR CONTINUED UNION

                                                                                  WITH MY SON.

                                               IMITATE HIS ACTIONS, TO BE GENTLE AND LOVING

                                                                                 IN MY SERVICE.


                                                                       YOU WILL RESEMBLE HIM

                                                          IF YOU REACH OUT MORE GENEROUSLY

                                                                             TO PEOPLE IN NEED,

                                                GREETING, HELPING, TEACHING AND CONSOLING.

                                                    IMITATE HIS SIMPLICITY, AS YOU FACE THEM.

                                                BE DIRECT, CONCERNED, TRUTHFUL AND LOVING,

                                                                             AT EVERY MOMENT.

                                          CHRIST, MY SON, IS ONE WHO IS WORTHY OF IMITATION,

                                                                        BUT RELY ON MY GRACE.

                                                                               BANISH ANXIETY.

                                                                             SURRENDER TO JOY.



                           PROVING YOUR LOVE.


T:1523A   #1     Follow My inspiration and turn to the Father, praying in My Name; give Him “all your possessions”, by which I mean: entrust to Him everything in your life, and even life itself, for His Glory.

T:1523A   #2     Rejoice that you are penitent in prayer, and full of gratitude, as you turn towards your Heavenly Father.  He delights in your trust.  Listen to His teaching:


                                                                              DON’T BE AFRAID.

                                                            OUR UNION IS BECOMING STRONGER. 

                                                          BY THE SURRENDER OF YOUR DESIRES,

                                           AND BY YOUR GENEROSITY, THANKS AND CONTRITION

                                                                  - EXPRESSED TO ME IN PRAYER -

                                                                   YOU ARE MAKING PROGRESS. 

                                           A PERSON’S PROGRESS IN THE SPIRITUAL LIFE DEPENDS

                                                                            UPON THE STRENGTH

                                                     OF HIS DESIRE TO KNOW AND TO PLEASE ME;

                                                     AND IT IS BY HIS ACTIONS THAT HE REVEALS



T:1523A   #3                                     PONDER THE TRUTH OF MY TEACHING:

                                                                            One who really loves Me

                                                            - WHO REALLY DESIRES ME, HIS GOD -

                                                                                   makes sacrifices

                                                           IN ORDER TO FREE HIMSELF FROM SIN:

                                                    IN ORDER TO FREE HIMSELF FOR MY SERVICE.

                                                              He loves his neighbour, FOR MY SAKE.

                                                 He is always searching FOR WAYS OF PLEASING ME.

                                               HE OPENS HIS EYES TO WAYS OF LOVING ME MORE.

                                                     One who really desires Me is therefore close to Me,

                                                    WHO AM ALWAYS LOVING AND WELCOMING.

                                                 YOU KNOW THIS, FROM YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE.


T:1523A    #4                        PRAY FOR THE FRIEND WHO IS AFRAID TO SERVE ME.

                                              MANY PEOPLE PROFESS TO LOVE ME, YET DO LITTLE.

                                                                    THEY FEAR MY INVITATIONS.

                                                                 THEY DISOBEY MY COMMANDS,

                                                            THEY GRUMBLE ABOUT SERVING ME.

                                               THEY LOOK FOR WAYS OF ESCAPING THEIR DUTIES.

                                             THEY SHUN THE SACRIFICES WHICH LOVE REQUIRES.

                                          THEY BELIEVE THAT I MAKE TOO MANY DEMANDS, AND

                                            THEY IMAGINE THAT MY LOVE FOR THEIR NEIGHBOUR

                                                                 SURPASSES MY LOVE FOR THEM!




                                                          THEIR HEARTS ARE CLOSED AND HARD,


                                                           THEY HAVE LEFT VERY LITTLE ‘ROOM’

                                              INTO WHICH MY GRACE MIGHT HAVE BEEN POURED,

                                                                  BRINGING MY JOY IN ITS WAKE.



                                                                              MY DIVINE GLORY.

                                                          YOU LONG TO SPREAD DEVOTION TO ME

                                        AND TO CHRIST YOUR SAVIOUR, AND TO OUR HOLY SPIRIT,

                                                   AND YOU LONG TO GIVE JOY TO OTHER SOULS; 

                                                         BUT I ASSURE YOU, OF THESE LONGINGS:

                                                                          “They will all be satisfied.”

                                                                         SEE HOW SWIFTLY, NOW

                                          - WITH A FEW WORDS OF TRUTH AND ENCOURAGEMENT -

                                                  I INCREASE YOUR JOY, HOPE AND CONFIDENCE!


T:1523B             Be hopeful.  Renew your trust in Me.  Through your work and My teachings I will renew the life of My Holy Catholic Church, in England.  I will renew the faith of My People in ‘abandoned cities’.  My work in your life will be successful!



                           GUARDIAN ANGELS.


T:1524       #1     Follow My inspiration and act towards Me like a very close friend.  Open your heart to Me in prayer; open every ‘corner’.  Be even more sincere and attentive as you recite your Rosary, pondering the Mysteries of My Life.

T:1524       #2     Be encouraged in prayer by the knowledge that your Holy Angel stands reverently beside you as you pray “in Christ”, whether you pray the Rosary or pray any prayer in My Name.  He is beside you as you make sincere acts of faith in Me, for example, during your sincere recitation of the Creed. (WC:1524)

T:1524       #3     Be gladdened, by realising that each guardian Angel is overjoyed to see Me praised.  Also, when I am praised, the Saints in Heaven are overjoyed at the sight, and are full of admiration for those who turn to Me in trustful prayer.

T:1524       #4     Never forget the presence of your Holy Angel.  How much more careful, reverent and unhurried shall be your prayers if you remember not only Me, the Lord to Whom you offer praise and thanks, but also the Holy Angels beside you who witness your every word and gesture.


                           LOVING MY WILL


T:1525       #1     Conquer your slight reluctance to do My Will.  Whenever, for example, you surrender the joy of prayer in order to turn and help a neighbour, I see that you are willing, and generous; but your service of Me can be more joyful.

T:1525       #2     Think about the sun which burns in the sky, as a way of understanding more about Me, your God, and your ‘attitude’ towards Me and towards My Will.

                                    The sun burns in the sky, sending

                                    dazzling rays towards you all.

                                    He who is grateful for the sun

                                    is grateful for its properties.

                                    He is grateful for the sun’s heat and light.

                                    So it is with Me, your God, and My ‘properties’!

                                    I, the Source of Life, and

                                    Source of all spiritual Light,

                                    am sending out My rays of grace towards you:

                                    My rays of Light, Love and strength:

                                    My powerful help for you,

                                    for the fulfilment of My Will.

                                    He who really loves Me,

                                    also loves My Will.

                                    I cannot be ‘divided’ from My Will.

                                    One who truly loves the sun

                                    also loves the sun’s golden rays.


                                    Just as heat and light

                                    stem from the sun’s blazing fiery nature,

                                    so does My Will stem from My nature

                                    which is Love.

                                    He who knows that I am Love

                                    will know My Will, which is

                                    that you be loving.

                                    He who knows Me and longs

                                    to serve Me better,

                                    not only loves My Will;

                                    he believes that My Will for him

                                    is the most perfect possible plan for his life.

                                    Conversely, one who does not love My Will

                                    - My manifest Will, in daily life,

                                    with My laws and Commandments -

                                    does not truly love Me;

                                    his heart and My Heart are not united, since

                                    - of his own free will -

                                    he refuses to follow My Way: to share My Life.

                                    He allows his own heart’s yearnings

                                    to lead him away from the perfect joy

                                    which is friendship with Me.


T:1525       #3              Consider the sad state

                                    of the half-hearted:    

                                    those of My friends who have longing hearts, but who

                                    are not yet wholly determined

                                    to remain faithful.

                                    Inevitably they fall.  Yet

                                    I admire their goodwill.

                                    Truly, they love Me; they want to love My Will.

                                    They wish to obey Me, yet

                                                quail at the thought of sacrifice, or

                                                fail in their generous strivings to please Me,

                                                lose faith at the onset of difficulties,

                                                find repulsive the demands of Charity, or

                                                flinch at the cost of duty.

                                    How tenderly I gaze upon brave and generous friends who

                                    - longing for instant joy and comfort -

                                    conquer themselves, and shun darkness,

                                    to live in My Light:

                                    in love, truth, peace, purity and joy; but

                                    how blind are those who challenge My Will,

                                    to proclaim their own creed: that the world

                                    might have been ordered ‘better’, and that

                                    their wisdom is superior to Mine.




T:1526       #1     Continue to offer praise to Me and honour to My Saints.  Even now, as you express your gratitude for My Nativity, I am Glorious in Heaven, triumphant.  I am surrounded by My Saints and My holy Angels who - at the same moment - surround you in your worship, during the Holy Sacrifice.

T:1526       #2     Join in Heaven’s celebration of My birth!  When you honour My holy Mother and St Joseph by your prayers, you give joy to the other Saints of Heaven.  All delights are shared, in Heaven.

T:1526       #3     Learn a lesson from noticing the simplicity  of My friends.  These great Saints accept with simplicity the honour which you offer them.  They accept it as their ‘due’, or, rather,  they accept that your paying them homage is necessary for you  who  wish to


                           pray well and to please Me.  My Saints recognise that it is good for you to praise them, that I am glorified whenever you honour them, and that it is My Holy Will that they are rewarded, after their hardships on earth, by the love and praises offered by you who still live ‘below’.

T:1526       #4     Cherish the Holy Angels who join you in your worship, on this glorious feast of My Nativity.  They also adore Me now.  They are present, high above the sanctuary: rank upon rank of Angels, here for this special Celebration.

T:1526       #5     Ponder another aspect of My Incarnation.  I came to earth - Love incarnate - and from the moment of My birth I was loving; I was wholly devoted to the Father.  Even in babyhood, I, the “Christ-child”, was offering My life for the Father’s Glory. Here before you today, you can see Me - the ‘Christ-child’ - holding out My hands in self-giving, longing to do the Father’s Will and to save My People. (WC:1526)

T:1526       #6     Imitate Me, the child - the “Christ-boy” - whenever you pray.  Pray like a child, in trust, simplicity and unaffected fervour.

T:1527       #1     Don’t pretend that you don’t ‘see’ Me in prayer, as I appear before the eyes of your soul - for the third successive day - to reveal My Glory. Acknowledge My gift to you!  Thank Me for My graces; but - even more important - notice how I am teaching you a special lesson!

                                    By My repeated example of Love

                                    - by My Presence and My affection -

                                    you are encouraged, sustained,

                                    made braver, and made more faithful.

                                    See how I love you!

                                    Imitate My example.


T:1527       #2              Be loving, steadfast,

                                    patient and faithful.

                                    Live in truth, and speak truth, yet

                                    always be loving, not judging.

                                    In this way, you please Me.

                                    In this way, you do My work.

                                    What a great task is yours,

                                    in My service! Yet

                                    what a small part of the task

                                    involves writing, painting or teaching.

                                    The most important part

                                                you began long ago.

                                    The most important part

                                                I am revealing to you now,

                                                to encourage you to endure.

                                    The most important part - each day -

                                                will be ‘worked’ in the glad acceptance

                                                of ceaseless turmoil, pain and suffering;

                                    yet what a privilege is yours:

                                                to have My assurance

                                                that by your patience, warmth

                                                and loving persistence

                                                - as you live in hope, longing for Heaven -

                                                your love will fan the embers of faith

                                                in other hearts!


                           THE GUIDANCE OF MY SPIRIT.


T:1528       #1     Be brave, in prayer. Continue to ask for guidance in your efforts to do Our Will, but realise that Our guidance and teaching are not necessarily given in words or instructions, or through other people.  A great deal of sure guidance is given to you silently, as it is given  to everyone who lives in Our Heart, which is to say, who lives in a state of grace and co-operates with Us, your God: the Holy Trinity.

T:1528       #2     Consider the prayer-life of a soul which is in a ‘state of grace’.  Such a soul, when praying through Me, Jesus, to the Father, is already ‘filled’ by My Holy Spirit and therefore - you can see - is already receiving My Spirit’s guidance.  It is My Spirit Who prompts that soul to pray and Who fuels that person’s good desires for holiness; and Our Divine guidance of such a soul is continuous, provided that My Holy Spirit is not driven out or ignored.

T:1528       #3     Encourage others to see what you are learning: that every soul ought to learn how to be attentive to My Holy Spirit, whose guidance is sometimes missed because of ignorance, cowardice or distractions, or through immaturity in the spiritual life.

T:1529       #1     Gaze upon My Glory.  It is My Will that you see this Glory, which is blazing like a fire as I stand before you in Holy Communion, amidst your pains and distractions.  I am showing you My Presence so clearly in order to teach you about My Love, which  is constant and fervent, no matter how dimmed are the eyes of your soul.

T:1529       #2     Think about your recent activities: about several good things, which include important family gatherings. Notice how your increased busy-ness often leads to a lessening of full fervour towards Me, or leads to little failings in charity. These are only temporary ‘clouds’ which - like desert sandstorms - can obscure your ‘view’; they can cast a slight shadow between you and Myself, in prayer.  They are not dangerous, but they have been the cause of the dimming of My Radiant Presence, in Holy Communion.

T:1529       #3     Consider how frequently I welcome you, in Holy Communion, with a fervent greeting. I am like a hearth or a home where you can be at peace in your frailty; and that is why I am speaking again about your being less than single-minded in My service.   It is when you become engrossed in your own ideas and plans - even in such seemingly good ambitions as planning to finish a piece of work, or seeing someone for a good reason, or going somewhere for a charitable purpose - that you sometimes fail to see My real Will for you; and this, of course, prevents our perfect union in prayer.

T:1529       #4     Always remember that your every ambition must be subordinated to the one ambition of loving, seeking and doing My real Will at each moment, for My Glory.




                           WORSHIP, AND CLOTHING.


T:1530A    #1     Continue with your renewed efforts to imitate Me more faithfully.  Keep striving to follow My example of love, and to prove your love by good deeds.

T:1530A    #2     Let Me lead you more swiftly towards perfection.  Let Me guide you towards perfection in prayer, since reverent worship is supremely important; moreover, the reverence with which you honour Me in prayer can be deepened even further if you are willing to look foolish in order to conform to your earlier practice and to do what is right.  It is My wish that - where it is possible - My People wear appropriate clothing, during the celebration of the Holy Mysteries.  You will do so, if you wish to offer Me perfect homage.

T:1530A    #3     Think about the essence of prayer.  You know that your ‘contrite heart’ - with a love of My Will - delights Me above everything in your life.  You know, too, that I have encouraged you to kneel in My honour, when you are well, to bow in reverence before Me, and to honour My Saints and My holy Angels with appropriate and reverent greetings.  You please Me by your efforts, yet something is lacking.  Your worship would be more nearly perfect were you to cover your head during the Holy Mysteries, and wherever I am sacramentally Present.

T:1530A    #4     Accept My invitation to veil your hair during the Holy Mass, and whenever I am Present in the Blessed Sacrament; but don’t imagine that this particular question of dress is a matter of good or evil.  It is a matter of whether or not you who long to serve Me perfectly are therefore willing to do what is necessary to achieve that aim. Are you willing  to pay as much honour to Me exteriorly as interiorly?  Although you have a reverent heart, and although your gestures in worship are as reverent as you can make them, your clothing in recent years has not been entirely appropriate for a perfect participation in the Sacred Liturgy.  In every century of My Church’s worship, My dear daughters have covered their heads when they have prayed in church, just as you yourself did, in those first years after your Reception into full Communion; and you can choose, once more, to be faithful to My wishes, as recorded and handed on for every generation.

T:1530A    #5     Be willing to admit that in this comparatively minor matter you sheepishly and wrongly copied  other people when you abandoned this practice of covering your hair, in church; and you did so out of vanity.

T:1530A    #6     Be willing  to show a greater respect for My Divinity.  Accept this invitation to veil your hair wherever I am Present in the Blessed Sacrament.  This will please Me and will help you to grow in holiness.  Your every act of self-conquest in this matter will also be an act of humility.


                           HONOUR, GIVEN THROUGH OBEDIENCE.


T:1530A    #7     Don’t be cowardly about acknowledging My wishes. Realise that you sometimes ask for My guidance when you are secretly wishing for an excuse which would prevent you from acting; and in this matter of appropriate clothing during the Holy Mysteries, “you know already, Lizzie,” what I want you to do!  I want you to be brave, even though your heart sinks at the thought of hostile comments or curious stares.

T:1530A    #8     Don’t let your weakness and your great embarrassment - as you prepare to risk misunderstanding - keep you from accepting and fulfilling My plain Will.

T:1530A    #9     Don’t be ashamed to question Me about things which really puzzle you.  You are right to turn to your Heavenly Father in prayer, voicing your fears about being ‘singular’ in worship, or about causing or encouraging factions.  But listen to the Father, Who asks you:


                                                                   “If you honour Me, who is divided?”


                           Be assured that your obedient and reverent worship cannot ‘cause’ division; it can only give glory to the Father.  If other people are critical, they themselves cause division in the community, from uncharity towards one whose apparently ‘novel’ behaviour is not a novelty at all, but is in accordance with the Tradition handed on and cherished, and accepted through many ages.

T:1530A    #10   Don’t worry about what others think or say, as you try to be obedient to Me by re-adopting the ordinary and customary way of approaching Me in public prayer.  Anyone who feels ‘provoked’ by your modest clothing is not of one Mind with Me, the Saviour through Whom you offer praise to your Heavenly Father.

T:1530A    #11   Patiently bear the pain of your self-consciousness, today.  I delight in your reverent worship, as you veil your head in My Presence.  You are ashamed of feeling so humiliated by what you see as ‘a little thing’.  But how greatly you should rejoice, that you are willing to make an apparent fool of yourself solely in order to please Me!  This cannot be called a “little thing”, since, in My sight, “such a great thing, is obedience!”

T:1530B    #1     Ponder the meaning of My Epiphany, on this great feast day.  I was shown out in My first ‘Epiphany’ as a true and living human child.  Yet My Presence has not been restricted to My earthly home in a long-ago time.  I am Present with you today, after the Consecration, although in a different manner: in a sacramental Presence.

T:1530B    #2     Rejoice that you can say - of the Sacred Host, after the Consecration - that this is God-with-us, veiled!  My Presence is ‘Real’.  I am shown out to you daily, truly - I Who was born of Mary, I Who am the Son of God, yet Who am also true and living man. The manner of My being-with-you is different, but you can be sure that the Person is the same: in Bethlehem, and in the sanctuary!


                           CATHOLIC CHURCH BUILDINGS.


T:1531       #1     Continue to fix your heart and your attention on that which is really important, as you pray in church before the Holy Mass begins.  My Real Presence can strengthen and console you in every Catholic Church, no matter how crude or tasteless might be the decorations which surround Me.

T:1531       #2     Don’t give in to despondency when you visit other Catholic churches and dislike the style of the ‘art-work’ or decorations which surround Me. It is true that I delight in the beauty which is lavished upon many of the sanctuaries from which I offer My Holy Sacrifice; such beauty in churches and chapels honours My Divinity; yet I rejoice in every effort which devout people have made to decorate My churches in My honour.  Your heart’s true joy should stem from the knowledge of My Love for you, and from My Presence in the Blessed Sacrament; so don’t allow yourself to be distracted from your prayers by what you have seen around you.

T:1531       #3     Never doubt My Love for you.  I am “on fire” with Love, eager to join My People. I delight in coming to join you in your churches and in your tabernacles.  I come to the altar from Heaven, with Light and Love and power, at every Consecration. (WC:1531)

T:1531       #4     Hope to see My churches beautifully adorned  in My honour; yet believe that My Glory blots out all that is unworthy in My surroundings; and, during the Eucharistic prayer, My holy Angels - attentive and glorious - are welcoming Me in the sanctuary.


                           THE TEACHING OF MY CHURCH.


T:1532       #1     Pay attention, always, to that which is being taught by the Holy Father and by the other faithful bishops.  All who truly love Me also love My Church, and cherish her teaching.

T:1532       #2     Be on your guard, always, against those who would claim to offer you spiritual nourishment but who are holding out ‘bad fruit’.  You can distinguish between the different ‘fruits’ which are offered to you by considering whether they stem from Me.  All good fruits derive their goodness from the good ‘Vine’ which is Myself - Jesus Christ your Saviour; it is the ‘fruits’ which are most evidently on this vine, and

                           which are therefore nourished by a life-giving sap, that give the greatest nourishment. So if you want to know which people, works, writings, or words of advice are most likely to provide My Truth and Life as nourishment for your soul, prefer those which most closely reproduce the teaching of My Church.  Only through the ‘fruit’ which I give to you, through My faithful and authoritative teachers, can you become spiritually strong and healthy.

T:1532       #3     Notice that it is those persons, institutions and movements which are most faithful to My teachings - as expressed by My Church, through her Councils and through the Holy Father - that are the least likely to separate themselves from My Church and therefore to wither.  People who choose to distance themselves from the heart of My visible Body on earth -  My Church  - are in danger of separating themselves from Me; no fruit can remain healthy - or alive - which separates itself from the stem. (WC:1532)

T:1532       #4     Enquire, of anyone who claims to know what is My Will for you, and My Will for My Church: ‘Do you accept all the teachings of Christ, as given through those who are the successors to St Peter and the Apostles?’  The answer will help you to distinguish between good guides and false leaders.

T:1533       #1     Be simple.  Accept the joy which I give to you.  Accept the pleasure which you derive from the work that I have invited you to do.  You are right to thank Me, since all joys and pleasures are gifts from Me - even those joys which are ‘stolen’, so to speak, when people take pleasure in forbidden things or in illicit acts.

T:1533       #2     Remember that everything which you do or enjoy on earth ought to draw you closer to Heaven.  Although you ought not to cling to these moments of fulfilment, nor to treasure them for their own sake, they are truly gifts from Me your beloved Lord.  Every good occupation on earth and every happy experience - enjoyed in accordance with My Will - is a gift from Me, and can be the cause of your growing closer to Me:  for example, through your gratitude for My kindness.

T:1533       #3     Think about the purpose of our union, and remember that everything which you do or enjoy on earth ought to draw you closer to Heaven.

T:1533       #4     Shun any earthly activity which, although apparently good, is not a cause for gratitude to Me, or which is evil in itself, or which is good-but-forbidden.  Things which do not in some way draw you closer to Heaven should be avoided, even if they are not sinful.


                           A RAY OF HEAVEN, ON EARTH.


T:1534      #1     Take delight in the glorious worship to which you contribute.  What a place of Heavenly Light and Glory is this Church - both building and community - in its worship, during the Holy Sacrifice.  You can assure those who pray beside you that having entered this consecrated building and taken their place amongst My People, they have stepped into a ‘ray’ of Heaven on earth!

T:1534      #2     Never doubt the power of My praise of the Father.  From your sanctuary, the ‘flame’ from My Holy Sacrifice reaches as far as Heaven, unimpeded.  It is as though a blazing Fire of Divine Love has burst upwards from this little place - and from this altar.  This Fire is burning with such force that it seems as though the walls of the church have fallen outwards, and the roof has disappeared; and people all over the countryside can see the flames of Glory which soar upwards through the dark sky.  With what care would people prepare for this regular and wonderful task - this work of prayer - if they could see the Glory with which I have adorned this sacred building and sanctuary.  How fervently they would run here, to stand bathed in Light before Me, to do their work of praise, uniting their hearts to Mine. (WC + OIL:1534)


                           IMAGES OF HOLY PEOPLE.


T:1535                        Accept My thanks.

                                    You made a special effort, today,

                                    to be present here, and

                                    to pray before this image: before

                                    ‘Our Lady of Guadeloupe’:

                                    to pray for unborn babies

                                    and their mothers.

                                    I am grateful for your efforts.

                                    “Thankyou for welcoming My Mother.”

                                    I delight in your devotion to My Mother.

                                    I delight in the sacrifices which you make,

                                    in order to arrive at this event.

                                    All honour which is paid

                                    to My Mother’s image

                                    is accepted as paid

                                    to the one whose image it is;

                                    so it is, also, with other worthy images:

                                    with images of Myself, your Divine Redeemer

                                    and images of other holy people.


T:1536                Look with eyes of faith towards the altar, during the offering of My Holy Sacrifice. It is as though the dark walls which surround the sanctuary soar upwards towards a brilliantly-lit region - like a plateau - from which My radiant Saints gaze down upon Me, as I stand before the altar.

                                    Have faith in My Offering, and in

                                    My power and My holiness.

                                    You can be changed

                                    by your presence beside Me.

                                    Who can fail to draw closer to Heaven

                                    who - through faith -

                                    gathers about Me

                                    during My Holy Sacrifice, where

                                    I am speaking to My Heavenly Father?

                                    From within your midst

                                    I am united with the Father in Heaven.

                                    Here amongst you

                                    - My arms reaching out to Heaven -

                                    I greet My brothers and sisters, the Saints.

                                    I unite Heaven and earth in My praise,

                                    during these Holy Mysteries.

                                    Rejoice and be grateful for these blessings.


T:1537       #1     Be confident in prayer.  The request of My priest, as he prays amongst you, asking for ‘unity and peace’, delights your Heavenly Father, who cannot fail to hear the requests of those who pray in My Name: in the Name of Jesus, His Son.  He is lavish with the gifts which He gives to His People on earth.  He delights in giving His gifts to those who ask, trustingly, for graces.

T:1537       #2     Picture My gifts to mankind as being like torrents of water which pour downwards from an opening in the Heavens  It is as though this ‘water’ is scattered below in many huge and separate droplets.  Truly, I am pouring out My graces upon earth; yet numerous gifts are not given because people have not asked for them.  (WC:1537)

T:1537       #3     Understand the importance of prayerful requests to Me.  In the very act of asking, people are changed, and so are made ready by Me to receive My gifts!  Conversely, when people refuse to ask, or when they are unfit or unprepared to receive gifts - because their attention is focused elsewhere, or because they will not acknowledge Me as the Source of gifts - they are incapable of receiving My gifts.  I am ‘unable’ to give My gifts to these people: such is My Will, because of My gift to them of free-will.  I ‘cannot’ force anyone to love Me and to enjoy My gifts.


                           DEFICIENT IN LOVE.


T:1538A    #1     Turn to Me as usual as you prepare for Reconciliation.  Ask for My help.  Ask for My Spirit’s guidance; He will reveal your faults to you, even when you are  unaware of any new and immediate cause for contrition.

T:1538A    #2     Rejoice that - by My Will - you can see some of the results of My work within your soul, which is now bathed interiorly with My Divine Light.  But don’t give in to the temptation to be self-satisfied.  There is still much ‘work’ for Me to do within your soul before you can enter Heaven.

T:1538A    #3     Think about the meaning of love, and therefore of perfection.  Someone whom I love and who loves Me might nevertheless be ‘blameworthy’ in My eyes, even without his having done sinful acts, and this is the reason: to be deficient in love - of Myself and of one’s neighbour - in the least degree, is to be imperfect, and is to be in need of repentance!

T:1538A    #4     Be vigilant.  Be aware of the danger of spiritual blindness - at any stage of our life-in-union.  Who would dare even to think of approaching Me in prayer, to say: ‘I have nothing on my conscience’, if he should mean: ‘I am sinless!’

T:1538B             Consider the eternal darkness and pain towards which you see falling a disobedient soul, who once shamelessly attacked My Church and who - by his words and his example - endangered other souls.  But see, also, how grateful he must be that people trust in Me and pray for the departed.  This person has been rescued even from the brink of hell - rescued as if by a hand held out into the darkness, through prayers which have been offered to the Father in My Name. (WC:1538B)

T:1539                Continue to greet Me, as you enter the church.  Truly, I am Present. I await you at the tabernacle, and I delight in your greeting.  Here I am, robed as a priest, praying to the Father on your behalf - a golden halo encircling My head, and with My arms outstretched in fervent intercession. (WC:1539)

T:1540       #1     Keep turning to Me for help, as you do at present.

                                    Truly, I am preparing you for your work.

                                    Here in Holy Communion,

                                    I hold you in My care, and in My radiance.


                                    Think about the work

                                    which you do for Me - the work

                                    of recording and sharing My teachings;

                                    think about your own self:

                                    How unworthy of the task!

                                    How weak you are, without Me.

                                    How dependent on My gifts!

                                    How needful: of turning to Me

                                    and relying on Me at every moment.

                                    Yet -

                                    how much loved, in all your weakness!

T:1540       #2     Imitate the virtues and the dignified composure of the saintly woman whose face you see before you.  She is devout, cheerful and modest.  “Take her as your model.”  Imitate her in your work and in your conversations.

T:1541       #1     Let Me encourage you by sharing with you something of the joy of Heaven, where We Three Divine Persons - reigning in the blazing Light of Our Glory - are accepting adoration.  Heaven’s Glory is dazzlingly beautiful; and whenever you pray fervent prayers upon earth, your prayers are united to the prayers of these Saints and Holy Angels whom you see gathered - in thousands - around the Throne of the Godhead.

T:1541       #2     Be mindful of My Glory!  Whenever you turn your heart towards Heaven, you address the Holy Trinity: Three Divine Persons, too glorious to see, yet each crowned with majesty.  The Father’s Fatherhood is symbolised, for you, by a triple crown, like that which belongs to the Holy Father, the Pope; and I, the Son of God am crowned - as is My Holy Spirit - with a halo which signifies My holiness. (WC:1541)

T:1541       #3     Believe in your true ‘Communion’ with the Saints in Heaven.  My Heavenly company looks with joy and wonder upon every trustful soul who offers prayers to the Father in My Name - the Name of Jesus.


                           WORDS ABOUT DYING.


T:1542      #1     Listen to Me.  Here I am, your Saviour, touching your heart, as I ‘call’ you - interiorly - inviting you to leave your present occupation and to kneel in prayer before your Heavenly Father.

T:1542      #2     Put your trust in your Heavenly Father.  As you kneel in His Presence, follow My inspiration; invite Him to fulfil His Will in your life.

T:1542      #3     Pray to the Father in My Name: the Name of Jesus.  Repent of your faults.  He has something to tell you, and to tell others through you, in order to remind them about His Sovereignty and His Holiness.

T:1542      #4     Don’t be afraid.

                                    Here I am, Jesus your Saviour, now

                                    leading you in prayer towards the Father,

                                    guiding you as if through a bright ‘corridor’

                                    - a spiritual passage-way -

                                    through which you can travel

                                    to the edge of the Abyss

                                    which separates you from the Godhead

                                    in Heaven.


T:1542      #5     Remain on your knees in prayer.  As I guide you, and as I draw you into the brightness of the spiritual Way - like a corridor - through which you travel towards the Godhead, you can see a brightly-lit doorway ahead.  As we pass beside these radiant walls, let your soul remain attentive to your Heavenly Father.  Listen to His teaching:


                                                                              DON’T BE AFRAID.

                                                                 I HAVE CALLED YOU SO GENTLY

                                                                       IN ORDER TO TEACH YOU.

                                                                        ONLY THROUGH PRAYER

                                                            CAN YOU EXPLORE THIS BRIGHT WAY

                                                                             - THIS ‘CORRIDOR’ -

                                                  WHICH IS THE RIGHT WAY TO HEAVEN’S GLORY.

                                                        WHENEVER YOU REACH OUT, IN PRAYER,

                                                                           TO ME, YOUR FATHER,

                                                        YOU ARE REACHING TOWARDS THE LIGHT

                                                            WHICH HAS BEEN SHINING UPON YOU

                                                             THROUGHOUT YOUR EARTHLY LIFE.


T:1542      #6                                                        LET ME HELP YOU.

                                                                 AMBITIONS AND ATTACHMENTS

                                                                         CAN WEIGH YOU DOWN

                                                             DURING YOUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.

                                                                      THE MORE YOU SACRIFICE,

                                         THE MORE EASILY SHALL YOU PASS THROUGH THIS WAY

                                                          - THIS BRIGHT ‘CORRIDOR’ OF PRAYER -

                                                                         BOTH NOW AND LATER;

                                                                THIS CORRIDOR IS ALSO THE WAY

                                                         THROUGH WHICH YOUR SOUL WILL PASS

                                                                           DURING YOUR DYING

                                                                           AND AT YOUR DEATH.


                                                                            DURING THAT DYING

                                                              - DURING EVERY SOUL’S JOURNEY -

                                                                           THOSE WHO LOVE ME

                                                         STRETCH OUT THEIR ARMS TOWARDS ME

                                                             AS THEY DRAW NEAR TO THE DOOR:

                                                                 AS THEY APPROACH THE ABYSS

                                                   WHICH SEPARATES HUMAN LIFE FROM DIVINE.

                                                        IT IS AN ABYSS OF UNIMAGINABLE DEPTH

                                                                        WHICH ALL MUST CROSS

                                                                  IF THEY WISH TO REACH JESUS,

                                                                          MY SON, THE SAVIOUR,

                                                         WHO AWAITS THEM AT THE OTHER SIDE,

                                                                           ON HEAVEN’S SHORE.


T:1542      #7                                                     PONDER, AND LISTEN,

                                                              AS I ASK A MOMENTOUS QUESTION:

                                                       WHO CAN HELP THE FRAIL, ‘NAKED’ SOULS

                                                  WHO HAVE HALTED AT THE EDGE OF THE ABYSS

                                                      AFTER STEPPING THROUGH DEATH’S DOOR?


                                                                          WHO WILL CARRY YOU

                                                                                to the other side?

                                                                               Only The Holy Spirit,

                                                                          if He possesses your Heart!


                                                        ONE WHO IS FILLED WITH MY HOLY SPIRIT

                                                          CAN LEAP TOWARDS ME, CAN STEP OUT

                                                                       - BY THE SPIRIT’S POWER -

                                                                          OVER DEATH’S ABYSS,

                                                CONFIDENT OF BEING CARRIED TOWARDS GLORY.


                                                                         CONFIDENCE, IN DYING,

                                                             STEPS ONLY FROM THE CONVICTION

                                                                         WHICH IS NAKED FAITH:

                                                                  TRUE FAITH IN CHRIST MY SON,

                                                                               YOUR REDEEMER.

                                                                 AT DEATH, AS IN EARTHLY LIFE,

                                                                             ONLY FAITH IN HIM

                                                       CAN GIVE YOU TRUE HOPE AND SECURITY.


                                                 IN THESE MOMENTS OF CHOICE, YOU CAN GRASP

                                                                NOTHING VISIBLE OR PALPABLE.

                                                                          FAITH, LOVE AND HOPE

                                                                   - NOT VISIBLE INDUCEMENTS -

                                                 HAVE FUELLED THE MARTYDOMS OF MY SAINTS.

                                                                    HE WHO DIES AND HAS FAITH

                                              AND WHO WISHES TO REACH MY SON, HIS SAVIOUR.

                                                                STEPS OUT BOLDLY, THEREFORE,

                                                                          OVER DEATH’S ABYSS.

                                                  MY HOLY SPIRIT CARRIES TO THE OTHER SHORE

                                                      ONE WHO BELIEVES IN THE SPIRIT’S POWER;

                                             AND CHRIST, WHO WAITS AT THE ‘EDGE’ OF HEAVEN,

                                                                               WAITS JOYFULLY,

                                                         READY TO GREET THAT FAITHFUL SOUL,

                                                            TO GREET HIM ON MY BEHALF: SINCE

                                                                         CHRIST SPEAKS FOR ME,

                                                                      YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER.



                           THE ONLY WAY TO GLORY.


T:1542      #8                                 CONSIDER THE MOMENT WHEN, AT DEATH,

                                                                      A FRAIL SOUL HAS HALTED

                                                               AT THE EDGE OF THE DARK ABYSS.

                                                                      HOW MUCH MORE HAPPILY

                                                               SHALL HE STEP OUT TOWARDS ME

                                                                  IF HE BE LIGHT, UNBURDENED.


                                            THINK OF THE ‘WEIGHT’ WHICH IS HUMAN WEAKNESS,

                                                      ‘WEIGHT’ WHICH CAN HAMPER THE FLIGHT

                                                                               OVER THE ABYSS.

                                                                    CONSIDER THE NUMBERLESS

                                    PREOCCUPATIONS, WORRIES, ATTACHMENTS AND MEMORIES,

                                                        GRUDGES, REGRETS OR VAIN YEARNINGS

                                                          WHICH CAN MAKE YOU APPREHENSIVE,

                                                                    ENDANGER YOUR CROSSING,

                                                   OR POSTPONE THE GLORY WHICH LIES AHEAD.


T:1542      #9                                                          LEAN ON CHRIST

                                                                   AS HE TAKES YOU, IN PRAYER

                                                                                - BY HIS POWER -

                                                                  HALFWAY ACROSS THE ABYSS.

                                                    YOU CANNOT FALL, IF YOU REST IN HIS ARMS.


                                                                    REMEMBER THIS SIGHT, THEN

                                                           SEE HOW HE DRAWS YOU HOMEWARD,


                                                                   HIS PURPOSE ACCOMPLISHED.


                                                                         RECORD MY TEACHING.

                                                                      SHARE IT WITH MY PEOPLE.

                                                            REMIND THEM OF DEATH AND DYING.

                                                                   TEACH THEM, BY YOUR WORK,

                                                                          ABOUT ME, YOUR GOD:

                                                             THE CAUSE, COMPANION AND GOAL

                                                                                 OF ALL LIVING.


                                                                     YOU HAVE SEEN MY GLORY

                                                                     IN THE SHELTER OF PRAYER.

                                                                        NOW SAY TO MY PEOPLE:

                                                                                ‘IN YOUR DYING

                                                                   YOU ARE GOING TO BE TESTED

                                              BY THE DIVINE GLORY WHICH BLAZES BEFORE YOU:

                                                      THE GLORY WHICH YOU WILL SEE CLEARLY

                                       WHEN YOU HALT AT THE ABYSS AND MAKE YOUR CHOICE’.


T:1542      #10                                                     SAY TO MY PEOPLE:

                                                      ‘SHALL YOU LOOK TOWARDS GOD’S GLORY

                                                                                  WHEN YOU DIE

                                                              OR SHALL YOU AVERT YOUR EYES?’


                                                                         TELL MY PEOPLE, ALSO,

                                        THAT THE CORRIDOR THROUGH WHICH THEIR SOULS PASS

                                                                                       IN DYING

                                                                        IS THE WAY TO HEAVEN,

                                            THE WAY OPENED BY THE DEATH AND RESURRECTION

                                                                                       OF JESUS.


                                                                          ASK THEM TO PONDER

                                                                                     THE TRUTH

                                                   ABOUT THEIR READINESS TO WALK THE ‘WAY’,

                                                       THE WAY WHICH LEADS, IN DEATH, TO ME,

                                                                      YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER.


T:1542      #11                       ASK THEM THESE QUESTIONS ABOUT THEIR DYING:

                                                   ‘DO YOU DEMAND ANOTHER ‘WAY’ TO GLORY,

                                                THOUGH AT LAST YOU KNOW THERE IS NO OTHER?

                                                               DO YOU LONG TO APPROACH GOD?

                                              CAN YOU LOOK UPON YOUR DEEDS AND MEMORIES

                                                                                IN GOD’S LIGHT?

                                                                      CAN YOU BEAR THE SIGHT?

                                                                   ARE YOU WILLING TO ACCEPT

                                                  THE SHEDDING OF ALL THAT CANNOT BE TAKEN

                                                                      INTO NEW LIFE WITH GOD?

                                   CAN YOU LET GO OF YOUR SINS, ATTACHMENTS AND GRUDGES?

                                                              IS YOUR FAITH IN GOD’S GOODNESS

                                                                               STRONG ENOUGH

                                                      TO DRIVE YOU TOWARDS HIS FIERY GLORY?

                                                     DOES HIS GLORY DISMAY OR DELIGHT YOU?’


                           PENANCE: ITS IMPORTANCE.


T:1542      #12                                                      SHARE THE TRUTH

                                                                      NOW BELIEVED BY SO FEW:

                                                        THAT THE MORE SINCERE IS REPENTANCE

                                                                         DURING LIFE ON EARTH

                                               AND THE MORE THOROUGH ARE ACTS OF PENANCE

                                                                              AND REPARATION,

                                                         THEN THE MORE EASILY AND JOYFULLY

                                                              SHALL YOU ‘WALK’, AFTER DEATH,

                                                        TOWARDS MY DIVINE LIGHT AND GLORY.


                                               YOU WHO PERSEVERE, AND WHO REACH, ONE DAY,

                                                                 THE RADIANT LIGHT OF HEAVEN

                                              WILL BE ASTONISHED BY YOUR TRANSFORMATION.


                                                                         YOU SHALL BE LIKE ME,

                                                                                  YOUR FATHER!

                                               YOU SHALL RESEMBLE YOUR GLORIOUS SAVIOUR!

                                                      YOU SHALL BE LIKE US IN LIGHT AND BLISS

                                                                       AND IN UNDERSTANDING,

                                              AND IN OVERPOWERING, INDESTRUCTIBLE BEAUTY!


                           UNHAMPERED PROGRESS.


T:1542      #13                                                      DON’T BE AFRAID.

                                                                                      HERE I AM,

                                                                         SHOWING YOU MY WILL

                                                                            FOR YOUR OWN LIFE:

                                              FOR YOUR HOURLY, DAILY JOURNEY TOWARDS ME.


                                                       WALK TOWARDS MY LIGHT, “IN” MY LIGHT

                                                                         - IN A STATE OF GRACE -

                                                                AS YOU WALK TOWARDS DEATH,

                                                  PEACEFUL AND UNAFRAID, IN OUR FRIENDSHIP.


                                                                               DO LOVING ACTS.

                                                                   DO WHATEVER IS NECESSARY

                                                       TO FULFIL YOUR WORK AND YOUR DUTIES.

                                                                            YET DON’T CLING TO

                                            OR GRASP AT ANYTHING WHICH MIGHT ‘DELAY’ YOU:

                                                     WHICH MIGHT PROLONG EITHER YOUR TASK

                                                                        OR YOUR  PURIFICATION.

T:1542      #14                                                    TELL OTHER PEOPLE:

                                                                                     Live for God,


                                                                          by all that would draw you

                                                                                   away from Him!


T:1542      #15                                          FOLLOW MY INSPIRATION AND

                                                                           LONG FOR HOLINESS.

                                                                   BELIEVE THAT, BY MY POWER,

                                                                          I CAN MAKE YOU HOLY

                                                             FOR MY WORK, AND FOR MY GLORY!


                           THE COMMUNION OF THE FAITHFUL.


T:1543       #1     Be grateful that I have encouraged you to recognise your weaknesses, and also to speak frankly about them when you turn to Me in prayer.  It is a wonderful thing you do, when you repent of your lack of courage or lack of fervour.

T:1543       #2     Recognise the far-reaching consequences of every advance in the spiritual life. None of your good acts is achieved in ‘isolation’.  On the contrary, everything good that you can do affects the whole Communion of the faithful.

T:1543       #3     Let this knowledge encourage you, as you struggle to be virtuous: the Saints gaze admiringly upon those who pray sincere prayers to the Father in My Name. My Saints delight in seeing your acts of humility; and you can be sure, also, that through the fervent and humble prayers which spring up from your heart because you have recognised your weakness,  Heaven and earth are more firmly and blessedly joined!

T:1544       #1     Don’t doubt that I have called you to do a special work for Me: a work of encouragement-of-faith.  You are right to share My teachings, as and when it seems appropriate and whenever you recognise My special promptings.

T:1544       #2     Recognise the distinct role which is yours, as you obey My wishes and assist Me in spreading the Good News about My Love, and about the hope of Salvation. Although it is true that My Church already has teachers such as the Holy Father and the other faithful Bishops, she also ‘holds’ within herself people like yourself who can speak about Me to others not with their sort of authority but with the conviction which is based on experience; it is based upon our firm friendship and it is based, too, upon what I Myself have taught you.  These teachings simply reflect and confirm the truths which My faithful Bishops are preaching as they do My Will and fulfil their own distinctive role.

T:1544       #3     Understand the reason why I invite you to speak on My behalf, when My faithful Bishops and priests already teach with My authority, and reproduce My message of repentance and Salvation.  Admit the truth: that after decades of prayer and struggle and service you know Me well, and you know My holy Mother, too - though only through My great mercy and kindness.  See, therefore, why I am inviting you to speak out, bravely; the men whom I have ordained for the purpose can certainly preach My Gospel; but you who know Me - you who converse with Me, daily - can also say to others with utter conviction: ‘This is how you can please your Saviour.  Such-and-such is what Jesus wants.’  You can say, also: ‘This is what His holy Mother is like’, and: ‘That which the Catholic Church teaches about Christ Our Lord, and about our faith, is true.  I know it!’

T:1544       #4     Think about the encouragement which people find at hearing good things described with utter conviction.    Through  your  joyful  and sincere proclamation of friendship with Me, you can help others to be faithful and obedient - for their own happiness and for the Glory of the Holy Trinity.


                           AN ACT OF FAITH.


T:1544       #5     Rejoice that you can say the ‘Creed’ with such joy, and with such total conviction, as you begin to recite the Rosary. How powerful is such a prayer!  It is not simply a ‘recitation’, but a powerful act of faith - made in the ‘darkness’ which is life on earth;  and it is powerfully rewarded.

T:1544       #6     Remember that you are united ever more surely to My Saints, whenever you do anything good - and whenever you pray a sincere prayer.  How great is My Saints’ joy at your acts of faith in Me and in My goodness.  For example: whenever you proclaim - as in the Creed, just now - that the Father truly sent Me, His Son, to save you, those acts of faith are like cries of delight to the Father from a dark and distant world.  Your little acts of faith are precious.  They rise up to Heaven like beams of light, piercing the darkness of unbelief which surrounds you.  (WC + OIL:1544).

T:1545       #1     Strive for greater humility.  Don’t be too ashamed to reveal your weaknesses to Me in prayer.  During your soul’s moments of turmoil or despondency it is as though flimsy veils have been thrown across the ‘cavern’ of your soul; and thus My loving gaze is hidden from you, during prayer; and although I love you with an unceasing Love, your belief in My Love grows less sure; and your despondency can deepen.

T:1545       #2     Believe with all your heart that to respond to My grace and to turn to the Father in prayer, in My Name, uncovering your real weaknesses before Him, is to be blessed and to be made more joyful.  It is when you reveal your true heart, in prayer, and unveil your true desires - no longer hiding anything from the Father’s Light - that you ‘permit’ Him to fulfil your heart’s longings!

T:1545       #3     Turn to Me, your Saviour, in prayer, and so proceed to the Father.  Your union with Me, the Divine Son, is the cause of all ‘progress’ in prayer and in the spiritual life.

T:1546                Continue with your meditations, and with your recitation of the Rosary. Truly, My holy Mother and I once lived upon earth; and your prayerful reflection upon our lives and upon our love will inspire you.  How great is the love between Myself - this Divine Son - and this Mother, Mary.  How pure, child-like and holy is our love.  How marvellous a sight was seen, long ago, in our meeting and greeting.  As you meditate on “The finding in the Temple’ you behold your God, looking in humility at the Mother who had given Him flesh!

T:1547                Rejoice in your own intimacy with Me, your God and Saviour.  That which you now enjoy in Holy Communion is a great privilege: it is a cause for thanks that you can see My Glory and that you are able to bear it, just as some can bear that same Glory, after death, at the brink of Heaven!